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					The Ross County
Historical Society
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Upcoming Programs & Events                                       Draper Papers Now Available
            Fall Speakers Series                                          History research-
                                                                ers can now find the
Wednesday, October 24, 7:30 p.m., “Lincoln’s Congres-           Lyman Draper papers at
sional Funeral Delegation,” featuring Gary Kersey.              the Ross County Histori-
                                                                cal Society’s McKell Li-
Wednesday, November 7, 7:30 P.M., “Patton & the 3rd
                                                                brary thanks to the recent
Army in the Battle of the Bulge,” featuring Ken
                                                                purchase of a complete
                                                                set of microfilm contain-
Wednesday, November 28, 7:30 p.m., “Ohio’s First La-            ing the renowned 19th
dies,” featuring Melinda Gilpin.                                century historian’s life’s
All three programs are open to the general public free of       work. The Society pur-
charge. Refreshments will be served. Please see page 3          chased all 123 rolls of
for more details.                                               microfilm through auction
                                                                on Ebay.
                                                                          In 1843, Lyman
     Fall Junior Member Program                                 C. Draper, a native New
                                                                Yorker who had a life
   Living in a Log House in Early Ohio                          long interest in the Ameri-
                                                                can Revolution and the
          Saturday, September 22, 2007                          American frontier, began
             9:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.                             traveling through the
            at the Knoles Log House                             southeastern and mid-
Junior members of the Ross County Historical Society are        Atlantic States in search
                                                                of historical information.       Lyman Copeland Draper
invited to the Knoles Log House behind the McKell Library
at 39 West Fifth Street, Chillicothe, to experience daily and   For the next nine years,
seasonal activities typical of an early 19th century house-     he conducted hundreds of interviews and searched archi-
hold. The program is free to all junior members including       val and newspaper records. He wrote letters requesting
children ages six to twelve whose parents or guardians          information and access to private manuscript collections.
hold current family memberships. A $10 fee, which in-           His quest resulted in a collection of thousands of pages of
cludes a one-year junior membership to the Society, is re-      notes and documents.
quired for children who are not junior members.                           In 1854, Draper became the corresponding secre-
                                                                tary for the State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madi-
Pre-registration is required, and space is limited. Register    son. A few years later, he was able to continue his re-
by calling (740) 772-1936, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday        search and over the next 34 years added materially to his
through Friday.                                                 already voluminous collection. Draper died at the age of
                                                                76 in 1891, and his papers became the property of the
                                                                historical society. They have since been organized into
          Antique Appraisal Day                                 500 volumes of records and microfilmed. The microfilm is
                                                                available at a select few libraries, universities, and other
           Thursday, November 15, 2007                          institutions in the U. S. and is an invaluable source of in-
              10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                           formation on such historic figures as Daniel Boone,
       at the Ross County Heritage Center                       George Rogers Clark, Tecumseh, Simon Kenton, Lewis
                                                                Wetzel, and others too numerous to name.
                Featuring Steve Bemiller
                                                                          The collection is available at the McKell Library
           of Garth’s Auctions, Delaware Ohio
                                                                during regular operating hours 1-5 p.m., Tuesday,
The public is invited to have keepsakes and heirlooms ap-       Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. A complete guide to
praised for a fee of $5 per item. Due to space limitations,     the collection is also available
all antiques must be limited in size to what can be carried
into the building. All proceeds go to benefit the Society.                               *****
Summer 2007 - PAGE 2                                                                              THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER

President’s Report, by Pat Medert                                                                 Director’s Report, by Tom Kuhn
          It has been fourteen years since Tom Kuhn came                                                   Two 2007 Ross County high school graduates
to Chillicothe to fill the position of executive director of the                                  have been awarded college scholarships from the Society’s
Ross County Historical Society. He brought with him a                                             William H. & Elizabeth Lynch Nolan Scholarship Fund.
part time helper—his four-year-old son, Alex. On those                                            Lacey Ball and Megan Pummell, both graduates of South-
days when Alex was here, I can remember that when he                                              eastern High School, were awarded scholarships of $2,000
found himself between tasks, he would do battle with his                                          each to attend Shawnee State University this fall. The So-
toy soldiers on the office floor. After a particular tiresome                                     ciety congratulates Lacey and Megan and wishes them
job, he would nap on a blanket in the corner of the office                                        success in reaching their academic goals.
supply cupboard. (No cause for alarm—the cupboard has                                                      Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis
no door.) As Alex grew older he continued to help out at                                          each year to graduates of Ross County high schools. Stu-
the museum including his volunteer work through Chilli-                                           dents who wish to apply for Nolan Scholarships in 2008
cothe High School’s Project Cav program last school year.                                         may obtain application forms from their school guidance
          The little helper is now eighteen and headed for                                        counselors. Scholarship recipients will receive notification
the Ohio State University in September. We at the mu-                                             of their awards by May 1, 2008.
seum and library have followed his progress through                                                        In other news, I am pleased to report that the Soci-
school and his involvement in Latin Club, Quiz Bowl, the                                          ety has received the final donation for the 2003 Legacy
CHS Band, Boys State and other activities. It has been a                                          Building Project. National City Bank, which had pledged
joy to watch him grow and develop into such a fine young                                          $20,000 toward the project back in 2002, made its final an-
man, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.                                            nual payment of $4,000 earlier this summer, thus bringing
                                                                                                  to a conclusion a successful campaign that raised over one
                                         *****                                                    million dollars for the construction of the new Ross County
                                                                                                  Heritage Center. We thank everyone who supported the
                  Welcome New Members                                                             project.
 The Society welcomes the following new members since
             the last issue of the Recorder:                                                                                   *****
                             Rod Crawford
                              Dan Norman                                                           Available from the Museum Store
                         David & Judy Lanning                                                     New! Fourth, Fifth, & Caldwell Streets, Chillicothe, Ohio: The
                       Mr. & Mrs. Paul Campbell                                                   Buildings and the People, $39.95 — the fourth in a series of
                        Mr. & Mrs. Tad Grover                                                     publications on the structural history of Chillicothe’s downtown
                       Roy & Mary Ann Manning                                                     historic district. This 210 page volume covers both sides of each
                    Noble Plumbing, Inc. – Bill Noble                                             street, by Patricia Fife Medert.
                            Connie Detillion                                                      Main Street, Chillicothe, Ohio: Its Buildings and Its People,
                              Linda Beaver                                                        $39.95 — the third volume in a series covers both sides of Main
                      John & Martie Stockbridge                                                   Street from Mulberry to Walnut Street, by Patricia Fife Medert.
                             Maria Robbins                                                        The Rise and Fall of Camp Sherman: Ohio’s World War One
                                                                                                  Soldier Factory, $4.95 — a brand new reprint of Richard Peck’s
                     Ty & Ronda Vickers & Tyson                                                   popular pictorial history of Chillicothe’s WWI army training camp.
                      Mr. & Mrs. James Rowland                                                    Second Street, Chillicothe, Ohio: Its Buildings and Its
                              Judie Miracle                                                       People, $39.95 — the second volume in a series covers both
                               Kathy Dunn                                                         sides of Second Street from Mulberry Street to Western Avenue,
                           Eleanor Heishman                                                       by Patricia Fife Medert.
                           Virginia Richmond                                                      Paint Street, Chillicothe, Ohio: Its Buildings and Its People,
                              Linda Moore                                                         $39.95 — the first volume in a series covers both sides of Paint
                         Brenda S. Bonebrake                                                      Street from Water to Seventh Street, by Patricia Fife Medert.
                       Steve & Paula Compher                                                      Buckeye Blood: Ohio at Gettysburg, $30.00 — a pictorial
                                                                                                  history of Ohio’s role in the Battle of Gettysburg, including photos
                                                                                                  & stories of local soldiers, by Richard A. Baumgartner.
                        2007 Museums Hours                                                        Chillicothe, Ohio: Frontier Settlement to State Capital, $14.95
                           January — March                                                        — An illustrated history of Chillicothe’s founding and role as
                  Fridays & Saturdays, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.                                           Ohio’s first capital, by Patricia Fife Medert & Andrew J. Verhoff.
                           April — December                                                       Little Known Tales of Old Chillicothe and Ross County, Ohio,
                  Tuesday — Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.                                              $20.00 — a series of fascinating short stories about Chillicothe
                  Closed Mondays and major holidays.                                              and Ross County , by John R. Grabb.
                                                                                                  Journal-History of the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, $20.00 —
                   2007 McKell Library Hours                                                      a copy of Samuel H. Hurst’s history of the 73rd OVI during the
    1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
                                                                                                  Civil War, first published in 1866.
                    Closed major holidays
                                                                                                  Ohio and Erie Canal Motor Tour: To Circleville from
                             A Friendly Reminder                                                  Chillicothe, $15.00 — an exploration of the remains of this
The use of articles, photographs, and other items in the Recorder is prohibited without the ex-   historic waterway, by Martha Gerber Rittinger.
press written consent of the Board of Trustees of the Ross County Historical Society, 45 W. 5th   Society members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.
St. Chillicothe, OH 45601.
THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER                                                  Summer 2007 - PAGE 3

     Fall Speakers Series
         At The Ross County Heritage Center
             45 West Fifth St., Chillicothe
                                  Lincoln’s Funeral Delegation & Its Chillicothe
                                  Featuring Gary Kersey, Lincoln Historian & Collector,
                                  Wilmington, Ohio
                                  Wednesday, October 24, 7:30 p.m.
                                  Gary Kersey has been fascinated with Abraham Lincoln since grade school.
                                  He even read Sandburg’s works on Lincoln in the second grade. Spend an
                                  evening with us as he discusses the little-known story of the political digni-
                                  taries who accompanied the president’s body home to Springfield, Illinois on
                                  the funeral train following his assassination in the spring of 1865. Of special
                                  interest is the story of Ohio State Senator Job Stevenson, of Chillicothe,
                                  who delivered the official address to the public as Lincoln’s body lay in state
                                  at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

Patton & the 3rd Army in the Battle of the Bulge
Featuring Kenneth Neff Hammontree, Ohio’s Leading Living History Prac-
titioner & Founder of Living History Productions, Ashland, Ohio
Wednesday, November 7, 7:30 p.m.
In a role he was truly meant for, Ken Hammontree will return for another one of his
memorable performances, this time as General George S. Patton. Ken has given
many great presentations during previous speakers series. Most recently, he ap-
peared as General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Pretty Boy Floyd. Before that he was
Tecumseh, Simon Kenton, and Meriwether Lewis. Hammontree will focus his por-
trayal on Patton while he was a three star General in command of the Third Army dur-
ing the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-45. It was his quick and decisive ac-
tion that blunted Hitler’s last offensive of World War II and cast his legend in stone for
all time. Meet “Old Blood & Guts” as only Ken Hammontree can portray him.

                          Ohio’s First Ladies
                          Featuring Melinda Gilpin, Site Manager President Harding Home State
                          Memorial, the Ohio Historical Society, Marion, Ohio
                          Wednesday, November 28, 7:30 p.m.
                          The wives of the eight U.S. Presidents claimed by the state of Ohio were an inter-
                          esting and active group! Learn about their lives, families, relationships with their
                          famous husbands, and their influence on our nation. Join us for an informative
                          overview of these women, their challenges and triumphs. They represented their
                          husbands, and all American women during their time in the White House. Some
                          were quiet and reserved, others relished the social limelight, all have great stories
                          to tell. Each served our nation in America's top non-elected political role with her
                          own unique style.
THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER                                                             Summer 2007 - PAGE 4
From the Archives, by Pat Medert                                   dell’s translation, Blue Jacket rose to speak. Hinde de-
                                                                   scribed him as “a venerable and very old looking Indian, but
                Indian Council of 1807                             very grave & stately. His looks indicated simplicity and sin-
          I was very excited about adding the microfilm of the     cerity.” Hinde then noted the substance of his speech.
Draper manuscripts to the archives because the collection                    Blue Jacket said that he was an old man, had lived
contains first hand information on early local and regional        long, seen much war and bloodshed for sixty years last
history. For example, included in the collection are six           past (going back to 1747) that the country had been del-
reels of the journals, correspondence, and other documents         uged with blood; that in sixty-three a treaty of peace be-
belonging to Thomas Hinde who lived in Chillicothe during          tween England and France closed a long and bloody con-
the first decade and a half of the 1800s. He was an eyewit-        test that continued until Logans war, when soon after the
ness to many significant events that took place here.              revolution in America commenced. That at this juncture the
          Hinde worked at various occupations—land sales-          British called a council, they held a treaty, and the toma-
man, legal clerk, and newspaper publisher. He was a pro-           hawk was handed to his people. When they had thus re-
lific writer and during his lifetime contributed articles on a     ceived it they were bound to fight the Americans, which
variety of subjects to several publications. He made daily         they again carried on a long and bloody war against the
diary entries, and later in his life, he re-read his early jour-   Americans and fought for the British. We again filled the
nals and wrote commentary on events he considered sig-             country with blood. We became tired of slaughtering men,
nificant. In 1844, Hinde reviewed his diary from 1807 in           women and children, and (with firm and steady look at the
which he had recorded his observations of the visit of Te-         governor) we have seen the wickedness of all these things.
cumseh, Blue Jacket, Roundhead, and the Panther                    As for ourselves we were not profited by it, and it has now
(although he does not mention him by name) to Chillicothe.         pleased the Great Spirit to shew us a better way, and we
                                                                   for that purpose have been called to gather at Greeneville
                                                                   to worship the Great and Good Spirit. We try to turn our
                                                                   hearts to him, follow peace, live in friendship with all and
                                                                   serve the Great Spirit the best way we know how. I am an
                                                                   old man, I expect to die soon and want to prepare myself to
                                                                   die to get to a better world. In this I have only found sorrow
                                                                   and trouble and as to the alarm created among the whites,
                                                                   there was no cause for it. His people are now a praying
                                                                   people seeking for the Good Spirit to back them here and
                                                                   save them hereafter. He was affected, his voice faltered as
                                                                   he took his seat. (Mr. Ruddell proceeded to interpret as
                                                                            The Indian delegation stayed on the grounds of
                                                                   Adena, the home of Thomas Worthington. Hinde later
                                                                   learned from Worthington of a discussion that he had had
                                                                   with Blue Jacket early in the morning after the session in
                                                                   the courthouse.
Though not of the 1807 Indian Council in Chillicothe, the                   On walking out, he (Worthington) found Blue
above painting, by Ohio Artist Howard Chandler Christy,            Jacket on the front porch overlooking from the lofty emi-
shows a similar gathering of Native American leaders, in-          nence the valley of the Scioto to the Hills of Hockhocking,
cluding Blue jacket, at the 1795 Treaty of Greeneville.            and on towards Lancaster 36 miles distant, and the view
                                                                   extending still forty miles or more until the sight fails on the
         Late in the summer of 1807, the Indians from sev-         distant blue clouds. Blue Jacket’s whole attention was ab-
eral tribes began to assemble at Greeneville. Their pres-          sorbed looking over the valley. Tears were trickling down
ence in such large numbers made the people uneasy, and             his furrowed cheeks. “What is the matter capt?” asked W.
they made known their apprehension to Governor Thomas              Blue Jacket shook his head and replied in English. “Sixty
Kirker. The governor sent Duncan McArthur and Thomas               years ago!” said he, “I was acquainted with this valley, and
Worthington to meet with the Indians and request that a            no one can now conceive or form the least idea of the tor-
delegation come to Chillicothe to assure the people of Ohio        rents of blood that has been shed in this great valley. But
that they had no hostile intent. It is for that reason that the    all to no purpose. It done no good, and the very thought of
four Indian leaders mentioned above were in town the last          what I have seen and witnessed in this valley makes me
week of September.                                                 weep!. It affects my heart and fills it with sorrow. Now I am
         According to Hinde, a crowd gathered in the court-        a very old man, and will soon pass away like all the rest. I
house to hear their message. The Indians sat in the jury           desire to live and die in peace!”
box with McArthur and Worthington. The governor was                         In the next Recorder, I will write of Hinde’s impres-
accompanied by Stephen Ruddell as interpreter. Ruddell             sions of Tecumseh and the speech he delivered after that
had lived in captiviity with the Indians, and Hinde said “his      of Blue Jacket.
ears were more cut than the Indians, hanging nearly down
to his shoulders!”
         Governor Kirker spoke a few words, and after Rud-                                    *****
Summer 2007 - PAGE 5                                             THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER

FROM THE LIBRARY, by Evelyn Walker                                         McKenney had long planned to publish reproduc-
                                                                 tions of the portraits and to include biographies of the sub-
            HISTORY OF THE INDIAN TRIBES                         jects as well as a history of the tribes. Accomplishing this
                 OF NORTH AMERICA                                took over nine years of work and seriously strained
                                                                 McKenney’s strength and pocketbook. He wrote many of
         The final volume of Thomas McKenney’s monu-             the biographies himself, which in some cases required field
mental History of the Indian Tribes of North America was         work, and brought in James Hall to provide an extensive
published in 1844 completing a project that had been initi-      essay on the history of Native Americans. The work was to
ated in the winter of 1821.                                      feature hand colored lithographs, in folio size, including the
         When Thomas McKenney (1785-1859) learned that           paintings he had commissioned by Charles Bird King and,
a large group of Indian leaders would be visiting Washing-       to a lesser extent, works by P. Rhindesbacher, R.M. Sully
ton to confer with President Monroe in 1821, he decided to       and James Otto Lewis. He was able to have the portraits
start documenting their culture and commissioned Charles         brought, one at a time, to Philadelphia to be copied. The
Bird King to paint their portraits as a visual record of their   first volume was published in 1836 and it was successful.
tribes. He had long been concerned that Native American          However, the financial panic of 1837 wreaked havoc on his
culture would vanish before it had been documented. At           sources of capital. He persevered through a series of pub-
that time he was Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the War     lishers, printers and financial supporters and finally pub-
Department and had been in positions pertaining to Native        lished volume two in 1842, followed by volume three in
Americans since 1816. When the United States Bureau of           1844.
Indian Affairs was created he was appointed its first leader.              The final result is today recognized as one of the
He was fired c.1830, during the Jackson administration,          most valued items of Americana and is usually found only
and moved to Philadelphia. The portraits, eventually num-        in the rare book room of libraries and museums. In 1865
bering over one hundred, were hung in the War Depart-            there was a fire in the Smithsonian that destroyed or dam-
ment’s Indian Gallery and later were moved to the Smith-         aged most of the original portraits leaving only the work of
sonian.                                                          McKenney to document the culture of Native Americans
                                                                 that existed well before the age of photography. Many of
                                                                 the tribes had disappeared by the time photography was
                                                                           The McKell Library’s copy is the original folio first
                                                                 edition. An octavo edition was published in 1855 and the
                                                                 library has a copy of a 1933 edition of that. It is much eas-
                                                                 ier to handle, but the color plates are not as spectacular as
                                                                 those contained in the folio edition.

                                                                 Sources: There is a surprising lack of biographical informa-
                                                                 tion available and what is there is often contradictory. Es-
                                                                 sentially all of the material in this article was taken from the
                                                                 websites of two rare book dealers: Bauman Rare Books in
                                                                 New York and Powell Books of Portland, Oregon.

                                                                                 The Society’s Wish List
                                                                          Donations of everyday items such as tools and
                                                                  other types of equipment help our staff and volunteers
                                                                  complete a multitude of projects. If you, or anyone you
                                                                  know, has the following items to donate to the Society,
                                                                  please call 772-1936. We would be happy to make ar-
                                                                  rangements to pick up your donation.
                                                                   1.   Power point projector
                                                                   2.   Laptop computer
                                                                   3.   White cotton sheets (we can never have too many).
                                                                   4.   Cotton towels.
The caption printed on the image above reads, “ESH-TAH-
                                                                   5.   Small canister vacuum cleaner.
HUM-LEAH or the Sleepy Eye A Sioux Chief.” The image
                                                                   6.   Rechargeable flashlight.
is one of more than 120 such works of art published in His-
                                                                   7.   Wooden coat hangers
tory of Indian Tribes of North America, by Thomas
Summer 2007 - PAGE 6                                          THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER

From the Photo Archives, by Lisa Hess

Richard L. Angus, left, and Earl Riley, right, World War II              Richmond Dale School, March 1901.
servicemen from Richmond Dale, Ohio.

                                                                     O’Dell Hotel, Richmond Dale, Ohio, c. 1905.
Covered Bridge over Walnut Creek on the Richmond
Dale Pike (Route 35). The photo was taken shortly be-
fore the bridge was razed in 1935.

                                                              Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, Garfield Lodge
                                                              #710, Richmond Dale, Ohio, 1947. Officers and candidates
                                                              following the initiation of 18 new members. Seated: Everett
                                                              O’Dell, C.A. Coon, L.A. Oyer, J.T. Motes, A.W. Woodring,
Henry G. and Eliza (Ransom) Du Bois Home on Vigo              Frank Woodring, Steve Hardesty. Standing middle row:
Road, c. 1875. The house was built c. 1845 and burned         Duward O’Dell, Lauris Motes, Delmer E. Morton, Rodney
down in 1933. Left to right: Jacob E. (age 4), Jacob &        Chapman, Robert Schaub, David Stockman, John Lafferty,
wife, Margaret (Jones) Du Bois, parents of the five small     Paul Maple. Standing back row: Hobart Jenkins, Jr., Tom
children, Eliza (age 7), Henry J. (age 9), Henry G. and       Griffin, Harold Allen, Marvin Francis, Marshall French,
wife, Eliza DuBois, and Gertrude (age 6).                     Gene Woodring.
THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER                                                                           Summer 2007 - PAGE 7

Recent Acquisitions of the Museum and Library                                                           The Ross County Historical
(Listed in order received since the last issue of the Recorder)                                             Society Welcomes
24. Autograph Book – of Martha Leist of Yellowbud, c. 1880, donated by Beverly Minor Brown.
25. Magazine – “Southeastern Winter Sports 2006-07”; Postcard – Trippies Restaurant, donated by             __ New Member         __ Renewal
Lisa Hess.
26. Program Collection – from Chillicothe High School 1931-1976; Photographs – RCHS Vehicles and        Name________________________
activities and local buildings, donated by Vicki Kennard.                                               Address______________________
27. Photographs – (10) Northwest Territory Sesquicentennial Parade, 1938, donated by Ron Wills.         City, State, Zip________________
28. Television Camera – “Courtland”, c. 1985, donated by Tonya Dye.                                     Phone_______________________
29. Chair – owned by William McClintick, c. 1870; Photographs – interior of John Bennett house, do-     Date_________________________
nated by Martha Bennett Stiles.
30. Book – Drugs & Medicines of North America, By J.U. & C.G. Lloyd, 1885, donated by Jane Hilty.
31. Certificates – Cornelius Shahan, 1892 & 1913; Newspapers & Booklets – Camp Sherman, 1920 –          Are you interested in volunteer work?
1921; Crate – wooden, “Wagner Beer” and other items, donated by Dale Harris.                                     Yes__         No__
32. Jacket – men’s, grey wool, c. 1980, donated by Emily Marks.
33. Map – Ross County, 1860; Newspaper – “Scioto Gazette”, 1802; Ledger – 1823, and other items,        I have enclosed a check made out to
donated by Robert Bennett.                                                                              the Ross County Historical Society
34. Book – James Emmitt - Wagoner On Yoakum’s Trace In The 1820’s, by John R.Grabb, 2007;               for $___________________.
Nails – (2 pieces) from Bell Tower of old City Building, donated by John Grabb.
35. Photograph and Trophy – men’s CHS Basketball Team, “1950 – 1951, C.O.L. – Champs, Unde-
feated Season”, donated by Judy Benson.
                                                                                                        ( ) My employer will match this gift.
36. Sheet Music – 1915 – 1948, donated by Mrs. Don Gunlock.                                             Employer’s name:_______________
37. Artwork – by John Bennett, 1873 – 1924, donated by Martha Bennett Stiles.                           _____________________________
38. Photographs – (6) Cronin Family, donated by Julie McGhee.
39. Examination Table – c. 1900, used in donor’s practice, 1954 – 1987, donated by Dr. David Mckell.      MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES
40. Whistle Post – B&O, from near North Fork Village, donated by Erc Picciano.
41. Books – various Authors and Publishers, 1956 – 1998, donated by Lisa Hess.                                   ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP
42. Electric Stove – “Crosley”, white enamel, c.1950, donated by Bernard Ater Jr.
43. Toy Automobiles – (32) c. 1960; Radios – (3) antique automobile shapes, 1960 – 1970; Jewelry –
c. 1970, donated by Josephine S. Collins.                                                               Junior (12 & under).......... $10.( )
44. Microfilm – (123 rolls) of the Draper Manuscripts; Book – Guide to the Draper Manuscripts, by       Teacher ........................... 15.( )
Josephine L. Harper, 2004, RCHS Purchase.                                                               Individual ......................... 20.( )
45. Serving Spoon – silver, maker “E.P. Pratt”, early 19th century, donated by Darwin Drake.            Family.............................. 30.( )
46. Poster – “For Your Boy United War Work Campaign”, 1918, donated by Linda Hardin.                    Contributing ..................... 75.( )
47. Postcards – (2) Chillicothe, c. 1914, donated by Gwenyth Haney.                                     Group/Club or
48. DVD – Harness Farm, 200 Years Reunion, July 18th & 19th, 1998, donated Marilyn Harness.             Business.......................... 100.( )
49. Map – Ross County, 1964; Map – World Affairs News, WBNS-TV; Map – United States, AAA,
donated by Gary Argabright.
50. Newspaper Articles – (3) “Chillicothe Gazette”; CD – photographs of the Erdmann / Sulzbacher              CONTINUING MEMBERSHIP
family; Drawing – self portrait of Richard Erdmann, 1918, and other items, donated by Jane Hilty.
51. DVD – “Camp Sherman Training Site Workshops”, 2005 and 2007, donated by Thomas F. Brandt.           Life (per person) .............. 500.( )
52. DVD – (2 movies) “Camp Sherman The Movie, original film footage from Camp Sherman, c. 1918          Patron.............................. 750.( )
and Old Glory, 1995, donated by Lissa Wittrup.                                                          Benefactor ....................... 1,000.( )
53. Book – Greenlawn Cemetery Inscriptions, Scioto Township, Chillicothe, Ross County, 2006, com-
pilied and donated by Clarence E. Brown.
54. Book – Chillicothe Downtown Economic Enhancement Strategy, 2007, RCHS Acquisition.                  Your benefits as a member of the
55. Change Purse – black leather, c. 1915, donated by Jim Madden.                                       Ross County Historical Society
56. Sculpture – of a lioness by May Cook, c. 1940, donated by William M. Cook.                          include:
57. Blueprints – of Adena, c. 1957, donated by Athens County Historical Society.
58. Photographs – (9) local Bridges and Mills; Transparency – Clinton Road, c. 1952, donated by         ♦     Quarterly newsletter
Leland Puttcamp.
59. Photograph – Virginia Garrison, U.S. Navy 1944; Photographs – (2) c. 1940; Books – (3) history of   ♦     10% discount in museum store
the Navy W.A.V.E.S, various authors and titles, 1943, 1981 and 1993, donated by Kay Romans.             ♦     Free admission for museum
60. Pantyhose – “Christian Dior”, c. 1970, donated by Thrift Shop.                                            visits by member and out-of-
61. Yearbook – The “Uniotoan”, 1941, donated by Jean Foor.                                                    town guests
62. Photographs – (11) Schlegel family 1909-1939; Archival Documents – (9); Pins – (9) Girl Scout,
CHS and YMCA, donated by Keith Schlegel.                                                                ♦     Free admission to many Society
63. Scrapbook – drawings and poems by St. Mary’s 7th and 8th grade students, 1949, donated by                 programs
Michael O’Hara.                                                                                         ♦     Reduced fees for workshops and
64. Photograph – (copy) Wilburn family of Twin Twp., 1894, donated by Phyllis Anderson.                       special programs
65. Photographs – local bridges, trains and Chillicothe Telcom building, donated by Vicki Kennard.
66. Photograph – Mead Central Research Bowling Team, c. 1963, donated by Nellie Gomsi.
67. Dominoes – wooden game pieces and box, “Compliments of W. Scott Clark, Fire Insurance               The Ross County Historical Society
Agent, Chillicothe, Ohio”, 1879 - 1910, donated by Darwin Drake.                                        is a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution.
68. Flag – 48 star, c. 1950; Photograph – horses moving a house c. 1913; Photograph and Army            Your gift may be tax deductible
Discharge Certificate – of William Ward, WW I; Postcards & other items, , donated by Francis Ramsey.
69. Cart – “Scoot-N-Do” 4-wheeled cart in original box,Chillicothe, OH, c. 1988; Kirby Upright Vacuum    Please make checks payable to:
Cleaner and Accessories – “Dual Sanitronic 80”, c. 1965, donated by Mark Unger.                         THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL
70. Curtain Tiebacks – (4) glass flowers with metal stems, 1840-1860, donated by Stan Planton.
71. Booklet – A Brief History of the Henshaw House, 2007, written and donated by Kevin Coleman.
                                                                                                               45 West Fifth Street
                                                                                                          Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-3227
                                             *****                                                                (740) 772-1936
Winter 2007 - PAGE 8                                                        THE ROSS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY RECORDER

 Officers and Trustees of                                                    The RCHS Welcomes Junior Member...
     the Ross County
                                                           Name_____________________________Telephone #____________
    Historical Society
                                                           Address _________________________________________________

Pat Medert ................................. President     City________________________State______Zip Code ___________
Bob Nelson .................. 1st Vice President
                                                           Birthdate_______________________Grade in School ____________
Lewis Coppel .............. 2nd Vice President
Karen Hoffman .......................... Secretary         Parent/Guardian’s Name____________________________________
Bob Casari .................................Treasurer
Tom Kuhn .................... Executive Director           Parent/Guardian’s Signature_________________________________
Gary Argabright ............................ Trustee
Judy Benson ................................. Trustee      What are your hobbies? ____________________________________
David Carnes................................ Trustee       Are your parents members of the Historical Society? - Yes   - No
Henry Herrnstein .......................... Trustee
Ed Kunzelman .............................. Trustee        Is this a gift membership? - Yes   - No
Dana Martinko .............................. Trustee
Robin McKell ................................ Trustee      From Whom? ____________________________________________
Erc Picciano ................................. Trustee
Stan Planton ................................. Trustee     Address _________________________________________________
Bob Sigler ..................................... Trustee
                                                                                 Please send $10 with this form to
                                                                                The Ross County Historical Society
                                                                                          45 W Fifth Street
                                                                                   Chillicothe, OH 45601-3227

        Ross County Historical
                                                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.,
                                                                                                                           U.S. Postage

                                                                                                                         Chillicothe, Oh 45601
                                                                                                                          Permit No. 230

         DATED MATERIAL                       •   OPEN AT ONCE