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Mobile Homes & Offices
                 Mobile Homes & Offices
Mobile Units
Site Units
NYUMBA             Mobile Homes & Offices is a South
African empowered company that specializes in fulfilling
clients’ entire mobile and modular space requirements on
time and on budget - every time.

We are performance driven to provide clients with
superior quality products, using only the finest materials
and highly skilled labor, at the most competitive prices.

Our products are ideal for offices, schools, clinics,
ablutions, accommodation – offering real, flexible
solutions tailored to our customer’s individual needs.
 New units are first planned using specialized software
  to ensure the best design and lay-out. These plans are
  then submitted to the client for comments and
  approval. Once approved, a detailed costing is done.
 All units are designed, built and fitted out according to
  each client’s unique requirements, and are
  manufactured according to the following:

Re-enforced Steel chassis are welded by qualified boiler makers using
  high grade lip channels, supported and strengthened by angle iron,
  to ensure a rock solid base. Adjustable steel jacks are used to level
  units on site, and steel entry steps are fitted t all external doors.
                      Floor Covering

We fit 18mm plywood floors to the steel chassis, on top of
 which 2mm vinyl floor tiles or carpet tiles may be fitted.
 We can offer clients
                             Wall Panels
 various different panels
 ranging from the normal
 white to brick face to a
 wooden finish.

We only manufacture and use 40mm poly-urethane
panels with 0.5mm chromadeck sheeting on both sides.
The panels are available in various lengths, have a
patented strength design, and are completely water and
fire proof, whilst providing the insulation qualities of a
double-brick wall.

The roof is manufactured from the same panels as the
walls, with IBR sheeting on top. Roofs may be single or
double sided, and verandas may be added

We manufacture all windows from aluminium and fit 3mm
clear glass (obscure in bathrooms). Windows are top hung
opening. Blinds and burglar bars may be fitted at an
additional charge.

External doors are manufactured from the same material as the walls,
and are fitted with weatherboards, doorstoppers and retaining hooks.
Internal doors can either be of wood or similar to the external doors,
depending on client’s requirements. 3 Lever Mortise are fitted to
external doors and 2 lever locks are fitted to internal doors.

All electrical work is done in accordance with relevant SABS
codes by qualified electricians. We run our cables inside
conduits in the walls to ensure a neat finish. Provision is
made for pulling in the main electrical supply to the fitted
distribution board by way of an installed draw-wire.

Using only SABS approved materials, our qualified plumbers
fit geysers, showers, baths, toilets, basins, and urinals as
required, and complete all the internal plumbing work. Once
on site, the unit simply needs to be connected to the
external water and sewerage connections.
Site office - KMIA

                           Pay office – World Cup


                                 Control room - Goldfields
    units with ablutions
    - Kgaligadi

                                               Security office – Fochville
 Site units differ from
 mobile units in that they
 are built on concrete slabs
 cast on-site, the buildings
 are usually bigger than a
 mobile unit, and they are
 constructed directly on site
 by our construction crews
 who will remain on site
 until the work is complete.

We use the same wall panels, windows, doors,
plumbing and electrical material as used in mobile
units, but construct the roof using engineered steel
trusses with IBR sheeting on top. We install
suspended ceilings with insulation material.
Our team will gladly advise on the
required facilities for each site,
take responsibility for the lay-out
of the site according to the
approved drawings, handle the
casting of the re-enforced cement
slabs, in addition to the erection of
the required buildings.
Due to our modular construction method, clients can order
buildings in kit format which we will then ship to them in
containers. On arrival of the material, our construction
team will fly out to complete the erection of the building
      Bedroom with

                                       Site offices with
              Control room   Ceramic

Classroom -
                                           Kitchen zinc
                                            with taps
Rental options are available for both short and long-
term rentals. Please contact us for further details and
for availability of units!
We can refurbish and / or upgrade
your existing units according to
your latest requirements.
Not only will this be less
expensive than buying a new
unit, but we will guarantee all
refurbishment and upgrading
done by Nyumba.
Minor repairs can, in most cases,
be done on site by our mobile
repair team.
    Examples include:
 • Installation of new floors,
 doors, windows, sliding doors.
 • Replacement of damaged
• Fitting of air conditioners or
           whirly birds.
    • Fitting of kitchens or
Our skilled team can
also assist in moving
your existing units
(whether mobile or
modular), and re-
establish them on a
different site. On
modular buildings, we
recover up to 95% of
the existing material.
                                Client list
 We have constructed buildings (mobile and
  modular) for a number of leading companies and
  Government institutions including Europcar,
  Budget, DHL, Fraser Alexander, Assmang, Alstom,
  Tenke Fungurume, Kumba Iron Ore, Kgaligadi
  Manganese, WBHO, Goldfields both inside and
  outside South Africa and shall gladly provide
  details on request
              Contact details
 Tel: 083 2700 555
 Fax: 086 544 6529
 116  Porter    Road,   Dalview,

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