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Att erbjuda hög teknisk kompetens
till konkurrenskraftigt arvode.

- Mekanik         > plåt & plast strukturer
                  > interiör system
                  > stolar och säten
                  > medicinteknik
                  > beräkning
                  > materialteknik

- Elektronik      > hårdvarukonstruktion
                  > mjukvarukonstruktion
                  > funktionsutveckling
                  > provning & verifiering
                  > EDS konstruktion

- Inhouse projekt > benchmark studier
- Projektledning / administration
- Management / coaching
- Kvalitetsteknik

- Projekt / programledare
- Koordinator
- System konstruktör
- Komponentkonstruktör
- Mjukvarukonstruktör
- Funktionsutvecklare
- Provningsingenjör
- Beräkningsingenjör
- Produktionstekniker
- Inköpare / inköpstekniker
- Kvalitetsteknik
- Change management

- Antal konsulter 65
- Konsult Ansvarsförsäkring
- Konsultförsäkring
- Fast anställd personal arbetar enligt avtal
-avtal med Svenskt näringsliv / Almega
       & Sveriges ingenjörer
- Certifierade enligt ISO 9001
     ”COPS”                 Controlled Offering & Project completion in managable Steps


          Scoop                          Assignment Definition / Uppdragsdefiniering

                                 Concept Phase                              Conceptual decision / Inriktningsbeslut
ARD / UF                         Deliverables:
Assignment Requirement                                             Specification / RFQ                                    Committed suppliers on board /
                                                                                                                          Leverantörer ombord
Description /                    X – nr of concept proposals
Uppdrags Förutsätning            X – antal Konsept förslag
                                 Containing, time,
                                 technique & cost proposals
                                                                   SRD, KF, SWRS, 3D models & 2D dwg:s
                                                                   PCR/RFQ pack and answers

”The Jotech way mainly used when offering to fixed price”
              Reference Projects
•   Interior assignments
•   Prototyping Hybrid design, electrical
•   Infotainment assignments
•   Medical engineering
•   Change management & coaching
•   Manufacturing, ramp up support & quality assurance
•   Handheld Communicator
                           Interior assignments.
•   Background
    Decrease the seat belt forces in case of a collision. Reduce weight and cost on the seat

•   Assignment
    Present design concept of making the back rest including hinges in extruded aluminium.
    Replace the existing “striker” with new technology.
    Target price for this was set to 180€.

•   Result
    The concept was well received, fulfilling the targets and requirements, VW were at that
    time considering to implement this in all vehicle projects based on the platform.
        Prototyping Hybrid design, electrical.
•   Background
    Realising several new drive lines in existing vehicles for complete vehicle testing.

•   Assignment
    Reviewing both new and existing system schematics and “red mark” wire harness drawings.
    Re-building harnesses and manufacture new adapter harnesses and control boxes. Supporting
    vehicle build.

•   Result
    This assignment led to a successful early verification of new drive lines and EDS system in
    drivable vehicles.
                   Infotainment assignments.
•   Background
    A fast developing area with short system life time had given numerous nr of alternative
    systems and a wide spread of functionality.

•   Assignment
    Unify the various infotainment systems. Proposing ways of quality assurance outside the
    internal units and resources based on fact and figures. Present conceptual proposals, manage
    the RFQ pack and drive suppliers to a committed business. Act as system and component
    responsible during the industrialisation phase.

•   Result
    Unification of two vehicle platforms. Due to major cost reductions we contributed to a
    more cost effective system, an increased functionality and a more attractive vehicle to end
                         Medical engineering.
•   Background
    The BAHA project.
    Osseointegration; Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark in Gothenburg introduced the consept of
    osseointegration. In short this is a surgically implantable system for treatment of hearing
    loss that works through direct bone conduction.

•   Assignment
    Jotech Design had the role of project manager as well as designers on this project, in total 5
    engineers over a period of 4 years. The project included booth actual design in Pro-engineer
    as well as mechanical durable calculations and contact with the clinical side of the project.

•   Result
    A very successful system used to help people with chronic ear infections, congenital
    external auditory canal atresia and single sided deafness who cannot benefit from
    conventional hearing aids.
      Change management & coaching.
Jotech Design;
- Supporterar företag och organisationer under utveckling, lärande &
- Agerar stöd och hjälp för ett tydligare affärsmannaskap.
- Hjälper företag att utveckla och konkretisera deras ledningsystem.
- Följer med som utförare och coach i hela processen fram till certifiering.

        Start                          Implementering                        Uppföljning
   Definiera gemensam                    Implementering av                    Löpande stöd
       målsättning                     överenskommen lösning

     Behovs analys      Förberedelse       Genomförande        Utvärdering         Ständig
              Manufacturing, ramp up support
                  & quality assurance.
•   Background
    Major problems in building and installing the complete instrument panels towards the first
    press release for a new car project at Volvo car corporation.

•   Assignment
    Review of and fault tracing of booth process and design showed that the overall tolerance
    chain was corrupt and in need of re-design.
    We managed the short term adjustments and long term tooling changes as well as necessary
    process adjustments. There was a great need of a common understanding booth internally
    Volvo and with the sub suppliers.

•   Result
    This led to a successful build and vehicle presentation on time.
                  Handheld Communicator.
•   Background
    Customer expectations were a hardcore messenger to be used together with the cell phone
    via blue-tooth. Communicator to be used for text messages and other written
    communication and various programs such as e-mail, MS-office etc. and other auxiliary
    components such as camera. The cell phone is used merely for phone calls and data
•   Assignment
    Develop and manufacture 500 functional pcs. Styling & Design of a communicator that
    appeals to the people in the range of 30 to 45 years. Design and package electronics, full
    keybord, speaker etc. Manage purchasing of tooling (Asia) and outsourcing of manufacturing

•   Result
    Within 8 month we realized the assignment and delivered 500pcs. In standard pack. The
    communicator attracted a lot of attention at the 3GSM trade show in Cannes.
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      - Catia
      - Cadds5
      - Cadds 4x
      - ProEngineer
      - Unigraphics
      - Solid Works
      - AutoCad
      - Stratasys
      - Quickslice
      - Descartes

  - Rapid prototyping
             Weldtech AB
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          • Tunnplåts bearbetning
          • Industriservice
          • Maskinbearbetning
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          • Konstruktion & ritningsframtagning
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