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					The Great Fire of London

      September 1st
           The fire begins

Thomas Farynor was a baker who lived in
 Pudding Lane in London.
On Saturday September 1st he thought he
 had put out all his oven fires and went to
BUT….. One of his ovens was still alight!
Soon the whole
 house was on fire!
Farynor and his
 family climbed out of
 a window and
 crawled across the
 roof to safety.
But… the wind blew
 the fire into the
 stables of the Star
 Inn nearby.
The fire was
 spreading rapidly.
           Samuel Pepys
Samuel Pepys got
 up that night to see
 what was happening
 but then he went
 back to bed again.
Fires were very
 common in London
 at that time.
BUT… this was no
 ordinary fire!
         Samuel Pepys’s Diary

Samuel Pepys wrote a diary in a sort of code that
 is called shorthand.
Here is what he wrote about that night.
“September 2nd. Jane called us up about 3 o’clock
 in the morning, to tell us of a great fire they saw in
 the city.”
Samuel Pepys
 buried all his most
 valuable things in
 his garden.
He buried his best
 wines, important
 papers about his
 work in the Navy,
 and, of course,
his diary.
          The fire spreads
The fire spread from
 house to house and
 then along London
 Bridge and the bank
 of the River Thames.
Most of the houses
 were timber framed
 and had thatched
They were built very
 close together.
The fire spread easily
 , blowing down the
 narrow streets.
By Sunday the fire
 was still spreading.
 The whole of London
 was in danger.
Many Londoners had
 to escape.
They loaded their
 belongings into carts
 or boats and left their
 houses to burn.
           Fighting the fire
Watchmen and
 constables tried to
 put out the fire.
They used buckets
 and syringes filled
 with water from the
 river, public wells
 and fountains.
BUT… the summer
 of 1666 had been
 very hot and most of
 the fountains were
Syringes like this
 were used to fight
 the Great Fire of
        The end of the fire
The Lord Mayor of
 London did not
 know how to stop
 the fire.
Samuel Pepys went
 to see King Charles
 II to ask him for
He sent soldiers to
 to help the
The soldiers pulled
 houses down with
 iron hooks.
 They even used
 gunpowder to blow
 up houses in the
 path of the fire.
the fire continued to
Finally the, on
 Wednesday September
 5th, the wind changed
 direction and the fire
 stopped spreading.
most of London had
 been destroyed.
13,000 houses and 86
 churches has been
 burnt down.
Even St Paul’s
 Cathedral had gone.
               A New London
Great architects like Sir
 Christopher Wren
 helped plan the new
Most new buildings
 were built of brick or
They wanted to build
 the streets wider to
 stop any new fires
BUT…                 The   Monument
this would have cost a
 lot of money.
Only a few new wide
 streets were built.
Most new buildings
 were built where the
 old ones stood.
A monument was built
 to commemorate the

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