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									    How to Cure For Pimples Safely and Effectively

       A pimple, more commonly known as a zit or spot, is an eruptive disease of
the skin. Although it has no immediate danger on health, its psychological and
social impacts are a huge concern as it predominantly occurs during the teenage
years at a time that they are developing their personalities. Pimples can be easily
treated by a variety of acne medications but there are also natural products that
can be used as a cure for pimples that are just as effective but a whole lot safer.

       Oatmeal is a common fixture in numerous households and provides a
healthy and delicious breakfast, but only a few are familiar about its skin care
potential. It has been proven to protect the skin, provide relief towards itching,
and it is an exceptional irritation healer as well. Use it in addition to a lukewarm
bath or use it by adding a small amount of water to make a paste.

      Yogurt is another easily accessible food product that can aid in skin
rejuvenation. It can rejuvenate and peel away damaged skin, open the pores to
prevent blockage, penetrate the skin to add elasticity to the cells of the skin, and
best of all, it is cheaper and has very few side effects as it is a natural cure for
pimples unlike the harsh chemical cleansers and prescription medications for
acne. Use it in addition to a warm bath water, rub and massage it into the skin, or
simply dab a yogurt on a pimple.

       Olive oil benefits for the body have been well publicized but little is known
about its benefits for the skin. Olive oil has been used to treat minor skin wounds
at some extent, it is rich in antioxidants that can protect the skin from the
damaging free radicals, and it is loaded with vitamin E that makes it a great
overall skin care product. Use it as a substitute for your regular bath oil or directly
apply it to your skin.

      These are just some of the many natural products that can be used as a
cure for pimples, and as it is organic, you can be assured of its safety. Unless, of
course, if you are allergic to it. So bear in mind that if you are to use a new
remedy to care for your skin, always remember to consult the experts first!
Summary: Oatmeal, yogurt and olive oil are just some of the natural products that
can be used as a cure for pimples. As these are natural and untreated, it is much
safer to use as compared to synthetic skin care products but are just as effective.

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