Converting Your Mortgage Leads

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					Converting Your Mortgage Leads
Getting mortgage leads is easy - converting them is the hard part. But it does not have to be that hard as long as you follow a plan of attack. The Internet provides a cheap and easy way to generate mortgage leads. You can either buy leads, or generate them yourself using a plethora of free and paid methods. It truly has never been easier to get leads for your mortgage business. But how do you convert them? To make the process of conversion easy there is one word you need to keep in mind when you are building or buying your leads list: quality. Quality is the key to mortgage leads. Some mortgage leads are simply more valuable than others. What makes a quality lead? The lead should be qualified, interested, and ready to buy. That is the ultimate mortgage lead, but of course, these can be hard to come by. The best leads are those which are not gained by incentive, but which are initiated solely by the prospect. For example, providing someone with an incentive to fill out a form is a good idea to build your email list, but when it comes to filtering it and finding the best true leads that are likely to lead to a close, then you need to figure out which leads are hot and which only signed up for the freebie. A double opt in process can assist here and they can confirm their subscription after they have downloaded the free bonus. That means that it will take their initiative and desire to complete the lead process. It takes patience to convert mortgage leads; the first thing you should do after a lead signs up is to contact them. Following up in this manner instantly builds a relationship and trust. It is vital not to push any sales on them the first contact. Instead, develop rapport and find out their needs and wants. This should all be noted down in your leads database. Contact can be either via email or a phone call, but naturally a phone call is more personable and provides instant credibility. You will also get an instant reply and reaction whereas it can take days for a reply via email; if they reply at all. Converting your mortgage leads is the most important part of lead generation and is something that you should constantly work to refine and perfect.

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