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					                                            Curriculum Vitae

                                              Nancy J. Cox

Office Address:
The University of Chicago
Department of Medicine
Section of Genetic Medicine
5841 South Maryland Avenue
M265 ~ MC 6091
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 834-1001
Fax: (773) 834-0505

Marital Status
Married, 2 children

1978 B.Sc. Biology, The University of Notre Dame
1982 Ph.D. Human Genetics, Yale University

Professional Positions Held:
1982-1985     Postdoctoral Fellow in Genetic Epidemiology Department of Psychiatry, Washington
              University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
1985-1987     Research Associate, Department of Human Genetics, The University of Pennsylvania School
              of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
1987-1990     Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The University of Chicago
1988-1990     Research Associate (Assistant Professor), Department of Medicine, The University of Chicago
1990-1996     Chief Research Technician, Department of Medicine, The University of Chicago
1996-1999     Research Associate (Assistant Professor), Department of Medicine, The University of Chicago
1999-2004     Associate Professor, Departments of Human Genetics and Medicine, The University of Chicago
2004-Present Professor, Departments of Human Genetics and Medicine, The University of Chicago
2005-Present Professor and Chief, Section of Genetic Medicine, Dept. of Medicine, The University of Chicago

Honors and Awards:
Notre Dame Scholar, The University of Notre Dame, 1974-1978
Central Illinois Public Service Company Scholarship Award, 1974-1978
Notre Dame Scholarship, The University of Notre Dame, 1977-1978
National Research Service Award, Yale University, 1978-1981

Professional Activities:
National Editorial Board - Diabetes 1993-1996
Member of Congressionally Mandated Diabetes Working Group 1998-1999
Member of Mammalian Genetics Study Section 1999-2003
Genetics Advisory Committee, NIDDK Phoenix, 1999-present
Scientific Advisory Board, Joslin Diabetes Center, 2000-2003

Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
External Review Committee, Department of Human Genetics, The University of Utah, 2001
American Society of Human Genetics National Program Committee 2002-2004
American Diabetes Association National Program Committee 2004-present
Chair, Data Safety Monitoring Board, NHLBI Gene X Environment Studies, 2003-2006
Board of Scientific Counselors for NHGRI 2003-2008
Editor-in-Chief, Genetic Epidemiology 2006-2011
Editorial Board, American Journal of Human Genetics 2006-2009

University Service:
The University of Chicago Admissions Committee Molecular Biosciences Cluster 1999-2003, Chair 2003
Committee on Research Resources 1999-2003
Aims Scientific Committee 2003
Steering Committee for Committee on Genetics 2001- present
Director of Graduate Studies and Curriculum Committee, Department of Human Genetics, 2002-2005
Committee on Academic Promotions 2004-2006

Membership in Professional and Scientific Societies:
American Society of Human Genetics
International Society of Genetic Epidemiology
American Diabetes Association

Grant Support
09/15/06 – 09/14/09 NIH/NIDDK $340,234 15% effort ―Genetic Studies of Diabetic Complications‖, (P.I.
Nancy J. Cox)
06/15/06-05/31/09 NIH/NHLBI $188,419, 5% effort, ―Genome-wide Association Mapping of Metabolic, Lung,
and Cardiovascular Phenotypes‖, (P.I. Nancy J. Cox)
05/15/06-04/30/08, NIH/NIDDK, $133,137, 10% effort, ―Copy-number Polymorphism Análysis of the Type 2
Diabetes Gene Calpain 10‖, (P.I. Nancy J. Cox)
07/01/00 – 06/30/08, NIH/NIDCD $100,000, 10% effort, ―Stuttering: A Linkage Analysis‖, (P.I. Nancy J. Cox)
01/01/07 – 12/31/09 NIH/NIDCD $150,000, 10% effort, ―Identification of Sex-Specific Genes for Stuttering‖,
(P.I. Nancy J. Cox)

Human Genetics GEN 470, Course Director/6 lectures per year, 1998-2001
Human Variations 469, 6 lectures per year, 2001
Introduction to Statistical Genetics 471, 17 lectures per year, 2002-present

Postdoctoral Fellow Trainees
Susan Colilla, Ph.D., 1998-2002, currently in Epidemiology and Public Health, The University of Pennsylvania
Anya Tsalenko, Ph.D., 1997-2001, currently with Agilent Technologies
Anna Pluzhnikov, Ph.D., 1999-2001, currently Laboratory Manager, Department of Human Genetics, The
University of Chicago
Mark Abney, Ph.D., 1997-2001, currently Research Associate (Assistant Professor), Department of Human
Genetics, The University of Chicago
Marcos Antezana, Ph.D., 2003–2004, currently Research Associate, Department of Ecology & Evolution, The

Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
University of Chicago
Yu-Sheng Chen, Ph.D., 2003-2005
Maggie Ng, Ph.D., 2003-2006, currently Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
M. Geoffrey Hayes, Ph.D., 2002-2007, currently Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Anna Tikhomirov, Ph.D.

Graduate/Undergraduate Student Trainees
Nicoline Ambrose, PhD, 1996, currently Associate Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, The
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Benjamin Voight, Ph.D., 2006, currently post-doctoral fellow, the Broad Institute, Boston, MA
Jaqueline K. Wittke-Thompson, 2006

Jennifer (Piper) Below

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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
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Invited Speaker – Meetings, Seminars & Symposia
09/98 Plenary Lecture, 1998 International Genetic Epidemiology Society Meeting, Arcachon, France
11/98 Invited Speaker, New Horizon in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus, Kyoto, Japan
04/00 Invited Speaker, Diabetes Conference, Denmark
06/00 Invited Speaker, German Diabetes Meeting, Aachen, Germany
07/00 Invited Speaker, Burroughs Wellcome Trust, Cambridge, England
07/00 Invited Seminar, Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
09/00 Visiting Scholar, Japanese Diabetes Society, Tokyo, Japan
09/00 Invited Seminar, Kyoto, Japan

Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
09/00 Invited Seminar, Kobe, Japan
09/00 Invited Seminar, Miyobashi, Japan
11/00 Invited Speaker, Genetics of Complex Disorders, Telethon Italy, Rimini, Italy
07/01 Invited Speaker, Australian Human Genetics Meetings, Cairns, Australia
08/01 Plenary Speaker, International Congress of Schizophrenia Whistler, British Columbia
09/01 Invited Speaker, European Association of Diabetes, Glasgow, Scotland
09/01 Invited Seminar, Section of Endocrinology, Exeter University, Exeter, England
12/01 Invited Speaker, Diabetes Mellitus Meetings, Erice, Italy
04/02 Invited Speaker, Anniversary Symposium, Wurzburg, Germany
04/02 Invited Seminar, Department of Statistical Genetics, Bonn, Germany
05/02 Invited Speaker, Asian Pacific Diabetes Congress, Beijing, China
06/02 Invited Speaker, Uehara Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
09/02 Invited Speaker, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors-East Meets West Symposium, Hong Kong, China
10/02 Invited Speaker, SNP Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland
10/02 Invited Seminar, Shanghai, China
02/03 Invited Speaker, Genomics Bonn, Bonn, Germany
03/03 Invited Speaker, Servier-IGES Symposia, Cap St. Jean Ferrat, France
04/03 Invited Speaker, Ankylosing Spondilitis Consortium Meeting, Oxford, England
08/03 Invited Speaker, IDF-GD Congress, Lille, France
05/04 Invited Speaker, European Consortium for Type 1 Diabetes, Barcelona, Spain
11/04 Invited Speaker, Samsung International Symposium, Seoul, South Korea
09/05 Invited Speaker, SNP2005 Meeting, Leicestershire, England
09/06 Invited Speaker, 1st Nordic Meeting on Genetics and Pathogenesis of Immunological Diseases, Helsinki,
12/06 Invited Speaker, University of Toronto, Toronto, CA
09/07 Organizer and speaker, Human Genome Variation meeting, Barcelona, Spain
09/07 Invited Speaker, Pharmacogenetics Meeting, Costa Rica
02/08 Invited Speaker, Phamacogenetics Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
04/08 Invited Speaker, Statistical Genetics for Complex Diseases Symposium, Malmo, Sweden

12/97 Invited Speaker, Genetic Architecture of Complex Disorders, Baltimore, MD
06/98 Invited Speaker, American Diabetes Association Meetings, Chicago, IL
07/98 Invited Seminar, Department of Human Genetics, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
10/98 Invited Speaker, 100th Anniversary of the Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA
03/99 Invited Speaker, NIH Workshop Gene-Environment Interaction, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
04/99 Invited Seminar, Department of Human Genetics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
10/99 Invited Seminar, Department of Human Genetics, Yale University, New Haven, CT
10/99 Plenary Speaker, World Psychiatric Genetic Congress, Monterey, CA
11/99 Invited Seminar, Oregon Health Sciences Center, Portland, OR
12/99 Invited Seminar, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, San Antonio, TX
04/00 Invited Seminar, Department of Human Genetics, The University Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
06/00 Invited Speaker, American Diabetes Association Meetings, San Diego, CA
09/00 Invited Speaker, Newton Morton Celebration, St. Louis, MO
11/00 Invited Seminar, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Virginia, Charlotte, Virginia
01/01 Invited Speaker, NIH Conference Diabetes and Depression, Bethesda, MD

Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox
06/01 Invited Speaker, Endocrine Society Meetings, Denver, CO
06/01 Invited Seminar, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, Denver, CO
09/01 Invited Speaker, Hypertension Meetings, Chicago, IL
11/01 Invited Seminar, Department of Human Genetics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
04/02 Invited Speaker, NHLBI Consortium Studies, Bethesda, MD
06/02 Invited Seminar, Division of Biostatistical Genetics, The University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
11/02 Invited Seminar, Biology Department, The University of Miami, Oxford, OH
12/02 Invited Seminar, Biostatistics Department, The University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin
04/03 Invited Speaker, NIH celebration of the 50th anniversary of Watson & Crick’s discovery of the structure of the
     DNA double helix—―From Double Helix to Human Sequence and Beyond!‖, Bethesda, MD
08/03 Invited Speaker, Gordon Conferences on Human Genetics and Genomics, Colby College-Waterville, Maine
09/03 Invited Speaker, Genome Technology Branch, Bethesda, MD
02/04 Invited Seminar, Dept. of Biology, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
03/04 Invited Seminar, University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ
04/04 Invited Seminar, Dept. of Human Genetics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
06/04 Invited Speaker, International Applied Mathematics Society, Nashville, TN
10/04 Invited Speaker, Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes, American Society of Human Genetics Meetings, Toronto, CN
10/04 Invited Speaker, Gene x environment Interaction, American Society of Human Genetics Meetings, Toronto
11/04 Invited Seminar, Dept. of Human Genetics, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
02/05 Invited Speaker, Genetic Epidemiology of Common Diseases: Integrating Genetics, Biology and Medicine,
       The 2005 meeting of the Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI), San Diego, CA
03/05 Invited Speaker, State of the Science in Stuttering Workshop, Washington, D.C.
05/05 Invited Seminar, Wake Forest University
06/05 Invited Speaker, American Diabetes Association Meetings, San Diego, CA
09/05 Invited Scholar, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
10/05 Invited Speaker, World Congress on Genetics of Schizophrenia, Boston, MA
11/05 Invited Speaker, NHGRI retreat, Gettysburg, PA
11/05 Invited Speaker, Grand Rounds, Endocrine Section, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
 3/06 Invited Speaker, APPA, New York, NY
 4/06 Invited Speaker, North Carolina State University, Raleigh Durham, NC
 9/06 Invited Speaker, NIMH retreat, Gettysburg, PA
10/06 Invited Speaker, Yale Symposium on Genome-wide Association Studies, New Haven, CT
11/06 Invited Speaker, GAIN meetings, Washington, DC
12/06 Invited Speaker, NCI Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series
02/07 Invited Speaker, Mesothelioma Pathogenesis meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii
02/07 Invited Speaker, National Association of Allergy meetings, San Diego, CA
03/07 Invited Seminar, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca
04/07 Invited Seminar, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
05/07 Invited Speaker, Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Computational Biology, Pittsburgh, PA
06/07 Invited Speaker, GEI Symposium, Boston, MA
10/07 Invited Speaker, Harvard Genomics Conference, Boston, MA
11/07 Invited Speaker, American Society of Nephrology Meetings, San Francisco, CA
11/07 Invited Seminar, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston, TX
1/08 Invited Speaker, Statistical Genetics in Pharmacogenetics, Memphis, TN
3/08 Invited Seminar, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Curriculum Vitae (cont.)
Nancy J. Cox

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