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 Web Domain Business

                        How to Own Your Domain
                Registration Reseller Company Site
                        and Make Money with it…

                             By Henry Omenogor



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              Who Is Henry Omenogor

              Henry Omenogor is a Money Making Expert who focuses on
              making money by solving technically

              related problems online and offline.

              He runs a Web Design and Hosting Company and

              build websites for Nigerian companies.

              He has set up various individuals who trained under him and
              are doing very well in Nigeria.

              He runs a one on one training program on Internet Business,
              a five day training school program as well as monthly
              seminars in various states of Nigeria.

              He register and sell domain name for profits.

              He is the founder of Three Thriving companies, Oh My
              Website , Menog Computers and Menog Prints and
              Publishing. He is the Publisher of Start Your Own Business
              Magazine (

              He is an author and has created local and global books that
              sell online and offline. Some of his books are :

              1. Domain Income Riches: How to Register domain name
                 for $8 and sell it above $1,200
              2. Internet Report Riches: How To Create and sell 35 paged
                 reports locally and globally
              3. Affiliate and Payment Solution Riches: How to make
                 money from clickbank, 2checkout, amazon with your
                 payoneer and graphcard.

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              4. 33 Businesses you can start with less than N10,000
              5. 23 Ways to make it fast in Lagos and anywhere in

              Some of his global sites where he sell his products are:


              You can order for some of his products that are below:

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              Why Domain Business?

              All over the Internet, people must host websites to sell their
              products or services. They need to do that with a domain.

              In fact, domain name is the fulcrum of the Internet. Each day
              you visit a site, you are typing a domain name.

              A domain name will enable you own a website hosting
              account which will enable you own upload your site and
              create an email account for correspondences.

              Example of domain name is,,

              This is comparable to registering your company with
              Corporate Affairs Commission.

              It is entirely different from hosting an account which is
              comparable to renting a space for your office to run your

              Each day, millions of domains are registered for different

              Domain name is paid for yearly and it’s on first-come-first-
              serve basis.

              Instead of registering domain at domain registration sites
              such as 007names, godaddy,,,
     etc for N2,500 or N3,000, you can own your
              personal domain registration reseller account and register

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                  Page 6 Web Domain Business

              domain for N900 and charge clients who want to register
              domain on your own domain site for N2,500.

              Imagine having 500 domain names registered which are
              renewable each year by your clients. This will enable you
              make a gain of N1,400 from each client giving you an
              average of N800,000 each year without lifting a finger.

              And this will continue as more customers will be coming.

              More to this is that if you run a web hosting company, you
              make more money by hosting site for them for a minimum of
              N30,000 per anum. So if you host sites for 500 companies,
              you also make N15Million from this business yearly. I know
              you are excited! Why not go into webhosting too…

              Aside the above, if you are interested in investing in domain
              business, this is a great potential as you will be able to buy
              domains for less than N1000 and resell it for profit, You can
              also create blogs and sell them by flipping.

              You can also lease your domain at You see
              the potential!!

              Domain Business Defined:

              A domain is an area of jurisdiction or control. Domain name
              are names used in hosting websites such as,

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                  Page 7 Web Domain Business

              To register this domain, you must visit a domain registration
              site which is either a reseller account or a direct site from

              Example of an ICAN accredited domain registrar is
     and an example of a1 domain reseller account

              What are the Advantages of owning my own site:

          1. You can express yourself as the owner of a domain
              registration site
          2. You can sell in the currency of your choice, either your
              country’s local currency or in dollars
          3. You get the domain at a reseller price and sell to all end
              users at the normal market (end user) price.
          4. Your site is seen and not any other site by the provider. For
              example, my domain reseller site is
          5. It is automated and so you do not need to be there when
              your clients register domain and receive mails from your
          6. You are seen as an expert
          7. You make money registering domain names for people
          8. You can register domain of various extensions including
              .com, .us, .org, and .uk
          9. You can fund your account using Liberty Reserve, credit
              card and paypal so there is no limitation.
          10. You are getting a domain for N900 and Selling for N2,500
              per anum. What a great gain

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                 Page 8 Web Domain Business

          11. You only pay N2,000 to renew your site each year so there
              is minimal investment.
          12. You can register domains and sell it at selling sites such as
    ,, etc. To get this
              package, visit

              Example of a domain Registration Company is as below:

                To Own Your Domain Reseller Company, Call Menog
              Computers/Oh My Web Site on 08027246021 or email me

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                 Page 9 Web Domain Business

              How Do I own My Domain Registration Site:

              Simple! You need to sign up for a reseller account and have
              it set up

          1. You need is a domain name reflecting your company or any
              name you want to use. Eg., my company name is Oh My
              Website and my domain registration company is
          2. You need an email address to receive notification of
              registration and for your correspondenses.
          3. You need a bank account at least to receive your payments
              from your clients if you are not running a globally automated
              registration company. Here your clients register domain
              name, they are alerted by the system to make deposit for
              their account to be activated. Once they do that, you activate
              their account and the domain starts working.
          4. You need the sum of N12,000 to have your site up and
              running including N2,500 for domain registration. But if you
              are my old client (purchsed our product before), then there is
              a rebate of N4,000. You must quote this number for me:
          5. Pay this ammount to the following Account Number:
              GTB Current Account Number: 249222461110 with name
              of account as: Oh My Website. After your payment, send
              a mail with your details including address, full name,
              domain name your want to use, phone number, email
              and amount paid with teller number. Once we make
              confirmation, your domain company will be up and
              running within 5 working days.
          6. You can start using it immediately by logging into your
              reseller account control pannel as below:

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                  Page 10 Web Domain Business

              This is the admin control panel where you activate account
              and set up your URL and also, customize your information
              as well as fund your account.

              How Do I Start Funding My Account:

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor              Page 11 Web Domain Business

              All you have to do is Log into your dashboard and add fund
              to your account. Steps to take: Log into your account:

                                                                          Click on My
                                                                       Funding, select add

              Click on my funding, click on add fund and it takes you to the
              next step.

              While in the payment type section, select payment type,
              libertyreserve if you are paying through libertyreserve, select
              the second option if you are using credit card option and
              click on continue as in the next diagram

                                                                  Select payment type
                                                                  and click on continue

              Add the amount you want to credit and click on submit

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                      Page 12 Web Domain Business

                                                                        Add the amount
                                                                        you want to fund
                                                                        your account with

              It brings you to where you now chose a payment method,
              preferably libertyreserve. Click and make payment as below:


              Note that there is a %15 processing fee for libertyreserve.

              Once funding is complete, you will be returned to the
              dashboard again. Note that you will need to register for a
              free account with to be able to use it. You
              will also need to buy libertyreserve from sellers after signing

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                        Page 13 Web Domain Business

              up for a libertyreserveaccount. I will recommend Mr.
              Nwankwo whose phone number is : 08037280848.

              How Do I activate Domains Once it is registered?

              Refer clients to your domain site such as mine. Visit my
              domain registration company at

              Once they register for domain name, an email is sent to
              them instantly from your company even while you are
              sleeping. This is automated and so you do not need to do

              An account number and details of how they can make
              payment is sent to them. Once they make payment to your
              account and you have confirmed the money, you log into
              your reseller account dashboard and activate their domain
              and it starts working instantly.

              Once you are inside your dashboard, click on products, click
              on list 10 domains as below:

                                                                Products Link

              While on the list of domains, click on the domain that was
              registered and was paid for as listed below:

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                   Page 14 Web Domain Business

                                                                    Click on domains
                                                                    to activate

                                                           Click on pay to
                                                           make payment on
                                                           behalf of your client
                                                           who paid to you

              Click on second option which means you are paying on
              behalf of your customer and cancelling the invoice so he will
              not have to pay.

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                  Page 15 Web Domain Business

                                                                       Pay here

              Once this is done, you will see the successful payment info
              as below. And then the domain is active.

                                                           Domain is active and its

              How much will my client pay to have his domain registered
              on my domain site?

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                     Page 16 Web Domain Business

              He will need to pay N2,500 per anum and pay the same
              amount once its expiring.

              How Will my client know domain is expiring? A mail will be
              sent to him 90 days before expiration, 60 days again and 30
              day finally. Once domain is not renewed. The domain will go
              into demurrage and finally deleted. Mails will be sent to him
              on each situation for renewal.

              How can I get mine now?

              First, look at how your will look like when you have it. It will
              look exactly like mine

Setting up your domain registration company by Henry Omenogor                    Page 17 Web Domain Business

              Then call my office now or send a text
              message or email.

              Grab your own domain site now:


              Menog Computers/Oh My Domain

              Phone number: 080272476021, 01-2219422,



              Need One on One Training? Call
              08027246021 now.

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