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					                  Everybody says he was mad.

A person of age 45 working in Government Company in India,
having a medium family of wife and three kids couple of son and a
daugther, behind him. He kids are still very small going to primary
school in somewhere in India. He had lots of responsibility lying in
his shoulder, the reason why every says he was mad.
I had spent a plenty of years with that guy in a same place, the
actual thing is he was suffering from a kind of mental disease
called epilepsy. The person went to office normally everyday at
8am, after walking a distance of nearly 1km there is a pan shop
where he used to buy a pouch of tobacco and supari for which he
was a regularly customer of that shop, after 1/2km from shop there
is his office where he used to receive complaints from different
consumers of that company and used to have only a couple of cups
of tea every day from office canteen. Every colleague of his office
is good friend of him and they loved him a lots, may be because of
his illness. He return back home following the same routine of
morning i.e. office to pan shop stop and then back home. His
monthly bill for pan shop @nearly Rs.600.00 as sometimes he
used to purchase candies for his kids and that of canteen comes @
Rs.400.00. rest of salary is good enough to run his family. There is
nothing wrong with his daily routine but the problem was he gets
angry very soon on small matters and during sleep he starts
shacked his body which was uncontrollable as he generates a huge
energy on it along with a loud sound nooooof. He had lots of
dreams relating to his life and kids but dreams never comes
                   It was 1982 for the first time this diseases
attacked him when he was just married to a beautiful girl of same
locality. The girl comes to know about it but never leave in alone
that stay with him for ever. In 1989 he was seriously become
mental and start hitting people and family members ,run half
naked here and there, betting his own wife and kids ,shouting
loudly at midnight and many more, so he was sent to mental
hospital of nearly state of India for treatment by a very famous
doctor. Doctor checked his condition and considers it as a case of
epilepsy which is treatable diseases. After a time interval of 5
months he becomes fine and came back home and again starts his
family in normal way.
                     As the time passes his kids are start growing and
come to know about it and try to avoid their dad where never they
saw him in town and remains away from him. Among the kids the
eldest was son he always think about his dad’s condition and also
think why every says his dad is mad though he was the best person
in the society who has nothing to do with others expect his own
family. And all thing happens before was just an impact of that
diseases. His own brother was a doctor of plants writes him as a
mental person in one of his novels which always forced him to
think why everybody says it.
Year2008 was the last year for him in this world, his eldest son is
in college which lies in another town and his rests of kids are still
studying in school of his own town. On the day of 4th June 2008
suddenly he becomes out control for the second time after a attack
of 1989, immediately all his family member took him to same
doctor, after check up doctor says he is fine but let him take rest
for few days in hospital, the elder son will remain with him in
hospital the rest of family went back to town. His condition starts
becoming worsen day by day, doctor gave medicines along with
the electric shocks but it was not working this time ,every times he
says take home please but nobody take him home. On the 8th of
June, his eldest son’s birthday so all family member again came to
hospital to visit a man and at the same time wishing a birthday to
that boy. The day is gone in fraction of second and now time
comes to go back home, the boy is also about to go his college, so
he left his younger brother and the elder cousin brother along with
the father for next 1day. Mother and daughter went home in one
bus towards their town and the eldest son went in another along
Another town. On the next the morning the elder son came back to
the hospital after everything was over the dad is no more and his
brother was crying like anything……………………..but the
person who died was a gentle and a normal one not the mad one.

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