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					Lab to Land Initiative in Assam.
About SIRD, Assam
Thrust areas and objectives
   Thrust on rural development programmes to
    achieve the primary mandate.

   To organise diversified courses on Panchayati
    Raj and decentralised planning.

   To organise need based training programmes
    for different clientele groups in the changing
    development scenario.

   Continuous effort to improve the quality in its
    training and research activities.
   Collaborative effort with specialised institutes
    for academic support, specialised training and
   Social   mobilisation    through     awareness

   Undertaking micro projects as entrusted by
    government in clusters to try out new

   Building technical and managerial capacity
    among the youth.

   IT related training programmes.
Training infrastructure

Present status.
   2 (two) campuses having capacity for 250

   12 (twelve) Extension Centres having capacity for
    60 participants in each.

   Resource Centre in IT & Skill Development is
    coming up.

   Satellite Hub with 15 SITs ready for functioning.
   20 Resource Centres set up under BRGF.

   2 (two) Extension Centres upgraded as Regional
Faculty strength:
   SIRD HQs                     – 20
   Extension Centres            – 60
Trainers panel

   SIRD, HQs                    – 70
   Extension Centres            – 130
Training plan

Research Studues.

 12 Research Studies have been undertaken by the
 institute from 2005 – 2006 to 2009 – 2010.
              From 2001-02 to 2009-2010
Sl                    Category              Number of    Number of
                                             Courses    Participants

1 Elected Representative of Panchayats        2242        133327

2 Functionaries of Panchayats                 1084         38815

     Officials of Line Departments and
3                                              854         31073
     Representative of NGOs and Community
4                                             1195         47541

5 Micro Enterprise Development                4246        139013

6 Sensitisation on Social Mobilization        1944        280195

                        Total                 11565      6,69,964
Credit mobilised under special projects
since 2000 – 2001 to 31st March’ 2010
Sl.     Name of the project        No of        No of      Credit &
No                                groups       families      Govt.
                                 developed     covered    subsidy (Rs.
                                and assisted               In crores)
1.    SGSY special project         5386        69470         57.96
      with 50% government
2.    Chief Minister’s Jeevan      6166        24601        182.72
      Jyoti Swaniojan Yojana
      (initially 15% Govt.
      subsidy now 25% Govt.
3.   EGM with 25%            882     4410     18.19
     government subsidy
4.   EEW through Backyard    861     19380     2.66
     Duck Rearing with 50%
     govt. subsidy
5.   NEC sponsored project   150     1550      3.37
     with 50% government
6.   OIL sponsored project   250     2500      1.03
7.   EEW through             120     1600      1.20
     diversification of
     handloom items with
     50% govt. subsidy
     Total                   13815   132651   267.13
Training plan – 2010 – 2011
Mandatory programmes

 Total course               – 1634
 Total participants          – 58985
Gram Sabha level Campaign
 Number of programmes       - 200
 Number of participants     - 20000
Management & Skill Development training.
 Number of programmes       - 777
 Number of participants     - 36540
 Total courses              - 2611
 Total participants         - 115526
    Field level training
Present strategy.
   60% of courses are organised in a decentralised
    manner through Extension Centres.

   Off campus training programmes in the field for
    grass root level functionaries.

   Team of Resource Persons selected and trained
    for field level training.
    Wider dissemination of knowledge
   Training on social mobilisation in the field for awareness
    on rural development programmes and strengthening
    Gram Sabhas.
   Team of Animators and Facilitators for mobilising rural
    people through awareness programmes.
   Social workers, representatives of NGOs, CBOs, SHGs,
    Rtd.Teachers are trained up.
   Social capital already built by SIRD will be used.
   132000 families assisted in groups under special projects
    of SIRD.
   25000 are youth.
   Women and youth will be oriented for dissemination of
    knowledge in the field.
Basic information of the block.
Name of the block      Dimoria Development
District               Kamrup
Area of the Block      26164 Hectare
Gram Panchayats        12
Revenue villages       144
Inhabited villages     140
Uninhabited villages   4
Total population                119548 (as per 2001
Demographic pattern             SC : 17023 (14.235%)
                                ST : 15702 (13.131%)
                                Other : 86823 (72.634%)
Number of families living below 14123
the poverty line
Women population                58122
Sex ratio                       940
Population density per    457
Literacy rate                   66,566 (55.665%)
Male                            38518 (62.670%)
Female                          28048 (48.257%)
Agriculture   .

 Cropped    Net Area Percentag Average Land use
   area      sown     e of area   size of   pattern
                        sown    operation
                     more than al land
                        once    holding of
                                and small
16280      10987     37%        1.27       Sali paddy
hectare    hectare              hectares followed
Roads   .

  Length of     Length of   Length of   Total length /
surface road   unsurfaced   National     habitation
 (excluding       roads     Highway      covered by
  National                                 PMGSY
   70 Kms       155 Kms      40 Kms        40 Kms
    Primary health      Dispensaries        Bed strength
6 (PHC – 1, CHC – 1,    4              58
Mini PHC – 4)


Number of banks             6
(Nationalised & RRBs)
Education   .

Lower Middle High Degree         Jr.              Benefi
                                       Studen Studen
Primar English English College College    ts     tsciary
   y   School School                   under underunder
School            /                      SSA   Mid-pre-
               Higher                             school
               Second                          meal non
                 ary                              formal
 126     26      37      2      3     18460 27801 10546
                                      (2009 (2009
                                        –     –
                                      2010) 2010)
Electricity & Power   .

      Number of village     Number of household
         electricity        connected electricity
            140                    7100

 Forest   .

  Total forest coverage   7873.88 hectare
  Current status of Rural Development
       Programmes in the block.

 No of BPL families       14123


    No. Of household       No. Of Job Card issued
     registered since         since inception
          21103                    20959
Mandays generated
   Mandays generated        Mandays generated during
 during last financial year   current financial year
          262912                      21900
Labour budget of the current financial year
      Budget amount               Persondays
      Rs. 481.52 lakhs              272525
Demand for work
     No. Of households         No. Of households
   demanded work during      demanding work during
     last financial year      current financial year
            10510                     2509
 No. Of households completing              206
  100 days during 2009 - 2010

 Account opened.
    Number of Bank /        Percentage of Job Card Holders
     postal accounts        opened bank / postal accounts.
         20959                           100%

 Infrastructure created under permissible works.
                       Number of works
           Completed                      Ongoing
               5                             48
Vigilance & Monitoring Committee & Social Audit.

  No. Of Vigilance   No. Of social     No of works
   & Monitoring      audit teams     socially audited
    Committee          working
         53               12               48

 MIS status : Updated

 Technical persons working against each GP : One
 technical person in each GP.
General observations:
Following are the significant aspects that come to the
notice under MGNREGA in the block.
•Participatory planning at community level.
•Financial inclusion – 100% payment through bank and
postal accounts.
•Accountable trained up personal at various levels.
•Planning, organisational and administrative capacity
of the Gram Panchayats have improved.
•Closure relationship between panchayats and poor.
•Use of electronically generated muster roll.
Recent development:

•All the Gram Panchayats will have computer
facilities soon.

•Handholding training to the Secretaries of GPs
on use of computer and PRIAsoft locally
Number of SHGs developed and assisted            .

No of SHGs formed & No of SHGs assisted with revolving fund
     developed      and bank loan supported by back ended
        702                           683
 Federation and marketing facilities     .

    Whether       Kinds of marketing           No of SHGs
federation formed      facilities            participated in
                                              regional and
                                             national level
Block level         One market                      28
federation has      complex has been
been constituted    constructed.
and has already     One village hut is
been submitted to   being constructed.
the DRDA
Activities taken up by the groups

     Weaving.
     Piggery
     Goatery
     Poultry
     Dairy
     Tailoring
     Pottery
     Cultivation
Arrangement for skill development

   One SHG training cum facilitation centre at
    Block HQs.

   One weaving    training   centre   has   been
Initiative of the SIRD under Special SGSY
in the Block

   SIRD mobilised more than 2000 rural people
    in the block around selected income
    generating activities in clusters to popularise
    both group and cluster approach.

   Clusters with activities taken up in a planned
    manner through application of appropriate
    technology and skill development came up.

   Activities are backyard poultry farming,
    handloom, mechanised agricultural activities,
    dairy, piggery.
   The institute converged all the support
    services for the growth of the activities.

   Handloom Common Facility Centre has been
    functioning in the block to provide support
    services to the weavers.

   Transformation in quality of life and
    empowerment are visible in the clusters.

   Activities  in    the    clusters    created
    demonstration for further replication in the
Housessanctioned and constructed      .

 No of houses sanctioned No of houses constructed
 against physical target in and completed as against
 the current financial year   the target of the last
                                 financial year
           289                        603
Women        SC         ST     Minorities Physically
  144       191        204        25         Nil
  Procedure of fund Time taken for Transparency
    received by the    construction
     beneficiaries      of a house
 Fund is released to    3 months    Launched in the
the beneficiary in the                 website.
  form of A/C payee
      cheques in 2
Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension.
Number of beneficiaries      2226

Number of beneficiaries      175

The SIRD, Assam has taken up Dimoria Development
Block in Kamrup district in first phase.

The Kapili Development Block in Morigaon district
has been proposed to be taken up in the next phase.
  General action plan under the
  initiative in the block

Sl. Objective or key           Actions             Success
No.     result area                               indicator
 1           2                     3                  4
1 Awareness               A community        Number of
    generation of rural   information centre awareness
    development           Focal point for    programmes
    programmes            dissemination of organised,
                          information.       village and
                                             people covered
2. Mobilising Awareness campaign.             Meaningful
   people for                                 participation of
   Gram Sabha                                 rural people in
                                              the Gram
              CBOs, social workers, youth,
              women will be involved.

              Around 3000 youth, farmers      Number of
              and women already assisted      youth, women
              under the special projects of   trained up to act
              SIRD will also be involved.     as animators
                                              and facilitators.
2. Mobilising Leaflets in assamese on Rural
   people for Development programmes.
   Gram Sabha
               TOT programmes for the         Team of youth,
               CBOs, youth and women          women and
               with Neheru Yuva Kendra.       social workers
               Team of youth, women and       developed.
               social workers as animators
               and facilitators.
3. Application PRA techniques in the field    People trained
   of PRA      to facilitate participatory    up for
   techniques. planning, monitoring,          participatory
               identification of              planning,
               beneficiaries.                 monitoring.
4. Registration under       Awareness                 Number of
   MGNREGA through          programmes under          Families covered
   awareness                MGNREGA to                under the
   generation               facilitate registration   process.
                            and grievance
5. Social audit for         Social audit teams        Participation of
   transparency and         will be trained in the    people in social
   accountability           field to facilitate       audit and
                            social audit and to       improvement in
                            maintain                  followup.
6. Facilitating grievance
7. Convergence through Interface between        Improvement in
   inter departmental    villagers and line     service delivery.
   coordination          departments for
                         dissemination of
                         information better
                         accessibility to the
8. Organisation of users Training to users      Number of
   groups, committees, groups, beneficiary      Users groups,
   beneficiary           committees for         beneficiary
   committees for        qualitative            committees
   monitoring,           monitoring.            formed and
   maintenance and                              qualitative
   sustainability.                              monitoring
9.   Training to the members     Training for better    Number of
     of the Vigilance and        monitoring under       members trained
     Monitoring Committees.      MGNREGA, IAY and       up and
                                 other programmes.      improvement in
10. One round of Training         Trainers will be sent Participants
    programmes to all the PRI to the block for          covered under
    members, line department handholding                handholding
    officials and other           training and also to training
    functionaries in the          monitor the impact programmes and
    blocks.                       of training.          improvement in
                                                        service delivery.
11. Handholding training and Same as 10
    evaluation of the impact
    of training in the field for.
12. Formation and         Special training         Number of
    development of        among the SHGs for       federations
    federations.          development of           formed.
13. Training on skill     Identification of        Youth, farmers
    development and       youth, farmers,          and women
    exposure for selected women.                   imparted skill
    youth, farmers and                             development
    women.                                         training.
14. Development of a      Intensive training as    Number of
    team of master        master trainers and      master trainers
    trainers for skill    facilitators for self    so developed.
    development and       employment
    also to act as        oriented activities in
    facilitators.         the block.
15. Mobilising youth     Special drive to select   Number of
    for self             unemployed youth          youth mobilised
    employment           and farmers for self      for self
                         employment.               employment
                                                   and provided
                                                   with bank loan
                                                   and other
16. Credit mobilisation. Coordination with the
                         banks will be
17. Training             The SIRD will select    Number of
    programmes for       NGOs, CBOs and          facilitators so
    Facilitators of SHGs impart special training developed.
    under SGSY/NRLM. as facilitators.
18. Handholding training    Field level resource   Handholding
    to all Secretaries of   persons will be        training
    Gaon Panchayat and      arranged for           programmes
    other staff.            handholding.           organised.
19. Multisectoral           A team of              Better delivery
    facilitating team       multisectoral grass    of services.
                            root level workers
                            like Gram Sevaks /
                            Sevikas, VLEWs,
                            Health Workers,
                            Anganwadi Workers
                            etc. will be formed.
20 Focus on gender   Elected women        Better service
   issues            representatives of   delivery for
                     Panchayats will be   women and
                     organised.           children.

21 Impact study      Studies of the
                     programmes to
                     demonstrate the

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