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									FREE* $50.00 VISA Gift Card

*with a $200.00 minimum purchase of Quartet Prestige Plus® or Prestige® Whiteboards or Bulletin Boards

Qualifying Porcelain, Total Erase® and Select Bulletin Boards
PRESTIGE PLUS® MAGNETIC PORCELAIN WHITEBOARDS Frame / Item Number Size Euro Mahogany Aluminum Graphite 8'x4' P568T P558M P558A P558G 6'x4' P567T P557M P557A P557G 4'x3' P564T P554M P554A P554G 3'x2' P563T P553M P553A P553G TOTAL ERASE® MAGNETIC PORCELAIN WHITEBOARDS Frame / Item Number Mahogany Aluminum 2548 2547M 2547 2545 2544M 2544 2543 PRESTIGE® TOTAL ERASE® WHITEBOARDS Frame / Item Number Euro Mahogany Aluminum Graphite Maple TE568T TE548M TE548A TE567T TE547M TE547A TE547G TE547MA TE564T TE544M TE544A TE544G TE544MA TE563T TE543M TE543A TE543G TE543MA PRESTIGE PLUS® BULLETIN BOARDS Frame / Item Number Magnetic Fabric Size Mahogany Aluminum 6'x4' MB547M MB547A 4'x3' MB544M MB544A 3'x2' MB543M MB543A PRESTIGE® BULLETIN BOARDS Frame / Item Number Gray Diamond Mesh Fabric Size Mahogany Maple Aluminum 6'x4' B447M B447MA B447A 4'x3' B444M B444MA B444A 3'x2' B4443M B443MA B443A Black Embossed Foam Size Aluminum Euro 6'x4' B347A B367T 4'x3' B344A B364T 3'x2' B343A B363T 2'x1½" – B361T Colored Cork Size Lt. Cherry Maple Graphite 6'x4' B247LC B247MA B247G 4'x3' B244LC B244MA B244G 3'x2' B243LC B243MA B243G
VISA is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Terms and conditions of the gift card will apply.

Size 8'x4' 6'x4' 5'x3' 4'x3' 3'x2'

Size 8'x4' 6'x4' 4'x3' 3'x2'

Lt. Cherry TE547LC TE544LC TE543LC

Order now! Offer Expires 12/31/09

ONE FREE $50 VISA® Gift Card with each $200 qualifying Ouartet® Prestige Plus® or Prestige® purchase specified in this ad. Offer limit: Five $50 VISA® Gift Cards for $1,000 in qualifying product purchases. Name Title Address City State Phone Email
Will be used to confirm receipt and status of your submission.

Purchases must be made between 1/1/09 and 12/31/09. Complete all information on this redemption form and provide UPC Proof of Purchase along with a copy of the invoice or receipt for each item purchased.
Claims must be postmarked no later than 1/15/10 and received by 1/31/10. Sponsor assumes no responsibility for late, lost, misdirected, damaged, illegible, postage-due mail, and non-complying or incomplete claim forms. ACCO Retailers, distributors, dealers, warehouse facilities and their employees are not eligible to participate. Copies of UPC labels will not be accepted. ACCO Brands has the right to substantiate UPC codes. All claim forms and their accompanying documents become property of ACCO Brands and will not be returned. Offer good only for purchases in the USA. Offer void where prohibited by law. For your records, keep copies of all documentation submitted for this offer. Offer not valid with any other ACCO Brands offer unless explicitly specified by those offers. Offer not transferable. Limit of 5 redemptions per customer. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.

PO Box Addresses Not Accepted

MAIL TO: Quartet® Prestige® VISA® Gift Card Offer
Zip P.O. Box 462 Lake Bluff, IL 60044-0462

ACCO Brands 300 Tower Parkway Lincolnshire, IL 60069-3640 quartet.com

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