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					                                                                  Facility Rental


                                                                                                  Community Use of

                                                                                                                     School Facilities
                                                  S c h o o l s
                                                  P u b l i c
                                                  D u r h a m

      Durham Public Schools
      Facility Support Services
      1817 Hamlin Road
      Durham, NC 27704-9671
Facility Rental               Check us out @
DPS   Facility Rental Application                                                         Facility Fees                                          Include $30.00 non-refundable application fee.

                                                                                                       No events scheduled prior to 6:00 pm on school days or teacher workdays.

How to apply:                              Need more information?                         Interior Spaces        (all rates are per hour)
Complete one form for each school or       Call Facility Support Services at                                      Not for profit       Not for profit          Commercial        Commercial
site requested.                            919-560-3696.                                                    Elementary Middle/High                           Elementary Middle/High
                                                                                          Auditorium            $45.00      $60.00                               $80.00     $115.00
                                                                                          Cafeteria             $45.00      $60.00                               $80.00     $115.00
Complete Part I of the application and     The Durham Public Schools Board of
                                                                                          Cafe. and Kitchen     $60.00      $75.00                              $115.00     $145.00
read, sign, date Part II. Pay a $30 non-   Education supports the North Carolina          Classroom             $25.00      $25.00                               $40.00      $40.00
refundable application fee to Durham       Community Schools Act (G.S. 115C-203)          Gym                   $40.00      $60.00                               $70.00     $115.00
Public Schools.                            which encourages “greater use of               Auxilliary gym        $40.00      $40.00                               $70.00      $70.00
                                           public school facilities” and assures          Studio                $40.00      $40.00                               $70.00      $70.00
T Some events will require you to hire     “maximum use of public school
                                                                                          Exterior Spaces        (all rates are per hour)
  additional personnel which can           facilities by the citizens of each
                                                                                                                  Not for profit       Not for profit          Commercial        Commercial
  include security and technicians, etc.   community in this State.”                                             Elementary Middle/High                      Elementary Middle/High
                                                                                          Practice Field             $15.00      $15.00                          $20.00      $20.00
T A Certificate of Liability Insurance     DPS Board Policy 2035 permits                  Playing Field:
  may be required naming Durham            citizens to use school buildings and           baseball, football,
  Public Schools as additional insured.    facilities for civic, cultural, educational,   softball, soccer              $20.00              $20.00                $25.00            $25.00
                                                                                          Track                         $20.00              $20.00                $25.00            $25.00
                                           recreational, and other such activities
                                                                                          Tennis Court                  $20.00              $20.00                $25.00            $25.00
T No events will be scheduled prior        as long as such use does not conflict          (Add $18.00 per hour to fields when lights are used)
  to 6:00 pm on school days or             with the use of public school buildings
  teacher workdays.                        and grounds for public school                  Staff Development Center
                                           purposes and activities; with state                                Government Agency                              Non Profit          Commerical
Bring In Person or Mail To:                laws; with local ordinances; or with                              Per Day Use Fee                            Hourly Rental        Hourly Rental
Durham Public Schools Facility Rental      the proper care and maintenance of             M-1                        $110.00                            $55.00 per hr.      $110.00 per hr.
                                                                                          Cafeteria                   $80.00                            $55.00 per hr.      $110.00 per hr.
Facility Support Services                  school facilities.
                                                                                          Classroom                   $55.00                            $40.00 per hr.       $75.00 per hr.
1817 Hamlin Road                                                                          Use of built-in
Durham, NC 27704-9671                      The Superintendent shall establish             presentation
                                           procedures for the use of school               equipment in M-1          $50.00 daily                           $30.00 hrly          $55.00 hrly
T Return completed form/s to Facility      facilities by outside groups, consistent       Application Fee                $30.00                                $30.00               $30.00
  Support Services at least 15 working     with this policy.
  days prior to the event.
                                                                                          Personnel Charges           (all rates are per hour)

                                                                                          Custodian                         $25.00                        After Hours Emergency Contact:
T Approval must be secured prior to                                                       Cafeteria Employee                $25.00                        1-888-761-9372
                                                                                          Technician                        $30.00
  the use of school facilities. Written                                                                                                                   AC/Heating malfunctions are not
                                                                                          Student Technician                $15.00
  authorization will be provided once                                                     Security                          $25.00                        considered emergencies
  an event has been approved.              Revised August 2010                            HVAC Technician                   $20.00

                                                                                          There is also a $30 non-refundable application fee

                                                                                          All payments must be paid in full 5 days prior to event to avoid cancellation
                         Durham Public Schools Facility Support Services
                         1817 Hamlin Road • Durham, North Carolina 27704-9671 • (919) 560-3696 FAX (919) 560-3666

                         Facility Rental Application
                         1) Complete one form for each school / site requested.
                         2) Return completed forms to the facility rental office 15 working days prior to the event.
                         3) Complete all of Part I, read, sign Part II, read and sign the Facility Regulations.
                         4) Sign, date, and pay the thirty dollar ($30) non-refundable application fee to Durham Public Schools.
                         After Hours Emergency Contact: 1-888-761-9372. No events before 6:00 pm on school days or teacher workdays.

Part I

School/Site Requested:

Contact Person(s):

Name of Organization:                                                                 Non-Profit Tax ID#:

Billing Address:

City:                                    State:                                       Zip:

Home/Cell Phone:                                                             Email:

Work Phone:                                                                  FAX:

Purpose for use of space/describe event in detail:

Space Requested:
  Auditorium     Main Gym                   Auxiliary Gym          Cafeteria              Kitchen               Classroom               Media Center
  Track          Football Field             Soccer Field           Baseball Field         Practice Field        Parking Lot             Other

 Space Requested          Day(s) Week          Beginning Date            Ending Date              Set Up                   Take Down                 Total Hours
                            (M–Su)                                                               Start time                 End time

Equipment Requested (be specific):

Number of participants and spectators: Adults                                             Children

Do you have liability insurance?        No, This event may require purchasing of insurance.   Yes, please attach a copy of the certificate of insurance showing liability.
Will participants be charged a fee?         No       Yes, amount $__________

Will spectators be charged a fee?           No       Yes, amount $ _________

Applicant should now complete Part II                                                                                                              Revised 8/2010

 Office Use Only:
 Schedule#:                                           Certificate on File:     Yes      No
 Inv.#:                                               Notes:                                                 Application Fee Paid:
 Facility Fee:                                                                                               Amount Due:
 Custodial Services:                                                                                         Date Paid:
 Other Personnel:                                     Date Received:
Part II        Durham Public Schools            Facility Regulations
1. A completed application must be submitted to the Facility Support Services           school property while in their possession. You will not be permitted to use
office 15 working days in advance of the proposed event. The application                the school property again, if you fail to cooperate with law enforcement.
must be completed in full and returned with a $30 non-refundable applica-
tion fee. The $30 application fee must be received to process the application.          9. Only school furniture provided at a particular facility may be used. The
The applicant will be responsible for payment for school personnel except in            user renting the facility may rearrange furniture with prior approval of the
the case of security officers who are to be paid directly.                              principal/ designee. The user must return moved furniture and equipment
                                                                                        to its proper location.
2. Every non-school related group using a school facility must complete an
application. There may be no advertisement or usage of the school property              10. Use of tobacco is prohibited; no visitor shall be permitted under any
until written authority is given. No flyers, placards or signs are to be placed         circumstances to use tobacco products in or on the grounds of any Durham
on school property except during the times the actual event is taking place.            Public School property. The use of open flames, and alcoholic beverages
                                                                                        is prohibited. Absolutely no weapons of any kind are allowed on the
3. Principal/Site designees will determine availability of the particular site and      premises. Gambling is also prohibited.
whether an application is approved or denied; however, permission to use
school facilities shall not be based on the viewpoint or message of the                 11. Concession rights will be reserved for the school when facilities are used.
applicant group. This contract may be canceled by the Superintendent or                 The principal may waive this right to the applicant.
designee at their discretion. No events involving non-school related groups,
other than tutoring services provided under No Child Left Behind, will be               12. Fields can not be used during inclement weather or at other inappropriate
scheduled prior to 6:00 pm on school days or teacher workdays.                          times.

4. Applications may not be transferred from one group to another.                       13. In the event of an emergency, principals are authorized to use their
Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event.              discretion for cancellation of events, (ex. inclement weather).
                                                                                           ***If the schools are closed due to weather, emergency, etc., all events
5. Applicants are to pay Durham Public Schools in full and in advance, the              and rentals are canceled until schools are officially reopened.***
quoted charge(s). Charges must be paid five working days prior to use of
facilities; failure to do so will risk cancellation of this request. Fees are           14. Every effort will be made to facilitate the heating and air conditioning
based upon costs of utilities, supplies, maintenance, custodial services and            needs for the event. Due to the nature of the Durham Public Schools HVAC
other personnel costs. If use exceeds the quoted charges, applicant will be             support, there will be no compensation for the failure of heating and air
billed for the additional costs.                                                        conditioning when you agree to rent or use DPS facilities.

6. A school custodian/representative shall be on duty when the facility is open         15. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Durham Public
for use. He/she will be responsible to the school system. The renting party will        Schools Board of Education, and all their officers, employees, and agents
follow his/her directions on appropriate use of facilities. If kitchen facilities are   from any and all claims, demands, suits, causes of action, or judgments any
rented, a DPS Child Nutrition employee must be on duty.                                 person had, now has, or may have in the future against the event which is
                                                                                        subject to this agreement. Durham Public Schools assumes no liability for
7. All activities must have appropriate adult supervision. The user will assume         personal injury suffered by reason of the use of such school property pur-
full responsibility for payment of damages to facilities and/or school owned            suant to the facility use agreement.
equipment that occurs during use.
                                                                                        I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing
8. The principal at his/her discretion may require uniformed security officers          facility use in Durham Public Schools.
from the Sheriff’s Dept. or the Police Dept. for any event. Police protection,
if needed, must be paid for by the group renting the school facility. The               I agree to be billed for any additional hours utilized but not listed on this
officers will take such measures as needed to protect the public and the                contract.

Renter’s Signature:                                                                                                                    Date:

   Request APPROVED; no school function has been or will be planned that interferes with this rental request.

Check personnel required for this rental / customer will be billed according to assignments:
   Custodian                       Name:

   Custodian                       Name:

   Technician                      Name:

   Student Tech.                   Name:

   Child Nutrition                 Name:

   HVAC Tech.                      Name:

   Security Required:

   Request DENIED, Give Explanation:

Principal or Designee Signature:                                                                                                       Date:

Revised August 2010