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									                                            “Shake it, baby!”

Duke - The hero, First appearing in the 1991 video game
Duke Nukem, voiced by Jon St. John. is a confident, aggres-
sive, muscle-man, with sheer machismo and expertise with
automatic weapons. (However, there is evidence in Duke
Nukem 3D that he may have been genetically engineered.)

Assault Trooper HP: 30-They were the first wave of aliens
to invade earth. They are very common and highly mobile,
spanning from the L.A to the space levels.

Assault Captain HP: 60 - It wears a red vest and carries a
"Phase-Induced Teleportation Device" on its wrist, which
allows them to teleport around, which they tend to do
so behind Duke.

Pig Cop HP: 100- Pig Cops are strong, they can walk on hot
lava, toxic slime or walk/stand underwater for endless
amount of times, while Duke would need protective boots
or scuba gear.

Recon Patrol Vehicle HP: 130- The Recon Patrol Vehicle is
one of the two vehicles used by the specially trained Pig
Cops. Also Pig Cops will always survive and attack you
with their mighty shotguns!

Riot Tank/Scorpion Tank HP: 500- If players manage behind
the tank, they can press the obvious self-destruct button
on the back to destroy the vehicle, but the resulting
blast can harm the player as well.

Octabrain HP: 175- They are not fast moving but they can
take to the air as easily as they dominate the bodies of
water, giving them versatility
                                               image sources wally waffles

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