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									Bottle Beside Your Bed

OPENING I live at a boarding house. I have a very small room (3x4 m) and the condition is hot. One night my throat felt dry and my body was covered with sweat, I looked for a bottle of water beside my bed but unfortunately it was empty. Then I woke up and went to the 1 st floor to take drinking water to kill my thirsty. I realized that I fell on dehydration. BODY My trusted blind masseur told me that I had to drink lots of water. She knew it when she was doing reflexiology massage on me. What a painful massage! I have been trying to force myself drinking water since that experience. Everyday I drink at least 1850 ml of water because my weight is 56 kg. Based on www.yamaha-motor.co.id , “Water Purifier”, human body consist of 65%70% water (I believe that all of you know about this). Water will help regulate cells metabolism by neutralising and getting rid of excess food and toxic waste from the body. In a hot condtion we will produce sweat and in a cold condition we will go to the toilet often. Now I will do a demonstration that you can try at home to convince yourself. The purpose is to destroy the tissue or transform it to a smaller particle. There are 5 parts : 1. Prepare 2 transparat bottles and 6 pieces of tissue. 2. Label the botth botles : Bottle A and Bottle B. 3. Put 3 pieces of tissue into the bottle A and shake it. Then you will see that nothing happen to these tissues. You cann’t destroy it. 4. Put 3 pieces of tissue into the bottle B, fill in water, and shake it. Then you will see that those tissues can be destroyed or at least it can be transformed to a smaller particle. 5. Then put out water and tissues from both bottles. Observe the different. We can make an analogy the bottles are our body and the tissues are waste. If we don’t drink water sufficiently, we will not be able to release the toxic. The toxic accumulation will drain our life to death unconciously. Those toxic can cause kidney stones.

Look at the picture. There is an iron pipe in your house. Sometimes it gets choked or blocked by the house waste. Even you have called pipeman to repair it, you will see a plaque on it. The worsest condition : “The house waste cause not only plaque but also scratch”. An iron pipe can be damaged only because of house waste. Then how about our kidney? You can imagine if toxic accumulation-toxic crystal/stones- block your ureter. You have to force releasing it. So that your ureter will be scratched and you will experience blood urine.

CLOSSING Do you want to get kidney stones or even worsest disease because you don’t drink water sufficiently? No matter you stay in a big or small room, you have to prepare beside your bed “A bottle of water”. Now choose !! We have to drink at least 1500 ml of water a day or we have to experience blood urine! Structured and designed by Fitroh Akbar Aulia Primadiansyah aulia_pearl@yahoo.com

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