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					   A Web Content Management System is content
    management system software, implemented as a Web
    application, for creating and managing HTML content.

    It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic
    collection of Web material.

   Most systems use a database to store content, metadata, or
    artifacts that might be needed by the system.

   Content is frequently, but not universally, stored as XML, to
    facilitate, reuse, and enable flexible presentation options.
   According to Ixion Web content management systems improve
    Web site development by separating content from presentation.

    That is, a WCMS like Lotus Web Content Management software
    allows Web site developers to create page layouts for a Web site.

   Lotus Web Content Management software makes it easy to
    implement standards and consistency across your Web sites.
   Ixion founded in December, 2000 in Houston Texas by Patrick J.

    Ixion was established as an IBM Premier Business Partner,
    specializing in the design and implementation of web-based
    business solutions.

    Ixion grew rapidly with significant revenue opportunities in the
    first two years while maturing strategic agreements with other
    software and hardware business partners.

   In 2003, Ixion expanded the consulting services practice to
    extend a robust set of solutions from within the IBM Web Sphere
    software portfolio.

   By 2005, we had added many web based, award-winning
    packaged business solutions and template driven development
    services to our portfolio.
   As a software provider and professional services consulting
    firm, Ixion has built its business on providing quality
    services that are innovative and results driven.

   Over the past decade we have a rich history of delivering
    innovative projects. Ixion has a strong focus on the
    customer, a diverse set of skills and capabilities, and
    implements market-leading IBM software technology.

   Our goal is to continue to grow, embrace changes, and
    remain one step ahead of our client's growing needs.

    We rely on every member of the Ixion family to help us
    achieve this goal - and strive to acknowledge and reward
    our employees' talent and commitment to the growth of the
4001 W Sam Houston Pkwy N
Suite 140
Houston, Texas 77043
Phone: (713) 933-0339
Fax: (713) 933-0454
Toll-Free: (888) 22-IXION

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