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									 Washington hebreW Congregat i o n

  October 25, 2010
  Volume 51, Issue 18
                                          WhC Journal
                                                   Supported by an Endowment from Libby and Melvin Mandell

Amram Series to Focus Four Programs on Philip Roth: His Messages to Judaism

P   hilip Roth is considered one of the giants
    of Jewish-American literature, yet his
work has rarely been evaluated in terms of its
                                                   consistent from his 1959 short story ‘The
                                                   Conversion of the Jews,’ to the remarkable
                                                   ‘Zuckerman’ and ‘Roth’ novels, which had
assessment of the Jewish predicament. Now          his idiosyncratic Jewish protagonists running
Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, director of        free in America, Europe, and Israel,” Profes-
Georgetown University’s Program for Jewish         sor Berlinerblau says. “Again and again, on
Civilization, plans to focus on that aspect of     issues like Israeli security, anti-Semitism,
Roth’s work in an Amram Scholar Series lec-        intermarriage, and the American diaspora,
ture at Temple on Sunday, November 7 at            Roth’s themes have been relentlessly nu-
10:30 am and three related evening seminars        anced, complex and provocative.”
                                                                                                           Professor Jacques Berlinerblau
to be held this winter.                            Continued on page 8.
   “In the opening lecture we will ob-
serve that Roth’s messages have remained
                                                                   Irene Levin Berman, Author and WWII
                                                                   Refugee, to Speak at Kristallnacht Service
    The Legacy of Russian
     Jewish Composers
                                                                    T     he 72nd anniversary of
                                                                          Kristallnacht, the 1938
                                                                    night of brutality for Ger-
                                                                    many’s Jewish community, will
 Washington Hebrew Congregation Presents                            be marked with an interfaith
                                                                    commemoration service at
           a December Concert                                       Temple on Tuesday, Novem-
                                                                    ber 9 at 7:30 pm. Irene Levin
   Featuring Cantor Mikhail Manevich                                Berman, World War II refugee
      and Cantor Susan Bortnick                                     and author of “We Are Going to
                                                                    Pick Potatoes”: Norway and the               Irene Levin Berman
              With Cantor Irena Altshul,                            Holocaust, the Untold Story will
           Northern Virginia Jewish Congregation                    address the congregation during the service.
           And world-renowned musicians,                                In 1942, four-year-old Irene Levin was one of 1,200 Norwe-
              Victor Danchenko, Violin                              gian Jews who escaped to Sweden to avoid deportation to a Nazi
            Vera Danchenko-Stern, Piano                             death camp. Her family was among the 2,000 Jews who were
                Julian Milkis, Clarinet                             living in Norway during the German invasion on April 9, 1940.
                                                                    Some 771 Norwegian Jews were sent to Auschwitz. Only 28
                                                                    men survived.
                        Sunday, December 12, 2010                       More than 60 years later, Irene Levin Berman wrote this
                            5:00 pm at Temple                       book to share her story, help answer the many questions she has
                                                                    received from her American contemporaries, and bear witness to
                                                                    a largely untold and nearly forgotten chapter in the tragic history
                                   More information
                                                                    of the Holocaust.
                                  and a ticket request
                                  form to come in the                   We invite you to join in this annual interfaith observance
                                   next WHC Journal.                along with congregants from Annunciation Church and St.
                                                                    Albans Episcopal Church.
    Washington Hebrew Congregation
M. Bruce Lustig, M.A.H.L., Senior Rabbi
                                                                                                                                                 WhC News
Joui M. Hessel, M.A.H.L., M.A.J.E., R.J.E.,
Associate Rabbi, Dir. of Religious Ed. & Jewish Engagement                        Israel, the Indelible Adventure
Susan N. Shankman, M.A.H.L., A.M.R.S., Associate Rabbi                            Color your soul with history, hiking and heritage
Noah Fabricant, M.A.H.L., Assistant Rabbi
Paul Sidlofsky, M.A.J.E., R.J.E., M.Ed., Interim Associate Rabbi                              Life@WHC Presents a Generational Family Trip to Israel
Mikhail Manevich, Cantor
Susan R.A. Bortnick, M.S.M., Associate Cantor
                                                                                             June 19 – July 5, 2011, Led by Rabbi Bruce and Amy Lustig
Steven Jacober, Executive Director                                                   From generation to generation,            in the Dead Sea; go parasailing with
Phyllis Shankman, M.S., Director of Early Childhood
& Primary Education
                                                                                  we pass on the love of Israel to our         your rabbi; have lunch in a Druze vil-
Jamie Groban, M.S.W., Director of Development                                     children. This special family trip           lage; walk the alleyways of Jerusalem’s
Ira Miller, Director of Informal Education                                        provides the opportunity to share and        Old City.
Mohan Mistry, Director of Engineering & Maintenance
                                                                                  experience the wonder of our ancient            There will be an informational
Paula Smith, Director of Finance
Joshua O. Haberman, D.H.L., D.D., Rabbi Emeritus                                  homeland. The trip accommodates all          meeting at Temple on Wednesday,
Susan J. Hanenbaum, Executive Director Emerita                                    ages, from the youngest to the oldest.       November 10 at 7:30 pm. If you are
Officers                                                                          In Israel you can celebrate the B’nai        interested in more information or plan
Peter L. Winik, President                                                         Mitzvah of WHC members of all ages           to attend, please contact Layne Weiss,
Sherry Bindeman Kahn, First Vice President
David M. Astrove, Vice President                                                  while overlooking the ancient walls of or 202-895-
Cheryl Paul Baraf, Vice President                                                 Jerusalem; take a sail on the Red Sea;       6307. WHC’s Israel Quest Fund is
Linda Eichelbaum Collier, Vice President
Meg Jacobs Flax, Treasurer                                                        crawl through caves on an archeologi-        available to children on this trip.
Ivan “Van” Sabel, Assistant Treasurer
Nell Shapiro, Secretary
                                                                                  cal dig; hike to a hidden waterfall; float
Faye Levin, Assistant Secretary
Richard A. Newman, General Counsel

Board of Directors
Mildred Lehmann Amer                       Dorothy C. Kornhauser
                                                                                  Congratulations to…
Jeffrey H. Bergman                         Andrew H. Marks
Robert D. Bindeman                         Todd E. Perkins                        Barbara I. Berschler, on her appointment to the Maryland Governor’s
Robert Burman                              Susan Rosenblum                        Commission on Small Business.
Daniel M. Caplan                           James Salander
Joan Goodman Churchill                     Albert H. Small, Jr.                   Linda & James Cafritz, Anita (Tammy) & Eli Etzyon, and Karen & Harry
Lauren E. Cole                             Marvin J. Spivak
Todd Deckelbaum                            Mindy A. Strelitz                      Stein, on the marriage of their children, Samantha Stein and Ron Etzyon.
Mark Director                              Suzanne Sunshine
Sharon E. Gottlieb                         Joshua Weinberg                        Lizzie and Jonathan Westin, on the birth of their daughter Jessica Karla
Claudia Helmig                             Jeffrey Weiss                          Westin. Jessica is the granddaughter of Marion Gottschalck, John Gelernter,
James A. Klein
                                                                                  and Susan Sklar. She is the great-granddaughter of Jeanette Wertheimer.
Past Presidents
Leonard I. Abel                            Kenneth L. Marks
David R. Berz                              Paul J. Mason
Stuart L. Bindeman
Earl M. Colson
                                           John M. Nannes
                                           Lauren S. Racoosin
                                                                                  Don’t Miss Sisterhood’s Annual Holiday Boutique
Jay W. Freedman
Susan J. Hanenbaum
                                           Froma Sandler
                                           Bob M. Shapiro
                                                                                  and Silent Auction
Richard D. Kaufmann                        David A. Vise
Hank D. Levine                             Richard M. Young                           You can fulfill your holiday gift           Admission is free, and the event is
                                                                                  list this year at Sisterhood’s Holiday       open to the public. Sponsored by the
Auxiliary Presidents
Dan Caplan, Brotherhood                                                           Boutique and Silent Auction and              Washington Hebrew Congregation
Carrie Coonin, Sisterhood                                                         feel good about your purchases, as           Sisterhood. Please call 301-502-5555
Kim Zaikov Cooper & Brian Cooper and
Alyson & Josh Weinberg, Couples Club                                              profits will support local, national and     for further information.
Ruth Seif & Joan Adoff, Empty Nesters
Louis Kornhauser, Prime Timers
                                                                                  international charities.
Marco Hernandez, 2239                                                                 Our Sisterhood Judaic shop will have
Lucy Goldberg, WHECTY
                                                                                  a wonderful assortment of holiday and
We Can Be Reached
Temple Office ................................................ 202-362-7100
                                                                                  gift items; outside vendors will bring
 (M-Th: 9 am–5:30 pm; F: 8:30 am - 4:00pm)                                        spectacular baby and children’s clothing
Weekends/After Hours ............................... 202-895-6341                 and gifts, handbags, jewelry, a variety
Temple Fax .................................................... 202-537-1091
Julia Bindeman Suburban Center .............. 301-279-7505
                                                                                  of art and home goods, clothing, and
JBSC Fax ....................................................... 301-354-3200     so much more; and the cafe will serve
Listen In ........................................................ 202-895-6333   lunch, snacks and drinks.
Website ................................................        •	 Sunday 11/14, 10 am to 6 pm
Jennifer Millstone, Editor
The Washington Hebrew Congregation Journal (USPS 538-                             •	 Monday 11/15, 10 am to 8 pm
060) is published two times a month, monthly in June, July
and December, by the Washington Hebrew Congregation.
                                                                                  •	 Tuesday 11/16, 10 am to 6 pm
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WhC News                                                                                         Services
Jewish Book Month and Veteran’s Day                                                        Friday, October 29
Shabbat Service & Dinner                                                                     Tot Shabbat                        5:00 pm
                                                                                             Rabbis Shankman and Fabricant
    Washington Hebrew Congregation            ian will                                       Lay-Led Service                    5:30 pm
invites you to a very special service         provide an                                     Simeon Kriesberg
– our annual Jewish Book Month                update on                                      Shirei Shabbat Service             6:00 pm
                                                                                             Rabbis Shankman and Fabricant,
Shabbat – which coincides with                our libraries                                  Cantors Manevich and Bortnick
Veteran’s Day Shabbat, on Friday,             and Alison
                                                                                             Family Shabbat Service with
November 12 at 6:00 pm. Alison                Buchholtz,                                     Macomb 2nd Grade            6:00pm
Buckholtz, author of Standing By,             a close                                        Rabbi Hessel, Song Leader Audrey Katz
will be the speaker. Her engaging             observer
book is an honest portrayal of the            of human            Alison Buckholtz         Saturday, October 30
                                                                                             Early Torah Study                   9:00 am
sacrifices, struggles and dedication of       behavior,                                      Rabbi Lustig
service families. She will present her        will continue her discussion from              Morning Service                    10:30 am
experiences as a military wife with the       the service. This evening is a unique          Rabbi Lustig, Cantor Bortnick
special challenges of maintaining a           opportunity to gather with friends,            ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Charles Lederberg
Jewish identity in a largely Christian        celebrate Shabbat, and show your sup-          Afternoon Service/Havdalah 5:30 pm
military service. The author also             port for our dedicated service men and         Rabbi Shankman, Cantor Manevich
describes the daily struggles of holding      women.                                         ¡ Bat Mitzvah of Jolie Band
a family together when her husband               To RSVP for the dinner, please re-          ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Samuel Beloff
is away on dangerous missions for             turn the form below with a check ($15
months at a time. Standing By is a            for adults, and $9 for children under        Friday, November 5
                                                                                             Lay-Led Service                    5:30 pm
book that will truly move you and             13 years of age) payable to WHC by             Kaye and Edward Mopsik
inspire a greater appreciation of             Tuesday, November 9. If you have any           Shabbat Service                    6:00 pm
military families.                            questions please contact Ellen Share           Rabbi Sidlofsky, Cantor Bortnick
    During the dinner following the           on Wednesdays or Thursdays, eshare@            Tot Shabbat Service                6:00 pm
service, Ellen Share, WHC’s librar-  or 301-354-3212.                 Rabbi Shankman
To participate in the dinner, please send the following information, along with a check,
payable to WHC, to Temple to the attention of Carolyne Ojwang by November 9:
                                                                                           Saturday, November 6
                                                                                             Early Torah Study                   9:00 am
                                                                                             Rabbi Shankman
Name: _________________________________________________________
                                                                                             Morning Service                    10:30 am
                                                                                             Rabbi Shankman, Cantor Bortnick
Phone: _________________________________________________________
                                                                                             ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Noah Epstein
Email Address: ___________________________________________________                           ¡ Bat Mitzvah of Emma Siritzky

                                                                                             Afternoon Service/Havdalah 5:30 pm
Number of adults, $15 each: ________________ Turkey _______________Fish                      Rabbi Fabricant, Cantor Bortnick
                                                                                             ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Matthew Lukin
Number of children, $9 each: ________________ Chicken nuggets
                                                                                           Friday, November 12
Total amount enclosed: $ ___________________________________________                         Lay-Led Service                    5:30 pm
                                                                                             Tom Smith
                                                                                             Mishkan T’filah & Veteran’s
Our Condolences to the Families of…                                                          Shabbat Service             6:00 pm
                                                                                             Rabbis Lustig and Fabricant, Cantor Bortnick
Isadore Buchman, father of Dr. Clifford Buchman (Janice) and Edward
Buchman (Michelle); grandfather of Allison Buchman (Ira Miller).                           Saturday, November 13
Dr. Julius Fogel, father of David Fogel (Ilana) and Suzanne Spencer (Peter);                 Early Torah Study                   9:00 am
                                                                                             Rabbi Shankman
grandfather of Arial, Amir, Leah, Claire, Hannah and Ian.                                    Morning Service                    10:30 am
Dr. Lawrence Lilienfield, husband of Eleanor Lilienfield; brother of Gerald                  Rabbi Shankman, Cantor Bortnick
Lilienfield (Sarah).                                                                         ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Benjamin Bloom
                                                                                             ¡ Bar Mitzvah of Oscar Levine
Ruth Weiner, mother of Carol Wilner (John); sister of Irma Hyman;
grandmother of Cara Wilner; Elizabeth Wilner (John Reiss) and Jonathan                       Afternoon Service/Havdalah 5:30 pm
                                                                                             Rabbi Lustig, Cantor Manevich
Wilner (Rachel).                                                                             ¡ Bat Mitzvah of Amanda West                   3
Our B’nai Mitzvah
October 30, 2010                                                November 6, 2010
Morning Service                                                 Morning Service
               Charles Michael Lederberg                                       Noah Evan Epstein
                  Son of Valerie and Dan Lederberg                                 Son of Dawn Epstein and Joel Epstein
                  Charles is a seventh grade student at                            Noah is a seventh grade student at Cabin
                  The Landon School and the brother of                             John Middle School and the brother
                  Evan and Joshua. He is the grandson                              of Alec, Lauren and Adam. He is the
                  of Linda & the late Edward Lederberg;                            grandson of Marilyn Ehrlich and Gail &
                  and the late Beverly & David Sewell.                             Bob Epstein.

Havdalah Service                                                Morning Service
               Jolie Anna Band                                                     Emma Michaela Siritzky
                  Daughter of Kim and Ian Band                                     Daughter of Roanne Plotnitzky
                  Jolie is a seventh grade student at Herbert                      & Brian Siritzky
                  Hoover Middle School and the sister                              Emma is a seventh grade student at
                  of Trevor. She is the granddaughter of                           Cabin John Middle School and the sister
                  Chickie & David Loewenstein; and Dolly                           of Meghan. She is the granddaughter of
                  & Marvin Band.                                                   Dorothy and the late Milton Plotnitzky;
                                                                                   and Zelda & Abe Siritzky.

Havdalah Service                                                Havdalah Service
               Samuel Brooks Beloff                                            Matthew Scott Lukin
                  Son of Annette Brooks Beloff                                     Son of Elizabeth and Craig Lukin
                  and Stewart Beloff                                               Matthew is a seventh grade student at
                  Samuel is a seventh grade student at                             Herbert Hoover Middle School and the
                  Cabin John Middle School and the                                 brother of Jonah. He is the grandson of
                  brother of Brittani, Michael, Lauren                             Barbara & Robert Stern; and Sandra &
                  and Clarissa. He is the grandson of                              Arthur Lukin.
                  Alvin and the late Barbara Brooks; and
                  Max and the late Helen Beloff.

Shabbat Acknowledgements
October 29–30, 2010                       November 5–6, 2010                       November 12–13, 2010
Presenting the Kamy Loren Nathanson       Presenting the Kamy Loren Nathanson      Presenting the Kamy Loren Nathanson
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Cup:              Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Cup:             Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kiddush Cup:
Linda Collier                             Sherry Bindeman Kahn                     Mindy Strelitz
Sponsoring the Oneg Shabbat:              Sponsoring the Oneg Shabbat:             Sponsoring the Oneg Shabbat:
Kim & Ian Band, in honor of their         Dawn Epstein and Joel Epstein, in        Brenda & Harry Huey and Susan
daughter, Jolie Anna Band; Max Beloff     honor of their son, Noah Epstein;        Bloom, in honor of their grandson,
and Alvin Brooks, grandfathers, and       Elizabeth & Craig Lukin, in honor        Benjamin Bloom; Jan & Peter Levine,
Gail Breman, in honor of Samuel           of their son, Matthew Lukin; Roanne      in honor of their son, Oscar Levine;
Beloff; Linda Lederberg, in honor of      Plotnitzky & Brian Siritzky, in honor    Peggy Brooks Smith, in honor of her
her grandson, Charles Lederberg.          of their daughter, Emma Siritzky.        granddaughter, Amanda West.
Contributing to the Carrie Simon Altar    Contributing to the Carrie Simon Altar   Contributing to the Carrie Simon Altar
Flower Fund:                              Flower Fund:                             Flower Fund:
Kim & Ian Band, in honor of Jolie;        Dawn Epstein and Joel Epstein, in        Staci & Randy Bloom, in honor of
Annette Brooks Beloff & Stewart           honor of Noah; Elizabeth & Craig         Benjamin; Jan & Peter Levine, in
Beloff, in honor of Samuel; Valerie &     Lukin, in honor of Matthew; Roanne       honor of Oscar; Tina & Edward West,
Dan Lederberg, in honor of Charles.       Plotnitzky & Brian Siritzky, in honor    in honor of Amanda.
                                          of Emma.
                                                                                                        WhC News
November 13, 2010                                              Cantor’s Culture Club Presents Pluck,
Morning Service                                                The World’s Funniest String Trio
               Oscar Paul Levine                                  What happens when you mix the Marx Brothers with
                   Son of Jan and Peter Levine                 Mozart? You get Pluck, a string trio with a seriously silly
                   Oscar is a seventh grade student at         side. In from England, Pluck will have our kids rolling
                   Thomas W. Pyle Middle School and the        in the aisles as they learn about sonatas with a little
                   brother of Max. He is the grandson of       slapstick on the side! Pluck will perform at both Temple
                   Bonnie & the late Paul Dominick; and        and JBSC. Please join us for one of these spectacular
                   the late Ann & Oscar Levine.
                                                               •	 At Temple on Wednesday, November 10 at
                                                                    9:45 am for a performance with the Edlavitch-Tyser
Morning Service
                                                                    Early Childhood Center;
               Benjamin Jacob Bloom
                                                               •	 At JBSC on Wednesday, November 17 at 9:45 am
                   Son of Staci and Randy Bloom                     for a performance with the Rabbi Joseph Weinberg
                   Benjamin is a seventh grade student              Early Childhood
                   at Ridgeview Middle School and the
                   brother of Hannah. He is the grandson of         Center.
                   Brenda & Barry Huey; and Susan              Sponsored by the
                   & the late Allen Bloom.                     Edlavitch-Tyser Family
                                                               Relations Fund.

Havdalah Service
               Amanda Rome West
                   Daughter of Tina and Edward West
                   Amanda is a seventh grade student
                   at The Holton-Arms School and the
                   sister of Jake and Ashley. She is the
                   granddaughter of Peggy Brooks Smith;
                   Anne & the late Harold Smith; and Ilsa &
                   the late William West.

Sundays at Seven: Rachel Calof’s Story
                                                                        In & Around School
                                                                         Rabbi Joseph Weinberg ECC
                                                                     Parents Committee Activities at JBSC
    Please join us for our next “Sundays
at Seven” event at JBSC on Sunday,                                                   Book Fair
November 14 at 7:00 pm. Rabbi                                              October 29 – November 3
Shankman will discuss the book, Rachel                         Choose from a variety of preschool books, children’s favorites
Calof ’s Story: Jewish Homesteader on the                       and adult best sellers, including Judaic selections as well as
                                                                  picture books, science and nature, and activity books.
Northern Plains, by Rachel Calof and
J. Sanford Rikoon. This short but very                                              Picture Art
meaningful book chronicles the life of                                            November 1– 4
Rachel Calof, an 18-year-old Russian                                            Great holiday gifts!
Jew who was sent to the United States                          Choose from magnets, rulers, keychains, pencil holders and
                                                                more with your child’s picture and their favorite characters!
in 1894 to marry an unknown man and stake a homestead-                       Questions? Call 301-279-7505
ing claim with him in North Dakota. With an epilogue
by Calof ’s son, Jacob, that picks up her story in St. Paul,
Minnesota in 1917 and an essay by J. Sanford Rikoon on                 Registration Reminder
the phenomenon of Jewish farm settlements, this book is                    It’s almost registration time for the
certain to engage.                                                   2011-2012 preschool and kindergarten programs
    Mark your calendars for future “Sundays at Seven”:                   Call JBSC - 301-279-7505 or
12/19 (Temple), 1/30 (JBSC), 2/27 (Temple), 4/3 (JBSC),                    Temple - 202-895-6334
and 5/22 (Temple).                                                    for mailing list and tour information
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H. MAx & STePHeN C. AMMeRMAN                               GeNeRAL FuNd                                               SHeLdON & Judy SAduGOR
PeRFORMING ARTS FuNd                                       donor                                  In Memory of:       MeMORIAL FuNd OF eCC
donor                                 In Honor of:         Debra & David Silverman                Laurence Guren      donor                                 In Memory of:
Josephine F. Ammerman & Andrew R. Ammerman                 Marvin & Jeanne Spivak                  Morton Kudysh      Susan & Gary Fisher                   Brian Holtzman
                            Birthday of Joyce Levine       Henry, Tina, Colette, Gigi, Danielle & Winston                                                         Rose Lash
                    Birthday of Richard Ammerman                                                     Bella Gilbert    Linda & Ron Recht                           Rose Lash
                            Birthday of Craig Collin                                              Bailey Kronovitz
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                                                                                                                                                             Alfred Weinberg
Susan & Norman Oblon                  Gertrude Oblon       donor                                   In Honor of:
Martha Riva                              Valentin Riva     Linda & Ron Recht Birth of Dashel Martin Adelman
Beverly & Bernie Shaw             Hannah Liberman                   Marriage of Tracy Miller to Adam Weatherford                                        Continued on page 8.

November 2010
   Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday                                                     Friday             Saturday
                31      ECC Book Fair (B)
                                            1   ECC Book Fair (B)
                                                                    2   ECC Book Fair
                                                                        (B)                 3    9:15am
                                                                                                                    4     9th Grade Retreat
                                                                                                                                              5   9th Grade Retreat
                                                                        9:30am                   Mother’s Circle (B)
                        10:30am                 7:00pm                                                                    5:30pm                  9:00am:
                                                                        B to B (B)
                        SIS Bridge (M)          Bereavement Grp (M)                              7:00pm                   Lay Led Service (M)     Early Torah (M)
                                                                        10:00am                  SIS New Member
                        6:30pm                  7:30pm                                           Welcome (OUT)            6:00pm                  10:30am:
                                                                        Wed AM Study (M)
                        WHECTY Board Mtg        B to B (M)                                                                Shabbat Service (M)     Shabbat Service (M)
                        (B)                                             10:30am
                                                                                                                          6:00pm                  5:30pm:
                                                                        SIS Bridge (B)
                                                                                                                          Tot Shabbat (B)         Havdalah (M)
                                                    Election Day        Kol Rinah (M)

9th Grade Retreat
                    7                       8   7:00pm
                                                                    9   9:30am
                                                                        B to B (B)
                                                                                         10                       11      NFTY-MAR Fall
                                                                                                                                           12     NFTY-MAR Fall
                                                Bereavement Grp (M)     9:30am                                            Kallah                  Kallah
AS Lecture with                                 7:30pm                  SIS Cooking for           Nov 10 (cont.)          5:30pm                  9:00am:
Jacques Berlinerblau                            B to B (M)              Homeless (B)             7:30pm                   Lay Led Service (M)     Early Torah (M)
(M)                                                                     10:00am                  B to B (B)
                                                7:30pm                  Wed AM Study (M)                                  6:00pm                  10:30am:
                                                Kristallnacht Com-                               7:30pm                   Shabbat Service (M)     Shabbat Service (M)
                                                memoration Svc (M)                               Israel Trip Mtg (M)
                                                                        CC Event (OUT)                                    7:00pm                  5:30pm:
                                                                        7:00pm                   7:30pm                   2239 Dinner (M)         Havdalah (M)
                                                                        L’Chayim (OUT)           Kol Rinah (M)

                14                     15
                        SIS Boutique (B)
                                                SIS Boutique (B)
                                                                        B to B (B)       17      9:15am
                                                                                                                  18      5:30pm
                                                                                                                                           19     9:00am:
Kallah                                                                  10:00am                  Mother’s Circle (B)      Lay Led Service (M)     Early Torah (M)
                        12:00pm                 7:00pm                  Wed AM Study
SIS Boutique (B)        PT Luncheon (M)         Bereavement Grp (M)                              7:00pm                   6:00pm                  10:30am:
                                                                        6:00pm                   L’Chayim (OUT)           Shabbat Service (M)     Shabbat Service (M)
12:00pm                 7:00pm                  7:30pm                  SIS Theater Night
ETY Event (M)           CISA Mtg (B)            B to B (M)              (OUT)                                             6:00pm                  5:30pm:
                                                                        7:30pm                                            2nd Grade Service       Havdalah (M)
7:00pm                                                                                                                    and Dinner (M)
Sundays at Seven (B)                                                    B to B (B)
                                                                        Kol Rinah (M)

8th Grade Trip to
                                       22       7:00pm
                                                             23                          24      Offices Closed
                                                                                                                  25      Offices Closed
                                                                                                                                           26     9:00am:
Holocaust Museum                                Bereavement Grp (M)                              (M & B)                  (M & B)                 Early Torah (M)

9:30am                                                                                           9:00am                   5:30pm                  10:30am:
4th Grade Program                                                                                BRO Interreligious       Lay Led Service (M)     Shabbat Service (M)
(B)                                                                                              Council Thanksgiving
                                                                                                 Dinner (OUT)             6:00pm                  5:30pm:
9:30am                                                                                                                    Shirei Shabbat          Havdalah (M)
BRO Study (M)                                                                                                             Service (M)

                                                                                                  Thanksgiving Day

                28      10:30am
                        SIS Bridge (M)
                                       29       7:00pm        30
                                                Bereavement Grp (M)
                                                                                            3                       4                         5                        6
                                                                                         Key:                                      (ECC) Early Childhood Centers
                        6:30pm                  7:00pm                                   (M) Macomb                                (ET) Edlavitch-Tyser Family Relations
                        WHECTY Board Mtg        SIS Game Night (B)                       (B) Julia Bindeman Suburban Center        Forum
                        (M)                                                              (AS) Amram Scholar Series                 (FRS) Family Religious School
                                                                                         (B to B) Back to Basics                   (HS) Hebrew School
                                                B to B (M)
                                                                                         (BRO) Brotherhood                         (PT) Prime Timers
                                                                                         (CSH) Carrie Simon House                  (RS) Religious School
                                                                                         (CISA) Community Issues/Social Action     (SIS) Sisterhood
                                                                                         (CC) Couples Club                         (US) Upper School

WhC Journal                                                                                                                   POSTAGE PAID AT
                                                                                                                             WASHINGTON, DC
                                                                                                                          Form 3579 Requested
                                                                                                                          (USPS 538-060)

  Dr. Juliana Pilon to Speak at Prime Timers Luncheon                                      Contributions
                                                                                           (continued from page 6)
     “It is impossible to understand the      members
  current national security challenges fac-   and $15                                      WORSHIP & MuSIC FuNd
                                                                                           donor                                   In Honor of:
  ing the United States without appreciat-    for guests.
                                                                                           EmptyNesters                               Marriage of
  ing the role of culture in counterinsur-    To RSVP,                                                Rabbi Noah Fabricant to Alexandra Harwin
  gency and the fight against terrorism,”     please send                                  Mr. & Mrs. Museles Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Museles
  states Dr. Juliana Pilon, Director of the   your check,                                  Paulette & Larry Walker                    Marriage of
  Center for the Study of Culture and         payable to                                              Rabbi Noah Fabricant to Alexandra Harwin
                                                                                           Max & Sheri Zweig                         Rabbi Lustig
  Security at the Institute of World Poli-    WHC, along
                                                                                           donor                                In Memory of:
  tics. Dr. Pilon will speak at the Prime     with your           Dr. Juliana Pilon        Janet & Jeff Abramson                Bruce Hendricks
  Timers monthly meeting and luncheon         name and                                     Janice & Tom Burne                   Bruce Hendricks
  at Temple on Monday, November 22            telephone number to: Jean Klieger,           Susan Gold                         Hillard Greenwald
  at 12:00 pm.                                3140 Oliver Street NW, Washington,           Constance F. Levine                    Jacob Feldman
                                                                                                                                David Allentuck
     The cost for the luncheon and            DC 20015.
                                                                                                                               Benjamin Binder
  program is $12 for Prime Timers                                                          Stephanie K. Olshan                 Arthur C. Katims
                                                                                           Susan & Stephan Porter              Sadie Maltzman
                                                                                           Isadora & Ralph Semsker              Yetta D. Semsker
  Eat, Pray, Connect with                     Amram Scholar Series                         Paulette & Larry Walker              David Allentuck
  2239                                        (continued from page 1)                               Tributes in this WHC Journal reflect
                                                                                                contributions received through September 30.
     Join 2239 at Temple on Friday,               Professor Berlinerblau holds two
  November 12 for a soulful, guitar-led       doctorates and is the author of several
  Mishkan T'filah Shabbat service and         books, including The Secular Bible:
  buffet dinner. The service, which is        Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion
  open to the congregation, will begin at     Seriously and Thumpin’ It: The Use and
                                                                                                3rd & 4th Graders
  6:00 pm and will feature author Alison      Abuse of the Bible in Today’s Presidential
  Buckholtz, who will address the con-        Politics.                                        Don’t Miss ETY’s Live
  gregation as a part of WHC’s Veteran’s          In recent months his work has been              Animal Show!
  and Jewish Book Month Shabbat ser-          discussed in The Economist, US News                Sunday, November 14
  vice. For more information about Ms.        and World Report, and on National
                                                                                               12:00 – 2:30 pm at Temple
  Buckholtz, please see page three.           Public Radio. He and his wife, Ippolita,
     The private buffet dinner for 2239       and two sons, Cyrus and Emile, are                   Space is Limited
  members will immediately follow the         new members of our congregation.                  Registration forms were sent
  service. To reserve your place for the          For those interested in reading Roth
                                                                                                 home with Religious School
  dinner, please go to 2239shabbat-           in advance of our winter seminars,
                                                                                               students. For more information, Walk-ins may        Professor Berlinerblau recommends
  not be able to be accommodated.             “The Conversion of the Jews” and three                contact Stacey Black,
     For more information, please con-        novels – Portnoy’s Complaint, The Coun-           Assistant Director of Youth &
  tact Stacey Black, Assistant Director       terlife, and Operation Shylock. The three            Young Adult Programs,
  of Youth and Young Adult Programs,          seminars, focusing on Roth’s work in                     301-354-3217 or or                     greater depth, will be held at Temple at   
  301-354-3217.                               7:30 pm on Tuesday evenings, February
                                              8, 15, and 22.

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