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									                 Crane Creek I Homeowners Association (CCIHOA)
                              Newsletter: October - December 2007

REPORT FROM          THE     PRESIDENT        (Tom    ARC Committee:            Greg Costich
Anderson)                                                                       Linda Brosche
                                                                                Betty Grieshaber
I first wish to thank the homeowners who either
attended the Annual Meeting on November               Newsletter:               Donna Painter
13th, or submitted proxies. This allowed the
Board to have the required quorum of owners           Yard-of-the-Month:        Janet Bachman
in order that we could conduct the business of                                  Darryl Bachman
the evening. The main items on the agenda
were the election of new Board members and            Advertisements:           Dennis Gilroy
the adoption of two changes to our By-Laws.
The first change aligned the interest charged         Due Process Committee: Darryl Bachman
by the Association for late payment of                                       April Dodd
assessments to the 18 percent allowed by                                     LaRenda Gronkjaer
statute. The second change provides for an
administrative late fee of $25.00 for late            Holiday Decorations:      Darryl Bachman
payment of assessments.                                                         Karen Jutras
                                                                                Delilah Narvaez
I wish to take time to thank our outgoing Board
member, Barbara Tobin, for her many years of          I sincerely hope I did not leave anyone out, if
service to the Crane Creek Community. She             so my profound apologies.
has served in many different capacities over
the years. The community is indebted to her           I look forward to serving the community during
for her service.                                      the following year as President and wish you
                                                      all a wonderful holiday season and a very
In addition, I wish to thank the following            happy new year.
individuals for their contributions to the Crane
Creek Homeowners Association during the
current year. It is only through their efforts that
many of the needs of the Association are

MEMO FROM THE ARCHITECTURAL                        2008 ASSESSMENTS (Tom Anderson)
                                                   The 2008 assessments for the Crane Creek I
With the weather starting to cool, and we pick     Homeowners Association are due on January
up all those projects that the summer heat kept    1, 2008. The assessment notices were mailed
us from completing, please remember that           on November 30, 2007 and all homeowners
most modifications to your home require            should be in receipt of that notice. In
approval by the Architectural Review               accordance with the change in the By-Laws, a
Committee (ARC) before construction can            late fee of $25.00 will be applied to all accounts
commence. Some of the modifications that we        not paid in full on or before January 31, 2008.
review include:
                                                   Please be advised that the Board does not
Landscaping Modification                           wish to apply the late fee to any homeowner;
Exterior Painting                                  however, nonpayment requires additional effort
Screen Rooms or Additions                          on the part of the management company and
Pool Construction                                  on Board members. In addition, it is not fair to
Driveway Modification                              the other homeowners to allow late payments
Fence Construction                                 to go without penalty on the part of those who
Shutter Installation                               do not pay on time. Therefore, the penalty will
Tree Removal                                       be applied in all cases. It is up to the individual
                                                   homeowner to be sure the payment is mailed
Applications can be obtained online by going       on a timely basis.
to:        Click on
Communities, and then under Community              Payments are to be paid to Crane Creek I
Pages click on Crane Creek. The Documents          Homeowners Association, 1331 Bedford Drive,
menu will appear, and you are looking for The      Suite 103, Melbourne FL 32940.
“ARC Form”. The form is easy to fill out, and it
will explain what supplementary materials must
also be submitted.                                 YARD-OF-THE-MONTH             (Darryl    &   Janet
Forms may also be picked up at 1353 Old            Bachman)
Millpond Road. Applications should be
submitted at least 30 days before you              Yard-of-the-month for October went to Jim and
anticipate beginning the project.                  Mary Ann Fichtner of 1764 Mallard Lake
                                                   Road. A well kept property, with a nice bed of
The ARC meets once a month prior to the            Red Vinca around a large Oak tree.
Board of Directors meeting. Homeowners are
welcome to attend. Watch the community             For November, we selected the
bulletin boards for date, time, and location.      home of Nancy Price of 1805
                                                   Crane Creek Boulevard. A
Any questions regarding your improvements          major landscaping effort earlier
may be addressed to Greg Costich at 751-           this year has really come into its
9860 or                       own, and looks great!
                                                   Tiki Totems and some nice Palms set off the
Thanks in advance for your compliance.
                                                   home of Kevin and Diane Medlin, of 2024 Blue
                                                   Heron Drive, winners of the award for
                                                   December. Very unusual, but also very

                                                    Fair/Way Management is located at Baytree
      JUST A THOUGHT: The trouble with life         Corporate Park, 1331 Bedford Drive, Suite
      is that you are halfway through it before     103, Melbourne, FL 32940; phone 321-777-
      you realize it's a "do it yourself" thing.    7575; fax 321-777-4646. If you would like to e-
                                                    mail a concern to Fair/Way Management
                                                    and/or the Board, please send it to
                                           with a courtesy copy
                                                    to the Board members (see below).
                                                        Tom Anderson (President)
We should take this time to thank the two new           Linda Brosche (Director)
members of the Board of Directors. Greg                     o
Costich and LaRenda Gronkjaer were elected to           Joan Buckler (Director)
the Board at the November 13th members                      o
meeting. LaRenda was also appointed to the              Greg Costich (Director)
office of Treasurer for fiscal year 2008. Board             o
members volunteer much of their time and                Jo Ann Daszuta (Vice President)
efforts to their community. It is only through              o
their efforts that we are able to conduct the           LaRenda Gronkjaer (Treasurer)
business of the homeowners association;                     o
therefore, the community should be proud of             Danny Painter (Director)
and appreciate the volunteer service of the new             o
members and the continuing members. A list of           Dan Peragine (Director)
the 2008 Board of Directors is provided in the              o N/A
below article (Board Information), along with           Matt Reschke (Director)
their contact data.                                         o

The Board of Directors meeting (date, time, and
location) will be posted at both entrances at       We will be accepting advertisements for future
                least 3 days prior to the           newsletters (quarterly) to help defray the cost of
                scheduled date. If you have         producing them. Advertising is limited to the
                any concerns and/or would like      size of one business card and will be at a cost
                to be heard, please mark your       of:
                calendar and attend.
                                                                     1 Issue = $18.00
Additionally, please visit our web site, which is                   2 Issues = $30.00
maintained by Fair/Way Management of                       4 Issues (1 Year) = $50.00
Brevard, Inc., to view the association’s minutes,
newsletters, budgets/financials, and much           CCIHOA residents will receive a 50% discount.
more. Simply go to;             If you have an interest in advertising in the
then click on “Communities”, then “Crane            newsletter, please contact Dennis Gilroy at 253-
Creek”.                                             1918 or .

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