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									Term of Use - iPad Application Developers, iPad Apps

Acceptance of Terms
The iPadi site is owned and operated by Hidden Brains Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (“us” or “we”
or “Hidden Brains”). The services and materials Hidden Brains provides you in
connection with this web site are subjected to the following Terms of Use. By accessing
or registering for our Services or hiring our resources from this Site, the client (“you” or
“Client”) represents and warrants that client is authorized to sign the service contract and
agrees to follow and is bound by all of these Terms. If you are not willing to accept the
terms, do not use the site.

Description of Services
HiddenBrains will render you with access to a variety of resources articles and
downloads, including business and technical news and information (collectively,
"Services"). The service for web solutions that includes innovations given to the users is
restricted to the acceptance of terms of use. The Services, including any updates, are
subject to the Terms of use.

Policy on Privacy
Please see the Privacy Policy revealing relating to the collection and use of your
information. By using the Site, you are accepting to the processing of your data by

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