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Elevator Maintenance - DOC

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									                              MAINTENANCE OF ELEVATORS

      The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, tools, equipment, materials (except as
      specified) and transportation to:

      A.      Perform preventive maintenance services in accordance with manufacturers'
              published   procedures     and   recommendations,    and     code-mandated
              safety/mechanical inspections and tests on specified elevator and escalator

      B.      Replace worn and defective "consumable" parts, and adjust equipment for proper
              operation, following manufacturer's recommendations and code requirements.

      C.      Ongoing Maintenance Work, shall commence at 12:01 a.m. on the date of
              Contract Award, and consist of all maintenance required prior to issuance of the
              Notice to Proceed and to the end of the term of the contract, or to approved
              extensions of the contract. Compensation to be provided by the State for the Bid
              stipulated monthly amounts.

      Not included in the contract scope are:

      A.      Rebuilding or replacement of major elevator components, such as elevator
              machines, motor-generator sets and ropes.

      B.      New construction or modification of existing equipment.

      C.      Repair of damage caused by negligence or misuse of elevator equipment by
              anyone other than the Contractor or Contractor's staff.

      D.      Repair of damage caused by fire, flood or other disaster.


      The Contractor shall have an established record of satisfactorily maintaining equipment
      of the types identified on the Bid Schedule, and shall possess the capability, including
      qualified technicians, technical expertise and support infrastructure, to provide all
      services called for by these specifications.

      All work shall be performed by journeymen elevator mechanics directly employed and
      supervised by the Contractor. 'Temporary' journey-level technicians, as determined by
      the bargaining unit, must have documented training and experience on equipment and
      control systems identical or comparable to those being serviced under this contract. No
      work shall be subcontracted, except that major components may be rebuilt by qualified

      Before contract award is made, bidders shall furnish a statement of qualifications and
      references for the contractor and all technicians performing work under this contract for
      review and approval by the Contracting Officer.

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                       1
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                      SECTION 14310

       The Contractor shall maintain elevator equipment in compliance with the latest adopted
       edition of the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (ASME/ANSI A17.1) and all other
       applicable codes and regulations in effect in the jurisdiction where the equipment is
       located. The Contractor shall promptly report to the regional Project Manager all known
       equipment deficiencies and provide
       prompt cost proposals for corrective work outside the scope of this contract, which may
       be required by the State Elevator Inspector, other code enforcement authorities, or the
       regional Contracting Officer.


       Services may be performed during normal State business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
       weekdays). Notification shall be made to a designated State contact or regional
       Contracting Officer any time work is performed under this contract.

       To prevent unnecessary disruption to State operations, the Contractor shall coordinate
       with the designated State contact person at each facility or regional Contracting Officer
       for any and all planned equipment shutdowns. All work to be performed outside of
       normal business hours shall be coordinated with the designated State contact person or
       the regional Contracting Officer.


       A.      Unless superseded by more stringent requirements of these specifications or
               code requirements, all maintenance service shall conform to the requirements of
               the ASME/ANSI A17.1 Code, Section 1206, MAINTENANCE.

       B.      Perform the following minimum services per Exhibit „A‟, of one hour on site, for
               each elevator, once a month, or at more frequent intervals if it is necessary to
               maintain satisfactory operation or recommended by the equipment manufacturer,
               following the manufacturer's recommended service procedures:

               1. Perform a complete operational check of each elevator and dumbwaiter.
                  Check starting, operating, leveling and stopping parameters, including proper
                  operation of elevator car and hoistway doors. Adjust or repair equipment as
                  required to maintain operation within manufacturer‟s tolerances and
                  ASME/ANSI A17.1 Code requirements.

               2. Check all hall and car position indicators and signals and call devices.
                  Check car lighting fixtures (including emergency lighting); replace burned-out
                  lamps and ballasts as necessary.

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                      2
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                     SECTION 14310
            3. Check operating components requiring periodic lubrication. Lubricate as
               necessary, following manufacturer‟s recommendations and specifications.

            4. Maintain machine rooms, hoist way pits, elevator car tops, in clean and neat
               condition. Remove excess lubricant, wipe up oil leaks and prevent dust
               accumulation in all elevator machine spaces, car tops and hoistway
               mechanical equipment.

      C.    Perform periodic inspections and tests of elevators, elevator hoisting equipment
            (including wire ropes and sheaves), governors, dumbwaiters, platform lifts,
            including annual and 5-year testing, at intervals and to specifications required by
            the ASME/ANSI A17.1 Code, Part X, or other governing authority, if more

      D.    Deliver copies of test reports to regional Contracting Officer, within thirty (30)
            days after performing required tests.


      A.    Within thirty (30) days after contract award, the Contractor shall provide a local
            stock or identify a local source for high-mortality parts and consumable items for
            all elevators serviced at each locality.

      B.    The Contractor shall demonstrate in-stock warehouse availability of major and
            critical parts for replacement of door operator components, controller parts and
            electronic modules, door protective devices, hangers, bearings, hoist way
            switches and contacts.

      C.    The Contractor shall maintain sources of supply so that other major components
            are available and can be delivered within three (3) days after a written notice to
            proceed for repair has been issued to the Contractor.

      D.    If required parts are not readily available, the Contractor shall make every effort
            to perform emergency repairs that will allow safe operation of the equipment
            within the shortest practicable time. All emergency repairs will be considered
            temporary and incomplete until standard parts are procured and installed. If
            parts not in stock are needed, the Contractor shall make good faith effort to
            obtain the parts with the least practicable delay and shall provide the regional
            Project Manager a written schedule for delivery, based on Contractor's best
            estimate. Replacement parts shall meet the elevator original equipment
            manufacturer‟s specifications in all respects.

      E.    Within the contract scope of work, the Contractor shall provide all consumable
            parts, components and supplies required to maintain the equipment in service.
            “Consumable" parts are defined as having a typical service life of less than one
            year or costing two hundred collars ($200) or less each, f.o.b. jobsite, excluding
            any supplier‟s handling charge.

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                     3
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                    SECTION 14310
        F.      If major replacement parts are required, the Contractor shall provide them and
                invoice the State at the Contractor‟s actual cost f.o.b. jobsite, plus fifteen percent
                (15%). “Major” parts are defined as costing over two hundred dollars ($200)
                each, f.o.b. jobsite, excluding any supplier‟s handling charge.

        G.      The Contractor shall guarantee all replacement parts for a period of ninety (90)
                days, and replace such parts failing during this period at no additional cost to the


        A.      A “major repair” is defined as furnishing and installing necessary “major”
                replacement parts (see Technical Specification VI.F) beyond the scope of
                specified periodic inspection and preventive maintenance services.

        B.      After determining, as far as practicable, the extent of major repairs needed to
                restore defective equipment to full service, the Contractor shall provide the
                regional Contracting Officer with a written proposal outlining the scope of repairs,
                a cost estimate and an estimated time for completion. The Contractor shall not
                proceed with major repairs until directed to do so, in writing, by the regional
                Contracting Officer. The final change order price for major repairs shall be
                determined in accordance with State General Condition 10.3.


        To maintain elevator equipment fully operational at all times, the Contractor shall provide
        emergency or call-back service on an as-needed basis. Such call-back service shall be
        provided twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. For facilities located
        within the corporate limits of Juneau, the Contractor shall respond to call-backs within (1)
        hour during normal business hours Monday to Friday (30 minutes for emergency
        entrapments), excluding Holidays and within two (2) hours, during other regular hours or
        entrapments as described above. .

        Response to a call-back shall consist of providing an elevator mechanic on-site within the
        above time frames after being notified of an elevator breakdown by the regional
        Contracting Officer or designated State contact. For bidding purposes only, it is assumed
        that emergency call-back service will be required six (6) times per year per elevator,
        dumbwaiter and have a duration of one (1) hour. All call-backs or call-outs for additional
        service shall be paid by the State at the "each instance" bid rate per hour or fraction


        In addition to the periodic inspections required in Section V., Subsection C., the
        Contractor shall perform an annual survey and inspection, of all elevator equipment
        covered by this contract and provide the regional Contracting Officer with a written report,
        including any noted functional or code compliance deficiencies. The survey shall be
        conducted by a qualified person at a supervisory level, independent of the elevator
        technician(s) performing other specified work.

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                           4
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                          SECTION 14310

        The Contractor shall provide the regional Contracting Officer with a service report at the
        completion of each inspection or service call, noting the elevator(s) serviced, a
        description of the trouble and how repaired and any recommendations regarding the
        equipment. All deficiencies or repairs considered to be outside the scope of this contract
        shall be specifically described. Service reports shall be submitted to the regional
        Contracting Officer within five (5) working days.


        The Contractor shall prepare a “record of service” card for each elevator and post in a
        conspicuous place in each elevator machine room. The card format is optional with the
        Contractor, but shall contain at least the following information:

        A.      Elevator serial number and Department of Labor elevator inspector‟s designation;

        B.      Date when each preventive maintenance service and inspection (described in
                Technical Specification Section V) was performed;

        C.      Signature or initials of elevator mechanic performing the work.

        Card shall be maintained in each machine room during the life of the contract.            At
        contract close-out, cards shall be delivered to the regional Contracting Officer.


        The Contractor shall locate and maintain a fully qualified maintenance/call-out elevator
        mechanic in the City of Juneau. At a minimum, the mechanic shall be available full time,
        24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the full term of this maintenance Contract. In an
        event that the full time mechanic is replaced, resigns, vacations or is sick (for more than a
        day), CONTRACTOR shall immediately provide an equally competent maintenance
        mechanic in replacement on the same full time basis. If the Contracting Officer is
        dissatisfied in the performance of the assigned mechanic to perform the services under
        this agreement, CONTRACTOR shall upon notice, immediately provide an Acceptable

        At all times when on the Project site, CONTRACTOR‟S service personnel shall properly
        wear uniforms which identify them as employees of the CONTRACTOR. Such uniforms
        shall be clean and in good condition. At specific locations, and when determined by the
        Contracting Officer, CONTRACTOR staff shall exhibit their personal photo identification.


        All wiring and construction prints or diagrams of elevators covered under this Contract are
        property of the DEPARTMENT. Upon termination of the Contract such items shall be
        delivered to the Contracting Officer. Absolutely no changes are to be made to the circuitry
        or mechanical systems without prior approval of the Contracting Officer. Any change
        without prior approval may be considered Defective Work and remedied accordingly. All
        changes in the circuitry made by the CONTRACTOR shall be properly recorded on the
        diagrams, including date and name of the person making the change, It is the
        responsibility of the contractor to maintain clean, legible, readable and accurate
        schematics and wiring diagrams at all times. Prints and diagrams are to remain on the
        Project site at all times.

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                           5
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                          SECTION 14310

       The CONTRACTOR will have an established record keeping system by which individual
       records are kept for each elevator. The system will be detailed enough to keep track of
       each specific maintenance procedure completed, when it was completed and how long
       the procedure took to complete. The documentation system will also log all reports of
       elevator trouble calls placed by the CONTRACTOR and track the time and date of each
       occurrence, the response time and nature of the problem both reported and ultimately
       discovered and the steps taken to correct the deficiency. These records will also be kept
       on an individual unit basis.


       A.     The importance of following safe work practices demands that the CONTRACTOR
              have an active and effective safety program. The CONTRACTOR will
              demonstrate that it has a history of safe work practices, that regular safety
              education is given to it's employees, and that all federal safety mandates are
              complied with and properly documented.

       B.     Safe Work History: Because of the importance of safety in a public facility with
              exposure to the general public, CONTRACTOR must have as established record
              of safety. CONTRACTOR must document a rating equal to or better than the
              averages provided by the National Elevator Industry Inc. (NEII) for calendar years
              2002 through 2003 in the categories listed below:

             1.     Lost Time Incident Rate And Lost Time Severity Rate. (Statistics shall be for
                    operations in the State of Alaska if the CONTRACTOR also has operations
                    outside of Alaska.)

       C.     Federal Requirements: CONTRACTOR shall document that federal safety training
              requirements for elevator mechanics have been met. The CONTRACTOR will
              have evidence of meeting the following requirements for the years 2002 through

              1.    Electrical Safe Work Practice
                    a. OSHA 29CFR 191 O.147(c)(6) - Annual Inspection of Energy Control
                          Procedure OSHA 29CFR 1910.147(c)(6)(ii)
                    b. OSHA 29CFR 191 O.147(c)(6)(ii) - Certification of Periodic Inspection
                    c. OSHA 29CFR 1910.147(7)(iv) - Certification of Employee Training
                    d.    OSHA 1919.332(a) - Other Employees Affected

              2.    Hazardous Communications Training

                    a.      OSHA 29CFR 1926.59(h) - Annual Haz/Com Training

              3.    MSDS Training
                    a. OSHA 29CFR 1916.59(h) - One Time MSDS Training

              4.    Lockout/Tagout Training
                    a.      OSHA 29CFR 1912.21(b)(2) - Electrical Hazard Training

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                       6
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                      SECTION 14310
                5.    First Aid Training
                      a. OSHA 29CFR 1916.23 - First Aid/CPR Training

                6.    Asbestos Awareness Training
                      a. Current certification of two hour awareness training.

         D.     Written Safety Program: CONTRACTOR shall have a written safety program or
                employee handbook which contains the safety policies governing: general safety
                rules, haz/com, personal protective equipment, fall protection, lockout/tagout and a
                range of potentially hazardous job site conditions. CONTRACTOR shall have
                trained employees on this policy or handbook. CONTRACTOR shall have an
                ongoing safety training program to continuously educate employees on safety
                issues and to fulfill federal training requirements listed in paragraph C above.

         E.     CONTRACTOR Self Audit: In order to ensure compliance with the aforementioned
                safety policies, the CONTRACTOR, will have an established written policy of self
                audit of all aspects of the safety programs outlined above. This is to include
                regular quarterly audits of job site conditions and Work practices. Audits are to be
                conducted by the CONTRACTOR‟S supervisory personnel. The audit process is
                to be documented and become a part of the CONTRACTOR‟S permanent safety


         A.   Contracting Officer, without invalidating the Contract, may order extra work or make
              changes by altering, adding to or deducting from the work only by written purchase
              order change; initiated by the Contracting Officer and properly approved and
              authorized and setting forth the amount of money to be added or deducted. This
              amount is to be based on a fixed contract price or the hourly rate as stated in
              Exhibit „B1‟, cost schedule sheet.

         B.   In the event that the Contracting Officer withdraws or adds an elevator or group of
              elevators to or from service, or the usefulness of any elevator shall end, during the
              term of this Contract, the Contractor shall agree to negotiate an acceptable
              reduction and/or increase of cost for service for the balance of duration of the said


         Department will request a bid for any major Modernization/Alterations, based upon the
         Department‟s prepared technical specification, from the maintenance Contractor. If the
         bid pricing is not considered acceptable to the Contracting Officer, the specified work will
         be publicly bid. If the modernization work contract is awarded to other than the
         maintenance Contractor, the maintenance of such elevators and any other elevators in
         that building will be awarded to the modernization Contractor until the modernization
         contracts 12-months warranty period expires. The Contracting Officer will have the option
         to return these elevators to the maintenance Contractor‟s contract, or request a bid from
         the modernization Contractor.


DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                           7
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                          SECTION 14310
     A.    Term of Agreement: The Contract Agreement shall be for two years, with two, two
           year terms to follow, subject to the Contracting Officer approval of each additional
           two year terms. commence

     B.    PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Maintenance Contract Prices shall remain in effect for one
          year from the commencement date of such services. The Contract Price shall be
          subject to review, adjustment and Acceptance annually on the anniversary of the
          current commencement date. Eighty-five percent of the Contract Price shall be
          adjusted to reflect any increase or decrease in labor costs of elevator mechanics
          in the area where the equipment is located. The remaining fifteen percent shall be
          adjusted to reflect any increase or decrease in material cost based on the
          percentage change in the Metal and Metal Products Index as published by the
          U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics. For the purposes of calculating
          the increase or decrease, the labor rate, including fringe benefits is $ ____ as of
          _____ and material based on the Material Products Index is ______ as of

                                          EXHIBIT A2



DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                                     8
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                                    SECTION 14310
                   EQUIPMENT           EQUIPMENT                            HOURS PER
BUILDING           TYPE                NUMBER             FREQUENCY         UNIT PER VISIT

Museum             Hydraulic               No. 1          Monthly           1
Public Safety      Hydraulic               No.1           Monthly                  1
Courthouse         Geared traction        Nos. 1, 2 & 3   Monthly                  1
Archives           Hydraulic              No. 1           Monthly                  1
Douglas Island     Hydraulic              No. 1           Monthly                  1
Governor‟s House   Dumbwaiter              No. 1          Monthly                  1

                                     EXHIBIT B2


                   EQUIPMENT              EQUIPMENT          SERVICE
BUILDING           TYPE                   NUMBER             PRICE

Museum             Hydraulic                      No.1       $

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                                              9
JUNEAU ELEVATOR LIMITED MAINTENANCE                                             SECTION 14310
Public Safety      Hydraulic                   No.1      $
Courthouse         Traction                    Nos.1-3   $
Archives           Hydraulic                   No.1      $
Douglas Island     Hydraulic                  No.1       $
Governor‟s House   Dumbwaiter                 No.1       $

                                          SUM TOTAL      $

                               END OF SPECIFICATIONS

DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES                                          10

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