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									                               Cataclysm Changes 2

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             Building the Perfect Character for World of Warcraft after the Cataclysm
                               Tips for a New Goblin in Cataclysm
                              Tips for a New Worgen in Cataclysm
                                   Cataclysm Leveling Secrets
                                5 Cataclysm Gold Making Secrets

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Building the Perfect Character for World of Warcraft after the Cataclysm
The Cataclysm has happened. World of Warcraft will never be the same as the entire original world
has been completely overhauled from the ground up. But, what does that mean for you and your
roster of characters? Are you set for the new challenges or will you need to reroll a new option to
take advantage of everything the game has to offer?
New Races
First up, there are the two new races. For the most part, these two new races are an aesthetic
decision. By choosing either of them, you’ll be able to play through a new starter area from Level 1-
13. However, there are some benefits to either. The Worgen is able to act as its own mount while the
Goblin offers a slew of economic benefits such as its Pack Hobgoblin that calls up bank access for 1
minute and its vendor discounts.
Crowd Control Focus
End game content has shifted slightly too to put a heavy focus on the use of crowd control instead
of things like resistance and penetration. That means classes with heavy CC abilities like Hunters,
Priests and Rogues are more important than ever before while other classes have gained new CC
abilities that will have a profound impact on how the game is played.
If you play as a healer or tank, the game probably hasn’t changed too much for you, though some
healers have had their spells simplified to make this a more straightforward process. But, if you
normally play DPS or an off-roll, your mechanics are likely slightly different.
Speccing and Mastery
Before Cataclysm, the talent trees were getting pretty big with top talents at 51 points and multiple
scrolls required to see the entire thing. Now, however, the game has actually stepped back and cut
down the talent trees to just 31 point caps in each tree and a requirement to spend your points up to
level 69 in just one tree.
So, if you are used to playing a heavy hybrid class such as Arcane/Fire Mage or Mark/Survival
Hunter, you will now be forced to select a character with a lot more focus in one talent tree. That’s
not necessarily a bad thing however, as players will now receive a Mastery bonus for whichever tree
they max out in. Those mastery bonuses include heavy damage dealing spells, big time heals, and
support options that are necessary for top tier performance.
On the surface, many of the changes made by Blizzard in Cataclysm simplified the game quite a bit.
But, with so many options, so many possible uses for your class and so many ways to interpret
those abilities, it’s almost impossible to over-simplify a game like World of Warcraft.
More than anything make sure you pick a class that you enjoy with abilities you won’t mind using
for hours or days at a time in the future. With that in mind, there is no “perfect” character for World
of Warcraft, just the one you’ll enjoy most.

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Tips for a New Goblin in Cataclysm
When Cataclysm was announced, you have to admit that the Goblin race sounded pretty lame. This
was a tiny green race that was going to be way too similar to the Alliance’s Gnomes – a group of
little guys with technical skills that look silly in Tier 10 armour. Luckily, Blizzard was well aware of
how their newest Horde race would look and went to great measures to ensure it would turn out
looking not only cool, but playing as one of the most fun run-throughs in the game.
Starting as a Goblin
Goblins start out on their home of Kezan, actually a little before the Cataclysm. You’ll go through
some very interesting quests, including driving a hot rod around the island, stealing from the
Merchant Prince, and digging up ore in a goofy mine.
Once you reach Level 5 or 6, you’ll go through a cut scene that will transfer you to the Lost Isles.
This is where you’ll run into the Horde and find your calling as the newest member of the assault
against the Alliance.
So, What Makes a Goblin So Great?
Goblins can start the game as Mages, Priests, Rogues, Warlocks, Warriors, Shamans, and Hunters in
Kezan, or as Death Knights at Level 55. That means they have a wide variety of options for how to
play the game, including the lore to go with each.
However, what really makes the Goblin so popular right now (besides the wickedly hilarious quest
chains up to Level 20) is their number of racial abilities. Racials have always been interesting, but
never before have they been this useful in the game.
As a Goblin, you’ll have access to:
* Rocket Jump – Jump Forward ability on a 2 minute cooldown. For now, it’s just fun, but in PvP
this will be a big help to avoid Line of Sight.
* Rocket Barrage – Shares the 2 minute cooldown with Rocket Jump and allows a pretty hefty last
minute attack with your belt, scaled to your level.
* Time is Money – You get a 1% increase to all attack and casting speeds. This is huge for DPS in
* Best Deals Anywhere – You’ll get the best possible discount from all vendors, regardless of your
faction. A very nice boost for top end items.
* Pack Hobgoblin – This is a big one. There are some pets that offer similar bonuses, but you get it
at level 1. Bank access for 1 minute on a 30 second cooldown.
* Better Living Through Chemistry – 15 skill boost to Alchemy
To me, this is by far the coolest and most complete collection of racial abilities in the game, right up
there with Forsaken and their underwater breathing and corpse healing.
Picking a Goblin
So, if you make the big decision and opt to go with a Goblin, now is the time to make sure you pick
a class that you also enjoy and are ready for the long grind from Level 1 to 85. Of course, don’t
forget that there is an entire new Azeroth out there to explore and plenty of Goblin-centred quests to
partake of.

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Tips for a New Worgen in Cataclysm
Admittedly, the Worgen are probably the single coolest new race added to the game since the
original game was released back in 2004. Whether you’ve been a loyal Alliance player for the life
of the game or if you’ve been with the Horde, killing tons of Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes, you
have to admit – Worgens are pretty sweet.
But, what makes them a good choice if you opt to reroll now that Cataclysm is live? First up, you
have the incredibly cool quest chains that make up the Worgen starting area. Phased over the course
of the Worgen curse, then the Forsaken invasion, you’ll need to fight off not only your fellow
Gilneans but the residents of Silverpine when the wall comes down.
Building Your Worgen
When you get started, you’ll be able to choose from Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Druid,
or Hunter as your class at Level 1. You can also create a Level 55 Worgen as a Death Knight,
though you’ll miss out on all of the cool Gilneas phased quests if you do so. While the Worgens
don’t get quite as many cool abilities as their Goblin counterparts, there are still some pretty
interesting options for Alliance players rerolling.
* Darkflight – You get a 40% boost to movement speed for 10 seconds while on your feet.
* Viciousness – Gives you a nice 1% boost to all critical strike. Will come in handy for DPS that
relies on crits like Rogues, Mages and Hunters.
* Aberration – Unfortunately, this got a nerf. Originally, it was planned to reduce curse and disease
effects, but due to balance issues it now acts to boost Nature and Shadow resistance. Still good, but
not nearly as effective for things like PvP.
* Flayer – Adds 15 skill to skinning with a .5 second speed boost. This will be huge when going
through a zone where a bunch of beasts have just been killed.
* Two Forms – Allows you to transform between human and worgen forms.
* Running Wild – Worgens won’t get access to their own racial mounts. Instead, you will drop to all
fours and run on your own. It’s available right away, but won’t offer the 60% speed boost until you
reach level 20.
For the first few days playing as a Worgen, most players will just sit around playing with the switch
between Human and Worgen and dropping into Running Wild form. For the most part, there are not
too many features of the Worgen that make them stand out over other races, but they are so
incredibly cool that you’ll have a blast nonetheless.
If you choose to play as a Worgen, be prepared for a prolonged quest chain that will take between 3-
5 hours to complete on your road to Level 13. Once the chain is complete, most of your starting
resources will be relocated to Stormwind City where you’ll find Genn Graymane with the Alliance
leaders. You’ll also find quite a few NPCs littered throughout the older zones of Azeroth. You’re
pretty much guaranteed to have a blast, though, so if you’re Alliance and looking for a fun new way
to enjoy the game, definitely check out the Worgen race.

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Cataclysm Leveling Secrets
Since the Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft was launched, players around the globe are
hunting for ways to get a fast jump start on their rerolls and their main characters on the push to
level 85. If you’ve just started playing the new expansion, or even better, just started World of
Warcraft in general, these levelling tips will help you to speed up your push to level 85 many times
Levelling Boosts
For those starting at Level 1, you can get a good jump in levelling speed if you use the Recruit a
Friend feature offered by Blizzard. You gain triple experience while attached to another character
and also gain “grantable levels” that you can use later on veteran players. It’s a pretty sweet deal for
those that are brand new to the game.
But, even for those not new, there are ways to get XP boosts. Rested XP, for example, can provide
up to a 100% boost for one full level if you logout while in a town or inn. You can also get a boost
to your XP with Heirloom items. You’ll need a level 80 character to get the Heirlooms in the first
place, but they are extremely useful when you get them. And for guild members, there is a new
guild levelling system that will provide a potential XP boost of up to 10%.
Grouping Up
The fastest way to level is through quests. But, if you’d rather play with your friends and not rush
through quests playing solo, the game has been built in a way that very much supports grinding with
a group. Even without tricky gameplay, you can use the Dungeon Finder or a guild group to blast
through lower level mobs and get the XP needed as low as level 15 when the first dungeons become
Class Selection
Blizzard has done a good job making most of the classes levelling friendly, but that doesn’t mean
some are not better than others. Hunters have always been the best levelling class in the game,
while Warlocks, Paladins, and Rogues also do a great job of solo play. They are all very hard to kill
and changes to regeneration speed have made them extremely effective at staying up without having
to stop for water or food.
Levelling at 80
If you are already at Level 80 and want to get through the new content in Azeroth as fast as
possible, there are not many tricks. Most quests are progressive story-chains. The best tip I can give
you is to avoid peak server hours when the majority of players are online fighting for space.
World of Warcraft is a fantastic game with thousands of quests and opportunities to join up with
other players. Speed levelling is good if you need to catch up with your fellow guild members, but
don’t neglect the chance to have a good time while you’re playing. After all, this is a game and
Blizzard has put a lot of work into their Azeroth revamp.

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5 Cataclysm Gold Making Secrets
With Cataclysm finally on store shelves around the globe, millions of players are looking for ways
to get ahead, wondering what it will take to once again make the most possible gold in World of
Warcraft. And for those that were at the top of their game before, the new gold cap of 1 million is
severely setting back a lot of players who would otherwise have started out way ahead. Luckily, you
have the following five tips to help you on your way.
Reroll Professions
As long as Cataclysm is new, the best way to make gold in the game will be to farm ore and herbs
from throughout the starting zones. When Cataclysm first hit the servers, players were making as
much as 1,000 gold per stack of Elementium. Of course, that has dropped a bit since then, but until
the game gets close to its first major patch (probably in April or May of 2011), those ores and herbs
will be selling for huge gold. Plus, some professions like Engineering, Leatherworking, and
Inscription just aren’t cutting it right now.
Get Your Volatiles
You can farm volatiles while farming for ore and herbs, but you can also load up on these little guys
by killing elemental mobs, especially in instances like the Skywall. If you’re at level 83, get into
Uldum with some friends and hit up the Skywall instances for some big time Volatile returns.
New Servers
If you choose right now to change servers, almost everything you sell will be worth a fortune. Only
low level players interested in going through the Goblin and Worgen starting areas (or rerolling)
will start on new servers right now and you can set the prices in a fresh economy.
Old World Flying
In the last two expansions, you had to wait for a few levels to get your flying upgrade. In Cataclysm
you can get it for 200 gold as soon as you hit level 80 (if you’re not there already). Take that old
world flying and start looking for old world ores and herbs that can sell to players who just rerolled
to check out the revamped old world. You’ll be shocked by how much gold you can make on
Copper Ore or Peacebloom right now.
Use the Auction House Liberally
The auction house has always been the best way to make gold in World of Warcraft. Right now,
careful training means this is still the case. So, if you haven’t yet installed Auctioneer or
Auctionator and are interested in making some big time gold, load up on the add-ons, start scanning
and look for good deals.
The best way to make gold in the Auction House is through steady repetition and the maintenance
of a solid spreadsheet tracking what you’ve purchased and how much gold you spent on it (at what
There are of course dozens of other new items and hot trading tips that have made Cataclysm a gold
maker’s paradise once again. The best way to get rich is to just get in there and start playing. Have
fun and make sure to hold on to what you make. You never know when a good investment
opportunity will crop up!

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