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					       E-Mail marketing
cutting costs, increasing efficiency,
        improving customer loyalty
                From e-mail marketing to eCRM
                  with the Universal Messenger
How can your company profit from e-mail marketing and eCRM?

The central challenges facing business use of                            Complete cost control
the internet are customer acquisition, establi-                          The Universal Messenger
                                                                         has no usage-based fixed
shing customer relations and long-term customer                          and follow-up costs – after
retention.                                                               purchasing a licence, you can
                                                                         manage any number of
Secure a competitive advantage: individualize your                       customer contacts.
product pallet, focus on comprehensive relation-                          Send any number of
ship marketing and address your customer perso-                           newsletters
nally.                                                                    Free yourself from
                                                                          dependency on
eCRM – what the Universal Messenger provides                              service-providers
Offer your customers interactive added value                              Obtain full control over your
whilst at the same time generating and managing
marketing-relevant contacts. Use the Universal
                                                                         For further information see:
Messenger and produce:                                                   www.universal-messenger.de
 Central management of contacts and inquiries
 Newsletter and campaign management
 Management dashboards for evaluating and segmenting customer profiles
Pinuts Universal Messenger – the solution for every application

The Universal Messenger has numerous applications, whether as newsletter management software, for contact and
inquiry management or as a comprehensive eCRM system. The comprehensive customer database and its seamless
integration in the content management system make it truly “universal.”
We provide the Universal Messenger in various performance specifications, tailored to your individual needs.

                         Universal Messenger – newsletter edition
                         Tailored to e-mail marketing, this edition provides the
                         starter pack for a personalized sales approach, an
                         individualized newsletter, an unrestricted number of
                         subscribers and the central saving of the user profile.

                                      Universal Messenger – eCRM edition
                                      Obtain all the functions of a professional eCRM
                                      application, whether contact or newsletter
                                      management, branch search or personal pages
                                      and private areas. The eCRM edition is the
                                      web-based solution for a comprehensive
                                      customer-relations management strategy.
E-mail marketing with the Universal Messenger

Become independent from service-providers, cut costs and at the same time, increase the efficiency of your news-
letter campaign.
With the Universal Messenger you can produce your
newsletter yourself using pre-existing content from
your internal system (e.g. from a content manage-
ment system).

     Simple creation
     Create your newsletter directly in your content
    management system and use pre-existing
content without having to define new processes,
structures and rights.
 Re-use of pre-exiting content, simple linking with a
                                                        Creating a newsletter in a CMS
 Uniform design, familiar working environment
 and workflows
                                                    Segmenting and despatch
                                                    Despatch your newsletter at the touch of a
                                                   button, when and to whom you want. Segment
                                              the recipient directly in the Universal Messenger
                                              and incorporate personal information.
                                               Efficient newsletter despatch including personali-
                                               zation, subscription and un-subscription and
                                               bounce management
                                               Many different forms of segmentation including:
                                               according to interest, response to previous
                                               newsletters or demographic data

                                                    Measure your success – only comprehensive
                                                 controlling allows you to optimize further
                                              measures. The Universal Messenger offers all the
                                              relevant information in a clear display.
                                               Aggregated key data: click and opening rate
                                               (simple and repeated), link tracking, subscription
                                               and un-subscription, bounces
                                               Recipient-related evaluation of the key data
                                               (openings, clicks per user)

Despatch summary and newsletter controlling
eCRM – web-based customer-retention management with the Universal Messenger
Individualise your sales approach and provide a
customer-oriented service in order to ensure lasting
customer loyalty. Use the Universal Messenger to build
up a comprehensive eCRM step by step.

1   Identify customers
    Get to know the visitors of your website, their
    interests and their patterns of behaviour.

2   Distinguish target groups
    Identify target groups and address then in a
    needs-oriented fashion.

3   Individualize communication
    Use the interactive contact forms, target group-
    specific and personalized newsletters and personal
    pages for 1 to 1 marketing.

4   Automate processes
    Intensify your customer communication using
    automatic campaigns. Generate added value and
    revenues using a meaningful up and cross selling.

Get to know the options provided by a comprehensive
eCRM - whether contact or recall management, behavi-
oural targeting or personal areas - our best practice
applications have a wide area of application. We would
be only too pleased to send personal access codes.
Simply get in touch.
                                                         Best practice application
Successful users of the Universal Messenger

                              AIDA Cruises                ESMT - European School of Management and Technology
                              AIDA Cruises uses the       The ESMT numbers amongst
                              Universal Messenger as a    the leading business schools
                              central eCRM System for     in Europe and uses the
                              individualized customer     Universal Messenger to
                              communication.              produce a comprehensive contact management system.
 Weekly newsletter                                         Personalized newsletter marketing
 Customer area: MyAIDA, extranet for travel agencies       Applicant and contact management
 and an affiliate management system

Premiere                                                  Schuler AG
Premiere uses the Univer-                                 As the world leader in forming
sal Messenger to realize                                  technology, Schuler AG used the
individualized customer communication for a total of 15   Universal Messenger both internati-
different newsletters.                                    onally and in multiple languages.
 Newsletter creation and despatch directly from RedDot     Contact-, inquiry and invitation management
 Direct success control for campaign management            Multi-national and multi-lingual newsletter marketing
Decide for the Universal Messenger

 Tried and tested- several hundred installations
           tested                                                           Your service partners…

 Efficient and simple - seamless integration in a CMS
 (e.g. RedDot, CMS Fiona, Firstspirit, SixCMS, TYPO3, CoreMedia)
                                                                            Pinuts media + science
                                                                            Multimedia-Agentur GmbH
 Upgradeable - modular construction, can be can be expanded progressively
                                                                            Charlottenstraße 18
 from a newsletter management system to an integrated eCRM                  10117 Berlin
                                                                            Tel.: +49 30 59 00 90 3-0
                                                                            Fax: +49 30 59 00 90 3-90
 Cost-effective - retain control over costs, no costs per mail              info@pinuts.de
 Independent - no dependence on service-providers

For further information and a trail version: www.universal-messenger.de

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Description: E-mail marketing is the premise of the user's prior permission, by e-mail to pass valuable information to target users of a network marketing tool. Email marketing has three basic elements: user license, e-mail transmission of information, information on the user valuable.