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					                                  e m ai l ma rketi ng o ve rvi ew
                                     The compound semiconductor E mail News Alerts are sent out on a weekly basis to
                                     over 60,000 recipients.

                                     Weekly news alerts deliver the latest business and technical news from key areas in
                                     the III-Vs industry.

                                     Sponsors enjoy:

                                     - A sponsor’s message a the top of the news alert

                                     - the placement of a standard banner at the:
                                              - top
                                              - middle
                                              - bottom

                                     Special Newsletters
                                     Are you launching a new product, or would you like your product/services to reach
                                     60,000 recipients? Then why not use our special newsletter service? This allows you
                                     to send your message with your branding to our unique database.

                                     You create the email newsletter, and we send it out. Alternatively you can use our in-
                                     house design department to create the HTML for you.

The most respected, authoritative and widely read magazine connecting the Compound Semiconductor Community
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 Dr. Richard Stevenson                           richardstevenson@angelbc.co.uk                  +44 (0)1291 629640

 David Ridsdale                                  dr@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690210

 News Editor
 Dr. Su Westwater                                suwestwater@angelbc.co.uk

 Chief Operating Officer/Key Advertising Sales
 Stephen Whitehurst                              stephen@angelbc.co.uk                           +44 (0)2476 718970

 Director of SOLAR & IC Publishing
 Jackie Cannon                                   jc@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690205

 Account Managers
 Shehzad Munshi                                  sm@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690215
 Tommy Beazley                                   tb@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690222

 US Advertising Sales Account Managers
 Tom Brun                                        tbrun@brunmedia.com                             724-539-2404
 Janice Jenkins                                  jjenkins@brunmedia.com                          724-929-3550

 Design & Production Manager
 Mitchell Gaynor                                 mg@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690214

 Subscriptions Manager
 Debbie Higham                                   dh@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690220

 Chief Finance Officer
 Jan Smoothy                                     js@angelbcl.co.uk                               +44 (0)1923 690200

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                                                                         F: +44 (0)1923 690201
E: stephen@angelbc.co.uk
                                                                         E: jc@angelbcl.co.uk

The most respected, authoritative and widely read magazine connecting the Compound Semiconductor Community

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Description: E-mail marketing is the premise of the user's prior permission, by e-mail to pass valuable information to target users of a network marketing tool. Email marketing has three basic elements: user license, e-mail transmission of information, information on the user valuable.