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					                                  LIST OF MALAYSIAN DELEGATION

                  (PARTICIPANTS)                            PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST

1.    MINISTRY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND           Promotes and safeguards Malaysia‟s interests in the
      INDUSTRY (MITI)                                international trade arena.
      Block 10, Government Offices Complex
      Jalan Duta                                    Also spearheads the development of industrial
      50622 Kuala Lumpur                             activities to further enhance Malaysia‟s economic
      Tel: 03-6203 3022                              growth.
      Fax: 03-6201 0827 / 2301
      Contact persons:

      1. Mr. Wong Seng Foo
         Senior Director
         Economic & Trade Relations Division
      2. Mr. Davidson Dee Ladi
         Principal. Ass. Director
         Economic & Trade Relations Division
         (America, Africa & Europe)
      MALAYSIAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT             MIDA is the government‟s principal agency for the
      AUTHORITY (MIDA)                             promotion and coordination of industrial development in
      12th Floor, Block 4, Plaza Sentral,          Malaysia.
      Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
      50470 Kuala Lumpur.                          Services provided by MIDA include:
      Tel     : +603 2267 3633                       Promoting foreign and local investment in the
      Fax     : +603 2273 3872                        manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia
      Email :             Recommending policies and strategies on industrial
      Website:                 promotion and development
                                                     Evaluating applications for incentives manufacturing
      Contact persons                                 licenses, expatriate posts, duty exemption for raw
      3. Dato‟ Afifuddin Abdul Kadir                  materials, components and machinery
         Deputy Director General I                   Facilitating new and existing companies in the
                                                      implementation and operation of their projects.
      4. Mr. Azman Mahmud
         Senior Director
         Non-Resource Industry
      5. Mrs. Daiana Mohd Zain
         Deputy Director
         Foreign Investment Promotion
         (Europe & West Asia Zone)
      6. Mr. Muhammad Sawaddee Islamuddin
         Assistant Director
         Foreign Investment Promotion
         (Europe & West Asia Zone)
      7. Ms. Zurisma Zulkarnain
         Assistant Director
         Foreign Investment Promotion
         (Europe & West Asia Zone)

                      (PARTICIPANTS)                             PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
3.    MALAYSIA EXTERNAL TRADE DEVELOPMENT             MATRADE is the principal government agency
      CORPORATION (MATRADE)                           responsible for promoting the export of Malaysia
      Menara MATRADE,                                 manufactured and semi-manufactured products and
      Jalan Khidmat Usaha,                            services.
      Off Jalan Duta,
      50480 Kuala Lumpur,                             Services provided by MATRADE include:
      MALAYSIA                                          Providing information on Malaysian products and
      Tel     : +603 6207 7077                           services available for export
      Fax     : +603 6203 7037 / 7033                   Organizing business matching between foreign buyers
      Email :                        / importers with Malaysian exporters
      Website:                       Facilitating visits for foreign buying mission and
                                                         individual foreign buyers in Malaysia
      Contact persons
      8. Dato‟ Noharuddin Nordin
         Chief Executive Officer
      9. Ms. Rahmatul Naain Mohd Ruslan
         Western Europe & Nordic Countries Unit

4.    KEDAH INVESTMENT CENTRE                         Proposed Project Interest
      3 Floor, Block C, Wisma Darul Aman              Interested to meet UK based company interested in
      05503 Alor Setar                                establishing projects in Malaysia in specific sector such
      Kedah                                           as:-
                                                            Bio-Tech
      Tel    : +604-7325326                                 Bio-Agro
      Fax    : +604-7325484                                 High Technology Industries
      HP     : +6019 4457091                                Manufacturing
      Email :                      Transport
      Website :                     Tourism
                                                            Services
      Contact persons
                                                            SME
      10. Mr. Zafir Annuar Ghazali
          General Manager                             It is also State‟s “one-stop centre” for the industrial sector.

      NORTHERN CORRIDOR IMPLEMENTATION                Business Activities
      AUTHORITY (NCIA)                                Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (“NCIA”) is the
      Level 9, Menara TSH,                            statutory body responsible for establishing direction,
      No. 8 Jalan Semantan                            policies and strategies in relation to the Northern Corridor
      50490 Damansara Heights,                        Economic Region („Northern Corridor‟) development
      Kuala Lumpur                                    programme.
      Tel No : +603 2096 6888
      Fax No: +603 2096 6868                          Proposed Project Interest
      H/P      : +019 2882 202                        Interested to meet UK based company interested in
      E-mail :                     establishing projects in Malaysia in specific sector such
      Website:                        as:-
                                                            Manufacturing
      Contact person                                        Tourism
      11. Mr. Christopher Tan Chie Kiong                    Agriculture, and
          Senior Vice President                             Logistics

      13. Ms. Nurulhanan Abdul Jalil
          Vice President

      14. Ms. Noorsuriani Muhamed
          Vice President

No.        NAME AND ADDRESS OF COMPANY                                   CURRENT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES /
                  (PARTICIPANTS)                                         PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      STATE GOVERNMENT OF PERLIS                               Business Activities
      STATE ECONOMIC PLANNING UNIT (SEPU)                      Perlis State Economic Planning Unit is a State Agency
      Block A, Bangunan Dato‟ Mahmud Mat                       responsible for coordinating and promoting economic and
      Kangar                                                   industrial development in the State of Perlis.
      Tel : 6+04-9702160
      Fax : 604-9762951                                        Proposed Project Interest
      HP : 013-2062652                                         - Life science
      Email :                           - High tech industries
                                                               - SKYKOD - Medical Diagnostics(Erythrocte
      Contact person                                           Sedimentation Rate Analysers (ESR) and vacuum blood
      15. Hon. Dato‟ Seri DiRaja Syed Razlan Jamalullail       - Rainforest herb products
          Perlis State EXCO

      16. Mr. Najmuddin A.Rahman
          Planning and Business Development Manager

      17. Mr. Herwadey Hashim
          Assistant Director

      JOHOR CORPORATION                                        Business Activities
      9 Floor, Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak                        Government agency responsible in spearheading and
      Jalan Wong Ah Fook                                       promoting industrial development in the state of Johor. To
      80000 Johor Bahru                                        date, Johor Corporation has successfully developed more
      Tel    : +607 2226 922                                   than 29 industrial areas and parks. The most recently
      Fax    : +607 2242 221                                   developed areas are Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex,
                                                               Johor Technology Park, Pasir Gudang Industrial Area
      Contact Persons                                          (Zone 12B & 12 C) and Sedenak Industrial Park.
      19. Mr. Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim
                                                               Proposed Project Interest
          Senior Vice President
                                                               Interested to meet companies that are planning to locate
                                                               or expand their manufacturing, services and R&D projects
      20. Mr Yusof Rahmat
                                                               to Johor:-
          Chief Executive
          Project and Industrial Development
                                                                In the fields of palm oil base, petrochemical, photonics,
                                                                 marine related oil and gas, electrical & electronics,
                                                                 logistic, water fabrication, automation, environment and
                                                                 energy technology, solar technology, computer
                                                                 peripherals & software, advance electronics,
                                                                 equipment/instrumentation, biotechnology, electro-
                                                                 optic & non-linear optics, advanced materials,
                                                                 optoelectronics & aerospace.
                                                                Hospital Management
                                                                Logistics
                                                                Port Operation
                                                                Require big size of land for manufacturing activities.

                  (PARTICIPANTS)                                   PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      JOHOR STATE GOVERNMENT /                           Business Activities
      JOHOR STATE INVESTMENT CENTRE (JSIC)               To lead and facilitate activities of all the departments and
      Aras 3, Blok B, Bangunan Parcel C3S,               agencies under the portfolio of the committee. JSIC is to
      Pusat Pentadbiran Baru Kerajaan Negeri Johor       promote the State of Johor as the ideal investment
      (JSNAC),                                           destination in the region, as special purpose vehicle
      79000 Nusajaya,                                    (SPV) to facilitate foreign and domestic investments and
      Johor Bahru, Johor                                 to act as a point of reference for investors wishing to
      Tel     : +607 2667 720                            invest in Johor.
      Fax     : +607 2908 000/9000
      Website:                           Proposed Project Interest
                                                         Interested to meet companies that would like an in-depth
      Contact Persons                                    knowledge about investment opportunities in the State of
                                                         Johor especially in
      21. Mr. Mohamed Basir Bin Mohamed Sali
          General Manager                                         Electronics
                                                                  Biotechnology
      22. Mr. Mamdoh Dato‟ Hj Yusof                               Agriproducts &
          Manager                                                 Pharmaceuticals

      INVEST PERAK                                       Business Activities
      Level 4, Perak Techno Trade Centre                 Principal agency of The State Government of Perak
      Bandar Meru Raya                                   responsible for the promotion of investment in the
      Off Jalan Jelapang                                 manufacturing and services sectors to the State. It
      30020, Ipoh                                        provides advisory assistance to investors and a Centre of
      Perak, Malaysia                                    Investment (COI) on matters relates to State including
                                                         sourcing for local partners.
      Contact Person
                                                         Proposed Project Interest
      23. Ir. Muhammad Hafni Ibrahim                         Renewable energy sector
          Chief Executive                                    e.g. solar cells
                                                             Medical devices and implants
                                                             Foundry and engineering especially servicing the
                                                               oil and gas industries
                                                             Automotive components
                                                             Biotechnology related activities
                                                             High technology manufacturing
                                                             Foundry and engineering
                                                             Activities related to natural resources such as
                                                               ball-clay, calcium carbonates, sand and kaolin.
                                                             Development of halal products and services

No.        NAME AND ADDRESS OF COMPANY                               CURRENT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES /
                  (PARTICIPANTS)                                     PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      GBP INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD.                          Business Activities
      Office Suite 19-9-6, Level 9                         GBP International is the only operational service
      UOA Centre, 19 Jalan Pinang                          company, headquartered in Malaysia with a European
      50450 Kuala Lumpur                                   management and background. We are the preferred
      Tel     : +603 2162 8545                             business partner for European companies investing and
      Fax     : +603 2162 8546                             operating in Malaysia/Asia Pacific. Our services and
      Email :                     reference companies:
                                                            - Trouble shooting and crisis management
      Contact Persons                                       - Interim Management
                                                            - Market Intelligence
      24. Mr. Volker Friedrich
                                                            - Performance Environment Programmes
          Managing Director
                                                            - HR assessment & evaluation
                                                            - Procurement Services
                                                            - Sales & Distribution Development

                                                           Proposed Project Interest
                                                           Seeking contact with companies considering a new
                                                           engagement in Malaysia/Asia and companies which are
                                                           operating    already    and     required     third   party
                                                           support/opinions and solutions which assist in reducing
                                                           costs and improve the bottom line of their business.

      ZPMC TECHCON RESOURCES (M) SDN BHD                   Business Activities
      Learning Centre, Resources Centre,                   Offers business consulting services focusing on public
      Technology Park Malaysia,                            sectors‟ needs, especially in enhancing business
      Lebuhraya Puchong,                                   performance through realignment of processes and
      57000 Sg. Besi,                                      reducing organizational risk through appropriate in-source
      Kuala Lumpur                                         or out-source activities.
      Tel     : +603 8996 7019
      Fax     : +603 8996 7091                             Proposed Project Interest
      Email :                            Seeking for mutual benefit collaboration of technology
      Wesite :                             that could be transferred to Malaysia. Interested in
                                                           management services in health technology and system
      Contact Persons                                      integration technology.
      25. Mr. Bachtiar Effendi Bin Zainal Abidin
          Managing Director
      26. Mrs. Azura Binti Ali
          Sales Director

      SAPURA GROUP                                         Proposed Project Interest
      Sapura @ Mines,                                      Technology collaboration both with existing and new/
      No.7 Jalan Tasik, The Mines Resort City, 43300       potential partners, business opportunities and potential
      Seri Kembangan,                                      investment opportunities in the area of oil and gas,
      Selangor                                             secured communications and telco.
      Tel     : +603-8949 7000
      Fax     : +603-8945 4545
      Email :
      Website :

      Contact Persons
      27. Mr. Nasser Abu Bakar
          Senior General Manager
          Business Development

                  (PARTICIPANTS)                              PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      ROMSTAR SDN BHD                               Business Activities
      No.8 Jalan 5/91A                              Oil & Gas Service Company Specializing in Pipelines
      Taman Shamelin Perkasa                        inspection work and trading of products and services
      56100 Kuala Lumpur                            regionally.

      Tel : 603-92823434                            Proposed Project Interest
      Fax : 603-92824434                             Pipeline inspection technology collaboration in R&D,
      HP : 6019 3801270
                                                     MFL/ Intelligent Pigging work in Europe and the
      Email :
      Website :
                                                     Able to market, promote, market research of
      Contact Person:                                   products and services in Malaysia/ Region

      28. Mr. Baharom Hamzah
          Managing Director

      KULIM TECHNOLOGY PARK CORPORATION             Business Activities
      SDN BHD                                       Entrusted by government of Malaysia to spearhead the
      Suite 3.01-3.02, 3 Floor,                     country trust towards high value added industrialization
      KHTP Business Centre                          and R&D activities. Offers an ideal combination of
      Kulim Hi-Tech Park,                           location, support facilities, and human resources, geared
      09000 Kulim                                   for high technology and R&D companies wishing to
      Kedah Darul Aman                              establish a base in Southern Asia.
      Tel     : +604 403 2420
      Fax     : +604 403 1973                       Proposed Project Interest
      Website:                      Meeting companies that are planning to locate or expand
                                                    their manufacturing and R&D base to Southeast Asia in
      Contact Persons                               areas of electronic s particularly in the semiconductor and
                                                    the disk drive industries, alternative energy sources,
      29. Mr. Anuar Mohd Saffar
                                                    telecommunication,      mechatronics,       optoelectronics,
          Vice President
                                                    biotechnology & advanced materials.

                                                    Also seeks strategic alliance and synergistic collaboration
                                                    with established companies and institutions in the areas
                                                    of R&D, human resource development, training, and

      UEM LAND HOLDINGS BERHAD                      Business Activities
      Nusajaya Centre,                              UEM Land focused on a range of infrastructure-related
      No 8, Ledang Heights,                         businesses, including real estate investment business and
      79250 Nusajaya, Johor                         acquired extensive reserves of land in Johor, known as
      Website:                 Nusajaya. UEM Land has reposition Nusajaya as a
      Mr. Salemy Bin Arshat                         regional city with diverse catalyst developments to create
      Manager                                       and promote economic growth and development in the
      UEM Land Berhad                               area, as well as to meet various economic activities and
      Tel     : +607 2773 700                       market demands.
      Fax     : +607 2773 699
      H/P     : +019 3872 616                       Proposed Project Interest
      Email :             Looking for preferred business partner, investors and
      Wesite:                  industrialists.

      Contact Person
      30. Mr. Salemy Arshat

No.           NAME AND ADDRESS OF COMPANY                             CURRENT BUSINESS ACTIVITIES /
                     (PARTICIPANTS)                                   PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      CYBERVIEW                                             Business Activities
      SME Technopreneur Centre Cyberjaya,                   Cyberview are the landowner of the ICT hub of Malaysia –
      2270 Jalan Usahawan 2,                                Cyberjaya, The Intelligent City, Cyberjaya which provides
      63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor                             over 50 multinasional companies with state of the art
      Tel    : +603 8315 6111                               infrastructure and is home to over 17,000 K-based
      Fax    : +603 8315 6129                               professionals.
      Email :                           - The city is designed to Live, Work, Study & play
      Website:                           - Availability of office space for rent and vacant lands
                                                                for office buildings
      Contact Person:                                         - Supply of human capital – home to Multimedia &
                                                                Technology; Creative Multimedia & Innovation and
      31. Mr. Mohd. Yuri Md Khalili
                                                                Medical Sciences universities with over 20,000
          General Manager
                                                              - Skilled local staff speaking Business English
      32. Mr. Hafidz Hashim
                                                              - State of the art communications & technology
          Managing Director
                                                              - Attractive Government Incentives

                                                            Proposed Project Interest
                                                              - To meet other ICT companies wishing to invest and
                                                                start-up ICT business in Cyberjaya.
                                                              - To find strategic partners to exchange and share
                                                                software parks‟ best practices so as to explore
                                                                business potentials with other ICT companies
                                                              - To participate in the EU funded projects as suppliers
                                                                of creative multimedia, internet based businesses
                                                                and SSO companies.

      TEKNO LOGAM SDN BHD                                   Business Activities
      Plot 3, Kawasan Perusahaan Sungai Petani (LPK),       Manufacturing of metal pipe fittings and gaskets polish
      Fasa 4                                                and lapping of seals, precision machining using CNC,
      08000 Sungai Petani                                   laser, turret and saxis milling, power generation and
      Kedah                                                 upstream oil/ gas parts distributor.

      Tel      : +604 441 3770                              Proposed Project Interest
      Fax      : +604 441 3566                              Agencies and joint manufacturing of product related to oil
      HP       : +6019 4773770                              and gas, power and water distribution, solar cell installer
      Email    :                          and related products for joint venture or licenses to
      Contact Person:
      33. Mr. Mohd Kamal Bahrin Thahir
          Managing Director

      SKYKOD POLYSCIENCE SDN BHD                            Business Activities
      Plot 82 Jalan PKNK 1/8                                An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for life science
      Sungai Petani Industrial Estate                       hematology medical instrument and mission critical
      08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah                            communication cryptography GSM device for enforcement
      Tel      : +604 4422881                               authority.
      Fax      : +604 4422885
      Email    :                         Proposed Project Interest
      Website :                              Hematology medical instrument distributor or OEM
                                                            manufacturer that interested in our ESR Analyser medical
      Contact Person:                                       instrument. Enforcement authority who are interested in
                                                            cryptography GSM device to protect and secured the
      34. Mr. Spencer Yeoh
                                                            GSM communication
          Group CEO

                  (PARTICIPANTS)                       PROPOSED PROJECT INTEREST
      WESTERN DIGITAL (M) SDN BHD            Business Activities
      Lot3, Jalan SS8/6                      Manufacture of hard disk drives
      Sungai Way FIZ
      47300 Petaling Jaya
      Tel     : +603 7870 5007
      Fax     : +603 7870 5501
      Email :

      Contact Person:
      35. Datuk Syed Hussian Junid
          Senior Director
          Business & Operation Support