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									Job Hunting on the Internet
Most of the job services and information below are free. Be aware that some sites offer services for a fee, such as professional resume review.

The U.S. Department of Labor Website Click on the “Jobseekers” link on the left of the page to view in-depth information including government benefits for unemployment, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and government services available to jobseekers. New Mexico Workforce Connection A great place to start (and possibly end) the job search, this site includes tools that allow individuals to create and save a resume online, as well as job listings. The Department also offers in-person help at locations listed on the site.

General Web Sites Indeed is like Google for job searches – it searches hundreds of job posting sites all at once.’s job search resource includes information on all aspects of the job search, from job listings to resume templates to interview advice. Specific help for Job Transitioning Information and strategies for getting jobs in indemand fields that don’t require “years and years of schooling,” or that take into account work history. Jobs in New Mexico Specifically technical jobs in New Mexico. Government Employment Federal job listings; most can be applied for online. City of Albuquerque City of Rio Rancho

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Students/First Time Job Seekers Targeted to high school, college, and graduate students. Info for students and parents on prospective career choices, and how to get from here to there – not necessarily through four or more years of college! Hourly Employment This site features everything from positions available at fast food restaurants to teaching positions with private preschools, and all sorts of hourly work in between. Most jobs can be applied for online. Seasonal Employment Most of the jobs on this site are geared towards outdoor work, such as with ski resorts and national parks. Full-time, year-round employment with seasonal employers is also offered, including within New Mexico. Military Veterans Geared towards veterans, this government site details strategies for successful transition into civilian work life, as well as job postings. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions has links and services available specifically for veterans. Additionally, there are Veterans Representatives available in person at the Workforce Solutions Centers who are trained specifically to assist veterans with job searches. Many are vets themselves. Resumes (Templates, examples, form-generated and more!) (Under “Job Seeker Services”)

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