Operation Program Associate
                              (ASSISTANT MANAGER)

The Assistant Manager of operations reports to the Manager of Operations and during
his/her absence acts as the Manager. This person is responsible for the hiring, training
and scheduling of 26 part time student employees. This person is also responsible for the
payroll work for the entire Department.


35%    A.     Coordinates parking and transit operations in accordance with Department
              A1 Supervises all cash handling operations in the Parking & Transit Dept.
              Cash income for the Department from parking garage income, and office
              payments is approximately $1,400,000/ year.
              A2 Investigates and resolves cashier shortages/ overages and sales
              transaction errors according to Department policy which includes
              disciplinary actions and terminations.
              A3 In a customer service function answers and resolves trouble calls from
              customers concerning Parking & Transit student staff or cash handling
              A4 Resolves traffic flow difficulties (which may include decisions
              providing “free” parking) resulting from equipment failures or customer
              problems to guarantee that our customers are serviced according to
              Department standards.
              A5 Oversees cashier station equipment and supplies. Orders supplies and
              repairs when necessary.
              A6 Researches and processes refund requests from customers who over-
              pay for parking citations.

30%    B.     Performs all payroll reporting, personnel and recordkeeping functions
              required at the Departmental level.
              B1 Independently hires, terminates, trains, schedules, and directly
              supervises approximately 26 part time student employee cashiers.
              B2 Remains informed and knowledgeable concerning 1) student
              (including work study students) hiring policies and procedures, 2) student
              employee work rules, grievance procedures, 3) all available and effective
              methods of making potential student employees aware of position
              openings in the Parking and Transit Office, and 4) the computerized
              student payroll system (Kronos).
              B3 Evaluates student employee job performance. Provides written and
              oral reports concerning student employees and implements actions
              according to Department policy.
          B4 Writes student employee position descriptions, job applications forms,
          and all other related documents necessary to properly train, hire, and
          terminate student employees.
          B5 On a continuing basis updates various training methods, such as
          policy and procedure manuals.
          B6 Verifies the accuracy of hours reported as worked by student
          employees. Makes proper adjustments whenever there is a discrepancy.
          B7 Checks and verifies that proper work, vacation, holiday and sick leave
          hours were credited to all full-time staff employees for each pay period.
          B8 Resolves problems as necessary.

20%   C   Acts as office management support/ lead worker.
          C1 Monitors work flow for the Parking Department customer window
          and assists, and directs workers when necessary.
          C2 Performs the duties of the Office Manager during his/her absence.
          C3 Opens all incoming mail, directs it to the proper personnel, date stamps
          and records all cash payments through the mail and gives it to the office

15%   D   Assists the Manager of Operations in program activities necessary to
          properly maintain campus parking facilities.
          D1 Investigates equipment malfunctions and determines actions to be
          taken (contacting outside vendors or the Dept. of Physical Plant) to
          facilitate repairs. Reports major repair needs to the Manager of
          D2 Conducts regular inspections of all campus parking cashier facilities.
          Submits oral and written reports to the Manager of Operations concerning
          current and future needs.
          D3 Other duties as assigned.
                            KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES
                            OPERATIONS PROGRAM ASSOCIATE B

The following knowledge, skills and abilities are considered important for both the person and the
department to have in filling this position. During the interview process, applicants will be asked
to describe and or demonstrate the extent of which they possess these qualities.

1. Organizational skills as they relate to:
      a. Managing a fluctuating work flow.
      b. Establishing priorities for work activities for him/herself and those under her direction.
      c. Work well with a diverse work force.
      d. Maintain accurate records, logs, a files.
      e. Inventory control.
      f. Develop and implement complicated work schedules.

   1. Work in varied locations including outside in all weather.
   2. Ability to communicate clearly in person and in writing.
   3. Ability to:
     a. Work well under pressure.
     b. Manage several tasks at the same time.
     c. Handle difflcult, upset customers.
     d. Problem solve.
     e. Direct coworkers; instruct the public about policies.
     f. Work a full 8 hour work shift in remote cashier stations.

Personal Computer, cashier Computers and printers, intercom, radio equipment, parking revenue
and control equipment.

The goals and work activities listed are intended to describe the essential function of the person
assigned to this job. They are not intended as an exhaustive list of all job duties, responsibilities,
and requirements.

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