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Resumes will be incomplete without a cover letter. A well written resume will be
worthless, if you do not submit a similarly prepared cover letter along with it. Cover
letter is what your prospective employer will notice first. He or she will only peruse
your resume if the cover letter invokes in him or her an interest to know you better.

Sample Cover Letter

Jimmy Andrews
HR Manager

Brigs Advertising Agency

Dear Mr. Andrews,

I was made aware of a job opening in your esteemed organization for Media
consultant through an advertisement placed by your organization in Web Media
dated 2nd October 2010. I think I fit the job description provided in the
advertisement and am looking for an opportunity to work with your reputed
I have good knowledge of various media used for advertisement and promotional
events. With a sound knowledge of latest trends in the market, I am sure I can
add a lot of value to the company and help work for customer satisfaction.

Therefore, I am forwarding my resume for your consideration. I can be contacted
at the contact details provided in the resume any time of the day. Hope to hear
from you soon. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Adam Jacob

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