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City with spirit by liwenting

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									City with spirit
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   Search our extensive database for job seekers
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      Free Call 1800 625 350
      20 Rooke Street Devonport

                                  A WHOLE NEW WORLD
                                  The first TLife store in northern Tasmania will open in Devonport
                                  on Monday 21st September.
TLife is a new retail communication concept developed and rolled out by Telstra nationally.
Existing Telstra Shops and Telstra Licensed Shops will be converted
into TLife sites throughout Australia over the next three years.
Telstra has undertaken extensive customer research to identify what
customers want and what they want to experience in store. It’s all about
showing our customers what’s possible, by demonstrating and selling
the latest technology of today and tomorrow their lives will be
The Telstra Shop opened in the Devonport Mall in 2002 and one million
customers later Devonport will see a major retail transition, which will
set the standard for future shopping experiences.
“The communications industry has changed so much since I started
almost ten years ago, but I love it and I really enjoy being able to make            Julie Goss
a difference in the way people go about their lives “, remarks Julie Goss
Devonport Sales Manager.
“This is clearly the most exciting concept I have been involved in and it will provide Devonport
customers with a state of the art communications experience” says Julie.
“ All staff have had to be trained specially to work in Tlife and they are really looking forward to
working in such a cool place” , remarks Julie. “ The layout of the store and the associated customer
experience is just amazing“, says Julie enthusiastically.
“ I am so proud to be a part of the team that are bringing the latest technology to the
people of Devonport “ states Julie.
It’s all about showing our customers what’s possible. “ It is going to be whole new ball game, but the
customer service will stay the same” quips Julie.
The project has been six months in the making with the majority of work being completed by
Tasmanian tradesman. “ We believe in supporting Tasmanian business where ever possible, says
                                                                “ The substantial investment we are
                                                                making is a vote of confidence in not
                                                                only Devonport and surrounds, but the
                                                                entire north west coast” states Julie.
                                                                The Devonport TLife will cater for
                                                                customer’s the entire communication
                                                                needs using the full resources of
                                                                Telstra. Australia’s leading communi-
                                                                cations provider , an amazing store
                                                                and a terrific local team certainly do
                                                                make a formidable combination.

DCCI Office Bearers 2008-2009
President:                       Eric Mobbs                               Office:
Senior Vice-President:           Sylvia Sayers        Devonport Corporate Centre
Vice-President:                  Aileen Powell               Bass House, Level 1
Treasurer:                       Matthew McConnell     Cnr. Edward & Best Streets
Marketing & Promotions:          Kim Robinson                 DEVONPORT 7310
Secretary:                       Barbara Prothero
                                 Alice Vernon                           Postal:
                                                                  P.O. Box 301
Committee Members:               John O’Donnell               DEVONPORT 7310
                                 Grant Goodwin
                                 Sharni McConnell                   Telephone:
                                 Julie Foster                      03 6420 7585
                                 John van derWoude
                                                                   03 6420 7586
Life Members:                    Mr Graeme Capp
                                 Mr. Dallas Cowan                        Email:
                                 Mr. Harry Hadley     
                                 Mr. Alan Waddle
                                 Mr. Ray Wright                            Web:

Graphic Design & Front Cover Design:   Sympact Development: 03 6423 2051
Typesetting and Research:              Advantage Sports & Events: 03 6424 9300
Printing:                              Richmond Concepts & Print: 03 6424 5900

ANNUAL REPORT                            0809

Mission Statement
The Chamber of commerce and Industry Inc. is a vital mechanism for the advancement of commercial,
business and industrial interests in the Devonport area.
The Chamber in constantly striving to improve the quality of life for residents, in concert with its contin-
uing endeavors to create an economic climate conductive to the development,
fostering and well-being of exciting and new commercial interest.
Our mission is to be an energising and vitalizing force in the community. We seek to untie all the indus-
trial, commercial and government interests for the purpose of supporting those
activities which are broader then any single business or industry but which promotes the
well-being of Devonport community as a whole.
The chamber is a clearinghouse for ideas and is intended to be a working forum for the development of
the city and it’s surrounding region.

Objects and Purpose of the Chamber
 promote commercial, trading, shipping and manufacturing interests in Tasmania and elsewhere
 and to take all the necessary measures to advance to same;
 collect and disseminate information on all matter or interest to the commercial
 use every means within its power for the removal and redress of grievances and for promotion of
 trade of the state;
 watch over and protect the general interests of commerce;
 establish and maintain a code of practice whereby the transactions of business may be simpli-
 fied and facilitated;
 undertake by arbitration or to otherwise the settlement of disputes arising out of commerce and
 to record such discussions for the future help and guidance of members;
 amalgamate or cooperate with any institutions, societies or associations having objects wholly or
 in part similar to those of the Chamber.

ANNUAL REPORT                                         0809

Premier’s Message
Right now, our State is confronting the same three challenges facing
every State in the nation, and every nation on earth.
· The management of scarce water resources;
· The rapid race of the telecommunications revolution; and
· The imperative for creating sustainable and renewable energy.
These are the challenges that will define the 21st Century – and in
each one Tasmania has a natural advantage that we need to harness.
In water, we get 12% of the country’s rainfall, on 1½ of its landmass – that is the inbuilt ad-
vantage that we are harnessing through $400 million worth of irrigation projects that can see
us become the food bowl of Australia.
Through our paddock-to-plate strategy, we will create a continuum of food excellence that
runs all the way from the farmer in the field to the plates of Tasmania’s world-class food and
wine tourism operators.
In telecommunications, the roll-out of the NBN will connect 200,000 homes, schools, hospi-
tals and businesses – creating a Tasmania that can become a test-bed for the most tech-
nologically advanced e-health, e-education and e-business opportunities on earth.
Tasmania is Australia’s renewable energy powerhouse – we are the single biggest producer
of renewable energy in the nation. By supporting a massive investment in renewable energy
– in wind, wave, hot rocks and others – we can become a global leader.
The key to harnessing these three opportunities is build the best education system in the
nation – one that gives our kids the new generation skills for the new generation jobs that are
coming their way.
We are investing record amounts in the early years, in literacy and numeracy, and in post-
year 10 education, to make our vision of being the best in Australia by 2016 a reality. These
are the things that will drive Tasmania’s economic growth in the next decade and beyond,
and will enable us to address the three ‘Ps’ of Population, Productivity, and Participation.
If we get the economic settings right – if we turn global challenges into Tasmanian opportuni-
ties – we can support a new decade of Tasmanian growth.
The support and drive of local businesses right around Tasmania – including on the north-
west coast – will be vital if Tasmania is to achieve all that it can in this next decade.

David Bartlett

ANNUAL REPORT                                  0809

President’s Message
Eric Mobbs

This has been one of consolidation. With the current economic situation we were forced
to postpone the North West Commerce and Industry awards due to lack of sponsors.
This has meant that we were forced to hold back on some activities due to a lack of
funds, in spite of this the Chamber still managed a small surplus.

Our first network meeting held at the East Devonport Recreation Centre was very
successful and we will be holding more in the future.

During the year Barb Prothero left as our secretary after 2 years in the position,
Barb did the Chamber proud in her time with us and we wish her well in the future.
We welcome her replacement Alice Vernon.

The Chamber once again was able to run the Jazz and Dine Dinner in July as part of the
Jazz weekend and the evening was well supported with 100 guests present. Next year
we are hoping for a full house of 150.

The chamber was represented at the RPDC hearing for the Homemaker Centre and also
has made representation to the Government in relation to the Science Imaginarium fol-
lowing on Councils decision to possibly close the facility at the end of this year.

Representation has also been made to Council regarding the
new car parking charges for Saturday Morning.

I wish to thank all of the Executive committee for their assis-
tance this year without them and our sponsors the Chamber
would not exist.

ANNUAL REPORT                               0809

Mayor’s Message
Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry Annual Report

As Mayor, on behalf of Devonport City Council, I would like to acknowledge the important
role the Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry plays in this city’s continued
economic growth.
Devonport is geographically well-placed to become the service and retail centre for North
-West Tasmania. Council recognises the benefits of working in partnership with business
and community groups to achieve our vision of Devonport being a thriving and welcoming
regional City living lightly by the river and sea.
One of Council’s key strategies is to manage strategic urban development to support the
“Go for Growth” initiatives that support the CBD and reduces fragmentation.
Council also plans to improve the City’s physical access and connectivity and to develop
 and maintain a high profile City entrance and streetscape that enhances and maintains
Devonport’s character.
It is vitally important that Council works in partnership with industry and government to
pursue opportunities and address impediments to further economic development, to
identify future infrastructure needs of business and industry and pursue implementation
options. Equally important is the need to promote and encourage the development of
initiatives that maximises use of the local economy, retains local expenditure and
captures leakages.
The natural beauty of the area combined with the sea gateway to the island and home to
the Spirit of Tasmania provides the foundations to become a welcoming regional city
with a strong economy. Council is committed to providing leadership to the
community by balancing the various needs of industry, business, the
community, government and the environment to ensure Devonport is a
regional leader with a strong and sustainable future.

                                          Ald Lynn Laycock

ANNUAL REPORT                               0809

Marketing Report
Kim Robinson

It is with much pleasure that I present this report for your perusal. The past year has been a very busy one
with a few challenges. Early in the year we made the decision to change the format of the Awards to Leader-
ship Awards however due to a variety of circumstances, the major one being the economic downturn we
were unable to secure adequate sponsors to make the project viable for the Chamber. Ongoing discussions
with the Launceston Chamber of Commerce then allowed us to align our Awards to theirs and other Cham-
bers in the North of the State are following suit. We are confident this will lead to state awards for all of our
category winners. The North West Business and Industry Awards will now be launched in February and the
Gala Dinner that will also celebrate the amazing food and beverage produced in this region will be held in
May of 2010.
We held our first Members meeting and this was a great success and will be an ongoing event on our calen-
dar. Business Women’s Luncheons have continued to be well patronized and this year we also re-
introduced Business Men’s Luncheons sponsored by O Group. Our variety of network functions for both
genders of our membership have been well attended and we have been fortunate with all of our events to
have interesting and informative guest speakers give their time willingly to the Chamber.
We continue to be a pro-active Chamber taking issues for our members to local council and state govern-
As you know we have had a change in Secretary and I would like to thank Barb Prothero for her contribution
to the day to day activities and welcome our new Secretary Alice Vernon to the role. I was overseas when
Alice started and she has taken to the job like a duck to water so I look forward to working with Alice in the
future to ensure our members are well catered for with networking functions and professional development.
The Shadforths Office Professionals and Managers Breakfast was a sell out again and this event continues
to be considered one of the major networking events on the North West Coast. I must make special mention
of Qantaslink for their fantastic support for the chamber this year. We were able to assist Qantaslink with the
launch of the new Q400 aircraft servicing Devonport, earlier this year. Pure Tasmania continue to provide
amazing support for our major events and BJ’s Pharmacy provide prizes for every activity we organize. I
would like to thank all of our Platinum, Diamond and Gold Members and pay tribute to 7AD Radio for the
support they provide in promoting our activities. We also have a great relationship with the Advocate and
recently received a commitment from Win Television to assist us in many areas of promotion and advertising.
Can I also thank Powertek Australia for their support of the Jazz Dine and Dance event this year which was a
huge success and a night that was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Thanks to the Executive members
that have supported my role and in particular I would like to acknowledge the hard work that Eric Mobbs our
Presidents does for the Chamber. I have thoroughly enjoyed my role with the Chamber and hope that we
can continue to grow and provide activities for our members that are of benefit to their business and our
To all our members and sponsors a huge thank you for your ongoing support and I welcome any ideas you
may have to improve our service to you.

Kim Robinson – Marketing Executive

ANNUAL REPORT                                           0809

                 Held at Hightide Resturant

                    Greeted with a glass of
                   Barringwood champagne
                   followed with a succulent
                  four course meal prepared
                   by Kelvin Bowers and his
                       team at Hightide .
                  A special mention must go
                 to Nichols Poultry who very
                  kindly supplied the turkey
                     and chicken breasts .

                  We were entertained by
                 jazz trio ‘A Touch Of Class’
                  Who proved to be a very
                    classy act, and were
                   enjoyed immensely by
                 dancers and those who just
                      wished to listen.

                 A very successful night and
                 a great time was had by all.


Auditor’s Report
Barrie Hall

I have audited the accompanying accounts for the year ending 30th June 2009
in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards.

In my opinion:-

      a.)   Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. has kept proper
            accounting records and other books during the period covered by
            the accounts.
      b.)   The accompanying accounts are properly drawn up and in accor
            dance with the Association’s Incorporation Act (1964) so as to give
            a true and fair view of the state of affairs as at 30th June 2009
            and of the results for that period ending that date according to
            the information given to me, the books of the Association and the
            explanations given.
      c.)   The accounts are properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and
            correct view of the Association’s financial position according to
            the information at my disposal and the explanations given to me.
      d.)   The rules relating to the administration of the Association’s funds
            have been observed.

Dated at Devonport 24th August 2009

Honorary Auditor

ANNUAL REPORT                          0809

Income and Expenditure Statement
Income                                                       2009             2008
Membership                                                   $29,867.27       $26,135.45
Functions                                                    $11,883.92       $ 8,855.93
Office Professional & Management Breakfast                   $ 4,845.43       $ 3,414.25
Sponsorship                                                  $ 3,840.91       $ 2,163.65
Advertising Revenue                                          $                $ 820.00
Awards Functions                                             $ 4,218.18       $20,239.70
Interest received                                            $ 830.78         $ 1,234.68
Secretarial Income                                           $ 3,787.95       $
Other income                                                 $ 3,377.45       $ 573.01
Total income                                                 $62,651.89       $63,436.67
Administration Expenses                                      $ 6,497.69       $12,064.30
Awards Expenditure                                           $ 100.00         $ 560.22
Bank Fees And Charges                                        $ 560.08         $ 681.36
Insurance                                                    $ 643.02         $ 643.02
Marketing Expenses                                           $ 5,454.55       $ 5,454.55
Postage                                                      $ 1,366.57       $ 664.28
Printing & stationery                                        $ 4,114.07       $ 3,111.46
Office Rent                                                  $                $    80.00
Dues & Subscriptions                                         $                $ 934.09
Sundry expenses                                              $ 181.68         $ 117.36
Superannuation                                               $ 3,255.41       $ 1,748.60
Telephone                                                    $ 2,702.14       $ 2,186.07
BigPond BroadBand                                            $                $ 145.28
Other Employer Expenses                                      $                $ 1,279.87
Wages                                                        $36,589.55       $33,019.56
Total expenses                                               $61,464.76       $62,690.02

Profit (loss) from ordinary activities before income tax     $1,187.13        $    746.65
Income tax revenue relating to ordinary activities
Net profit (loss) attributable to the association            $1,187.13        $ 746.65
Total changes in equity of the association                   $1,187.13        $ 746.65
Opening retained profits                                     $25,434.22       $24,687.57
Net profit (loss) attributable to the association            $1,187.13        $ 746.65
Closing retained profits                                     $26,621.35       $25,434.22
The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements. These statements should be read in
conjunction with the attached compilation report.

ANNUAL REPORT                                           0809

Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc
Current Assets                                              2009                       2008
Cash Assets
Cash in Bank                                                $13637.23                  $12,654.76
Westpac Maxi Account                                        $14,185.40                 $
Cash on Hand                                                $    71.00                 $    56.00
Petty Cash                                                  $    27.67                 $    35.30
Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees                                $                          $14,343.37
                                                            $27,921.30                 $27,089.43
Accounts Receivable                                         $ 5,370.45                 $ 4,318.05
                                                            $ 5,370.45                 $ 4,318.05
Total Current Assets

Non-Current Assets
Property, Plant and Equipment
Furniture & Fittings                                        $ 1,908.00                 $ 1,908.00
                                                            $ 1,908.00                 $ 1,908.00
Total Non-Current Assets                                    $ 1,908.00                 $ 1,908.00
Total Assets                                                $35,199.75                 $33,315.48

Current Liabilities
Trade creditors                                             $ 832.32                   $ 1,027.86
                                                            $ 832.32                   $ 1,027.86
Current Tax Liabilities
GST payable control account                                 $ 5,121.86                 $ 4,380.90
Amounts withheld from salary and wages                      $ 1,855.00                 $ 1,848.00
Superannuation Payable                                      $ 769.22                   $ 624.50
                                                            $ 7,746.08                 $ 6,853.40
Total Current Liabilities                                   $ 8,578.40                 $ 7,881.26
Total Liabilities                                           $ 8,578.40                 $ 7,881.26
Net Assets                                                  $26,621.35                 $25,434.22
Members' Funds
Accumulated surplus (deficit)                               $26,621.35                 $25,434.22
Total Members' Funds                                        $26,621.35                 $25,434.22

The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements. These statements should be read in
conjunction with the attached compilation report.

ANNUAL REPORT                                          0809

                    DCCI PAST PRESIDENTS
1940-41   A H Marshall                 1975-76     D J Cowan
1941-42   A H Marshall                 1977-78     E G Forward
1942-43   A H Marshall                 1978-79     B L Cobbett
1943-44   S S B Purves                 1979-80     A R Arnott & B E Crowden
1944-45   S S B Purves                 1980-81     B E Crowden
1945-46   F H Haines                   1981-82     G E Capp
1946-47   F H Haines                   1982-83     G E Capp
1947-48   A W G Luck                   1983-84     A M Waddle
1948-49   A W G Luck                   1984-85     A M Waddle
1949-50   J R Henry                    1985-86     B E Crowden
1950-51   J R Henry                    1986-87     B F Chandler
1951-52   J B Coleman                  1987-88     B F Chandler
1952-53   J B Coleman                  1988-89     D K Grant
1953-54   R A Broomby                  1989-90     D K Grant
1954-55   R A Broomby                  1990-91     H Hadley
1955-56   P R Stone                    1991-92     H Hadley
1956-57   P R Stone                    1992-93     H Hadley
1957-58   D J Finlayson                1993-94     R Colbeck
1958-59   D J Finlayson                1994-95     R Colbeck
1959-60   W O Jones & T C Button       1995-96     R Colbeck
1960-61   T C Button                   1996-97     P R Ibbott
1961-62   T C Button                   1997-98     P R Ibbott
1962-63   V C J Truskett               1998-99     R Colbeck
1963-64   V C J Truskett               1999-2000   R Colbeck
1964-65   W H Henry                    2000-01     A C Read
1965-66   W H Henry                    2001-02     A C Read
1966-67   K L Harries                  2002-03     P K M Viney
1967-68   K L Harries                  2003-04     E Mobbs
1968-69   H R Twilley                  2004-05     E Mobbs
1969-70   H R Twilley & C F Clements   2005-06     E Mobbs
1970-71   C F Clements                 2006-07     J T Hatto
1971-72   C F Clements                 2007-08     J T Hatto
1973-74   I G Webb                     2008-09     E Mobbs
1974-75   D J Cowan

ANNUAL REPORT                          0809

Business Achiever Award
Each year the Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry wishes to honour achievement by a busi-
nessperson within the Devonport region. This Award is to recognise and applaud conspicuous busi-
ness development or achievement resulting from commercial enterprise and endeavour.

Year   Recipient                            Company
1988   John F White                         Delta Hydraulics
1989   Dimitrios (Jimmy) Trambas            Doric Engineering
1990   Chas Kelly                           Chas Kelly Transport
1991   Royce & Dorothea Fairbrother         RT & DJ Fairbrother Pty Ltd
1992   Peter R Gilham                       Vecon Pty Ltd
1993   LR (Buz) Green & MJ (Mike) Gow       Serve-Ag Pty Ltd
1994   Una & Peter Rockliff                 Petuna Pty Ltd
1995   Graeme & Eunice Davis                Tasmanian Clothing Company
1996   Neil J W Armstrong                   Harvest Moon Division of Forth Farm Produce P/L
1997   C (Mac) Russell & Neville Smith      Russell Smith Pty Ltd
1998   Brian & Carol Wilson                 MineCom Pty Ltd
1999   John & Megan Hill                    Hills Transplants Pty Ltd
2000   John & Veronica Palmer               John Palmer Plumbing Pty Ltd
2001   Derek & Angela Murray                Riverview Nurseries
2002   Kem Perkins                          Devonport Port Authority
2003   Barry & Janene Wilczynski            BJ’s Pharmacy & Santa’s Workshop
2004   Ian Murcott & Cinni Coates           Ampol 24hr Service Station
2005   Kerry Gibson                         Tasfreight
2006   John Phillips                        Tassie Home Loans Pty Ltd
2007   Chas Kelly                           Chas Kelly Transport
2008   Adam Brooks                          Maintenance Systems Solutions Pty Ltd

                                       2008 Business Achiever Award
                                          Recipient ; Adam Brooks

ANNUAL REPORT                                   0809

        Platinum Members
            Radio 7AD/SeaFM
          Telstra Country Wide
      Federal Group/Pure Tasmania
       Devonport Corporate Centre
        Tasmanian Skills Institute
         Diamond Members
    BJ’s Pharmacy & Santa’s Workshop
        Shadforths Financial Group
           Gold Members
        The Advocate Newspaper
              Aurora Energy
              Australia Post
              Molly Malones
       Richmond Concepts & Print
       Barringwood Park Vineyard
    Ghost Rock Cellar Door & Vineyard
          J. Boag & Son Brewing

ANNUAL REPORT       0809

             R.J. Burgess Perpetual Trophy
                        for the
     Most Improved Industrial Site in East Devonport

 In 1985, Captain (ret) Dick Burgess gave the trophy award
 to encourage industrial businesses in East Devonport to improve
                 the visual amenity of their premises.
  A well known and highly respected citizen of Devonport with a
long record of support and interest in the future of the city.
    The suburb of East Devonport has recently had a renovation
through the auspices of the $5m Devonport Eastern Shore Project,
 which has invigorated the village and foreshore precincts.
East Devonport is the place where approximately 125,000 tourists
            arrive in Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania.
One of the cheif aims of the project was to divert light and heavy
  traffic to enable the arrival experience for tourists in what is a
       working port area, to be enhanced and allow for more
                    appropriate access and egress.

         2009 R.J.Burgess Perpetual Trophy

                   Has been awarded to

                    The Signmakers
                         129 Wright St
                        East Devonport

ANNUAL REPORT                    0809

             A background of The Signmakers

The Signmakers first started in 1996 under the name of Paint'n Signs in
a small shopfront in King Street in Devonport with 2 partners.
After 3 months Greg Wheatley purchased his partners share which
proved to be a positive move as it continued to forge ahead.
Initially there was 12 signwriting business's in Devonport in 1996 but
within 4 years it was down to just 4 or 5 and presently still about the
same. After 18 months of trading Paint'n Signs went on to purchase
another local sign firm known as The Signmaker also known as
Masoncraft Signs this coincided with a move into bigger premises in
Steele St, Devonport then becoming known as The Signmakers.
This proved to be a good move but after another 18 months we had
outgrown the new premises and went on to purchase a bigger building
in Spreyton along with aquiring a local screenprinting firm.
We actually out grew these premises within 12 months but decided we
had moved enough, so we stayed for 6 years until deciding to build a
new purpose built factory in East Devonport.
The factory sits on almost an acre of land which overlooks western
Devonport and is situated in the shipping & port precinct, the factory
complex consists of 3 main factories totalling approx 1500m2.
After 4 years in the new East Devonport complex The Signmakers went
on to purchase Zenith Signs in Hobart, this came about because we
felt we needed to service our growing southern client base,
If Zenith Signs did not come about when it did we would have opened a
new factory in Hobart but the staffing of it would always be an issue.
The Signmakers have experienced a massive growth rate over recent
years and have recently broken into the Victorian market as well with
our team of installers well conversed with country and metropolitan
Greg Wheatley is the sole Director of this vibrant company but the
success is credited to his loyal and creative team totalling 32 between
the 2 facilities.

ANNUAL REPORT                      0809

                       Business Achiever Award: Nominees 2009
Bruce Gowans ~               Commencing business in Devonport in 1969, Bruce established Ling Gowans Motors
in partnership with then motor racing colleague and friend, Alan Ling. The pair operated out of a small show-
room and yard in Best Street initially selling a number of different brands and even marine boats. The busi-
ness quickly consolidated to become a Toyota only new car franchise from which Alan and Bruce enjoyed
much recognition from Toyota Australia as a top achieving dealership time and time again. Within the
community Ling Gowans Toyota also gained much recognition as a respected business leader operating
with integrity. In harmonisation Bruce held a great sense of community and demonstrated this spirit in
supporting community events and groups where possible. In 1994 following Alan’s retirement, the business
began trading as Bruce Gowans Toyota. Bruce continued this successful journey, and over the next 10
years was able to expand his business presence to extend across the entire North-West Coast servicing
the needs of Toyota customers from Devonport through to Smithton. More recently Bruce has retired and his
son Adam manages the daily operations of the business. Gowans Toyota is the only locally owned new car
franchise operating in Devonport, and consequently the only locally owned franchise dealership servicing the
entire North West Coast.
2009 marks the 40th year of the Gowans Motor Group operation. This mile stone year is being celebrated with
the establishment of a fantastic new facility in the heart of Devonport which will provide Devonport people a
wonderful place have their motoring needs catered to for many years to come.
Don Halliwell is a director at Halliwell First National with his son Alan. He has over 45 years experience
in real estate, making him one of the longest serving estate agents in Tasmania. Don commenced his real
estate career in 1957 in Launceston and moved to Devonport as a 20 year old when he purchased the firm of
A.C. Day and Son in 1960, now known as Halliwell First National. Don is a licenced auctioneer and specializes
in commercial and industrial real estate. He is recognized as one of the leading commercial sales people on
the North West Coast. He has consistently won the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania Highest Sales Award for
Commercial Sales on the North West Coast since it’s inception and was also awarded Commercial/Rural Prin-
cipal of the Year in 2005. Don has taken an active interest in many organizations over the years, such as the
Devonport Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and the Real Estate Institute and was a member of the General
Council for Tasmanian Trust Bank for several years.
Gareth Atkins became an equal partner of Synectic in 2005. Well-known in the region as an elite cyclist,
he has worked at the firm for the past 17 years. Gareth specialises in the provision of tax and superannuation
strategies to small and medium enterprises and wealth accumulators. He is also specifically interest in Self
Managed Superannuation Funds and business advisory services. Beginning his career with the firm upon
completion of year 12, Gareth has achieved exceptional educational achievements. In 2004 he attained the
highest mark in Tasmania and received the Candidate of the Year award in the post-graduate Chartered Ac-
countants Program. He was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in February 2005. An ambitious
high achiever, Gareth built his career while he continued to ride competitively at a national and international
level, competing against professional athletes while himself holding down a demanding full-time job at Syn-
ectic. And just for good measure, he is father to three young children - twin boys and a girl.
Gareth's is admired and respected for his commitment to his family and his drive to excel in both professional
and sporting pursuits. In his professional life, Gareth is much valued for his commitment to developing the firm
through innovative practices and his personal investment in building strong relationships with staff and clients

ANNUAL REPORT                                           0809




The Devonport Chamber of Commerce and Industry are offering our members the opportunity to
become an Awards Partner. By sponsoring one of the categories of the Awards you will receive a
range of benefits to assist in the promotion of your good business name, its products and services.
With excellent support from 7AD/7BU Radio, The Advocate Newspaper and Win Television your
business will receive excellent recognition via our media partners and also via our various publica-
tions relating to the awards and our the DCCI Website. Many more benefits are part of the pack-
age so if you would like to know more then please contact our Marketing Executive, Kim Robinson
by phoning (03) 6424 9300 during business hours or contacting her on email
You may also be interested in becoming a supporting partner for the Awards Gala Dinner which
will highlight the amazing variety of food and beverage producers in the region.

      Put this date in your diary Saturday 8th May 2010  ~

 Black Tie Dinner and Dance featuring food and beverage sourced
                    exclusively from the North West Region
                                  Venue to be advised

ANNUAL REPORT                                    0809

Successful Start Up ~ This category is open to innovative businesses that have commenced opera-
tions in the last 5 years and generate economic growth for the North West Region or any municipality within
the region.
Small Hospitality Business ~ This category is open to hospitality operators with up to 15 full time
equivalent employees and recognizes the special contribution that the small business sector make to the
regions tourism industry.
Outstanding Visitor Experience ~ This category is open to tourism and hospitality businesses/
or events that can demonstrate their commitment in consistently delivering an exceptional visitor experience
which allows them to stand out from their competitors.
Better Workplace ~ This category is open to organizations/businesses /associations that can demon-
strate they provide modern workplace practices and a stimulating and supportive workplace.
Building Communities ~ This category is not open for entry. This award is presented to an Award Final-
ist that contributes to the social capital and well being of the community.
Corporate Citizen ~ This category is open to organizations/businesses/associations that can demon-
strate a sense of responsibility as Corporate Citizens. This Award will also include and recognize a new
strategy called Budget of Care. This is a simple ethical strategy and organization develops as part of its
strategic planning to help address current social and environmental concerns. It is a tool for the organizations
governance and articulates in a non-financial manner how it prioritise these concerns. It is drawn up by the
organization leaders, either alone or in conjunction with their stakeholders, and is appraised annually. It may
consist of any number of points thorough is likely to be contained in one page.
Best Environment Practice ~ This category recognizes businesses and organizations that have
made a strong commitment to environmental improvement as part of their day to day operations.
Enhancing Regional Culture ~ This category is open to sporting and arts groups, festival, cultur-
al and community events and organizations/businesses/associations that positively impact on and generate
outcomes that have long term benefits for the cultural lifestyle of the North West region
Entrepreneurial Award ~ This category is open to organizations/businesses/associations that have
achieved outstanding commercial success and sustainable growth. Entrants should demonstrate an initiative
and willingness to undertake bold new ventures.
Export ~ This category is open to businesses that can demonstrate best practice in export in any industry
Innovation Award ~ This category is open to organizations/businesses/associations that can demon-
strate the ability to adapt to operating environments e.g. changes resulting from globalization, new industry
and retail trend and practices, government legislation, trade agreements etc.
Not for Profit ~ This category is open to not for profit organizations who are achieving outstanding
work with the North West Community in areas such as volunteer work, initiatives in social enterprise and
charitable work.
Judges Inspiration ~ This category is not open for entry. This Award is presented to an Award
finalist at the judges discretion.
Business Hall of Fame Inductee ~ This category is not open for entry. This inaugural award
will be selected from our Award Winners from previous years.
Business of the Year ~ This category is not open for entry. The winner of this award will be select-
ed by the Award Judges from the 2009 Category winners.

ANNUAL REPORT                                           0809


                           7AD and 107.7 SEA FM
Radio 7AD and Sea FM Devonport cover an area from Penguin in the West to Port Sorrel in
the East, Sheffield and Railton in the South, Ulverstone and Devonport areas, home to over
65,000 people.
Under the Tasmanian Broadcasters banner, along with our sister stations, 7HOFM in Hobart,
7LAFM in Launceston, 7XS in Queenstown, 7BU and 101.7 Sea FM in Burnie, 7SD and Sea FM
in North East Tasmania, and our local Devonport Stations 7AD and 107.7 Sea FM, we have
made extensive investments this year to improve and build on our local programming. To
this end we employed an additional 2 full time announcers this year. Another most popular
addition to our program line up on Sea FM this year has been the Hamish and Andy Show that
is now heard every weekday afternoon between 4 and 6pm.
We have enjoyed supporting and participating in many local events including the Devonport
Cup, Devonport Apex Regatta, the Rotary Club of Devonport Kite Festival, the Devonport
Show, Taste the Harvest, Destination Devonport, the Devonport Jazz Festival, Devonport
Apex Christmas Parade, the Sheffield Mural Fest, Ulverstone Santa Dash just to name a few.
We also proudly sponsor many local sporting clubs and community groups including the
Devonport Football Club, the NTFL, the North West Thunder, the East Devonport Football
Club, the Latrobe International Speedway, as well as Meals on Wheels, the Salvation Army,
and conducted a most successful Appeal earlier this year to assist the Red Cross with
donations for the Victorian bushfire victims.
Recently, we also finalised our local ‘Can you Help Us’ Winter Appeal which has been
supported by Murcotts Caltex Service Station for years. We raised over $6,051.75 for the
children's ward at the Mersey Community Hospital in Latrobe and highlighted once again the
generosity of the communities in our area.
We have enjoyed very loyal and continually growing support from the local business
community throughout the 2008/2009 period – and are always accessible to local business
and community groups. We offer our listeners a window to the world as well as the
opportunity to keep informed and up to date with local events and news and local
information and we are looking forward to serving our community in 2009/2010.

Sylvia Sayers,
General Manager
Devonport Radio Centre 7AD/SeaFM
Ph: 03 64 241919

ANNUAL REPORT                                0809

                        DEVONPORT CORPORATE CENTRE
Fully Serviced Offices - Your very own stylish and professionally fitted office, in the
                                 heart of Devonport.
Run your business from the Devonport CBD location with a Serviced Office in the
                          Devonport Corporate Centre.
   You will enjoy the best facilities, support and IT infrastructure without the
investment and long term commitment. As a Devonport Corporate Centre client
  you will have a dedicated receptionist, access to a corporate meeting room,
                         access to secretarial assistance.
 Services are available on a flexible monthly-by-month basis to ensure that you
                can control your time and costs most effectively
        For enquiries, contact the Devonport Corporate Centre today!
                     Phone: 03 64207500 or 0408 850 629

ANNUAL REPORT                              0809

AGRICULTURE/HORTICULTURE                    Mr Peter George 
                                            Veolia Environmental Services 
Rick Rockliff                                p.6244 0050   f.6244 0055 
Sassafras Farms                    
90 Churchill's Road SASSAFRAS 7307            
p. 6426 7283  f. 6426 7320                  Toni Muir 
e.                   St Vincent de Paul Society 
                                            18 Murray Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
Buz Green                                   p 6427 7100  f. 6427 7022 
Serve‐Ag Pty Ltd                            e. 
6181 Frankford Road DEVONPORT  7310          
p. 6498 6800  f. 6427 0801                  Anne e Rockliff 
e. patrobertson@serve‐             Parakaleo Ministries Inc. 
                                            113 William Street DEVONPORT  7310 
Ian Macleod                                 p. 6423 3819   f. 6423 3826 
Peracto Pty Ltd                             e.              
16 Hillcrest Road  DEVONPORT  7310            
p. 6423 2044  f 6423 4876                   Diana Parish 
e.                  Whitelion Inc. 
                                            64 Stewart Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
 COMMUNITY SERVICES                         p. 6423 4507   f. 6423 6051 
Steve Daley                                   
Devonfield Enterprises                       Roslyn Atkinson 
133 Middle Road  DEVONPORT 7310             Youth & Family Focus 
p. 6424 6133  f. 6424 9952                  81 Oldaker Street DEVONPORT 7310 
e.                    p. 6423 6635 f. 6423 6642 
Jenny Donnelly                               
Lifeline North West Tas. Inc.               PRINTING & RELATED SERVICES 
21 Fenton Way DEVONPORT 7310                Colin Arnold 
p. 6424 6547  f. 6424 9522                  Richmond Concepts & Print 
e.             10 ‐ 12 Wenvoe Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                            p. 6424 5900 f. 6424 5258 
Kelli Bishop                                e.   
Mission Australia                             
5‐9 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
p. 6423 2196  f. 6423 2251 

ANNUAL REPORT                                0809

 Rodney & Janice Stagg                           NEWS, MEDIA  & RELATED  SERVICES 
 R & J Publishing                                 
 Shop 1, 103 Oldaker Street  DEVONPORT 7310      Abe Udy 
 p. 6424 5441   f. 6424 1272                     Abe’s Audio 
 e.                        27 Elizabeth Street DEVONPORT  7310 
                                                 p. 6424 2466   f. 6423 4114 
 Marie  Leicester                                e. produc               
 Bistec (Business Technologies (Tas) Pty Ltd)     
 PO Box 528  Burnie 7320                         Sylvia Sayers 
 p. 6431 2655   f. 6431 8282                     Radio 7AD/SeaFM ‐ Devonport 
 e.                         2 Hillcrest Road DEVONPORT 7310 
                                                 p. 6424 1919 f. 6424 9613 
                                                 Phil  Leersen 
 BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION                           The Examiner Newspaper Pty Ltd 
      & ALLIED INDUSTRIES                        PO Box 99  LAUNCESTON  7250 
                                                 P. 6336 7111  f. 6331 4858 
 Greg Sharman                                    E.  
 Russell‐Smith Pty Ltd                            
 8 Stoney Rise Road DEVONPORT 7310               Carolyn Horne 
 p. 6420 4333 f. 6420 4345                       Southern Cross Television 
 e.                     4 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                                 p. 6424 5011 f. 6424 9401 
 Kim Hill                                        e.   
 Shane Hill Electrical Pty Ltd                     
 136 William Street DEVONPORT 7310               Rod Tremayne 
 p. 6423 3444  f. 6423 3466                      The Advocate Newspaper 
 e.                     PO Box 63  BURNIE 7320 
                                                 P. 6440 7400  f. 6440 7340 
 Phillip Ma hews                                 E. 
 Ma hews Construc ons Pty Ltd                      
 40 Appledore Street  DEVONPORT  7310            Paul Simpson 
 p. 6424 4444  f. 6424 9265                      Win Television Tas. Pty Ltd 
 e. admin@ma                      61a Best Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
                                                 p. 6424 9998  f. 6424 2990 
 Karen Bell                                      e. 
 Dowlings On Site Engineering 
 101 Pardoe Road WESLEY VALE  7307 
 p. 6427 7717   f. 6427 7709 

ANNUAL REPORT                                      0809

 FINANCE & INSURANCE                      Damon Twibell 
                                          ANZ Banking Group 
 Heather Sheppard                         36 Rooke Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
 Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees 
                                          p. 6423 0109  f.  6423 0132 
 70 Rooke Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6498 7744  f. 6498 7746 
                                          Gerry Callander 
                                          Westpac Banking Corpora on 
 John Phillips 
                                          Business Banking Manager 
 Tassie Home Loans 
                                          33 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Edward Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          P. (03) 6449 9926  f. (03) 6424 9360 
 p. 6423 1255 f. 6424 9007 
 Ma hew McConnell 
 Shadforths LTD 
 PO Box 349 Devonport 7310 
 P (03 6498 7777 f. (03) 6424 3177 
 e. ma 
 Athol Quilliam 
 Quilliam Financial Services Pty Ltd 
 Devonport Corporate Centre 
 Bass House, Level 1 DEVONPORT 7310 
 p (03) 6424 5056  f. (03) 6423 1189 
                                          Shaun Johnston 
                                          Bella’s Pizza Café Restaurant 
                                          159 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Michelle Muir 
                                          p. 6424 7933  f. 6424 6793 
 B & E Ltd 
 21 Best Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6421 4477 f. 6421 4422 
                                          Kelvin Bowers 
 e. michelemuir@b‐   
                                          High de Waterfront Restaurant 
                                          17 Devonport Road DEVONPORT TAS  7310 
                                          p. 6424 6200  f. 6424 6220 

ANNUAL REPORT                             0809

                                            INFO TECH/ COMMUNICATION 
 Paul Smith 
 Molly Malones   
                                          Julie Goss 
 34 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          Total Communica ons 
 p. 6424 1898 f. 6424 9065 
                                          69 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          p. 6424 1788  f. 6424 1322 
 Bonnie & Luke Phillips 
 Zest Espresso & Juice Bar 
                                          Jonathan Ha o 
 105 Rooke Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
 p. 6423 3854 
                                          19 Best Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
                                          p. 6423 2051  f. 6423 2460 
 Karen  Phillips 
 Federal Group 
                                          Alan Alwood 
                                          Inspired i‐Land Community Enterprise 
 c/‐ 10 Casino Rise LAUNCESTON 7250 
                                          40 Canning Street  LAUNCESTON  7250 
 p. (03) 6335 5791  f. (03) 6335 5794 
                                          p. 6333 3333 
 Mandy  Atkins‐Cock 
                                          MERCHANTS & WHOLESALERS 
 Peelz Courthouse Café 
 145 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          Stuart Richey 
 p. (03) 6423 5373 
                                          Richey Fishing Co. Pty Ltd 
                                          18 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Steve Mar n 
                                          p. 6424 4880 f. 6424 4181 
 The Three Amigos on King 
 P.O.Box 24 
                                          Nigel Squibb 
                                          Tasfresh Pty. Ltd 
                                          PO Box 670  DEVONPORT  7310 
                                          P. 6427 2065  f. 6427 2733 

ANNUAL REPORT                             0809

                                               Brian Wade 
                                               Mersey Yacht Club Inc 
 Vanessa Wells 
                                               Anchor Drv EAST DEVONPORT 7310 
 Argosy Motor Inn 
                                               P. 6427 8655  f. 6427 7655 
 221 Tarleton Street EAST DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. (03) 6427 8872 f. (03) 6424 9819 
                                               Tally Wainwright 
                                               Quality Gateway Inn 
 Cate Arnold 
                                               16 Fenton DEVONPORT 7310 
 Ghost Rock Vineyards 
                                               p. 6424 4922  f. 6424 7720 
 PO Box 311 
 Devonport 7310 
                                               Pat O'Donnell 
                                               Harvey World Travel 
 Howard Smith 
                                               139 William Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 Cradle Coast Tours 
                                               p. 6424 5544 f. 6424 9709 
 14 Main Street ULVERSTONE 7315 
 p.6425 5854 
                                               Judy Robinson 
                                               Barringwood Park Vineyard 
 Gina Timms 
                                               60 Gillams Road LOWER BARRINGTON 7306 
 Devonport Basketball Council Inc 
                                               p. 6492 3140 f. 6492 3360 
 PO Box 526 DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6424 2440 
                                               Michael Stork 
                                               Devonport Golf Club 
 Melissa Herbert 
                                               66 Woodrising Avenue  SPREYTON 7310 
 Devonport Harness Racing Club 
                                               p. 6427 2381  f. 6427 2381 
 PO Box 26  DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6424 4479 
                                               Judy Moore 
                                               Marke ng Devonport 
 Dalene & Leanne Laycock 
                                               92 Formby Road DEVONPORT 7310 
 Flesh Therapy 
                                               p. 6424 8176  f. 6424 8476 
 U2/37 Steele St   DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6423 2727 

ANNUAL REPORT                                  0809

 Murray Smith                             Robin Johnson 
 Murrays Day Out                          Fonterra Australia 
 15 King Street                           155 Mersey Road SPREYTON 7310 
 Devonport 7310                           p. 6421 2000  f. 6427 3255 
 p. 0427252493                            e.  
                                          Shane Smith 
 Wolfgang Koch                            Penstock Distributors 
 Edgewater                                51 Don Road DEVONPORT 7310 
 4 Thomas Street EAST DEVONPORT  7310     p. 6424 4611 f. 6424 9282 
 p. 6427 8441  f. 6427 7900               e.  
 e. wmk@edgewater‐         
                                          Robbie Paul 
 Karen Bramich                            J. Boag & Son Brewing 
 Mersey River Cruises                     25 Argyle Street HOBART  TAS  7001 
 PO Box 906 DEVONPORT 7310                p. 6230 9111  f. 6230 9195 
 P. 6423 1699  f. 6423 1830               e.  
                                          Tim Hess 
 Peter & Wendy Maloney                    Petuna Pty Ltd  
 The Australian Axeman’s Hall of  Fame    134 Tarleton Street  EAST DEVONPORT 7310 
 PO Box 305  LATROBE  7307                p. 6427 9033 f. 6427 0819 
 P. 6426 2099  F. 6426 2307               e.  
                                          Maurice Hill 
 MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES                 Labels & Badges 
                                          138 James Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Rodney O’Rourke                          p. 6423 6669 f. 6424 9665 
 Australian Paper                         e.   
 226 Mill Road WESLEY VALE  7307            
 p. 6423 7111 f. 6423 7102                Bill Harris 
                                          Ulster Carpets 
 Stephen Brass                            23‐61 Tarleton Street EAST DEVONPORT 7310 
 Cement Australia                         p. 6424 5488 f. 6424 9392 
 Private Bag RAILTON 7305                 e.   
 p. 6491 0111 f. 6491 0185                 
 e.          Karen  Taylor 
                                          Mersey Sheetmetal Works 
                                          80‐82 Hiller Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          p. 6424 4399  f. 6424 5791 

ANNUAL REPORT                             0809

 Ian Murco  & Cini Coates                  Grant Goodwin 
 Caltex  William Street                    Formby Removals 
 118 William Street DEVONPORT 7310         PO Box 329E  East Devonport 7310 
 p. 6424 3221  f. 6423 1172                p. 6427 8111   f. 6427 8052 
 Adam Gowan                                 
 Bruce Gowans Toyota                       Keith & Vonda Ives 
 41 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310             Basslink Ives Logis cs t/a Total Care Logis cs 
 p. 6424 5177 f. 6424 9492                 PO Box 113  Devonport 7310 
 e.              p. 6420 4999  f. 6420 4950 
 Greg Plummer                               
 Motors Pty Ltd                            Robert Barnes 
 6 Victoria Parade DEVONPORT 7310          TasPorts  
 p. 6424 4033 f. 6424 5249                 PO Box 478  DEVONPORT 7310 
 e.                    p. 03 6421 4911   f. 03 6421 4988 
 Grant Bowering                             
 Norco Ba eries Pty Ltd                    Ian Newman 
 42 Wenvoe Street DEVONPORT 7310           Chas Kelly Transport 
 p. 6424 6466 f. 6424 6633                 PO Box 780  DEVONPORT 7310 
 e.                  p. 6498 6300  f. 6427 9835 
 Jedda Mainwaring                           
 Mainwaring Auto Electrics Pty Ltd         Kerry Gibson 
 8 Devonport Road                          Tasfreight 
 p.036424 3352  f. 036424 9772             PO Box 126  DEVONPORT 7310                   p. 6426 1201  f. 6426 1910 

ANNUAL REPORT                              0809

 PRIVATE MEMBERS                             Jeremy Rockliff ‐ MHA 
 Ald. Lynn Laycock ‐ JP                      Liberal Member for Braddon 
 Mayor Devonport City Council                47b Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 44‐48 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310            p. 6421 7930   f. 6423 5819 
 p. 6424 0511  f. 6424 9649                  e.    
                                             Lana Joyce 
 Mark Baker                                  3 Cliffden Court EAST DEVONPORT  7310 
 Devonport Corporate Centre                  p. 6427 8281   f. 6427 8281 
 Bass House, Level 1                         e.  
 Edward Street  DEVONPORT  7310                
 p. 6431 1333  F. 6431 5680                  Brian Chandler 
 e.                     Brian F. Chandler & Co 
                                             49 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Senator Stephen Parry                       p. 6424 2144   f. 6423 1061 
 49 Ca ley Street BURNIE 7320         
 p. 6431 7400  f. 6431 7455                   
 e.                 REAL ESTATE AGENCIES 
 Lance Cox                                   Geraldine Sheehan 
 10 Frederick Place  DEVONPORT 7310          Collins Realty 
                                             59 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Barb Protheroe                              p. 6424 6614 f. 6424 6262 
 Secretary—DCCI                              e. 
 Devonport Corporate Centre                    
 Bass House, Level 1                         Don Halliwell 
 Edward Street  DEVONPORT  7310              Halliwell First Na onal Real Estate Pty Ltd 
 P  6423 3410  f. 64 20 7586                 17 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 E.                         p. 6424 1496  f. 6424 7417 
 Trudi Jones                                   
 PO Box 296 EAST DEVONPORT 7310              Leah Ellio  & Kim Dougan 
                                             LJ Hooker Devonport 
 Senator Richard Colbeck                     47a Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 5 ‐ 7 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310            p. 6424 7333 f. 6424 7188 
 p. (03) 6424 5960 f. (03) 6423 5244         e.   
                                             Peter Colgrave 
 Norma Jamieson ‐ MLC                        Roberts Real Estate 
 Member for Mersey                           23 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 126 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310              p. 6424 7655 f. 6424 4211 
 p. 6421 7678  f. 6423 5804 

ANNUAL REPORT                                0809

 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES                    Malcolm Lester 
                                          Lester Franks Survey & Geographic  
 Kim Robinson                             63 Best Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 Advantage Sports & Events                p. 6424 6444  f. 6424 5825 
 15 King Street DEVONPORT 7310            e.   
 p. 6424 9300 f. 6423 3509                                    
 e.              Shane Woo on 
                                          WHK Pinnacle  
 Kevin Ma hews                            20 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Camerons Accountants & Advisors          p. 6424 9155 f. 6424 7797 
 26 Forbes Street DEVONPORT 7310          e.   
 p. 6421 4777 f. 6424 5498                          
 e. hews@camerons‐      Leon Woo on 
                                          Levis Stace & Cooper 
 Robert Atkinson                          13 Fenton Street  DEVONPORT  7310 
 AG Synec c Pty Ltd                       p.  6421 7111   f.  6424 8833 
 49 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310            e.  
 p. 6424 1451  f. 6424 7144                 
 e. accoun ng@synec         Peter Mullen 
                                          Crea ve Solu ons & Training 
 Mick Clark & Rod Bramich                 13 Turton Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Catalyst Business Improvement            P. 6411 6982 
 44 Formby Road DEVONPORT 7310            E. creaive@crea vesolu 
 p. 6424 2105  f. 6423 3410                 
 e.                Vicki & Terry Travers 
                                          Mersey Pharmacy 
 Craig Badcock                            17‐21 Murray Street EAST DEVONPORT  7310 
 Badcocks Pty Ltd                         p. 6427 8969  f.  6427 0585 
 66 Best Street   DEVONPORT 7310          E. 
 p. 0500 526 950  f. 6424 2568              
 e.                  David Yaxley 
                                          Yaxley Holdings Pty Ltd 
 Devon Cruickshank                        78 Oldaker Street DEVONPORT  7310 
 Cruickshank Financial Services           p. 6424 1858  f. 6424 9605 
 77 Gunn Street DEVONPORT  7310             
 p. 6424 9299          f. 6424 4609       Geoff Taylor 
 e.       Brothers & Newton 
                                          49 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310 
                                          p. 6424 2144   f. 6423 1061 

ANNUAL REPORT                             0809

 Clyde Eastaugh                            Eric Mobbs 
 Kajabbi Pty Ltd                           Gem Data Services Pty Ltd 
 19 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310             5 Niela Court DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6423 1333 f. 6424 9090                 p. 6423 5421  f. 6423 5421 
 e.                 e. 
  Ken Overton                              David Finnigan 
 Kenlyn Group                              Pi  & Sherry 
 Devonport Corporate Centre                35 Oldaker Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 Bass House, Level 1                       p. 6424 1641  f. 6424 9215 
 Edward Street  DEVONPORT  7310            e. info@pi   
 P. 6420 7500  f. 6420 7507                          
                                           Adam Brooks 
 John Bonney                               Maintenance Systems Solu ons Pty Ltd 
 Bonney Hortle & Partners                  23 Burgess Way  SHEARWATER 7307 
 56 Oldaker Street DEVONPORT 7310          P. 1300 856 772  f. 1300 730 286 
 p. 6424 8455 f. 6424 7183                 E. 
                                           John Perkins 
 Rod McCormack                             PJ Connec ons Pty Ltd 
 McCormack Financial Services              26 Palmers Rd  LATROBE  7307 
 87 Best Street  DEVONPORT  7310           P. 6426 2585  f. 6426 2586 
 p. 6423 0000  f. 6423 0010       
                                           Barry Harrison 
 Ross Proud                                Cleantek Services 
 Meridian Alliance                         247 Steele St  DEVONPORT 7315 
 PO Box 752  DEVONPORT 7310                p. (03) 6424 1144 
 p. (03) 64241611                 
                                           Trevor Forshaw 
 Fiona Sullivan                            SED Consul ng 
 Temple‐Smith Partners                     PO Box 3020  LANCESTON  7250 
 100 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310            P. 6344 8055  f. 6334 9311 
 p. 6424 7755  f. 6424 4143                trevorf@sedconsul 
                                           Andrew Hiller 
 Tracey  Bruce                             Visioncast 
 Devonport City Promo ons                  Devonport Corporate Centre 
 41 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310          Bass House, Level 1 
 p. 6424 4755  f. 6423 3921                Edward Street  DEVONPORT 7310 
 e.                    P. 6420 7577  f. 6420 7578 

ANNUAL REPORT                              0809

 RETAIL & SERVICES                     Janene & Barry Wilczynski 
                                       BJ’s Pharmacy & Santa’s Workshop 
 Wayne Monson                          56‐58 Rooke Street DEVONPORT  7310 
 Complete Sta onery & Office Supplies    p. 6424 1591  f. 6424 1592 
 5b Edward Street DEVONPORT  7310      e.  
 p. 6424 6777  f. 6424 4844                               
 e. admin@completesta     Leon & Bronwyn Perry 
                                       Devonport Saddleworld 
  David Pease                          50 Formby Road DEVONPORT 7310 
 A.H. Pease Shoe Store                 p. 6424 7614  f. 6424 5436 
 51 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310        e. 
 p. 6424 2172  f. 6424 5239              
 e.             Jeff Ma hews 
                                       Ma hews Jewellers 
 Ms Amanda Locke ‐tu                   21 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 A V A Fashions                        p. 6424 1052 f. 6424 9573 
 PO Box 1042                           e. ma   
 Devonport 7310                         
 E.             Wayne & Julie Foster 
                                       Passport Surf 
 John Van Der Woude                    85 Rooke St Mall DEVONPORT7310 
 Canoe 'n' Surf                        P. 6424 8030  f. 6423 3034 
 141 William Street DEVONPORT 7310     E. 
 p. 6424 4314 f. 6423 3553              
 e.             Jan McCormack 
                                       Charlesworth’s Jewellers 
 Elizabeth Wilkinson                   150A William Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 Elizabeth Ma hews Gi s                p. 6424 9144  f. 6423 4855 
 151a William Street DEVONPORT 7310    e.  
 p. 6424 4285 f. 6423 1199              
                                       Nick Ray  
 Jim Aco                               Stallards Camera House 
 Isle Snacks                           24 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310 
 PO Box 177 PORT SORELL 7307           p. 6424 3533 f. 6424 5160 
 p. 64286707  f. 6428 7694             e.  
 Timothy Go                            Troy Barnes 
 Devonport Bookshop                    Gunns Limited 
 30 Stewart Street DEVONPORT 7310      Don Road DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 6424 3871 f. 6424 8231             p. 6424 1481  f. 6424 7023 
 e.               e. 

ANNUAL REPORT                          0809

 Robert Brown                                 EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION 
 Ibbo s Home Timber and Hardware               
 48‐54 Oldaker Street DEVONPORT 7310          Nigel Hill  ‐ CEO 
 p. 6420 2666 f. 6420 2600                    Australian Technical College ‐ Nth Tas 
 e. recep on@ibbo                    473 West Tamar Highway  RIVERSIDE  7250 
                                              p.  6327 1777  f. 6327 1067 
 Debbie & John Rodda                          e.                  
 Mower Power                                   
 17 Forbes Street DEVONPORT 7310              Aileen Powell 
 p. 6424 2902  f. 6424 8920                   Business Programs ‐ Tasmanian Polytechnic 
 e.                  20 Valley Road DEVONPORT  7310 
                                              p. 6421 5504  f. 6421 5538 
 Greg Taylor                                  e. 
 Torquay Dry Cleaners                                             
 131 Rooke St  DEVONPORT 7310                 Adele Michalskij 
 p. 6424 2781                                 Drysdale ‐ Tasmanian Polytechnic 
 f.  6423 3182                                20 Valley Road DEVONPORT 7310 
 e.                       p. 6421 5556 f. 6421 5553 
 Robyn Cahill                                  
 De Cuba                                      Mar n Crawford 
 25 Rooke Street DEVONPORT TAS 7310           Reece High School 
 p. 6424 8887                                 Middle Road  
                                              Devonport 7310 
 Adrian Wild                                  p. 6420 8100 
 Aurora Energy                                 
 GPO Box 191 HOBART 7001                      GOVERNMENT AGENCIES 
 p. 6237 3339  f. 6234 2692                    
 e.           Lyn Winters 
                                              Directorate of Reserve Support ‐ Tas 
 Hadyn Rockliff                                Anglesea Barracks HOBART 7000 
 Australia Post                               p. 6237 7274 f. 6237 7232 
 88 Formby Road  DEVONPORT  7310              e. 
 p. 6421 5713   f. 6424 7658                    
 e.              Vern Cazaly 
                                              Department of Economic Development 
 Michael Pa erson                             Cnr Ca ley & Alexander Sts BURNIE 7320 
 Telstra Countrywide                          p. 6434 6331 f. 6431 7220 
 102 Cameron Street   LAUNCESTON  7250 

ANNUAL REPORT                                 0809

 Peter Symonds                                  Ross Cameron 
 Ability Employment                             MST Workplace Solu ons 
 5 Rooke Street DEVONPORT 7310                  37A Don Road  DEVONPORT 7310 
 p. 1300 736 433  f. 6423 2444                  p. 6421 6555 f. 6423 1208 
 e.      e.  
 Andrew Billing                                 Rob McDowell 
 O Group                                        Northern Group Training 
 45 Best Street DEVONPORT 7310                  PO Box 750 
 p. 6422 7777 f. 6423 1849                      Devonport 
 e.    p. 6424 5955 f. 6424 1775 
 Colin Cook                                      
 Searson Buck                                   Gary Vidler 
 PO Box 1499                                    TasTec Group Training 
 Burnie 7320                                    44 Formby Road  DEVONPORT 7310 
 e.                   p. 6424 5626  f.  6424 9673 
 Kristy Morris                                     
 Coopers Recruitment                            Peter Che le  
 34 King Street DEVONPORT 7310                  WISE Employment 
 p. 6423 6323 f. 6423 2294                      38 Formby Road DEVONPORT  7310 
 e.            p. 6423 4555  f. 6423 4500 
                                                e. pche 
 Frank Lyons                                     
 Jobfind Centre                                  Ms Anna McGregor 
 43 Best Street  DEVONPORT 7310                 Job Wire 
 p. 6424 4095 f. 6424 4732                      5 Edward Street, Devonport 7310 
 e.             p. 6423 4674 f. 64234939 
 David Dunn 
 MEGT (Australia) Ltd 
 Cnr Brisbane & George Sts LAUNCESTON 7250 
 p. 6323 0900  f. 6323 0999 

ANNUAL REPORT                                   0809

 Devonport Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.

   Would like to thank the following Sponsors for their
        contribution throughout the past year:

                   ANZ Banking Group
                      Aurora Energy
                      Australia Post
               Barringwood Park Vineyard
                      Boags Brewery
            Defence Reserves Support Council
           Department of Economic Development
                  Devonport City Council
               Devonport Corporate Centre
                   Ghost Rock Vineyard
                    Goodstone Group
                         O Group
                  Power Tek Australia P/L
                   Quality Gateway Inn
                    Radio 7AD/SeaFM
               Richmond Concepts & Print
                     Simplot Australia
                     Tasfresh Pty Ltd
                   Telstra Countrywide
                 The Advocate Newspaper
              Veolia Environmental Services

ANNUAL REPORT              0809

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