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					Timely Deposit and Recording of Incoming Checks and

If a department receives a check or cash directly, it is the department’s
responsibility to communicate the University’s policy to the sender. All checks or
cash should be sent using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or the University’s
central lockbox. The University’s Cash Management policies can be found on the
Cash Accounting website at:

Banking information can be found by scrolling down on the following link:

For sponsored and/or SAP invoiced cash receipts use the: “Sponsored and/or SAP
invoiced cash receipts and miscellaneous- Bank of America” link. For Non SAP-
invoiced cash receipts, click on the “Non SAP-invoiced cash receipts-M&T Bank”
Departments should continue to use their existing deposit tickets to prepare the
check and cash receipts for courier pickup. Procedures for the Deposit Process
can be found at . Checks
and cash should be deposited immediately and not accumulated in order
to ensure the safeguarding of university assets. The department should
keep a copy of the check if further research is required, but the actual check
should be deposited immediately.

The method used to post the accounting information to SAP is determined by
whether the check is paying an open invoice or crediting revenue other than
contributions, tuition, or patient payments.

   1. The department must check the Customer account using transaction
      FBL5N in SAP to determine if there is an open item (invoice) awaiting the
   2. If there is no open invoice, the department is to park an open item
      (invoice), and notify . For more detailed and complete
      policies and procedures concerning billings (invoicing) please refer to .
   3. After fully completing the “Deposit Transmittal Form”, fax, e-mail or mail
      the completed form and all paperwork associated with the deposit
      (including a copy of the check) to Cash Accounting for posting. Please
      refer to the “Deposit Transmittal Form” found at
      doc for specific fax, e-mail or mailing information. All receipts clearing an
      open invoice MUST be posted by Cash Accounting utilizing this form.
      Please use a separate deposit ticket that equals the total deposit on the
      form. NOTE: The bottom portion of the Deposit Transmittal Form is to be
      used ONLY by departments that do NOT have deposit tickets ordered by
      Cash Accounting. The checks to be deposited should be sent to Cash
      Accounting with the Deposit Transmittal Form.
   4. If the check is crediting a non-revenue account or is a contribution, the
      department must post the accounting information to the general ledger
      using the SAP Cash Journal (FBCJ). Please use a separate deposit ticket
      that equals the posting to the Cash Journal.

If the department does not currently have a Cash Journal role assigned to them,
they should contact HopkinsOne to request a SAP Cash Journal role, and training
if needed. Instructions for requesting this document can be found on Cash
Accounting’s web site at,
click on “Procedures for Establishing SAP Cash Journal”.

Whenever possible, recording check and cash receipts to the SAP
general ledger should occur the same day the deposit is made.

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