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					                                                                QUICK STEP GUIDE

                Login to                                  Click Create New File:
                using your assigned UserName and
   START        Password:

                                                                      Enter the Subjects to be searched in the
                                                                      relevant fields and click Create New File

Click Add Search:

Choose your desired report type and complete the request form by entering all relevant information

                                          Once you have created a report from the list above, you can then click
                                          Add Search again, repeat this step and add further searches

                               Click Submit Draft Searches to submit all
                               instructions you have created:

                               Your report(s) will be completed and
                               emailed back to you

       Contact MBOnline: Tel: 0870 609 1946 Fax: 0870 609 1923 Email:

Some of the key benefits of MBOnLine;

   •   Extremely user friendly, with dedicated helpdesk backup
   •   Free to use via Web address with no software downloads or subscription fee
   •   Storage of data and reports in case files for each property transaction
   •   Online instant access to visually identify requests, status and fees for each search
   •   Remote setup within 2 hours
   •   Saving of data minimises repetition of information input
   •   Application Forms automatically saved as drafts, in PDF format, until submission
   •   Reports and invoices delivered automatically via e-mail in PDF format, with unlimited downloads from case file
   •   Provides a virtually paperless method of sending and receiving search reports
   •   Online storage of reports and case files with archive facilities
   •   Case Management System integration available
   •   Anti-Money Laundering Search facility

 “As users of the services provided by Millar & Bryce,          “Many thanks for the introduction of the on line service
 Searchers, we are delighted with the service provided          introduced by Millar & Bryce.”
 and the pro-activity the company have shown to my firm
 and the profession in providing new and more effective         “We can confirm that since being introduced to us it has
 support through MBOnLine.”                                     been of great benefit to our practice providing an
                                                                extremely efficient and reliable service that minimises the
 “The profession are in safe and professional hands with        need for human contact, speeding up the provision of,
 the MBOnLine Team who are happy to go the extra mile           and allowing a more efficient service to be offered by us
 as a norm to help in any way they can to assist in our         to our clients.”
 provision of an efficient and seamless service to our
 clients.”                                                      “Further should any assistance be required either from a
                                                                technical or non technical stand point support is offered
 Gillespie MacAndrew LLP                                        at a consistently high level by the staff of Millar & Bryce.”

                                                                “We think that it shows a continuing desire to improve the
                                                                service being provided to their customers that this service
 “Simpson & Marwick are delighted with the MBOnLine             is being offered and the imaginative approach that the
 service.”                                                      company have taken in an attempt to improve their
                                                                position is one which we commend.”
 “It is easy to use with the amount of information requiring
 entry kept to the minimum. We can very easily see what         VMH LLP
 we have and haven't done without having to pull out
 paper files. Reports always come in at the requested
 time and, as they are emailed to our desktops, we can
 easily forward them on to the other agents.”
                                                                “The staff at Millar & Bryce are very helpful, and are quick
 “We were pleased to see that feedback about the format         to respond via email if they pick up any problems with
 of the draft forms 10/11/12/13 from users was picked up        your email enquiry. The turnaround for reports is also
 on and a PDF version introduced which now resolves             very quick.“
 that issue.”
                                                                "It is very helpful being able to go back in to an
 “Our firm is looking to develop our case management            application and view the searches online. There is no
 systems and we have been delighted to receive back             need to worry if you misplace a search as it is all there on
 technical input suggesting that we can integrate               screen.”
 MBOnLine with our case management systems which
 will result in big manpower time savings and greater firm      “We use MBOnLine a lot, and we think it is a great
 control of the search instruction process.”                    improvement on the previous ordering facilities. Not only
                                                                can you check the status of your application online, but
 “We are happy to commend the service and look forward          the ability to create a new file for each matter and have
 to working with Millar & Bryce to develop our respective       the details retained is a great help, especially when it
 systems together.”                                             comes to updating searches.”

 Simpson & Marwick                                              McGrigors LLP

       Contact MBOnline: Tel: 0870 609 1946 Fax: 0870 609 1923 Email:

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