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English 420 Business Writing Students Name of Students Instructor 10/31/ 2007 Client-Based Service Learning Project- Formal Proposal

Company Name: Lafayette Brewing Co. Contact Info: Lafayette Brewing Co. Address, phone, e-mail Goals/Mission Statement of the Company: Greater Lafayette’s First and Only True Brew Club. This is pretty much our company’s mission statement. The goals of the Lafayette Brewing Co. are to establish a high class, fun brew house. The Lafayette Brewing Company is very proud of producing fresh beer. They use absolutely no preservatives whatsoever. To make their company have that high class feel, they have established good speakers for sound, great lights, and ample room for dancing. All of these factors are what separates the Lafayette Brewing Co. from other local restaurants. Intended Audience The intended audience for this project is the type of customers that the Lafayette Brewing Company would like to attract. Because of LBC’s determination to be a higher-class restaurant in the Lafayette community, our intended audience would be students looking for a nice night out, or beer coinsures looking to try a local brew. Furthermore, if we limit our advertising campaign to Purdue campus, many faculty and staff would be targeted as well. If we were to expand our advertising outside of Purdue, we would push LBC to local professionals looking for a lunch place, and a local restaurant to take visiting clients and other business trips. Resources Needed The resources needed to complete this project will be mostly collaboration with the company to zero in on their intended goal and need. Also important will be the research required to ascertain the cost vs. benefit, and potentially the highest yield demographic, and the best way to advertise to them. Finally, to actually implement our advertising scheme we would need the financial resources to purchase the materials. Research


So far our group has not performed a whole lot of research for this project. We are still in the preliminary stages of gathering information. I have been in contact with Greg Emig who works for the Lafayette Brewing Company. Apparently in the past they have worked with groups from this same class before. Due to little contact from his busy schedule we have been unable to communicate effectively. Our group is unaware of what past groups have done for the company although our idea seems to be original. From Greg’s remarks in the e-mail his schedule should open up to allow better communication. He is willing to have a sit down interview with us at our discretion. In the interview we plan on discussing what marketing plans they need, what groups in the past have done, and the kind of information they want published for the general public. In order to have an effective marketing campaign we need to figure out what works best for the company’s customers. Our group plans on performing a cost-benefit analysis. Through this analysis we will compare different marketing strategies, the cost to run those, and how effective they will be. We plan on performing numerous surveys with students on campus. The surveys will allow us to see the best potential marketing campaign. The students are a major customer for the company. Obviously their view on the whole topic in general is vital for our success. Our group plans to approach this project as a win-win situation for both us (the students) and the company. Campaign Our proposal is to start an advertising grassroots campaign. Our group will explore different marketing schemes to help advertise the company. Our first idea is to make magnets and distribute them throughout the campus. The magnets are a good idea because no one throws them out and it can display a lot of information. Also we will look into a newspaper advertisement. The advertisement will reach a broader audience but may not catch their attention. Also a radio commercial is a possible marketing idea. In addition, our group could hand out flyers around campus to help advertise the company to the students. Out of all the marketing campaign ideas, the magnet one seems to be the most lucrative.

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