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									                        Advantages Of Traveling In Business Class Flights

There are many people who fly frequently for business. In most commercial air lines this is a
high quality second class travel facility that is made available. This is for those passengers would
not want to travel economy class, but who can also not afford first class travel.

                            The main advantage of traveling business class is the comfortable
                            seats. The seats have more leg room and space to make traveling
                            more comfortable. There are three types of seats that are generally
                            available. The first is the ‘cradle seats’, in which you can recline up to
                            160 degrees. Then you have the ‘angled seats’, in which you can
                            recline anywhere between 140 degrees to 170 degrees. You will not
                            have the comfort of lying on a flat bed, but you will be able to rest
properly. The third type is the ‘flat-bed’ type, in which the seat is parallel to the floor. The seats
will not be of the quality found in first class, but will still be comfortable. These options make
travel easier, so that the person traveling will be able to handle the next day with ease without
feeling tired.

The other advantage of traveling business class is that there is a separate check-in area for
them. They have the facility of availing the use of the internet, getting drinks or some snacks if
they feel like it. Even shower rooms and nap rooms are available. This facility can be used in the
departure airports. In some airports this facility is also available on arrival.

The food that is offered is much better than that of economy class.
You can get menus with many choices and can order what you want.
Free drinks are also available in some flights. In some flights you can
also pre-order the menu and get what you want.

Entertainment is also a feature that is better than economy class. You
can get audio and video on demand (AVOD). This will be through a
display that is built in your seat or by portable DVD players that are available when requested.
There are also power sockets for the laptops and internet access is also available.

The other important advantage is that you will be the first to get out of the plane, into the
immigration line and the customs, so that you can get out of the airport quickly. This helps in
getting on with your business and work that you have already scheduled.

You will not have to endure the company of first time travelers, which you will encounter in
economy class. You will be able to enjoy of benefits of comfortable travel without having the
luxury of first class travel. This is especially important for people traveling for business purposes.

There are also entire airplanes that cater to separate business class or first class travelers. The
flight rates are cheaper than in other flights since there is no economy class in these flights.
There are also various deals that you might get to obtain cheaper tickets to fly business class.
Thus, the advantages of traveling in business class flights are many. Since the journey might be
very long and tedious in long distance travel, this caters to the business people. It ensures that
they have a stress free journey and are able to handle the pressures of work the following day.
You should shop around, search the internet and get the best deal on the ticket that you are
booking for the business class in the flight that you want to take.

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