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									      Sedum Society Annual Cuttings Exchange 2011
                      Sample Issue

 This booklet contains all we believe to be in cultivation of Sedum and near relatives. We
 do not have the space to allow all Crassulaceae species but e.g. offer the means of offering
 Crassula species (9).
 AIM. In accordance with the principal aim of the Society, each year, members offer cuttings
 to any others participating in the scheme, who, in turn, may request cuttings from as many
 members as they wish. Trinomials without subspeciation are used for brevity. For
 convenience, nomenclature follows Ray Stephenson‘s Sedum: stonecrops in cultivation, or
 more recent Newsletters where new information has been made available. Following 't Hart,
 we treat Hylotelephium, Rhodiola, Petrosedum, Phedimus, Prometheum, Orostachys and
 Sinocrassula as distinct genera. Particular thanks to Margrit Bischofberger for proof-reading
 the list, and in particular overseeing the growing "mine-field" of cultivar names. .
 █ = tender in that it is unlikely to survive many frosts if wet. Many extremely cold-
 hardy plants are marked thus if their winters need to be bone dry.                @ =
 annual/biennial , § = known field documentation, * = limited quantities available,
 number after indicates # clones e.g. R3§+2 means R offers 3 of known field location
 + 2 of garden origin – each participant will be allocated a letter at random, ? = some
 doubt about identification.

S. acre                        S. adolphi (all plants once            S. album 'Coral Carpet'
S. acre (diploid)              considered to be S.                    S. album chocolate fm.
S. acre (tetraploid)           nussbaumerianum) this name has         S. album cristate fm.
                               been used in the past for S. 'Golden
S. acre 'Aureum'               Glow'█                                 S. album 'Fårö'
S. acre 'Elegans'              S. aizoon see Phedimus                 S. album giant form
S. acre 'Helvetica'            S. album                               S. album 'Hillebrandtii'
S. acre krajinae               S. album athoum                        S. album 'Ibiza'
S. acre majus                  S. album balticum                      S. album 'Laconicum'
S. acre minus                  S. album 'Bella d‘Inverno'             S. album micranthum (minus)
S. acre neglectum sopianae     S. album 'Bizare'                      S. album micranthum
S. acre 'Oktoberfest'                                                 chloroticum (='Goldfinger').
                               S. album "brevifolium"
S. acre (yellow leaves)                                               S. album murale
                               S. album "brownii"
S. acre 'Yellow Queen'                                                S. album muale aureum??
                               S. album clusianum
                                                                      S. album murale cristatum

                    Sedum Society Cuttings Exchange Example Booklet 2011

S. album rhodopaeum                S. caespitosum @                   S. diffusum minor form █
S. album serpentinii               S. 'Canny Hinny'                   S. divergens
S. album serpentinii crested fm.   S. cepaea @                        S. divergens "minus"
S. album 'Superbum' =              S. 'China Doll'█                   S. ebracteatum █
'Laconicum'                        S. chrysocaulum █                  S. ellacombeanum see Phedimus
S. album teretifolium              S. clavatum (Tiscalatengo Gorge    S. emarginatum
S. album turgidum                  Sedum). ISI1161█                   S. farinosum
S. alexanderi (S. platyphyllum)█   S. clavatum (crest) █              S. frutescens █
S. alfredii                        S. clavatum more compact bluer     S. furfuraceum █
S. alfredii nagasakianum see S.    fm.                                S. affin. glabrum
nagasakianum                       S. clavatum 'Lime Drops' █         S. glaucophyllum (once thought
S. 'Alice Evans' █                 S. cockerellii                     to be S. nevii)
S. allantoides █                   S. commixtum █                     S. glaucophyllum alpine form
S. allantoides 'Goldii' █          S. compactum █                     S. 'Gold Digger'
S. alpestre                        S. compressum see S. palmeri       S. 'Golden Glow'█
S. × amecamecanum █                S. confusum                        S. gracile
S. anglicum                        S. confusum purpusii (aoikon)      S. grandyi█
S. anglicum minus                  S. corynephyllum █                 S. greggii █
S. anglicum pyrenaicum             S. craigii █                       S. greggii diversifolium █
S. anopetalum see Petrosedum       S. cremnophila (nutans) █ =        S. greggii blue form
ochroleucum                        Cremnophila nutans                 S. griffithsii
S. annuum @                        S. creticum                        S. grisebachii (kostovii)
S. apoleipon                       S. affin. cryptomerioides          S. griseum █
S. arenarium @                     S. dasyphyllum                     S. guadalajaranum █
S. australe                        S. dasyphyllum 'Blue Carpet'       S. gypsicola
S. aytacianum (green fm            S. dasyphyllum 'Blue Ridge'        S. gypsicola trinacriae
hispanicum)                        S. dasyphyllum burnatii            S. gypsophilum █
S. batallae █                      S. dasyphyllum glanduliferum (S.   S. 'Harvest Moon'
S. × battandieri                   corsicum)
                                                                      S. 'Helen Payne'
S. bellum █                             G
                                   S. dasyphyllum granatense
                                                                      S. hemsleyanum █
S. beyrichianum see S.             S. dasyphyllum 'Lilac Mound'
glaucophyllum                                                         S. hernandezii █
                                   S. dasyphyllum 'Lloyd Praeger'
S. booleanum █                                                        S. hintonii see S. mocinianum
                                   S. dasyphyllum "major"
S. borissovae                                                         S. hintoniorum █
                                   S. dasyphyllum macrophyllum
S. borschii                                                           S. hirsutum
                                   S. dasyphyllum mesatlanticum
S. borschii 'Anna Schallock'                                          S. hirsutum baeticum (=S.
                                   S. dasyphyllum microphyllum        winkleri)
S. bourgaei █                      S. dasyphyllum "Mucronatis" see    S. hispanicum
S. 'Brazil' █                      S. d. mesatlanticum
                                                                      S. hispanicum minus
S. brevifolium                     S. dasyphyllum oblongifolium
                                   (Atlas                      S. hispanicum minus aureum
S. brevifolium pea green fm
                                   S. dasyphyllum 'Opaline'           S. hispanicum purple form
S. brevifolium red form ('Red                                         (diploid)
Beads')                            S. dasyphyllum pubscent fm.
                                                                      S. hispanicum polypetalum
S. brevifolium induratum           S. dasyphyllum riffense
(‖Potsii‖)                                                            S. hispanicum 'Silver Carpet'
                                   S. dasyphyllum suendermannii see
S. brevifolium quinquefarium       S. d. granatense                   S. hultenii █
S. brissemoretii █                 S. debile                          S. humifusum █
S. bulbiferum                      S. decumbens see S. kimnachii      S. hybridum see Phedimus
S. burrito █                       S. dendroideum █                   S. affin. japonicum from Taiwan
                                                                      RBGE 763791 (=
S. caducum █                       S. diffusum █                      rubromucrinatum)
S. caeruleum @                     S. diffusum potosinum █

                      Sedum Society Publication, issued with Newsletter96
S. japonicum                       S. multiceps █                       S. purdyi
S. japonicum oryzifolium           S. multiflorum                       S. quevae █
S. japonicum oryzifolium major     S. muscoideum █ (once thought =      S. ramosissimum█
fm                                 S. cupressoides)                     S. reflexum see S. rupestre =
S. japonicum pumilum (i.e. tiny    S. nagasakianum █                    Petrosedum rupestre
fm)                                S. nanifolium █                      S. reptans
S. japonicum senanense             S. nokoense                          S. reptans carinatifolium
S. jurgensenii█                    S. nicaeense see Petrosedum          S. affin. reptans Lau 081 = S.
S. jurgensenii attenuatum          sediforme                            pacense
(Villadia elongata) █ .            S. nudum █                           S. 'Rockery Challenger'
S. kamtschaticum see Phedimus      S. niveum                            S. 'Ron Evans' █
S. kimnachii (= S. decumbens)      S. nussbaumerianum – see S.          S. rubens @
S. laconicum                       adolphi█                             S. × rubrotinctum █
S. lanceolatum                     S. oaxacanum █                       S. × rubrotinctum (dwarf fm) █
S. lanceolatum nesioticum          S. obcordatum █                      S. × rubrotinctum 'Aurora' █
S. lancerottense █                 S. obtusatum                         S. rupifragum
S. laxum                           S. obtusifolium see Phedimus         S. 'Sandra Mottram'
S. liebmannianum █                 obtusifolius                         S. sarmentosum
S. lineare                         S. oreganum                          S. sarmentosum 'Iijima'
S. lineare variegatum █            S. oreganum tenue                    S. sartorianum see S. urvillei
S. longipes █                      S. oregonense                        S. satumense
S. lucidum █                       S. oxycoccoides █                    S. sedoides (Sempervivella)
S. lucidum crested fm. █           S. oxypetalum █                      S. selskianum see Phedimus
S. lucidum 'Obesum' █              S. pachyphyllum █                    S. sempervivoides see
S. lucidum × Echeveria sp. █ =     S. pachyphyllum crested █            Prometheum
Echeveria prolifica ???            S. pachyphyllum thin blue fm =       S. sexangulare
S. × luteoviride █                 'Nejedly'█                           S. sexangulare elatum
S. lydium                          S. pachyphyllum × S. treleasei       S. sexangulare montenegrinum
S. lydium glaucum = S. pallidum    S. pallidum@                         S. sexangulare 'Weisse Tatra'
bithynicum                         S. pallidum bithynicum               S. sichotense see Phedimus
S. macdougallii █                  S. palmeri                           S. 'Silvermoon'
S. makinoi                         S. palmeri (compressum)              S. spathulifolium
S. makinoi brown fm                S. palmeri emarginatum █             S. spathulifolium 'Aureum'
S. makinoi 'Kosmosje'              S. palmeri rubromarginatum █         S. spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco'
S. makinoi 'Limelight'             S. palmeri tiny form reputedly       S. spathulifolium 'Carnea'
S. makinoi 'Ogon'                  from Guatemalan market...
                                                                        S. spathulifolium 'Mauve Chalk'
S. makinoi 'Salsa Verde'           S. papillicaulum █
                                                                        S. spathulifolium pruinosum
S. makinoi variegatum              S. 'Pearson's Puzzle' █
                                                                        S. spath.pruinosum purpureum
S. mexicanum █                     S. pilosum see Prometheum
                                                                        S. 'Spiral Staircase' █
S. mexicanum 'Gold Mound'          S. platyphyllum █ see S.
                                   alexanderi                           S. spurium see Phedimus
S. middendorfianum see                                                  S. stahlii █
Phedimus                           S. polytrichoides 'Chocolate Ball'
                                   S. potosinum see S. diffusum         S. stefco
S. mocinianum (distributed as S.
hintonii) █                        S. praealtum                         S. stellatum see Phedimus
S. monregalense                    S. praealtum cristatum █             S. stelliforme
S. 'Moonglow'                      S. praealtum monticola █             S. stenopetalum
S. moranense                       S. praealtum parvifolium █           S. stenopetalum 'Douglassii'
S. morganianum █                   S. pulchellum                        S. stoloniferum see Phedimus
S. morrisonensis █                 S. pulchellum 'Seastar'              S. stribrnyi see S. urvillei
S. morrisonensis small hardy fm    S. pulvinatum █                      S. suaveolens █
                                                                        S. subtile

                       Sedum Society Cuttings Exchange Example Booklet 2011

S. surculosum                            A. laxum (dichotomum) █               G. fruticosum █
S. surculosum luteum                     A. pachycaulon█                       G. glassii █
S. ternatum                              A. pachycaulon gonzalez-              G. 'Heaven'█
S. ternatum ―Larinem Park‖               hernandezii█                          G. 'Marquise de Sévigné'█
S. tetractinum                           A. palmense█                          G. macdougallii █
S. tetractinum 'Coral Reef'              A. punctatum subvillosum█             G. mendozae█
S. torulosum █                           A. tortuosum █                        G. pachyphyllum █
S. tosaense                              A. villosum █                         G. paraguayense (weinbergii) █
S. treleasei█                            Chiastophyllum oppositifolium see     G. paraguayense bernalense █
S. treleasii 'Haren' █                   Umbilicus                             G. paraguayense × G. filiferum
S. treleasii 'Lime Gum Drops' █          Cotyledon █ number available          █
                                         only.                                 G. pentandrum █
S. affin. tricarpum
                                         Crassula █ number available only      G. 'Purple Haze'█
S. tristriatum                           of tender taxa.              .
S. tschernokolevii                                                             G. rusbyi █
                                         C. helmsii (aquatic plant)
S. tuberiferum                                                                 G. saxifragoides █
                                         C. peploides
S. uniflorum see S. japonicum                                                  G. 'Snow White ('Blanche-
                                         C. sarcocaulis                        Neige') █
S. ursi                                  C sarcocaulis rupicola
S. urvillei                                                                    G. superbum █
                                         C. setulosa var. curta (milfordiae)   ×Graptosedum 'Bronze' █ (=
S. urvillei hillebrandtii                C. setulosa rubra                     'Alpenglow' = 'Vera Higgins' =
S. urvillei ponticum                     C. setulosa 'Red Livebearer'          G. rosea) = ×G. 'Bert Swanwick'
S. urvillei sartorianum                  C. strigosa                           Australia
S. versadense █                          ×Cremneria 'Enigmatic Beauty'█ (      ×G. 'Blue Giant'
S. versadense chontalense █              ex Echeveria pulchella )              ×G. 'California Sunset'█
S. versadense villadioides █             ×Cremneria 'Expatriata'█              ×G. 'Darley Sunshine'█
S. villosum@                             ×Cremneria 'Mutabilis'█               ×G 'Francesco Baldi' █
S. vuralianum (see S. gracile)           ×Cremneria 'Scaphylla'█               ×G. 'Gaëlle-Aline'█
S. wrightii█                             ×Cremneria 'Seerose' '█               ×G. 'Ghosty'█
S. yosemitense                           ×Cremneria 'Weingartiana'█            ×G. 'Golden Glow'█
S. yosemitense ‗Red Raver‘               ×Cremnopetalum 'Fred Wass'█           ×G. 'Mediterranean Mystery'█
S. zentaro-tashiroi █                    Cremnophila linguifolia █             ×G. 'Merlin'█
Cuttings other than Sedum.               C. nutans █                           ×G. 'Pink Beauty' = 'Francesco
Adromischus █ number available           ×Cremnosedum 'Crocodile' █            Baldi'█
only.      (leaf cuttings)............   ×Cremnosedum 'First Foundling'█       ×G. 'Salmon'█
Aeonium (inc. Greenovia)█                ×Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' █           ×G. 'Vera Higgins' see ×G.
number available only.                                                         'Bronze'
                                         ×Cremnosedum 'Pearson's
Aichryson × aizoides                     Surprise'█                            ×G. (Sedum clavatum × G.
(domesticum) █                                                                 filiferum)█
                                         ×Cremnosedum 'Pen Ar Ru'█
A. × aizoides variegated = █                                                   ×Graptophytum 'Anita'█
                                         ×Cremnosedum 'Whetstone' █
A. × aizoides (very small form) █                                              ×Graptoveria 'Acaulis'
                                         Cremnophila nutans × S.
A. × aizoides (variegated very           dendroideum = ×Cremnosedum            ×G. 'A Grim One' (correct
small form) █                            'Pearson‘s Surprise'                  spelling)█
A.'Ballerina'█                           Dudleya █ number available only.      ×G. 'Albert Baynes' █
                                         Echeveria █ number available          ×G. 'Amethorum'█
A. bicolor ??                            only.                                 ×G. 'Blava'█
                                         Graptopetalum. amethystinum █         ×G. 'Calva' plants with this name
A. bethencourtianum █                                                          usually are ×G. 'Acaulis, 'Calva'
                                         G. bracteosum█
                                         G. filiferum █                        we have not yet identified █
A. bollei█                                                                     ×G. 'Caerulescens'█ plants with
A. divaricatum █                         G. 'Frank Reinelt' ('Kew Marble')
                                         █                                     this name are either ×G.
A. dumosum █

                       Sedum Society Publication, issued with Newsletter96
'Fantôme' or a hybrid without a     H. ewersii homophyllum minor         H. telephium fabaria
name, but not ×G. 'Caerulescens'    form                                 H. telephium fabaria borderi
×G. 'Debbi'█                        H. ewersii 'Nana'                    H. telephium 'Carl'
×G. 'Douglas Huth'█                 H. ewersii 'Rosenteppich' (Rose      H. 'Chocolate'
×G. 'Dr Hunt‘ = ×G. 'Douglas        Carpet)                              H. 'Citrus Twist'
Huth'                               H. hidakanum                         H. telephium cultivar
×G. 'Dr. Huth‘s Pink'= ×G.          H. 'Kurt Weckstrom'
'Douglas Huth'█                                                          H. 'El Cid'
                                    H. orbiculatum                       H. telephium fabaria
×G .'Eguzki █                       H. pluricaule
×G. 'Fanfare' see ×Sedeveria                                             H. telephium fabaria borderi
                                    H. pluricaule ezawae (Sakhalin       H. telephium 'Frosty Morn'
×G. 'Fantôme' █                     form)
×G. 'Fred Ives' (correct name for                                        H. telephium 'Garnet Brocade'
                                    H. populifolium
'Ivesii') █                                                              H. telephium 'Gooseberry Fool'
                                    H. populifolium 'Ladislav Hlavatý'
×G. 'Galathea'█                                                          H. telephium 'Green
                                    H. populifolium 'Janet Poor'         Expectations'
×G. 'Harry Watson'█                 H. populifolium 'Václav Pleštil‘s
×G. 'Helios'█                                                            H. 'Herbstfreude' (= 'Autumn
                                    Red'                                 Joy' = 'Indian Chief')
×G 'Longisepala' ??                 H. rotundifolium                     H. telephium 'Indian Chief' =
×G. 'Margaret Rose' █               H. sieboldii                         'Herbstfreude'
×G. 'Maxime' █                      H. sieboldii variegatum              H. telephium 'José Aubergine'
×G. 'Mrs Richards'█                 (mediovariegatum)                    H. telephium 'Joyce Henderson'
×G. 'Opalina' █                     H. spectabile                        H. telephium "M Henderson"??
×G. 'Phaeton'█                      H. spectabile 'Abendrot'             H. telephium 'Karfunkelstein'
×G. 'Pik-Ruz' █                     H. spectabile 'Abbeydore'            H. telephium 'Leonore Zuutz'
×G. 'Ron Ginns'█                    H. spectabile 'Brilliant'            H. telephium ―Lynda et
×G. 'Royal Flush'█                  H. spectabile 'Carmen'               Rodney‖
×G. 'Silver Star' █                 H. spectabile 'Jaws'                 H. telephium 'Lynda Windsor'
×G. 'Spirit of ‗76'█                H. spectabile 'Lisa'                 H. telephium maximum
×G. 'Spring Morning'█               H. spectabile 'Iceberg'              H. telephium maximum
×G. 'Titubans'█                     H. spectabile 'Meteor'               atropurpureum
Hylotelephium anacampseros          H. spectabile 'Neon'                 H. telephium 'Matrona'
H. 'Aquarel'                        H. spectabile 'Nordlicht'            H. telephium 'Mohrchen'
H. augustum                         H. spectabile 'Rosenteller'          H. telephium 'Munstead Red'
H. caucasicum                       H. spectabile 'Rubin'                H. telephium 'Munstead Dark
H. cauticola                        H. spectabile 'StardGust'            Red'
H. cauticola 'Bertram Anderson'     H. spectabile 'Steven Ward'          H. telephium 'Munstead Purple'
H. cauticola 'Coca Cola'            H. spectabile 'Stewed Rhubarb        H. telephium 'Postman's Pride
H. cauticola 'Lidakense'            Mountain'                            H. telephium 'Purple Emperor'
H cauticola 'Purpurine'??           H. tatarinowii                       H. telephium 'Red Cauli'
H. cauticola 'Robusta'              H. tatarinowii 'Sunset Cloud'        H. telephium 'Red Rum'
H. cyaneum                          H. tatarinowii × cauticola           H. telephium 'Ruby Glow'
H. cyaneum 'Sachalin' see H.        H. tatarinowii × populifolium        H. telephium ruprechtii
pluricaule ezawae                   H. telephioides                      H. telephium ruprechtii 'Hab
H. erythrostictum                   H. telephium (H. purpureum)          Grey'
H. erythrostictum                   H. 'African Pearl'                   H. 'Septemberglut'
mediovariegatum                     H. telephium 'Arthur Branch'         H. telephium 'Strawberries &
H. ettyuense                        H. 'Autumn Charm' (= 'Lajos')        Cream'
H. ewersii                          H. 'Autumn Delight' (= 'Beka')       H. telephium 'Thundercloud'
H. ewersii cyclophyllum             H. telephium 'Autumn Joy' =          H. telephium 'Veluwse Wakel'
H. ewersii homophyllum              'Herbstfreude' (= 'Indian Chief')    H. telephium 'Vera Jameson'
                                    H. 'Beka' (= H. 'Autumn Delight')    H. telephium 'Xenox'
                                                                         H. ussuriense

                    Sedum Society Cuttings Exchange Example Booklet 2011

H. verticillatum                   P. glutinicaule █                     P. forsterianum
H. viride                          P. hookeri (including P. uniflorum)   P. forsterianum elegans
H. viridescens                     █                                     P. forsterianum elegans 'Silver
H. viviparum                       P. longifolium █                      Stone'
Jovibarba number available only.   P. oviferum █                         P. forsterianum monstrosum
Kalanchoe █ number available       P. rubrum = ×Graptosedum              P. forsterianum purpureum
only.                              'Bronze'█                             P. forsterianum 'Welsh
Lenophyllum acutifolium █          P. 'Virida' = P. 'Captain Jessop'█    Stonecrop'
L. guttatum █                      P. viride█                            P. × lorenzoi
L. pusillum (texanum) █            P. werdermannii █                     P. × luteolum
L. reflexum █                      ×Pachysedum 'Ganzhou'█                P. × luteolum hegnaueri
L. texanum █                       ×Pachysedum „Frank Venz‘█             P. montanum
×Lenoveria 'Ajax'█                 ×Pachevedum 'Ray's Comfit'█           P. montanum blue fm
Monanthes anagensis █              ×Pachyveria 'Albocarinata'█           P. montanum 'Jenny'
M. anagensis × M. laxiflora █      ×P. 'Blue Mist'█                      P. montanum orientale
M. brachycaulos █                  ×P. 'Calypso'█                        P. montanum green form (= S.
M. laxiflora █                     ×P. 'Cheyenne'█                       anopetalum 'Forsterianum' sensu
                                   ×P. 'Clavata' █ plants distributed    Evans)
M. laxiflora x polyphylla
                                   with this name usually are ×P.        P. montanum (as above) × P.
M. lowei █                                                               ochroleucum
M. muralis █                                                             P. ochroleucum
                                   ×P. 'Clavifolia'█ plants with this
M. pallens █                       name usually are not this hybrid      P. ochroleucum 'Red Wiggle'
M. polyphylla █                    ×P. ? cristate (the crested form      P. ochroleucum (verlotii)
M. polyphylla amydros █            usually is ×P. 'Scheideckeri') █      P. rupestre (reflexum)
Orostachys aggregata               ×P. 'Dr Cornelius'█                   P. rupestre small fm
(malacophylla)                     ×P. 'Elaine'(correct spelling) █      P. rupestre 'Angelina'
O. boehmeri                        ×Pachyveria 'Powder Puff' as          P. rupestre 'Blue Spruce'
O. boehmeri 'Keiko'                original name for ×P. 'Exotica'       P. rupestre cristatum
O. chanetii                        /'Kobayashi'×P. 'Exotica'█
                                                                         P. rupestre erectum
O. Ed Skrocki hybrid seedlings     ×P. 'Glauca'█
                                                                         P. rupestre 'Nanum'
O. erubescens                      ×P. 'Glossoides'█ plants
                                   distributed with this name are not    P. rupestre ‗Sandy‘s Silver
O. erubescens japonica                                                   Crest‘
O. fimbriata                       this hybrid
                                   ×P. 'Guichnettii'█                    P. rupestre 'Sea Gold'
O. furusei                                                               P. rupestre viride
O. iwarenge                        ×P. 'Ivory' █ = Echeveria 'J.C.
                                   Van Keppel'                           P. rupestre 'Wayne‘s Brain'
O. paradoxa
                                   ×P. 'Kobayashi'█ = ×P. 'Powder        P. sediforme (nicaeense)
O. spinosa                         Puff'                                 P. sediforme dianum
O. spinosa minuta (Mongolian       ×P.'La Rochette'█                     Phedimus aizoon
                                   ×P. 'Mrs Coombes'█                    P. aizoon 'Aurantiacum'
O. 'Sui Sing'                                                            ('Euphorbioides')
                                   ×P. 'Muelleri'█
O. thyrsiflora
                                   ×P. 'New Forest'█                     P. aizoon 'Patrick Blanc' seedling
Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' █
                                   ×P. 'Pachyphytoides' █- plants        P. aizoon small dark fm
P. bracteosum █                    with this name usually are ×P.        P. aizoon floribundus
P. bracteosum variegated █         'Clavata'                             P. aizoon 'Patrick Blane'
P. 'Captain Jessop'█               ×P. 'Roger Jones'█                    P. aizoon scabrus
P. coeruleum █                     ×P. 'Scheideckeri'█                   P. ellacombeanus
P. compactum █                     ×P. 'Yvonne'█                         P. hybridus
P. compactum cristate█             Petrosedum amplexicaule               P. hybridus 'Czar‘s Gold'
P. compactum × P. hookeri █        (ibericum)
                                                                         P. hybridus dentatus
P. fittkauii █                     P. amplexicaule tenuifolium

                      Sedum Society Publication, issued with Newsletter96
P. hybridus 'Immergrünchen'        P. spurius 'Red Carpet'               R. elymaitica █
P. hyperaizoon                     P. spurius 'Roseum'                   R. globulariifolia █
P. kamtschaticus (inc. plants      P. spurius 'Roseum Superbum'??        R. hausknechtii █
once thought = P. seketiense)      P. spurius 'Rotraut'                  R. muratdaghense see
P. kamtschaticus floriferus        P. spurius 'Ruby Mantle'              Prometheum
P. kamtschaticus floriferus        P. spurius 'Salmoneum'                R. pallida = Prometheum aizoon
'Weihenstephaner Gold'             P. spurius 'Schorbusser Blut'         R. platyphylla █
P. kamtschaticus 'Golden Carpet'   (‘Dragons‘ Blood‘).                   R. rechingeri see Prometheum
P. kamtschaticus kurilense         P. spurius ―Sinanense‖= 'Purple       R. sedoides (Sempervivella alba)
P. kamtschaticus 'Tekari Dake'     Carpet'                               see Sedum sedoides █
(Correct spelling)...              P. spurius 'Splendens'                R. sempervivum █
P. kamtschaticus variegatus        P. spurius 'Tricolor' (variegated)    R. sempervivum glaucophylla
P. kamtschaticus variegatus 'The   P. spurius 'Tricolor' choice strain   (spathulata) █
Edge'                              P. spurius 'Voodoo'                   R. sempervivum pestalozzae █
P. litoralis                            C
                                   P. stellatus@                         R. serpentinica see Prometheum
P. maximowiczii                    P. stoloniferus                       R. serrata (Cretan fm) █
P. middendorfianus                 P. takesimensis                       R. serrata (Turkish fm) █
P. middendorfianus diffusus        P. takesimensis ×                     R. sp. from Toros Dag █
P. middendorfianus 'Striatus'      Prometheum aizoon █                   R. tauricola █
P. obtusifolius                    P. chrysanthum █                      R. turkestanica = R. platyphylla
P. selskianus                      P. muratdaghense █                    ×Sedadia amecamecana see
P. selskianus hybrid               P. pilosum █                          Sedum × amecamecanum
P. selkianus 'Goldilocks'          P. rechingeri █                       ×Sedeveria 'Abbey Brook' =
P. selskianus hybrid                                                     ×Graptoveria 'Acaulis'
                                   P. sempervivoides █
P. sichotensis                                                           ×S. 'Ar Mor Glaz'█
                                   P. serpentinicum █
P. spurius                                                               ×S. 'Blue Giant' = ×Graptosedum
                                   P. tymphaeum █
P. spurius albus (=                                                      ×S. 'Blue Lotus'█
                                   Rhodiola amabilis
oppositifolius)                                                          ×S. 'Brazil'█ = Sedum
                                   R. amabilis CC (larger form)
P. spurius albus superbus =                                              ×S. 'Colossal' = 'Harry
'Green Mantle'                     R. bupleuroides                       Butterfield'█
P. spurius 'Bronze Beauty'         R. crassipes                          ×S. 'Darley Dale'█
P. spurius 'Bronze Carpet'         R. fastigiata                         ×S. 'Doinet' = ×Graptosedum
P. spurius 'Carneum'               R. humilis                            'Francesco Baldi'█
P. spurius 'Coccineum'             R. integrifolia atropurpurea          ×S. 'Fanfare'█
P. spurius 'Dr. John Creech        R. ishidae                            ×S. 'Green Rose' █
P. spurius 'Elizabeth'             R. kirilowii                          ×S. 'Harry Butterfield'█ (S.
P. spurius 'Erdblut'               R. kirilowii rubra                    morganianum × E. derenbergii)
P. spurius 'Fool's Gold'           R. macrocarpa                         ×S. hummelii = 'Yellow
                                   R. pachyclados                        Humbert'█
P. spurius 'Fuldaglut'
                                   R. primuloides                        ×S. 'Jet Beads'█
P. spurius 'Glow'
                                   R. rhodantha                          ×S. 'Letizia'█
P. spurius involucratus
                                   R. rosea                              ×S. 'Morganden' █
P. spurius 'Leningrad White'
                                   R. rosea arctica                      ×S. 'Robert Grimm'█
P. spurius 'Pearly Pink'
                                   R. saxifragoides “trollii”            ×S. 'Whitestonecrop' █
P. spurius 'Pink Eye' ??
                                   R. stephanii                          ×S. 'Yellow Humbert'█
P. spurius 'Pink Jewel'
                                   R. wallichiana                        ×S. lucidum × Echeveria sp. █ =
P. spurius 'Purpurea' ??                                                 Echeveria prolifica
P. spurius 'Purpurkissen'          Rosularia adenotricha █
                                   R. aizoon see Prometheum              Sempervivum numbers of sp. .
P. spurius 'Purpurteppich' =                                             Sempervivum number of
'Purple Carpet'                    R. alpestris █
P. spurius 'Raspberry Red'         R. alpestris marnieri █               Sinocrassula densirosulata

                    Sedum Society Cuttings Exchange Example Booklet 2011

S. indica                          Thompsonella mixtecana █            V. cucculata
S. yunnanense                      Tylecodon (number of species)       V. grandyi █ = S. grandyi
S. yunnanense cristate             Umbilicus oppositifolius            V. imbricata not Sedum
×Tacipetalum 'Stardust' █          U. oppositifolius variegated        reniforme
×Tacisedum 'Barton Glory'█         U. horizontalis                     V. ramosissima = Sedum
×T. 'Barton Pink'█                 U. rupestris                        ramosissimum
×T. 'Heswall'█Tacitus bellus █     Villadia elongata = Sedum
Tacitus bellus 'Super Star'█       jurgensenii

                          The hybridization of Aeonium
                             Dr. Eduardo Carbonell
The different species of Aeonium that are in nature are prone to hybridization, except, of
course for all isolated species in Africa (A. korneliuslemsii, A. stuesyi and
A. leucoblepharum) and A. gorgoneum, the only one in the Cape Verde islands. The other
exception is the two endemic species unique to Lanzarote island: A. lancerottense and
A. balsamiferum. The first is abundant, especially in the north and centre of the island. The
second is in danger and located in the southwest. Some time ago, I spent several evenings
looking for the possible hybrid that could have both as parents. Their habitats overlap
somewhere between Yalza and Tinajo. I did not find it, probably because it does not exist. [I
have never known A. lancerottense to flower in cultivation having grown it for 40 years –
Joël Lodé's new book – details in the accompanying Newsletter — has a habitat photograph
of a plant in flower – a rare sight! – Ed.]
   The hybrids of horticultural origin are becoming more numerous. B.K. Boom, a German,
started in the middle of last century (Aeonium arboreum 'Schwarzkopf', A. arboreum
'Atropurpureum',….) and this has continued through the years with recent introductions
including those of John Catlin at the Huntington Botanical Gardens (A .'Velour', A. 'Blushing
Beauty',…) and especially those of fellow Sicilian Sedum Society member Giuseppe
Tavormina: (A. 'Ray Stephenson', A. 'Roma', A. 'Barcelona',…..)

  In my private collection I have 90% of the existing two hundred Aeonium hybrids and
cultivars that I am happy to list for any member interested. I would appreciate your
comments of any errors and/or omissions.

File this document as a checklist of species in cultivation or use it to indicate which taxa you could
offer when participating in the Exchange. Note the deadline for receiving YOUR cuttings list is March

    Printed by the Sedum Society and distributed January 2011 accompanying Newsletter 96.


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