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									Discount Prescription Drug Cards Can be Useful by Charles Myrick of American Consultants Rx

Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

If you have ever spent time researching reduced cost or free prescription drugs on the web, you've also found
information about discount drug cards.

With an original intent of helping patients obtain their prescription drugs more affordably, these cards have
become a great help to some, while others have realized there is little discount to be had, and even others
have been scammed.

Discount cards that help you pay for your prescription drugs are not part of your insurance. They help you
either instead of insurance, or in addition to health insurance.

Understanding how these cards work, and whether they can truly be helpful to you, is important. Here are some
tips to help you.

Drug Discount Cards and Who is Eligible to use Them

Everyone can use a drug discount card, but not everyone should, nor can everyone save money using one. How
useful a discount drug card can be to you depends on the card, its cost and the rules for using it.

Like Prescription Assistance Plans, some cards have eligibility restrictions. These restrictions may be income
limits, age limits (usually over 65, or families with children). These types of cards are usually free or
their fees are very low. These are typically offered by the government, such as Medicare prescription discount

Some cards cannot be used by anyone with health insurance. Similar to those cards with eligibility
restrictions of age or income, these cards are intended to help people who can't afford their prescription

Membership organizations sometimes offer cards to their members, meaning you need to be a member to obtain
one. These cards won't provide free prescription drugs, but they will offer discounts. AARP and American
Consultants Rx, which is part of the United Way, are two groups that do this.
Some cards are available to anyone. They require that you pay for the use of the card, and that may be an
annual or monthly recurring fee. When they are restriction-free, then they are more expensive, but may still
result in lower purchase prices for the drugs. They are usually offered by a company that negotiates with
individual pharmacies for lower pricing.

Store affinity cards are available to anyone who meets a store's criteria. These are most often offered by
drug stores and discount department stores for drugs purchased in their own pharmacies. Sam's Club and Kmart
are among the stores that offer these kinds of cards.

Some cards are offered by drug manufacturers to people who are not covered by prescription plans through their
health insurance.

You can decide whether a discount drug card will be helpful to you by getting answers to the following

 1. How much does it cost you to obtain the card? Some are free, but not all of them are. What are the fees,
or what is the purchase price? If there are fees, are they one-time only? Or do they recur?

 2. Is the card honored at your pharmacy? If the card is not honored at your pharmacy of choice, are you
willing to change pharmacies to be able to use their discount? If the drugs you need are available only
through a mail-order pharmacy, do you have to pay additional shipping and handling costs?

 3. Does the card cover the drugs you take? Not every card will help pay for every drug. The more common the
drug you take, the better chance you can get a discount. Some cards cover generic drugs and some do not.

Once you know the drug is covered, and that you can obtain the drugs through a pharmacy that is acceptable to
you, then you'll want to check the price of the drug using the card. Then you'll want to ask:

1. Have I compared the cost of my drug through my pharmacy with other pharmacies in my area, too?

 2. Can I get a lower price using this drug card than any other price I have found, even when I take into
account the cost of obtaining the card, or shipping costs (if applicable)?
Once you have made the assessment for each card you are eligible for, you'll be able to determine your best
option for saving money.

Where Can You Obtain a Prescription Drug Discount Card?

Learn more about prescription discount cards, their eligibility requirements and how to acquire one:

 * American Consultants Rx offer free discount prescription drug cards with no enrollment,eligibility,or
expiration date. Visit to request or download a free card today.

* Each state in the United States has programs to help people afford the prescription drugs they need.

* Several websites offer access to free drug discount cards, based on your eligibility.

* Check with your local pharmacy or discount department store to see if they offer discount cards. Target,
Kmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart and many others offer discounts, some which have eligibility requirements.
Not all discounts are offered in all their stores.

* Check with organizations you are a member of. You may be surprised at where cards can be obtained and how
much money you can -- or can't -- save. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) offers cards. The
American Automobile Association (AAA) offers cards. Other organizations you belong to might also offer cards.

 * A general search engine search will pull up names of many of the cards that are available to anyone to
purchase. Please do your homework to make sure that if you pay for the use of the card, you will truly get a
benefit from it. Many websites claim they will provide you with discounts. But after you've paid them a hefty
fee, you'll learn that there is no benefit, or not enough to compensate for the fee.

About the Author:

Charles Myrick,President and CEO of American Consultants Rx offers key business,prescription and insurance
reviews to assist the general public.Charles Myrick also announced the re-release of the American Consultants
Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to
thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the
uninsured,underinsured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs. The American Consultants Rx
cards are to be given free to anyone in need of help curbing the high cost of prescription drugs. Visit for more information

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