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Agilent OSS Backgrounder
Accelerate Profitability with Proven Customer, Service and
Network Assurance Solutions
The challenges faced by service providers to reduce costs, increase revenue and attract and
retain customers can best be met by streamlining network operations systems and customer
support processes, bringing new services to market quickly and delivering consistently high
standards of service quality. To become efficient and profitable, organizations need simplified,
automated, modular and flexible operations support systems (OSS) to drive down costs and
increase customer satisfaction.

Agilent OSS Solutions for Wireless, Wireline and IP Services
Agilent’s comprehensive suite of customer-centric service and network assurance solutions
enables communications service providers to get new services to market quickly, improve
quality of service and reduce cost of operations. Our open, modular family of wireline and
wireless solutions supports both today’s and next generation network architectures, by
improving levels of performance and reducing fault resolution times. They also help generate
new revenues by providing comprehensive customer, service and network usage information
to enhance the sales, marketing, fraud and wholesale billing functions. Our customer-centric
OSS’s for customer, service and network assurance help service providers reduce complexity,
improve return on assets and increase staff effectiveness — for an overall decrease in cost per

Customer Assurance
Today’s communications services offerings involve the orchestrated interaction between
traditional network carriers, other service providers, roaming partners and content suppliers.
Customer demand for end-to-end service quality is causing the industry to move from a
“network only” focus to finding ways for delivering and assuring the highest possible quality of
experience (QoE) for customers. Agilent’s customer-centric service assurance solutions
address the challenges brought by this new operational focus, offering service providers the
ability to sort through tremendous amount of information flowing through the network to get
valuable customer experience information. Our comprehensive solutions display end-to-end
service performance for individual customers, groups of customers or customer categories,
helping service providers to understand not only the quality of service to the customer, but also
how network and service information relates to each customer. This information is important to
network operations teams that keep networks and services running smoothly, allowing them to
prioritize repairs based on customer impact, and is business-critical to the customer care,
marketing, planning and corporate sales groups tasked with customer retention, value-added
services upselling and new services rollout.

Service Assurance
Attracting and retaining customers today depends on a service provider’s ability to quickly roll
out compelling, new, value-added services. And, these new services need to be delivered
along with legacy services with the same consistent, premium service quality levels that keep
customers satisfied. Fundamental to ensuring quality of service (QoS) and fulfilling service
level agreements (SLAs) is continuous, real-time monitoring, reporting and testing of service
performance over 2G, 2.5G, 3G, IP and traditional networks. With Agilent OSS solutions,
service providers can immediately rectify degradation in service quality by identifying and
resolving problems -- preventing revenue loss and customer churn. By measuring and
reporting service performance in real time, Agilent’s automated service assurance solutions
help providers understand service quality from handset to content.

Network Assurance
Service quality and customer satisfaction rely on a healthy network infrastructure. To minimize
service disruption, providers need the ability to quickly diagnose and pinpoint network
problems to a root cause. Ongoing network monitoring enables providers to detect and correct
potential problems before service to customers is impacted. Today, Agilent solutions solve
real-world problems in all parts of the wireless and wireline infrastructure —radio access, circuit
and packet core, signaling and control, interconnect, service infrastructure and links to third
party content and service providers. By providing advanced measurements through flexible,
intelligent network management and monitoring architectures, Agilent solutions present unique
views of network and service operations that no other vendor can match.

Positioned for the Next Wave
Agilent is the largest supplier of telecom service assurance products worldwide (OSS Observer
InView: Agilent Technologies; August 2004 analyst report by Patrick Kelly and Sheridan Nye),
the number one provider of OSS that use signaling data to manage networks and the market
leader in VoIP service assurance. Agilent’s strong set of proven solutions, large install base of
more than 200 service providers worldwide and focus on research and development
excellence ensures its leadership in providing revolutionary technologies, mission-critical
solutions and services to help make and keep service providers profitable.