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Vol. 35, Issue 27, October 20, 2010         Thank You Youth Worship Band for a
Looking Ahead in Worship…
       October 24, 2010
                                            Wonderful Performance Last Sunday!
Services at 8:00, 9:15 & 10:30 am
October 24 is the 22nd Sunday after
Pentecost. This is the second of a three
week series entitled Together by Faith,
and it is our Stewardship Campaign.
This week Pastor Barrie will be sharing
the message Together by Faith We
Give based upon the Scripture from
Luke 5:1-8. Come; join in worshiping
God with us. We look forward to seeing
The Ministry of Music for this Sunday
will feature the African Children’s Choir
singing several African songs in our
10:30 service. The Sanctuary Band will
be singing Lord, I Give You My Heart
during the 9:15 worship service.

       October 31, 2010
Services at 8:00, 9:15 & 10:30 am

                                            ALL HALLOWS EVE PARTY
October 31 is the 23rd Sunday after
Pentecost. This is the final sermon in
our stewardship series entitled Together
by Faith. This week Pastor Barrie will
be sharing the message Together by
Faith: Living for Christ based upon the
scripture from Luke 19:1-10. Because
God loved us, we gather to Worship
                                                 October 31 from 4:00 – 6:00
God. Invite a friend and join us as we
celebrate God’s abundant love for us.
The Ministry of Music for this Sunday

                                                  Hodge’s Barn
will feature a 5th Sunday Hymn Sing
at 7:45 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Our gifted
organist Michael Davidson will be                                   , corner of Linder and Prairie du Chien
playing J. S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue
in D minor, BWV 565 in both 8 and
10:30 worship services. Jean Hill and              Wear costumes          (judging with prizes!)
Suzanne Smith will be playing a clarinet
duo at 8:00 worship service. The                        • pumpkin carving
Sanctuary Band will be singing I Give
My All during the 9:15 worship service.                 • hot dog roast (bring a side dish to share)
                                                        • games
The Wesley Chimes will be playing Take
My Life and Let It Be Consecrated, the
Children’s Choir will be singing Jubilate
Servite, and the Chancel Choir will be
singing My Jesus, I Love Thee during                    • s’mores
the 10:30 worship services.
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                                                                                Mark Your Calendars !
           WHERE CAN YOU GO
     TO PLAY GAMES AND LEARN BIBLE                                                Gifts For
               STORIES?                                                           Parents
 COOL KID’S CLUB                                                              Saturday, December 4
                                                                              The Consultation of
                   SUNDAYS AT 4:45                                            Religious Communities
                                                                              is again sponsoring a
                                                                              distribution of gifts for
         (If you come at 4:00, you can sing in the                            children (ages 3 to 14)
                                                                              to give to the significant adults in their
                   Children’s Choir, too!)                                    lives. St Mark’s United Methodist
                                                                              Church will host the fun again this
                                                                              year. We are again asking for your
                                                                              help. We need donations of things
   FUMC presents African Children’s Choir                                     that a child could give to an adult. We
                                                                              need people to help set up, starting
FUMC will be hosting a very                                                   at 9:00 AM on Friday, December 3
special event at 6:30 p.m. in our                                             (you may come any time). We also
Sanctuary on Saturday, October                                                need people to escort the children,
23rd. They will be performing a                                               wrap gifts (bring your own scissors),
90-minute concert on Saturday                                                 and help with other assorted jobs on
and a 15-minute music devotion                                                Saturday from 8:30 until noon. It’s
during our 10:30 a.m. Koinonia                                                really fun-- try it, you’ll like it!
Worship Service. The African
Children’s Choir is made up of                                                            GIFT IDEAS
children ages 7 to 12 from several African nations. Many of the children        tools, kitchen gadgets, Hawkeye
have lost one or both parents to AIDS and other poverty-related diseases,            items, mugs, Christmas
and all of them are victims of extreme poverty. The primary goal of the       decorations, boxes of holiday cards,
Choir is to raise awareness of the need of destitute and orphaned children    bilfolds, clothing that needs no size,
in Africa and to raise funds for continued development and support of the         candles, gloves, & flashlights
African Children’s Choir Programs. The Choir’s international educational
endeavor provides unique training for the children. Once Choir members        Contact Kazi Alward with questions:
have completed a concert tour, they will return to their homelands with the   354-2083 (H) or 430-6298 (cell).
tools necessary for bettering their future.

The African Children’s Choir has appeared in thousands of concerts around
the world, including concerts at the Pentagon, the United Nations, and on      2 OLD COAT RACKS
Capitol Hill. They have been featured on popular television broadcasts
such as “Jay Leno,” “Good Morning America,” “Ellen,” and “American Idol.”
They have also performed alongside a number of well-known artists and
musicians including the National Symphony Orchestra of Belgium, Wyclef
Jean, Bobby McFerrin, Mariah Carey, Chantal Kreviazuk, and Josh Groban
to name only a few, and in venues such as Royal Albert Hall and Madison
Square Garden.

This touring choir is comprised of 23 children from Uganda and
Kenya. They will be performing indigenous music from different
African countries. Please invite your neighbors and friends to attend
this meaningful concert!                                                      Contact Patte Henderson
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 The Crisis Center Food Bank                                                   HOW IS IT WITH YOUR
 The Crisis      Center Food Bank regularly distributes to over 900 families          SOUL?
 per week.       Currently they are most in need of rice, diapers (sizes 4
 & 5) and        toilet paper. Please consider donating any of those items     John Wesley introduced this
 if you can.     Other donation items that are greatly appreciated are:        question to his followers on
                                                                               a regular basis. After all, the
     	   	   Soups                                                             pressures of daily living may
 	   	   	   Canned	meats                                                      change the answer to that question
 	   	   	   Meaty	stews
                                                                               and he wanted to encourage his
 	   	   	   Canned	fruit
 	   	   	   Canned	vegetables
                                                                               fellow Christians to be aware of
 	   	   	   Pasta                                                             how their faith was affected by
 	   	   	   Jam/jelly                                                         those pressures.
 	   	   	   Potato	products
 	   	   	   Juice                                                             Meeting with a few other Believers
                                                                               on a regular basis can help us
 The Crisis Center is located at 1121 Gilbert Court, Iowa City. Donations      be more aware of the state of
 can be taken from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Or, you can leave your              our souls. Sharing in Bible study,
 donation here at church this Sunday in one of the Food Bank barrels           issues of faith, Christian-themed
 located in the Narthex or on the Dubuque Street entrance landing.             book studies, or support for life-
 Thank you.                                                                    altering events (death, divorce,
                                                                               parenting, etc.) with others who
                                                                               share your interest or concern
TURN                             INTO                                          may help you answer that most
                                                                               important of Wesleyan questions:

                       COME TO                                                 HOW IS IT WITH YOUR
     CHURCH SCHOOL                                                              Please talk with Patte Henderson
                                                                                about a Small Group experience
             SUNDAYS AT 9:15                                                                for YOU.

Environmental Action Affinity Group: November Ballot Issue
By Mark Madsen

There are other issues of concern in the upcoming November election besides which political party will control
congress or whether the 21-only ordinance will be upheld. Specifically, Question 1 on the ballot addresses an
amendment to the Iowa constitution concerning the funding for land and water conservation. The Iowa’s Water and
Land Legacy Amendment would create a dedicated trust fund
for the purposes of protecting and enhancing water quality
and natural areas in the State including parks, trails, and fish
and wildlife habitat, and conserving agricultural soils in this
State. It would mandate that when the state sales tax was
next raised, 0.375% would go to the trust fund.

The state of Iowa ranks near the bottom of all the states in
natural-resource and conservation-related spending. Both
Missouri and Minnesota have successfully used the same
approach to fund their conservation efforts and there is
widespread bi-partisan support in the state legislature for this measure. On October 24th, I will be giving an adult
Sunday School class on this amendment and what it can do for Iowa. Please consider this issue carefully when
you vote and stop by on October 24 if you have any questions.
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                              Take time to		 pray		 - Our Church Family
    We Celebrate With:
    ●   Shelby and Ryan Waldschmidt on their wedding last Saturday.
    We Pray For:
    ●   Those from our congregation whom we know to be hospitalized:
          Mercy: Lois Andre, Ron Paul
    ●   Those recently discharged from area hospitals:
          Orville Kinsinger, Ferne Higdon at home with Hospice care.
    ●   Those recently discharged from area hospitals: Marian Cox, Madelene Sydebotham
    ●   All those in need of continued healing including:
          Jo Hoover, who will undergo back surgery at St. Luke’s on October 27th,
          Kirk Perreau, whose uncle died suddenly from a brain aneurism,
          Sara Nichols’ father, Tom Baty, who is recovering from a heart attack,
          David Noble, retired UMC Pastor, and wife Mary, friends of George & Ida Belle Paterson; David is
             being treated for a brain tumor.
          Bill Moershel, friend of Donna O’Brien, as he recovers from a recent fall,
          Marlys Stariha, mother of Danette Frauenholtz, who is undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 lung
             cancer in Richmond, VA,
          Kathy Fisher, friend of Wilma & Larry Rettig, who is undergoing treatment for mesothelioma at Mayo Clinic,
          Ken Brown’s mother and father, as they recover from kidney transplant surgery,
          Dale Powers, who is recovering from heart surgery at home with his wife Anna in Iowa City,
          Sharon Campbell, who is suffering from an aggressive bone cancer; Sharon is the aunt of Sherry Mars,
          Ron Krueger, friend of Connie & Jim Olson, as Ron undergoes treatment for lung cancer,
          Chris Clarke & Jennifer Parrish, friends of Kirk & Ann Perreau, as Chris recovers from a recent stroke,
          Elaine Cope, friend of Joyce & Steve Marner, as she undergoes treatment for a 3rd recurrence of cancer,
          Helen Smith Burnham, niece of Gloria Dunlap; Helen is being treated for pancreatic and liver cancer in
             Columbia, Missouri,
          Michael Flynn, friend of Cindy Cobb, as he is treated for Stage IV cancer,
          Ginnie Woodard, who has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma; she is a friend of Matt Downen,
          Miriam Johnson, who is receiving Hospice care in Gowrie, Iowa; she is the sister of Joyce Stumme,
             and aunt of Deb Stumme,
          Danelle Beckman, sister of Mitch Beckman, who is recovering from surgery for thyroid cancer,
          Mitch Beckman’s father Ray, who is receiving treatment for Stage IV lung cancer at a hospital in WI,
          Rev. Vaughn Wright, brother of Marla Swesey, who has been diagnosed with A.L.S. disease,
          Barbra Johnson, friend of Jan Vaught Brezina, as she undergoes chemo and radiation for breast
             cancer in Kansas City,
          Chris Goodale and family, friends of the Zierke family, as Chris continues recovery from a stem cell
             transplant for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma,
          Jerry Allison, father of Susie Lundberg, who is recovering from a heart attack and facing more surgery,
          Steve Wade, brother of Terri Wade, who is receiving chemotherapy for Stage III colon cancer,
          Vicki Burketta, a friend of many in our congregation, who is receiving chemotherapy at UIHC,
          Carolyn Kirkman, granddaughter of a friend of Doris Hughes, undergoing treatment for colon cancer,
          Conan Dalton, brother-in-law of Jennifer Ballard, who has an inoperable brain tumor,
          Helen Looper at Oaknoll Assisted Living, and all those in our congregation who are homebound or
             residing in nursing homes or extended care facilities.
    ●   Those serving in our military:
          Joshua Klinzman, grandson of Derrill & Irene, deployed to Iraq,
          Martin Roemerman, husband of Angie, and father of Kaitlyn, Dan, and Anna, deployed to the Iraq,
          Chris Rew, son of Terry & Sue Rew, deployed to the National Guard,
          Jeremy Hahn, nephew of Judi and Jeff Barta, who is serving in Afghanistan,
          Nathan Platz, son of Bob & Kristy Walker, who is now in Virginia,
          Joseph Russell, son of Mary Lou Russell, serving in South Korea,
          A lan G. Kellogg, son of Gary & Catherine Kellogg, being deployed to Iraq,
          Chris Miller, son of Harvey & Maxine Miller, who is serving with Army Special Operations,
    ●   The healing of breaking and broken relationships,
    ●   For those struggling with mental illness that they may receive the medical care they need,
    ●   The mission, ministries and staff of First United Methodist Church,
    ●   Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble, East Central District Superintendent David Crow, Field Outreach Minister
          Jill Sanders, the Iowa Annual Conference and the members of the United Methodist Church in Walker,
          and Pastor Norm Kelley.
    ●   All those who have been impacted by earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, oil spills, hurricanes and other
          natural disasters in Iowa, the United States and throughout the world,
    ●    Peace with justice for the world.
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                                            10/10/2010 PRESENCE	
                                                 8:00     55
                                                 9:15     39
                                                10:30     203
                                                Total     297

                                             10/17/2010 PRESENCE
                                                 8:00     59
                                                 9:15     95
                                                10:30     181
                                                Total     335
                                         FUMC Fine Arts Series present African Children’s Choir

                                         Many thanks to the Youth Worship Band, Joan Felkner, Christine Mullen,
                                         FUMC Chamber Choir and the Chancel Choir for leading worship last
                                         Sunday! Special thanks to Wendy Ostrem and Suzanne Smith for spending
                                         many hours working with us!

                                        Finally! Waiting for many weeks, the “African Children’s Choir” will be
                                        performing a full 90 minutes concert THIS Saturday, October 23 at
6:30 p.m. They will also present a 15-minute music devotion at our 10:30 worship service THIS Sunday, October
24 at 10:30 a.m. I highly encourage you to invite your family members and friends to the Saturday night concert!
You can find the detailed concert information in this newsletter.

Many thanks to the host families! We still need 4 ushers for handing-out          Need a frame for a
concert programs and 3 people to help them sell their audio products. We
also need 1 person to help move their sound equipment and 4 people to help
serve meals and clean up. This is a huge event for our community! Please         Patte Henderson has
do not hesitate to contact me if you can participate in this meaningful          a boxful of different
evening! I look forward to seeing you at this meaningful concert!                sizes. Come by and
Love in Christ,                                                                      pick one out.

What is an Affinity Group? It is a group of people who collectively pursue a common interest. And, at
First United Methodist Church, there are several such groups covering a variety of interests.
Please consider joining one of these Affinity Groups.
Group Theme                         Contact Person
Senior Friendship
& Support Group                     Sage River ( or 354-5484)
Bicycling Affinity Group            Jan and Jim Down ( or 354-1820)
Bluegrass                           Maynard Smith ( or 337-9901)
Books And Bagels                    Betty Mitchell (354-1225) or Nancy Johns (
Doers of the Word                   Sue Mullins (339-0984) or Linda Fink (338-2860)
Dorcas Group                        Bernie Mulford (337-6680)
Environmental Action                Mark Madsen (
Families with Children              Tricia Ross (351-0823)
Films For Fun ‘N Faith              Lou Crist (338-5014)
Flames Softball Team                Jane Driscoll (
Hiking Affinity Group               Bruce Tarwater ( or 325-7595)
Bridge Affinity Group               Danette Frauenholtz ( or 351-2911
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Growing in Health & Wholeness:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Some Basic Facts

Is breast cancer the most common cause of death for women?
No. Although many women get breast cancer, it is not a common cause of death. Heart disease is the number
one cause of death among women age 40 and above, followed by stroke, lung cancer, and lung diseases. Breast
cancer is the fifth leading cause of death. In 2006 (the latest year for which statistics are available), 191,410
women were diagnosed with breast cancer, and 40,820 women died from the disease.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?
When breast cancer starts out, it is too small to feel and does not cause signs and symptoms. As it grows,
however, breast cancer can cause changes in how the breast looks or feels. Symptoms may include—
   • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
   • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
   • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
   • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
   • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
   • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
   • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
   • Pain in any area of the breast.

What is a mammogram?
A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. Doctors use a mammogram to look for early signs of breast cancer.
Having regular mammograms can lower the risk of dying from breast cancer. If you are age 50 to 74 years, be
sure to have a screening mammogram every two years. If you are age 40–49 years, talk to your doctor about
when and how often you should have a screening mammogram.

Why should I have a mammogram?
Regular mammograms are the best tests doctors have to find breast cancer
early, sometimes up to three years before it can be felt. When their breast
cancer is found early, many women go on to live long and healthy lives.

How can I lower my risk of breast cancer?
Control your weight and exercise. Diet is being studied as a risk factor for    Church Women United
breast cancer. Studies show that in populations that consume a high-fat diet,
women are more likely to develop breast cancer than women in populations
that consume a low-fat diet. Eating a diet rich in beta-carotene may decrease    Community
the risk of breast cancer. Exercise, especially in young women, may decrease
hormone levels and contribute to a decreased breast cancer risk. Breast           Day 2010
feeding may also decrease a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Postmenopausal
weight gain, especially after natural menopause and/or after age 60, may             November 5
increase breast cancer risk.
                                                                                    @ St Marks United
Know your family history of breast cancer. If you have a mother, sister, or
                                                                                    Methodist Church
daughter with breast cancer, ask your doctor what is your risk of getting
                                                                                 2675 East Washington St.
breast cancer and how you can lower your risk.
                                                                                        Iowa City
Find out the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy.
Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Don’t smoke.                               Guest Speaker Chrissy
                                                                                  Canganelli, Executive
Can men get breast cancer?                                                         Director of Shelter of
Men can also get breast cancer, but it is not very common. For every 100
                                                                                         Iowa City
cases of breast cancer, less than 1 is in men.
                                                                                    9:30 Registration &
Take good care of your body - your physical temple - and treasure your well-
                                                                                      10:00 Program
Sage River, Director of Parish Care
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            Fellowship Time Hosts Needed!
    What a renewed feeling of fellowship we are experiencing at FUMC!
     We hope you have been enjoying coffee and fellowship after each
     service in the NEW Upper Room, but we need your help! Affinity
    groups UMW, UMM, and any small group is being asked to help host
            fellowship time. You would have the opportunity to
         recruit and encourage more participation in your group,
           as well as share the duties for serving coffee and treats
          for a month at a time. Coffee and store bought cookies
             will be provided, however groups can always treat
         congregants to homemade treats as well. We would love
                          to hear from your group!

                          Please Contact:
         Angi Roemerman #430-6663 or Sue Mullins #339-0984
    Oct 20                                                Oct 30
Heather McClatchey                                     Ila Zimmerman
  James Wilkes                                          Pat Palechek
 Grant Henderson                                          Amy Trent
                                                      Laura Schafbuch
    Oct 22                                                Kelsi Salter
   Jack Walters                                      Jordyn Stammeyer
   Herb Jordan                                            Neil Jordan
   Samuel Ross
                                                          Oct 31
    Oct 23                     Oct 27                 Eleanor Trummel
     Al Cram              Melinda Seegmiller            Dell Boersma
   Pam Terrill              Kara Rayner                   Jean Hill
   Kim Gordon              Laura Houghton             Diane Hudachek
   Andy Miller                                        Jonathan Skarda
                               Oct 28
    Oct 25                  Mike Tschantz                 Nov 1
   Connie Funk             Aaron Seegmiller             Ferne Higdon
    Rob Kerns                 Ben Crouse                Bonnie Wyllie
  Katharin Viner           Caroline Flermoen           Dave Reynolds
  Ashley Niemiec
                               Oct 29                     Nov 2
                                                      Brian Hudachek
    Oct 26                     Jim Ponto
                                                         Jeff Haring
  Maggie Ballard             Billy Besgrove
                                                         Ken Brown
   Lauren Trent                                      Spencer Lundquist
                                                        Erika Zierke
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                            HEIFER PROJECT QUARTERS
  On the Sundays of October, the Quarter
  Peace Pipe Tube will be available for your
  support. We hope to collect enough to
  purchase a Pig, a Sheep, and a Goat for
  a family in need by the Thanksgiving In-
  Gathering event on November 6th. Thank
  you for your support. So far we have raised
  almost $210. It costs $120 per animal. Please
  think about contributing this Sunday.

Lead Pastor                         Director of Little Angels Learning Center   Business Manager                     Facilities Manager    
Rev. Dr. Barrie Tritle              Cathy Stange                                Hillary Biancuzzo                    Charles Thiede
Associate Pastor                    Director of Music Ministries                Office Manager                       Organist     
Rev. Jonathan Fell                  Samuel Kwok                                 Liz Swanton                          Michael Davidson
Director of Discipleship Min.     Director of Parish Care                       Membership Secretary                 Custodian           Teresa Schulte
Patte Henderson                   Sage River                                    Claire Bartleson

           October 20, 2010                               Vol. 35, Issue 27
      Our Koinonia Service is broadcast on Public Television Channel 18 on Wednesdays
   one of our services on Sunday mornings over KXIC (800 AM) from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m.
   Radio & Television Ministry: You can listen to a 30 minute radio broadcast of a portion of

                                                                                                           Return Service Requested

                                                                                                         Email -
                                                                                                      Phone - 319.337.2857 Fax - 319.337.0485
                                                                                                                 Iowa City, Iowa 52245
                                                                                                               214 East Jefferson Street
     Permit No. 63
    Iowa City, Iowa
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      U.S. Postal
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