College Publicity Ideas by Jason

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                             Letter(s) to the School Newspaper Story by the School Newspaper Quarter Page Flyers ($) Banner for Campus over bike paths ($) Banner for Campus over grass with wood stakes ($)($) Flyers for Student Alumni Association to Distribute Personal Invitations for all member on the Alumni Board and the Trusties ($) Presentations to all the Greek Houses, two times – one about a month in advance, and then another the week of. Presentations to all the Freshmen halls on campus two times. The first time a couple weeks in advance to get the work out, and the second time the week of to reinvite the students Presentations and Flyers in off campus dorms Classroom presentations (in large lecture halls) Associated Students Email Make Presentations to AS (student government) Boards and Committees Make Presentations to Student Groups Glossy color advertisements? ($)($) Word of mouth – get friends to be spreading the word very early on Local television Media Classified Adds in the Back of the School Newspaper Many School papers give a day of free advertising (usually on Monday) to their student government – see if you can use this opportunity to place a small add about the event. Email to Administration and to Students Black Chalk the Campus Media Relations Committee Have students make class room announcements, pass out flyers, and sign up friends to come Create Master list of sign-ups with student’s name and phone number to call the week of to make sure they come. Make Announcement at all meetings that you attend in the previous days Make announcements at Program Board movies Create a program for the event and get sponsorship from local businesses, in return give them an advertisement spot in the program Honor’s program list serve Possibly departments list serves

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