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									Tewkesbury Borough Council Access Statement - Disability
Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA)

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) provisions came into effect on
2nd December 1996. They were further amended by the Disability
Discrimination Act 1995 (Amendment) Regulations 2003, which came into
force on 1 October 2004. Part 3 of the Act covers disabled peoples’ right not
to be discriminated against in relation to access to goods, facilities and
services. The Act has been extended by new legislation passed in April
2005. Public bodies, including local authorities, now have a duty to promote
equality for disabled people. The DDA defines disability as:

“a medical condition or a physical or mental impairment which has a
substantial and long-term effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day
to day activities". In a lot of cases it’s not these conditions that causes
problems for the person but the way society is organised.

Disability can therefore be seen as the loss or limitation of opportunities to
take part in society on an equal level with others due to barriers in society or
the environment. In a lot of cases it’s not these conditions that cause
problems for the person but the way society is organised. Disability is
therefore caused by "barriers" or elements of social organisation, which take
little or no account of people who have impairments. Society disables people
who have impairments because the way it is set up prevents them from taking
part in everyday life.

Disabling barriers include: prejudice and stereotypes; inaccessible buildings;
inflexible ways of organising things like work; inaccessible information;
inaccessible transport and beliefs about the way people should look.

Actions at Tewkesbury Council:

To improve accessibility Tewkesbury Borough Council have undertaken an
audit for all the buildings that it has a responsibility for, as well as play areas
and car parks. These surveys have been carried out by experts in this field.
Budgets have been made available for reasonable adjustments. In
circumstances where the recommendations made were considered to be
unreasonable or not appropriate, the Council’s policy to deliver the service in
an alternative way to “bring the service to the customer”.

Specific Issues at Council Premises which have not been resolved but an
alternative means of service delivery has been provided:

        Council Offices: there are two specific problems at the offices:
           o Committee Room 3: is not accessible because the only access
              is via a staircase. This room is not used for meetings which
              form part of the democratic process; it is used for officer
              meetings and is occasionally booked by outside bodies. Should
              any person attending a meeting be unable to use the staircase

               the meeting will be moved to either Committee Room 1 or
               Committee Room 2. The booking form for the rooms in the
               Committee Suite give an opportunity to indicate any specific
               access requirements.
            o Planning Reception: is located on the second floor of the
               Council Offices. Should any person be unable to use the lift to
               access this service, there are two alternatives; a member of the
               Customer Services Team will accompany the individual in the
               lift, or a member of the Planning Team will meet the individual in
               reception or in one of the interview booths.
        Cascades Swimming Pool: again there are two specific issues at
            o Viewing Gallery: is accessed via a metal spiral staircase.
               Should anyone wish to watch a swimming gala or their child in a
               lesson or simply swimming space can be made available in the
               lower viewing area or at poolside for chairs or wheelchairs.
            o The Access Ramp: is steeper than the current regulations
               specify. Again arrangements will be made for members of staff
               at Cascdes to assist anyone who has difficulty with the ramp.

Under the act the Council has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to
ensure that employment arrangements or premises do not put a disabled
person at a disadvantage in comparison with a non-disabled person.

We have reviewed all Tewkesbury Borough Council's policies and service
provision n line with the DDA.

Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) treats the safety of all its staff and visitors
as being of the utmost importance. TBC HQ Emergency Evacuation
Handbook deals with a safe and swift evacuation of the building for all.

Tewkesbury Borough Council promotes equal opportunities for all. If you
require further information about our employment policies or procedures,
please contact the Human Resources Division on 01684 272030/1/2. In
addition our employment monitoring report is available on our website –


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