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					Health Insurance Plan for the Expectant Mothers by Charles Myrick of American Consultants Rx-Free Healthcare

Expectant mothers need to secure themselves with adequate health insurance coverage plan in order to protect
themselves from incurring huge expenses in case of any complications during pregnancy or child birth.

Health insurance is not only important for delivery but it would save you of incurring huge expenses for
maternity care, prenatal check-ups, routine immunizations and pediatric consultations.

Reports state that about 14% of the uninsured population in America is women who are expecting a baby.
Statistics reveal that in many cases, women who give birth to still-born babies or infants with low weight are

During pregnancy, the woman needs to undergo a lot of medical check-ups to ensure that her health and also the
health of the baby are fine. The check-ups, routine tests and medical procedures are pretty expensive, not to
mention the hospitalization charges during delivery which can total up to even $12,000 on an average. This is
in case of a non-complicated delivery state. Premature babies

and cesarean deliveries cost even higher. The above situations are good enough to explain why insurance is
highly mandatory for expecting women.

Women should purchase health insurance plan even before getting pregnant. This is because some of the
insurance companies may refuse to grant insurance in case the woman is pregnant at the time applying the

In case you become pregnant and are not insured, you need to browse the internet for companies which offer
discounted health insurance plans with pregnancy coverage benefits and buy it on first priority. You may hit
upon various insurance providers offering coverage for the same. Request for instant free quotes and compare
the benefits and pricing before finalizing on both the insurance provider and the policy.

You may also gather more information on whether your state can be of help during pregnancy as there could be a
possibility of chancing upon some federally funded programs that provide assistance based on the income

You may also approach few agencies that work for women and children welfare. These organizations assist women
with low income levels or children who are less than 5 years old. Food is provided on a daily basis for such
low-income strata of the society.
While choosing a health insurance plan, you need to be careful about the coverage you choose. For example, if
the coverage is only for the hospitalization, it may not be very beneficial for you because you may have to
visit the doctor or the pediatrician quite a few times after delivery. These expenses would be skyrocketing on
an already high budget if you are not covered by a suitable medical insurance plan that reimburses the charges
of doctor consultation and prescription drugs.

Every insured should be aware of the terms and conditions stated in the policy especially for pregnancy
coverage. For example, some of the plans require you to call shortly after getting admitted in the labor ward.
Otherwise, you may have to pay a penalty. Similarly, some medical insurance plans limit the number of days of
hospitalization stay that it would cover.

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