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Some Helpful Information and Reminders


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									                               Some Helpful Information and Reminders
Rent Collection:
        *Rent is due on the 1st of each month. You have until 5:00pm on the 5th to get your rent check into our
office before a late fee of $100 will be applied. If we are not available to receive your check, there is a drop slot
located to the right hand side of the office front door which goes directly into the locked office.
        *All rent received after the 10th of the month will have to be in the form of a cashiers check or money order.
There will be NO exceptions, thank-you in advance.
After hours maintenance emergency number: 503-805-1227
        *Emergencies-Toilet not working in a one bedroom apartment/Serious water leak/Sewage back-up/Power
outage in just your apartment/No hot water/Loss of refrigeration.
        *For overflow or leak please turn water off at specified location, for toilet it is located at base of toilet on the
wall, for dishwasher it is located below kitchen sink and for washing machine it is located just above it on the wall.
Package Pick-up: Due to the increase of packages being delivered to the office daily we ask that you be prompt on
picking them up. If you cannot make it to the office while we are open, please call us 503-617-7677 and we would
be happy to deliver the package to your apartment either just inside the front door or just outside of the front door,
you let us know which. If a package sits for more than a week in the office, we will automatically deliver it to your
apartment just inside the front door to avoid the space being used up.
First Response Courtesy Patrol:
       *Please call our 24-hour dispatch number (503) 207-5300 to report any of the following:
              -Suspicious persons, vehicles or activity
              -Disturbances of any type (unauthorized pool & hot tub use, loud music or TV’s, etc…)
              -Prowlers, trespassers or loitering persons.
              -Crimes in progress (including medical or fire), first call 911 and then first response.
Vehicles On Property: All vehicles must be registered with the office, be in working condition, have current tags
and moved regularly. All vehicles that do not meet these requirements will be tagged and towed.
Garbage Disposal Maintenance: A few tips and reminders.
       *Turn on cold water to medium flow (use hot water occasionally to wash grease out), turn on disposal
switch before loading disposal, leave water on during complete operation of disposal, gradually feed food waste and
continue to run water until you no longer hear any “chopping” sounds, turn disposal off and let water run for approx
1minute following.
       *Run Disposal every couple of days whether you use it or not.
       *Do not feed fibrous foods (corn husks, pea pods, watermelon rinds, celery, chicken bones, popcorn kernels,
and potato or onion skins.
       *Do not allow non food items to fall into disposal (use stopper)
       *Do not put any kind of drain cleaner of drain opener in disposal
       *Do not put hand in disposal when operating.
Office Hours:
       *M-F 9am-5pm
       *Sat 10am-2pm (these hours can vary based on availability, please call ahead to verify)
Vacations or Business Trips: If you will be leaving for more than a few days and do not have anyone checking
your apartment on a daily or every other day basis please notify us so we are able to peek in to be sure there are not
any water leaks happening while you are gone to avoid any property damage.
Renters Insurance: Creekside insurance only covers building structures. We strongly suggest that you get renters
insurance for any and all damage or loss of personal property this is your responsibility.

                               Please see reverse for Emergency and Local Numbers

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