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Swea City Assisted Living Center


									                                                                                                  World of Wilcon

   Quality | Experience | Satisfaction                                                                      Fall 2010

Featured Project                                  The main entrance provides convenient
Swea City                                         access to the great room and to the
                                                  attached clinic.

Assisted Living
Swea City, Iowa

         	 16-unit	assisted	living	center	with			
         	 attached	medical	clinic	opened		
         	 this	summer	in	Swea	City,	Iowa.	
Wilcon	began	construction	in	November	
2009,	shortly	before	severe	cold	and	
heavy	snows	struck	the	region.	Fittingly,	
                                 perhaps,	the	
                                 building	was	
                                 this	June,	
                                 when	heavy	
                                 rain,	wind,	
                                 and	tornado	
                                 created	a	
                                 final	set	of	
Each apartment features a for	the	
small kitchenette.               contractors.
                                 features	one-	
                                 and	two-
                                 and	one	
                                 efficiency	unit	
                                 for	guests.	
                                 Amenities	at	
                                 the	assisted	
                                 living	center	
A fireside gathering area in include	a	           Meals will be served in the spacious dining room.
the great room.                  large	multi-
                                 purpose	room	
                                 with	attached	             1512 7th Avenue South • P.O. Box 502
catering	kitchen.	Seating	and	dining	                                      St. James, MN 56081-0502
areas	in	the	multi-purpose	room	and	two	                     tel: 507-375-5464 • fax: 507-375-4707
separate	sitting	areas	provide	ample	space	                    Mankato, MN Office: tel: 507-345-6653
for	social	interaction.                                        
                                                                                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                       MANKATO, MN 56001
                                                                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 66

   1512 7th Avenue South
        P.O. Box 502
 St. James, MN 56081-0502
  MN Building Contractor ID# 8761

When And How We Honor                                                                                                                      Is There A
Our Veterans                                                                                                                               Building
The following are excerpts from the prize-winning essay of 12-year-old Andrew Kinnetz:

                                                                                                                                           Project In
              hen	should	we	honor	our	veterans?	We	shouldn’t	
              have	to	ask	when,	because	this	should	be	a	natural	
              daily	routine	by	all	Americans	who	like	their	
freedom	of	speech,	religion,	and	the	right	to	bear	arms.	We	
                                                                                                                                           Your Future?
should	honor	them	by	thanking	them	for	the	sacrifices	that	they	                                                                               Construction	costs	and	interest	
have	made	and	for	helping	us	to	keep	the	freedoms	we	have.                                                                                 rates	remain	low,	making	this	an	
    The	Pledge	of	Allegiance	should	be	said	by	every	student	in	                                                                           opportune	time	to	build.	Wilcon	
every	school	no	matter	what	their	ethnic	background	or	beliefs	                                                                            Construction	has	a	solid	team	and	
are.	This	is	a	way	to	show	respect	and	acts	as	a	reminder	for	                                                                             well-defined	processes	in	place	
                                                      the	valiant	                                                                         to	provide	you	with	a	positive	
                                                      veterans	that	have	given	so	much.	                                                   building	experience.	If	you’re	
                                                      They	leave	their	families,	give	                                                     ready	to	renovate	your	existing	
                                                      up	their	jobs,	and	endanger	their	                                                   facility	or	build	something	new,	
                                                      lives	to	keep	us	safe.	These	men	                                                    please	call	800-450-6625.	Give	
                                                      and	women	must	be	away	from	                                                         Wilcon	a	chance	to	earn	your	
                                                      friends,	family,	good	food,	comfort	                                                 trust.
                                                      and	safety	for	a	long	period	of	
                                                      time.	These	men	and	women	are	
                                                      the	ultimate	heroes	of	the	United	
                                                      States	of	America.	They	should	
                                                      be	honored	every	day	by	every	
                                                      American	no	matter	what.
Andrew Kinnetz is the son of Lynette and Denny
Kinnetz. Lynette works as a project manager assistant
at Wilcon and also handles the Human Resources
duties. Denny is one of many American veterans to
whom each of us owes a great debt of gratitude.
         We’re doing our part. This newsletter is printed on environmentally-friendly paper—50% recycled, using 25% post-consumer waste, and is composed of a mixture of fibers from certified
         forests, post-consumer recycling processes and fibers from other controlled sources.

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