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“BY THE WAY” by wulinqing


									                                             “BY THE WAY”
                                   South Tacoma Business District
                                                                                                    April, 2008


The District Flower Baskets are being planted and
nurtured at Mt. Tahoma High School. We thank Mr.
Smith and his students for the great job they do on
                                                            FARMERS MARKET
our baskets. This is a great partnership, the district      The City of Tacoma is looking to add two more
supplies all of the materials and the students supply       Farmers Markets to the two they already have, in
the labor. The students get a major project and the         downtown and the Proctor District. The South
district gets beautiful flower baskets to grace our         Tacoma Business District is in the running to host one
area thru the summer. This is a great example of a          of these new Farmers Markets. This is a very exciting
public/private partnership.                                 opportunity for our District. The board wants to hear
                                                            what the members think about this project. In talking
Last year we lost 20 baskets to thieves. This year          with the Farmers Market representative we have
we were looking for a more secure way to hang               suggestions but need you input on this possible
them. Jim Rich of Guardian Security came up with            project.
a more secure hanger made out of rebar. These
hangers had to be made and so a call for volunteers         As you can see we have a very full agenda for our
went out for a work party to make them. A big               April 10th meeting. This will be our last regular
THANK YOU to the following people that answered             meeting until September 11th. Our June meeting will
the call and gave of their Saturday for this                be our annual Social on June 19th, more about this
project….Jim Rich and Mike Whalen (Guardian                 next month. It is important for our membership to
Security), Larry Childers (Northwest Impressions),          have the opportunity for input on the things happening
Don and Michael Brooks (Exotic Exteriors'), Bruce           in the district. This is your district, have a say in what
Petersen (Brown's Flowers), Stuart Simon (Case              is coming. The General Membership meeting will
Investments), Shaun McDaid & Cody Oliver (Budge             start promptly at 6:30pm and we make every effort to
Glass). Thank you also to the group from                    adjourn at 7:30. Join us for refreshments and
Steilacoom Lodge that volunteered.                          networking from 6:15-6:30pm.

                                                             New businesses in the area?
               Sidewalk garbage cans are for                 Something about your business that you
              pedestrians, not for store garbage.            would like to share with district members?
              If our sidewalk garbage cans are full,         An employee that you would like to
              pedestrians will throw their garbage           recognize? ANY news at all?
              on the ground in front of your store.          Send an email to:
                                                             Subject: Newsletter
Should I
Call? (
Police-Fire-Medical Emergency .911
TPD Non-Emergency .........798-4721

Tacoma Police Department
Sector 3
Lt. Shawn Stringer,
CLO Jim Shin .....................594-7845
CLO Pat Frantz...................591-5692
                                               RANDY'S LOAN AND COIN
So. Tacoma Business District                   Randy's is another of our District third generation businesses.
AssociationOffice .............475-5676        Ross Barde, President, carries on the family business. Ross's
Council Member,                                grandfather and cousins were in the pawnshop business and in
Connie Ladenburg ............591-5100          1940 the grandfather opened a new shop. Another family
Council Member,                                member had a jewelry store named Randy's. They liked the
Lauren Walker ....................591-5100     name and asked if he minded if they used it and so Randy's
                                               Loan was born. Next came Ross's father Warren and he
City of Tacoma                                 added the coin business. Warren is retired but likes to keep his
                                               hand in the business so he still comes in a couple days a week.
Graffiti Cleanup....................798-7986
                                               As a certified gemologist, he still likes to work with the jewelry.
Damaged-Missing St. Signs 591-5495
                                               Like many small businesses, they do a lot of business on e-bay.
Energy Efficient Lighting ......502-8363
Tax & License ......................591-5252
                                               Randy's is the only pawn shop in the state that is a member of
Dumpster & Recycling .........591-5543
                                               the Retail Clerk's Union. Randy's is also a Puget Sound Pay
Sign Code Information .........591-5482
                                               Station, a convenient place to pay your bill. When you stop in
Abandoned Autos ................591-5926
                                               you find a familiar staff, manager Ted Wilkinson has been
Traffic Signal Problems........591-5287
                                               worked for Randy's for 15 years and Asst. Manager Tony three
                                               years. This complements Warren's sixty years and Ross's thirty
                                               eight years as part of Randy's Loan and Coin. Among his
                                               many activities Ross is active in Rotary International. The
The STBDA Newsletter has a                     District would like to thank Ross for his support of the South
circulation of 300. STBDA paid                 Tacoma Car Show. Randy's is located on the corner of 54th
members receive one free                       and South Tacoma Way
business card size ad per year in
the newsletter. Members can also
insert flyers (provided by the
member) two times annually at no
                                                              Volunteers Needed                • Wednesday March 19 at 3 p.m.
                                                                                               • Saturday March 29 at 10 a.m.
                                                                                               • Thursday April 3 at 5:30 p.m.
charge. Non-members can insert
flyers for a fee of $50.00. All flyers
(300) & ad copies must be received
                                                               Come Aboard!                    • Thursday April 17 at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                               • Thursday April 24 at 5:30 p.m.
                                                Don’t be left on shore! Volunteer Recruitment ends May 1!
not later than the 30th of the month            Volunteer Recruitment Fairs will be held in the
to be included the newsletter.                  Washington State History Museum auditorium
Email us at                 1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, 98401
                                                Each fair will provide an overview of the Volunteer Program and
if you are interested in taking                 additional information about specific volunteer opportunities.
advantage of this great                         Representatives from TST 2008 will be available to answer questions.
opportunity.                                    Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the biggest event in the South Sound!
                                                For more information, visit or call (253) 272-5650.
SOUND TRANSIT                                                F.Y.I.
Want to know what is going to happen with the South          The Washington State Department of Labor and
Tacoma Train Station? Come to the April 10th                 Industries recently published a new version of the
General Membership Meeting and get the answers.              "Your Rights" Poster that is must be posted in the
We have waited a long time for our station to get            workplace. The new poster updates information to
started and now they have finally broken ground.             workers on their rights under the Family Care Act and
Where exactly will it be? How many trains are                Family Leave Act. To download the poster go to:
expected daily? Possibly 80 trains per day, as other
railroads will also be using these tracks once they
are improved. How will the trains affect traffic? How
will the disruption affect your business? What kind of       PERSONAL PROPERTY
mitigation will we get? How many new traffic lights
are going to be installed? There are still many other
questions to be answered. Come and ask you                   Attend a FREE Workshop to learn WHAT Personal
questions and get the facts!                                 Property is and HOW to complete the Affidavit. Each
                                                             session lasts approximately one hour. Pierce County
                                                             Annex, Conference Room "D" , 2401 S 35th Street,
MEMBERSHIP                                                   Tacoma 98409
Thank you to the following business that have                THURSDAY April 17, 2008 3:30pm
renewed or joined since our last newsletter.                 THURSDAY April 22, 2008 8:30am
Cyphers & Kallander Furniture Refinishers…Synergy
Alley Salon…General Plastics…Stroud's Auto                                           NOTES
Rebuild…Tacoma Eagles AERIE #3…Collision
Specialists Inc…Triwood Realty & Mortgage.                   THANK YOU to Northwest Impressions for printing
                                                             our membership certificates. If you have not
                                                             received yours yet, Gloria will have yours to you
CLASSIC CAR SHOW                                             soon.
Planning is moving right along with the Car Show.
Car entries and vendor applications are coming in.           Congratulations to Moctezuma's Mexican Restaurant
We still need more sponsors…….This is a great                for being once again voted “Best Mexican
opportunity to help the District and get some                Restaurant In Tacoma for 2008” by the readers of
advertising for your business. There is still room to        Tacoma Weekly.
add your name to the back of the car show T-Shirts.
Remember this event is meant to showcase your                Tacoma Weekly Newspaper has been working with
District to the community at large. We bring the             the District on an advertising section for the District.
people here to show them what we have to offer and           They have set up a ad area called “By The Way” with
what a nice place South Tacoma is. If you would like         news and ads from the District. If you are interested
more information or if you have any questions please         in this low cost way to advertise, contact Jamie
call Gloria Egan at 253 475-5676 or email at                 McCormack at 253 759-5773 or                                 OR call Gloria
                                                             Egan 475-5676 and she will have Jamie contact you.
GRAFFITI                                                     The Washington State Department of Labor and
Graffiti has really been on the upswing in the District.     Industries recently published a new version of the
If your building is hit with graffiti PLEASE cover the       “Your Rights” Poster that must be posted in the
graffiti ASAP. If the graffiti is removed right away         workplace. The new poster updates information to
there is no point in putting it up. The longer it is left,   workers on their rights under the Family Care Acts
the more likely it will draw others to add their mark.       and Family Leave Act. To download the poster go to
If you need help with painting over the graffiti call the
hot line listed.
                                                             PERSONAL PROPERTY WORKSHOP Attend a
SOUTH TACOMA MEDIANS                                         FREE Workshop to learn WHAT Personal Property is
                                                             and HOW to complete the Affidavit. Each session
We will have an update on the median project on              lasts approximately one hour. Pierce County Annex,
April 10th. We are looking to coordinate the curbing,        Conference Room “D”, 2401 S 35th Street, Tacoma
plantings, the art and lighting into a single project.       98409
This will be your final opportunity for comments on          Thursday April 17, 2008 3:30pm
this project before construction is restarted. We are        Thursday April 22, 2008 8:30amior decorators.
going to look so good this summer.
So. Tacoma Business District Association
PO Box 9445 - Tacoma WA 98490-0445                                                    PRESRT STD
                                                                                      US POSTAGE
                                                                                      Tacoma, WA
Return Service Requested                                                              Permit No. 557

  Membership Meeting
     Thur. Apr. 10
South Park Community Center
   4851 South Tacoma Way

              Meeting Schedule
                                           South Tacoma Business District
GENERAL MEMBERSHIP                                Board Members
Thurs. April 10th                                    Bruce Petersen, President,
Meet & Greet 6:15pm                               Brown's Flowers & Gifts 253-472-3361
Meeting from 6:30-7:30                              Helen Moore, Vice President
South Park Community Center 4851 STW                  Heritage Bank 253-671-4458
                                                      Taanya Tucker, Secretary
                                                Davis and Davis Insurance 253-473-1542
CAR SHOW COMMITTEE                                      Karen Rich, Treasurer
Wed. April 16th and May 7th                    Guardian Security Group, Inc. 253-474-5855
8:00am Philly Joe's Diner 5640 STW                 Gloria Egan, District Manager
                                        — 253-475-5676
EXECUTIVE BOARD                             Doreen Hovermale, Planning & Design Chair
                                               Elmo's Adult Books & Videos 253-474-9871
Fri. April 25th 8:00am
The Friendly Duck Restaurant, 5026 STW           Mike Batnick, Public Safety Chair
                                                     Security Masters 253-471-2875
PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE                             Don Brooks, Director/Events
May 8th 8:00am                                  Exotic Exteriors Auto Body 253-471-0620
                                            Russ Fisk, Car Show Coordinator 253-548-9887
Philly Joe's Diner 5640 STW
                                           The Board meets monthly at 8:00am. Dates and
PLANNING & DESIGN                            meeting places may vary month to month.
To be announced                                    Check your monthly calendar.
                                                  Meetings are open to Everyone.
                                                Newsletter printed by Northwest Impressions

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