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									                                                                                                                  BOOK             REVIEWS                                                                                                                       113

                                      BO()KS               RECEIVED                                                                       Protein               Biosynthesis.                    By          II.        J.      C.        H.&.is.               Aca-
The         Cell             Nucleus:                Pnocccdimugs                        of        an       infornual                           demic             Press          Inc.,          Ltd.               17        Old          Queen             Street,
      meetioug                 held         at     the          School             of     Anatonuy,                   Uni-                      London,                S. W.        1. 409             pages.                $14.00.
      versity                 of      Camuibnidge.                    Acadenuic                    Press,             lime.,
                                                                                                                                          Biological                   Approaches                       to         Cancer                 Chemotherapy.
      111       Fifth              Ave.        New        York            3, New              York.              $11.00.
                                                                                                                                                By       R.      J. C.         HARRIS.             Acatlenuic                       Press,          Inc.,       Ltd.
Election                Microscopy                    in Anatomy.                         288           pages.         The
      Willimumums                    amid          Wilkins                  Co.,              Baltinuore                     2,                  17 Old              Queen        Street,               London,                     S. W.           431      pages.

      Maryland.                      840.00.                                                                                                    Price          $14.00.

                               The          JOURNAL                    OF     HISTOCHEMISTRY                                      AND         CYTOCHEMISTRY                              wishes              to         call         to      the
                        attemitiomu                of its         readers               the        appearance                      of     a     neuv          periodical,                the      Journal                      of      Theo-
                        retical           Biology.               Edited             by        J.    F.      Danielli               and          having               numbers             of     other               members                    of
                        its        editorial              and         advisory                 boards               whose               names            are         well       known             to         histochemists,
                        it     seenus            likely          to      contain              contributions                        of interest                  to     our      readers                uvith            reasonable
                        frequenucy.                  Publication                        has        commenced                       with          the      January                1961          issue.
                                                     Histochemical                                                              Titles                          from              Current                                Literature

                                                             JOURNALS                                     RECEIVED                               AUGUST                       15-OCTOBER                                         lo,           1961

                                                                                                          PREPARED                               BY             H.       I.           FULLMER

       The            Editor                   thanks                        those                    who,                     by          cooitributioug                           repriouts                  of            papers                        of         histoelmemical                                            in-
terest,               especially                           from                    journals                          devoted                          to        other          subjects,                           have                  helped                       to             make                  this             list
fl100’e            ade          mate.
       It     is requested                                 that              these                   contributors                                    see         that         the          name                of the                     journal,                         the               volume                        and
ntsmuuber,                  asl(I             the           page                  reference                              for          the        paper                  are         imicluded                      051           such             repriouts.                                The            original
journuals                  to       supply                      these                   data              are            sometimes                              unavailable                      for           immediate                                   reference.

                            _tcta             Endocr.                 ,    u’.         38,      no.            1,     1961                                                    humuuan                fetuses                      us-ith          specioul                       refemeosce                         to          the
                                                                                                                                                                              cicvelopomueout                            of the                joint              cavities                         in     the             hand
IIsy.ssmom,                 M.,           FISHMAN,                           ‘uV. H.                  Eouzymmmor)hobogic
                                                                                                                                                                               muntb foot.                   111-122.                     (Dept.                 Amumut.,                    Univ.                  Copen-
            ob)senvatiooms                           iii         time              umtcntms                 mumod voigioua                                 of
                                                                                                                                                                               hagen,                Denniank)
            coushnmute                  rmuts              meccivimug                          ovmunian                        huonomuommes.
            107-120.                (Dept.                  Pmutiu.,                   Tumfts             Uouiv.               Scim.         Mccl.,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Amer.              J.         Chin.                Path.,              v. 36,              no.           4, 1961
            Bostomu,               Mouss.)
                                                                                                                                                                      LuTTHRONGER,                            1).         U.,           GLENNER,                                U.          (1.         The               ticoum-
                         Ada            Med.               Biol.,                i’.     8,     no.         4,        1961                                                     onstration                          of        endamuuoebae                                  in          tissume                 sections
                                                                                                                                                                               hmv omucans                     of            a         nuodified                     mnethemmaouuinc-silver
NosvsY.kM.m,                       U.         Histochuemmuicoul                                 study                of         vitaouuin                  C
                                                                                                                                                                               omitnate                technic.                         376-378.                      (Lab.                   Patim.                 Histo-
            ito     expcriommeomtal                             lvpimoicl                       fever                of         the           muuice.
                                                                                                                                                                               chmcmmu., N.I.A.M.D.,                                                   Nat.                          Insts.                     Hemulth,
            287-294.                    (I)cpt.                 Pmuthu., Niigoihmo                                         Umsiv.               Scim.
                                                                                                                                                                               Bethesda,                      Marylaomd)
            Med.,              Niigmutmu,                  Jmipmimu)

Acta              Path.           Microbiol.                          Scand.,                        v.     51,            moo. 2, 1961                                                         Am-er.                  J.        Path.,              V.        39,            no.         4, 1961

Hmmosoo.,                 ‘I’.,         CEDERGREN,                                      13.         1)eouuooustrmutioom                                    of         PAST,           W.        L.      The              histologic                         deouuonstmatioos                                        of     iron
            i out rmucel 1ul an                      polysoucciumunide                                         iou         Esclm ei’ichia                                      in        osseous                         tissue.                  443-454.                                 (Dept.                    Path.,
            (-oh          by        electmomu                        oumicmoscopv                                mumud by                     cyto-                            Uouiv.            Lousisvibbe                            Sch.       s1ed.,                       Louisville,                              Ky.)
            chuemmuicoul                  numet huocis.                          179-186.                           ( l)cpt           -       Bmmct.,
            hoomoliouska                       bust.,             Stockiuolouu)                                                                                           Amer.              .hIidband                           .Vaturiist,                         u.         64,            no.             2,        1960

                                                                                                                                                                      QUAY,             W.             B.           The                 pamucremutic                             islets                  of          desert
Acta          Path.             Microbiol.                      Scanu’.,                      v. Si,           suppl.                146,       1961
                                                                                                                                                                               rodents.                 342-348.                         (Univ.                 California,                              Berkeley,
I)mDERtmoim,                            H.          Studies                        010         lime            omuigmation                           mind                      Calif        ornimu)
            I mamssfonmmuatiomu                            of        lyouuphocytes                                  in         iouuomuumnizcd
            mmmu(i mmomu-imuuomuunsized                                          oummimmuals-                       1-89.                 (Histol.                                Annales                    D’Histochi                          mimic, u. 5,                         no.          3, 1960
            l)epl  -, Univ.    Uppsmula,                                           Sst-etlemu)
                                                                                                                                                                      VEJDA,                     J.,               PAP0UEK,                                     F.,                   T0MAEK,                                   V.,
                                                                                                                                                                               KONEENY,                             M.,            KOTA5,                       J.         Les               omuodifications
A (lu-a mces in                         Thyroid                      Research,                            Peigamon                           Pi’ess,
                                                                                                                                                                               histobogiquocs.                               Histochimmuiqumes                                        et      sp#{233}ciaieouuent
                                                    New              York,                   1961
                                                                                                                                                                               cnzymmuatiqucs                                     dume           pamenchyomue                                       pulmuuonmai                    re
LmxDsAy,                    S.,         JENKs,                  P.        R.            Enzymumomhic                           huistochcmui-                                   suntoust                 des              vaisseaux                          apr#{233}s uune                         irradiation
            istny         of the              rat          thyroid                      giamucl.               215-230.                     (I)cpt.                            usniqume                 pan              les            rayons                   X              Duo            Pousouuon                        1)e
            Pathm.,             Univ.               Calif.                5dm.               Med.,              Sanu            Francisco;                                     Lapin.                195-206.                      (Inst.          Aomat.                      Path.,                   Fac.          Med.,
            Cmulif.)                                                                                                                                                           Univ.             Masanyk,                              Czechoslovakia)
                                                                                                                                                                      PETRESCO,                        A.,          ANGHELESCO,                                           N.           Aspects                        histo-
                          limier.         J.Anat.,                        v. 108,               no.         1, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                               chiouuiqucs                          et             cytochiouuicumes                                          tie          1 ‘muctivit#{233}
FEAGANS,                    \V.         M.,         CAS-Azos,                           L.      F.,        EWALD,                         A. T.            A                   phosphatasique                                             dus               tissu                      omervcuox                           chez
            morphological                                  muomd             histochenuical                                         stusdy                 of                  1 ‘phoouuouuc.                           207-224.                            (Joust.                         Neumnol.,                           rue
            estnogcmm-induced                                     lesions                     in the                hamuuster                  muuale                          Povennuci                     42,         Bucancst,                          Rououuaomimm)
            reproduoctive                           tract.                31-46.                (Dept.                   Anat.,               Med.                    SCHABADASCH,                             A.,           La          presence                         et         be mole              fonction-
            Coil.          \‘mu.,         Richoimond,                              Vingiomia)                                                                                  nd          des           ribonucl#{233}oproteinues                                                   dans                1mm conusti-
ANDERSEN,                         H.,         BRO-RASMLJSSEN,                                             F. Histochcouuical                                                   tuion            des           mitochondrics                                      de            cellules                   mmmuimuuabes.
            studies                omm the                   hmistogeouesis                               of         the            joimuts                in                  225-234.                  (Inst.                   Biophys.,                          Moscow-)

                                                                                                               CURRENT                      LITERATURE                                                                                                                                          115

SvEcIoNoKovA,                              I.      N.          Dextrinisation                               de      l’amidon                            5-13.             (Dept.                         Histol.,                  Moscow                       Med.              Storouato-
         comnne                 phase              nCcessaire                      de sa transformation                                                 logical                Inst.                ,    Moscow)
         (lamus          les      tissums           du         fruit          des         plantes                 ob#{233}agineu-
         ses.           235-251.                   (Inst.               Physiol.                    Plantes,              Acad.                                 Aust.                J.         Biol.                 Sci.,            v. 14,            no.         3, 1961
         Sci.,           U.S.S.R.)                                                                                                             MOLYNEUX,                              G.                S.        A         morphological                                    and          histo-
                                                                                                                                                        cheouuical                    study                    of the              bacterial                     degradation                        of
          -I nit.        Med.              Exp.          Femon.,             v. 39,            suppl.            6, 1961
                                                                                                                                                        us-ool          fibers                  in           vivo.          440-447.                   (Inst.             Dent.            Res.,
RAEKALOoo,                        J.       Histochcouuical                           studies                omm vital            anti                   Uniteti                I)ent.                        Hosp.,               Sydney,                      Aust.)
         post -ouuontcmuu     ski mm us-oumnds:                                                         Experimuuental
         imuvestigmut  ioom 0mm omuediolegally                                                      significant        vital                                     Brit.               J.         Derm.,                     V.     73,       nos.           8-9,           1961
         mcomctiooms                   iou mum emumly                     phase             of      si-oumnd          healioug.                WELLS,              U.         C.,           SANDERSON,                                   K.        V.,         MCCABE,                     I. M.
         1-195.                (1)ept.             Fonenusic                  Med.,                 Univ.           Helsinki,                           The               histochenuical                                               localization                              of       pimos-
         Fiomiand)                                                                                                                                      )horylascs                             in         skin.             337-345.                   (St.          John’s              Hosp.,
                                                                                                                                                        Lisle           Street,                         Lontlon)
          .-lrch.            loistol.           japonicum,                          r. 21,           nO.      3, 1961

MozoNO,                  N.,           ()GASvA,                  K.,         OKAMOTO,                       M.        Chmomuge-                         Bull.            Exper.                 Biol.                   Med.             , v. 51           ,    no.          1 , 1961
         of      bysosoouues                      mm fihnobbmusts                           cultureti                 mmncrobis                                                           (Trans.                     front             Russian)
         coully.               455-462.                   (1)ept.                  Anat.,                 Kyoto           Unuiv.               ZASLAVSKII,                            V.                U.,          AMCHENKOVA,                                     A.       M.          Cyto-
         Schm.          Med.,               Kyoto,                Jmupan)                                                                             chenuical                            study                      of          succinic                      dehytlrogenuase
                                                                                                                                                        activity                      in                explamuhed                        cells.               87-91.                 (Morph.
                        Aich.              Oplothal.,                  o. 66, moo. 3, 1961
                                                                                                                                                      Lmub.,               Moscow-                                Res.             Irust.              Armtipolioomuyeli                           tis
STREETEN,                       B.         W.        The               suciamuophilic                        grammusles                of             Preparations,                                           Moscow)
         time       hummummuommetimumul                            pigomucout                    epithoehuomu.                  125-
         398.             (1)ept.                  Uphthal.,                         Univ                  Hosp.,               Ann                                      (‘hromosomna,                                      u’. 12,            no.        3, 1961
         Arbor,                Mich.)                                                                                                          VOGT-KOH                   NE,                   L.             Quantitative                                cyytochemisclme
DUKE,              J.      R.,           SSEGEIumAN,                          S.         Acid             muuumcopolysac                              Untcrsuchuuougemm                                              an         N ukleolen                       aus         Speicheld-
         diumimi(les                 iou thmc             tmoubecubmmn                      muueshus-ork                 of      the                  rOsenkermmen                                       voom           Chironus                         thummi.                      382-397.
         chuououubem                   muougie.               399-404.                    (Wilmuuer                 Ophthal                             (Inst.                 Zellfomschumng,                                            Genetik,                        Kanolinska
         Joust., Johumus Hopkimms                                         Univ.,                 Boultimmuone, Mti.)                                  Inst.,             Stockholmmu)
                                                                                                                                               PAl,       H.        A.,               UPADHYA,                                  M.         D.,            BHASKARAN,                             S.,
                         Aich.               Path.,               r. 72,           no.         3,     1961
                                                                                                                                                      SWAMINTHAN,                                            M.        S.        Chromosome                               (iimuuinuumtion
HELLusot;,                   C.        A.,         WILK0NSd)N,                            P.        N.       Histochemuu-                             and          evolutiomu                             of polyploid                           species                in Triticum.
         istry          of        Whipple’s                      disease.                 274-279.                 (Hertzler                          398-409.                       (Indian                         Agri.              Res.           Inst.,             New-            1)clhmi
         Clinic,               Halstcoid,                     Kaomsas)                                                                                India)

                    .-lrch.             Oral          Biol.,              r. 1, moo. 1, 1960                                                                               Cytologia,                                 v. 26,             no.         1, 1961

CABRONO,                 H.          L..        CARRANZA,               F.                  A.        Histocheoumical                          SHARumA,                  A.               K.,                CHATTERJEE,                                  T.          Phosphmutase
         distni buot iomu of                              $-gbuucunonidase                                 in   gingival                              activity                  in plamit                         cells           with           special                reference                   to
         tissue. 28-30.                           (Lab.    Path.     Anat.,                               Hosp.         Ramos                         those              treated        ssith                             cobchicine                     and gaomuouicxammc.
         Mej 1mm, Buenos                            Aires,     Argentina)                                                                             12-19.                 (Cytogenetics                                        Lab.,                    Dept.   Botmummy,
                                                                                                                                                      Uimiv.              Calcutta,                               India)
                               Arch.              Oral           Biol.,            v. 4, 1961
                                                                                                                                                  Doklady,                     n’.         135,               nos.              1-6,        1961               (Eng.              tramos.)
Scmuto.E,                H.            Chemische                          Zussanunucnsctzumoug                                  mind
         1)hmysikalische                             Eigemuschaften            des                                  Schnuelz-                  SMITTEN,           N.                      A.             Histochemical                                   and            biochenuical
         oberhaumtcheoms.                             40-49.      (Zahn#{228}ntzlichcn                                   Inst.,                       determinatioou                                        of levarterenol                                     in      the    atireomal
         Univ.            Kid,               Gcrouuany)                                                                                               glands               of black                            anti         white              rats.           859-861.                  (A.     N.
BERGMAN,                       U.,           BRANNSTROM,                                 M.,             LIND,           P.           0.              Severtsov                             Inst.                 Animuual                  Morph.,                       Acad.             Sci.,
         Scimmuuclzkanics:                               El nckoouubiniertc                                  bichtmuui         kro-                   Ioscouv)
         skopische,                        nui kroradiognaphische                                             und         histo-
         chemuuische                       Untensuchung.                                 Vorliiufige                   Mittei-                                     Endocrinologe,                                               u. 37,           no.       4, 1959
         luong.              147-150.                    (Zahn#{228}rtzlichcn                               Hochschule,                        SANDRITTER,                                 W.,                    BECKER,                          U.,            MULLER,                        D.
         Stockholnu,                         Sweden)                                                                                                  PFEIFFER,                                 E.             F.           Histochemische                                       Untensu-
                                                                                                                                                      chungen                        zur                Fragc               den         Funktion                       den        B-Zcllen
                    Arch.               Oral            Biol.,            o’. 5,         no.        1, 1961
                                                                                                                                                      der          Langerhaous’schen                                                    Inseln                 nach              Stiomiulic-
FAL5N,           L. I. Histological                                    and     histochemuuical                         studies                        ruing             nuit              l)-860.                     197-217.                   (Path.                 Inst.,            Uouiv.
         of      hmuoouuamu teeth                        of      the         bronze                 and       stone           ages.                   Fnankfumrt                           amuu iIai                    ou, Germany)
116                                                                                                                                              CLTItOtEN’f                    LITI-HIATUItE

                      Expeiiemotia,                                            u.        17,           moos.              4-9,              1961                                                                            .1.               .1 moat.,                n’.           95,            moo. 3,                1961

S’momK          ,   A.            11 istochuemumicmml                                           ommooulysis                       of         Ihmree              dcimy-            Yom.’-Fo.m-m. ,J.
                                                                                                                                                                                               ,                                     1mI. ,              REm N1015 Rt)’I,                                          W/.           (     ).    ,         EvEmt                       ‘i’m,
          (lrogc000u.Me                                   systemous                             iou            (hue                    remumul              mu(lenmo-                        N     .     1.            ‘I’huc                      topt nuke                        of          t oi ( iummo -I mmbcleml                                             I imymumi -
          emurci tuomomou of                                  t hoe frog                          1?amoa                   pipiens                     - 184-185.                            diooe                 liv                        lyoumpiuoiml                                t issime.                       2i)3-299.                                      (tJniv.
            I )ept.                   II istol                -   ,     l’ree              IT mmiv.             ,         Amoustendmumum)                                                    Bristol                    ,        Bristol                        ,     lougIsuoom1
SmoK            ,   A.            Iwo                 t ypes                   of        mi b)000uodleic                               protci             no iou (hue              i)m-ms,                    ,J.,              I)EMmsEv,                                   F.            W.,              AmomRoso,                                   I.            C. ‘fhoe
          nomeleol                    us        of          i out esti               muoul comm-cl ouomommuiou (hue                                               moewt                      suobpl             muceoot                       Ii      of            I hue gumi moenu pig                                          : Aoo                            electron
          ‘I’rilurus                                oil pest             iis               fol lowi                       mug           i   rmjcdt ioou                    of                mmmicnoscol)ic                                             sI umly .                         :31 1-32-1                  .         (I        )epl.                          Aoomut.,
          huernioug                    spertom                    deoxynibomomocleic                                                   mudi(l.           254-255.                            \Vsushmi ougt 000                                          ITooiv                  .         uIcm1            .        5dm           .   ,           St           .         Loomis,
          (ibid          -                                                                                                                                                                   Missouri)
(loooAouXEs,                               J.         P.,             Ssxomos                    Mmcom,                      M.             C.     Effects                 of      I3Ao LOdE,                      A        .        hi . (           )bsenvmmt                           boos                 oou (hue                      grow-tim                              muoud
          iuypophuysect                                     omuuy                   mood I luyroidec(omumy                                                 001        lime                   imiu4tochmemuuim-OImy                                                  m)f I hue                        Ley(lig                          lissuoc                            i to      (hoe
          glycogeou                             mleplet                 ;ooo              ito      Ii vens                      of          nmuts         t neated                           Postouatsul                                      PmcPtobentmml                                         OOt)iO5d                   testis                  .           357-370.
          witlu                  thujomucet                       mumomide.                      270-271.                               (1 )iv.                 Patio.,
                                                                                                                                                                                             ( I )cpt                . A             mumut. , ITomi v                           . ( 11          nusgow-              ,     ScotI                  suommi)
          bust.              ( )swmmlmlo                          (‘mmmx, Himu mle .Jmumuci no,                                                        I5nmuzil
M     .   mum       zzm           ,    V        -    ( ytochi                       mom mu trmmstnimctuonmule
                                                                                      ic                                                                    -    F’i xou-                                          .1.               Biochemn.,                                 V.         49,         no.            6,         1961

          (ions              ct colonoot                                iomus.             429.            (( emit me Mien.                                      ciec-             (otEN,                      I).               F.,                  ( )oA,                    ‘I’.            ( )ou time                       momuit of                                 oouito-
          Inoom. , IJomiv                             -     Lonosmo ooooe, Swi I zen                                                   muoo(1)                                               ciunondnimul                                          sInuoctuorc                                 mmmmd ftoooctionu                                           .        742-757

                                                                                                                                                                                             ( I oust          .       Eouzymuuc                                    lies            .,     I ‘mu v             .    \Viscomusi                                 mu, 1\i mumli                -
                      Exp.                          (‘cli             Res.,               v.      17,          moo.             9,      1959                                                 sOOm,            Wiscoomsiom)

SANDRITTER,                                 \V.,             FISCHER,         H., SUSSENBERGER,                                                                       K.,
                                                                                                                                                                                   J.       Biophys.                                     I3iocheimo.                                Cytol.             ,         u’. 10,                    no.                     2,          1961
          SCHEIMER,                                   H.          U. Qumountit out ive histochemuuische
          Ummtcrsuchungcou                                                      zuoomm N ouchmw-cis tier Prota-                                                                    LUCK,               I).           J.                  L.         Uhycogen                                    synthesis                                 froon                      ummidine
          mmiinspei                    chemumug                                     voom                 Mmuuseaasci                               test         omumor-                      tbiphosphate                                             glucose                            : The                 distribution                                               of       the
          zelleom.                    197-204.                          (Pout ho. bust                               -,     Ummiv.                Fnankfuort                                 enzyouue                           in            liver             cell            fnactiomus.                               195-210.                                 (Rocke-
          muomuMain,                                 Gemmuumuouy)                                                                                                                            feller                Inst.,                          New-               York)

                    Exper.                            Cell              Res.,                  v. 24,                no.             2, 1961                                       J.   Biophys.                                I3iochemmt.                                (‘ytol.,                    e.          10,          imos.             ,        3, 4, 1961

\AN         1)EN                 BROEK,                           (‘.          J.         H.,          TATES,                          A.        I).      The             in-      1\IOSES,                   M.                         J.         Speromuiogenmesis                                                     in              the                      cnmuyfish

          conpommutioom                                   of mmCmudctmiiue                                          imuto              time oocytes                        of                 (Procaimobaroos                                                   (‘larkii)                                  bI.             l)escniption                                                of
          A seUns                          aquaticus                                ous         stuocbittl                        by         ooumtomacliog-                                  stmuges.                           301-335.                                   (l)ept.                         Amumut.,                         Duke                           Uomiv.
          rouphy.                      201-219.                                (l)ept.                    Histol.,                           Fomc.              Mc(l.,                       Schu.             1Jcd.,                              I)usrhaomm,                            North                    Cmmnolimmmu)
          Univ.                  Utnecht,                               Time             Net           imcmloumu(Is)                                                               ZOBEL,               C.           R.              ,    BEER,                      M.              Electromu                            stmuins.                     I. Chemumi-
ROGERS,                      A.            W.              A sioumple                            photomumctnic                                    tievice                 for                cal            studies                                on           the                  intermuctiomu                                of              I)NA                          with
          thmc quoummtitmut                                  loom of silver grouins mu mmustonadio-                                                                                          usnanyl                        smubts.                     335-346.                               (I)ept.                     Biophys.,                                      Johns

          graphs                           of             Iissuoe                    sect         ioous.                    228-239.                        (Dept.                           Hopkinms                                    Uruiv.             ,        Baltimmiome,                                  1T’ulmmrylanci)

          Amumit.            ,    Mcd.                      5dm          -          Bi roumi mughmummu, E omgl mm
                                                                                                                ouch)                                                              LOusTHER,                            I).                   A.        GREEN,                                 N.          M.,            CHAPMAN,                                            J.      A.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Morphobogicmo.b                                                          mund                      chemuuicmul                                      stuo(iies                             of
                Frankfuit.                                   Z.          Pat/i.,                  i.      70,              100.         3, 1960                                              collageom                                   forouuation.                                    lb.         Metabolic                                    muctivity                            of
                                                                                                                                                                                             cohlmmgcmm associated                                                                   with              stmbcelluolmun                                          fmmmct ionus
SANDROTTER,                                     W.,               ScmoEmuoEmu,                                 II.          U.,              KRAUS,                   1-I.,
                                                                                                                                                                                             of         gusinemu                               pig              granuslomummuta.                                           :373-383.                                     (1)ept.
          I )Oummmm
                  EN,                                t.           Inutenfemeouzmmmikroskopiscime                                                                     Uou-
                                                                                                                                                                                             Chem.                      Path.,                          St.            Mommy’s                         Hosp.,                        Lonudon)
          tensuchuonugeom                                         vomu              Eimmzellen                             (HeLmo-Zellemu)                                 mm
                                                                                                                                                                                   LEDUC,                     E.                 H.,                  BERNHARD,                                             W.              IJItnashnuctunal
          den       Ucwcbckull                                          mon. 19-299.                                (Pmithm.                 Joust.,             Ummiv.
                                                                                                                                                                                             cvt        ochemuuist                                 my:              Emuzynue                           mmomd aci ti                                   hydrolysis
          Fnaoukfumnt                                    Mmmi mu, ( eooumomruy)
                                                                                                                                                                                             of        numcleic                                mucitls                aomd l)notein.                                       437-455.                                      (1)cpt.
                                            Gamomo, o. 52,                                      moo. 2,                   1961                                                               Biol.,                             Brown                                Unuiv.,                           Proviticooce,                                                     Rhode
Ursuiuom,             I(.              H. Microspecl                                            rol)iuotommuetmic                                      omucomsume-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ZAUKS,              S. I.,                   BLUMBERG,                                            J. M.                 Observatiomus                                                000       the
          oumeouts                    of            time              mleoxs-nibomuucleic                                                   oucid           (1)NA)
                                                                                                                                                                                             finme stnumctusre                                           and               cytocheomuistry                                                of ouuousc                               mind
          cooutenmt                         iou             Iwo                 chumooumosomumoul                                       homes               of        the
                                                                                                                                                                                             huuouumun                          intercostmul                                         ouetoroouuusculmun                                               j umictions.
          Ehrlichm                     ouscites                       canci           nuommumu.203-212.                                          (Nat.             Inst.
                                                                                                                                                                                             517-528.                                (Anmuied                         Forces                         boust.               Poothu.,                      Washioug-
          (ienuetics,                               Nlisiouumm,                      Japmmou)
                                                                                                                                                                                             toni,             I).              C.)
                                                                                                                                                                                   SILK,               M.              H.,                     HAus-TREY,                                      A.           U.,            SPENCE,                                       I.        M.,
Heir.        Physiol.                                Pharmacol.                                  .1 cia.,                  o.        19, no.                1, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                                             GEAR,                          J.                H.           S.          A              muiethoci                           for               iomtnmmcellular
WEBER,               R.,               WEBER,                            J.,         XnEmlus,                              B.          Activatioou                         of                autoradiography                                                               in            the          electroom                              omuicroscope.
          mucid          phmosphmomhmuse                                            by           venseome.                           97-102.                    (Zool.                       577-588.                                    (Fishing                           Industry                                 Rcs.                   Inst.,                            Univ.
          boost.,                Univ.                      l3ennu,                 Switzenlmmmud)                                                                                           Cape                  Tow-n,                           South                       Africa)
                                                                                                                             CURRENT                         LITERATURE                                                                                                                                     117

                 .1. (‘omp.                       .Vcurol.,                  v. 116,                  no.        3, 1961                                                    1)erm.,                  Wayne                   State              Uomiv.                 Cohl.            Med.,                Dc-
                                                                                                                                                                            troit,            Michigmmmm)
SMART,                 I.       The            subependynual                                    layer              of         the        ouioumse
                                                                                                                                                                 ADACHm,                 K.,          M0NTAGNA,                             W.            Histology                         and          cyto-
      h)nmmin                    mimmd its                cell            pnO(luctiOn                             as          show-n               by
                                                                                                                                                                            chemuiistry                         of      hunuan                    skin.                 XXII.                 Sites                of
         mmumlioousotogrmuphy                                       after               thyouuidimue-H3                                   injec-
                                                                                                                                                                            leucine                    anuinopeptidase.                                              145-147.                      (Arnold
         tion.                  325-348.                  (J)ept.                    Amuat.,                   McGill                    Univ.,
                                                                                                                                                                            Biol.             Lab.,              Brown                Univ.,                    Providence,                            R.        I.)
      Mooulneal,                              Cmommada)
                                                                                                                                                                 WmLooAuts,                      1I.    U.               Nuclear         staining                                 of         dermato-
SMART,                 b.         LEBLOND,                        C.        P.         Evidence                         for         divisiomm
                                                                                                                                                                      phytes                       with                 the      fluorescent                                    dye            acridine
         trmuomsfonmuuatioous                                  of nicuroglia                          cells            in the            muiouse
                                                                                                                                                                            orange.                  167-170.                  (Dept.                 Med.,                  Univ.           Toronto,
         hnmoimm, as                       derived               from              radioaumtography                                            after
      inujectiomu                          of thuyouuidinme-H3.                                 349-368.                      (ibid.)
                                                                                                                                                                 PATHAK,                  M. A.,                     FowmKs,                      W.            L.       The           in         vivo          de-
                                                                                                                                                                            struction                   of           succimmic                  dehydrogenase                                     activity
                                 J.        Emodocr.,                 v. 23,             no.           1, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                            of        guoinea           pig           skin           by         photosensitization                                          with
HoLMES,                     II. L. Phosphatase                                          and            cholinesterase                                  iou                  psoralen                       or          ouuethoxsalen.                                  183-187.                        (Dept.
         the           hypothmolmumuuo-hypophyseal                                                               systenuu                of the                             Derouu.,             Univ.                Oregon                Med.                Sch.,            Portland)
         momonukey.                          63-67.                 (Dept.                    Anmut.,                       Univ.               Bir-             LEE,            M.      M.          Postomuortem                          changes                      in      glycogen                    con-
         ouuinghamuu,                         Englanti)                                                                                                                     teomt        of      huouuan                 eccnine                  sw-eat                glands.                   207-211.
                                                                                                                                                                             (Dept.             Anat.,                 Univ.              Hong               Kong,                Hong                 Kong)
                   .1. Exper.                         .lIed.,             u. 114,                 no.          4, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                                 J.      Vat.          Camocer                 Inst.,             n’.     27,          no.        2, 1961
HocmousAo.D,                          U.        M.,        THORBECKE,                                     U.          J.,       ASOFSKY,
         H.       Sites                of fonnummtion                        of iouiniuone                         gbobumlins                    anti            MASIN,                 M.,          MASON,                   F.        Cytophotoouuetric                                         data           omu
         of mmdomuuponeout                                of C3’.             A new                   technuiquse                        for      the                       flumorochronued                              cervical                      cells.                 31 1-331             .     (Res.
         tlcoumooustratiomm                               of        the           symuthesis                       of         inudividuab                                   I)ept.,                  Mount                    Sinai                   Hosp.,                   Los            Angeles,
      senioouu pnoteinus                                       by         tissuocs                   in          vitro.             459-470.                                California)
         (l)ept.                      Path.,              New-               York                    Univ.                  Scim.         Mccl.,
         New                York)                                                                                                                                J.        Neuropath.                        Exper.                  .Veurol.,                       n’. 20,           no.         4, 1961
ASOFSKY,                     H.,           THORBECKE,                             U.       J.        Sites             of fonouummtion                           S(HARENBERG,                                   K.        Silver                 cmunh)onate                         muuethod                   for
         of        iouumuuuune                       globumlins                        ommud of                   mu coomuponent                                            iouupnegnation                               of           gliomuuas.                         593-601.                        (Lab.
         of        C3’.                 bI.           Productiomu                           of              imuumuuuonuoelectro-                                            Neuropath.,                              Dept.            Psych.,                     Umuiv.             Mich.               Med.
         piuorct   icoully    identifie(l                                          seruoouu    l)nOtdins     by                                                             Center,                  Aim             Arbor,             Michigan)
         iuiomuumuom 0101(1 omuoomkev                                       tissumes     imo vitro. 471-484.                                                     NAOUMENKO,                             J.,           FEIG0N,                    I.         A          nuodification                            for
              ibi(1.        )
                                                                                                                                                                            paraffin              sections         of                     the       Cajal                    gold-subliouuate
                                                                                                                                                                            staitu            for     mustrocytes.                              602-604.                      (Dept.         Path.,
                                 J. Ge uont., v. 16, no. 3, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                            New           York             Umuiv.              Sch.         Med.,                    New          York)
SUNTZEI-F,            V.,                       ANGEOETTO,                               P. Histological                                        omoud
         imistochcmicmul                                changes                        iou inutestimues                             of         ouuice                 J.     Obstet.             Gymmaec.                    Brit.         Emp.,                  m’. 68,         no.        4,        1961
         witiu              mugioug.            225-229.                    (I)iv.              Canucem                     Res.,         l)ept.                 BARBOUR,                       E.      M.             Histocimcmuuicai                                change                 in        eom(lo-
         Amumut.,                     Wmmshu.            1mv.                     Med.                Sch.,                  St.         Loumis,                            nuuetriuom.                         Nonmuual                   en(loouictni                        umon.              662-667.
         Missouri)                                                                                                                                                           (Royal             Samuimonitan                       Hosp.               for           Woouuen,                Glasgow,
                       J.        Invos.               Deimmo..,             u’.      36,         moo. 6,               1961

Fr-smao,                    H.          M.,           UOLTZ,                  H.           W.             Histocheouuically                                           J.         Osaka               Univ.             Demot.              Sch.,                v.      1,      no.          1,        1961
         mlemuuomust mooble                             comnbohydmmutes                                     of         mmppenclageal                             KAWAKATSU,                            K.,            1)EGUCm,                        V.,         ()KA,              H.,      TAKITA,
         huoouuors                    of       the        skinm.             I.        Benigmu                    cccninc                  gland                            Y.         Histochemuuical                               studies                 of         nuornual              salivary
         I ummomoms. 407-415.                                     (l)iv.               l)enmuu.,                  Umuiv.             Minne-                                 glands.                  VII.               Hist         ocheouuicai                             localization                          of
         sot      mmMccl.                     5dm.,        Minouemmpolis)                                                                                                   aryb         sulfatase.                     3-8.            (Second                      Dept.            Oral             Suing.,
                                                                                                                                                                            Osmoka             Univ.                 1)ent.           Sch.,             Osaka,                  Japan)
           .1.     ho yes.                   Demo         -,     v. 37, moos. 2 a mod 3, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                 IAWAKATSU,                             K.,             MOZU5HIMA,                                T.,           ()HMACHO,                       K.
Cumnx,             E.            \V.,         BEL0AR,                  V.         S.       A siouuple                        fluoonescent                                   Histochenuical                                   stutlies                   of            muornual                salivary
         omuetimod                     for       I hue (ietcdtioou                              of        sumperficial                     fungi                            glantis.                 VIII.               Histochemical                                       locmulization                         of
         iou skin                     mind hummim. 103-106.                                     (l)ept.                Path.,              Dumke                            muuonoamuuine                        oxitlase.                 9-14.                (ibid.)
         Unuiv.                 Schu.          Mcd.,              1)ummhaoui,                     North                     Cmmrolina)                           MoRo,             M.,        KISHIRO,                        A.     Histochenuical                                  observation
MosumumA,                        V.,           MiLLER-Mt                          LON5KA,                        A.          Junctional                                     of        aouuinopeptidase                               activity                     in         nuornumal             mind         in-
         muoud imigim                         level            (Ienmlmile                   cells                revealed                      with                         flamuued            oral            epitheliunu.                       39-45.                 (ibid.)
         osnuiuomuu                    io(hidle           reactiomm                    iou humuian                          mmmmdaniouumml                       DEGUt-HI,                    Y.,       OSANAI,                      K.         Histochenuicai                                localiza-
         epimlcmoumis                         umouden            contlit               ioous           of         hyperpigmumen-                                            tion         of protein                     bouund              suolfhydryl                          groups                 in (he-
         tout loOm mumocl mlepi gmuuenut out ion.                                                           107-120.                     (Dept                              veloping                  teeth.             47-52.                 (ibid.)
118                                                                                                                        CURRENT                           LITERATURE

OKAumo’ro,                     V.,        OKA,               R.,        KoozUunm,                       K.       Histochemmuical                                          Chittanaomjaou                             Nmut.            Canucer                    Res.           Centre,                        Cal-
         stuomly                  of      muosminopeptidase                                       iou        ncoplmusmuus                        and                      cuott mu)
         i oufimuoumomuoutory                              tissue.             53-65.                  (ibid.)                                                  WE05S,          L. Sialic   nmcimi as mustructural                                                          comuupoomeomt of
M(oRt,                M.,          TAKADA,                         K.,             ()KAumoTo,                       J.       Coomuparmu-                                  soouue   omuaouumuumuliaru t issume cell                                                       surfmmccs   . 1 108-

         hive               distnil)ution                             of       mulkmmlinc                    mumu(1 muciti                  phos-                         1109.               (Stnammgcuvays                                lies.            Lmml).,                 Cnmmmubnidge,
          phoutase                     activities                       its devebopioug                              teeth.                (17-83.                        Emugbanmd)
            ibi(l.)                                                                                                                                             JONES,              U.             R.         N.,            BOTENSKY,                            L.     ,      CHAYEN,                            J.,
                                                                                                                                                                          CUNNINGHAM,                                    U. J. Tissue                            dilution                     artefact;
                              Lab.             Inves.,                  v. 10, no. 5, 1961                                                                                mu ne-immterpnetatioom                                       of         vaniatiomus                        in       levels                   of
BA0.oGmm,                   K.,         1)UDLEY,                        H.         H.,        COHEN,                 R.       B.         Oxida-                           succi          nmic                                            dun          ng              chemical
          tive          enzyonc                     activity                       iou skeletal                     cartilage                     and                     cancinuogeouesis.                                   1203.                 (Dept           .         Pmmth.           ,        Royal
          boruc.               839-845.                       (I)ept.                    Path.,               Harvard                          Med.                       Cobb.           Surgeoous,                         London)
          Scim.,             Boston,                       Mass.)                                                                                               WOODLIFF,                          H.         J.         Cytochemuuistny                                 of         L1210                     cells.

FITZGERALD,                               P.          J.       “i)ry”                    -mumountirmg                       autoradio-                                    1313-1314.                       (Dept              .     Hemmuatology,                              Radcliffe                          In-

          graphic                       technic                   for          iomtracehiular                             localization                                    firouiany,                  Oxford,                     England)
          of water-soluble                                      conupounds                             iou tissue                  sections                     MIrFusOCH,                         U.         Inclusions                       of      ouuucopolysaccharide
          846-850.                      (Dept.                Path.,                 Coil.             Med.,              State             Univ.                         iou the               lymmuphocytes                          of         pouticouts                  ssith            gargoyl-
          New                York,               New               York)                                                                                                  isomu.              1315-1316.                           (Galton                       Lomb.,                   Uouiversity
BENNETT,                          B.,          ROSENBLUM,                                     C. Identificoution                                        of                Coil.,              Lonmdonm)
          calciumuu                     oxalate                    cryshmuls                   iou time myocardium
          ito          patients                        with                  urenuimu.                    947-955.                        (Dept.                            .Vaturwissenschaftemt,                                                v. 48,           moo. 15,                  1961
          Pmuth.,                 New               York                Hosp.,                 Connuell                   Univ.                 Med.             STOLK,             A.        Enzymuuatic                          muctivity                 (Oxitlase                       moomd three
          Cemuter,                      New                York)                                                                                                          dehydnogenase                                   systemmus)                  of the                 oval            cells             with
                                                                                                                                                                          club            -        shaped                     imuclusiomus                         in           the                connec-
       111cm.           (‘oil.            Sci.             Univ.               Kyoto,                 v. 28,          moo. 1         ,     1961
                                                                                                                                                                          tive            tissue                    of        Pterophyllum                                    scalare                    coovier
BABA,                 S. Histochemical                                       studies               of w-oiond                      peniderm                               (Cichlidae).                             530.           (Dept.               Histol.,                      Free               [Jouiv.,
          fonouuatiomm.                        VII.             Somume considerations                                              omi prob-                              Anusterdaoum)
          mmi)ic conditiomms                                      for          the            initiation                     of          dell         di-
          visiooms                 during                   the         w-ousmud Penitlcnmmi                                fonomuation.                                        Odontologisk                             tidskrift,                 v. 69,              moo. 6, 1961
          95-107.                      (Bot.           liust.,               Coll.            Sci.,          Kyoto,                 Japan)                       SCHULTz-HAUDT,                                     S. D.,            FRomo,               5. Perjodsyre-Schiff
                                                                                                                                                                          nuetotien,                      anvendelse                          og           fortolkning                             nan            tiet
                              Mikroskopie,                                 v. 65, moo. 1, 1961
                                                                                                                                                                          gjehder                  oncnneskehig                             gingiva.                    226-246.                        (Dept.
Howr,                 \V.      Quantitative                                  Uomtensuchuomgen                                      tiber          den                     Physiol.                      and              Biochenu.,                    1)entmil                     Inst.,               Univ.
          Eimmfluss                      den                Fixicnusomg,                          Eomtw-#{228}ssenusng                            und                     Oslo,           Norus-ay)
          Eiombettung                                 auf            die           Herzmuuuoskuolatun.                                      16-21.
           (Pmmthi.                Inst.,              Umsiv.                Uohtimugen,                         Uenouumonmy)                                       Proc.           Nat.            Acad.                 Sci.,        U.S.A.,                    v. 47,            no.        6, 1961
LuDw’ot;,                    K.          S.      Eine                neumsc               Fiirbung                   zumn differen-
                                                                                                                                                                 MAZIA,              1).,               CHAFFEE,                       It.           R.,           IVERSON,                             It.        M.
          zienteom                     Darstellung                              mien           1)niisemmzcllcn                             iou der
                                                                                                                                                                          Adeouosimmc                              tniphosphatasc                                   in             the               mitotic
          Magenschleiouuhauot.                                                22-25.               (Amuat.                Inst.,            Univ.
                                                                                                                                                                          apparatus.                               788-790.                         (Dept.                     Zool.,                     Umuiv.
          Bmmsel,                 Switzerlanci)
                                                                                                                                                                          Cahifonomia,                           Berkeley)
                                                                                                                                                                 NOVIKOFF,                         A.      B.,           GOLDFISCHER,                               S.         Nucleosidedi-
                       Nat         nrc,          v.        191,          moos. 4788-4795,                                  1961
                                                                                                                                                                          phosphatase                                activity                  in          the          Golg               apparatus
 HESS,                H.,          PEARSE,                        A.         U.          E.        Histocheoumical                                and                     amid            its            usefuolness                        for        cytological                                 studies.
           hommuogcnization                                             stumolics                     of          muuitochoomclnial                                       802-810.                      (Dept.                Path.,                 Albert                   Einstein                         Coil.
          a-glycerophospimate                                                      deimydrogelmmise                                      iou          the                 Med.,               New              York,               New-             York)
          nmenvouos                       system.                          718-719.                      (Postgnatl.                            Med.
          Schu.,              i)uncane                       Road,                  Loomdomu)                                                                        Revista                  de        Ciemocias,                    v. 43,               moos.         515-516,                        1961
 SLOELLEY,                        W.          B.,           FLORENE,                              R.         Ethylene                       glycol
                                                                                                                                                                 FRESE5,                 A.         T.        Las           tccomicmu.s               actuumules                     de        ha         histo-
           ouuonomuucthyi                              ether,                  a     omew              fixative               for           histo-
                                                                                                                                                                          enzimuuobogia.                             9-33.            (Lab.                Quimica                        ()ng.,                Fac.
          logicmul                     work.                 719-720.                      (Dept.                   Denim.,                    Univ.
                                                                                                                                                                          Ciencias                        Univ.                    Naciomumul                       Mmoyon                         de            San
           Pemumusylvania,                                      Philmu.)
                                                                                                                                                                           Nimurcos,                    Limuumu, Perum)
 STOLK,                A. Pigment                            i)odies                of time spimual                        neumnoomes                   of
           somuue                 teleosts.    924-925.                                        (Histol.                     Lab.,                Free
                                                                                                                                                                          Seitai                .Vo       Kagaku,                     v. 12,           mm. 3 and                          4, 1961
           IJniv.                   Anusterdaouu)
 DE,            P.,          CHATTERJEE,                                     H.,           MOTRA,                    5.        Nucleolar                         OGAWA,                  K.        Intracellular                             locmmhizmutiomm                         of       enzvomues.
           iocmmbizatiomu                           of suscci                 muic micimydrogemmase                                       iou muon-                        I.      106-120.                      (Dept.               Ammmmt.,                   Koto                     Univ.                 Sch.
           omuomb mmut hmepmutic                                      tells.              925.             ((‘cii           Res.                Lab.,                      Met!.,               Kyoto,                   Jompoun)
                                                                                                                                       CURRENT                                  LITERATURE                                                                                                                                             119

(J(;Aw-A,               K.             Imotmmucciluolmmn                                   locouhizoutiomi                           of        enzymuucs.                                      ‘I’exas                 Reports                      on         Biology                    and           Medicine,
        11.        154-162.                           ( ibid.                                                                                                                                                                             p.     19,           no.           1, 1961

                                                                                                                                                                                   O;.uu%A            ,    K.          ,     OK.mmmoTo,                            1’ul. Histochemicmul                                      ciemuuoou-
                        St(liio                 ‘l’echmool.                     ,    o-.     36,             moo. 5,                1961                                                  stnmmtioou                         of         suoccinuic                   dehydrogenase                                     systeouu              in
                                                                                                                                                                                          tissume                    cuoltumre.                     134-139.                        (Dept.                  Anmut.,            Kyoto
TERNER,                      J.          ‘OW. ,           HAYEs,                      L.           H.          Histocheouuistmy                                        of
                                                                                                                                                                                          Unmiv.                     Sch.               Med.             ,     Kyoto,                     Japan)
        lomsouuoulogcou.     265-278.                                                          ( l)ept                   .     Aoumit            .,        IJouiv.
                                                                                                                                                                                   1lAYOR,                 H.              1).     Cytochenuical                                    and            fluorescent                       anmti-
        Buofbomlo, Bumffalo,     New                                                        York)
                                                                                                                                                                                          i)O(ly                  studies                      on            the         growth                    of         pohiovirus                     in
SmommAN,                  H.              L.,             MoTTO.A,                           P.             A.,          FEDER,                       N.        Im-
                                                                                                                                                                                          tissuue                          culture.                          10(1-122.                      (r)ept.                    Virology,
        Proved                           )olyesten                                  wnux                   emuubedciing       for                               his-
                                                                                                                                                                                          Bouvlor                          Univ.               Coil.               Med.,                Houston,                      Texas)
        hologv.                           279-284.                                  (Lah.                    Cell.      Neunopath.,
                                                                                                                                                                                    OSHODA,                       M.             Cytochemicab                                     studies                on         proteins                 in
        Homnvomnml Med.                                         Sch.,                Bostomu,                       Mass.)
                                                                                                                                                                                          the             retina.                   198-206.                       (Dept.                 Anat.,                  Univ.         Texas
MENZOES,                           1).        \V.          Bromuuphenol                                      blume             mis a staimm                      for
                                                                                                                                                                                          MetI.                   Bramuchm,                      (alveston,                               Texas)
        muuuoscie                        stniations.                                  285-287.                               (Dept.                     Path.,
        Umuiv.                    Melboumnome,                                Melbounome,                                Auustrahia)
                                                                                                                                                                                      7’ohokom                    J.             Agri.               Res.,                   v.      11,                           1-4,         1960
MOtOER,                 J. J. A ouueouubnane                                                filter-Uieouusa                                procetiure
        for        yeomst                     muuicnocoboomies.                                        289-292.                      (1)ept.                Biol.                  OKADA,                 1%I. Histology                                     of the               mammary                          glammd.           VII.
        Hoiouuilhoom                          Coil.,                    Haouuibton,                           Onmtanio,                        Canada)                                    Histological                                    and                histochemical                               studies                of      the
PaoTsunous,                              A.       L.       ,    LIIOTKA,                           J. F.                The           histochenui-                                        cells                 of          the          milk                in         domestic                       aninuals.                31-52.
        coil            detection                                   of         thalliuoouu.                             293-297.                        (Dept.                            (Fac.                   Agni.,                 Tohokum                        Univ.,              Sendai,                   Jmmpmmmu)
          Piumoroumoucology,                                            Uouiv.               ( )klahmomuumm                            Nieti.               Sch.,                  ISHODA,                 K.              Histochemicmul                                     stuudies                  of        glycogcou                  in
        ( )kl omiuomuumu (i I v                                     ,    ( )kl muhomummu)                                                                                                 the             rat          ova              ovulated                        by        the       gonadotrophiom                              iou-
SoNct.AOR,                        C. B.,                   I)uNN,                    1).         B.          Suonfmuce                 pniimtioug                    of                   jedtiomu.                          187-192.                        (ibid.)
                                                                                                                                                                                   Hosuooso,                      T.,            ‘lm)RYuT,                    V.        Histochenuicmtl                               studies                of
        Plmmout leomvcs                                   for     pimylogeometid                                        stumdics. 299-304.
        ( Sci . I )eph                            .   ,         Nout ioommoi Coil                                   .   , Kanusas      City,                                              glycogen                               iou the             omeve                cells            of      the            rabbit             omften

        Missouri)                                                                                                                                                                         section                          of their                 axonus.                   193-198.                   (ibid.)
                                                                                                                                                                                   TORYU,                  ‘0.,            H0SHONO,                          T.,         TAMATE,                       H.         Histologidoml
bs\vRFNc-,                             NI.,           (‘omoER,                              NI.            l)ifbcmeoutimul                       stmuinimug
                                                                                                                                                                                          stuotly                    of           the            lingumal                     salivary                       giantl            iou      the
        of         i omouen                     comm flumimls                               by              prot             mongol        .      305-308.
                                                                                                                                                                                          chicken                            with              special                     reference                         to     the        occusr-
          ( Phuysiol                     .    Acotost                    ics          Lomb. , Ummiv.                                  Nhich. , Amunu
                                                                                                                                                                                          retuce                  of the                  glycogeoo                        iou the               gland              cell       omuoclei.
        Arbor,                       Nhicim.)
                                                                                                                                                                                          309-313.                           (ibid.)
H SRTM            A NN -(                     m)LO)5TEO                   N , I . .J                   .     Emuhomouced                         differemu-
          I immtiotm                     of           Zapriomooos                             chumomumosommucs                                    by            pre-
                                                                                                                                                                                          Tohoku                            J. .lyric.                        Res.,                v. 12, no.                      1, 1961
        sl ouiomiomg                            omci(l                   imy(lmolysis.                                  309-3l3.                           (Zool.
                                                                                                                                                                                   H05HINo,                       T.,            RoRvu,                      Y.,        TAMATE,                        H.         Histochemuui
          i)ept              .,        Uouiv.                   \‘ih          wmmtensmmmomml,                                 Johumuomnuesbuong,
                                                                                                                                                                                          cal             stuody                  of       the           acid             phosphatase                               activity                 in
          5.      Afnicmu)
                                                                                                                                                                                          the              nerve                       cells             of          the            chick                embryo.                     9-16.
13L.sNc;ER,                              L.           F.         Staiomimmg                            processed                          mmuchionuuoto-
                                                                                                                                                                                          (Dept.                           Aouimal                  Husb.,                    Tohoku                     Univ.,              Sendai,
          gmouphs.                       313-317.                             (1)ept.                       Histol.,                   Sch.                Med.,
          Ummiv.                   Ott muwmu,                       Cmuomada)
WILL0GAN,                              I).      A.,             GARROC,                           \.          A.,            TROSKO,                       B.       K.                 Univ.               .Vac.                 Mayor                   San             Marcos                    Fac.            Ciencias,
          New                     fuochusiom-huemummut oxyhinu-cosi                                                          mu; A              st muimu for                                                                                                 v. 4, 1961
          mmcid-f oust i)mmdilli000u(1 suonmoummdioug                                                                                 tissuoe. 319-
                                                                                                                                                                                   FRESE5,                  A. T.                  Lou fosfmutasa                                 alcahina                  y sum sigmuifica-
          321.           (J)ept.                      \et.               Pmmth.,                 Coil.              Vet.             Med.,                 Mich.
                                                                                                                                                                                          coon                  histoquolnuica                                     en        tejidos                   animmuhes.                    1-18.
          51 mule                 Uouiv.,                  Emost               Lmmmmsimug, Mich.)                                                                                             (Fac.               Ciermcias,                        Univ.                Nmmc. Mayor                              Saou Mouncos,
NoTmo,            V.,              Suoovmm,                    J.        F.         A cmunbommmuhe-colloiclal                                                   iron                      Limuua,                    Peru)
          stmuimuimug                        nemugeout.                       323-325.                        1)ept.                Pmmth.,                Uomiv.
          Tetuou.,                     Memuuphmis,                             Tetmnu.)                                                                                                           Verh.                      dtsch.                 Ges.                Path.,                  o’. 42,               1959

T.SNAKA,                          H.          Aceto-bmmsic                                   fuochsinu                        oms      mm slomimu                   for             SANDROTTER,                                  \V.,          Sc000EMER                          H.       G.          Histochemumie                     an
          omuocleoli                         omoumichnoouuosomuues                                             of        pimmnuts.                    325-327.                            HeLaZehlen.                                            449-458.                          (Path.                     Inst.,             Univ.
            (Bot.                 bomst -, Hiroshiouua                                            Univ.,                     Japmuom)                                                     Frankfumrt                                mmmii Mai                  mm, Uermaouy)
 \‘Aomso,               M.               L.           H.            Methylenue                                 bluoc                soluohions                      for
          stmuiouioug                         deommi                      emmst               cells.                    329-330.                         (I)ept.                       Verh.                    dtsch.                   Ges.                Path.,                  v.         44,          Jnne,              1960
            (‘hemuu.,                    I’scoimm                       Pohit#{233}cnuica,                          lJnuiv.                      Pomubo,
                                                                                                                                          S#{227}o                                  SANDROTTER,                                  W.,           GROSSER,                            K.           1).,        SCHOEMER,                    H.
            Bmmmzil)                                                                                                                                                                         G.           Trockengewichtsbestimmungen                                                                                 an
 COMBS,                 J.          W.          A (ovcr                             slip           holtlen                    for         uose          with                a             lemu                  cond               pathologischen                                          Herzmnuskclfascmn.
          cmyostmut.                          330-331.                          (i)ept.                      Pouth.,                Woush.                 Univ.                              192-194.                            (Path.                     Immst.,               Unuiv.                Frmmmukfunt                    anu
          Sch.           Med.,                      Semuttle,                       Wmushiomgton)                                                                                         Maimu,                     Germany)
120                                                                                         CURRENT                   LITERATURE

   Virchow                Arch.             Path.       .4 moat.,         m’. 334,       moo. 4, 1961                              Z.    .Vatoirforschoimog,                          o.      14,     moo. 6,             1959

HECEIT,             A.,      KORB,              U.,      I)AvmD,             H.        Vergleichende                     SANDROTTER,                      VON        W.,         BERG,                M.           Qumantitative
                                                                                                                              histochenuische                              Unutersuchuoomgen                                 an           der
        imistochemische,                                flumoncscemmzmuui                kroskopische
                                                                                                                              Choriomm                -     allantoisouueouubraom                               mmmmch Virusin-
        uooud elektronenoph                             iscime       Unutersuchungcn                            zur
                                                                                                                              fektion              und          ummspezifischen                           Reizeou.             279-282.
        Fniihdiagnose                          ties      Hemziomfmmrktes                       der       matte.
                                                                                                                               (Path.            Inst.,         Univ.           Fmmuomkfont                    oumuuMmmin,             Ger-
        267-284.                  (Pathm.        bust      -,    Htomuuboidt-Univ.,                        Ber-
EDER,               M.       Experiomuentelle                        ii   on!       hmistocheouuische                              Z.      Zeliforsch.,                   v.    53,         moos.         5,      6,      1961
        Untersumchumngen                              #{252}ben imcntlforonige                        Hyper-             EAKIN,         H.        M.,       QUAY,               W.         B.,        WESTFALL,                     J.      A.
        plasiemu            iouu Epithelkorpercheou.                                324-336.            (Path.                Cytocheomuical                       amid        cytological                      studies           of      the
        Inst.,            Univ.            Muncheom,             Geromuammy)                                                  lizard,         Sceloporoos                  occidentalis.                       449-470.           (I)ept.
                                                                                                                              Zoob.,         Ummiv.         Calif.,            Berkeley,                  Cmmlifornia)
                                                                                                                         PEYROT,           A.,       MASSIMELLO,                           U.        Le         rein      du       triton
               Z.    KreislForsch.,                      v. 48,      no.        17/18,         1959
                                                                                                                                          (Tmiturus                        cristatoos                 camnifex.                   Laur.)
JESTADT,                  VON         H.,      SANDRITTER,                       W.      Erfahrungen                          #{201}tude nuorphobogiquc,                                   cyt ologiquoe                     ct     cyto-
        mmuit der           TTC-             (-Tripimemuyltet                   razohiuinchborid-)                            chionique.                   764-792.                  (bust.               Coomup.              Histol.,
                                                                                                                              Univ.          Tuonin,            Italic)
        Reaktion                     fur       die       pat     lmologisch-anatonuische
                                                                                                                         K Uti NE 1,         W.      Morphologische                              uoomd cxpenimmmentelle
        l)iagomose                  des     fnischueou           Hcnzinufmmrktes.                    802-809.
                                                                                                                              Uoutersuchungen                             an     den          Ahlaoutois               des        Hiihn-
        (Path.             Inst.,           Umuiv.       Fnomoukfont                  amum Main,          (icr-               chens.             807-830.             (Anat.               Joust.,         Uouiv.            Marburg
        omuany)                                                                                                               a. d.      Lahn,             Germany)

        SECONI)                          I NTEHNATI(JNAL                                                  CONGHESS                              oF            H ISTOCHEM                                 ISTII”i’

        hiP      2omd              Iomtermuatiooual                          (‘oomgress                    of    Histoehemnistry                                and           (‘ytoeheonistry                             vih1
l)e     held         Ut          1’raoukfurt                 non           \Iaimm           OOi        August             16-21,              1964.            Professor                      T. Casperssoom,
Stockluolnu,                      has      beesm            (lesigomated                      Presidemmt                of       the         (1oougress.                  Prof.           1’. H.          Schiebler,
AmmaG)onischcs                            Iomstituot,                 Neuoe                 [omiversit#{228}t,                 Kid,            Germnamuy                      is      Secretary                  of       the
Comugress.                   The           Germnaom                   Arbeitsgenneissmchaft                                       f#{252}rHistochenuie                               is       spomusorioug                time
Comugress                  at’     the       reqtoest.                of        the         Inmtersmat.iommab                     (1onmmnittee                       of      Histocheonistry                             and

THI              Wi)HCESTEII                                      I’OUNIMTION                                          1”(i)R           EXPERIMENTAL                                                 BIOLOGY
               ANNOUNCES                                        THE                   1962-1963                   SESSION                        OF            THE                 TRAINING
                                          PROGRAM                                  1’OR             STEROI                   D         BIOCHEMISTR                                        V

      lOmd(’O             the          spoousorship                        of         the     Nationmal                 Caomcer                loustitute,                   N.I.H.,                U.S.P.H.S.,
specialized                       programns                  have                 beeom           established                     iom Ysorcester                            and           Salt        Lake            City
to      traiou        iomvestigators                            iou        the         theoretical                    aomd        methodological                                  aspects            of      the         bio-
cheouuist         rv             of steroids                    nouc! related                          compoumuds.                      Each            program                      iomcludes               lectures,

piaou      mmccl laboratory                             wm )ok,              amid           research.
      Postdoctoral                           camudidates                           (M.D.                  om     Ph.D.)                 selected                 for           adnuissiooi                   1)0th          at
Worcester                        and       Utah              will           receive                stipeouds              of       Si00                for       a        ooue-year                period.               Pre-
doctoral               oaomdiclates                      (13.8.,                 MS.,             or       equnvaiesmt)                      selected                for          admissioom                 (oomly at
Worcester)                        will       receive                stipeomds                     of S1800             for         a    six-momuth                        period.

      Scud         ismquiries                   amid requests                               for        applicatiosms                    to:
                          I)r.         Kristeom              Eik-Nos                                                             Dr.       William                   II. Ncs
                          1)epart            muueout         of       Biocheouuist                        oy                     Depart             oneout           of      Chemuuist              ry
                       College                  of     Mecliciome                                                                Clark             Iniversity
                          tomiversitv                    of Utah                                                                 9.0         Maiom            Street
                       Salt              Lake         (‘its’,              Utalu                                                 Worcester,                      Mass.

                                                                           (‘lasses               start         October                 1,      1962

                                    Fiomal           date           for          conupletiomi                   of     applicatiooi:                         April           1,      1962

                                                                         A nnouncement

                                         BIOLOGICAL                                                                STAIN                               COMMISSION
                                         STUDENT                                                  FELLOWSHIPS

              rfhe           Biological                            Staiim              Comumnissiosm                                  is         pleased                 to        aomououncc                           that             sevcmu

fellowships                        of     S600                 each                vi1l           be         available                     iii      the          comioug                  year           for        studemut                     re-
search                   projects                 l)nmdly                          relating                      to         biological                      stains                amid             their            uses.                 Each
fellowship,                        iou additioom                             to       the          stipend                    for          the          studemit,                   will           include                     a supply
grasut              of      $100.             it.         is        hoped                   that              these              fellowships                            will            stimulate                       iout.crest                 in
biological                    staiouirmg                  muomdwill                       cvemmtusally                          ioicrease                   the         muumnuber of vorkers                                             doiumg
research                   iou t his              molm(l closely                            related                   fields.

              Stumdeimts                  eligible                      to         mupply              ale          those              jim colleges                      aomd            jim medical                          om’ deomtttl
S(h0()bm                 \\ ho      are       omot eumgaged                                 ism aumother                      regular                  progs’amuu                  of      research.                      1mm general
time      felbowsimips                      mule iomtemmtlcd                              to           suspport                 studemuts                   iou temu weeks                          of     fusll         tinuue           work

iou     the      tmnuomu(’r, but if dcsime(l                                                      they             nuay          be        used             to peronit                     a similar                     aouiouomt                 of
Wd)Ok           dumimug a losuger period                                                     or         at     a      different                    tinue           of year.

              Students                     desiring                          to       apply                   for       a Staisu                       Commuuissioiu                         Fellouvslmip                               should
have            a        nuesutor             willing                        to spoimsor   t.henu amid supervise                                                                  their             work                durioug                  the
tenssre               of     the          fellowship.                           With   him    they    should   plasu                                                           details              of     the                project              to
be       pursued                    and           prepare                      a one page       sununuary    of the                                                            objectives                      ammd methods
to       be          I Olit)\Ve(l             iim          the               proposed                         research.                          The         mesutor                     should                forward                          this
sunuouutmry                  withu          a letter                         stmmt.ismg                that           he is williumg                        to sumpervise                           the        project,                     that
the       facilities                     available                           for       the             project                  are          adequoate,                        and          that           he            is         satisfied
with           the          ability               of         the             stumdeomt.                     Wheiu             the           period                of      work              provided                          for        uimuder
the       fellowship                        has              beeou                 coimipleted,                        the             fellow               will          be       expected                        to          submit                  a
brief          report               of      the           work                    accomnplished.

              Applicatiosus                            for          these              fellowships                              will         be        received                    ussutil          March                      31,        1962,
and           imotilocmotiomms                      of         awards                     made                as       promptly                        as        possible                 thereafter.                           Applica-
tioims          or         requests                 for            further                  isufornuation                              should               be         sesut        to:

                                                  fir.             J.        B.       Longley
                                                  Department                                           of      .-lnatotny
                                                  Georgetown                                           University                            Medical                       School
                                                  JTashington,                                          P.       C.
                             7’HE              JOUJ?.\.l                        L      01”            HIS7’O(’HEMISTRY                                                                    .t.\’L) (‘YTOCHEMIS7’RY                                                                            7

                       A       valuable                      technique

                 in    many                 disciplines..

                                                Paul’s                                                     CELL                                                         AND                                                   TIS                                             -___
                      SUE                                        CULTURE,                                                                                                     2nd                         edition

                             “This              little                manual                     represents                                        the            most           up-to-date                               amid
                      comprehensive                                     survey                     now                 available                                  of     the          methods                           used                 to
                      maintain                       cells             and            tissues                    outside                             the           parent                  body.                   Iou small
                      compass                       it offers                   a mine                      of practical                                          information,                                 and            it        is
                      particularly                               excellent                    in           point                      of           view            : though                      it         is concerned
                      with            techniques,                               the          orientation                                       is towards                             matter                     or purpose;
                      the          manner                    of        the          operations                                       is allowed                           to         be         simple                   and
                      flexible.                 The               author                   has             included                                 brief               reference                         to       many
                      aspects                  of         cell        biology                      in their                           application                                to living                         cells
                      isolated                  from               multicellular                                   organisms;                                          these              should                   be
                      especially                      valuable                        to         research                                 workers                        in     other                     disciplines                              who
                      are          undertaking                               to approach                                            their                problems                         via             tissue              culture.
                      Dr.            Paul           has            a unique                         acquaintance                                              with              such              needs,                  as            the
                      result              of        his          experience                           first                    as         instructor                            and             later              as         director
                      of       the          intensive                        summer                         course                          that              has             been              sponsored                               during
                      the          last        twelve                   years                by             the                Tissue                       Culture                     Association.”-
                      .1 mnerican                     Scientist

                             “It          is an             indication                           of         the present                                           widespread                              use           of cell and
                      tissue              culture                     methods                        that                  the                 first              edition                 of this                  book                  should
                      already                  be          out          of       print.                    . .     .           In         offerimig                      this           second                     edition,
                      however,                       I should                       mention                            that                    .    . .       much               of         the             20          per         cent
                      increase                  in the                  contents                           is due                      to           continued                           development                                          of
                      cell         culture                  techniques.

                             “The              main                addition                         is a new                                chapter                       on         transplamutatioou
                      techniques                           which                are           so           closely                          related                     to explantation
                      techniques                    that                  treatment           of                                    the            subject                 in a systematic
                      manner                   seemed                     warranted.”-Preface                                                                          to 2nd  edition

                                                                 B’       JOHN               PAuL,            Senior Lecturer, Department       f Biochemistry,
                                                                                                           Unim ersitv   of Glasgow;  Director,  Tissue    Culture
                                                                                                                     A ssoczation Sum uner Course, 1 957-19O0

                                             1960                      #{149}         324           PP            129                 figs.          (6 in color)                                     .               S7.50                                                 iiIIL1]

I   of Madual            a,sd     Sc:ennfic              Books         and       Peczodmcair                                  f                                                      SHOP                             BY                   MAIL                             ]
                                                                                                                                                     THE                 WILLIAMS                              AND                 WILKINS                         COMPANY
                                                                                                                                           I                                                                                                  Baltimore                2,    Md.
I                                                                                                                                                                  Please        send       nlse          following                on        approval:


                            WILLIAMS                                                                                           -                     Name

                       &wILKINS                                                                  .#{149}               .

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8                                            THE                                 JOURN.IL                                     OF          HISTOCHEMISTRY                                                             A\         D            CITOCHEMISTRY

A practical              approach                     for
the small           laboratory.                               .

                                     Gurr:                                                    METHODS                                                                                              OF ANALYTICAL
HISTOLOGY                                                                                                                          AND                                         HISTOCHEMISTRY

       “This             book                        is                   concerned                                    almost                 exclusively                           with                       the        identification,                                                    by color                          reactions,
of      chemical                          groups                                  and         compounds,                                            observable                        under                          the            microscope,                                              in the                    sites             they
occupy                  in both                               normal  by methods    that can be carried
                                                                                              and                  out without
                                                                                                                       pathological                               tissues,
the use of costly     and elaborate          equipment     beyond      that which    is normally         on hand       in the
average   biological     laboratory.        It is hoped     that the book will prove          to be of service           to a
wide variety      of workers       in histological,      pathological       and general    laboratories.
   “The   methods     described       herein      have been set out fully and as concisely                as possible,      so
that             they             can be followed                                                                     step by step at the                                       laboratory                                      bench   without                                                      interruption                                 for
reference                        to other  literature                                                                    during the course                                       of practical                                     work. “-From                                                         the             Preface

CONTENTS-PROTEINS                                                                       AND                       THEIR              COMPONENT                                AMINO                            ACID                 GROUPS                              .           Arginine                            .      Histidine.
Keratin                 and                sulphur-containing                                                                        amino                  acid            groups                     .         Tryptophane,                                                   tyrosine                       and                 histidine
Tryptophane                                  .            Tyrosine                                .                   Miscellaneous                                    methods                     .           Amino                        groups                              .     Connective                                       tissue’
Elastin     .   Hyaline                                                      ‘     Keratohyalin                                           .     Keratohyalin                                      and                eleidin                       .       CARBOHYDRATES’

Polysaccharides                                                       ‘     Special                               methods                     for glycogen                                .       Polysaccharide                                                    sulphate                             esters                        and
hyaluronic                                acid                    ‘         Mucin                         ‘            Mucopolysaccharides                                                    .        Mucoproteins                                                 .       Miscellaneous                                               methods
Amyloid                          .        Ascorbic                                     acid                   ‘        Glucose                      and         lactose               ‘           LIPIDS                    ‘           Fatty                   acids                    ‘           Special                    methods
employing       Sudan                                                       colors                .                   Other          methods                           for lipids    in general        Triglycerides                                   ‘                                                                    and          acidic
lipids    . Cholesterol                                                            ‘     Choline-containing                                                            lipids   in general      Lecithin,         etc.                  ‘                                                                 ‘        Phosphohipids
NUCLEIC                  ACIDS                            ‘               Feulgen                         nuclear                     reaction                          ‘    Feulgen-naphthoic                                                             acid                      hydrazide                                (FNAH)
reaction                 ‘           Methyl   green-pyronin                                                                           ‘        Methyl                       green-toluidine                                                 blue            ‘           PIGMENTS                               .            Argentaffin
granules                     ‘       Bile pigments          Carotene                                      ‘                                          .     Hemoglobin                                      ‘     Hemosiderin                                                iron                 ‘     Lipofuscins
Lipofuscins                                and                    melanins                                        ‘     Hemofuscin,                                melanin                        and                hemosiderin                                            .         ENZYMES’                                     Carbonic
anhydrase                             ‘    Cholinesterases                                                               ‘    Esterase                      ‘     3-G1ucuronidase                                                   ‘       Lipase                          ‘         5-Nucleotidase
Oxidases’                                 Peroxidases                                         ‘               Phosphamidase’                                                Acid              phosphatase’                                                 Alkaline                                    phosphatase’
    Pyrophosphatases’                                                                  Succinic                              dehydrogenase’                                         Tyrosinase’                                             Zymohexase’                                                  MISCELLANEOUS
METHODS                              FOR         ORGANIC                                      SUBSTANCES’                                                Aldehydes’                               Bile                   acids’                        Carbonyl                                      compounds’
    Acctal          lipids                   ‘                Carbohydrates,                                                     nucleic                   acids,              proteins                              ‘     Extraction                                           methods                            ‘         Fat
    peroxides’                             Hormones’                                              Uric                        acid            and          urates               ‘    INORGANIC                                          SUBSTANCES’                                                  Aluminum,                                   iron,
etc.         ‘    Arsenic                        ‘                Bismuth                             ‘               Calcium                   ‘        Chlorides                    ‘        Copper                           ‘           Gold                ‘           Iron                     (Ferric)                      .    Iron
    (Ferrous)                        ‘Lead’                                       Magnesium’                                          Potassium’                                    Zinc’                        SUNDRY                            TECHNICAL                                          METHODS’

Dehydrating                                  and                           clearing’                                    Embedding’                                      Freezing-drying’                                                     Frozen                                 sections                   ‘            APPENDIX

                                                                                              Bj                      EDWARD              GURR,                 F.R.I.C.,            F.L.S.,                     M.I.Bi.l.,                        F.R.M.S.,                             Michrome                           Laboratories,                London

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1958                              ‘          344                                  ‘       $13.00

                        THE                                                 WILLIAMS                                                                             & WILKINS                                                                                      COMPANY
                                                                                                                                              141m                ,‘

                                                                                                                              BALTIMORE                                          2, MARYLAND
                                                                                                                                                   5    and   10      Cu.      ft.  standard
#{149}                            Alarm           Thermometer             for       complete           safety.
                                                                                                                                                   models     also       available.
#{149}           fans             for        adequate        cooling          of machine               compartment.
#{149}                                 rigid            polyurethane             foam                    insula-
       tion.         Low            density,            permanent,              moisture-proof.
#{149}           direct             to hospitals             with      fIve     year     warranty.

                                                                                         Write          for      htera?ure,             prices

‘                -                                      U                                CAMBRIDGE                           39,         MASS.
                 1iflhI1tSIll:WIlN(lIt-                                                  SINCE  1934

                     from                        GURR’S

    PLASTIC                              STAINING                             TROUGH
    Precision                 moulded                    in heat-             and      chemical-resisting                               polypropylene

        St-k-I               in     I-S.                                                       ‘mIh’      in      l-ngland         by                                       Sto(-kel            in    C)flOI)

                      by                                                               George              T.        Gurr          Ltd.
    .--hu-hr           ‘,    (‘ointaii                                            136,     140, New                       Kings         Road                         l-;sls’     I.alonatory                    S1i111i--

           75 (‘bC           Strect                                                         London,                       S.W.6                                                55      llloor        St.    \      ‘st

          N,’w         ‘mon             I5                                                                    (‘tilales                                                                  ‘lot-unto
                     N.’--                                                               Micnutain,                london,         S.’mS.C                                               ( )nt:tnio

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