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					                 The Flight of Success…. for CA

Information Brochure

                      Get the       Approach
Dear Future CAs,
A journey of thousand miles begins with a first step…
We congratulate you on successfully completing the first step towards the
shining professional career of Chartered Accountancy.

Now it is time to gear up for the challenging times ahead. As you prepare
yourself for the toughness of a professional course, we at Prudential
Education are here to guide you at every step of your handwork.

Prudential Education is not a mere coaching class, it is an institution -run by
professionals -with the aim of molding its students into a person who is a
complete professional and not only a professionally qualified one.

Though we do not advertise much about our self, we are silently creating
success stories in Indore in C.A. education. The fact is that almost every CA.
ranker from Indore in last 12 years was a Prudential Student for one or more

At IPCC level all our efforts are guided by a single idea – Our students does not
require passing of only IPCC exam, they need to develop a solid professional
approach- for success in CA Finals and further in their real professional career.

Happy Studying……..

                                         Team Prudential

            If you have the belief to choose your road,
               If you have the courage to stay on it,
   If you have the conviction to surmount the rough stretches,
   If you do… you will find that the road begins to follow you.
                               IPCC - Grp. I                      At a
Paper 1 : Accounts
Coverage : Total 18 Topics 18 + 9 Accounting Standards -AS
Exam Pattern: 80% Practical, 20% Theory
Suggested time duration for Batch: 4 ½ Months
Link with final: Base of “Financial Reporting” Paper

Paper 2     : Business Laws, Ethics and Communication
Coverage: Business Law-30 Marks, Company Law-30Marks
         Business Ethics-20Marks, Business Com.-20Marks
Exam Pattern: Theory
Suggested time duration for Batch: BL- 2 ½ Months, CL- 2 ½ Months,
                                   BE- 20 Days, BC- 20 Days
Link with final: Base of “Corporate Law” Paper

Paper 3 : Cost A/c & FM
Coverage: Cost – 50Marks, FM – 50 Marks
Exam Pattern: 70% Practical, 30% Theory
Suggested time duration for Batch: Cost A/c – 3 ½ Months, FM – 3 ½ Months
Link with final: Base of “Cost A/c” & “Strategic Financial Management” Paper

Paper 4     : Taxation
Coverage: Income Tax–50 Marks, Service Tax–25 Marks, VAT–25 Marks
Exam Pattern: Application of Legal Provisions
Suggested time duration for Batch: 4 Months
Link with final: Base of “Direct Tax Law” & “Indirect Tax Law” Paper

                               IPCC -Grp. II                    At a
Paper 1 : Advanced Accounting
Coverage : Total 11 Topics + 9 Accounting Standards
Exam Pattern: 80% Practical, 20% Theory
Suggested time duration for Batch: 4 Months
Link with final: Base of “Financial Reporting” Paper

Paper 2 : Auditing and Assurance
Coverage : Total 20 topics (including Standards on Auditing- SAs)
Exam Pattern: Theory
Suggested time duration for Batch: 3 Months
Link with final: Base of “Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics” Paper

Paper 3 : Information Technology and Strategic Management (IT & SM)
Coverage : IT 50 Marks and SM 50 Marks
Exam Pattern: Theory with Case Study in SM
Suggested time duration for Batch: IT 2 months, SM 45 days
Link with final: Base of “Information System and Control Analysis - ISCA” paper

Important Information for Exam
   (1) Minimum passing marks are 40 in each subject and aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects of a
       group together.
   (2) If both groups have been attempted together then aggregate of 50% marks is to be seen for all
       thee papers of both groups combine.

Other Requirements
   (1) Orientation Program is to be attended at ICAI Chapter - 35 hours – 7 days.
   (2) Information Technology Training to be attended at ICAI Chapter – 100 hours – 25 days.
       Get yourself enrolled separately with ICAI for the above.

             CA IPCC - Developing the Winning                       Approach
Following are few observations which you may like to appreciate for your IPCC Study -

   1. IPCC is going to be a different ball game. The first requirement of success in IPCC is
      going to be the change of mind set. You need to prepare yourself for :
        Change from objective pattern of CPT to subjective pattern of exam.
        A very vast syllabus.
        Only 1 day time gap between exam papers. So practically no time for “just
         before exam” revision. Requiring a regular study from day 1.
    No standard set of questions will work. It is said- if you practice 1000 questions,
     they will ask 1001th question in exam. What will be required is an absolute
     focus on concepts- Focus on “Why to do” instead of “How to do”….
    In other professional exams like IIT, PMT, CAT, it is entry which is difficult but
     once entered, exit is not a problem. In C.A. it is exactly opposite.

2. The most important thing you shall be needing is to plan MOST EFFECTIVE
   UTILISATION of your time for next 9 months. Planning about how to do self study,
   when to finish of classes, when to start revisions, how many revisions shall be
   needed and things like that. Effectively, every day of your next nine months needs
   to be planned meticulously. Remember, if one fails to plan, s/he is planning for

3. Classes are no substitute for self study. C.A. is essentially a self study course. The
   benefit of classes is available only if you devote equal amount of time for self study

4. It is not necessary to join classes for every subject. Decide which subjects really
   require help of classes. Talk to students who have already appeared for exams. If
   you know any C.A., take their opinion also. If for the sake of joining classes for all
   subjects, you are not able to get time for self study, that will prove to be a wrong
   decision ultimately.

5. Passing of IPCC is your immediate target but it is not the final one. The base which
   you will prepare here shall only see you through the Finals.

 In every professional exam, behind every 15 successful students, there are 85 failures.

 At        , we tell you how those 15 have passed but more importantly we tell you
WHY those 85 have failed.
                                                Few facts about

                                                 If you like to make your judgment on the basis of faculties of the
                                                 institute, you might be interested in following facts :

                                                 #    This is the only institute in Indore which have 3 C.A.
                                                      Rankers as faculties. It is also the only institute where 4
    How do you judge an educational institute

                                                      faculties have passed DISA, ICAI exam after completing
                                                      CA - 2 of them are amongst the first batch in the country.
                                                     For us, self improvement is first requirement to be a good faculty.

                                                 #    This is the only institute in Indore of which 3 faculties are
                                                      invited by ICAI for taking classes of senior Chartered
                                                      Accountants also. These faculties have trained C.A.s of
                                                      cities like Ahamdabad, Surat, Jaipur, Bhilwara, Kota, Durg,
                                                      Jhansi, Bhopal, Gwalior etc.
                                                     For us, teaching is passion.

                                                 #    You will find our faculties delivering lectures at various
                                                      ICAI/ICSI seminars, writing articles for Times of India,
                                                      Dainik Bhasker, ICAI News letter etc.
                                                 #    Our faculties are regularly invited for giving lectures on
                                                      professional topics by various bodies which includes none
                                                      less then Indian Institute of Management (IIM),Indore,
                                                      Indore Management Association and others.

                                                     Our efforts in providing quality education are recognised at higher
                                                     levels also.

                                                 #    All our faculties are very active in their profession thereby
                                                      bringing perfect blend of experience, qualification and
                                                      practical outlook to their class.
                                                     Sound theoretical base with practical focus, a winning strategy
                                                     for professional exams.

And should we mention the names of our successful students, the testimony to
our committed efforts. …….
From CA Final and CA IPCC/PCC/PE II Merit Holders like Priya Baldava, Nidhi Naredi, Monica
Talreja, Deepak Rajdev, Meeta Ramchandani, Amruta Nebhwani, Nidhi Jain, Dilip Pamnani,
Vikram Bardia, Kashish Kohli, Gopal Agrawal, Pradeep Rangi,, Sameer Ojha, Nikhilesh Mangal
to lot many other brilliant students……The list is endless. The shining stars, the Real
Professionals (like our faculties).
Would you like to be one amongst them….
                               TIME TABLE IPCC – GR.I

          SUBJECT                   TIMING           START            FACULTY            FEES
       Accounts                 04:30 – 05:30 PM     26-07-10    CA Ashok Pahwa          3500
          A.S.                                                   CA Abhishek Parwal      1000
 Income Tax ,Service Tax        05:30 – 06:30 PM     26-07-10    CA Manish Dafria        4000
       and VAT
         F.M.                   06:30 – 07:30 PM     26-07-10    CA Ashok Pahwa          3000
             Cost               07:30 – 08:30 PM     26-07-10    CA Priyank Jain         2500
         Business Law            3.30 -4.30 PM       26-07-10    Ms. Shivani Morya(CA.   1500
                                Mon., Tue, Wed.                         Finalist)

      Company Law                 3.30 -4.30PM       26-07-10     CS. Pinki Shrivastva   1500
                                Thu, Fri, Saturday
Business Etihcs + Business        3.30 -4.30PM        After      CA Navin Khandelwal     1500
    Communications                                    Law
                         Total Investment for 1st GROUP - Rs. -17500/-

                               TIME TABLE IPCC – GR.II

           SUBJECT                   TIMING           START            FACULTY            FEES
     Advance Accounts             03:30 – 04:30 PM    10-08-10     CA ASHOK PAHWA         3750
             Audit                04:30 – 05:30 PM    10-08-10     CA Abhishek Parwal     2500
             S.M.                 05:30 – 06:30 PM    10-08-10    CA Navin Khandelwal     2000
   Info Tech – Full Batch         02:30 – 03:30 PM    10-08-10        Ms. Arti Gupta      2500
 Info Tech – Short Batch (20                                                              1200
                        Total Investment for 2nd GROUP - Rs. -10750/-

Registration Fees – Rs. 100/-

   (1)   Commitment on completion of batches on time.
   (2)   No extra classes.
   (3)   Updated notes.
   (4)   100% output in class. A class of 1 hour means net output of 1hour.
   (5)   No Long duration class in one day.
   (6)   Same faculty for all topics of a subject. No junior faculty assigned.
   (7)   Seminars, Test Series.
                                    Know Our Faculties
CA ASHOK PAHWA (Accounts, Financial Management)

      CA. Ashok Pahwa is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and is
       in practice of Profession since 1997. He is also having post qualification certificate in system

      He is in teaching profession since he is student i.e. from last 15 years and teaches Accounts for
       CA Final and IPCC and Financial Management of IPCC/CS.

      His teaching experience as well as practice of profession are operating asset for students.

      CA. Manish Dafria is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
      Faculty, Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India, Post qualification course for members –
       Since 2002
      Visiting Faculty , Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore
      Taking classes of C.A. Final and PEII/PCC/IPCC Students since 1997.
      Visited Officer’s Training Center, State Bank of Indore. Lectures on taxation matters related with
       Banking Industry.
      Undoubtedly, unquestionably the best faculty for Taxation.

      CA Naveen Khandelwal is practicing Chartered Accountant since 1997. Also a qualified
       Information System Auditor from ICAI, New Delhi. Also undergone training at BSE on various
       topics like Derivatives, Mergers & Acquisitions.
      He has a professional experience of 12 years and is in teaching profession for last 10 years
      His investment has been teaching around 5000 students from all over the places and the NPV of
       this has been the rank obtained by students in CA FINAL exams, good jobs obtained on the
       basis of guidance.
      His portfolio of teaching consists of subject of Strategic Financial Management (SFM) in CA
       FINAL, Strategic Management in IPCC.
      His unique style of teaching approach in the class, simplifying concepts, has been well
       appreciated, and his classes are termed as MKP Masti Ki Pathshala.

CA Atul Gupta, B. Com, FCA, Disa (ICA)
      He is a charted accountant. He has been teaching CA students since 12 years.
      He has delivered lectures to students across India. He has delivered lectures at Mumbai,
       Bangalore, Bhilwara, Ludhiana, Jullundur, Patna, Rajkot, Hubli, Kanpur, Aurangabad, etc

      CA. Priyank Jain is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
      He is in teaching profession for last 3 years.
      Apart from teaching CA Students, he is associated with many Mangement Colleges also and has
       earned a reputation for himself of Master of his Subject.
     A Fellow member of ICAI & Practicing Chartered Accountant since last 10 years.
     Passed Information System auditor Exam Conducted by ICAI (ISA).
     He is an expert in auditing, taxation & management consultancy and has set High Standards of
      Professional excellence, integrity and ethics.
     A well Known Faculty of Pune, Udaipur & Indore in Audit & Accounting Standards
     Co-authored a book “Auditing” published by AS Foundation, India’s Largest Training CA
      Academy at Pune.
     Also a visiting faculty in MBA and other colleges.
     Most of the students have secured more than 60 marks in the subject in which he coaches.
     Memory techniques, Regular revisions, power-point presentations and personal attention to
      students are key value additions.