Dan Lipsky Shares the Legacy of Champion Hockey Player - Bobby Hull

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					Dan Lipsky Shares the Legacy of Champion Hockey Player - Bobby Hull
Many will remember the career of Canadian ice hockey player - Bobby Hull. Bobby played for the
Canadian Blackhawks, the World Hockey Association and the Winnipeg Jets during his inspiring career.

Nicknamed The Golden Jet for his light blond hair combined with his jet-like slap shot, Bobby Hull ended
up being the most feared goal scorer of the 60’s and 70’s He and teammate Stan Mikita were the initial
NHL players to use curved stick blades, and this made his already wicked slapshot more almost
impossible to stop.

Bobby was born and brought up on a dairy farm near Belleville, Ontario. As a teen player, it was obvious
he was on a fast track to NHL stardom. Bobby joined up with the Chicago Blackhawks not long after his
18th birthday. He'd finish second in the league rookie of the year balloting in his first season and within
a year or two would grow to be one of the NHLs marquee superstars. By the third year in the league, he
was already a fixture at the top of the goal and point scoring charts and would lead the Blackhawks to a
Stanley Cup championship in'61.

 In'66, Hull broke a hallowed NHL scoring mark by becoming the first player to net more than 50 goals in
a season. His 51st goal broke the record of 50 goals held by Montreal Canadian greats Bernie ‘Boom
Boom’ Geoffrion and Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard. Hull would go on to score 54 goals in the 1966 season
and would surpass that mark by scoring 58 in 1968. These numbers are not surprising in light of his
slapshots deadly speed and accuracy--Hull's shot was once clocked at a mind boggling speed of 118

Hull’s stint with the Chicago Blackhawks was concluded in'72, when he jumped to the upstart World
Hockey Association (WHA). Hull signed for an at the time unprecedented $1,000,000 signing bonus.
Originally, Hulls response that he would certainly jump ship for a million bucks was an offhanded joke,
however, when the WHA ownership consented to contribute that sum thinking that it would produce
instant credibleness for the league it became a actuality.

Hull would swiftly resume his offensive onslaught in the upstart league for his new team, the Winnipeg
Jets. He would lead the Jets to two league championship AVCO Cup victories and in'77 set a new
professional hockey record with 77 goals in a season.

Hull suffered with knee trouble throughout his career, which gradually forced his retirement from
hockey in'79. He would play in a few games for the Whalers before calling it a career. With the exception
of an abortive comeback attempt with the New York Rangers in'81 that was the end of his professional
hockey career.

Modern fans may be more knowledgeable about Hull’s son, Brett Hull, who earned NHL superstar status
in his own right. Bobby and Brett are the only father/son combination to score 50 goals in an NHL
season. Brett Hull honored his Dad by wearing his retired #9 Jersey in the final games, and will be
inducted into the Hall of Fame later this year.

Bobby Hull is in good health and splits his time between Canada and Chicago, IL. He currently serves as a
Public Relations ambassador for the Blackhawks organization. He is anticipated to formally induct his
son into the Hall of Fame at the ceremonies later this summer.

Bobby Hull had a fascinating career in professional ice hockey, truly one of the greats! I hope you
enjoyed this article on his career. Dan Lipsky

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