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					                             3&5m Accessories

          Oasis M.A.N.U.F.A.C.T.U.R.I.N.G.
               The. Marquee. Accessory. Company.

                    Main Frame Accessories
    Tread plate ramp 1800 x 500 x 65mm                                 £87.00each
    3m Gutter section                                                  £66.00 each
    Gable end fixing kit                                               £38.00 each
    8mm U channel fixing kit                                           £64.00 per pair
    10mm U channel fixing kit                                          £64.00 per pair
    45 degree fixing kit                                               £36.00 each
    60mm cassette U channel                                            £64.00 per pair
    3m Top/Bottom rail                                                 £170.00
    5m Top/Bottom rail                                                 £205.00
    3m New system Top/bottom rail                                      £83.00
    5m New system Top/bottom rail                                      £126.00
    2.1m Leg                                                           £170.00
    2.7m Long leg                                                      £190.00
    3m 100mm Headboard                                                 £85.00
    5m 100mm Headboard                                                 £85.00
    2.1m 60mm Mullen (3m main frame, standard leg)                     £75.00
    2.7m 60mm Mullen (3m main frame, long leg)                         £79.00
    2.1m 90mm Mullen (5m main frame, standard leg)                     £85.00
    2.7m 90mm Mullen (5m main frame long leg)                          £92.00
    Locking handle                                                     £45.00
    Long leg window infill                                             £208.34
    Silage                                                             £450.00
    Tinted glass                                                       P.O.A

                  Charm Park. Wykeham. Scarborough. N. Yorks. YO13 9QU
                           01723 865557
                 Partners: AG Bainbridge. LA Bainbridge. Vat no: 598 8373 61


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