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Why do I need VoIP?

  Talk for cheap, and in some           Replace your old phone line
  cases free!                           No need to worry about how much
  VoIP, or Voice over Internet, can     your phone bill is going to be!
                                        Skype™ to Skype calls are free,
  get you talking to anyone around
                                        Skype Out™ offers calls as low as
  the world for much less than your     2* cents a minute to landlines and
  typical phone line. Netphones are     mobile phones, and Skype In™
  usually free, while SIP-based VoIP    offers a telephone number for as
  requires monthly sub - scription      low as $3* a month. SIP-based VoIP
                                        monthly packages are inexpensive
  fees which are still less than the
                                        as well, with some service providers
  traditional telephone companies.      offering unlimited calling packages
  VoIP offers additional services       as low as $25* a month. Find out
  such as voice mail retrieval from     more, and see which kind of Voice is
  the   Internet   that   traditional   right for you:
  telephone services normally do
  not provide for free.                 *This is an example using $-costs depend on
                                        your country service provider.
What is VoIP?

  Talk for free, or at least           VoIP, on the other hand, treats
  much less.                           voice like any other piece of
                                       information being sent over the
  Simply put, VoIP (or Voice over
                                       Internet - by turning it into packets
  Internet Protocol) is telephony
                                       of data. These packets are
  using your broadband Internet        encoded into data files, sent over
  connection, or Internet telephony.   the Internet, and decoded back
  Traditional   telephone   service    into sound by a computer or
  takes your voice and turns it into   another device (such as a VoIP
  electronic signals which are sent    telephone adapter). Since you're
  over telephone company wires.        charged only when the Internet
  Those signals are then converted     data is converted and connected
                                       to the standard telephone system
  into sound by the telephone on
                                       on the other end, it is significantly
  the other end.
                                       cheaper than paying for both
                                       sides like a traditional voice calls.
Advantages of VoIP

  The biggest advantage of VoIP        Types of VoIP Services
  is cost savings. VoIP services
                                       There are two main types of
  are much cheaper than
                                       VoIP use in the home or office -
  traditional landline service,
                                       Netphones and SIP-based.
  and in some cases are even
                                       Netphones, also known as
  free. Another major strength of
                                       softphones,     are     software
  VoIP is its portability - since it
                                       applications that turn your
  uses the worldwide network of
                                       computer into a phone. The
  the Internet, users are not tied
                                       software is traditionally free,
  to any one physical location
                                       downloadable        from     the
  for a variety of services. As
                                       Internet, and requires nothing
  long as you have a computer, a
                                       other than an active Internet
  broadband connection and, in
                                       connection       and      sound
  some cases, a telephone
                                       capabilities. To improve sound
  adapter, you can make calls
                                       and conversation quality, most
  using your VoIP account.
                                       people use a handset or
                                       headset for conversations.
Advantages of VoIP

  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is   SIP-based VoIP adapters connect
  an application-layer protocol for      your existing telephone to the
  initiating, modifying, and             Internet through a piece of
  terminating an interactive user        hardware, usually a router,
  session that involves multimedia       telephone adapter, or IP phone. It
  elements such as video, voice,         requires a paid subscription to a
  instant messaging, online games,       service provider, such as Vonage®
  and virtual reality. In other words,   or AT&T CallVantageSM.
  it’s the handshaking system used
  for sending and receiving data
  files over the Internet. SIP is an
  open standard which allows for
  greater interoperability between
  SIP-based service providers.
What is Skype™?

  S k y p e i s t h e w o r l d ’s   How do USRobotics’ products
  fastest-growing ser vice for       work with Skype?
  Internet communication. It is a
                                     USRobotics Skype-certified and
  piece of free software that
                                     Skype-compatible products are
  allows people around the world
                                     designed to interface directly with
  to talk for free. Skype gives
                                     the Skype software to make
  users the ability to make clear,
  free calls using their broadband   Skype-to-Skype calls clear, easy to
  Internet connection.               manage, and just like traditional
                                     calling. USB Internet Phones and
                                     USB Internet Speakerphones plug
                                     directly into your computer’s USB
                                     1.1 or 2.0 port and enable you to
                                     make and receive free Skype calls
                                     from any other Skype user.
How do USRobotics
products work with
SIP-based VoIP?

  USRobotics      offers   service   provider. USRobotics gives service
  providers wireless VoIP routers,   providers a reliable, easy to install
  for use on existing VoIP           and use, secure VoIP router for
  networks. Designed with LAN        installation in customer’s homes
  ports, WAN ports, telephone        or small home offices.
  handset ports, and telephone
                                     What about Emergency Calling?
  line ports, subscribers can take
  advantage of their broadband       Netphones are not a replacement
  connection to power both voice     for your ordinary telephone and
  and data traffic. Users will be    cannot be used for emergency
  able to share their Internet       calling. SIP-based VoIP service
  connection     without    wires,   providers offer varying levels of
  secure their network with the      emergency calls connectivity. Check
  integrated advanced firewall,      with your service provider to learn
  and receive voice calls when       more.
  registered to a VoIP service
                                                      ernet P
                                                   Int       h

What is the USRobotics


USB Internet Phone

  The USRobotics USB Internet
  Phone USR809600 plugs into your     • Dial from phone or PC
  computer's USB port and allows      • Speed dial
  you to talk over the Internet for   • LCD Display shows "Skype" Caller ID,
  free! The USR809600 is designed       Call Status, time and Phone Status
  to work with Skype software. All    • Rings just like a normal phone and
  you need is a PC, broadband           features personalized ringtones
  Internet connection, and the
  software, available free at (You can also use
  other     Internet-based    voice
  services* from MSN, AOL, Yahoo,
                                                Cal the
  and Google Talk).                             world
  The USR809600 handset design
                                                for FREE!
  is familiar to everyone, as it
  resembles a cell phone or other
  small telephone. It offers
  improved call quality when
  compared       to    typical PC
  sound-card/headset options. The
  compact design also makes it
  easy to pack on business trips.
  The USB Internet Phone works
  just like "regular" phones:
                                                          net Speak

What is the USRobotics

                                                 USB I n

                                                                     P ho n e
USB Internet Speakerphone

   The USRobotics USB Internet             The speakerphone’s high-quality
   Speakerphone USR809610 makes            speaker allows for clear, easy to
   free Skype calls hands free. With       understand calls from around the
   powerful echo cancellation              world. In addition, the unit’s small
   technology, convenient volume and       size and resilient design allows
   mute buttons, and full-duplex           users to drop it into their laptop
   operation, the USR809610 works          bag without fear of damage.
   just like a traditional speakerphone,
   only without the costs of a long
   distance call. The speakerphone is
   light, and easy to install and use
   with the free software available
   from Skype.
                                                      phone A

What is the USRobotics

                                            US B

USB Telephone Adapter

   Using any standard telephone        telephone to make and receive
   you can now take full advantage     Skype calls. Enables Skype usage
   of the Skype Internet telephony     throughout a home or small
   application, while keeping the      business when used with a
   ability to place standard calls     cordless phone.
   over your telephone company
                                       Supports phone calls through
   supplied service. The USB
                                       Skype or over standard telephone
   Telephone adapter connects to
                                       lines from one phone. All you
   both your PC for Internet calling
                                       need is a PC, broadband
   and your telephone line. A
                                       connection, phone line and the
   second telephone port allows
                                       Skype™ client software.
   connection to a standard (or
   cordless) telephone.

   Simply install the software on a
   PC and the USB Telephone
   adapter to use any standard
                                                                phone A

What is the USRobotics

                                                    US B

USB Telephone Adapter

  Great benefits are:                     • Conference Calling - Conduct
                                            3-way conferences between
  • Skype Call Forwarding - Reduce
                                            Skype calls and regular land-line
    missed calls by forwarding
                                            telephone calls
    Skype calls to your mobile
    phone                                 • Caller ID - Displays Skype user
                                            name or land-line Caller ID
  • Advanced Call Waiting -
    Notification of incoming calls,       • Flexible solution - FREE Internet
    Skype or land-line and the              calling with high quality audio
    ability to switch between them          providing improved call quality
                                            when compared to PC sound-card
  • Toll Bypass - Make Skype calls
    from your mobile phone,
    bypassing        long-distance        • Advanced echo cancellation-
    charges,      domestic      or          Including     noise     reduction
    international                           technology to provide excellent
                                            call quality

                                            Public Switched
                                       Telephone Network (PSTN)


                   VoIP Call........                              PSTN Call........


                                                USR809620                Cordless Phone
                                         USB VoIP Adapter (rear view)
How does the USB                        Who should buy the USB
Internet Phone and                      Internet Phone, Speakerphone
Speakerphone work?                      and Telephone Adapter?

 Installation is easy! Simply install   • Anyone who already uses
 the free Skype software, install a       Skype to talk to friends and
 small driver from USRobotics, and        family, but would like to
 follow these simple instructions         improve the quality of their
 to start talking for free!               phone calls.
                                        •Anyone who makes
 • Start dialer
                                         International calls frequently
 • Select a person to call, then dial    and wants to reduce the use of
                                         pre-paid calling cards or long
 • Talk!
                                         distance calling charges.
                                        • Business users who want a
                                          low cost solution for calling
                                          home or the office when
                                        • Business users who want to
                                          hold meetings with vendors
                                          over Skype.

                                          To learn more about VoIP visit

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