GIRLS - DOC by pengtt


									                       Girls Monologue
Two friends are sitting around doing homework. Victoria (seventeen years old) is reacting
to what Veronica (seventeen years old) just said about Julie, a popular girl at school.
Both girls are in Veronica’s living room.

(both girls are sitting at a table, doing their homework) Do my ears deceive me? Did I
just hear Veronica say that she felt sorry for Julie? (pause) I know, I know that is what
you said. How could you possibly feel sorry for Julie? Wait, don’t tell me. I want to
examine the facts myself. (stands up and walks over to another table and grabs a
textbook) Now, let’s see shall we? Julie Donn, moved to town about three, no four years
ago from downtown Toronto. She is the exact replica of a Barbie doll – pretty, slim with
one of those personalities to die for. Not much in the brains department though. (laughs,
sits down) If she was a real Barbie, I would have to say that she would be Malibu Barbie
because she is not smart enough to be the pet doctor one. And you can’t forget that
breathy voice. (mocking her) Oh darling, I forgot all about it. Can I copy your homework
and hand it in? (back to regular tone) Please, give me strength.

(pause) Yeah, I know that what I just said deals with what we just see on the outside. So
what is your point? I’m guessing that you want me to drive into that sea of make-up to get
to the inner person. Well okay. She is…….

(change of tone) Wait, why do you feel sorry for the girl who waltzed into town and stole
your boyfriend? The same person who is your lab partner but yet the only work that she
does in class is file her fingernails. And don’t forget the Jell-O incident where she was
carrying a bowl over your head and “accidentally” tipped it and you got to walk around all
day with green Jell-O in your hair. I know that you have been working at her house on
your science project, but obviously you have been spending too much time over with the
princess in her little castle.

(pause) Do I remember what you told me? You mean about her past? (starts to pace)
The part about her dad getting fired because he was stealing money, which if you ask me
does not make sense because they are old money and were loaded to begin with. Or the
part about her mom having a few affairs with high up politicians? Or about her brother
being a drug addict and her twenty year old sister marrying an eighty year old man? Is
that what you mean? (pauses – just realizing what she just said) Oh. (pause, sits on the
couch) I guess I was a little bit insensitive wasn’t I? (pause) Okay a lot. I forgot about all
of that stuff that she has to deal with, but that is no excuse to be mean to us. (change of
tone) Alright, maybe I should be more considerate and consider what she is dealing with
before I judge her. Never judge a book by its cover right? Jeez, I hate it when you point
out that I am being insensitive or wrong. (pause) I am not that mean! (throws a pillow at
Veronica) But you know who is really mean? A deep dark, I don’t want to meet you in a
dark abandoned ally kind of mean? Billy. That’s right, Billy Vos. Hey, don’t give me that
look. (pause) Oh, I guess I am doing it again right?

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