The Changing of Allison Dutch by spideleyek

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This tale is about Allison Dutch, a young girl who stumbles into the vampire world. She finds out many secrets, both about herself and the people around her. Thus begins the vampire apocalypse, which everyone expects her to lead. View her journey to adulthood and vampirehood in the first of a three-part series. Read the exciting beginning of whirlwhind romances, taking over the world, and learning to make peace with the devil inside.

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									                                                                                              The Changing of Allison Dutch
I,Elissa Neal, am currently 20 years                                                                                                                        Allison Dutch, a young and rather
old. When I began writing this book,      Allison Dutch is sucked into a mind-altering life                                                                 poor girl, is whisked into a dark
I was on a vacation in Myrtle Beach
with friends of the family. It took me
two years to write this book. I
currently have over 60 books now,
most are unfinished. I found that I
                                          with the vain Frenchman, Jeffery Beale, and his
                                          hot-tempered Irish counterpart, Mark Ashton.
                                          She reminds the two men of someone they knew
                                          a long time ago, in another life. As she learns
                                          from them, she discovers that there's a lot more
                                                                                                                              The Changing                  adventure by two mysterious men.
                                                                                                                                                            There is Jeffery Beale, an extremely
                                                                                                                                                            handsome, as well as vain,
                                                                                                                                                            Frenchman. The other is a teenage
                                                                                                                                                            boy named Mark Ashton, who's hot

                                                                                                                               of Allison
couldn’t resist including vampires in     to herself than she thought possible. She learns                                                                  temper and loose hands push Allie to
the majority of my books, so this one     to stand up to her friend Cris (who has stolen                                                                    the edge. These three meet on a cruise
is an ode to the many dif erent           most of the guys Allison liked)and claims Jeff                                                                    through the Caribbean, and the
vampires and their powers. In my          and Mark for herself. All of a sudden, everyone,                                                                  romantic setting begins to work its
spare time, when I’m not writing, I       males and females alike, cannot get enough of                                                                     toll on them as they fal helplessly in
dance, read, and think up funny           Allison. Can she deal with it or wil she need to                                                                  love with each other. But there are
alternate story lines for some of my
favorite shows. I live in Cincinnati,
Ohio and currently attend the
University of Cincinnati for Brain
and Mind Studies. I love the sky and
                                          take a break from the demanding life that she's
                                          stumbled into? Which suitor wil she choose,
                                          and what life wil she live? Her mind is stretched
                                          to its limit as she finds out the world as she
                                          knows it has just been twisted sideways. There
                                                                                                                                 Dutch                      dark secrets in each of their lives, and
                                                                                                                                                            the more they spend time together,
                                                                                                                                                            the deeper into seeming insanity they
                                                                                                                                                            fal . Can they handle all of the life-
                                                                                                                                                            changing information revealed, and
I love to fly, as makes itself apparent
when my characters are flying.
There’s nothing like a good sunset or
                                          are creatures she never imagined out in the
                                          world, and they're waiting for her.                                                 It's never quite what you     can they prove that there is such a
                                                                                                                                                            thing as unconditional love? Join in
                                                                                                                                                            on Allison's first adventure, as she
sunrise. I hope you enjoy the read!
                                                                                                                                      think, is it?         changes into a person with dif erent
                                                                                                                                                            desires, dif erent thoughts,and a
                                                                                                                                                            dif erent appetite.

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By Michon’ Neal

    Dedicated to
    Rocky Inlow,
   who helped me
face the darkness
  of my own soul

                     Chapter One
       I woke up this morning, and I knew that something exciting
lurked around the corner. At least I hoped so. Outside, it was
raining. It usually rains out where I live. Especially in October.
It is very rare that we go even three days without rain. Wait a
minute! This isn’t my room I’m waking up in. And whose bed is
this? I jump to my feet and look around. I run to the round
window. Why is this house surrounded by water? Oh no, it’s
flooding. I am going to die!
       Wait a minute, you idiot! Don’t you remember that you’re
on a cruise? Duh! I’m with my friend’s family. I relaxed. Hey,
this means no school! No duh, I told myself. What else could it
mean? Laughing at myself, I dressed in black bell-bottoms and a
sleeveless green shirt. “Ah, magnifique!” I declared as I looked
in the huge, round mirror. I put on my brown hunting boots. A
bit informal, but no one really cared. I put on a white headband
to hold my hair down and strolled out.
       I bumped into a boy in the hallway as I was closing my
door. “Oh, I’m sorry!” I apologized, turning around.
       “No, it was my fault,” he assured me. “I was in a hurry,” he
       “Oh. Well, you should probably get going. I’m fine.”
       “Yes.” As he walked down the hall, he stopped. Turning
around, he said, “Maybe we’ll meet again.”
       “Wait!” I ran to catch up with him. “Where are you
       “To the pool.”
       “Oh, I can’t swim too well.”

      “Really?” he laughed.
      “Why are you swimming at night? That doesn’t make
      “I like the night. See ya.” He hopped onto an elevator and
disappeared out of my life.
      I waved then turned around and headed to the dining area. I
spotted my friend, Cristinn. I took my seat next to her. “Hey.”
      “You’re almost late,” she scolded lightly.
      “What were you doing?”
      “Well, I took a nap. Then, as I was on my way here, this
guy bumped into me.”
      “Was he cute?”
      “Way,” I grinned. “He had this awesome red hair! It was
fire engine red, not like yours. He was about three inches taller
than I am. He looked at least 17,” I paused.
      “What color were his eyes?” She was interested. “Were
they big?”
      “No. His eyes were like mine but without the super long
lashes. They were green but… they were weird. They kinda
scared me.”
      “They were glowing.”
      “You must need glasses.”
      “No, I’m serious!”
      “Sure you are.”
      “What if I could prove it?”
      “Allie, you can’t prove something like that. It’s not
possible. Maybe what you saw was the light reflecting off his
eyes. Like a cat’s.”
      “Well, I did just wake up. Besides, I didn’t really get that
good of a look at him.”
       “See? There you go. A perfectly logical explanation for
      “Yeah. I’m just…” I trailed off.
      “Al?” Cris looked at me.
      I tried to tell her to look toward the starboard door but only
a small gasp came out. I could only stare past her and into the
eyes of the stranger coming closer. He kneeled down in front of

me. His eyes were glowing. “Did you happen to see a key fall out
of my pocket back in the hallway? It’s for my room.”
      I shook my head, dumbfounded. Do you see this? I
wondered at Cris.
      He sighed, seemingly annoyed. “Well, if you find it, I’ll be
at the pool. Oh, but when morning comes, I’ll be on the lowest
deck, starboard side.”
      Finally, I found my voice. “Ok. What’s the key look like?”
      “It’s silver. It’s attached to a tooth. But smaller. Thanks a
      “Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Cris asked me.
      “Oh, I’m sorry. Uh, this is my best friend Cris,” I said.
      “Hello,” he nodded at her and smiled.
      “Hi,” she put on her flirting smile.
      “I’m Allison but everyone calls me Al or Allie,” I
      “And I’m Mark Ashton,” his smile widened. I caught a
flash of some odd-looking teeth before he kissed my hand. I was
really beginning to wonder if we should be talking to him. There
was something strange about him. His teeth weren’t necessarily
ugly, just unnaturally sharp.
       I could sense myself blushing. “Oh.”
      Cris looked jealous. “Who are you here with?” she asked.
      “I came by myself,” he responded, standing.
      “Must be rich,” I mumbled.
      “Yes, I am.”
      I looked up at him. How could he have heard me? I’d barely
heard myself! “Wha- ”
      He winked at me. “Well, I’ll see you girls later,” he began
to leave.
      “Wait, do you mind if I join you at the pool?” Cris asked.
      “I don’t mind.”
      “Do you mind, Al?” She gave me her you-better-let-me-do-
this look.
      “Go ahead. Have fun. Don’t let me stop you from
swimming,” I waved her away. If I had any luck, maybe he was
some psycho and would kill her.
      “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she promised.
      Yeah, right.

       “Shall we, mademoiselle?” Mark held out his arm to escort
her. She eagerly took hold.
       Although I smiled, I felt cheated. This wasn’t the first time
Cris had stolen a guy that I liked. Nor was it the tenth. He may
be weird, but he was hot as hell! Yet, I was always either too shy
or had some other disability (in this instance swimming) that
prevented me from making a move. Cris was flawlessly
flirtatious. As they walked off, I let all of my hopes vanish.
Again. I wished Cris’ parents a good night and went back to my
       Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something. I looked
to my right and there was some tall, dark, and handsome dude at
my door. I approached with caution. “Can I help you?” I wanted
to know.
       He faced me and I could see his baby blue eyes, his defined
features, and his skin that was pale beyond all reason. Maybe
Albino, I thought. “Are you Allison Dutch?”
       “Why, is there a problem?” I thought about the treats I kept
lifting from the little store.
       “Oh, no! Of course not. I’m Jeffery Beale, your partner.”
He shook my hand.
       “Partner?” In crime?
       He held up a flier. “For the dance they’re holding. You
signed up for them to assign you a partner… Well, here I am!”
       “Wow. Cool. You want to go somewhere so we can get to
know each other?”
       “Ok. Where to?”
       “How about the arcade?”
       “You know what? I like you already.”
       He laughed as a Frenchman might. His beautiful blond hair
shone in the light. “You’re a cool fille, eh?”
        “Oui, monsieur.”
       “Ah, tu parles francais?”
       “Un peu.”
       “Oh. Well I definitely like you.”
       “This is so cool! So, I ‘m 15 and a half. I’m a Gemini, born
June 5 t h . I was born in Connecticut. I have two siblings. I’m sort
of poor but my friend’s family brought me on this trip. But you

know what? I want to hear about you. So, you talk. Besides, I
like your voice.”
      “I was born in France. I have three siblings that lived, three
died. My family was rather wealthy. I was an actor for a little
while, then I began to travel.”
      “Wow! You should take me with you!” I joked.
      “Maybe I will.” Even though he smiled again, it seemed he
was serious. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed my hand.
      I became shy again. I found the bland off-white walls and
doors the most fascinating artwork I’d ever seen in that moment.
“I wish,” I whispered.
      “Are you alright? Am I being too forward? Shall I let go of
your hand? I’d very much like to keep hold of it, though.”
      “A gentleman. Aren’t many of those left nowadays.
Where’d you come from?”
      “The 17 t h century.” Again, there was that odd seriousness.
      “No, but you can hold my hand anytime you like. It’s kind
of nice.”
      “Kind of?”
      I looked at him. “Kind of.” I smiled.
      “Well to continue in that manner… You’re kind of nice.”
      “So are you.” Ha! I thought at Cris. If she could see the
hunk I was with now!
      We’d reached the stairs and the elevator now. We had been
walking rather slowly, as we had plenty of time. “Do you like
exercise or are you lazy? Although you appear to be athletic,
right now you just want to get there quickly. Am I right?”
      “What are you, psychic?”
      “So how old are you?”
      “20,” he answered as we got on the elevator.
      I stopped smiling. Once more, for the second time in that
very hour, my hopes deflated and vanished. “Oh,” I said bitterly.
My hand went limp.
      The doors closed. Jeff looked at me. “Allie, did I offend
you?” he asked gently.
      “A little.”
      “I’m sorry. What was it I said?”
      “It’s stupid really. Forget it.”

      “I hope this doesn’t scare you but I think the reason you’re
angry is because you think I’m too old. I most likely have a
fiancée back in France, I wouldn’t be interested in a ‘little girl’,
or all I’d want is sex. In addition, one of your friends would
have a better chance with me. Did I hit the bulls’ eye?”
      “Shit yeah.” I stared at him in amazement.
      He smiled. “None of that is true, you know. If you think
about it, I’m sure we act a lot closer in age than we are. Besides,
if boys mature three years slower than girls do, then that means
either I act 17 or you act 18 or both. However, age is just a
number, right? That shouldn’t create a boundary.”
      “My thinking exactly,” I said quietly. I gazed up at him and
realized his eyes were purple now. He gazed back at me steadily.
Usually, I don’t openly stare at people, but to me, he wasn’t a
normal person. His skin was like marble, white marble. And his
eyes, they captured the light and threw it back out, like crystal
prisms. Mesmerizing and irresistible both he was. The more I
stared at him, the harder it was to look away. Until the doors of
the elevator dinged and opened. I blinked and felt embarrassed
suddenly. “Oh, I must seem so rude. I’m sorry. Excuse me.”
      “No, no. It’s all right. It happens a lot,” Jeff assured me as
we stepped into the hallway. “People have to do a double-take of
me when they realize how beautiful and sexy I am.”
      I laughed and refrained from saying a teasing remark. I
stopped immediately because he touched my back. I felt nervous
as he led me toward the arcade. All the game junkies were in
there, all boys of course. Most were gathered near the Tekken
station or the other Japanese fighting games. I loved Tekken. I
couldn’t wait to tell my friend Beverly of how the male-
dominated game room was shocked to find me in there every day.
And I rocked! Beverly is the only person I know that’s as big a
game junkie as I am.
      We sat on two stools near the soft drink station. It has
always puzzled me that high acid pop can be considered a soft
drink. Anyway, he immediately started up a conversation about
the different games. This escalated to movies and songs. Then we
talked about acting and singing. That was excellent. “I’ve been
in one movie and three plays. The movie wasn’t that big and I
didn’t have a really big part but hey, acting’s acting!” I

      “Ah, I love acting. I stayed for a very long while with one
company. I was always the lead because I’m so beautiful.”
      “Obviously,” I said dryly.
      “But I can act. And I can sing. Wish to hear?” He seemed
      “What would you like me to sing for you?”
      “Sing me the Champs Elysées song.”
      “Ah, you are very familiar with the French customs, oui?”
      “Alright. ‘Au Champs-Élysées. Au Champs-Élysées. Jour et
nuis, sous la plaît à midi et a minuit, il y a tout c’est que vous
vous-le, au Champs Elysees.” His voice was like magic.
      I could only stare and listen in wonder. “That was
beautiful. Sing me another one. Please.”
      He sang a song that was at least four hundred years old.
How he knew it, I could only guess. It might have been passed
down generation to generation. “Are you tired yet?” he asked,
      “No way! I could spend these whole two weeks listening to
      He laughed amiably. “Well, maybe we’ll try to do that but
I’m sure we both have other businesses to tend to sadly. But if
you ever desire to find me, think of me and I’ll come. I’ll find
you, no matter where in the world you are. There’s only one
      “I can only come to you at night, evening, or early
      “It’s complicated. But I will tell you sometime. I promise.”
      “Oh, is it a surprise?”
      “Yes. And you like surprises.”
      “Yes, I do.”
      “Thought so.”
      I yawned suddenly. This guy seemed to be able to last
however long he needed to, and then some. But I figured since
he’d only come to me at night, he’d be used to staying up late. I
also figured that he slept in the daytime. “Geez, what time is it?”
      “It’s about 4:52,” he answered.

      “Oh, crap! I should’ve been in bed hours ago. I’m sorry for
keeping you out this late!” I got to my feet.
      “No, it was all my fault. I should have realized that I was
keeping you. I’m so used to being out so late, it’s become a
habit. I’ll escort you to your room if you wish,” he offered.
      “Oh, that’s so kind of you. You’re so old-fashioned. There
aren’t many of you left.”
      “Yes, that’s true. You’ve mentioned it before.”
      “Oh, yeah. Duh! I feel stupid. Well, you don’t seem to
      “No. I… rather do have a liking for you. Come on then. We
must get you to your room. The sooner you get there, the sooner
you’ll see me again.” He grabbed my hand again and led me out.
      I noticed even the game junkies had all left. “Then let’s
hustle!” I said, rushing ahead of him.
      He let out his lovable laugh. “Eager, eh?”
      “Very.” I smiled back at him.
      “Wait, wait a second,” he said. “I'm sorry but I can’t keep
from doing this any longer.” He stopped me as we entered my
hallway via the stairs. He gently backed me against the wall. He
leaned down and kissed my cheek. Then he appeared to be
struggling with some other, more dangerous desire of his and
very slowly pulled away.
      “What was that?” My heart seemed like a rocket about to
take off.
      “It felt wrong to me that I hadn’t kissed you. After all, it’s
how we French formally introduce ourselves.” He was across the
hall now.
      “Oh.” I said hesitantly. I continued to my room, which was
just ten feet away from where I stood. I opened my door, then
stopped. “Uh, Jeff?”
      “Yes?” He didn’t look at me.
      “It’s been interesting tonight. I enjoyed it. Maybe sometime
another night we’ll get together. Remember, just think of me and
I’ll come.”
      “Yeah. Um, I don’t know if I should say good night or good
      He gave a short laugh. “Have a good rest, Allison.” He
ceased being preoccupied for a moment to look at me.

      “You, too. Bye.” I closed my door. Cris still wasn’t back
yet. I felt a twinge of jealousy, then of guilt. I hadn’t made any
move, after all. I didn’t bother changing into pajamas and just
slept in my clothes. In the bright morning at 8:25, I woke up to
get ready for breakfast. Cris was already up and awake. She was
pulling on her high-heeled hooker boots as I got out of bed.
      “So, you are prob’ly just dying to know what happe’d with
Mark and I,” she started, beaming.
      “Prob’ly? Happe’d?” I repeated. “You’ve never said those
words before. English?”
      “That’s how he talks. Probably and happened.”
      “I figured as much.”
      “Oh, and he’s joining us for breakfast.”
      “Oh goody. Well, tell me what happened.”
      “Ok. Well, I put on my bathing suit and we went out there
to the pool. Gosh, he is such a flirt! And he’s very courteous.
And he is soooo cute! We talked almost ‘til seven.”
      “Wow,” I congratulated blandly. “What all did you talk
      “Stuff. You know.”
      That meant they’d talked about her. Surprise. Surprise.
“That’s cool. Well, ya ready to go?”
      “Sure. But do you want to know everything we did?” Her
eyes were flashing.
      “What?” I was at the door.
      “He kept sucking on my neck.”
      “I feel so happy for you. Did he officially ask you out?”
      She faltered. “Well, no. But I’m pretty sure he will. I mean,
he kissed my neck so it should be… uh…”
      “Inevitable?” I helped.
      “Yeah, I guess. It’ll prob’ly be today at b-fast.”
      “That his word, too?” I wanted to kill her.
      “Actually, he picked it up from his old friend, Azel.”
      “Oh. Can we go now?” Before I murder you, I finished
      “You first. I have to put on all my makeup. Go on without
me and if he’s there, put in a good word for me.”
      “Ok.” I opened the door, stepped out, and closed it. I
leaned on it and closed my eyes. I can’t believe she already did
this. Why do I put up with her? All thoughts left me except one

suddenly. I was thinking about how I went to bed. I’d lain down
when I felt something piercing into my leg. I found a silver key
in my pocket. Attached to it was a very sharp tooth, just a little
big to belong to a human, but smaller than a shark’s.
      I flew down the stairs to the lower deck, starboard side. I
stopped to catch my breath and checked my pocket to make sure
I had the key in there. I began to run again when I bumped into
someone. “Nice to bump into you again, Allie.”
      “Hey, Mark.”
      “Come to pick me up for b-fast?”
      “No, actually. I found your key.” I held it out to him as if
he would bite me.
      “Oh! Thank you. Where’d you find it?” As he took it, his
hand closed around my fingers.
      “It’s weird but… it was in my pocket.”
      One of his eyebrows rose. “That is weird.” He let go of my
      “So, you and Cris like each other?”
      “Cris likes me.”
      “You don’t like her?”
      “Please! She’s not my type. And the worst thing is, she
blew you off for me. Plus she totally stole me away from you. I
don’t get why you let her control you like that.”
      “I’m too shy.”
      “You have no need to be shy. At least not with me. ‘cuz
I’m gonna be straight with you. Really, I wanted you to come
wit’ me. But I ain’t wanna break Cris’ heart so soon.”
      “What about me?”
      “You’re my type. And for some reason, I know that you can
handle it. You can handle me.”
      “Then why’d you flirt with her? Why’d you kiss her so
many times? You led her on.”
      “No, I didn’t. I treat every girl the same.”
      “You suck on their necks?” So he was a freak!
      “Sometimes, yes. I find them very beautiful.” He reached
up and rubbed my neck.
      “You’re too fast, Mark.”
      “If only you knew how much.”
      “Get away from me. You’re trouble and I don’t need that in
my life.” I began to walk away.

      He was in front of me. I gasped. “Allie, don’t be angry at
me. Come on. This is our chance to get to really know each
other. I know I definitely want to get to know you.”
      “How many girls have you told that lie to?” I snapped.
      “One including you. And it’s not a lie. There’s something
that separates you from other girls.”
      “Could it be because I don’t act like one?”
      “Prob’ly. ‘cuz you walk, talk, and sit like a boy.”
      “Talk like one? How the heck do you do that?”
      “You don’t talk about the stuff girls do. You know, stuff
that ain’t important.”
      “Oh, so everything a girl says isn’t important?”
      “Not anymore. And most of the things said by anyone today
aren’t important. But stop twisting around my words.”
      “I’m not. I’m just trying to keep things straight.”
      “Ok. Now can we go to b-fast? Please!” he begged, getting
on his knees.
      I looked down at him. “Why do your eyes glow?”
      “The better to see you.”
      “No, seriously.”
      “You wouldn’t understand.”
      “Why not?”
      “Well, it’s not very common. Let’s just go to b-fast.”
      “Why are you putting up with me?”
      “I should be asking you that. But maybe I like you.”
      “Please! I hardly qualify.” That hadn’t been what I wanted
to hear.
      “Let me be the judge of that.” He stood up and held out his
arm to escort me.
      “Fine, we’ll go to breakfast now.”
      “Um… where’d you sleep last night? I don’t want to be
nosy or anything.”
      “No, no. I don’t mind. I just stayed at the pool then came
down here at 5:00.”
      “Oh. Are you from another country? You seem a bit…
      “I’m Irish. 100%. Although, je parle francais beaucoup.”
      “Oh, cool! I know some French.”

      “Oh. Well, I definitely like you.” He sounded eerily like
      “Déjà vu!” I murmured.
      “About what?”
      “How can you hear so well?”
      “I have good ears. Like a dog’s.”
      “Tough in Hide and Seek, eh?”
      He smirked. “Prob’ly.”
       “Wow, you look like the world’s idol. You should be with
one of those models or a princess or something.”
      “Done it. Bored with it. I want you.”
      I gulped. “We’ve only known each other for, like, 16 hours.
You couldn’t possibly know in that little time… I mean, it’s
so…” I looked at his eyes.
      “Sudden?” he finished for me.
      “Yeah,” I breathed.
      “Time is irrelevant to me. If you feel anything is wrong,
just tell me. I already know I want you. If you don’t want me,
there’s nothing I can do about it. I won’t force you. Just take
your time. It’s all right. No pressure.”
      We had reached the dining area now. I led him to our table.
He sat in Cris’ chair. “I’m confused about you,” I admitted.
      “You’ll understand one day.”
      Cris waltzed up and sat in Maury’s chair. He was sick
anyway so wouldn’t be coming. She grabbed Mark’s arm. “Hey,
Mark,” she purred.
      “Hi, Cris. Did you sleep well?” he asked courteously.
      “Yeah. And I had a dream about you. Did you dream of
me?” she persisted.
      “Well…” he scratched his ear.
      “Oh, come on, it’s not that hard.”
      “No. I had a dream about my old home, actually.”
      “Oh.” She seemed disappointed. “Well, I dreamed that you
asked me out.”
      “Oh. That’s interesting. By the way, I loved that bathing
suit you wore last night. You looked appealing.”
      “Thank you,” she beamed. “Want to swim again tonight?”
      “Sure. If it’s ok with Allie.”

      “She won’t care. She can hang out with the rest of the
freaks in the arcade.”
      “I love the arcade!”
      “Well, sorry.” She frowned.
      “But I like the pool better. I get to see all the sexy girls.”
      I tried not to roll my eyes or barf. Instead, I ate my
breakfast. Then I went to the upper deck and looked out at the
ocean. Cris and Mark came up and kept flirting. I ignored them.
About four lifeless hours later Mark wanted me to go to the
arcade with him. I snapped at him to take Cris and ran to my
room like some idiotic schoolgirl. I played one of my favorite
rock CDs. Cris came back around dinnertime. With Mark. I
rolled away and faced the wall.
      Someone pounced on me. I let out a cry and took off my
headphones. Mark and Cris were laughing. “Get off of me!” I
tried pushing him off. He just proceeded to tickle me. I couldn’t
help but laugh. Cris appeared jealous. I guess he’d never tickled
her. His fingers were soft and I realized he’d lifted my shirt. I
wriggled and twisted. “Stop!” I begged.
      “Sure.” Instead, he blew raspberry into my belly button. I
knew I was blushing like crazy but I couldn’t help but to laugh
      “Oh, come on, you two!” Cris interrupted angrily.
      “Mark, I can’t believe you did that!” I mused after he got
off of me.
      “Well, I did,” he answered breathlessly.
      “You jerk!” I shoved him and we all laughed. “Alright,
      “Should we change?” Cris wanted to know, batting her eyes
at Mark.
      “You both are… well, you’re beautiful, Cris, but Allie’s a
      I scowled at him as Cris beamed. “Well, thank you, Mark.”
      “Why don’t you go on ahead, Crissy? We’ll meet you at the
dinner table,” Mark suggested.
      “Alright.” To spite me, she gave him a perfumed, lipsticked
kiss on the cheek.
      He reddened slightly with pleasure. Some French phrase
left his lips and Cris grinned, then left. “That girl is persistent!”
      “Gee, ya think?” I retorted.

       “But so am I, see?” He locked my door then appeared to
float over to me as if levitating but a few centimeters above the
floor. Warm hands held mine and he gazed at me, almost
transfixed. “And I want you.”
       “Then why’d you go off with Cris? I don’t understand you
at all.”
       “Ah ha! There it is. I’ve caught you in a lie. The reason you
don’t understand me is ‘cause you self-consciously do. You
won’t let yourself see on the surface.”
       I could only stare at him, knowing that as ridiculously
idiotic as it was, it was utterly, fully true. I did know exactly
what he meant to do and hated him for it. “You are insane to
think I’d like such an asinine person as yourself!” My hands
pushed him away.
       “Don’t insult me! I don’t get why you don’t just give in.”
       “I'm not one of those airhead girls you like to make fun of!
I won’t fall all over you just because you’re cute. That is not
what I’m looking for in a guy. It’s not my top priority. Because
they all act the same: they’re hot and they know it. But I’m not
going to have this conversation with you.” I turned away,
meaning to dismiss him, and rested at the window.
       “You think I’m cute?” he asked and I could sense a smile in
his words. “That’s a good thing, right?”
       “Get a clue!” I faced him. “I’d be stupid or blind not to
know you’re cute. But… you can be cute without me liking you.”
       “Oh.” Disappointment became his features. “Well, I’m
sorry but you’ve got the wrong impression of me. The reason so
many girls like me isn’t because of my looks. It’s because I treat
them like women, not dogs. I respect them.”
       “Then respect my wishes and leave me alone.”
       “Now that is a lie,” he accused me.
       “Maybe it is but you don’t know for sure.”
       “That’s the thing. You never know for sure.”
       “Take a chance for once in your life. ‘cuz one day,
everything’s bound to change. Try to find yourself before that
happens.” He left and nearly slammed my door.
       Sulkily but thoughtfully, I walked out. In the very corner of
my vision, I saw a large black object. My eyes wandered over
and took in the shiny golden hair, the prismatic blue eyes, the

white marble-like skin, the expensive, tailored black suit, the
smile on the seemingly inanimate face, and the long, white
marble, outstretched cold hand. “Jeff!” I exclaimed.
Immediately, I felt ashamed that I hadn’t dressed appropriately.
      “Ah, your beauty exists not just of your face or features,
but of your whole countenance. It’s the way your clothes shift
around your figure: in how your jeans experiment with the shape
of your legs and thighs, in how your loose shirt moves around
your breasts,” this comment made me blush a little (that meant
he’d noticed them), “in how you use the clothes to your
advantage. You’ve made these your own. That is the beauty of
      “What book did you steal that from?”
      “I didn’t get it anywhere but from my head and yours.” He
felt my face with his hand. I nearly slid down the wall. He
stepped in front of me and closed my door. “Don’t want anyone
getting in, eh?”
      “Why are you here again?”
      His gaze was caring, as was his tone. In a soothing, low
voice he spoke, “You have been calling me all day. Nearly
nonstop. Did you think it would not work? Well, here I am at
your dispense.”
      Spontaneously, my arms came to life at my sides and
embraced this cold, hard figure before me. His body did not melt
with mine, yet it molded. My body let go and relaxed. For some
odd reason, I began to cry on him. His hands supported me and
he sang that eerie but beautiful old song, lullaby, whatever it
was. “I don’t know why I’m crying. I look like such a baby.”
      “No, no. You are under a lot of stress. Is someone
bothering you?”
      “There’s this guy that won’t leave me alone. No matter
where I go, he pops up.”
      “Do you know who he is?”
      “His name is Mark.”
      “Mark Ashton?”
      “Do you know him?”
      He stepped away. “Do I? How could I not?”
      “Is he maybe your brother or something?”

      “Oh, heavens no! We are mutual acquaintances. Frankly,
we can’t stand each other.” This was said with a lot of
      “I won’t let that bias my decisions about your situation.
Please continue.”
      “The thing is that I like him but hate him for exactly the
same reasons.”
      “Oh,” he said understandingly.
      “But… I guess you already know I like you. I have since I
first met y’all. But this is all happening way too fast. I don’t
want to jump into anything.”
      “I understand perfectly.”
      “I shouldn’t dump all my prob’s on you like that. It’s just
that Cris makes me so angry. Oh, look at me; I’m having a one-
sided con with you.”
      “You sound freakishly like the lad.”
      “No, I don’t. I’ve talked like that for years.”
      “Let’s go up to the main deck. I want to see the moon.” He
changed gears.
      “Sure!” I allowed him to lead me. Once we’d reached
outside, I carefully went to one of the railings. He stood next to
me. Then he became so still, as a statue might. I found myself
staring at him once more. His eyes were even more translucent in
the moonlight. I wasn’t frightened by him, but mystified. I’d
never tire of watching him.
      “Look up at the sky instead of me. Isn’t it beautiful?”
      Reluctantly, I did as he said. It was fully worth it. The
starts were so much brighter out here than at home. There was a
full moon that shone so beautifully. “You know that the full
moon can have strong and strange effects on people?”
      “Yes. Does it affect you?”
      “A little bit too much.”
      He emitted a short laugh. “Ah, to spend all heaven’s time
with you.”
      “Dude, you’re getting Shakespeare on me.”
      “Am I?” he raised an eyebrow.
      “No, Shakespeare always rhymes. Besides, most people
nowadays neglect the art of writing. Everything’s gone visual.”
      “Ah, one so smart for what they say is so young.”

      “Rarely I act my age. You should know that. Besides, I
don’t have much hope for these teens today, especially the
      A pleasant, amused smile played with his lips. “I agree. But
they have so much freedom nowadays.”
      “Are you kidding? Oh yeah, I looove wasting half my life
trapped in a dingy cell they call a classroom, then waste the
other half slaving away because I have to pay for my food. I’m
      “You’re awfully… cynical.”
      “I know. Bad habit. I don’t mean to put the world down but
I can’t seem to help it.”
      “It’s alright. It’s interesting actually. I tend to be an
optimist while you seem to be an odd pessimist. You remind me
of a friend I once had.” His beautiful eyes dimmed. “He
committed suicide.”
      “Oh, I’m sorry. What did he do?”
      “He threw himself into a fire. He was incinerated.”
      “How horrible.”
      “It’s alright. It was a long time ago.”
      “Oh.” We stayed quiet.

                  Chapter Two
      Until Cris and Mark came waltzing toward us, Cris holding
onto Mark almost desperately as his face became red with anger
and envy. “What is this? You sneak behind my back?” he shouted
when they came within five feet of us.
      I wasn’t sure to whom it was directed. At first. Then Jeff
stepped forward. “It’s not going behind your back! I have every
right to introduce myself to her,” he spoke contemptuously.
      “Then why didn’t you tell me you met her?”
      “You hadn’t told me you’d met someone so sensational.”
      “I have to discuss something with you,” Cris took my hand
and we moved away a few paces. While the boys argued, Cris
grilled me. “Who is the major hunk and why haven’t you told me
about him?”
      “His name is Jeffery Beale. Apparently you were so wound
up with Mark, I couldn’t tell you, let alone get a word in,” I
      “Who is he and how do you know him? And he looks too
old for you. He looks like he’s in college. Don’t you know what
older guys want?” She was staring at him as if he were her
afternoon snack. She looked willing to give this “college boy”
exactly what she was warning me of.

      “I met him the same night I met Mark. He’s 20 but I don’t
know if he’s in college. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or a fiancée
and he’s a real gentleman.”
      “Well, still. I’m older so I should watch over you.”
      “Puh-leeze!” I rolled my eyes. “All you want to do is
romance him, then when a better-looking guy comes along,
you’ll drop him!” I snapped.
      Jeff and Mark were oddly debating over territories. “You
should stay on your side,” Jeff scolded Mark.
      “Ha, I don’t have to take orders from a pampered asshole
like you!” Mark retorted.
      “I am not pampered. I just choose to dress as a man.”
      “With the implication that I am but a boy! Oh you mother-”
      “Why are you snapping at me? What have I done to make
you hate me suddenly?” Cris wondered, dense as ever.
      “You boss me around and take advantage of me. I’m sorry
but I won’t let that continue. And you want to know something? I
like Jeff and Mark and they like me back.” It was childish.
      It was effective. The boys shut up as Cris’ eyes widened. “I
hate you, Allie. You’re nothing but a whore!” She slapped me.
      The expressions and manner of Jeff and Mark became
outrage. How dare she! My own jaw tightened, as did my fists.
The nerve of this twit. “That’s too far.” All the frustration I’d
felt toward her was released suddenly in a punch to her torso.
She doubled over and I slapped her, then pushed her over. She
curled up on the ground. “I hope you’re happy because after this
trip, we’re officially not friends. Unless you straighten up.”
      Mark said the “d” word. Jeff looked inanimate again, face
displaying no emotion at all now. Cris cried. “No guards yet but
we can’t leave her like that,” Mark noted.
      “Come on, Cris. Let’s go to our room.” I lifted her and we
hobbled inside, followed by Mark and Jeff. We put Cris in our
room, then Mark, Jeff, and I went down to the lower deck. We
went into Jeff’s suite. It was huge and beautiful. Everything was
luxurious, fancy, and French. There was a room with a locked
door, a vast closet, and a fairy tale bathroom. “Make yourselves
comfortable,” Jeff welcomed, going into a kitchenette.
      I sat on a sofa and Mark chose to stand. I guessed that the
locked door led to Jeff’s bedroom. Everything was orderly and
neat. “Why don’t you sit down, Mark?” I asked.

      Stiffly, he sat next to me.
      “Ok, I deserve the cold shoulder. I’m sorry I lied to you.” I
reached for his hand. He neither encouraged nor discouraged me
from holding it.
      Jeff came out and handed me a glass of some weird
strawberry juice. “I’d like to apologize for losing my temper
earlier,” Jeff announced.
      “Apology accepted,” both Mark and I replied.
      “We both should have told you that we knew each other.
Our quarrel was foolish.”
      “Jeff, it’s alright. You don’t need to apologize so much. I
should’ve said something as well,” I said.
      “The point is that we all had the chance to avoid this
confrontation but no one did. But it’s over. So forget it,” Mark
      “Yeah,” I agreed.
      “Dude, don’t you have a radio in here?” Mark wondered at
      “For the 875 t h time since we arrived on this boat, no I don’t
have a radio!” Jeff sighed.
      “Well, I’m not going to have her in my room so I’ll bring
mine in here. If ya don’t mind, that is?” He looked to Jeff.
      “Permission granted.”
      Mark seemed to almost disappear for a moment, then he and
Jeff exchanged a wary look. Somewhat cautiously, Mark walked
out. Before I could ask what their look was all about, Mark
returned with the radio as if it had been right outside of Jeff’s
door. He sat it on a beautifully painted glass table and bent down
in search of a plug. I felt puzzled. A song with and insanely fast
tempo flew into my ears. Mark’s legs seemed to lead his body in
      I watched him, impressed. I felt Jeff’s cold, hard stare but
didn’t grant him my acknowledgment. I’d never seen anyone so
led by the music before. Mark was pure in that moment. Not pure
as in purely evil or pure goodness. Just simply pure. He didn’t
hold anything back; everything poured out of him. I saw all of
his passion for me as he danced over. “Come, let us dance. All
fault’s forgiven.” His hand extended toward me as he spoke.
      “Oh, I don’t know…” I shyly looked down at the difficult
design on the red and gold carpet.

       “Oh come on! I know you can dance. And I can see it in
your eyes that you want to dance.” He shook his hips at me.
       I allowed a short laugh to escape. “If Jeffery doesn’t
mind?” I gazed at the statue across the room, posing as a man.
       “Oh, I’d love to watch. Its not often I can sit and enjoy
such entertainment.” He suddenly came to life with an attitude of
an eager child, without so much as smiling.
       Mark lifted me by my hand and we moved into the more
open space. Almost like magic, the song changed and my body
began to move. Mark’s excitement grew. I twirled around and
moved my feet swiftly after kicking off my shoes. Mark moved
up behind me and matched my footwork. Then he did it twice as
fast. I stopped and whirled around, doing a jerky robot. It wasn’t
the typical one, either. Then I moved my shoulders like only I
could. Everything else was forgotten. I knew nothing in that
moment, not even my name or age. Next, my hips switched in my
own style of the twist.
       Mark had stopped the footwork and now his torso took it
away. Our bodies were unconsciously moving closer. Our eyes
locked and our dancing switched from Latin to R & B as a song
came on. Mark held my waist and we rocked our hips back and
forth together. I backed up, put my thumbs in my pockets, and
shook my hips. Mark did a bounce and moved his shoulders to
imitate me from earlier.
        Then my arms went up and my head moved by itself. My
whole body gets into it. I put out some cold pop-like stuff.
Mark’s eyes lock on me again as one song ends and a reggae one
plays. I began to move closer. He waited eagerly for me. I turned
and leaned on him. He held me and we matched our motions. I
laughed in delight. He took my hands and spun me around as
another song replaced the reggae. I’m certain my mother
wouldn’t have approved of how I shook my body parts then.
       At first, I just shook my butt. Mark definitely liked that and
twerked on me. I twerked back, then broke away and rolled one
of my hips. Mark seemed increasingly touchy-feely. His passion
transferred to me. I made dancing my own. Near the end of the
song, we moved together again. As the end came, he dipped me,
breathless. I stayed there for a moment, taking in the room
upside down, then came up quickly when I felt something I

shouldn’t have. I stood with my hands on his chest for a little
bit, then stepped back.
       His eyes were brighter than ever. I felt very wary of him
suddenly. And I still couldn’t forget that little prodding poke
against my upper leg. I didn’t even want to begin thinking of
what it looked like. I relaxed when Jeff came to my rescue.
“Mark, this is one of those times to practice self-control,” he
       “Uh, right.” Mark nodded and snapped out of some spell.
“Sorry if I scared you, Allie.” He smiled at me kindly.
       “It’s alright ‘cuz I still trust you.” I returned the smile.
“I’m tired.” I sat on the couch and gulped down the strawberry
       “I must say I was rather moved by your display,” Jeff
addressed me.
       “It’s how I usually dance. No big thing.”
       “It’s very different from what I often see. Your full beauty
is expressed.” He came to me and got onto his knees. His smooth
hand stroked my face and I shivered. “Are you cold?” he
wondered in a soft voice.
       That didn’t help. My eyes closed as I tried to remember not
to be seduced. It was pointless. My body was shaking, as if from
fear or adrenaline. “No,” I barely said.
       “Are you alright, child? You seem… disoriented.” Jeff’s
voice was hypnotic.
       “We should get her to her room. Before she falls asleep.
You know how dangerous that would be.” Mark’s words floated
from somewhere and brought me back.
       “Oh, yes. I’m sorry to be here so long.” I rose to my feet.
       So did Jeff. “I might see you tomorrow night. So we can
discuss the dance on Friday.”
       “You’re both awfully nocturnal, eh?” I blurted.
       Mark blushed slightly while Jeff looked amused. “I almost
never sleep,” Mark replied.
       “What’s your secret?” I half-joked.
       “C’mon now, lassie!” Mark took my hand.
       “I’m not that retarded dog!”
       “Don’t look like it, that’s for sure!” I got the feeling that
he checked me out when I wasn’t looking.

      Jeff gave his amiable laugh, but I heard a bit of devilry in
it. “Oh, Mark, boy.”
      “Hope to see you tomorrow, Jeff,” I waved at him.
      He caught my hand and kissed it. “Au revoir, ma chérie.”
      Again, I shivered involuntarily. “Likewise.” As I looked
back, I saw Mark’s eyes on my butt. “Mark!” I exclaimed.
      Blushing, he averted his eyes as we went into the hallway.
      “Could you blame me?” he asked as the door closed behind
      I rolled my eyes. “Not sure yet.”
      “So I gots a few q’s for ya,” he said as we reached the
      “Ok,” I agreed.
      “What was up with all that shiverin’?”
      I blushed. “Well, he, uh, seems to give me this dreamy
feeling. I feel like staring at him for the rest of my life.
Everything else ceases to exist. And I know it’s dangerous
because I’d let him do anything.”
      “Yeah. Happens to me, too.”
      “Are you?”
      “No, but he is.”
      “Really? But I still can’t help liking him.”
      “I know. He has that disarming effect on everyone. Shoot,
when I first met him, I stared at his eyes for, like, six hours.
He’s got some serious attractions!”
      “I bet no one leaves him alone.”
      “That’s why he most of the time covers up as much as
possible. So, who do you like more?”
      “I like both of you the same.” I shrugged. “I’ll stop
pretending with you.”
      The elevator doors opened and three guys stepped off. They
all glanced at me. Hurriedly, protectively, Mark shepherded me
onto the elevator as one of them yelled, “Hey, baby! Leave that
asshole and come with me!”
      “Try again!” I replied and pushed the button to close the
      Mark’s hand went from mine to over my shoulders. His
body rubbed against mine. “Ok. I’m never letting you out of my
      “Overprotective, are we?”

      “I have to be with you. It’s not to ruin you, it’s to help
them avoid a crucial beating.” With his other hand, he rubbed my
       I reddened again.
      “Alright, where was I? Oh. Did you enjoy yourself when we
were dancing?”
      “Of course I did.”
      “Do you like us as, like, boyfriends or someat?”
      “Yes. However, it’s too soon for either of you to ask me
out. We’ve only known each other for about two days. I don’t
want to be fast.”
      A weird sound was emitted from his mouth. “Well, you
know, if you’re not wanting to be around Cris, uh, my door’s
open.” Before I could protest, he said, “I promise I won’t touch
you if it’s a problem. It’s just a thought, you know. I wouldn’t
want to find Cris has murdered you. You don’t have to, though.”
      “That’s a sweet offer, Mark. But since we’re headed to my
floor, let me get a change of clothes,” I decided.
      “Sure. Whatever you want!”
      We reached my floor and stepped off the elevator. “Oh,
man, my leg’s falling asleep!”
      “Then I’ll get you an outfit. I’ll move a lot faster. Just give
me your blue card and hold the elevator.”
      “Ok. Don’t disturb Cris.”
      “She won’t even know I’m there. Just be patient. And if
any guys try to talk to you-”
      “Mark, I’ll be fine. I’ve survived without you just fine until
this trip. I can take care of myself.”
      “Right. Be right back!”
      I rested against the elevator wall and stuck my huge foot in
the doorway. It couldn’t have been ten seconds before Mark
returned. Actually, it only seemed like two seconds had passed.
But that was impossible. “I must have drifted off,” I mumbled.
      “Why?” he asked.
      “I forgot about your ridiculous hearing.”
      He stepped on, my things in a nap sack on his back, and
picked me up like one would hold a baby. The doors closed and
he pushed the button for his floor. I held him around his neck but
he seemed unaware of my weight. Our stop came and he got off.
He turned left, starboard side, and went to the very end of the

hall. The silver key was retrieved from his pocket and he
unlocked the door. Everything was dark. I was laid on a large
bed. In five seconds, candles were lit around the room. My shoes
were taken off, and he asked if I wanted to change into pajamas.
I told him I was too tired. He took my jewelry and put it
      I had no idea where he was. Frankly, I was too tired to find
out. Before I could think about what I was doing, I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I blinked a few times. The first thing I saw was
a red chair, then Mark in it. He was watching me. My heart
jumped and I tried not to cry out in surprise. I sat up slowly. I
yawned. Looking around the mostly red room, I spotted my outfit
laid out at the end of the king-sized bed I was on. I scooted off
the red thing and went toward my clothes. “Good morning,
Mark,” I greeted.
      “Top of the morning to ye, as well,” came his reply.
      “Is there a bathroom I can use?” I asked, looking at him.
      He pointed to a corner while giving me an odd look. “The
second door,” he said quietly.
      I swiftly walked over, wondering again if he ever slept and
why he didn’t. Making sure to lock the door behind me, I dressed
quickly. I straightened my scarf. I was somewhat surprised that
Mark had picked out a good outfit, my blue jean bell bottoms and
form-flattering white t-shirt. When I went back out, I didn’t see
Mark. I slipped my white, size 12 in women’s, sneakers on and
went to sit on the long, velvet red couch. Someone let out a cry
and I jumped to my feet. As I realized I’d sat on Mark, I blushed.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there,” I turned around and
      His face was red, too, but for another reason. “It was my
fault. I should have said something. But I didn’t think you’d
actually sit on me. But, hey! Can’t say I hated it!” He couldn’t
keep the smile off his face. Simultaneously, we laughed. “Where
do you want to go today?”
      “Is the arcade alright?”
      “Sure. Let’s go.” He stood up.
      “Where’d you sleep at?”
      “Well, I didn’t really sleep but I sat in that chair and
watched you almost all night.”

      “That was sweet, I guess. I can’t believe I slept in your
room. That was a mistake. I always make ridiculous decisions in
my sleepy mode.”
      His face displayed hurt. He locked his door behind him.
      I took his hand and said, “I trust you, Mark. I don’t regret
it or anything. Obviously, you can control yourself because you
didn’t do anything but watch me sleep. I’m not mad. It’s just that
Cris might take it the wrong way, especially since she likes you.”
      Seeming to brighten, he suggested that we take the stairs.
      “Hey, why do you have a key instead of a card?” I
wondered as we walked upstairs.
      “I have a special room,” he answered shortly. Swinging our
hands as we went down the halls, he mused, “I like this a lot.”
      “This. Holding hands with you, walking. And it’s just us.
I’ve never had this feeling with anyone, not even my sibs.”
      “Tell me about your family.”
      “Well, I have two brothers, Joey and Erik. My parents are
still married but I haven’t seen them for ten years. I didn’t run
away but technically, I’m on my own. Most of the time I live
with Joey, my oldest bro. Erik’s in college in Egypt. He’s 25 and
Joey’s 32.”
      “And you?”
      “Oh. I have a brother, younger, and a sister, older. One’s
12 and the other one’s 18. My parents are divorced. I live with
my Aunt Jamie. My sibs’ names are Jake and Malorie. I’m 15,
not gon’ be 16 for ‘bout half a year.”
      We’d reached the arcade. By now, the boys had gotten used
to seeing me in there. Automatically, they moved away from my
favorite fighting game. One boy named William even put in
credits for me. “Nice seeing you back here, Allie,” the 16-year-
old chubby boy greeted.
      I smiled and stood in my spot. “I’m glad to be here again
with all of yas. Where I belong,” I addressed the 20+ group.
      Joshua, a 14-year-old boy who looked as if he played
football for the Dallas Cowboys, got me one of the movie
director/lifeguard chairs. “Here ya go, Princess.” For some
reason, he’d dubbed me that. Every other boy flocked over and
gathered around. Mark was at my immediate side. I chose tag

team, my best characters as usual. The game room fell silent but
for the noises of my kicking some anime butt. Every so often,
Jimmy, Joshua’s nerdy looking 19-year-old brother would get me
a drink; a mix of every soda over there.
      I was in the zone. Lunch was retrieved at 1:00 p.m. for we
never ate breakfast but I refused. Mark moved behind me and
held my waist. I faltered a bit but tried to ignore it. Joshua ran
off with the boys’ money to get their lunches. When 2:30 came
around, I said without turning, “Yo, Will, take over for me. I
gotta stretch my legs.”
      William stepped up next to me. I did a double move and
slid away form the game. William took the controls and Mark led
me away. “See ya in a bit, Al!” Half of the boys chorused.
      I waved. Mark harried me into the hallway. “Gosh, you
think they goggled over ya enough?”
      “Oh, Mark. Don’t get jealous. I ain’t sweatin’ them.”
      “They doin’ more than sweatin’ you! Gosh, if I weren’t
there they mighta raped ya!”
      “Mark!” I was aghast. I snatched my hand away.
      “I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. I just… it’s weird. I’ve never
felt this protective for anyone before, not even my brothers. But,
man, I just go crazy with or without you! I don’t even flirt with
other girls anymore and that’s saying something for me ‘cuz I
love flirting.”
      “Are you serious?”
      “Why would I lie? I’d love to tell you everything about me
‘cuz I know you’d appreciate it.” The enthralled look came into
his eyes.
      “I am rather interested in knowing both you and Jeff’s
      His eyes were puzzled for a short moment.
      “Did I lose you?” I asked.
      “No. How did you say that? Inter-es-ted. You fully
pronounced it, is all. It’s kind of cute. Say interest.”
      He smiled in delight. “I love the way you say that!”
      “What? It’s how it’s spelled.”
      “I know. But you know how other people say it.”
      I was beginning to realize he more than just liked me.

      “How far do you want to walk? The boys prob’ly miss you
already.” This was said without contempt.
      “Prob’ly.” I agreed, relieved.
      “Usin’ my word!” he gave me a light, friendly punch on the
      “Let’s head back now. I hope they haven’t screwed up yet!”
      “Alright.” We headed back. Once again, they made room
for me. A few left as night began to fall. A lot of them left for a
bathroom break or to collect money from their parents. Oddly,
within 15 minutes, just Mark and I were there. Then I felt him
draw away, saying that he needed to catch his dinner. I found
that an odd way to put it but erased it from my mind. “I’ll be
back in a short while,” he promised.
      It took me ten minutes to notice that someone stood next to
me. I jumped and missed my chance to win. The other player, the
computer, won. I turned and stared at the unmoving figure. “Oh,
gosh, Jeffery! You nearly scared me to death! Where’d you come
      “Good evening, Ms. Allison,” he greeted, bowing cordially.
      My heart was on fire as those now-gray eyes stared into me.
      “I admire your skills on and pertaining to this game.” His
hand extended toward me in a smooth, almost unseen gesture. I
let his fingers grasp my hand and guide me out of the chair. In a
surprised cry, I declared, “You’re warm!” And he was. His skin
now held a nice, rosy tint.
      “Ah, that I am!” he seemed highly pleased. “Come, come! I
want to know the events of your day.” He was leading me away
from the game room, and down the hall, toward the stairs. The
tale spilled out as we descended to the lower floor. I left out a
few parts about Mark, but Jeff didn’t ask me to elaborate. We
were going to his room, I knew. He had me sit on the couch and
gave me a glass of water. My hands were sweaty and the cup
slipped from my hands. Tiny fragments of it ricocheted off of the
coffee table and sliced at my hands.
      “Oh, I’m so … so extremely sorry,” I apologized profusely
as my hands began to show tiny red dots.
      Jeff didn’t move. Instead, he seemed fascinated by the
blood trickling down my fingers.

      “I’ll clean it up,” I offered. I stepped into the kitchenette. I
grabbed a cloth, a small hand broom, dustpan, and a tiny garbage
can. I scooped the glass into the garbage can, then wiped up the
spilled liquid. After I put everything back into it’s rightful place,
I carefully went to the statue in the chair. “Um… is there a First
Aid kit somewhere?” I asked timidly.
      He seemed to awaken as if from slumber. His blue eyes met
mine, yet they looked hungry. “Uh, in the bathroom,” he
responded distractedly.
      I walked backwards into it. He stared at me the whole way.
I quickly tended to my cuts, then went back out. “I think that I
should be going now. You seem… preoccupied.”
      “Forgive me! I have been so rude. I should have cleaned up
the glass.” He rose to his feet. “I hope I didn’t frighten you.”
      “Should I still leave? You seem to be dealing with
something.” I stayed at my distance, gulping.
      “Please don’t be afraid. I’d hate for you to be fearful of
      “Allie, are you all right?” a terrified Mark appeared
seemingly out of nowhere at my side.
      I jumped. “Mark!” was about all I could say. My heart
raced and I contemplated how long it would take me to run
through the open doorway.
      “What’s wrong with your hand?” Mark lifted it.
      “I… I cut it,” I stammered. I really wanted to get out of
there. In fact, it was almost a passion; I wanted to escape so
      “Let me see,” he requested quietly. I let him take off the
Band-Aids and inspect my injuries. I stared at the open door,
willing it to guide me to freedom. I felt Mark’s warm lips press
against my hand in several spots, several times. What caused me
to look back at my hand was a faint tingling sensation. I blinked
dully as I watched my cuts shrink. “I must be dreaming,” I spoke
in dull disbelief.
      “We both screwed up. Now we have to decide how to-” Jeff
never finished his sentence and both boys looked, no, stared at
      “What the hell is wrong with you two? Goodness, can’t I
ever meet anyone normal!” I screamed. I was hysterical.
      They both watched me.

       I couldn’t take it. Anger was swelling inside of me at not
knowing what was up with these two. Couldn’t we just have a
regular friendship? No, because one always looked like a living
statue of corpse, the other appeared out of nowhere (I’m sure
he’d make a great thief), my best friend was a bitch, both guys
had issues because one appeared to zone out while the other had
weird healing kisses. I could understand the mind reading but the
cold skin, glowing eyes, and weird movements? Something set
me on edge about those two. They talked strangely and knew
something about each other that I didn’t. “Call me when you’re
normal!” I started to walk out of the door.
       Jeff blocked my path. “Allie, you’re overreacting.”
       “Your little mind control won’t work when I’m pissed off. I
am not overreacting. If you won’t tell me answers to your weird
behavior, I don’t want to have to worry why.”
       “What about the dance on Halloween?”
       “I’m still going. But we should keep away from each other
a little more. I guess we could set up everything tomorrow,
dinnertime. I’m sure with your freaky gifts you could find me.”
       “What about me?” Mark wondered.
       “If I bump into you, that’s cool. But don’t stalk me.”
       “Why would I do that?”
       “And you can stop being overprotective of me because
you’re not my boy friend.”
       Mark only appeared mildly surprised. “Geez, you’re
moody!” he mumbled. “Placing restrictions on my part of the
       Ignoring that comment, I said, “We shouldn’t act so
serious. Let’s just have fun being friends. Besides, Mark, you’re
too fast and Jeff, you’re too old. My mother, excuse me, aunt,
would never let me date either of you. I’m not even sure she’d
want me to just know your names. I’m not saying you’re bad
guys, it’s just that she’s very critical about who I bring home.”
       “Wonder what she said when she met Cris the Piss.” Mark
       “I think you mean priss. I have to go. Cris might be
       “I can’t believe you’re still gonna be the twit’s friend!”
       “We’re not going to let some guy we’ve known for three
days ruin our friendship of three and a half years! We’re not

airheads who break up over such minimal things. Now, I have to
go. See y’all later.” I rolled my eyes and let out a short laugh.
      “Shall I accompany you?” Jeff offered.
      “I’ll be fine. See you tomorrow.” I hugged Jeff, waved at
Mark, and left. When I got to me and Cris’ bedroom, her older
brother Sam was sitting on my bed. I had had a crush on him for
two months when I was in the eighth grade and he was a junior.
But of course, he had had a girlfriend. They broke up after senior
year. My crush had receded by then. Plus I barely ever saw him,
anyway. But moving on. I said hi to him and asked where Maury
      “Maury hasn’t gotten better yet. He’s been in his room for
most of this trip already. But Mom brings him food every few
hours. You know he loves to eat. How have you been?”
      “Where’s Cris?” I overlapped his last sentence.
      “In the shower.” He gestured lazily.
      “Why are you on my bed?”
      “It’s comfy. Cris told me ‘bout your fight.”
      “You mad at me?”
      “If I was, would I still talk to you?”
      “You’re right. I didn’t mean to beat her up. It just happened
that way.”
      “Uh huh,” he said skeptically.
      “You think I started it!” I sat down in front of him.
      He shrugged. “And if I do? What does it matter?”
      “It doesn’t. But still… you know what a jerk she can be.”
      “Only too well.” He smiled secretively, but it was a secret I
didn’t know.
      “Oh, and I’m fine, to answer your question.”
      “Good. I’d hope so. I heard you fought over two guys.
What’s that all about?”
      I was used to him not pausing between subjects by now.
“Not just two!” I mumbled under my breath.
      He laughed. “It surprised me ‘cuz you usually behave
yourself. You’re lucky the guards didn’t see you do it.”
      “You know someat? You’re not a little girl anymore.”
      Before I could ask what he meant by that, Cris waltzed out
in a dress that matched her eyes. She looked beautiful in a way I
never could. “I see you came back,” she said cautiously.

       “When has a guy ever divided us?” I retorted.
       “True.” She allowed a little smile. “My belly still hurts a
       “It’ll get better,” I promised.
       “If it don’t, you won’t miss it!” Sam grabbed it.
       Squealing, she took up a pillow and beat him with it. “Help
me out here!” she called to me.
       Just like that, best friends again. “Ok!” I jumped on the 18-
year-old strawberry blond and proceeded to beat him up. He
screamed and thrashed around. But I wouldn’t be deterred from
my mission. Besides, I needed something to calm my confused
mind. I refused to take in the weirdness of Mark and Jeff. So I
forgot about them. Finally, he pinned me down. He sat on me. I
screamed for Cris to help me but she said it would ruin her dress.
“Hey, where are you going?”
       “I have a date. His name’s Mario and he’s Italian. He’s so
cute! You can have those two freaks, kay?”
       “Sure.” They were probably much better looking than
Mario was, anyway.
       There was a knock at the door. Sam sat back but still held
me down. Cris disappeared, locking the door behind her. Sam
resumed pinning me down. “Now I’ve got you all to myself! Heh
heh!” he looked so evil I began to feel worried. But he only
tickled me. Afterward, we sat side by side. “When’s the last time
we hung out, Allie?”
       “Uh, I think last Christmas.”
       “Wow. I didn’t mean to neglect you.”
       “You sound like my long lost boyfriend or something,” I
joked hopefully.
       He laughed softly. “I always did like you.”
       I sat there, unchanged by this information. A moment
passed before he looked at me. “When I get married, will you
come to my wedding?”
       “What?” I panicked. He was supposed to marry me! Ok, so
maybe I did still have a crush on him.
       “Just kidding. You’re so gullible. Still. But you’re
definitely not a kid anymore.”
       “What do you mean by that?”
       “Just that. You’re grown up now. Whenever you find a
decent guy, I want to meet him. To me, you’re like my good

sister. A cute one but that’s another story. Um, I just want to
protect you, I guess.”
      “Thanks. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done.”
      He blushed now.
      “Your face matches your hair now,” I pointed out, for lack
of anything more interesting to say.
      He punched my arm lightly. “You jerk!”
      I laughed. “I miss hanging out with you. I forgot how fun it
was.” It also reminded me of why I had liked him to begin with.
      “Then tonight, let’s hang out. Just you and me. Ok?”
      “Alright. Let’s go.” I followed him into the hallway. We
wandered around for hours, popping in at odd places at odd
hours. Many people stared at us, but I didn’t care. As we were
riding the elevators, we happened upon Jeff and Mark in the
hallway. They were discussing something in lowered voices. Yet
I distinctly heard, “Look, this is my half. You can go to your
side and hunt. But this is my territory. Understand?” come out of
Jeff’s mouth as they rounded the corner down the hall. I chose to
forget this odd statement as they headed straight for us.
      Mark didn’t answer but instead glanced at me. Jeff gazed at
me. Neither seemed at all surprised or alarmed to see me. Jeff
nodded at me and continued on his way. Mark tagged along.
“Wat up, Sam? When you gonna call me?” he wondered.
      We both looked at him. “Oh, sorry, man! I lost track of
you. I’m not good at keeping up with people, as you can see.”
Sam gestured to me, who had a perplexed expression on my face,
no doubt. “I have enough keeping up with this girl.” He squeezed
my shoulders.
      Why do they do that? I wondered as the two continued
talking in a chummy manner. Somehow, they started discussing
my relationship with Cris. So, Mark found out that Cris was
Sam’s sister and Sam discovered that Mark and I were well
acquainted. “Nice to see you, Allie,” Mark smiled. “Oh, Jeff says
he’s sorry. I think you hurt his feelings.”
      “Oh,” I coughed. “Um, hi, I guess.” Why did I feel as if I’d
been caught cheating?
      Mark laughed.
      “Ooh, can you wait here a sec? I’ll be right back,” Sam
excused himself and went into a hallway restroom.
      “No one in the hall,” Mark noted.

      “Don’t even-” He leaned down and kissed me. On the lips. I
was definitely shocked. But damn, he kissed well! He didn’t even
try putting his tongue in. Just like that, he was absolved of
whatever he’d previously done. He was turning me on. I’d never
before been actually horny. Yeah, I’d feel momentarily aroused
but this was beyond my control. He pulled back slowly and gazed
at me. The only thing I could do was stare at him in amazement.
“You like that?” he asked softly in his sexy, honey-like voice.
That’s what his voice was like, smooth, sweet, and thick as
      “Wha… Get away from me. Why’d you?” I stammered.
      “Couldn’t help it. Sorry. Don’t keep yourself so open. You
couldn’t stop me if you wanted to. So don’t even try it. I can see
everything you feel in your eyes. So does Jeffery. You can’t fool
      “Why is he up at this hour anyway?”
      “Ask him.”
      “Mark!” I groaned.
      “Nah, though, it’s a special occasion.”
      “Oh. You gonna tell me what?”
      “Prob’ly not!” he smirked.
      Sam strolled up. “Did I miss anything?”
      “Nope,” Mark chimed, grinning at me.
      “Oh, well, I’m s’posed to spend the day with my pal so can
I get back to it?”
      “Sure. I’m not preventing you.”
      “Bye!” Sam waved at him.
      Sam didn’t see Mark blow me a kiss as he turned around. I
blushed. This wasn’t the first time I’d been kissed (I’m not that
lame) but it was the first time I’d gotten hot over it. How could
he do that to me? I mused. He turned away and disappeared.
“Where to?” I managed to croak out. Why did they keep doing
that to me? I tried to block it out. Sam bought me brunch in the
Italian restaurant. We both got pizzas. “Thanks a lot, Sam,” I
      “No problem. I owe you, anyway, squirt.” He shrugged.
      “True. Hey you got a house yet?”
      “Nah. I don’t even have a car yet.”
      “Oh. What college you wanna go to?”

      “Still applying. Any one with entertainment electronics as a
      “That’s good. When do plan on going?”
      “You… oh, um, I’m gonna take a year’s break. I’ll go next
year. I need to get a car first.”
      “Yeah, good idea. But… don’t go too far away,” I said
      “You would miss me?” he asked gently, looking from the
window to me. He set his pizza down.
      I looked at my pizza. The color of the cheese and the
pepperoni (I’m no vegetarian) blurred in my vision, becoming
some warped form of, believe it or not, a Picasso. “Well, of
course I would. You’re an honored friend of mine, Sam,” I
finally got the courage to say.

                Chapter Three
      “Really?” He scooted closer.
      I risked a glance at his face. “Eh…”
      His arm encircled my shoulder and he hugged me tightly.
Caught off guard, I dropped my pizza and gasped. He smelled
very strongly of pine trees and the ocean. It’s amazing, no matter
where we were, he always managed to smell of the forests back
home. When he pulled back, he explained. “That’s just in case I
don’t get to see you again for a while. Ok. Sorry it just came out
of nowhere like that. I…” he sighed.
      I cautiously finished my pizza and Mountain Dew. He
gazed out of the window and at the islands we were now
approaching. I choked on my drink as he blurted out, “Wanna go
on the main island together? We’ll be in port until dinnertime
      “Sure. Why not?” I got out after some acid shot out of my
nose. I wiped the carbonated drink off of my face as Sam
chuckled. “Sorry ‘bout that,” he smiled.
      I rolled my eyes. “Let’s to the island.” I stood.
      “Right. Everything’s on me so feel free to get what you
want. Alright?”
      “Cool. You’re a good guy.”
      “Yeah, that’s what everyone says,” he boasted.
      “Even the guys?” I snickered.
      “What?” He looked at me suspiciously.
      “Nothing.” I began to run.

      “Hey! That is not funny!” He chased me. We had docked in
the bay now so people were already departing. I stopped in my
room to get my pass and my room key card. Sam shoved me onto
my bed. After cracking up, I locked my door and followed him
down the ramp. I caught a glimpse of Cris’ new beau. Poor boy, I
thought sadly. Caught up with a girl like that. Oh, well. Nothing
I could do. So I breathed in ocean and palm trees. There were
also food smells wafting off the island. My eyes closed and for a
few seconds I enjoyed the feel of a new land yet to be explored.
“Come on.” Sam touched my shoulder.
      “Yeah. Lead the way.”
      “Ok. I looked at a map of this place on deck and there are a
few stores that I feel you’ll like.”
      “Tres bien. Tres chic.” I looped my arm through his.
      He laughed as we headed down into unforeseen adventure. I
almost was knocked over by a large man in a suit. My hand went
out and met Sam’s chest. I held onto him to steady myself, then
apologized. “Don’t apologize. I li-” he stopped himself and
laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you, ‘kay?”
      “Sure, you would.”
      We reached the dirt path and he led me as if his feet had
been there before. Completely sure of himself, he made me close
my eyes as I was taken into one of the huts. “Ok. Sit here,” he
ordered so I did. “Open your eyes.”
      “Oh, my God!” in front of me were laid beautiful native
dresses. They had wrap-around skirts of magnificent earthen
colors that would surely flatter my skin tone.
      Sam smiled. “Do you like them?”
      “Like? I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life!
Are… are these for me?”
      “Try them on. You’ll need one for later on.”
      “Are you serious?”
      “Go ahead.”
      I picked them up. An adorable little girl showed me to the
dressing room. Quickly, I changed. Barefoot, I stepped out into
the main room. Sam couldn’t take his eyes off of me. “Allison?”
he breathed. He sat down on one of the big, fluffy stools.
Passersby peeped in to see this new island beauty, me.
Delicately, as if I was a timid queen, I walked over to Sam. “Can
I… touch you?”

      I giggled. How exactly? I wondered to myself. “I’m not a
different person.”
      “No, you’re not. It’s just, I’ve never seen you like this.”
      “Of course,” I said blandly, rolling my eyes. In kicks the
male hormone testosterone, was my thought.
      He didn’t miss a beat. “No, I didn’t mean to offend you.
But then again, I am a guy. Can you blame me? After all, we’re
more visual while girls are more physical about these things.”
      “I understand.” I put a hand up. Still looking at my face, he
reached out and held my hand. “Come on,” he said. He paid for
the dress, put my regular clothes in a sack, and carried me on his
back to another, larger hut. Inside was awesome!
      “Wow!” I exclaimed as he set me down. I realized it was a
dance club. This was the first time I’d been in a club. Music
washed over me, pure, unpoisoned by America yet. It was pure
      “Care to dance?” Onto my round hips, his hand began to
slide. Being hard to get, I slid away and glided down the stairs
onto the semi-crowded dance floor. Hearing him follow me
swiftly, I chose a good spot and let the music work on me. My
body found the beat as Sam did. Again, he took my hand. I
reclaimed it, playing with him. I threw my head to the side at an
angle and rocked my hips. His eyes were glued to them for a long
while. “You should get a belly ring,” he mentioned.
      At that note, I did a belly dance. I’d never seen his bright
green eyes so large before. I laughed. Then I stopped. “This is
weird,” I yelled over the loud tunes.
      “I’ve never danced with you before.”
      “There’s a first time for everything.”
      It seemed he really wanted to dance. I began to move my
feet now. Mind you, they were still bare. He watched me
intensely. “What?”
      “I never would associate the art of dancing with you.”
      “Well, you were wrong.”
      “Big time. Now that I think about it, I guess I did have
hints that you could. It was just a matter of paying attention.”
      “You are a fast learner!”
      “Hey!” he lightly pushed my shoulder.

       I laughed and twirled around so my skirt flared out. Sam
himself was an excellent dancer. “Ah, how do you dance so
       “I work at the recreation center. As a dance instructor.”
       “Oh. Cool!”
       He smiled.
       We had a lot of fun dancing. We stayed there from 10 a.m.
to 4 p.m. Stumbling out, laughing, we went to a few more stores,
got another bite to eat, and walked on a little trail before heading
back to the ship. Sam disappeared in the woods. I called out at
first, then realized he was playing with me. “Hey, you jerk!
When I find you I’m going to kill you!” I shouted, chuckling.
Growing silent, I crept around on my bare feet, listening for him.
I found him in a coconut tree. How he got up there was hard to
imagine. “You must be really athletic,” I concluded.
       “Gymnastics for eight years,” he explained. “We’ve got one
more stop, then we can head back.”
       “Ok. Lead the way.”
       He showed me this extraordinary waterfall. We got a
passerby to take a photo of us, then sat down for a break on the
edge of the pool. “Did you have fun today?”
       “Yes, I did. This was definitely a good day. What makes me
appreciate it the most is because it’s you. I mean, you actually
took the time to spend today with me and I am grateful of that.”
       “That’s good to hear. You enjoyed yourself?”
       “Very much.”
       “Good. Um, I don’t know how to put this so I’ll blurt it
       “What?” I followed a tropical fish with my eyes as it darted
       “Allison,” his voice deepened oddly. “Was there ever a
time when you liked me?”
       I blushed. “Yes. From April to June of my eighth grade
       “That was a while ago.” He whistled.
       “Yeah. I… I got over it because I knew nothing would ever
happen. That we would always be friends and nothing more.”
Anything more would be downright illegal.
       He sighed wistfully. “I have great timing, don’t I?” he

      “Yeah, ya do. Maybe one day we’ll get it right. But not
      “Yeah. Not today.” He hugged me close. I looked up into
his pretty eyes. “One day perhaps… if I still feel the same.”
      “I would say yes. But now it just wouldn’t work.”
      “I understand. But would you mind if…” he trailed off and
looked away.
      “Just this once. But we’re friends until we both decide to
change it.”
      He smiled. “Understood.” He leaned down and gave me a
quick kiss. Then he lifted me and we raced back to the ship. We
showed the security our I.D.’s and he walked me back to my
room. We watched a movie, then he went up to dinner. I arranged
all of my new souvenirs on my bed. I had my door propped open
to get a draft so the air would circulate.
      A hand, pale and white, suddenly touched mine. I jumped.
“Oh, my goodness!” I whispered.
      “Relax, ma chérie. C’est moi, Jeff.”
      “You scared the hell out of me! Where did you come from?
Why’d you barge into my room like that?” I sat down.
      “Look,” he spoke hostilely, “you asked me to come so I
did. I’m here now. Are we going to talk or what?” He glared
down at me, a hard, cold figure.
      “I…” I stared at him.
      His features softened all of a sudden. He sat next to me.
“Oh, Allie, forgive me for being rash. It’s just that I haven’t
eaten yet and my hunger is definitely not something to disparage
or ignore. In addition, I will not have you shout at me so. Don’t
make me have to silence you. I understand that I alarmed you but
that does not mean I’ll let you trample all over me. Now, look at
      I did.
      “Come now. Where shall we talk?”
      “Here is fine.”
      “Ok, now. Listen, dear, about the other night…”
      “What about it?” I asked softly.
      “I didn’t mean to mess up like that. I wish you could grasp
the importance of even knowing about Mark and I. But I cannot
tell you now.” He seemed to be in great stress.

       “But why? Can’t you just tell me what’s wrong with you?
I’m sure it would help me understand your behavior,” I begged.
       “Oh, would it!” he replied bitterly.
       “Are you Albino?”
       “Not in the sense you mean. In my own dark way I am. Yet,
it goes so much deeper than that. Much more unique.”
       “Please! What’s more odd than an Albino? Why, you’d
have to be a vampire to live like you do.”
       An odd look he gave me at that moment, as if he was
debating on whether or not to laugh or kill me. He didn’t speak.
       “How much do you know about me?”
       “Everything. I know everything you’ve ever done, seen,
felt, and thought.” He was talking but his eyes were calculating
       “You can’t,” I argued.
       “Can’t I?” he challenged. Then he began to name off things
that not even my diary knew about.
       “Stop invading my privacy. I could sue you.” I was holding
onto my head as if it would stop him from getting in.
       “Foolish!” he ruled, baring his teeth. “It wouldn’t harm me
in the least. You want money, I’ll give it to you.” With that he
produced a thick stack of $100 bills and dropped it into my lap.
“See? To me, money is nothing. Now, can we talk or do you have
more questions of irrelevance?”
       I realized something and made a connection. Jeff and Mark
had the same weird teeth. They looked like the one on Mark’s
key. Exactly like it. And I’d seen that kind of tooth before.
Frequently. Yet, will I let myself process all of these weird
       “You know what? I’m going to go get my dinner, all right?
I will be back within the hour. By that time we both should be a
little more agreeable,” he decided.
       “Yes. Do that. We can collect ourselves. My door will be
open,” I agreed, putting the money in my drawer.
       He squeezed my arm, then left.
       I set to work, looking through all the books I’d brought
with me. I even wrote down all the odd encounters I had had.
Finally, I had an answer, but as freaky as it was, it made perfect
sense. I had found the picture of the tooth. And guess what it
belonged to? A vampire. I sat back and digested all of this. The

more I thought about it, the more it made sense. There was
nothing I knew that refuted this information. Everything fit
together suddenly. Yet, there was one small question. Were Mark
and Jeff the same type of vampire? Evidence pointed to no. Well,
I guess I’d have to ask them. Nevertheless, it was inevitable.
       “What have you been up to, my desert rose?” came a voice
behind my ear. Soft fingers ran through my hair.
       “Figuring out something. You should already know.” I
turned around to find Jeff on his knees, gazing at me, his skin
rosy, alive for tonight.
       Further confirmation.
       “Yes, I do.”
       “Then you also know my question?”
       “Yes, Your hypothesis was correct. In both cases.
However… you don’t appear afeared.”
       “I’m not. Strangely enough. I think you guys like me too
much to kill me.”
       “You’re right.” There seemed to be more to this answer but
I did not implore him.
       “Since when? Now I’m really interested in you both. You
must have so much to tell me.”
       “Yes, I do. Shall I tell you tonight?”
       “Alright. I was born in France on May 21rst, 1645,” and he
proceeded to telling me his life story. It turned out he was made
a vampire against his will in 1665. When I wondered why he
didn’t cast himself into the sun if he didn’t want this life, he
responded that he wanted to see the world change. I said that I’d
do the same, then let him continue. It was 8:15 when he’d
finished. “On the eighth hour tonight I will return.”
       “Ok. Thank you.”
       “Likewise.” He kissed my hand, then left.
       As I hadn’t received the needed hours of rest, I slept a good
part of the day. Apparently, Cris had only come in once to
change clothes. I found this strange. At about three o’ clock or
so, I took a much-desired shower, dressed, then went to Mark’s
room. Weirdly, he was sitting against his door, looking lost.
“Mark, can I talk to you? In private?”
       He looked up. “Allie! Sure. Uh…” He got to his feet.
       “Can we go into your room?”

      “Yeah. Come on.” He opened the door and let us in.
      “Um… I finally understand you and Jeff’s behavior.”
      “May I sit?”
      “Go ahead.” He watched me.
      “But yes. I realized what you were yesterday night.”
      “And what was that?”
      “You and Jeff are vampires.” Man, it was weird saying that
and being completely serious about it.
      His eyebrow raised. “Who told you that?”
      “Jeff confirmed it for me.”
      “Then… why are you here?”
      “Because I want to hear your story.”
      “My story?”
      “Of your life. I might not have time to tonight but I
definitely want to.” I was feeling a little nervous now because he
was just standing there staring at me. I couldn’t read his
      “Let me summarize it for you. I was born on April 8 t h , 1824
in Ireland. My family immigrated here in the 1920’s. Basically
everything I told you was true except for my brother’s ages,” he
spoke without emotion.
      “When did you become a vampire?”
      He looked confused for a few seconds. “I was born a
vampire, honey. My brothers are 212 and 235. My parents are in
the 500’s. They’re older than Jeff. Poor Jeff. He can never
      “Wait, so what would you be to each other? How are you
      “We’re different species of vampire. He’s a logmin and I’m
a scaroth.”
      “I don’t know what that is.”
      “We’ve got a lot to teach you. You’re so ignorant. This’ll
take a while.”
      He smiled. “When are you gonna let me be your guy? I
promise I wouldn’t drink from you. If you’re good enough, I’d
even convert you.”
      “Convert me? You mean turn me into a vamp?”
      “Yeah. How many kids you want?”

        He laughed insanely, full of emotion now. “Just playin’,
      “But seriously, are we gonna move forward or will we be
stuck at pause ‘til you die?”
      “I don’t know. You and I are a completely different
species. According to-”
      “Forget all that!” His fingers touched my lip. “None of it’s
true. At least when it comes to vamps. We break nearly every
scientific rule out there. So don’t associate. Ok?” He grinned.
      “Well, still. When would we see each other? We prob’ly
live nowhere near each other.”
      “It could all be arranged.”
      “You’re serious, aren’t you?”
      “Yes. I have yet to teach you the ways of a vamp such as
myself. Say, I can tell you loved that kiss I gave you.”
      I blushed. “Why wouldn’t I? But why did you do it?”
      “Couldn’t help it, like I said. I mean we like each other, so
why shouldn’t we?”
      “Maybe it’s not time to.”
      “Do you know how irrelevant time is to me? I am not a
slave of it like you are.”
      “Isn’t it just the oddity?”
      “What is?”
      “Us meeting each other?”
      “Yes, it is.”
      “Prob’ly the biggest oddity in my life.”
      “Besides the fact that you’re a vampire?”
      “That’s only an oddity to you.”
      “True.” I sat there, further processing this information.
      “What now? Where do we go from here?” he pondered.
      I sighed. “Just act normal. It’s all we can do, right? But I
guess now you guys can be completely honest with me.”
      “Why are you two after me, anyway?”
      “You attract us. You’re not a normal human girl. You
didn’t run off screaming, after all or something equally stupid. I

mean, just because I’m a vampire doesn’t mean I’ll drink
everyone’s blood. You know? You might not go crazy.”
      “Crazy?” That didn’t sound good.
      “Jeff can tell you about that.” He seemed uncomfortable
      “Ok. Do you two have a lot of friends?”
      “No. They usually go crazy,” he said matter-of-factly.
      “Was Jeff’s friend a…”
      “Ask him about it. Why ask me? I know less than you do
about him. We don’t like each other, remember?” Now he was
      “Sorry. It’s just I’ve never seen enemies act so respectful
towards each other. Most of the time, that is. I mean, everyone
has their moments…”
      “Shh… Why do you always feel the need to talk so much?
No need. I know you like to be quiet. Let’s just sit in silence,
eh?” he suggested.
      I watched him as he sat. He appeared to be debating an
important issue, like whether to continue our friendship that way.
He looked at me a few times. I felt questions building up inside
of me like lava in a volcano. Yet I refrained from bombarding
him. Out of the blue, he took my hand. He was very warm. I
couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I took a bold step and laid
my head on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat in my ear.
Before I could ask, he answered, “I don’t have a heart. It’s just
an empty space in there. Nienta. Nothing.”
      He smiled. “That’s an answer for another time. A subject,
in fact… Would you… dance with me again?”
      “When do you… feed?”
      “Whenever I desire.”
      “Hey, how can you walk in daylight?”
      “I only have one weakness: I’m a sucker for girls. I’m
allergic to garlic but nothing can kill me.”
      “That doesn’t mean I can’t get hurt, unfortunately.”
      I looked up at him. “Do you need to blink?”
      “I don’t even need to breathe, babe.”
      I got to my feet. “This is a lot weirder than I thought.”

      “Why? Didn’t think we were so complex? Surely you didn’t
believe that all we did was drink and curse the light? What a
boring existence! Even the drones do more than that!”
      “The ones that are made vampires, but become zombies
instead. Drones are very cool people. Yeah, they smell but they
have an awesome sense of humor.”
      “Oh.” I began to laugh.
      “Hey, I wanna show you someat. C’mon!” He was suddenly
by the door, taking my hand.
      “Didn’t you want to dance?” I remembered.
      “We can do that later. Right now I want to give you a
      “In what?”
      “Speed and flight.”
      “Speed?” I gulped. That explained all those times when he
seemed to disappear. I gasped as all of the colors in my vision
blurred. Vertigo crept up on me and I felt as if my body was
coming apart. Next came a wave of nausea. Without me being
aware of it, we stopped. Now we were on the balcony of the ship.
Or, one of them. Holding on to Mark as if I could never let go
(which is how I felt), I caught my breath. “What… was… that?”
      He laughed, lifted me with ease, and said, “That was me
running from the bottom of the ship to the top. Not that far. You
want to go on the water?”
      “Want to go in it?”
      “Definitely no.”
      “I’ll keep you safe. I wouldn’t let you drown.” He rubbed
my arms.
      “Still, I…”
      “Then let’s go up now, shall we?” His arms locked around
me and up, up, up, we went.
      “Oh, my god! I didn’t know you could fly!”
      “Yep. I can do so much more than that.”
      We broke through the clouds. “Oh, wow. This is beautiful!”
I exclaimed.
      “I get to see this anytime I want. I can navigate from
anywhere in the world. Therefore, I can never be ‘lost’,” he

      “How long does it take you to grow up?”
      “As long as I want. We have almost forever to find out
where in life we want to be. At any time we can be any age we
      “So you can be an old guy?”
      “Yep. Or even a baby. It’s all a simple matter of
reconfiguring our DNA and molecules.”
      “So can you also change your appearance, then?”
      “Yes. But I prefer to look the way I’m more or less
supposed to. I was born with red hair and green eyes and that’s
how I’ll stay. I don’t get why anyone would want to be old.”
      “Wow. You must be a genius.”
      “Oh, so you assumed I wasn’t very smart based on my
appearance and speech? Honey, I helped Einstein create the atom
bomb. I helped a few famous composers write music. I came up
with the idea for a car. I tipped off Ford. Also, I began organized
crime. Enough yet?”
      “Yeah, yeah. Sorry.” Instead, I watched the sun above the
clouds. Up here, the colors were awesome. I sighed and held on
tighter to Mark, who seemed physically unaware of me.
      “I won’t let you fall. I’ve got you.”
      My head rested on his chest again, over his heartbeat.
“That’s so weird. But cool.”
      Mark’s manner changed. He held me almost as if for
warmth. “You remind me so much of myself,” he spoke dreamily,
looking down at me and stroking my face for a second.
      “I was just going to say that about you.”
      He smiled. “Don’t you know how pretty you are?”
      I scoffed. “What cheesy place did you steal that from?”
      “No, I’m serious. Do you have low self-esteem?”
      “What are you, my counselor? And what teen today doesn’t
have low self-esteem?”
      “No. Yours is different.” His eyes narrowed.
      “ Whatever.”
      Silence reigned for at least a half-hour. He took me far. The
effects of the high atmosphere were catching up with me. I was
cold, tired, and my ears kept popping but everything was still
beautiful. “Tell me something. Why do we fight like a married
couple?” came gently from his red lips.

      “I wouldn’t know. We did say that we weren’t gonna play
around, that we were gonna be real with each other. And usually
that means we’re harsher to each other. It’s for the better.”
      “What do you mean by that?”
      “Prob’ly just what you think. You know how fickle you
humans are, after all.”
      “Don’t make me drop yo’ ass.” Although he sounded
serious, he was smiling.
      “You wouldn’t!”
      “Nah, I’d rather touch it.”
      “Oh, you bastard! I bet you would!” I did my best to punch
      He laughed and did a loop-de-loop. “And I will.”
      “Hell no you won’t!” I protested.
      “Wanna bet?” his laugh rang out.
      “Boy, I oughtta!”
      We turned and twisted, not good for my stomach at all.
“Oh, come now, lassie! Be a sport.”
      I’m going to throw up all over him, I thought to myself.
Sensing my distress, he slowed down. Coming to a complete
stop, he directed me toward the sunset. I gasped. “Oh, awesome!
That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!”
      “Yeah, well, you’re the single most beautiful thing I’ve
ever beheld and been blessed to see in my entire nearly two
hundred years of life,” Mark told me sincerely.
      “Whatever, dude. That’s nice,” I disparaged him. I hated
compliments. It made me feel as if I owed the person.
      He frowned. “Why’d you do that? You always answer with
an asshole remark.”
      “I’m sorry to anger you but I just-”
      “Want to make sure I’m serious, right? I am. You’ll know
when I’m joking.”
      “Hope so.”
      “Trust me a little bit more, eh?”
      “I’ll try.” The corner of my mouth lifted.
      “All right.” His lips grazed my ear. “Sorry.”
      “Yeah, right!” I teased.

      Allowing a small laugh, he enjoyed the view. “Isn’t this
      “Yeah.” A slight shiver went through me.
      “You cold?” he wondered, concerned. “I’m sorry. Here, let
me warm you up.”
      “How?” I panicked.
      “Body heat, of course.”
      “No thank you!”
      “Girl, what do you think I’m trying to do? Come here and
stop being weird!” He seemed to be concentrating.
      Gradually, I grew warm. “Wow! How’d you do that?”
      “I pissed on you.”
      “No, I can’t tell. It’s a surprise.”
      “You have a weird sense of humor… I once knew someone
who said that. ‘Can’t tell. It’s a surprise,’ was his favorite
      “Then maybe I’ve met him.”
      “I doubt it.”
      “Don’t be so sure.”
      “I guess.”
      “Come now. You didn’t forget about Jeff, did you?” rang
out around us. I glimpsed him flying in a circle around us.
      “Go away. Can’t I have her to myself for a while without
you poisoning her? You’re the stalker!” Mark was definitely not
      “Please, my boy. I only stalk my prey.”
      “And what am I?”
      “Simply a delectable snack, my dear.” He moved behind me
and whispered in my ear. Then he seemed to shoot off.
      “Is this how you really are?”
      “I’m known to other vampires as the Punk Prince,” he
laughed from somewhere.
      “Great. This is an odd turn of events. The gentleman
becomes a child and the boy becomes a man,” I mused
      “Hey!” both of them protested. “You know I really could
drop you,” Mark threatened.
      “I’m sorry!” I held onto his neck. “But that’s how I see it.”
      He growled.

      “Let’s just go to more level place, eh? Here, give me the
girl,” Jeff demanded.
      “Fine.” He let me go and Jeff caught me as if I was a baby.
Then he took off at a high speed. My eyes were forced to close. I
heard Mark tell something to Jeff but with the wind rushing past
I couldn’t make out the words. Suddenly we were landing. Our
trajectory changed. I opened my eyes and realized we were back
on the ship. “Madame, if I may?” Jeff bowed, then grinned.
      “If you may what?” I wondered.
      He and Mark both exchanged a look. Then, laughing,
they… well… I’m not sure what they did but all I know is that
next we were in Jeff’s suite. “Welcome back!”
      “Why?” I started.
      At the same time, all eyes fell on the locked door. “Why
      “What’s in there?” I asked.
      “What do you think?” Jeff smiled.
      “Show her.” Mark egged him.
      “Come, child. Don’t be afraid.” Jeff led me forward
towards the door.
      I felt scared. The red thing in me pumped out my blood like
a piston or a gun shooting out bullets. It almost hurt. My hands
and face leaked fluid like Niagara Falls. “No,” I whispered,
shaking my head.
      “Oh, come now and look alive,” Mark pushed me.
      And I flew forward. Jeff had flung open the door at such a
speed I didn’t see it. I tripped over some sort of ledge and
toppled into a rectangular box headfirst. “Oh… my… god!” I
mouthed. When I calmed down enough, I noted how nice the
interior of Jeff’s coffin was.
      “Enjoying that? Maybe one night we might try and lie
together.” Jeff suggested.
      As I sat up and faced him, his eyebrow raised over his
fluorescent green eyes. “No way! I don’t trust you that much,” I
      “Ah, we wouldn’t be able to anyway, unless you were to
become a vampire. I cannot go into vampire sleep with a human
present for I would crush your bones. Those delicate bones in
that delicate frame.” His eyes roamed me. A gasp came out of me

as, faster than I could see, he was in the coffin with me, laying
me back. “Go to sleep,” he cooed.
       “What? No.” I’m surprised his weight didn’t crush me.
       Mark couldn’t stop laughing. The boy (or man) sure had an
odd sense of humor. “You look as if to bed her. I know for a fact
you can’t. And neither can you extract her nectar. Insofar as I
know, she is to be considered a sacred malek to us. Don’t disrupt
       “Ah, don’t rub that in my face. ‘tis the only thing of my
human life that I’d take back. Yet there’s so much more I can
give her,” Jeff replied.
       “Whereas I could give her the same things and more,” Mark
       “Ha!” Instantaneously, Jeff’s face was very close to his.
“Dare you interrupt!”
       “Then let’s show her the Stash,” Mark suggested.
       “Ah, of course!” Jeff held his face and kissed his cheek.
       Mark shook his head. “Maybe we could get along.”
       “Jeff, why this drastic change in behavior?” I inquired.
       “There is no change. This is how I am. At least when I’m in
a good mood,” he answered. “Lead the way, Mark.”
       “Certainly. I won’t be Amaedo to you any longer,” Mark
began to turn.
       Jeff’s face displayed a strange emotion: angst. For
Amaedo? Either way it deeply upset him. What horrid memories
floated through his head? I wondered as he lifted me out and set
me on my feet. “All is forgiven. Now, you shall perhaps be a
Lance to me,” he looked to Mark again.
       “Sure,” Mark nodded, turning on his heel and seeming to
       Jeff and I disappeared after him. As Mark stopped to
unlock his door (when did he lock it), I turned to Jeff. “Who is
Amaedo?” I asked.
       “An old acquaintance. He wanted to be my companion but I
refused. I hated him as I’ve never hated anyone. It was his
theater I was with. Needless to say, he obsessed over me. He
followed me to my new Florida home.”
       I didn’t ask anymore. Mark took my hand and left me in
front of a wall. I looked back at him, confused. He seemed to
remember something and reached past me. Placing his palm on

the wall, he pushed what appeared to be slightly. The wall
seemed to fade, but I’m sure it dissolved, and another room was
revealed. I stepped in and looked around, but I couldn’t see
anything but white walls with odd clear designs. I faced the guys
and shrugged. Mark came forward and did some weird gesture
with his hands.
       The walls became drawers. He stepped over to one wall and
opened a drawer. Motioning for me to come closer, he fiddled
with something in there. When I got closer, I realized it was a
body. A very beautiful girl lie in there, brown, soft hair, smooth
skin, good form. She was at least 18. “These are Jeff’s victims.
Mine are on the fore and aft walls. Also the ceiling. His last set
is in the floor,” Mark explained.
       “Floor?” Sure enough, there were drawers on the floor. My
arms prickled as I took note that Mark was no longer next to me.
Looking around, I spotted him on the ceiling with Jeff,
inspecting a blond, ten-year-old boy. Sickness crept over me.
None of these people seemed dead, but asleep. Then I noticed
something odd. Sensing my thought, Jeff opened all of the
drawers telepathically. “Study them,” he told me.
       I did and came to a conclusion. “Why don’t they have any
marks on them?”
       “The same reason you don’t,” Mark nodded at me.
       Before asking what the hell he was talking about, I thought
back. That day, er, night I cut my hand. After Mark kissed it, the
cuts disappeared. “Healing kisses. Right,” I remembered.
       He dropped down in front of me. “I want to see you and
Jeff,” he demanded.
       “See us what?” I inquired.
       “After this morbid display? What do you do with the
       “Send them to a grave nestled in the depths of earth alive
with movement,” Jeff said.
       “In other words, you toss them in the ocean, don’t you?”
       They both smiled at me, and then proceeded to walk out of
the room.
        “Wait! Do you want me to dance or not?”
       “Do you want to dance?” they asked together, stopping in
their tracks.

      “I’ll do anything to take my mind off of that room.” I
caught up to them.
      “Anything?” They both faced me then, smiling.
      I eyed them. “Within reasonability.”
      Their smiles grew wider. Each taking one of my arms, they
did that weird thing and suddenly I was back in Jeff’s suite.
Mark was putting in a CD and Jeff was slowly walking toward
me. “Ready? Think you can keep up?”
      “I don’t know. Je ne sais pas.”
      “Pourquoi? Why?” He came closer.
      “Je suis fatigue. I feel sick.”
      “I can help that.” He put our foreheads together.
      I felt better at once. “Thanks.”
      “Sure.” As a song began, he dipped me very deeply. He
brought me up with great speed and it became a spin. He knew
how to move me. He twisted, bent, stretched, and moved me in
ways I didn’t think I was capable of. At one point he even tossed
me up, caught me, and swung me around as if I was a
cheerleader. I couldn’t stop laughing. He spun me faster and
faster until the room was a blur then let me fall back on his
waiting arm. He leaned down almost to the floor, then flipped me
over him so that when he came up, I was behind him. His hands
held mine and his feet began to move very rapidly. I tried to
copy. Then he told me to jump.
      I did, bounced once, twice, then he flipped me over his
head. “Whoa!” I laughed when I landed. Automatically, his feet
moved again, this time as if to step on mine. Therefore, I moved
them. “What are you doing?”
      “Tango. You do well for a first-timer.”
      I giggled as he placed me on his waist and spun around
with me. Then he spun me over to Mark. Mark swung me around,
then finished the Tango. Next, he put me on his waist and did a
flip. Scary. He let me step back and held onto one of my hands
as we danced. I snaked it and he moved his hips, wiggling in
closer. Soon, our bodies swayed together. The same motions we
did, as if our minds were one. How awesome was that? I’d found
the two best dancers in the world!
      Mark leaned me back. My leg straightened out and aligned
with my body. Ballet was something I knew. His hand ran up my
belly. My body trembled at his touch. His hand moved onto the

bare skin of my belly. So warm. So smooth. So soft. It ran over
my hip, then grabbed my butt. I jumped. Mark grinned. “Told
ya.” Then he started dancing again. “Come on. Don’t let that
stop you.”
      Now I didn’t care. I felt free. So I shook what God granted
me. His hands held my hips, which rolled again. Our bodies
moved closer, until our bellies grazed. We twerked again, with
me “snaking” it. Our bodies fit and moved well together. One of
his hands moved to the small of my back. “Asshole!” I smirked.
      “I love how you move your body,” he complimented.
      “Ha. Likewise.”
      “Wonder how good in bed you are,” he whispered in my
      I tried to break away but he had me locked against him. I’d
never be able to fight him off. “You are sick!”
      “No, I’m not. It’s only natural, right?”
      “How many girlfriends have you had?”
      “Vampire or human?”
      He smirked.
      “Can you even remember?”
      “Yes. I remember every face, every voice, and every body.
About 2010 vamps and around 1950 human. Each year.”
      “Damn. Consistent, huh? And you must’ve had to cheat.
      He just smiled.
      “Can I have my partner back?” Jeff wondered.
      “Fine,” he relented, letting me go, obviously not wanting
      I rested my hand on Jeff’s shoulder as he took up my hand.
We began to waltz.

                  Chapter Four
      Later that night, both of my vamp suitors tucked me in.
Quite funny, actually. They fought over who got to kiss me first.
So they both kissed a cheek at the same time. Mark ran his hand
up my leg as Jeff turned down the light. “Now, now, Mark. Self
control,” he scolded without turning around.
      Mark grinned. But his hand continued its trek. It was at this
moment I realized how helpless I was. They could do anything to
me, ANYTHING, and I couldn’t stop them at all. They could
have complete control. For the first time, I felt real fear. They
saw this, yet said nothing. They must’ve known I would come to
that conclusion eventually. “It’s all right, sweetie. Don’t panic.”
He lay next to me and held me. He brushed back some hair from
my face gently.
      “Baby, want me to stay the night with you?” he asked ever
so softly. “I’ll keep you safe, warm. Let me see you sleep again.
You’re beautiful when you sleep.” His glowing eyes were so odd.
      “Why not? Not as if I could stop you anyway,” I scoffed.
      Laughing softly, he kissed my nose. “Jeff, be useful and
shut the door.”
      “I shall take my leave of you. On the morrow night, I shall
come to await the malek for our dance.” Jeff bowed and

      Good night, I thought to him. My eyes closed slowly. Mark
kissed my eyelids. “Malek, I’ll be good to you. Can I ask again
that you’ll be mine? I beg of you.”
      “Well, will you ever stop asking me?”
      “Not until you become undesirably old.”
      “When would that be?”
      “When you turn 40. Once you hit menopause that shit’s
      I laughed. “Fine. If you’re so persistent, I relent,” I finally
caved. “There’s no point in resisting it anymore.”
      “Cool. You made the right choice.” His lips touched mine
again. They were so soft, his whole body was. Unlike Jeff’s cold
hard body. I fit with Mark so well; I was so comfortable with
him. I’d only had that feeling with one other person, but he was
long gone. After our kiss ended, I lay curled up in Mark’s side. I
mentally noted that I hadn’t seen Cris for two straight days now.
This was beginning to be a problem. Worry for her sprouted in
me. Then I thought, I’m the one I should be worried about.
There’s a vampire in my bed and I’m perfectly ok with it. “Say,
how many of your girlfriends knew you were a vampire?” I
      “Not enough. Only a very small portion. This is actually the
longest I’ve known one mortal.”
      “Wow. Well, I guess so!”
      “Heh. Want me to let you sleep?”
      “Doesn’t matter. I’ll get the sleep eventually.”
      “Tomorrow holds a big night for you. I’ll let you sleep.
When you wake up, we’ll get you ready,” he decided. “You’ll be
the belle of the ball.”
      “How cliché but thank you.”
      “Anything for my lady.” He stroked my face. I opened my
eyes to see his glowing ones. “I’ll take care of you.” He kissed
my nose again.
      “Will you?” I smiled.
      “Mm, good.”
      “Go to sleep, babe.”
      “Night, Mark,” I whispered, putting my ear to his chest so I
could hear his heartbeat.

      “Night, love.” He held me against him. “Go on to sleep,
lass,” he whispered in my ear.
      “Wait, what’s a malek?”
      “A special human. The closest English word for it is
      “Don’t they have to be virgins to be a priestess?”
      “A vampire priestess has to have been born human, know
about vampires, accept them, even protect them. Also, they have
to be fertile.”
      “You know why. A priestess must be between the ages of
13-35, IQ must be above average, they must not have any
physical handicaps,” he recited.
      “Basically, they have to be good breeders for capable
      “Yes. That’s only half of it, however.”
      “Do you mean to take over the world?”
      “No. Only cohabitate. It’s just that… most humans hate
      “How could they?”
      “Well, we are killers.”
      “But one of the natural laws is kill to eat, right? Humans
are just mad ‘cuz they’re not at the top of the food chain
anymore. Because they’re not the most powerful or even the most
intelligent. Don’t you dare feel guilty. You know why?
Everyone’s a killer, whether you believe that or not.”
      “You’re right. And I know that. But they won’t realize it.”
      “See? You know exactly what I’m about.”
      “Yes, I do.” I held his sides.
      He kissed me one last time.

     “Try on that dress,” Mark suggested.
     I took off the green one I wore and slipped into a
sleeveless, curve-necked dress. It barely touched my knees.
“Which shoes would go with it?”
     “The black ones… Nah, put on… hey, put this one on. It’s

      “Yes, master.”
      “C’mon now.” He laughed, handing me a red dress with
black outlining. After I slipped into it, he said, “That’s it! that
dress is perfect. You’re beautiful.”
      I smiled shyly. “Which shoes?” I asked quietly. It was very
weird getting dressed in front of him.
      “Black ones. The boots.”
      “Hooker boots?”
      “No! You’d put them to shame. Now, let’s get your makeup
on. I’m sure you want to look your best for Jeff tonight. He’ll
love it. Oh, and I have some advice for you.”
      “What is it?” I began straightening up things.
      Suddenly, everything was clean. I jumped. “Sorry. But
learn to close off your mind. That way, you keep Jeff guessing.
When you can block your thoughts, you can protect yourself
from other people and whatnot.”
      “Uh, ok. Sure,” I nodded.
      “Want something to eat?”
      “Sure.” Next thing I know, I was sitting down at me and
Cris’ table with Chinese food before me. The lights were dimmed
and Mark was in the seat next to me, leaning over. “Oh, wow!” I
exclaimed. “Thank you. Did you… steal it?”
      “No, I left money. Most of the time I pay for stuff.”
      “Oh,” I chuckled and ate.
      Mark picked up two chopsticks and began to eat. I stared at
him. “What? Didn’t think I could eat? Just because I’m a vamp
doesn’t mean I don’t have normal human functions.”
      “True. Sorry.”
      “It’s alright, honey.”
      “How’d you know I liked these certain foods?”
      He smirked. “I happen to have a friend who can read
      “You can’t read my mind? Then how do you know what I’m
      “Partially, it’s that strange human bond, or rather, the bond
between two beings that enables us to ‘see’ the other’s thoughts
on certain subjects. This has more to do with my ability to read
emotions. Although you don’t display your emotions too well.”
      “That’s for sure.”

      As I continued eating, I became aware of Mark staring at
me. I happened to look at him and again, he seemed entranced by
me. “Don’t ever let any other boy see you like this,” he told me,
taking my hand. He leaned closer and kissed my neck. It tingled.
      “No drinking!” I said suddenly, drawing away.
      “You don’t trust me still.”
      “No, I do but I haven’t seen you drink yet. What if your
thirst takes over?”
      “Only a logmin has that problem.”
      “So much to teach you,” he sighed.
      “Don’t make me feel stupid.”
      “You’re not, sweetie.” He squeezed my hand.
      “I don’t know what to think. I mean, my IQ on an adult
level is 135. But compared to a vampire…”
      “You could know. There is a vamp IQ test. I can get it for
you. We can find out. Mine is 200.”
      “Geez! What’s average?”
      “It’s just like the human test except harder. Average is 90-
110, the same. Only difference is the questions.”
      “When can I take it.”
      “Whenever you want to. Just give me the word.”
      “Alright. Maybe tomorrow.”
      “Ok. I’ll get on that for you. Now, you’ve got three hours
left. You nervous?”
      “Not really. I’m not one for being nervous. It’s a waste of
emotion and energy.”
      “What? My take on things?”
      “Yeah. Come, let’s practice the waltz. I noticed when you
were dancing with Jeff you really weren’t sure of what to do. Am
I right?”
      “Yeah. Show me.”
      “Ok.” We spent nearly two hours perfecting my step. Then
we took a break. Jeff arrived to pick me up at exactly half past
the hour. He wore a handsome tuxedo, much like suits he usually
wore. “Oh, Jeff, you look handsome. I always liked a guy in a
tux,” I complimented.
      He laughed. “Darling child, you are beautiful. You remind
me of a child vampire I once knew, Chloe.”

      “Tell me the story,” I begged.
      “Alright. This child was only five when my unwilling
companion Lance drained her. I wanted to keep him with me so
completed her transformation. Less than 100 years later, Amaedo
took her from this world, from me. Although Chloe and I always
fought in life and she attempted to kill me twice, I loved her. I
loved her so much. She was our child, our lover, and our keeper.
She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever beheld. If I were to
know her horrible fate, I’d have striven to make our relationship
different. Four women in my life have I truly loved, each for a
different reason; my mother, who left me, Chloe, who died,
Aeryn, who was murdered as well, and Dana, the only human,
ran away on some religious fetish.”
      “Yeah, you mentioned all of them but I didn’t know you
loved them.”
      “Well, I did.”
      “Do you miss them?”
      “I can still find my mother, and Dana and Chloe were both
lost causes to begin with. Aeryn… she was my world. But her
children killed her, her fledgling vamps. She was the first logmin
vampire. Of course, she chose me as her king. But I couldn’t
save her.”
      “How sad. I’m sorry.”
      “Don’t be. You know, you look like her.”
      “Do I?”
      “You have her almond eyes,” he touched them, “her small
nose,” he kissed it, “her strong jaw,” his finger ran along it.
“You even have her attitude. That scares me.”
      “Maybe I’m her reincarnation,” I joked.
      “Maybe,” he smiled. His eyes studied my body. “But that’s
where it stops. You’re thicker, younger than she was.” His hand
touched my arm. “After the dance, we should, what’s the term,
hang out together.”
      “Yes. I’d like that. Mark, do you mind it?”
      “No, go. It’ll be unforgettable,” Mark smiled.
      “Ok,” I said.
      “We should be going now, malek Allie,” Jeff urged.
      “Oh, yes. I’ll see you tomorrow, Mark.” I hugged him.
      He kissed my lips again. “Ok, baby. Go have fun tonight.”

      Jeff took my arm and we walked toward the ballroom. On
the way, various people joined us, including Cris and her
parents. “Where’s Mark?” Cris asked.
      “Off somewhere. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you
in over a day.”
      “Off. Don’t worry about it. What have you been up to?”
She took my other arm.
      “Guess who else likes me?”
      “Sam? My brother?” she squealed.
      “Yes. But I turned him down. Then Mark asked me out.” It
didn’t strike me until later that Jeff wouldn’t feel comfortable
having anyone but Mark competing for my affection. And what if
Mark found out?
      “So why aren’t you with him now?”
      “Because this is a predetermined arrangement. He’s ok with
      “Sorry, I never formally introduced myself. I’m Jeff.”
      “Hey,” Cris replied.
      “Hello, Jeff. Nice to see you again, Allison,” her parents
chimed together. They freaked me out sometimes.
      “Same here. How’s Maury doing?”
      “He’s better. You should visit him sometime. He misses
      “I’m sure he does, Mrs. Dayner.”
      “You look so cute in that dress! You should wear them
more often.” Cris goggled over me.
      “You do look awfully pretty,” her father added.
      “Paul, stop staring!” the mother scolded him.
      I laughed. We’d reached the ballroom now. “Where’s your
boy at?” I asked Cris.
      “He’s going to meet me there. Want to meet him?”
      We left her parents. She led Jeff and I across the now
crowded room to a bunch of Italians. Why did they always seem
to travel in packs? That supported the idea that they were all in
the Mafia. “Mario! I’d like you to meet my best friend Allison
and her date, Jeffery.”

       “Hi,” greeted the cute Italian. “Eh… I’m Mario. Pleasure to
meet such pretty girl,” he flirted.
       “Thanks,” I blushed and giggled.
       “Ladies and gentlemen, if I may speak for a moment! I’m
the one in charge of this dance. First of all, thank you so much
for being here tonight. I hope you all have fun tonight. A lot of
people worked really hard to put this together so make it happen
everybody!” some psycho they let out of the hospital stole the
microphone and addressed us.
       Everyone clapped on cue. The first song began to play. Jeff
took my hip and my hand and began to move us. People also
danced around us. It was a lot of fun. Jeff waited on me and I
felt like royalty. At one point, that annoying person came and
captured the stage, holding it hostage. “Now, we ask everyone
to vote for their favorite couple tonight. These two will share a
dance on the floor and a complementary romantic dinner for two
in a specially secluded spot. So, let’s vote, everyone. If you need
the names of a couple, their pictures are up here next to their
name. Just put a mark next to the names.”
       “Whom will we vote for?” I asked Jeff.
       “Ourselves. These idiots can’t dance,” Jeff said arrogantly.
       “Are you serious?” I pulled Jeff back. I had his arm in both
my hands. His cold arm.
       “Who else would you vote for? Your asinine friend!” he
demanded quietly.
       “No,” I sighed. “What about the Latin couple?”
       “Fine, malek Allie,” Jeff smiled and touched my chin.
       After all was written and done, the real idiot took over the
stage. “Alright we have a winner! It was close, but by eight votes
Mr. Beale and Ms. Dutch have won! Let’s give them a round of
       A standing ovation welcomed us to the dance floor. The
song played and Jeff led me in a waltz. “Ah, you’ve practiced!
Mark, right? And you are together now. Good for you. He
must’ve also taught you to block your thoughts. Smart lad.”
       “You’re right on all accounts, Mr. Beale,” I told him.
       “Ha ha. Funny girl. Ready for our dinner? Or rather,

      “Yes. Let’s go.” I ate an Italian meal while Jeff studied me.
Then he took me down to his room. “I had a great time,” I told
      “So did I, my malek rose. Here, sit. Desire a drink?”
      “No, I’m fine.” I sat on his couch, wondering why he was
always giving me drinks. For a fraction of a second, I thought
maybe he put something special in them to calm me down.
      He sat next to me. “You just look so beautiful tonight.
Mark helped you, no doubt… I can honestly say I’m glad I met
      “Same here. But I have a few questions for you. Why did
your friend kill himself? Was he a vampire, too?”
      “He was my first best friend. Later on, he was angry with
me for becoming a vampire and keeping it from him. When I was
with Amaedo’s company, he took over it. My mother had told me
he would be a disaster when I made him. After he had control, he
cast himself into fire.”
      “How sad. You say that I remind you of them, these people
you loved so much. Does that mean you have the same feelings
for me?”
      “Yes,” he answered simply.
      My insides decided to become a pinball arena. My heart
was the pinball. I began to tremble again and leaned forward. I
put my head in my hand and held my belly. He moved closer.
“Why do I feel like this?” I groaned.
      “Just relax. Don’t let it take over. Breathe slowly,” he
guided, taking the hand that was in my lap. “Breathe, honey.”
      Maybe I should’ve taken that drink. I took a deep breath
and felt a little better. “Thanks. It’s…” I shook my head.
      “I know it sounds strange, but it’s true. I can’t help it.
That’s how I am. And you are a gift. I need you right now.” He
stroked my hair back, then lifted my face. I leaned back, laid my
head on the top of the couch, and stared at Jeff. He moved
closer, taking my small body into his hands gently, pulling me
closer toward him in a hug. I could do nothing but hold onto his
sides. “Are you calm, chérie?”
      “Yes.” I looked up at his face.
      “Hold onto that. I’ll try not to hurt you,” he promised. His
head lowered and he kissed my neck. My heart rate increased.
“It’s ok. Calm down. Just a little one,” he consoled. One of his

hands moved onto my neck. “So beautiful,” he murmured,
holding me tightly. As his lips moved over my neck, I felt his
teeth brush against my skin. Then a searing pain went through
me. He penetrated my skin. My body tensed. Relax, came into
my head. Relax, again. So I tried. The pain wasn’t so great now.
      Next, I felt something being drawn out of me. I held onto
his neck as tightly as I could. It continued like that for a long
while. Finally, I just grew so, so tired. Good night.

       I woke up in my room. Getting out of bed, I stumbled over
to my mirror. I had a headache. Suddenly, I reeled and started to
fall. I was dizzy now. “Allie!” Someone caught me. I felt like
fainting again. “Allie, wake up!”
       “Mark?” I asked, trying to stand up.
       “Don’t! Let me help you. What happened?” He put me back
in my bed. “Baby, you don’t look…” he gasped.
       “What is it?” I asked.
       “Honey, did you know that Jeff bit you?”
       “Yeah. Is that all he did?”
       “Um, lay out flat and let me look at you.”
       “Sure, doctor.”
       “Now, just stay still,” he ordered.
       “Where would I go?” I joked.
       He smiled distractedly. His hands felt my neck, then lifted
my shirt and felt my belly. Meanwhile, he was muttering under
his breath incoherently. He pressed down. “Ah!” I let out.
       He looked at my face. “Sorry. That hurt?”
       “A little.”
       “My stomach.”
       “I knew it.” He sat by me on the bed.
       “What? Is it bad?”
       He wouldn’t look at me. “He gave you some of his blood.”
       “What does that mean? How?”
       “After you lost your blood, he gave you some of his. Not
enough to change you, but enough to mark you. So…” he
swallowed, “you might have… enhanced abilities.”
       “Like what?”
       “Whatever abilities you already have will be magnified ten

      “Wait, what of my IQ?”
      “It’s the same as before. Yet once you begin absorbing
information, you can better retain it.”
      “Are you angry with me?”
      “No, you were helpless.”
      “You angry with Jeff?”
      “Then what’s wrong?”
      “I care for you, Allie. I just wanted to be the first one to
drink your nectar. Now I can’t.”
      “Mark, there are other things I can let you be the first to
do,” I took his hand as I said this. Like turn me on, I thought,
      He looked at me then, and hinted, “Like your body. Your
      “Uh, I don’t think I get you.” I played dumb.
      “Yes, you do. Shall I show you what I mean?” Turning, he
lay me back. His hand left mine and felt my side instead.
      “No, not now. I’m way too dizzy. Don’t even try anything,
buddy!” I reiterated.
      “Please, just a tad. Nothing serious.”
      “No, Mark! Are you crazy. We’ve only known each other
for about a week.”
      “Remember, I’ve not been in a relationship with anyone
else this long before. And I am extremely fast. If I had had it my
way, I would have had you that first night and every night since.
Maybe even the day,” he confided.
      “Oh, la vache! Mon Dieu! You are fast!”
      “Only to a human like you. I told you, time is irrelevant.”
      “Which means you’d inconvenience me.”
      “No. Not at all. I understand your needs but I’m saying that
to me the time doesn’t matter.”
      “Ok, I think I get you. But is sex that important to you?”
      “It’s only a natural occurrence. If it happens, it happens.
It’s not the best thing in the world.”
      “You sure?”
      He laughed. “Maybe with you, it is. But I don’t know that
      “You mention that as if it would happen,” I pointed out,
sitting up.

      “It will.”
      “How do you know? Why are you so sure.”
      “I don’t have to be a psychic to know that,” he grinned.
      “Oh, really?” I challenged.
      “Yeah.” He turned toward me, scooting closer.
      “Ha! Well, how do you know exactly?” I asked again,
moving closer to my wall.
      “Because of how things are going right now. You and I
have awesome chemistry. Everything’s just right. It might not be
tonight, but it’ll eventually happen. There’s no doubt about it,
babe.” He crept closer.
      I pulled my legs in. “Sure. Whatever you say.” I rolled my
      He crawled over my legs. “Even though it might not happen
today, that doesn’t mean something won’t.” His face stopped
inches from mine. Staring into my eyes, he spoke softly, “Malek,
malek, the perfect little malek.” One of his hands touched my
face. It slid down over my neck, shoulder, then arm. After
holding and kissing my hand, he touched my knee. A trail of
tingles followed. With both hands, he opened my legs and
straightened them out on either side of him. Then one of his
hands led my face to his.
      Once more, his lips swallowed mine. His hand held my face
and his other wrapped around my back and fiercely pulled me
closer. “Allie, you are so hot right now,” Mark mumbled as his
lips studied my face and neck.
      “How so?” I asked.
      He lay us down. Your temperature is rising. I can sense it.”
His hand moved under my shirt. Wait, shirt? Maybe Jeff changed
me when he brought me back. Ooh, weird. I was snapped out of
my thoughts when Mark bit my tongue. “Oww!” I said.
      “Sorry, baby. Forgot you aren’t a vamp.”
      How do you forget something like that? “Am I bleeding?”
      “No… If you want, you can taste my blood.”
      “Is blood good? I’ve only tasted my own.”
      “Of course it is!”
      Yeah, ok, stupid question for a vampire. “How do you keep
from getting a disease?”
      “We can tell who has a disease and who doesn’t. We’re not
that primitive. Only logmin have problems like that.”

      “Here.” He bit his tongue, then kissed me. Blood spilled
onto my tongue and fell down into my throat. Something carnal
stirred in me. The blood filled my mouth and touched my throat
as nothing else had. It was warm, thick, and tasted sweet, unlike
my own salty blood. Vampire blood. Delicious. A wave passed
over me. When he tried to pull away, I pulled him back. He
broke free, saying, “Don’t take too much. You’ll get sick, baby.
‘sides, your body can’t handle anymore without you having to
lose some blood yourself. You do understand?”
      “Yeah. I got carried away, I guess.”
      “Don’t be embarrassed. If you ever get in the mood to, you
know, drink blood, I’ll be here.”
      “Are you ok?”
      “Yeah. I’m cool.” He sat back against the wall.
      I turned toward him. “Are you tired?” I asked in a bimbo-
like voice.
      “No.” He gazed at me strangely.
      “Then are you tired of me?” I continued in the same
      “Never. What are you getting at?”
      “You’re acting like you don’t want to touch me anymore.
As if I have a disease or something.” My tone became hard.
      “But I do. What is wrong with you?”
      “Nothing. Turning away, I got up and wandered across the
      He sat there for a few seconds, then cautiously slid in front
of me. “Baby, you’re acting weird.”
      “I’m not a baby,” I replied hotly.
      “No, you’re not. What would you have me call you then?
      “Just call me Allie. Or malek would be fine. Don’t call me
what I’m not.”
      “Ok… Allie, what’s going on?”
      “Don’t lie to me.”
      “On one level, I’m not. It depends on your reality.”
      He caught on suddenly. Sweeping me off of my feet, he
walked over to the bed and tossed me on. Quickly, he came over

me and pinned me down. “You little bitch!” he laughed. Then he
kissed my face, moved down to my neck. “What about now?”
      “No.” I smiled.
      “I can try, can’t I?” He grinned into my neck. His hands
left my arms and grabbed my sides. He turned us on our side and
slid his hands into my shirt. His temperature was naturally higher
than mine. I arched my back. He pulled me into him harshly. His
hand ran up my back. I held his arm and tried to push it away
from my bra strap. I had no doubt he was an expert at unhooking
them. He fought me a little bit to make me squirm against him.
Then he played with my waistline. I fought him off there as well.
      “Stop trying to undress me.”
      “If I wanted to, I could.”
      “I know that.”
      His hand ran up my side. “So why resist in the first place?”
      “Stop. I have to visit Maury today.” I wriggled away and
put on my sneakers.
      “Aw, you suck!”
      “You wish.”
      “Ain’t Maury Sam’s bro?” he changed the subject.
      “What is with you?”
      “Never mind it.”
      “You on your cycle or something?”
      I narrowed my eyes. “Why is it that every time a woman
gets angry, the man says, ‘Oh, it’s just that time of the month,’
like we can’t be angry any other time?”
      He grabbed my arm tightly. “Where’s Maury’s room?” he
asked coldly.
      “Room 283.”
      Just like that, we were there. I wrenched my arm away from
Mark and knocked. “You really need to have sex. Get rid of all
that extra energy.”
      Whirling around, I spat out hotly, “I thought that only
human boys were arrogant and said idiotic, asinine things but I
guess that goes for all males, human or animal.”
      Mark slammed me against the hallway wall with a force
that would scare a normal human. “You dare say that one, I am
pompous, and two, I am an animal. I very much think that you

should revoke that statement and all like it. I do not disrespect
you so do not disrespect me,” he growled, glaring at me.
     “Fine!” I tried to slow my heart, which was pumping out
     “Why are you pissing at me?” he demanded.
     “I was just confirming something.”
     “Don’t ever test me!” he almost yelled. Then he hugged me.
     Someone came out of their room and said, “Please keep the
noise down.”
     “Sorry,” Mark said offhandedly, still staring at me
intensely. A door closed. Mark held me against him at that
moment. I gazed up at his beautiful face, into those awesome
green eyes of his. Closer, closer to him.
     I was caught up in the sensation of his body wrapped
around mine. His heat against my cheek. “Mark,” I breathed. His
eyes and manner did not change as he leaned down and kissed
me. Apparently, he’d bit his tongue again and blood poured into
me, that sweet, thick juice. “Ready to go in,” he asked softly
when he pulled away, same expression on his face.
     I nodded. “Yeah, honey. Let’s go.”
     He held my waist and we knocked on the door. Maury said
to come in. He was sitting by his window. “Hi. Nice of you to
come visit me,” he greeted.
     “Hey. Do you know Mark?” I asked, going to sit by him.
     Mark stood behind my chair. “Hello, Maury,” he waved.
     “Hey,” Maury nodded. How much it would have helped
things if he’d answered my question.
     “How are you feeling?” I wondered.
     “A lot better. I might be awake for dinner today. By
tomorrow, I’ll be able to walk around freely.”
     “Good for you.” I squeezed his hand. “Has Cris been here?”
     “Nope. Course not. Didn’t expect her to. Sam did, though.”
     “Does anyone like Cris?” Mark inquired.
     “No. not once they get to know her,” Maury laughed.
     “What have you been doing?” was my question.
     “Reading, mostly.”
     “Reading what? More sci-fi novels?”
     “Yeah. Course. What else would I read?”
     “Don’t know!” I lifted the right corner of my mouth.
     “What do you do for fun, Mar?” Mark asked.

      “Read,” we both answered. Then we laughed.
      “Ok,” Mark said slowly. “If you don’t mind, I need to catch
a meal.”
      “Well, guess I’ll see you later,” I said.
      “Yeah.” He walked out.
      “Did you hear all that racket? Two people were fighting in
the hallway,” Maury asked.
      “Oh. No, I heard nothing.” Cough.
      “Well, anyway, I‘ve finished Broemmer’s books and am
starting on Ricking’s series.”
      “Cool. You like Broemmer?”
      “He’s not as good as Shelter and he’d never beat Alexia
Clarence, but I like him fine.”
      I nodded. “You’ll love the series.”
      He waited a while before he asked, “Is Mark special to
      “What do you mean?”
      “There were some flares between you as you came in. You
looked as if to kill each other with love as you came in.”
      I choked. “Love?” I peeped. Then I cleared my throat. “I’ll
admit we’ve grown close in a short amount of time. Yet…” yet
what? I knew that this guy would affect me my whole life. If it
wasn’t love I felt for him, what the hell was it? Infatuation? No,
I was infatuated with Jeff, not him. I didn’t feel my insides melt
with Mark. He was there like my body was. We tuned in to each
other. I felt so self-assured with him. So… love, infatuation, a
crush? None, it was as it was. “Yet I wouldn’t call it love.” Yet.
      Then what was it? It irked me, trying to figure out what
was passing between us. Should I ask him? Would he even
comprehend? I needed an answer. But not now. I had to tend to
Maury. I guided him off of the odd subject and onto his
uneventful life. No more questions about Mark and I left the 13-
year-olds lips, which were very thin. He reminded me of Ghandi,
skinny and smart. His brown hair was a mess. Fleeting thought of
Mark’s red hair. Where was he? Stop it. Pay attention to Maury.
What did Mark feel? Shut up.
      Finally, Maury decided to take a nap so I left. I went back
to my room, wondering when the hell Cris was coming back. Her
bed and belongings were untouched. Should I worry? Nah, forget

it. I watched a movie. It was some old horror movie. Pretty
funny. Until I screamed. Someone grabbed me and flung me on
my bed. “Help!” I tried to scream. No sound came out. I tried to
fight off the intruder. A good uppercut to his jaw sent him
reeling backwards. Getting to my feet, I ran out into the hall and
clambered up the stairs. It was then that I was tackled. I hit my
ribs on the steps and the wind was knocked out of me. Still, I
       Rapist was one possibility that ran through my head as I
was dragged back to my room. My door was closed and locked.
Once again, I was forced onto my bed. I stared at my wall.
Suddenly, he slapped me. Bewildered, I looked up and blinked.
“Stupid girl! Who do you think I am?” Mark asked.
       “Oh, mon Dieu! Mark! You scared me shitless!”
       “More like clueless.”
       “Don’t do that! Please stop sneaking up on me,” I begged,
squeezing him.
       “Oh, malek.” He pulled me up into him.
       I sighed with relief. “Did you drink?” I leaned back to look
into his glowing eyes.
       All of a sudden, I felt some insane jealousy. “Let me see
the victim.”
       “Ok.” He got up. “Want to run?” His hand extended.
       “Fine.” I took it. Zip! We disappeared. Once in his suite, he
pressed against the wall again. It dissipated and I went in. He
opened a drawer in the floor. It revealed a woman of 20 years.
She was a beautiful Latina. Brown, curly, soft hair; eyes closed
but probably brown; body of a model. “You only take the
beautiful people?” I asked, touching her silk lingerie.
       “No,” he answered.
       She was a good two inches taller. I moved closer to her.
Such a shame to put such beauty to waste. “This is why all the
pretty people are few in number,” I muttered offhand. Realizing I
sounded so lookist, I paused.
       “Touch her if you want. She can’t hurt you,” he urged.
       I felt her face, which was still a bit warm. A vision flashed
in my mind of him embracing her, running his hands over her
voluptuous body. I shuddered. I began to cry as my hands studied

her frame. She was beautiful beyond comparison. My hand barely
covered her hip. “Did you enjoy it?”
      “Why wouldn’t I?”
      I leaned against this girl’s full body, continuing to weep.
Her breasts were my pillows. “Could you love her?”
      “Yes, I could. There are many girls I could love but I
choose to be with you.”
      “Couldn’t you leave me then? Why me with all of these
able bodies?”
      “Simply the fear. I’d never find this same chemistry. Do
you understand that I’ll take no one else?”
      “But look at her!” I screamed. “She’s the one you should be
with. Make her a vampire!”

                  Chapter Five
      “You mean that?”
      “Yes,” I spoke with conviction.
      I turned around to face him. “Ok. Do your magic.”
      “You can do it yourself,” he declared, grabbing me. As he
bit me, I gasped. So different from Jeff's bite. My body went
limp. I let out a moan as he drank. It didn't hurt but it paralyzed
me. «Stop!» I tried to say. He held me tighter. This is what it
was like to die. This is what she felt, I thought, staring at her
face. I felt extremely dry inside, like a corn husk. No motor
skills at all, I couldn't even blink. My heart had ceased to beat.
Ever so gently, I was laid on the floor. I stared up at Mark.
      He seemed to be doing something internally. Oddly, I saw
Jeff appear behind him. I couldn't believe my eyes when they
embraced like lovers would. They seemed to be kissing then. I
realized they were fusing their blood. To anyone normal, they
looked like a homosexual couple. That was when my skin
pricked. Maybe they were considered gay to other vampires.
They sure had a lot of explaining to do. Either way, the whole
process was neat. Not a drop spilled.
      Uh oh! I thought as my body felt like it was splitting. Is
that my soul coming out? I thought, panicking. I'm dying! Hurry

up! I directed at them. They finished their vamp make-out
session and kneeled down on either side of me. Together, they
bit me. Dudes, I have no blood left! I thought. But they injected
some sort of needle into my skin. Then, ceremoniously, they bit
each other's wrists. They put them, one by one, against my lips.
Blood dripped into my mouth. Surprisingly, I didn't choke as it
ran straight down my throat as if it knew where to go. I didn't
swallow at all. Didn't have to. The blood did its job.
      Jeff kissed me first, breathing into me as his blood
continued to come into me. His tongue gently massaged mine as
his life force flowed from him. His hand curled under me and
held me against him. Slowly, my body was coming to life. Then
Mark took his turn. He held me ever so gently, pushing his blood
into mine. My heart was pumping so hard now, processing this
new liquid. My soul snapped back into place. Mobility returned
at my full command and my arm wrapped around his neck to pull
him closer.
      I felt a strong connection to him. Completely in tune, it felt
like we were one and the same. Even our heartbeats were now the
same. The rhythm moved me. I felt his heart against mine,
directing my heart’s beat. Thump thump. So hard. His body, his
eyes, his hair. Now it was infatuation. Is that a step forward or
backward? Blood given, I changed this transformation into a
kiss. He allowed himself to be led into me. Both his arms held
me to him to his chest. I never wanted to release him, but I had
to be realistic. I enjoyed it for this moment. He kissed my neck
underneath my chin.
      Now came the shivers, the trembles. And gently, Jeff
guided him away. I let him go, collecting myself. I knew I was
changed in more ways than one. Rising to my feet as they
watched on their knees, I looked around. Taking in the smells,
the sights, the feel of the air or the fabric on my body, the taste
of the air, the sounds of the ocean was my goal. I felt serene and
peaceful. Mark and Jeff’s thoughts were revealed to me
suddenly. Mark was thinking of how I was taking this and Jeff of
my similarity in movement to Aeryn.
      “We need to talk,” I decided in a new, stronger voice.
      They rose to their feet and led the way out. At the wall,
they turned back to look at me. “Say goodbye to her for now.

You can change her later. I’ll explain how but not at this
moment,” Mark directed.
      I stepped up to the girl, realizing she wasn’t dead but in a
dreamless sleep. “Only for a little while,” I murmured. I held her
face, which was losing life with every minute.
      “Hurry. The longer we wait, the sooner she’ll die,” Mark
informed me.
      Leaning closer, I kissed her soft, full lips. Whispering,
“Later, my sweet,” I followed Mark and Jeff. We went to Jeff’s
suite, which seemed to be the favorite hangout nowadays. I sat in
Jeff’s chair and they sat on the couch. “Obviously, I have some
questions, the first of which is about that awkward display.
Explain to me these homo-like behaviors.”
      “Well, you already know about me. Vampires don’t really
distinguish sexual orientation. What you consider ‘gay’ behavior
is probably considered normal to our kind. What transpired
between Mark and I had nothing to do with preference. It’s just
as you humans might shake hands,” Jeff explained.
      “That doesn’t fully cover my question. Are you or are you
not? Or rather, were you?” I elaborated.
      “I had taken a few males in my human life if that’s what
you mean. I had no preference. It mattered not to me who you
were. If the party was willing, I’d partake. In fact, that’s the
reason I became a vampire. I went home with the wrong person,
did the deed, and he turned me into a vampire.”
      “You could have a few hundred bastards lying around, the
both of you,” I said sharply.
      “A discussion for another time, my dear,” Jeff touched my
      “So much for you to answer for,” I sighed.
      “And all the time in the world to tell you,” he replied.
      “For myself, I’ve never done it with a guy in the human
sense. Although I have connected like I did with Jeff earlier.
That’s something way better than sex. I’ve done almost
everything save for sex with males. I don’t see what you’re
getting at,” Mark supplied.
      “Vampires don’t question sexuality? Uh… life partners?
Companions? Pretend like you’re human for a moment. If you
were, could you take a man as your partner?” I rephrased.

       “Yes,” they both answered, only slightly puzzled. Now that
I think back on it, they were probably playing with me. “Why
shouldn’t we?” Mark wondered.
       “You’re not understanding me!” I sighed again. “Let me put
it bluntly. Are you bisexual or not?”
       “Oh!” they both said, glancing at each other. Jeff spoke
first. “You mean…” They both began to laugh. “Honey, all
vampires are bi. We don’t have to choose like humans do. We
don’t fight over such stupid things,” Mark added.
       “Ok,” I said slowly. “That makes sense.”
       “When one becomes a vampire, one realizes there is no
choosing. You can’t have one without the other. No one can
survive alone and so almost any company is welcome. The most
unlikely couples derive.”
       “Like Amaedo,” Mark snickered.
       “Please don’t remind me! I can’t stand that sort of
weakness,” Jeff waved.
       I laughed. “I know this sounds perverted but I want to know
if you two would kiss each other without the blood,” I dared.
       “Why?” they asked.
       “To prove your security… Do you like each other?”
       “Mark’s alright. He could be my companion,” Jeff said
       “Jeff’s a fine lad.” Mark grinned, patting him on the back.
They both laughed.
       “So kiss!” I urged.
       “I’d rather kiss you instead,” they both answered.
       “We don’t love each other yet,” Mark answered as if
everyone should know the answer.
       “Just the same. If you want to kiss me, kiss each other
first,” I compromised.
       “What is your fetish with us kissing?” Jeff wondered.
       “I want to know something.”
       “The things we do for this girl.” Mark said as an aside. We
all laughed, then Mark turned toward Jeff. “Come here,” he told
him tenderly.
       I suppressed my feelings as Jeff leaned toward Mark. My
heartbeat quickened so I knew Mark’s had. Jeff took Mark into
his arms and Mark kissed him first. After a few seconds, Jeff let

him go. “Whoa,” I mouthed. They’re really serious, was my
       “Now are you satisfied?” they asked.
       “There was nothing in that kiss!” I protested.
       “Did you expect there to be? What do you want? That
flashy, movie, passionate kiss?” Mark asked.
       “A little bit.”
       They laughed. “Can we close this deal?” Mark requested.
       “Deal?” I squealed.
       “Don’t play stupid. You owe us both a kiss. Now, come on
so you can change the girl.” Mark yanked me up.
       “Fine. How do I run?”
       “Know where to go and go,” Jeff told me, skimming me as
he walked by. Funny, but I’d always associated that move with
teenage boys. Huh.
       I felt a rush and we were all there, in the morgue. “That
wasn’t so hard,” I noted offhandedly. “Ok. I’m your student,
       Mark took my hand and led me in front of the girl. “This is
a preserver. Keeps them in the same state. If they’re barely alive,
they sleep, as you’ve noticed. If they’re dead, their bodies are
kept from decomposing. She is alive but unconscious. Take her
in your arms. Support her. Hold her as if to kiss her,” he
       I held her head and her back. “Now what? Bite her?”
       “There’s a way to do it. Now remember this, there’s no
guarantee she’ll like you.”
       “I know.”
       “Here, watch how I bite Jeff.” He turned. Jeff let him take
full reign. Mark bent Jeff backward and dramatically inserted his
       “Doesn’t that hurt you?” I questioned.
       “Always,” Jeff replied.
       I smoothed the hair from the woman’s neck. My tongue ran
over my teeth. They felt like Mark’s, like Jeff’s. I had studied
those teeth in their mouths, felt them graze my skin. The changes
continued. I felt them. Her skin felt different to me. I imitated
Mark’s lead. Mark pulled back from Jeff. “Dig in until you feel
the vein… That’s it… Now remove your teeth and suck…
Beautiful,” he guided me.

       There was only a little blood left of course. I looked at him
as if to ask, “Now what?”
       “Give blood back,” he said simply.
       I laid her on the floor and bit into my wrist. Dull, throbbing
pain greeted me. Opening the girl’s mouth, I put my wrist over it
and squeezed blood into her. After a few minutes, I couldn’t take
it anymore. I kissed my wrist and bit my tongue. After I tasted
blood, I leaned down and stuck my tongue into her mouth. Do
your work, I thought. Pushing in farther, I breathed into her as
well. I felt her heart begin to beat a little stronger. Her breath
became even and noticeable. Some time passed and she grasped
my hand. Progress.
       Her heartbeat matched mine now; I felt some force
changing hers to match mine. Mine controlled hers. Then the
magical moment came when her eyes opened. Brown, just as I
thought. She looked at me for the first time. “Welcome to your
new life,” I told her, drawing away. I let her begin to sense
things on her own. I sat on my legs. Slowly, she sat up. “Who are
they?” she asked me.
       “Those are my fathers, Jeffery Beale and Mark Ashton.
They made me as I’ve made you. What do you make of this,
       “What am I now?”
       “A vampire.”
       “All of you are?”
       “What do you think?” I asked gently, not in response to her
latter question but as a route off of my former question.
       “I’ve watched you since we got on this ship. I wished but
thought we’d never meet. It seemed so… farfetched, you know? I
didn’t even know you, didn’t know what your type was even.
Dream come true, how you say.” Her accent was so beautiful.
Her voice was soft and definitely feminine. It wasn’t so high that
it was annoyingly girlish, it was pleasant. She sounded as if she
could sing. She laughed gently.
       And here I sat, fully expecting her to be pissed at Mark for
nearly killing her. Turns out she had the hots for me. “Well, this
isn’t a dream. This is real life,” I said, delighted.
       “Tell me, why are you not afeared?” Mark asked her.
       “My sister was a vampire. One bit her. I’ll tell you more
about it later but right now, let me know you,” she replied.

      “Then, let’s back to my room for a small discussion. Then
we shall take a day’s rest even though you three don’t need it,”
Jeff decided.
      Rising to our feet simultaneously, we glided out of the
room. Mark closed the wall, and then we walked as a uniform to
Jeff’s suite. A few people in the hallway stared at us as we
floated past. The girl and I walked in front of Jeff and Mark,
holding hands. Lustful glances followed us as well as pure awe.
Sigh. We’d reached the room now. I pushed the door open and
we strolled in. Together, we sat down on the longer couch. “Tell
me your name,” I directed at the girl.
      “Amada Valejo,” she responded.
      “Allison Dutch.”
      “I know. I saw you, both of you at dance.”
      “You were in that Latino couple I voted for!” I realized.
      “Si. That was Laredo Allejandra, an acquaintance.”
      “Ok… You know, we’ve been blessed to meet each other.”
      “Oui,” Jeff agreed.
      “Aye,” Mark nodded.
      “Even more question arise in me now,” I sighed.
      Jeff kissed my forehead. “Little one, it’s time to sleep. I’ll
explain your lifestyle tomorrow,” he promised.
      “I am tired.”
      “Come. We’ll share my coffin. Mark and Amada can use
the bed.” He guided me toward the locked room.
      “No sex!” I made sure to tell Mark.
      “Not like I could anyway. She really is gay,” he replied.
      I rolled my eyes. Jeff waited for me to lay down first. He
locked the door. “You sure you can’t reproduce?” I asked him as
he lay beside me.
      “Yes. Why? Want me to prove it?” he smiled.
      “Ha! Funny.”
      “Shh. Let the sleep come over you. You don’t need to sleep
at daytime like I do yet you’re so tired now.” He held me in his
arms after closing the lid. Now I appreciated his solid body. I
felt safe. From what, who knows? I cuddled into him like I would
a blanket. Then I whispered, “This is weird.”
      “Being in a coffin? It is at first. I don’t know why I like
coffins but I do. A fetish, perhaps, like you about Mark and I.”

      I felt myself blush. “It’s interesting, is all… Do you think
he wants her?”
      “Like he said before, he wants you.” He stroked my face.
Warm now.
      I gulped. After a very long pause I got up the courage to
ask, “Do you?”
      “Yes,” his simple answer to everything.
      “You’re what I’ve been looking for. Just like Aeryn. You
might even have her dreams. From what I’ve seen of your life, I
know you must be related to her somehow. I’ve yet to decipher
how. Now go to sleep. The sun’s coming up and I don’t want you
awake after I am. Understand, love?”
      “Yes, Father.”
      He laughed softly and kissed my face. My body hardened
like stone and I was unconscious. My first vampire sleep.
Dreamless. When I awoke, Jeff was pulling my body closer. The
coffin lid was open and the sun had just set. “Shall we lie
together, ma cherie?”
      “How, precisely?” I wondered suspiciously.
      Laughing, he kissed my neck. “So beautiful. I almost wish I
were human again, just for one night even.” He stroked my face
      “Whatever for?” I asked, almost heartbroken.
      “To love you like a man,” he spoke wistfully.
      I hugged him tightly. “No, Jeff, don’t despair over me.”
      Cold and hard. All over? His tears, red with blood, dripped
onto my arm. “Why not? It’s what I know.”
      “I’ll teach you differently. Don’t do this, Jeff.”
      He kissed me at that moment. Dizziness draped its arm over
me. My whole body began to shake. I’d let him do anything, I
knew. My infatuation with him was too much. When I tried to
touch his back, he whispered sadly, “No, cherie. I’ve told you
I’m not capable of that anymore. I’m sorry.”
      “That doesn’t mean you can’t try!” I cried out in disgust,
leaving him alone in the coffin. My arms folded.
      He sat up. “Try? What do ask of me?”
      “You know exactly what. I know you can. Simply a seed
cannot grow is all that’s wrong with you. I’ve seen your

capability. I’ve seen it. Whatever, fuck it. We don’t need to talk
about this.” I stared out of the window.
       He embraced me from behind. Another shiver. “Cherie,
cherie,” he murmured, drawing me into not only him but also his
spell. I gasped. “Please don’t forsake me, love. I need you as
Amaedo needed me. My malek rose.” His right hand held my
face and his left wrapped around to attach itself to my right hip.
       “What are we to do if you won’t even try?” I began to cry.
Unlike Jeff, my tears weren’t stained with blood.
       “No crying,” he soothed, bending to kiss my throat.
       “I won’t cry over you. Let me go,” my voice became hard.
       Sadly, reluctantly, he released me. “As you wish.”
       I’d left a gash in his heart, I knew. Depleted him of his
nightly blood. At this moment, though, it was hard to care.
“Shall I break the door?” I asked sarcastically.
       He opened the door for me. Mark was already up and in the
kitchenette. Rapidly, he was preparing a meal for himself,
Amada, and I. “Amada is in the shower,” he informed.
       “And what are you making?” I inquired.
       “Mexican pizzas. She likes those. Even though she was
born in Puerto Rico, she grew up in California, Mexico,” he
       “Oh.” I sat in Jeff’s chair.
       Without a word, Jeff flounced out. Mark stared at me.
“What did you do to him?”
       “I only got defensive about one little thing and he…” I
stopped because Mark gave me a strange look. “What?” I asked
       Suddenly, he appeared suspicious of me. His chin jutted
out. “You brought up coitus, didn’t you?”
       “That’s his sore spot. You’re lucky he didn’t kill you.”
       “What of yourself?”
       “I make light of it, he knows that, but you criticized him
for it. Since he loves you, it hit him hard that it was so important
to you and he couldn’t provide it. He must hate you.”
       “Over something so stupid?”
       “He wants to provide you with everything.”
       I was quiet while he set the table. When he finished, I said,
“You and I need to talk.”

      “We are.”
      “No. There’s a subject I want to discuss.”
      “Go ahead.” He sat on the edge of the chair I was in.
      “What do you feel for me?”
      “Adoration. Confusion. Infatuation. Desire. Excitement.
      A beat passed. “Love? Are you even capable of that?”
      “As I am of everything else!”
      “Well, I don’t know what it is I feel for you. It’s not
infatuation and it’s not love. I feel… complete, myself. Uh, I
have no words for it.”
      That intense look came over his face and I knew something
intense was going to happen. Our heartbeats were hard and fast
now. “I can complete you in more ways than one,” he said
      “I know that.”
      “Let me show you.” He leaned closer.
      I put my hand up as if to stop him. His hand reached for
mine. “Wha,” I began but stopped as our hands touched. A jolt
went through us both. Electricity crackled. It leaped from our
fingers and onto the table. Fire, I thought, getting to my feet.
Mark held me behind him and put one hand over the fire. As his
hand moved, so did the fire. He was controlling the fire, I
realized. He put his hand down, palm facing up, on the table. The
fire jumped into his hand. In a daze, I watched him lift it and
swallow the flames. “Oh, my goodness!” I put my hands to my
mouth in shock.
      Turning around, he looked right at me. “That’s never
happened before.”
      “The fire?”
      “How it came out of us. I’ve directed fires, only small ones
before, but never have I seen two people create electricity of that
magnitude just by touching! That was amazing!”
      “Yes, it was.”
      “I told you we had awesome chemistry.” He smiled.
      “I guess so.” I laughed.
      “C’mere.” He grabbed me and held me close. He put our
chests together so we could feel the other’s heartbeats in the
same rhythm.
      “How romantic!” Amada cooed.

       We looked at her and let each other go. “Eh.”
       “In shower felt heart go faster.”
       “Oh. Je crois il et en amour,” I told her.
       Understanding, she laughed. “J’envie. J’ai envier pour tu,”
she responded.
       “Where’d you learn French?” I asked.
       “J’envie tu. Je desire tu,” Mark said in a serious tone.
       I chuckled. “I bet you do.”
       Silence. Both Amada and I looked at him. Dead serious.
“Well, I’m hungry,” Amada broke the silence. We all sat at the

      I learned a lot that night. Mark set Amada and I down and
first had us take a vamp IQ test, then taught us some things. I got
a 108 and Amada got a 150. After the test, he went over vamp
history. Then he taught us the thousands of subspecies of vamps,
even evolved forms. He could only give a brief explanation for
each one, of course. I could only remember a few hundred. No
specifics were delivered for how these splits and evolutions came
along. He only covered the bare minimum. Which is about all I
could handle.
      It was becoming increasingly lighter outside and I was
beginning to worry about Jeff. I excused myself and left.
Standing in the hall, I waited a beat. Where could he possibly
go? Anywhere? I should’ve asked Mark about Jeff’s weaknesses.
Too late now. I started down the hallway. As I came around a
corner, I said, “Hi, Mark.”
      “Didn’t think I’d let you wander off alone, did ya now,
lass?” Mark asked, his accent clear. He stood in front of me, one
hand against the wall, staring at me as he leaned to the side,
hand on his hip. He looked as if he were posing for a picture as
the world’s sexiest bachelor. But then again, he’d pledged
himself to me.
      “Come on.” As I walked by him, he turned and took his
place next to me. “Amada?”
      “Watching a movie. She’s… odd.”
      “It’s a lot different when you actually get to know your
victims, huh?”

      “Don’t get on my case again, please!” He was running his
hand along the wall.
      “Fine… Where would he go?”
      “I dunno. I’ve never pissed him off before.”
      “Hey, don’t get on my case, either.”
      He smirked as a dirty thought filled his head. “Oh, there’s
somethin I wanna get on but it ain’t no case, that’s for sure.” He
      I scoffed. “Boy, you’re promiscuous.”
      “Hell ya. Now let’s find your would-be lover before he
casts himself into the Sun.” He touched my back.
      “Would-be what?” I repeated incredulously.
      “You heard me,” he leaned down to say in my ear a bit
      “I’m not sure if I want to know what that means.”
      “I think you already do.”
      “Whatever.” I rolled my eyes.
      “Seriously, though. He shared his coffin with you. That’s
deep. Logmin rarely share their coffins, if they have one. If they
do, that means you’re really important. ‘Cuz they’d unknowingly
kill anyone who came near them if they were human or they
didn’t like them. So he’s, like, serious about you.”
      “Doesn’t that bother you?”
      “Why should it? It flatters me, actually, that he wants you.
That makes you more valuable.”
      “What about when you two fought that day when you found
out he knew me?”
      “I didn’t know him like I do now. Ever since you appeared,
we’ve gotten along. We’re like brothers almost. We… we talk
      “That’s good, I guess.”
      “You don’t get it. Without you, Jeff and I would be feuding
to the very ends of time itself.” He stopped me.
      I regarded him. Sincerity blasted at me full force. Now I
understood why people were dishonest. All of these truths
weighed on me as the world did on Atlas’ shoulders. “I’m a
peacekeeper?” I questioned.
      “Basically… Look, I think we should split up. We can find
him easier that way.”
      “How will we let each other know-”

      He touched my chest. “Remember, your heart is connected
to mine.”
      Stepping forward, he kissed me quickly, then disappeared. I
stood still for a few seconds. A mental cry I sent out for Jeff. His
time was running out. It was almost dawn. Mark’s words
resounding in my head, I searched the upper decks. Sadly, I
looked over the water at the rising sun. Slowly, I began to cry.
An arm touched my back. Next to me stood Jeff. “Why didn’t
you tell me you were staying out all night? You lied to me.” My
voice conveyed hurt.
      “How so?”
      “I called you and you didn’t come!” I said evenly.
      “I'm here now.”
      “Not when I want you to be.”
      “Such a human emotion,” he whispered lovingly, running a
hand through my hair.
      My eyes closed. Keeping my cool despite my silent tears, I
declared, “Do you expect me to forget my worry for you,
      “No. But if you didn’t still have your human qualities you
would understand how pointless this is.”
      “Stop treating me as if I’m inferior! I want to be your
equal. I thought I was.” I turned away.
      “It’s getting light out. Back to my room,” he decided.
Before I could protest, we were suddenly in his suite, in his
room. Involuntarily, my heart sped up its routine. The door was
shut. “Now,” he began, sitting on the ledge of his coffin
effortlessly, “I’d like to apologize.”
      “You sincere?”
      “On Aeryn’s grave.”
      “Aeryn. You still need her, don’t you?”
      “Tonight, I want to find something out. For now, go to
sleep. I don’t want you to die.” Looking away, I told him this in
the tenderest of voices.
      “I won’t… Would you lie with me again? Or do you have
other matters to tend to?”
      “Well, I need to change and take a shower. I prob’ly stink.”

       He laughed. “Oh, silly girl. Come for at least a moment.”
His arms extended to welcome me into his embrace.
       “Why not?” I shrugged, stepping forward.
       He nearly crushed me. I tilted my head up to see his face.
The body that was so hard barely moved underneath me. Skin
like marble touched me. The heat came to my face. As he saw
this, he smiled. In the sunlight, his hair and eyes were jewels of
multifaceted colors. “Don’t worry. A little sun won’t hurt me,”
he assured me. Holding me across his lap as if I were a baby (or
Chloe?), he lifted my chin, drew my face closer to his, and
delicately let our lips touch. My body melted. “Well, maybe for
today,” I murmured as he slowly lay back in the coffin, taking
me with him.
       “Good.” He continued to kiss me as the lid closed. My body
surrendered to him. And for an odd moment, his body softened to
that of a baby’s. I felt his chest with my hand. He didn’t stop me.
License of the blind he gave me. Muscle everywhere. Definitely
one of the beautiful people. Up, up to his face, his lips. His lips
kissed my fingers as he pulled me closer. My fingers moved
down, taking his loose shirt off. No protest when I touched his
hips, his waist. I wonder… I started to think. “Not today, love,”
he smiled.
       “Why not?” I latched my hand onto his hip.
       “No time. I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now.”
       “Ok.” I curled into him and together, our bodies hardened.
My thoughts took over. Jeff did love me. He’d do anything for
me. He knew all of my secrets. I wasn’t the innocent, outspoken
girl I came across as, and he knew that. The most crooked things
I’d ever done, he already knew. And he loved me for it. In me, he
saw the same dark likeness of Aeryn. She must have been evil.
She must have been beautiful. Definitely, she had been awesome
to enrapture Jeff so. Yes, I’ll find my ties to her, I vowed.

                   Chapter Six
      Eyes of many colors radiated against my retinas. Above me,
Jeff lay, as if we were preparing to make love. Seeing that I was
awake, a soft smile crept onto his face, so separate from his
expression. Inasmuch as I’d just awakened, a bit of addled
thoughts unleashed themselves inside my cranium.
      “Good night, my love,” spilled forthright from his perfectly
shaped “bouche”. What odd words to put together when one is
waking. “Are you awake yet?”
      I stretched. “Oui, Monsieur Beale.”
      He drew back to give me room. “J’adore tes singeries peu.
Tu est tres bete! Bete fille,” he said warmly.
      I giggled as I sat up. “Do you have a computer?”
      “Oui. J’ai un ordinatuer. Suivez moi.” Easily, soundlessly,
he jumped out of the coffin.
      I wandered over to the wall at which he stood. I noted that
he hadn’t replaced his shirt. Various candles had been lit around
the room. “How long did I sleep?”
      “Only half an hour after me. So very tired you are.”
      “Well, I suppose you know how to use it?”

      “Of course!” I took the seat and booted up the computer.
Actually, it was a laptop. Computers were so old. I logged onto
the Internet and launched a search for my family tree. After some
intense digging, I found what I was looking for. “Jeff, look at
      “Ah! Je sais il.”
      “I can’t believe it. I’m related to Aeryn. And Montesqieu.
And… Pocahontas? Oh, no some Native American named Poca
Hintae. But, I’m a descendant of Aeryn!” I chanced a look at
      Tears leaked from his multicolored eyes. As I got to my
feet, he dropped to his knees. I held his head against me and let
him cry. “You must be her, then. You have to be!” he declared.
      “How am I to find out?”
      “Ask Mark. He knows.”
      “I’ll do it later. This seems as much as you can take right
      “Yes, please. Let me touch you?” His marble hand reached
up and stroked my face. Now his infatuation with me was greater
than mine was for him. At least insofar as I knew.
      “Anytime you wish, Father. But please, allow me to get
clean. I very much desire a shower.”
      “Of course, my queen. Je regrette. I’ll let you go. Don’t
stray for long, eh?”
      “No, I won’t.” I kissed his smooth, cold, white cheek, then
pried his arms off of me, and walked out. Mark was playing
himself in chess. “Did you hear?”
      “Yes,” he answered. “Maybe you are her. I remember her,”
he sighed.
      “You knew her, too?”
      “Knew of her. All vamps did. And we all wanted her. It was
out of jealousy that her children murdered her. Such a shame.
And now that I know of your relation to her, I believe you may
be the reincarnation.”
      I nodded. “How can I find out?”
      “I’ll tell you after you shower.”
      “Did you sleep any?”
      “After my heart quickened, I came back. Amada and I got
to know each other more deeply. She’s crazy about you. I told
her what I knew of you. You two are very compatible.”

      “Why is she gay?”
      “Been that way since birth. Basically. Had her first
girlfriend at five. They kissed under a slide every day at lunch.
But I’ll tell you more later. Take a shower first.”
      “Ok. Where is she now?”
      “I taught her how to fly and hunt. There are a few islands
      “Oh.” I went into Jeff’s bathroom.
      “Mind if I join you?” Mark asked from the doorway.
      “Yes. Go away!”
      “Come on. We’re gonna see each other sooner or later.”
      “Geez, you’re still a bitch even after I turned you. Why?”
      “I know I’m changed but I’m still not ready for…” I stared
at him, imagining him in the nude. Quite attractive but still.
      “You never will be if you hold on to your American
      “Still… I don’t think I could handle you like that.”
      “I never even said we’d do anything. I just asked to get in
the shower. That doesn’t mean anything’s gonna happen. Stop
jumping to false conclusions.”
      “Are you mad?”
      “A little because you always assume that all I desire of you
is sex,” he pointed out.
      “Do you?”
      “I admit that I do desire that of you but I’m not forcing you
and that’s not the only thing on my mind. I’m not a human male.
I’m almost 200 years old, damnit! I think I’d have more sense
than that.”
      “I’m sorry if I come across like that. I don’t think that’s all
you want.”
      “Then why keep bringing it up?”
      “Well, I think about it, too.”
      “Well, I want it, too, but I’d have no idea where to begin.”
      He looked surprised. “I’ll teach you.”
      “I know. I’m just scared.”
      “But you’re not scared of Jeff?”
      “I’d let him do anything, you know that. But you, it scares
me. You scare me.”

      “You can hurt me. I don’t like that. You are me in a
different form. You know how to hurt me.”
      “I wouldn’t,” he protested, stepping forward.
      “You slapped me,” I reminded.
      “You were nearly hysterical.”
      “I wouldn’t hurt you.”
      “You’re capable of it. You get rough sometimes.”
      “You like that. It’s provocative and it turns you on. It
excites you.”
      “That’s why you do it?”
      “Yeah. Want me to stop? I don’t wanna ‘cuz I like it just as
much as you do.”
      I stayed silent for a few moments, just staring at him, then I
turned around and started up the shower. Out of nowhere,
something hit me and I fell into the shower. Twisting, I
sputtered, wiped water out of my eyes, and saw Mark’s grinning
face. He was barefoot when he stepped into the shower. “What
are you doing?”
      “I didn’t say we had to be naked, did I?” He leered over
me. Just like someone else had long ago. Stop it. He’s gone from
you. Mark laughed as I struggled to get to my feet. We wrestled
in that large tub in that warm water. Finally, he lifted me and
slammed me onto the porcelain. Quickly, he pinned me. “Ha ha!
I am victorious!” he crowed. “And my how you’ve gotten
      “Ach! You bastard. Let me wash up.”
      “I can wash you.”
      My heart fluttered. I laughed. “Maybe another time.”
      “Oh, darn… I’ll wait for you outside. We’ve got lots to do
tonight if you want to involve Jeff.”
      “Ok. I’ll be quick.” I wiped some of the water from my
face. He helped me up, then locked the door on his way out. How
thoughtful. I stripped off my outfit and let the water pour over
my body. How I bet Mark would have loved to see me like that. I
shivered just thinking about it. I slapped myself. “Stop
fantasizing!” I scolded myself. I stayed in the shower for half an
hour despite my promise to Mark, then clambered out and into

my clothes. After I made my debut in the living room, Mark
rolled his eyes.
      “What the hell was that? Did you wash your insides as
well? Geez, woman! I said a quick shower. That was not quick. I
know I said time is irrelevant but we have things to do tonight.”
      “Sorry!” I sat down. “You know we’ve only got two days
      “Yes. But don’t worry. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of us.
Ok? So don’t even think about crying.”
      “I’m not… Hey, what about aging?”
      “What about it?”
      “How will I age?”
      “However you want to,” he replied.
      “You mean I control it?”
      “Try it.”
      “Uh… ok.”
      “You can do it. Figure it out.”
      “Fine.” I stepped over to the mirror. I imagined myself at
20. What would I look like? I wondered. My form began to
change. I now looked four and a half years older. “What the-”
      “See? You can do it. It’s very simple.”
      I returned to my normal state. “But how am I to make it
look normal? Can I do it slower?”
      “Of course you can! You already know how. Just do it. Like
when you ran. Remember, whenever you want to know how to do
something, just do it,” he instructed.
      “That makes very little sense but whatever.”
      “Ok. Ready to find out if you’re Aeryn?”
      “I don’t know.”
      “Yes, you do.”
      “Je ne sais pas.”
      “Oui. Here, I’ll show you.”
      “Wait. Let me… let me calm down.”
      “It’s ok. But this needs to be done tonight.”
      “Fine, whatever you say.” I put my head in my hands. This
all was so weird. Oh, yeah, I’d picked the perfect time to reflect.
But seriously, what was happening to me, to all of us? Did they
really know or were they posers? And what the hell had

happened to Cris? What would happen when I got back home?
Would anyone be able to tell that I’d changed? I hoped not.
Thank God I was a daywalker. If I had a schedule like Jeff’s I’d
definitely have issues.
      “You ready now?”
      “Yeah. What do we do?”
      “Sit on the floor,” he ordered.
      I followed his directions. “Ok. Now what?”
      He sat down in front of me. “Fold your legs.” I did. “Ok,
now I’m going to hypnotize you. Listen to my voice only. Block
out all sounds. Do exactly as I say. Close your eyes. Feel your
heart beating. Stop all of your thoughts. Let my voice fill your
head. Don’t question, just do. Give me your hands. Close your
eyes.” He put my hands in some weird position. Then he held my
head against his. “Relax. Let go. Let me have control. Imagine
yourself in a desert. The wind is blowing the sand about. The sun
is beating down harshly on your back.
      “You’re walking East, toward a city. There are a few
pyramids to your left, three to be exact. You reach the city.
You’re walking through. These are old buildings, made of
mortar. There’s a palace up ahead, very beautiful and tall. People
watch you as you pass. They bow to you. They are your subjects.
For this is the heart of Egypt. And you are their princess. You
are Pharaoh’s daughter. At the golden gates of the palace, the
sentries also bow at the sight of you.
      “Pharaoh waits for you at the steps. As does the queen.
They walk with you as you enter the main hall. It is time for
dinner. A grand feast of lamb, wine, and many fruits and grain
greets you. There is a handsome young man awaiting you. This is
your betrothed prince. Today you wed. The ceremony has been
prepared for many months. After the banquet, your mother
helped you dress. Flowers were put in your hair. Then they
presented you to your husband. Afterward, a great party is held.
There are dancers, which you lead. Everyone cheers.
      “The party ends and you are taken to the bridal chamber,
where your groom awaits. The doors are closed. It’s time to
consummate your marriage. Tell me what happens.”
      “He takes me, first with his member and then his teeth. I
am now a vampire. I broke away too early and so am only

partially transformed. And now I am the first of my kind, the
logmin. The sun cannot touch my skin, for it would burn.”
      “Come slowly out of it. When I count to three, you’ll be
normal again. One… two… three…”
      I opened my eyes slowly. “Whoa!”
      “Are you alright?”
      “What was that?”
      “A memory.”
      “Of what?”
      “Aeryn’s transformation. That means that you are Aeryn.
Only she would know that.”
      “What about you?”
      “I’m the reincarnated husband.”
      “Oh, I guess that makes sense,” I noted, stretching my legs.
      “Jeff is gonna die.”
      “Excuse me?”
      “When he finds out. He’s already crazy over you, now he’s
never going to leave you alone.”
      “Is that a bad thing?”
      “Not necessarily,” he spoke slowly.
      I let it go for a few. “Wait… why don’t I remember
anything else but that?”
      “It’s like amnesia.” He allowed me to change the subject.
“The memories come back over time. I’ve had 200 years and I’ve
had plenty of time to get mine back.”
      “How’d you die the first time?”
      He drew back from me. An odd look came into his eyes. He
was guarding something, holding back. He got to his feet and
walked away from me. “I don’t know,” he lied.
      “Yes, you do. Don’t lie to me. What happened to not
holding anything back?”
      “There are some things you’re better off not knowing.
Some things to find out on your own.” His voiced was dark, just
like… well… sigh…
      “I’ll take your word on that, then.”
      “Trust me. I don’t want to keep it from you, but it’s
imperative that I do for now.”
      “You sure that’s all?”
      He faced me. “What else could there be?”
      I glanced down at the floor.

      “Are you concerned about Amada?” he inquired. “I don’t
want her, trust me.” He hugged me. “Even though she does look
      “Kidding, malek. In my eyes, no one looks as good as you.”
      “Except Jeff,” we both said together and laughed. Then we
sat at the table. “You thirsty?”
      “Yeah, actually. Now that you mention it.”
      “Come here.” He pulled me onto his chair. Brushing the
hair form my neck, he leaned closer. “Don’t tense up.”
      “Well, your bites don’t hurt like Jeff’s.”
      “Don’t mention him right now,” he pleaded, kissing my
neck. “Let’s go to my room for more privacy.” His voice was
soft, even a little husky. He gathered me up into him.
      “Ok,” I relented.
      That odd thing happened and suddenly we were on his bed,
in his room. The teeth broke through my skin. This time it did
not numb me. This time, as my blood left me, it felt so good. I
felt relieved. He pulled back, lips red from my blood. The look
in his eyes sent a shiver through me. It was so caring. He was so
beautiful. Why was he with me? I wondered sadly. It made it that
much more important to me, knowing that he was so loyal to me.
Pulling his head down toward me, I licked some of the blood off
of his lips. I could tell he wanted more than my blood, however.
So I kissed him. Once again, he pulled my body into his. He bit
my tongue and I bit his. The blood filled our mouths quickly. I
almost felt drunk on it. Heartbeats speeding before they match
paces. Of course, I took more blood than he did.
      His shoulders moved like that of a cheetah in preparation to
attack. He held my neck and kissed it again, very gently. My
whole body tensed and shook. My eyes shut tightly. My
breathing was almost choppy. “M… M… Mark, I… I can’t –I
      “Shh. Malek… let me fill you… I’m yours, hamaria. Zeilep
ashta haznaika,” he hissed.
      “Ami avorey cashli,” I hissed back. My eyes opened.
      “You just spoke logmin.”
      I grinned. Then I held him and rolled him over. I forced
him onto his back and like an animal bit into his neck. I held him

as I drank. “You are mine!” I declared. Gorging myself, I
concentrated on his heartbeat. Finally, composing myself, I lay
my head down on his chest. “Thank you, mon amour,” I breathed.
      His arms held me. “You have good instinct.”
      “What did you expect?”
      “I love you.”
      I licked my lips. “We should tell Jeff.”
      Sighing, he let go of me. “Tonight?”
      “Yes. Tomorrow night we’ll be packing to leave.”
      “You’re right.”
      “What will happen to Amada?”
      “She will go home. Jeff has agreed to take her in. Don’t
worry, you’ll see her again. Remember, we have all the time we
      “True. Oh, I need to find Cris today. I need to see if she’s
      “Of course.”
      “Hey, how often do I need blood?”
      “At least once a week. You don’t need to kill to get it,
either. All you need is a pint.
      “Where do I get it?”
      “There are places that will understand your ‘problem’. Why
do you think they ask so many people to give blood? Here’s a
number you can call to set up something with the nearest blood
bank.” He pulled out his address book from one of his drawers
and ripped out a page. I didn’t even know he owned an address
book or what he’d need it for. As he handed it to me, I asked, “Is
there a certain type of blood I should avoid or what?”
      “O blood is the best type. A ranks second and B is
completely useless to you. They’ll understand.”
      “Ok.” I slipped the paper into my pocket. Then I took his
hand and we appeared in Jeff’s room. He was sitting atop his
coffin. Amada was next to him. “Jeff, it’s true. I’m Aeryn and
Mark had been my husband. You were right,” I announced.
      I never saw him move. I didn’t see anything, actually. The
next thing I knew, we were flying. Jeff was holding me against
him tightly and we were headed toward a piece of land that was
too big to be a rock and too small to be an island. We plummeted
into the soft earth. He didn’t say a word as the ship slowly sailed
away. His eyes were such a bright blue that they were almost

pale. "I will try now,” he whispered. My heart had never beat so
hard or so fast before as Jeffery undressed me. Powerless to stop
him, I only waited as he removed his own clothes. I couldn’t
prevent my self from the inevitable gasp at the sight before me.
His organ was hard and poised as if he were aroused.
       Lips touched me ever so gently. My hands touched him.
Once again, his skin had reverted to being baby soft. His strong
arms held me tightly to him. Our skin was pressed against each
other. “Jeffery, are you sure?” I asked.
       “I am always sure.” He had entered me.
       What the hell is going on? I thought as a sharp pain went
through me. “Jeffery!” I cried out.
       “Relax and it won’t hurt,” he directed.
       What choice did I have but to follow his orders? Suddenly,
I felt really good. Gently he kissed my lips as he exercised his
skills. How sweet of him to do this for me! Elation filled my
body. This time, my body tensed in a good way. All colors
molded in front of my eyes but the end product wasn’t white.
These sensations were so foreign to me. Mark would hate me for
this, I knew. Would he ever get to be first at anything? Swept out
of my thoughts, I noted that Jeffery was squeezing me so hard, I
could feel the blood trickling down my back. Unlike a human,
Jeff didn’t sweat. However, he still put forth a tremendous
amount of effort. His back was so solid underneath my fingers.
       When I finally closed my eyes, he bit me. Pain again, but in
my neck now. Such bliss. I sighed with pleasure. Slipping off
into a world of feelings. My body writhed and danced under
Jeff’s frame. He moved with me. Our bodies, blood, and minds
mixed and combined. His body was warming up. The blood was
coursing through both of us. I had the strangest desire for him to
drain my body of blood. I shook that feeling off. Instead, I bit
his neck. Our thoughts merged. I love you. J’adore tu, ma cherie.
Mon amour. His thoughts in my head. He would definitely never
let me get away from him.
       We were on our side now, and he moaned in ecstasy as his
blood flowed into me and mine into him. His organ filled me so
perfectly, as if it had adjusted to me or something. I wondered
what it would be like if he were alive. Now I understood why his
master had made him a vampire. Those several hundred years did

not rust his abilities at all. “Jeff,” I murmured, my mouth full of
      His mouth found its way to mine. “Quiet, cherie. Let me
work on you,” he whispered, kissing my chin gently. He sucked
on my neck again, then my collarbone, then my breasts. Next, he
moved to my belly. By now I was trembling so badly I almost
looked like an epileptic. To top that off, I was hyperventilating.
My heightened vampire senses were killing me. Everywhere he
had touched me was marked by a warmness. Slowly, he kissed
my hips, then moved toward the center. Softly, he stimulated me.
After he was sure I had achieved an orgasm, he held my body
against his, feeling my tense convulsions until they finally
      “Thank you, Jeff,” I mouthed.
      “The pleasure is mine if it satisfies you, my queen.”
      I could only lay there. “Wow.”
      He dressed us and said, “We must go to the ship now. It is
close to dawn and I must rest. And all of us must prepare for our
      “I do not want you to leave me,” I voiced.
      “I will not be apart from you for I will always know where
you are. Call to me and I will come, no matter what,” he
      “No matter what?” I questioned.
      “No matter what,” he confirmed, lifting me and flying back
to the ship. We landed on the deck and walked briskly to the
lower floors. We glided into his room where Mark was pacing
and Amada was trying to calm him down. They both stared at us
when we walked in. “What the fuck did you do?” Mark
demanded. “I allowed you to touch her, but now you’ve crossed a
      “Mark, understand properly what has transpired between
Queen Aeryn and I,” Jeff started.
      “She was my wife! Before you were even born, she was my
wife!” Mark yelled.
      “So that’s why she-”
      “Shut up! She doesn’t need to know that yet. Geez, will you
let her and I have anything to ourselves? She said she was with
me. Respect that.” Mark continued, grabbing my hand. His grip
was so strong. I was forced to kneel.

      “I know she’s your wife. Nevertheless, she left you. For
me. To be with me,” Jeff countered.
      “No! I know that. But we have hundreds of years in our
past. You couldn’t possibly know the desires of her heart. If she
wanted you now, she’d be with you.”
      “Mark!” I rasped. “Please, let me go,” I begged.
      He practically shoved me away in disgust. “And you let
him. You let him!” he screamed, crying now.
      “Mark!” we all said as he fell to his knees, holding his
head. Amada got to her feet.
      “Oh, God!” His eyes squeezed shut.
      “Mark, stop! I love you. I want to be by your side. Jeff and
I are close but you are my other half. You make me whole. You
were my husband. I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you, in both
lives. Jeff is only innocent. What did you expect? He needs me.
And he can’t have me without you. We come as a package. Do
you understand me? You and I belong to each other. So you
cannot abandon me. Now grow up and act like a man. Act like
the vampire you are. I never want to see you complain again,” I
told him evenly.
      He regarded me.
      “We should all get packing for tonight. We’ll be back home
pretty soon. Meet me on the deck, port side at the rail at 8 p.m.
Don’t be late. We’ll share a drink, then depart. Whenever you
desire to, find me in my hometown. Is that clear?” I ordered.
      “Yes,” they all answered simultaneously.
      “Good. I bid you good-night.”
      “It’s quite near morning, actually,” Amada mentioned.
      “Whatever,” I shrugged, kissed her cheek, then headed out
to my room. Ironically, I almost forgot where it was. As I finally
stumbled in, I saw something I definitely wasn’t expecting.
“Cris!” I exclaimed.
      She looked up at me brightly. “I haven’t seen you in
forever!” she squealed, jumping to her feet and squeezing me.
      Warmly, I returned her embrace. “What’s been happening
to you? I’ve been so worried,” I enthused.
      “I’ve been so worried,” Sam imitated.
      I broke away from my friend and lightly socked Sam on the
arm. I knew I had to be careful now not to hurt him. He laughed,
as I expected him to do. I sat on my bed, where I hadn’t been for

what seemed like ages. This room was so alien to me now. That
window I had so lovingly looked out of now seemed desolate and
empty. None of this belonged to me now. Not like it ever did to
begin with since it was the ship’s. I sighed. “But seriously,
what’s up with you?”
       “Nothing much,” she shrugged, shoving clothes into her
       “Why aren’t you packing?” I asked Sam.
       “I finished it yesterday,” he bragged.
       “Then you can pack my things,” I joked.
       “Yeah, right!” he scoffed. “I don’t like ya that much.”
       We all laughed. “How’s Maury?”
       “He finally came out of his room.”
       “That’s good. He’s always getting sick.”
       “Tell me about it. That’s why I avoid him.” Who else but
Cris would say something so selfish and heartless?
       “Right,” I said slowly. Getting to my feet, I began
gathering my belongings. “Wow, we’re really leaving. I just want
you guys to know that I really appreciate this. This has been such
an odd but cool experience for me.”
       They both smiled. “Same here. Thank you for coming. It
would have been so boring without you. Even though we haven’t
spent time together like I wanted, I did enjoy our every moment
together,” Cris said, hugging me again.
       “It was cool havin' you tag along. Anytime I travel, I want
to take you with me,” Sam supplied, joining our hug.
       “Let’s go to the deck and watch the ocean until our last
dinner together on board this fine ship,” Cris suggested.
       “Wonderful idea,” I agreed, leaving my suitcase half
packed. All holding hands, Cris, Sam, and I walked down the
hall to the elevator. Being silly, we danced to the elevator music.
Ah, to feel normal, human again. Not having to worry about
honesty, fidelity, and intense feelings. Not having to fret over
hidden passions and smothering love. I was free of an unnamed
bondage. The wind caressed my skin as Jeff and Mark had done
so many times before. Sam and Cris both held me from each side.
I felt content being with them. By listening to their thoughts, I
could tell that they felt the same.
       Our bonding moment was ruined when suddenly, some
blond kid decided to expel his breakfast into the beautiful green

ocean. Since the sea was turbulent at the moment, all three of us
got sprayed by whatever food it had been. We all groaned in
disgust and broke apart. “Even if I’m a vampire, that is still
disgusting!” I declared.
      Sam laughed. “You are strange, Allie.”
      I just smiled at him. You idiot! I thought angrily to myself.
Can’t you be careful? This is dangerous. No one can know how
you’ve changed during this trip.
      “Let’s go back down to our room and clean off. I am not
getting off this boat looking like a drunk red-head from New
York!” Cris exclaimed.
      “Talk about your stereotypes.” I giggled as we began to
run. As we entered the bathroom, we all were struck by a fit of
laughter. Sam turned on the water and clumsily; we washed our
arms and faces. Splashing water on each other, we could barely
stand up. Sam slipped in the water on the floor and fell on me. In
turn, I fell on Cris. We could not stop laughing. “Some… one…
turn… off… the… water,” Cris tried to say.
      “Ok!” I answered. “Sam, move!”
      “No, I’m very comfortable right here,” he replied.
      “Sam, remember that I’m between you and your sister.”
      “Yeah, that’s a turn-off.” He was convinced and got to his
      I lunged for the faucet and turned the water off. Then I
relaxed against Cris’ chest. “Alright.”
      She guffawed. “We’ll be home in a few hours. This is
awesome. Sam can finally move out of the house.”
      “Aw, that’s harsh,” I said, reaching out to hold his hand.
      “I won’t be far away. Cris and Maury will spend the night
sometimes. You should, too.”
      I glanced up at his face. He looked suspicious and devious.
“Are you serious?”
      “If you want. It’s your bo-er, it’s your choice. Our parents
trust us, don’t they?”
      “What are you insinuating?”
      “Ugh, you are so dense, Allison! The only reason he’d want
you to spend the night is to commit illegal, immoral acts with
him,” Cris ruled.
      “Ha! Funny for you to speak of illegal and immoral acts,”
both Sam and I pointed out.

      “That wasn’t the point I was trying to get across,” she
      I pulled my hand away from Sam and gazed at him in
wonder. He didn’t strike me as one of those men who would take
advantage of younger people. Actually, I’d believe him to go
after older women. He hated anyone younger than him in fact.
That leaves the question of why he finds me attractive. Well, I
guess I could just peak into his mind and find out now, huh? I
was an exception, I knew. Was that good or bad? “You really
think about that?” I inquired.
      “I’m only a man. We think all sorts of strange things, none
of which I’m about to divulge,” he said.
      “I wouldn’t ask you to.” I wouldn’t have to, I added
      “Finish packing so we can eat,” he ordered.
      “Right.” I climbed to my feet again. I completed my
packing and set it on my bed. “Let’s go!” When I saw Maury in
his seat, I gave him a huge hug. “Maury!” I squealed.
      “Allison! I’m all better now. Will you come to my birthday
party on Thursday?”
      “Sure. I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I promised.
      “You’re not serious, are you?” Cris wondered.
      “Of course I am. I can be friends with all of you, can I
not?” I replied.
      “Whatever.” Flipping her hair, she took her seat.
      “It’s nice to see everyone at the table again,” Cris’ dad said
      “Paul, stop staring,” Mrs. Dayner ordered.
      This was beginning to become a regular occurrence.
      I chose to ignore it. Cris started singing. She did have a
beautiful voice. One by one, the rest of us joined in, Sam first,
then Maury, me and finally the parents. What fun. I almost felt
human again. Until the feeling came over me to drain their weak,
pathetic bodies of blood and discard their useless husks. That’s
when I decided to go visit my fellow vampires. “I’ll meet you
guys as we dock. I’ve got to bid ado to a few friends I’ve made,”
I excused myself. Of course, “friends” was an understatement
and I’d literally made one of them, the other two made me. In
any case, I descended the stairs quickly, sensing my time
shortening. The thought of not seeing Jeff and Mark’s sweet

faces, of not hearing all three of their accents complimenting
each other, of not seeing them interact, it would kill me. I ran by
Jeff’s room first. The door was locked. I willed it open and
looked at the room that had held so much magic for me. It was
bare now, I didn’t know how Jeff had moved out his coffin, but
the rest of the furniture sat there as if it had never been touched.
       Next I sped off to Mark’s room, also locked. I broke in and
went over to the wall that wasn’t there. Surprisingly, it opened
for me. All of the bodies were gone. Where would they move
them all to? Oh, well. I don’t think I really cared. It was almost
time, I realized. No, it couldn’t be! My legs went weak at the
thought and I ran (human pace seemed as fast as I could manage
for the moment) up the stairs. Such relief ran through me and my
heart melted as I saw Jeffery, Mark, and Amada, facing the
ocean, all eyes to the moon. I almost dropped with relief right
then and there. Simultaneously, as if they’d synchronized it, they
all turned toward me and smiled. That gave me energy.
       I propelled my body forward. Into Mark’s arms I settled
first. “Why, you came after all. I thought I’d been stood up,” his
sweet voice caressed me and I gazed into those glowing eyes. He
stroked my face.
       “Hey, blood,” I spoke to Amada as I pulled away from
Mark and hugged her.
       “Allo,” she replied, kissing my cheek.
       “My love,” Jeff said warmly as his turn came.
       I couldn’t prevent the shiver from going through me. “I
love all of you,” I gushed. “Please don’t take too long to come to
       “It might take a bit to free Amada, but we’ll hurry as fast
as we can,” Mark assured me.
       I nodded and took a deep breath that I didn’t need. They
looked at me oddly, as if wondering why I was breathing. “How
long do you think it will be?”
       “Busy yourself. Even with eternity, vampires can also be
impatient. If you’re busy, the time will pass,” Jeff evaded
       “Right. Let’s have a drink before I cry,” I sniffled.
       Mark held the cups while Jeff poured blood out of a wine
bottle. I rolled my eyes, thinking How typical of him. We toasted

to our coming reunion and drank. We all sighed with a breath we
didn’t have. “This has been one of the best weeks in my life,”
Mark announced.
      “Hear, hear!” the rest of us agreed.
      “That’s time,” I said sadly as the ship pulled into the
harbor. “I’ll see you all again someday.”
      “I love you,” all three spoke together.
      We all shared a group hug then I went to meet Cris and her
family. We were home. My aunt was waiting for us in her huge
black van. I was squished between Maury and Cris and bags and
suitcases. Aunt Jaime asked the standard vacation questions, and
I realized that most of the answers we gave were lies. That only
goes for the kids, of course. I hadn’t been with the parents much
so there wasn’t any honest way to know if they’d lied. Not like
I’d care much to read their minds to check.
      Finally, we pulled up to the Dayners’ mansion. We waved
good-bye, then headed to our condo.

Part 2
 A few

                Chapter Seven
      “Allie, you are so slow! Come on! The teachers aren’t
going to be any nicer this year,” Joey yelled.
      I groaned. “I don’t want to go to school. I shouldn’t have
to,” I grumbled.
      “Come on, Allie,” Joey ushered me out the door and into
his car. “What’s the matter with you? You love school.”
      “People change,” I answered simply.
      “That’s true,” he agreed, looking at me.
      I glanced at him coolly then gazed out of the window. “Just
get us to school alive.”
      “Ok,” he replied.
      I had done a pretty good job of keeping my secret just that.
It wasn’t always the easiest, what with my cravings for blood
once a week and strengths I sometimes forgot. Of course, there
was one thing that made it easier. Now that Cris was growing,
everyone focused on her. I was still shocked by the news that she
had become late. The unknowing partner in crime was her
“friend” Mario. Those damn Italians! For now, she would stay
      I pushed her out of my mind and walked up the steps of my
high school. It will never feel the same again, I realized as I
crossed the threshold. The sounds hit me first, washing over me
in waves. Joey stood behind me, waiting. “I hope we have the
same classes. I don’t want to be separated from you again,” he
told me.

      “What do you mean?” I questioned, my neck prickling.
      “Those two weeks you went on that cruise. I was so worried
about you. And you never called me,” his voice tapered off as if
he were fighting to keep some intense emotion from pouring out.
      When one is a vampire, one knows these things. “I’m sorry.
I was a little busy and besides, there were no phones on the
      “People had cell phones.”
      “Look, this is stupid. It was only two freakin weeks! Get
over it.” I started off, annoyed. Why was he pressing it?
      “Damnit, Allison, wait!” he whispered.
      “What is wrong with you? You’ve done nothing but get on
my case ever since I got back.”
      “You never told me what happened. I didn’t understand that
because you used to tell me everything. I don’t get it,” he
      “I already told you, people change. I’m still trying to sort
out what went on during that trip,” I said. Well, I knew exactly
what went on. I lost my morals, if I had any to begin with.
      “Come here.” He took my hand, catching me off guard and
setting me off balance. Hey, I’m a newbie, so get used to it! He
led me down a hall that was supposed to be under construction.
Before I could collect myself or understand what was happening,
Joey, my best guy friend, was kissing me. It reminded me so
much of someone else, but who? I pulled away. The bell was
ringing. I ran to my homeroom. As I slid into my seat, I realized
what I’d done. When Joey strolled in and took his seat next to
Matt, I felt myself blush. Did I really just run from him? What
was wrong with me?
      The schedules were passed out. It turned out that there was
only one class Joey and I had apart from each other. That was an
advanced law class. We weren’t that far from one of the most
prominent law colleges in the country. I planned on going to law
school. Joey wanted to be a mechanic. Snore. As soon as I
entered the classroom for American Law, I tripped and fell.
Luckily, I was the first student to arrive so only the teacher saw
my clumsiness. “What are you doing here? Are you? But…” I
was confused.

      “I told you we’d come,” the tall man answered, smiling
broadly. “I would hug you but we’re in school. Please, take a
seat, Ms. Allison.”
      I could feel my eyes tearing. Jeffery was really right here
in front of me. I slid into the seat closest to his desk. “Why this
class?” I wondered as other students filed in.
      As he answered me, I worked hard to ignore the stares the
other girls gave him. “It was the only way that I could have you
all to myself,” he replied in a low voice. “Joey would surely
catch on to something. Perhaps you might be my TA?”
      “I’d love to!” I beamed. “But what about-” The bell ringing
cut me off.
      Jeff made a slight gesture with his hand to me then started
class. I didn’t hear a word he said. I was too busy admiring his
azure eyes and wild platinum blond hair. As usual, he wore a
suit, but this one matched his eyes. Suddenly, a thought struck
me. How could he be out in daylight and not be hurt? In my mind
he answered, This is a special occasion. Besides, it’s usually
raining here. As long as I’m not in direct sunlight, no harm can
befall me. I relaxed, content. I couldn’t wait until school ended.
Since he was my tenth bell, I stayed after. We graded winter
homework in a few minutes then he drove me home.
      “When will I be able to see you outside of school?” I asked.
      “Don’t you recall what I said? Call to me and I will come,
no matter what.” He stroked my face, then drove off in what
could have very well been a stolen car.
      Malorie and Jake were already home, watching something
incredibly stupid on TV. “Some chic called for you,” Malorie
said, yawning.
      “You write it down?” Cuz that would help so much, I added
      “Maybe. Go look. You’ve got eyes.”
      Oh, the day I could leave these brats and get out on my
own. What paradise. Malorie hadn’t written the caller’s name,
and we couldn’t afford caller ID so I was pretty much screwed. I
trekked upstairs to finish my useless homework. I was working
on a Trig. problem and Jeff appeared out of nowhere on my bed.
“Shit!” I jumped up and pushed my door closed, also locking it.
      “Why did you not use your gifts?”

      “I’d rather keep my muscles. I could do that with gifts,
too… You startled me!”
      “I’m sorry. You called, I came. How are you coming
      “Quite well, actually.”
      “I’m glad to hear that.”
      I sat next to him, in some sort of daze. “Are you really
      “If your perceptions are to be believed.”
      I smiled. “One may never know.”
      “Still as jovial as ever.” He rested his face on his hand and
regarded me, studying me.
      I looked away. “Why do you suppose Joey is a threat?” I
wondered. I didn’t want to bother asking him how he knew about
Joey in the first place.
      “He’s a smart garcon. From your memories of him, I can
conclude that he most definitely will find out something. He has
deep affection for you, you know.”
      “So I found out today,” I said dryly.
      He laughed. “Oh, yes. He kissed you. Acted a bit like Mark
for a short spell, huh? Odd character, he.”
      Oh! Yeah, Mark was rough like that. My heart beat a weird
tune. A flash of heat came and went instantaneously. “Is Mark
here?” I turned around.
      “Perhaps so,” he answered, a tad annoyed.
      “Why did you wait so long?”
      “It took a bit longer than expected for me to move to this
country. Plus, this isn’t one of the most frequented states.”
      Unable to hold back any longer, I laced my fingers through
his. They were still the cold hands I had come to love. Suddenly,
he kissed me. It was so needy, I almost pushed him away for fear
he was an imposter. Then I sensed his familiar strength and held
him. I loved how perfect and sculpted he was. I couldn’t bring
myself to let him go, even when he pulled back. “Jeff, I missed
you. I felt so out of place here. With you, I feel normal.”
      “I understand, love. Je comprends, amour.” He smoothed
his long fingers through my hair.
      I leaned my head back. “Drink from me,” I begged. “It feels
so good now, and there weren’t any others to do it for me.

      “You are so lucky. For me, it always hurts.”
      “That’s why I want you to do it to me.” I moved over his
arm and back to lie down. I almost laughed as his eyes
glimmered in surprise and pleasure at my little cat-like display.
“Aren’t you hungry, father?” I asked innocently.
      He grabbed me so fast I jumped. One of his hands held my
neck; the other supported my body again. He lowered his lips to
my neck and bit me. Again, I wanted him to drain me. I shook it
off, feeling embarrassed and stupid for wanting that. That might
kill me, I reasoned. Finished, he let me lie there. He licked his
lips and I shuddered. Why was he so beautiful? I wondered,
gazing up at golden hair and silver eyes. I could stare at him
      Yet, all moments must be ruined.
      “Jeff, a question. What… you know, occurred… that day.
You…” I coughed, one human response I was reluctant to part
      His manner changed from satisfied to concerned. “Did I
hurt you? Was I too rough? It’s been so long since I committed
that act, I’m not really caught up on all the things that have been
added. Moreover, women are shaped differently nowadays. Not
as thick as back then. I didn’t mess up, did I? Oh, I should’ve
thought that through. It’s just that I love you so much and
finding out you were Aeryn multiplied that. I’m sorry if I didn’t
meet your expectations. Your first time should’ve been with a
human, or at least a scaroth.” He continued rambling apologies
and explanations.
      I began to laugh. “Jeff!”
      He looked at me sharply.
      “Jeff, it was wonderful. You were wonderful.”
      “I never asked your permission.”
      “I know. I liked that, how you just came out of nowhere
like that. If you had hurt me or violated me in any way, you
would know. I called to you for a reason. Read my thoughts, my
memories. There’s no moment more precious than when someone
shows their love for someone else!” Boy, did I want to eat my
words later on!
      He appeared shy. “I pleased you?”
      Was his memory shot or something? “Yes. You don’t

      “In moments of passion and excitement, a logmin tends to
register his own feelings and may not be aware of all that
      I sat looking dully at him. “You’re telling me you don’t
remember?” I asked plainly.
      “No, I remember what happened,” he contradicted himself.
“I just don’t recall how you responded.”
      What? “You’re not making any sense to me so forget it.”
      “What was your question?” he wondered softly.
      “Will it happen again? I mean, is it possible? Or is it just a
one-time fuck up for you?”
      As soon as I said that last question, I wanted to revoke it.
Jeff appeared highly offended. “That was one of the best
moments of my life. You refer to it as a mistake? I did it because
I love you. I’ll do it again because I love you. It will never be a
mistake,” he spoke gravely.
      “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what to call it.”
      “Making love,” he suggested.
      “It’s such a heavy thing. I’m still trying to get used to
everything. I’m sorry. I’m an idiot,” I began crying. Why was I
so stupid?
      My suitor looked awed by my tears. I could understand
that. It was almost like being high for a vampire. Your senses
were heightened and everything moved in waves for you. If you
weren’t careful, you could be stuck staring at the same thing for
years. Slowly, he leaned forward and kissed my eyelids. I sighed.
“Darling, my child, it will all sink in. Give it time. Don’t be
distraught. You have me here. And Amada can’t wait to see you
again. We’re all here for you. If we did not care, we never would
have approached you.”
      I let my body melt into his. “Thank you.”
      “I love looking at you. You’re so beautiful.”
      “Yeah, right. You just love me because I’m Aeryn.”
      “I loved you before I knew who you were.
      “You thought I was like her,” I pointed out.
      “True. Yet I can’t really love you if I overshadow you with
a former love’s memory.”
      “Good point.”
      He smiled, wiping the remainder of my tears away. My
insides fluttered. “You’re still amazed by me?”

      “I will always be amazed by you,” I admitted.
      Pulling me into his lap, he held me close. I grabbed hold of
him and allowed him to sing me to sleep. When I awoke, it was
by the alarm clock and Jeff was, of course, gone. I pouted for
five minutes, cursing him, then I pulled on my raincoat and ran
outside as Joey pulled up. As I slid into the passenger seat, he
said, “I’m surprised. I thought I bothered you yesterday.”
      “I’m not one to run away,” most of the time. “I want to
know why you did it, what’s up, you know?”
      He ran a hand through his brown hair. “Allie, I was scared
you had found someone else and that’s why you won’t tell me
what happened. I don’t want to lose you to some foreigner.”
      “Foreigner?” I interrupted.
      “Who else goes on those cruises? No offense. But,” he
shook his head, “I thought we were on the same level, you know
what I’m saying?”
      “You thought I wanted you as a boyfriend?” I choked. On
what, who even knows?
      He didn’t answer as we almost went into a spin.
      “You’re my best guy friend, Joe. I never thought you’d like
me in that way.” Never wanted you to, either. Geez, why is it
this year that everyone wants to hook up with me? What
happened to make them all want me?
      “Well, you were wrong. So was I right? You didn’t tell me
because you found someone else?”
      “Well, no.” I found three, but one’s a girl. And they’re all
foreign. So there!
      “Then I still have a chance? Prom’s coming up. It’s our
junior year. I want to take you. Before you say it, I know I’ve
taken you to every dance since junior high, but this year, I want
to go as your boyfriend.”
      “I don’t know what to say about that. I’m flattered but…”
      “Why not? It’ll be fun, I promise. Look, I even learned how
to dance just for you.”
      He’d been contemplating this for some while now. Then, in
my head, Jeff’s voice said Do it. It will keep him distracted. Go
ahead. Trust me. “Sure,” I replied.
      Excited, he grabbed my hand. “This is wonderful! Great!
We’ve got planning to do.”

      “What?” Damnit, I hadn’t been talking to him! “Um,
      We pulled into the school parking lot. “This is the best day
of my life. No, Prom will be. I’ll show you what a gentleman I
can be.”
      My gut wrenched as I recalled what was supposed to
happen on Prom night. I felt physically sick for a moment. Joey
appeared by my door. I looked up at him, imagining. Ooh, Jeff
had to tell me a few things because I didn’t understand how he
wanted Joey to play into this. As soon as 10 t h bell ended, I
walked up to Jeff’s desk. “If you’re reading my mind you
understand why I’m here!” I preluded.
      He gazed at me, assessing something. Then he said coldly,
“It’s for your good. The less time he has to ask about your trip,
the more time you have to run free. Don’t you get it? He’s going
to be too busy vying to make you happy to worry about anything
      At that moment, Romeo showed up at the door. “Allie, ya
ready to go? I want to take you home,” Joey was beaming.
      “Ok. Let me grab my stuff. I’ll meet you outside,” I told
      “Alright.” He kissed my cheek before running out to his
      I glared at Jeff. “How can you sit by and let him do that to
me? This will not be fun at all. He is going to be so hurt when he
finds out.”
      “That’s the only drawback.” I knew he meant that it was
always this way with humans. I was an exception.
      “That’s horrible.”
      “Allie… if I’ve upset you in any way, I apologize. I’m
doing what I think is best for everyone. Better to have heartbreak
than to fall into the confusing realm of vampirism. That road
only leads to one thing.” He stared at me oddly.
      I hated this. “Why didn’t I go crazy?”
      “You are Aeryn. Deep down, you were always all right with
it. You have that strength, still unidentified by any of us.”
      “Will you visit me tonight?”
      “Only if you want me to,” he replied, looking down. “Go to
your boyfriend before he gets suspicious.”

      Defeated, I had a revelation. Jeffery was as hurt by this as
me. He didn’t want Joey to be with me any more than Mark
would. Oh, shit! What was to be done about Mark? I worried as
Joey drove me home. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow!” Joey
promised, giving me a hug.
      “Sure. See you then.” I managed to give him a smile before
he drove off. Trudging into the house, I went straight upstairs
and fell into bed. After a catnap, I realized that Jeff lay beside
me. My heart jumped. “When did you get in?”
      “Only a few minutes ago. You are surely a vision to behold
as you sleep,” he complimented.
      “The door!” I remembered.
      “Locked. I did not forget.”
      I settled back down. “I feel like Cris,” I moaned.
      “How so?”
      “All she does is concern herself with guys. I don’t want to
be like that.”
      “You are not. You just happen to have three suitors.”
      “What about Amada?”
      “What of her? She likes you, but she’s of herself. She
won’t be heartbroken if you don’t choose her.”
      “Choose. I guess I should have known. I’ll have to choose
one of you eventually.” The thought drained me. I would lose
two people that were very dear to me.
      “Cherie, cherie, if you choose to be with anyone else, you
will not lose my heart. I will always support your wishes.”
      “That means so much.” I hugged him as tightly as I could. I
never wanted to let go of him. His hard body seemed to be
protecting me. “Never abandon me. I want to always know you
are watching out for me.”
      This time, he kissed me to sleep. I didn’t want to fall asleep
because I knew he’d be gone in the morning. Yet, sleep won out.

      Joey could not stop talking about the Prom. I only half-
listened as he dragged me by my hand through the hallway.
Perhaps I should not have been so involved in my thoughts for I
ran right into someone. Man, I sucked for a vampire! “I’m sorry!
I wasn’t watching where I was going,” I apologized.
      “No, that’s alright,” the boy replied oddly.

      “Are you alright, Allie?” Joey asked as we continued
      “Yes, I’m fine.” I glanced back at the redheaded boy, who
was staring after me, surprised and almost angry yet amused.
“What a weirdo!”
      “Yeah, did you see his hair? Tres creepy,” Joey agreed.
      Someone tapped my shoulder. It was the redhead. “What do
you want? Joe, wait up!”
      “I can’t believe this,” he mumbled, annoyed. “You can’t
even recognize my face after what we did to you? Hello, Earth to
      “Who are you?”
      Now he was really angry. “Only the one who first met you.
I’m your boyfriend, you stupid girl! Are you on drugs or
something?” he was on the verge of yelling.
      It sank in. “Oh, fuck! Joey, go to class without me.”
      “Why? What is he talking about?” Joey protested.
      “Just go. I promise I’ll tell you anything you want to know
but I need to talk to this guy alone, please.”
      “I really don’t like this but I trust you.”
      I led Mark to Jeff’s classroom. Jeff didn’t have a first bell
so it was empty. “Mark, I am so sorry,” I began.
      “Oh, no way, lass! Here a come 5000 miles ta see ya and
one, ya don’t even recognize who a em, en two, yer holding some
blokes and? What do a make a this?” his Irish accent was
prominent now.
      “Mark, Jeff put me up to it. Ask him why he wants me to go
out with Joey.”
      “Jeff did this?” He was pacing now.
      Shit! “Mark, a lot is on my mind. Let me fill you in so all
of this makes sense.”
      “Ok. Tell me what’s going on. If a don’t like it, ahm outta
here,” he threatened.
      “Look, Joey’s got this major crush on me and wants to take
me to Prom. Right now, I’m trying to do as little as possible
because I don’t want to lead him to think I wanna do that thing
on Prom night. I’m so scared. Jeff says it’s so he won’t find out
what we are but I don’t like it. I don’t feel like a vampire at all.
I’m confused, hurt, angry, and God am I scared. Mark, please
don’t leave me. You’re the only sane person I know right now,” I

blurted out. I so badly wanted to hug him, to kiss his thick red
lips and hair, and so much more.
      He looked from me to Jeff repeatedly. Finally, he turned to
Jeff. “Why Joey?”
      “He’s our biggest threat. I want him to focus on her and not
the two weeks of her life he was not a part of,” Jeff answered.
      “So you don’t like him?” he asked me.
      “Mark! He’s my best guy friend. I could never be romantic
with him. We’ve known each other all our lives and that’s a real
turnoff. He’s the boy across the street for goodness sake!” I tried
to redeem myself. All of this was true, and I needed him to know
      “That doesn’t explain how you forgot me.”
      “I feel so horrible. I wasn’t expecting you to show up in
school, too. I was so worried, I didn’t even notice you. My brain
was already on overload, I didn’t realize that the man I loved
was right there. Besides… look at what you’re wearing.”
      He was dressed like a khaki boy. “I wanted to fit in.”
      “Congrats on that. I like your other clothes better. The
punk outfits.”
      “Ok. Never mind. So you don’t like Joey at all?”
      “And you’re just stressed out?”
      “How come you recognized him?” he pointed at Jeff.
      “Joey hadn’t asked me out yet.”
      “He kissed you!”
      When did he find that out? “Yeah, but I had no obligation,
like I do now.” I glared at Jeff.
      “True enough. Ok. All I’m saying is, you’d better recognize
me later,” Mark warned.
      “I’d never forget you, Mark. You only got looked over this
time, is all.”
      He nodded, then ran off.
      “Is he still mad?” I questioned Jeff.
      “You’re alright. Don’t worry. Look out for him later. He’ll
be sure to stop by.”
      “Why was he here at school?”
      “Only to see you. He’s not going to attend here, his pride
won’t let him.”

      “Why did you come here?”
      “To see you. Besides, American Law fascinates me and will
be an asset to all of us later on.”
      “Good idea. Oh, crap, I need to get to class!”
      “I’ll write you out a pass.”
      Joey looked seriously peeved when I sat next to him.
      “It was an old boyfriend of mine. No need to worry. The
cops took him away. He used to stalk me.”
      “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he was taken aback.
      “I didn’t want you to worry.”
      “I’m going to protect you. I won’t let that creep near you
again,” he declared.
      As if you stand a chance! I thought, almost laughing. I
though about Mark for the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to see
him again. Even if he was angry. He was sexy when he was
angry; all flushed and energetic. Almost like instead of being or
maybe even if he was angry he was… you know hot, HO’d,
bothered. That struck me as funny. I found myself imagining
that, then I felt embarrassed for thinking like that. What was the
matter with me? I wasn’t one of those nasty girls who thought
about sex for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hmm, what would it
be like to have Mark for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Stop it!
Geez, what is with me today, I wondered after I kissed Joey
goodbye. I locked my bedroom door and sat on my bed, in deep
      Someone tackled me. I grunted, trying to fight them off.
When I became aware that they were stronger than me, I figured
it must be one of my vamps. I relaxed. He turned me over.
“Mark!” Relief flowed into me. Wrapping my arms around his
neck, I kissed him. I wouldn’t let him go. He tried to speak but I
pushed my tongue into his mouth. I could feel his resolve
melting away and his body hardening. He wore his clothes now; I
could feel the difference. I began to remove his leather vest
when he pulled away. “Whoa, whoa, girl! Time out!”
      “I’m not a horse.”
      “I know.”
      “But you’d still like to ride me just the same, huh?”
      “Oh, yeah. Wait! Allie?”

      “I’ve never heard you talk like that.”
      “As if you were around me much.” I began to pull his body
back onto mine.
      “Wait a minute. No. That’s not it. Are you horny?”
      I tilted my head and looked up at him, admiring his bare
      “Allie, snap out of it. How long have you felt this way?”
      “What? What’s going on? I didn’t really try to strip you,
did I?” I inquired, scared at myself.
      “Allison, it’s ok. This is normal.”
      “Not for me.”
      “Stop. You need to understand this. I am so glad I showed
up when I did. Listen, as a scaroth matures, they change. Right
now, you’re alternating between two extremes, fear and arousal.
After a few weeks, it should even out, though,” he explained,
holding my arms.
      “You’re telling me I go from coward to freak in a matter of
      “Yes. Which is why I’ve got to stay away from you.”
      “No! Why?” I looked into those familiar glowing green
      “Hey now! Trust me. I don’t want to take advantage of you
like that. That’s wrong. I’ll come back when you’re evened out,”
he promised.
      “No! Don’t go! I haven’t seen you since Halloween. I’ve
waited long enough. You are not bailing on me.” I held onto his
      “Allie, I don’t want to hurt you. If I, if we do something,
you might hate me for it later. I’m trying to protect you.”
      “That’s why I want you to stay here with me. I’m scared
right now and these moods usually last hours. It’s been going on
for a week now. But one thing’s remained constant.”
      “What is that?”
      “You. I’ve never stopped thinking about you. When I’m
afraid, it’s because I don’t want to lose you. When I’m… the
other one, you’re the first one to pop into my head. I realize
during both moods that you were right.”
      “About what?” He looked puzzled, left eyebrow raised.
      “We are gonna have sex,” I stated simply.

      He jerked and moved to my swivel chair at my desk.
“That’s not what I wanted to hear,” he spoke gravely.
      “How come?” I sat up.
      Stressed, he gazed at me helplessly. “You don’t understand.
I don’t want to take you in your time of confusion. I want you to
be level-headed and calm so you can think this through.”
      “Mark, I don’t regret one memory we share, one action we
committed. I hate it that I didn’t recognize you. The thing is, you
and I are alike. So, when you want it, I want it. We’re tuned into
each other like that. Whether I’m ‘tainted’ or not, I know what
I’m doing. Come back over here. I want your warmth.”
      “Do you even know what you’re saying?” He was
      “Right now I’m in my scared mood. But that doesn’t stop
me from wanting you. I think you’re just scared,” I teased.
      “I am not!” he retorted.
      “Of course you are. I can admit it, why can’t you?”
      “I’m not scared.” He stood over me, his hands twitching.
      “Then why are you holding back?”
      A peculiar look came over his face. “You’re serious?”
      I had to laugh. “Yes.”
      “You’re really serious?”
      “Ask Jeff if you don’t believe me.” I was growing
      “Wow,” he whispered.
      “Knock it off. I like it better when you’re sure of yourself.”
I pushed him away.
      He kissed me. I’d never sensed such need from him, such
desire. I let my vampire senses take over and drowned in the
feelings. Even though he was demanding, he loved me slowly
and gently. After we finished, I lay on his chest, in his arms.
“Are you going to leave when I fall asleep, like Jeff does?”
      “No.” He kissed my forehead. “Are you alright? I didn’t
hurt you, did I?”
      “No, you didn’t.”
      “Take a shower when you wake up. Can’t have you
smelling like me all day, Joey might notice.” He squeezed me
close, smelling my neck.

      It tingled, and I recalled how we’d drunk each other’s
blood only moments ago. A strange question arose. “Mark, I
wasn’t bad, was I? I mean, you’ve prob’ly been with better.”
      The look he gave me was of amazement. “Allie,” he started
seriously, “no one’s better than you. I’m not saying that because
I love you, it’s true. You know me, know what I want. Besides,
you’re so cute when you come.” His hand pinched my cheek.
      “Shut up!” I blushed.
      “Hey, you asked!” he reminded.
      I sighed. “Why can’t I be with you instead of Joey? I don’t
want him!”
      “You are with me.”
      “Yeah, I am.” My eyes closed. “Can you put your pants on
at least?”
      “The idea of waking up with a naked man bothers me. I’ve
already had a good look at you; I want to wake up to you, not
your body.” Even though he was sexy as hell!
      “Then why don’t you put on a long shirt? It’s only fair.”
      I tsked. “Fine.”

       He looked so odd. I never recalled seeing him with his eyes
closed before. It was a tad alarming. For some reason, I almost
thought it wasn’t possible for him. I took in a breath as I looked
at him. How beautiful! He was handsome beyond comparison.
Well, excluding Jeff. I reached out and smoothed my hand over
his facial features. At once, his eyes opened. I jerked back,
panicked. “Morning,” he greeted.
       I couldn’t speak for a few moments. My alarm clock went
off. I didn’t even see Mark as he turned it off. “I thought you
didn’t sleep?” I finally asked.
       “I don’t. I was meditating.”
       “Oh, I’m sorry.” I held onto his arm. As I felt it, I realized
how muscular he was. “Oh, God!” I exclaimed.
       “This is all yours.” He took my hand in his, kissed it
gently, then pressed it against his chest.
       My face burned. I’m so lucky, I thought. “I should’ve had
you put your vest on, too,” I mumbled offhandedly and kissed his
chest softly.

      “Whoa, I think you switched moods over the night,” he
      “With your skill, how could I not?” I flirted, sitting up.
      “Um, I don’t think you have time for a quickie. Get ready
for school,” he ordered.
      “But I’m ready for you.”
      “Cut it out!” He jumped up and stood across the room from
      “You are no fun.” I got up, found an outfit, and changed. “I
mean, come on, that’s like, all you ever talked about with me.”
      “No, it wasn’t. God, you’re such a liar!”
      “And you’re not?” I regarded him.
      He shrugged. “When you’re with Joey, think of me. It’ll
help,” he sighed. “Just don’t, uh, touch him too much. Save all
that for me, ok? Don’t dance with him, either.”
      This was hard for him, I knew. I reached out to hug him but
he refused me. “Why not?”
      He coughed, which made me laugh. “Great, I’m acting like
you now. Um, go eat or something. Get away from me, little
weirdo! I’ll see you later,” he laughed, pushing me away.
      “Ok.” I grinned as I left my room. I woke up Malorie and
Jake, then fixed them breakfast. Joey showed up early so I fed
him and the dog. When we were in his car, he reached out and
held my hand. I gazed out of the window, thinking of Mark. A
warm tingle kept creeping through my abdomen so I tried to
redirect my thoughts.
      “You alright?” Joey asked.
      “Yes, why?” I asked glancing at him.
      “You looked flushed. Your ears are all red.”
      “Just a little embarrassed from yesterday. That dude.”
      “Oh. Look, it’s ok.” He rubbed my shoulder. “I’ll make
sure it will never happen again.… For Saturday I got tickets to a
movie. I also thought we might stop for dinner somewhere.”
      We’d gone on dates before but I knew this one would be
different. He’d be expecting something. I just hoped he wasn’t a
sleaze who wanted a go on the first date. Just because he’d never
tried anything before didn’t mean a thing. Some guys liked to
wait until you were comfortable enough with them to be alone,
then they transformed back into the horny creeps they were. I

hoped he wasn’t one of them. “Um, I’ll see if I’m doing anything
and let you know.”
      “Cool.” He ran around and opened my door.
      “Thanks,” I smiled.
      He was leaning in as I was coming up. Crap, another kiss? I
wondered. I pretended to sneeze and he recoiled. Whew, that was
close, I thought. “Bless you,” he said.
      “Welcome.” He followed me into the building. Jeff nodded
at me as we passed his room and I waved. “Isn’t he a little young
to be a teacher?” Joey narrowed his eyes as we continued on our
      “What do you mean? I don’t think so. He’s 29,” I lied.
Heck, he could be!
      “Really? Then he’s a pedophile,” he ruled.
      “How did you reach that conclusion?” I inquired
      “I think he likes you.”
      I began to feel sick. Why the hell couldn’t he be stupid and
oblivious like every other kid? “You’re being paranoid.”
      He shook his head. “I’ll explain at lunch.” We’d arrived at
our classroom. We took our seats and class began.
      I squirmed the whole time. I had a really bad feeling. By
the time it was lunch, I felt like throwing up. I sat across from
Joey. Beverly had been sick so wasn’t here today. She’d have to
make up her work on our two off weeks. We have school year
round, so our scheds like this:

                      January- 1rst two weeks
                      February- 1rst two weeks
                       March- all four weeks
                        April- 1rst two weeks
                        May- all four weeks
                        June- 1rst two weeks
                        July- 1rst two weeks
    If you want to have a month off for summer, you have to
come during the off weeks of another month to make up the time.
                       August- all four weeks
                     September-1rst two weeks
                       October- all four weeks

                      November- 1rst two weeks
                      December- 1rst two weeks

      Every time you miss a day during the scheduled school
weeks, you make it up during the off weeks coming up. There is
no Saturday school. Detentions are served after school and
during off weeks. Just to clear all that up. We had rotating
classes, and the weeks we were out of session, other classes were
going on. Their schedule was the exact opposite of ours so they
started two weeks later but learned at the same pace. Their full
months were April, June, September, and July. Interesting, huh?
There were even different teachers for the different sessions.
      Anyway, I desperately wished Beverly was present because
what Joey told me at lunch that period made me so worried.
Beverly could sort out stuff like that. I could, too, but right now
I couldn’t concentrate on that. I’d never really noticed how cute
Joey was before. But now, sitting across from him, I admired
how the light played in his long brown hair. It hung in over his
eyes, but the light brown flashed through under surprisingly thin
eyebrows. He possessed a rather angular face, as if he should be
someone important, like the CEO or an ambassador or some
really suave government worker. He had a runner’s body, lean
and strong. I wanted to be wrapped up in it, tangled into him.
      I jolted back to reality, thoroughly disgusted. This whole
mood fluctuation thing was seriously screwed! “Allie?” Joey
      “Sorry. You wanted to tell me something?” I stared out the
window, nearly choking on my food as I laid eyes upon Mark. To
a mortal, he was nearly invisible, hidden amongst the trees.
      “You seem really jumpy. Although, considering how Mr.
Debusk has been eying you, I’m not that surprised.”
      Damn Jeff! “Wait, when?”
      “It’s always after class or early in the morning. He won’t
do it during school hours. But whenever you talk to him alone,
he gets this puppy dog look in his eyes. Like he wants to take
you away forever.” That’s how Mark looked right now. “It’s
sickening, really. And every time you walk away, it almost
seems like he wants to drag you back into the room, lock the
door, and do something weird.”

      “Something weird?” I made a face as I turned my attention
back to Joey.
      “Yeah, like… eating your foot or drowning you in syrup.”
      Ok… “What am I supposed to say to that?”
      He shrugged. “Aren’t you going to eat?”
      “After that?”
      “Sorry. Hey, though, listen to me. If he does anything to
you or says anything inappropriate, tell me. I’ll get him fired and
you won’t ever have to see that creep again. Don’t even let him
touch you, alright? Especially don’t let him do that.” He seemed
so concerned for my health.
      “I’ll be ok!” I assured him. “I can handle it.” I caught
myself before I mentioned the cruise.
      “Yeah, you will.” Reaching across the table, he grasped my
      His blood, drink his blood! Something screamed inside of
me. I started. “Whoa.”
      “Just thinking about something.”
      The lunch bell rang and we went to class. Joey watched me
closely for the rest of the day. After 10 t h bell, he showed up
early to “save” me. “Jeff, I need to talk to you later,” I said
before Joey had entered the room.
      “Alright. I’ll stop by,” he nodded, looking so in love with
      Joey gazed at him warily. “I’ll carry your stuff for you,” he
      As he turned his back I gave Jeff a warning look. “Be
careful. He’s onto you,” I mouthed.
      In the blink of an eye, Jeff’s face and manner were devoid
of all emotion. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Allison. Have a good
evening,” he told me in his teacher voice.
      Wow, I’d have to learn how to do that! I mused as I got
into Joey’s car. “Thanks for carrying my stuff. You really don’t
have to, though.”
      “No, it’s alright. I like doing stuff for you.”
      I had to hide my face. Would I ever stop thinking like a
horny freak? I asked myself as an image appeared in my mind.
How annoying this would be. Then I laughed. This was a little
bit funny. “Ok. Fine.”

      “Why are you laughing?”
      Like it’s any of your business! I thought indignantly. “A
joke someone told me.”
      “Are you gonna share it?” He was expectant.
      “Um, it’s kind of long. I’ll tell you tomorrow.”
      “Ok.” He followed me to the porch when we got to my
house. As I noticed Mark’s red hair flash by, I jumped. Joey held
me. “What is it?”
      “Thought I saw something. So, uh, what movie are you
planning on?” I changed the subject.
      “It’s a surprise. I’ll pick you up at five. See you tomorrow,
Allie.” He squeezed me, then left.
      Calming my self down, I went inside, made a snack for
Malorie and Jake, left some forms for my aunt on the kitchen
table, and flew upstairs. I was getting better at it. Mark cornered
me at the door as soon as I closed it. His kiss disarmed me and I
felt myself slipping into my senses. “Mark,” I called him as he
pulled back a little bit. My voice was thick with need. I wanted
his blood.
      “Allison, I don’t want to pressure you but you know how I
am.” His lips were studying my neck and he moved my shirt off
my shoulder so he could kiss that as well. I tilted my head so he
had better access. Suddenly, he was lifting me against the door.
      “M… Mal and Jake…” I tried to tell him. I couldn’t focus
on anything but his hands and lips on me, his body pressed
against mine. This must be how Cris got into her mess. My eyes
flew open. “Wait! Stop,” I said.
      Immediately, he stepped back. “I’m sorry,” he apologized.
      I locked my door, then we both sat on the bed. I took a deep
breath. “Wow!” I muttered.
      “What is it? What’s wrong?” he asked after a silence.
      “I don’t want to end up like Cris. She’s late,” I explained.
      “Oh!” he nodded. “No, see, it’s not the same with vamps,
especially scaroths. Well, if you were full scaroth, it would take
50 years before you could bear a child. But you’re half logmin.”
      “What are you saying?” I looked at him.
      “You can’t have children anymore. Logmin don’t have
      “So I can’t get pregnant?”

      “Why didn’t you tell me before?”
      “There was so much other stuff to learn. I figured since
your only partner was Jeff, you wouldn’t need to know yet. I’m
      “Stop apologizing!” I snapped. “This is strange. I’ll never
have children.”
      “No, you will, but you won’t physically give birth to them.
Any fledgling you make. Like Amada.”
      “Oh. That makes everyone related,” I realized.
      “Don’t think about it or everything will make you vomit.”
      “Why didn’t I realize this before?”
      “Hey, it’s alright.” He hugged me closely. “I didn’t come to
that conclusion until I was damn near 50!”
      “I need time to absorb all of this,” I concluded.
      “Should I leave?” he questioned.
      “No. Please don’t.”
      After a while, Jeff appeared. “She’s absorbing,” Mark
warned him.
      “Oh. You told her about the…” he sat down behind us,
trailing off, looking so sad.
      “This was more complex than I imagined at first,” I
      “It’s alright. You’re still a baby vamp,” Mark rubbed my
      “Right. Geez. Now I und why people go crazy!” I let out a
mirthless laugh.
      A solemn look crossed Mark’s face. “You won’t,” he
promised firmly.
      “Well, I definitely can’t end up like Cris, huh?”
      “No,” both men shook their heads.
      “Figures,” I sighed, laying back.
      Leaning on their hands, they formed a picture. It was
interesting, they looked so godly. Their surreal bodies opposed,
yet complimented the other. Mark represented youth, danger,
rebellion, change; chaos. Jeffery stood for wiseness, nobility,
power and calculated steps; serenity. Like yin and yang. I
wondered how I fit into that. They were pretty much stoic as I
stared at them and thought about all that had happened. The next
thing I knew, the alarm clock was going off. I had fallen asleep.
Without much thought, I telekinetically turned it off.

      Jeffery and Mark lay on either side of me. I glanced from
one to the other, sighed, then got up. They watched as I gathered
my things and chose an outfit. “I think I can do this. But you
guys have to help,” I reasoned.
      “Of course,” both replied, already standing.
      Geez, that freaked me out! “Thanks for being here, guys.”
      “Jeff, can I have Allie to myself for a moment?” Mark
      “Sure.” Jeff disappeared.
      “Mark, what do you, oh!” I exclaimed as he picked me up,
pressing me against my wall. One of his fingers touched my
neck, finding a vein. “Not this way, Mark,” I pleaded.
      “You’re such a romantic,” he rolled his eyes, putting me on
the bed. He put my arms up near my head.
      “What about time?”
      “I set your clock two hours early,” he explained, taking off
my shirt.
      Since I was in one of those moods, I wasn’t panicked about
someone busting in on us. However, I made sure to tell Mark,
“Be gentle,” before he removed his pants. So he was; he explored
my body first, memorizing it and prodding it. I reciprocated, and
we delved in our senses. We were almost melting into each other;
we were so focused and absorbed on what we were doing. In fact,
we hadn’t even started making love yet when Joey banged on my
      “Allie, wake up! You’re going to be late! Geez!” he yelled.
      Simultaneously, Mark and I looked at the clock. It was
9:02. School started in five minutes (don’t ask, I don’t know who
established that odd time). “Damn!” Reluctantly, Mark and I
untangled our limbs and I dressed. “I’ll see you later. We can
pick up where we left off,” I whispered to Mark.
      He kissed me, then jumped out of my window. As I joined
Joey in the hall, I wondered what Mark did all day when he
wasn’t spying on me. “Allie, vamanos! I grabbed a donut for
you,” Joey ushered me into his car.
      “Oh, yeah. How filling. Thanks,” I spoke blandly, angry at
him for interrupting, angry at the government for banning
truancy. But wait, did I really have a legal obligation to attend
school now that I was a vampire? More questions for Jeff.

      “Hey, I waited five minutes ‘cuz I thought you were getting
something last minute!” He glanced at me, then stared for a bit.
“Are you sweating?” he seemed incredulous.
      “Am I?”
      “You look like you just came from the gym or something.
Do you feel sick? Or maybe you’re hypothermic,” he began
delivering all sorts of medical problems associated with
      “No, I’m ok. My room was just really warm, that’s all.”
Well, something was but I wasn’t about to reveal anything.
      “But you’re sweating so profusely. What were you doing
before I came up?” he laughed.
      If only he knew. “Nothing,” that concerned him anyway.
“Look, let’s just get to school.” I bit into my donut, ranked
almost tasteless next to Mark’s sweet, warm blood. Mm, Mark’s
      Joey threw some napkins at me and I glared at him. “You’re
drooling,” he noted.
      Man, I really had to stop getting sidetracked. I didn’t have
time that morning to stop by Jeff’s room, obviously, and I was
pissed. What is happening to me? I wondered. I’d never been like
this. It must be Jeff and Mark’s blood. That brought up another
question. Had their blood tainted me in more than one way? I
really needed to talk to Jeff. Without thinking I ran, at human
pace, out of the room, saying, “Bathroom,” as I passed Ms.
Wilson. I went straight to Jeff’s room. He was standing in front
of his door, as if he’d been waiting for me.
      “What’s wrong, child? I sense such confusion from you,”
he held me against him.
      “Take me somewhere,” I whispered.
      “Wait here.” He stepped back into his classroom, told his
students something, closed the door behind him, and headed
toward the office. I stared at the water fountain cherub. I
wouldn’t know how he would convince them to let him take me
out of school; at the time, the thought never even crossed my
mind. In any case, he was back in a flash and gathering me into
him, moving toward the exit. Safe in the cover of trees, he flew
up. After a short while, he landed in a nearby wood. He lay down
but did not let me go. “Tell me, child,” he ordered.

      All of my questions came out, and I was surprised. He must
have slight power over people. I asked him that as well. “I don’t
know what to make of anything anymore. What if you were
wrong? I might go crazy, after all.”
      “No. I will not allow that to occur,” he was so stern, I
could only sit and stare. “Now that you’re a vampire, human
rules and limitations do not apply to you. Your only problem is
that you keep thinking like a human. That’s why you’re
confused. Your vamp side wants to do things that you personally
have beliefs against. It’s perfectly normal. You’ll just have to
get used to it. Of course, it’s a lot easier if you decide which you
want to listen to. For the first few years, I tried to follow my
human side. Yet, eventually my vampirism took over. It’s
different for each vampire, of course. Some are weaker because
they stick to their human idiosyncrasies. The stronger ones you
find have chosen to fall completely into their new selves.
Humans might call this a dual personality and it might be true.
      “In order to not go insane, you must accept one and destroy
the other. I don’t want to scare you, but the new vampire in you
will fight you for control. The sooner you decide the better. In
order to dispel one of the warring personalities, you need to…”
he paused.
      He looked back at me. “You need to take half an hour by
yourself in a secluded area much like this.” His voice was so low
a human would barely hear and he was speaking as if this were
conspiratorial. “You need to bring a pen and parchment. Close
your eyes, meditate, then begin to draw,” he stopped.
      “Then what?” I prompted, puzzled by his behavior.
      “Your drawing will give you your answer,” he finished.
      “And everything else will fall into place?”
      “Ok. I believe you.” I sat up. “Thanks, Father.” I hugged
      He kissed my hair. “If you grow it out, you’ll look just like
her,” he murmured, breath tickling my forehead.
      “My hair, you mean? And I suppose you’re referring to
      He seemed embarrassed. “Sorry for my musing.”

      “It’s ok that you need her.” I squeezed his hand. “Right
now, I need you and Mark. I’d prob’ly go crazy if I didn’t have
you two with me.”
      “Although, wouldn’t it be our fault if you lost your mind in
the first place?” he posed.
      “I try not to think of that.”
      “But shouldn’t you so-”
      “Jeffery, silence. I have one more question. My vampire
half, for me, is it Aeryn?”
      When he didn’t reply, I knew my suspicion to be right.
      “And if I choose my human side,” I looked down.
      “Aeryn dies,” he finished for me.
      “I could never do that to her.”
      “Are you sure? Most humans would rather preserve
themselves,” he seemed shocked.
      “Look, I love you and Mark and I’m not going to hurt you
by rejecting your vampirism.”
      “Really? You’d sacrifice yourself for us?”
      “Yes, you idiot! What is up with you? Why are you acting
like that? I owe both of you big time.”
      “No one else has ever been so noble.”
      “I’m not being noble, I’m being fair. You made me a vamp,
I’ve got to act like one,” I reasoned.
      “I guess you’ll never understand where I’m coming from,”
he laughed.
      “Perhaps not. But at least you love me.”
      “I more than love you.” He turned my face toward his.
Tilting my head back, he massaged my neck. My eyes closed and
I moaned as he softly kissed it. “This will help you,” he
whispered. No shit! Something took over me and I reached for
his face. His arm squeezed my body against his so tightly; if I
were human, I would have snapped in two. Of course, now I was
a perverted vampire, it turned me on. My nails dug into his pale
flesh, and his blood covered my hand. He was bending my body
backward over his knee, going for my belly. He bit my belly
button and I squealed, shutting my eyes. Ok, yeah, you’re
freaked out. Hey, so am I! I had no idea I was capable of being
so gothic and grotesque. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t peg Jeff
as a belly man. Or a… never mind. Hee hee!

     So there we were, in the forest, doing something weird.
And I didn’t mind. It just felt so natural.

       After that, he took me to his home. It was one of the larger
three-story houses with a garage. His car was in the driveway.
“How-” I began to ask.
       “Amada picked it up from the school for me,” he explained,
cutting me off.
       “Oh. So she’s here?” I was excited.
       He smiled at me. Holding my hand, he led me up to the
front door and then into the front hall. It was not a house, but a
set for famous movies, I thought to myself. It was ridiculously
perfect. “The living room is on the right, there,” he told me,
locking the front door. What for, who knows?
       I entered the room slowly, examining all of the beautiful
pictures of foreign people I’d never met before. The carpet was
equally breathtaking; some impossible yet regal design sewn in
gold thread into the royal blue and rose red. The coffee table in
the center of the room was all glass with a crystal design etched
in the winding legs. The furniture matched and was made of
redwood. When did he stop by California? I wondered. There
were no electronics, only an antique grandfather clock. “It’s
beautiful!” I murmured.
       “You are, too,” that sweet Spanish accent rang out, echoing
a little bit against the red walls.
       “Amada,” I said warmly, embracing her as she walked up to
       “Allo, Allison,” she giggled. “Long time no see, yes?”
       “How have you been?”
       “Um, ok. Has Jeff taken good care of you?”
       “Yes. And so has Mark.”
       “Mark?” My eyes narrowed.
       “He did not tell you? He arranged for my moving into the
U.S. Until Jeff showed up, he let me stay with him.”
       “I see.” And he had nerve to harp on me being with another
       “Would you like a drink?” she asked courteously.

     “Yes, please.” I sat on one of the three couches. Jeff was
leaning against the doorframe, regarding me. “Why hadn’t you
told me? Aren’t you both vying for my affection?”
     “True. I was waiting until an appropriate time. Seems I
missed my chance,” he looked at the floor for a few seconds.
“How does it make you feel?”

                Chapter Eight
      He entered at that moment. “Allie, what happened?”
      “I had some question I needed answered. Jeff kindly did so.
But now I have a few more,” I stood.
      Mark looked at Jeff as Amada returned with my drink. “For
      “I need to speak with you alone. I hope I can keep my voice
level because I’m very angry,” I told him.
      “About what?”
      “Stop being an idiot!” I almost yelled, taking the cup from
Amada and gulping the contents down. “Is there a sound-proof
room in this house, Jeffery?”
      “The basement should be sufficient,” he answered.
      Without a word, I walked out and into the kitchen. Flinging
open the basement door, I didn’t bother turning on the light as I
ran down the stairs. Mark followed slowly, shutting the door. He
ordered the light on and trudged down the stairs.
      “Hurry up! I have to get home soon,” I snapped.
      “What is the matter with you?” he questioned, keeping a
distance of five feet between us.
      “You slept with her, didn’t you?”
      “Who?” he asked.
      “Amada! I know you at least tried to. Why even bother
moving here if you wanted her?”
      His face went blank. “Because I love you.”
      “Don’t lie to me!” I screamed, punching the wall.

      He actually jumped. “I’m not. I do love you,” he said
desperately, on the verge of tears.
      “Why are you scared? I thought you were a man?” I
sneered, walking up to him.
      “I’m a vampire. Shut up!” He ran up the stairs.
      “Did you fuck her?” I yelled, balling my fists.
      “I tried. God knows how I did. But she wouldn’t have me,”
he admitted, sinking down on the stairs, his eyes pleading with
      “Well, at least she’s faithful,” I spoke evenly. “Why the
fuck would you do that to me? How could you? I should’ve
known you’d be an asshole.” I was trembling with rage.
      “Baby, I’m such an idiot! I messed up. And I am so sorry. I
have never felt so damn bad in my life. How can I redeem
myself? Please, it’ll never happen again!”
      “You’re right. It won’t.” My body suddenly felt very warm.
      “No. Not again. Please not again. I may not come back this
time.” He scrambled up the rest of the stairs and flung open the
      “Ah, trying to run again. How dare you. I killed you once;
I’m going to kill you again. For the same reason, no less,” I
laughed, following him slowly.
      He never looked so scared to me. He was sweating blood.
He fell and stared up at me in fear. “No, Aeryn! Don’t! This is
the last of my transgressions, I beg of you!” he swore and
      I felt something in my brain and eyes, and suddenly Mark
caught fire. I jumped back, startled. He got to his feet and ran.
Jeff blocked his path and held him. Amada rushed in and turned
on the faucet. Jeff lifted Mark and dunked him in the sink. After
all of the fire had been washed away, Jeff told Amada to get
Mark a change of clothes. “No use being immortal if you can’t
be comfortable,” he reasoned.
      “Like I could be comfortable in your clothes,” Mark joked
weakly, shivering from fear.
      “What… just happened?” I inquired, leaning against the
      “You tried to kill Mark. However, since you’re still very
young, you only managed a flesh wound,” Jeff explained,
assisting Mark into the hallway.

       I followed him upstairs to one of the six guest rooms,
where Amada was laying out one of Jeff’s suits. “How? Is
pyrokinesis one of my abilities?” I questioned.
       “Yes. Remember when you and Mark created a fire
together, and he controlled it? That was his display of the
ability. Since he also made you, you inherited pyrokinesis. Also,
since you are Aeryn, you are much stronger than you would be
normally. Let alone the fact that a woman’s wrath, a vampire
woman’s wrath, expands your talents.” Jeffery laid Mark on the
bed, undressing him.
       I tried but could not tear my eyes from the hideous sight of
burned flesh. Tears silently rolled down my cheeks. I had done
this. I had wounded the one I loved. But then, considering what
he had done, I’d say it was even. Still, I stepped closer. “Mark,
does it hurt?”
       “Of course it does, love. You always know how to hurt a
guy.” He winced as Jeff toweled him off. “Easy, Jeff!”
       “Stop whining! By tomorrow, these burns will be gone,”
Jeff scolded.
       “That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt,” Mark muttered.
       Jeff looked like he wanted to slap him. Instead, he dressed
Mark, even tying his tie and shoes. “There. Now you look
       Amada giggled.
       “Ugh! Now I look like you,” Mark frowned. The burns on
his face had already disappeared.
       “You mention that as if it’s a bad thing,” Jeff smiled.
       “I think you’re very handsome, Mark,” Amada added.
       “Yeah?” He glanced at me for approval.
       Taking his hand in mine, I said, “Next time I will kill you.
It would be a shame, though, to put such good looks to waste.”
       “I understand. There will be no next time.”
       “That’s good. Now, I must get home. School’s been out for
a bit.”
       Together, they bowed. Then Mark said, “I will come by
       “7:30,” I agreed. I kissed them all, then Jeff drove me
home. Aunt Jaime was peeking through the blinds. “Who is
that?” she rasped as soon as I opened the door.

      “My name is Francois Debusk. I’m your daughter’s Law
teacher.” I hadn’t realized Jeff had followed me up the drive and
stairs. He held her hand and shook it heartily and firmly.
      She looked down her glasses at him. “I’m her aunt, not her
mother. Why did you bring her home?”
      “Allison wasn’t feeling well,” he said shortly.
      “That doesn’t explain anything.”
      “You were at work and no one else except a student could
say where she lived. I also went to a medical school so the
administrators trusted me to take her to receive help.”
      “I called the hospital. They never admitted her today.”
      “What she needed I had in supply. Besides, the hospital
here is not one I would trust. It’s rated number five on the worst
hospitals in the country’s list. I am more equipped to provide
care for these students. I double as a nurse at the high school,”
Jeff spoke so easily I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him.
      “Shall I get him something to eat or drink?” I was timid, as
if I was scared to bring out in the open the fact that she was
being inhospitable.
      “Malorie!” she hollered.
      Malorie trudged out, looking bored. “What, ma’am?” She
was chewing gum. How obnoxious! I thought.
      “It’s ‘yes, ma’am’ from you,” Aunt Jaime scolded. “Be
useful and get a glass for Mr. Debusk.”
      “Glass of what?” Malorie was quick on the way to getting
      “Wine, of course!” she snapped, as if her life was oh, so
difficult. Of course, with a niece like Malorie, who could blame
      Malorie practiced her sexy walk as she went down the hall.
I wanted to push her. “Yes’m.”
      Just as Aunt Jaime opened her mouth to ask Jeffery in,
Malorie yelled, “Which one?”
      Aunt Jaime looked about to pull out her Uzi and Tommy
and go at it with the best of them. “The ’71,” she spoke in a
voice so controlled as to be suspicious. “Mr. Debusk, come sit in
our living room.”
      “Of course, ma’am. Allow me to go and turn off my
vehicle,” he requested, bowing.

      WTF? I thought. “My stuff’s in there,” I remembered.
Amada had gotten my homework from school and left it in the
back seat. As Aunt Jaime went to yell at Malorie, no doubt, Jeff
and I lazily strolled down toward his car. While we were leaning
in, we had a quick conversation. “Excuse my aunt. I told you she
was like that. And why ‘vehicle’? It’s a car in America. Stop
acting like a foreign guy from the 1940’s.”
      “Sorry. You’ll have to help me assimilate. That woman is
very uncivilized. At least she has good wine.”
      “Yeah, she’s a drunk.”
      He laughed. “I want to see you tomorrow. I know you and
Mark have things to do tonight. I want to try again.”
      “Try what?” I felt my eyes widening involuntarily. I shut
the door, slung my bag over my shoulder, and started back up the
      He locked his doors first, then quickly with his long strides
caught up to me. “I believe you know, my flower. We have only
coupled once and I much desire to try it again.”
      “Whatever for? Pourquoi?” I was blushing again.
      “If it pleases you as much as you have previously made
known to me, then it is almost my duty to repeat it. Besides,
after today’s fiasco, I believe you’ll need a release.”
      I couldn’t reply for at that moment, Aunt Jaime appeared
again in the doorway. “Why are you red, Allison?” she asked
impatiently, as if she had expected an answer before she’d asked
the question.
      “She’s with a slight fever, I believe. Perhaps she should
remain home on the morrow,” he suggested before I could think.
      Aunt Jaime nodded. “Into the living room with you both.”
After we were all settled in (me sitting across from the two), she
inquired, “So you’re a trained doctor, I presume?” as she sipped
on her tea.
      “Yes. However, I am only medically employed at the school
now. I am a private physician. I left my hospital job to become a
teacher. I am the only qualified doctor in this town,” Jeff
answered, accepting his glass of wine from Malorie.
      “I see. Well, then, perhaps the authorities should make an
exception and allow you to treat this town’s population without
being forced to work in that crummy building they deemed a
hospital,” she actually laughed.

      I drew back in surprise.
      “Perhaps,” Jeff agreed, smiling.
      “So, what’s wrong with Allie?”
      “I’ve discovered she has a rare but noncontagious illness.”
      Aunt Jaime’s eyebrows raised. “Oh, dear. What is it?”
      “I have this disease myself. It’s called Andre’s disease. It’s
incurable, but you can lower the risk of having an outbreak. It’s
blood-related,” he elaborated.
      “Wow! What do you propose should be done?”
      “I would like to monitor and treat Allison. If you will
allow, I shall be her private doctor. I hope it will not be too
much of a pain to see me at both school functions and inside
your home.” He looked so concerned and polite it was impossible
to refuse his offer.
      “I’m so glad we’ve met, Mr. Debusk. Or is it doctor?”
      “Call me what you wish, Ms?”
      “Dutch, same as Allison.”
      “Ah, Ms. Dutch. Here is my number if you should ever
wish to contact me.” From his breast pocket, he produced a
business card. How did he make one in advance? When did he do
it? How had he even known to do it? There was something very
suspect about this.
      “Thank you. I’ll be sure to call you.”
      “It includes my address. Feel free to call me anytime.”
      “Sure,” she nodded.
      “I would like to visit Allison tomorrow if you do not mind.
To monitor her illness.”
      “What does this illness do?” Aunt Jaime had once wanted
to be a reporter.
      “It creates periods of dizziness, confusion, nausea, and
even fainting. It usually lies dormant until the later teenage
years. I have a pamphlet on it at home. I will leave it with
Allison tomorrow, if I can come by.”
      “Oh, of course. I’ll leave my work number on the
refrigerator. If her illness is serious, I’d like to help all I can.”
      “Just allow me to visit her.”
      “Oh, of course. I might even have a key made for you.”
      What was going on? He must be using his mind power. He
was very capable of bending people to his will. As she
reexamined his card, he winked at me. I raised an eyebrow. Just

stay quiet, he ordered in my mind. “Well, I believe I should be
leaving. It’s about 7:30.” He stood.
       “Ah. Come as early as you like tomorrow. If Allison is
awake, then she will answer the door. If she’s not, a key will be
in a blank envelope in the mailbox.”
       “Of course. Thank you.” They shook hands once more at
the door.
       “Goodbye.” Aunt Jaime closed the door behind him. “Well,
what a fine young gentleman! How old did you say he was?”
       “I believe his early 30’s,” I began to feel uncomfortable.
       “Looks fresh out of high school! I might just have to date
him,” she confided, winking at me. She wasn’t that old herself,
only 34, but she had an old soul.
       I tried my best to keep from either laughing or throwing up.
“Oh,” was all I could say before I went upstairs. However, I
couldn’t prevent a shudder from going through me as I entered
my room. Mark was laying on my bed, a model of everything a
man should be, including half-naked. “If she dates him I swear
I’ll be sick!” I mumbled.
       “So, Jeff’s going to try and screw your brains out morrow,”
Mark said sarcastically.
       “No, he’s going to make love to me. I’m the only one he’s
making such a sacrifice for. I mean, think about it. He can’t cum
so he will go for as long as I want him to.”
       “Just drive the knife into me real deep,” he sat up.
       “Get off my bed. You don’t deserve to lie on any bed I’ve
been on.” When had I become such a bitch?
       Hurt, he sort of slumped down on the floor. Kicking my
shoes off, I sat on my mattress, glaring down at him. “Will you
continue to punish me?”
       “No, punishment is when I slice you up into thousands of
little pieces and drop one piece in every major city in the world.
You’d never be able to pull yourself back together in time. It
would take you eons.”
       “That is harsh! You actually did that to me once.”
       “Oh, joy. Tell me, then. Why are you still with me if I
tortured you so?”
       “I love you for being the only being to make my life worth
living. My life is exciting and meaningful with you in it. You
brought me to life,” he gazed at me as he spoke all of this.

      “What type of music appeals to you, Mark Ashton?” I
wondered out of the blue.
      “Music? Phil Collins is my most recent favorite. Before
that, it was Stevie Wonder. Before that it was Beethoven.”
      I laughed. “Really?”
      This seemed to be an allowance for him to move since he
moved between my legs, staring up at me. “Hey, Phil is
      I held his head on my thigh. “You are odd, Mark.”
      “Isn’t that why you love me?” he asked hopefully.
      I only smiled at him. “Don’t we have unfinished business?”
      He turned to look at me so quickly it was comical. His face
was turning red. “Being in this close proximity to you does
excite me. I was becoming impatient.”
      “Ha!” I laid back.
      As he began kissing me, the phone rang. “It’s him,” I spoke
with disgust. “What is it?” I snarled nastily as I lifted the
      “Allie? Uh… I’ve been trying to reach you all day. Are you
sick?” Joey dutifully sounded worried.
      “I’m fine. I’m staying home, though. Doctor’s orders.”
      “You have a doctor?”
      “This one’s from out of town.”
      “Oh. Ok. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”
      I’ll be alright as soon as I get off the phone with you so I
could get back to what I was doing! I nearly screamed out loud.
Instead, I said, “I am. You don’t need to worry.”
      “Ok. I’ll give you a visit tomorrow,” he promised.
      “That’s nice.” I scratched the inside of my ear.
      “Alright. Bye, Allie.”
      “Uh-huh. Ciao.” I dropped the phone.
      “What an ass!” Mark rolled his eyes.
      “Him or mine?”
      “Well, yours is excellent but he’s a loser. Only I’m allowed
to kiss your ass,” he declared.
      The familiar tingles ran through my abdomen. He was
kissing my belly. His tongue sneaked into my belly button and I
squirmed in delight. He sure did make up for trying to cheat on
me. I didn’t do one thing for him. By the time we got done, he

was exhausted and I was satisfied. “You should be gone by the
time Jeff gets here.”
       “I understand.”
       “What do you do in your free time?” I questioned lightly.
       “Listen to music and dance,” he replied in a bored voice.
       “Most of the time I’m following you. Making sure Joey
doesn’t do anything.”
       “You mean like you did over Halloween? I almost thought
I’d need a taser!”
       He laughed, rubbing his face in my neck. “Did I ever tell
you how soft you were?” he mumbled.
       “Well, you are. You’re as soft as a cloud,” he ruled.
       I smiled. “Let me sleep, love. You’ve repaid your debt.”
       “You’re not going to sleep with him, are you?”
       “Don’t make me set you on fire again. Why would you ever
bring that up?”
       “Well, I figured you’d want to get even with me.”
       “Doing that would be so ultimately wrong as to damn me!
He will never touch me in that way!”
       “Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry,” he kissed me. “Forgive me, lass.”
       “I should make you leave.”
       “No, please! Let me stay a few more hours. I’ll be good.”
       I dreamed that Joey kidnapped me and put me in a cage. He
fed me onions and Brussels sprouts. I woke up puking. I was a
little bit surprised, I didn’t think I could still throw up. “Easy
girl. Relax,” a soothing, mesmerizing voice spoke to me. Gentle
hands cradled me against a solid body.
       Feebly, my eyes opened. “Why did I vomit?” I asked.
       “The fight is making you sick. This is what happens when a
young vampire has more power than they should. Aeryn’s powers
are exhausting you. I suggest you keep from using her abilities
until you are at least a few decades older.”
       Decades! “That’s a bitch!” I commented.
       “Perhaps. But the time will pass quickly. If you allow it to.
Start thinking in years instead of days. Remember, we have all
the time in the world.”

      “Unless we’re extinguished.”
      “You won’t be. Your fledglings, er, Aeryn’s don’t know
you are still alive. When they find out, they will come for you.
Mark and I will stand by you, don’t worry. I refuse to let them
harm you again. To lose you so soon after I’ve found you, that
would be tragic.” Tears welled up in his multicolored eyes.
      “Don’t cry. I hate it when you cry.” I held his face and
rubbed my thumbs over his tears.
      “I love you so much,” he smiled sadly.
      “Let me clean off.”
      “Of course.”
      I ran into the hall, gathering cleaning supplies. I changed
the sheets and blankets on my bed, putting the dirty ones in the
laundry. I scrubbed and bleached the mattress, then went to take
a shower. I set my outfit for the day on the towel shelf, stripped
down, and hopped in. Jeff stood right outside of the shower
curtain, first looking at his reflection, then turning to watch me.
“You’re making me self-conscious,” I told him, making a feeble
attempt to cover myself.
      “But I have seen you before. I have loved this body you are
now cleaning. It is beautiful. Why should you be so self-
conscious if there is nothing flawed about you?” he challenged
me, but it was with such ardor I could feel my heart melting.
      I gazed into his silver eyes, and he stared steadily back.
When most guys would have lowered their gaze to look over my
body, he seemed completely fine with simply studying my eyes.
“You are unbelievable,” I whispered.
      “You are lovely.” He moved into the shower, fully dressed.
I moved back against the wall as he slowly came closer to me.
“You are so lovely. My little flower, fully and beautifully
blossoming.” His head lowered, and I felt bad for being so short
compared to him. Holding my neck in both hands, almost a soft
choke, he sort of lifted me and kissed me. Our lips molded into
one shape and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I pulled on his suit
jacket, which was soaked.
      “Aren’t your clothes a little heavy?” I spoke into his
      “Not as heavy as my feelings for you,” he didn’t miss a
beat. “Don’t be impatient.

      I opened my eyes so I could see his green eyes for a
moment. His head disappeared as he put his lips to my ears and
neck. In one shudder, I knew what he planned to do and almost
pushed him away for fear of such a pleasure. He would cover
every part of my body in kisses. And I was helpless. I tried
pushing his head away, and he looked up at me and gave the
sweetest smile. “You’re going to kill me!” I exclaimed, laughing.
      Jeffery was kissing my arms now. The warm water poured
down over our bodies, and he looked even more irresistible, if it
was possible, with his wet blond hair plastered to his face. No
matter how he was positioned, he’d still be beautiful to me. He
could be shitting in the toilet (although I admit I am GLAD he
can’t defecate anymore) and he’d still look godly while doing it.
Yet this ethereal creature was now kissing my back, and I felt
like I was floating or falling. My knees buckled but he held me
up. He would force me to endure this painful pleasure. “You are
not going anywhere,” he said softly.
      That’s when I started crying. Ok, you prob’ly think I’m
retarded, but if you could feel his lips! They were unbelievable. I
could barely stand. His lips did this little thing where they were
moving in this really strange way and I could barely stand it.
Finally, he let me lay on the shower floor. I was surprised the
water hadn’t gone cold yet. He kissed my legs slowly, from the
bottom up, after he’d kissed my feet. (I’m really weird about my
feet so I kept my toes curled.) I tried desperately to push his
head away as he got to my thighs. I was shaking so badly, I
couldn’t get a good grip on him. So of course he won out and I
just about died.
      I’m gonna scream! I thought.
      “Go ahead.”
      People will hear.
      “Let them. We’ll say you were hurt.”
      I am hurt. It feels so good it hurts.
      “Then you’re ready,” he decided, and painfully, tortuously
slowly, removed his clothes.
      I was grabbing at him, my body aching because he was no
longer touching me. My body needed him like he was crack and I
was the addicted baby. Come back! I pleaded. He told me to be
patient, and I would have set him on fire if he hadn’t promised
me pleasure. When he finally lay on me, I nearly came. “No, no.

Not yet. Patience,” he told me. “This is going to go slow.” He
touched my lips with a soft finger. “Beautiful flower.” He kissed
me, moving his arms underneath me to help join our bodies.
Once again, his member was large and hard, as if he could really
be horny. Why? I asked him silently.
      I love you, he replied in my mind, beginning to move us. I
tried to get him to go faster, but he forced us to go slowly, and
of course I gave in. I ran my hands over the back that he’d never
before let me touch. He was giving himself to me but controlling
me at the same time. He knew the best way to please me and
stuck to it, no matter how I screamed or fought. And the water
soaked us. I noticed his hands didn’t prune up like mine did. I
loved those beautiful fingers he had. He had model’s hands. His
eyes were now purple, and it was so beautiful.
      We were in there for hours, the water running over us and
turning deliciously cold. I put my fingers through his hair, which
was starting to clump. I’ll comb it out later, I though to myself. I
kissed his eyelids. His eyelashes were so perfect. I never wanted
to part from him. My lips found his neck and I let my teeth break
through. His blood tasted like heaven to me. I caught flashes of
his memory, his feelings for me, his fears. I absorbed it all,
loving him even more.
      At long last, I lay back, eyes closed. He pulled away from
me to turn off the shower water. “What clothes shall you wear?”
he requested.
      “Pick something out. What of yourself?” I replied.
      “I don’t know.”
      “Um. Let me put them in the dryer,” I offered.
      “Am I to walk around nude?” he smiled.
      “As lovely a thought as that is…” I leaned over the side of
the tub. “There are some old clothes in the attic. My Aunt’s
Uncle’s clothes. You might fit them.”
      “Alright,” he agreed, toweling himself off. Fixing the towel
on his waist, he chose another one and wrapped me up in it. I
laughed as he lifted me. After he dried me off, he followed me to
my room. “Wear this for me.” His eyes shone as he softly
fingered a red velvet dress.
      “You want me to look like Chloe!” I accused him. “Like a

       He frowned. “I like the way you look in dresses. I can
admire your legs,” he explained.
       “Oh, fine. Come on. The attic’s this way.” We went down
the hall to a locked door by the bathroom. Fetching the key form
the hook, I unlocked it and led Jeff upstairs. It was pretty clean
because my aunt was obsessive-compulsive. I knelt down by a
large chest and opened it, “See if there’s anything you like.”
       Of course, he chose one of the suits. It was a little bit big
on him. “Oh, how annoying!” he ruled.
       “Wait. Let me try something.” I held onto the suit and
concentrated. “There. Now it fits.”
       “Magnifique! But remember, don’t use Aeryn’s powers too
       “I know. But it looks so much better.”
       He frowned again.
       “Don’t be angry.”
       The doorbell rang so nothing more could be said. We ran
down to the first floor. I wish I’d never opened the door. “Allie?
What is he doing here?” Joey’s mouth hung open.
       “Uh, this is my doctor.”
       Jeffery was standing too close to me. Joey looked very
suspicious. “Mr. Debusk is your doctor?”
       “Yeah. I didn’t want to tell you because I know you don’t
trust him.”
       “He knows!” Joey seemed scared.
       “She expressed your concerns. I’m sorry if you feel that I
have perverted tastes, Mr. Lawrence. I can assure you that I am
as involved as I am allowed and no more. You’ve no reason to
worry. I will take care of Miss Dutch,” Jeffery spoke, willing
Joey to leave.
       “I’ll see you on Saturday,” I said.
       “Ok. Um, here.” He handed me a package of useless
cookies. “Ok. Let me get back to school. Oh, can you please not
tell that I left school grounds?”
       “I never saw you so you never saw me. I don’t want to be
everyone’s doctor,” Jeffery commanded.
       “Right. Bye, Allison.” He hugged me. I did my best not to
crush his weak body under my fingers. “Mr. Debusk,” he nodded,
then walked very quickly to his car.
       “You embarrassed him,” I told Jeff. “Just by being here.”

       “You should have crushed him. I detest that human!” Jeff
bared his teeth as he shut the door.
       “You were human once.”
       “So were you.”
       “But then again, I also used to be Aeryn.”
       “Let it pass. Come, let’s go talk of music.”
       He sat on my bed. Kneeling behind him, I lovingly combed
his hair. It was unbelievably soft and thick. He leaned back
against me, gazing up at me with baby blue eyes. “Does it amaze
you to see how far music has come?” I inquired.
       “Some of it disgusts me. Yet, some of it has grown to be
beautiful… I was a rock star in the early nineties, did you
       “What!” I jerked, studying him. “You!”
       “Yes, I was. I’ll show you my guitar sometime. Right now
it’s in Italy.”
       “Italy?” I repeated. “You are so strange, Jeffery.”
       “That is how we found you. How I found you. No vampire,
I’m speaking of logmin, of course, had ever entered the realm of
humans so boldly. You were attracted to that and came out of…
wherever you were hiding after you killed Mark for the last time,
and to me. You snatched me up from my home in L.A. and took
me to Italy. One of your castles was there.”
       “And then they killed me. My own children,” I was shaking
with rage.
       He recoiled. Then he held me tightly. “Don’t be angry,” he
pleaded. “At least I’ve found you again.”
       “I can’t wait to see them again. Donartez, Raphael, Nadia,
Carlos, Emma. I shall torture them first. They will be afraid that
I have returned.” My eyes narrowed as unlocked memories
flooded my head.
       Kissing my eyebrows, he implored me, “Don’t become
Aeryn so fast. I fear for you.”
       “Perhaps I am more like Aeryn than you intended. Don’t
feel bad that I have changed so much. It is what you wanted.”
       That’s when I witnessed something shocking. Jeffery’s eyes
held an emotion so alien to him (even when I was Aeryn before)
I had to move away from him. “It is what I wanted. I never
imagined it would occur so rapidly. You’re using powers I
haven’t mastered yet in my few hundred years. If you knew more

about vampires, you’d understand how bizarre this is. They’re
not as strong as you think.”
      “I will remember.”
      “Isn’t that cheating?”
      “It’s my memory!”
      “But it’s Allison’s life!” he pleaded.
      “If you really loved Allison, you would not have turned her
into a vampire. You knew she was Aeryn from the start. You
manipulated me into becoming Aeryn. But there’s no way you
could’ve done it alone,” I realized.
      That feeling in him grew. Now I basked in it. “What are
you accusing me of?”
      “You are so frightened by me now. When you mess with
magic, you get exactly what you ask for. You wanted me, Aeryn
Su Namun, and you got me! Own up to your deeds. Don’t dare
try to tell me I’m unnatural. I’m the most powerful preternatural
being on this Earth. I dare you to prove me wrong. Ever since I
came into existence for the first time, I have never perished for
good. I have returned, stronger than ever before. The next time I
see you, I want Amada and Mark there as well. There are some
things we need to straighten out.”
      “Allison,” he was amazed beyond belief. So scared he was
that he was sweating blood.
      I bent down, for he was now on the floor cowering, and
licked his face. The blood was on fire with his fear. “Don’t
worry. I will not kill you. I promised you that, and I follow my
      Noticeably, he relaxed. “I know. Forgive me. I thought you
would be extremely upset with me. Also, I never could have
guessed you’d figure everything out so quickly. You never cease
to amaze me.”
      “Don’t underestimate me.”
      He stared at me blankly, unable to think. He looked so
handsome, laying on the floor the way he was. The borrowed
shirt he wore was unbuttoned at the top, revealing the pale,
marble skin of chest. Not one blemish of his mortal life had
remained to mar his perfect body. I sat on him, leaned forward,
and kissed him. “I love you,” I told him, hugging his body.
      He softened and hugged me back. “Your siblings are here.
I’ll have to leave now but I’ll come for you tonight. I’ll have all

of the involved in my home. Until later, ma cherie.” He kissed
me slowly.

      He showed up around 10. “Ready, mademoiselle?” He
extended his arm so I could hold on.
      I stood against him and we flew out the window. When we
were in his living room, I saw three people. Mark and Amada
were sitting while the stranger was leaning against a wall. As
Jeff sat, I stared at this person. I knew he wasn’t human, but he
wasn’t a vampire either. His hair and eyes were black. I started,
wondering how in the world that was possible. Only one person
I’d ever met before had been missing the whites of their eyes. At
the time, I really hadn’t thought of how disgusting that was. He
was a khaki boy; khaki pants, a plain white long-sleeved shirt
under a short sleeve, button-up red one. He had on some odd-
looking sneakers.
      This unbelievably irresistible person regarded me softly.
“Hello,” his voice was dark; as if he’d seen all the world’s
suffering in an instant.
      “Don’t I know you?”
      “Yes. From a long time ago. However, there’s not really
much time for this now. I have things to do, you see. So I must
be leaving soon.”
      I was torn apart. “Will I see you again?”
      “Not for a few years.”
      “Naturally.” I smiled. “What do you have to do with this?
You all knew about me before I went on that cruise. So how did
this come about? I know Mark planted that key on me.”
      “Immediately after you died, I seeked out Mark. You see,
vampires, if they desire to, can be reincarnated in a human body.
I wanted to see if you’d come back. Mark and I met about a week
later in France. We settled our differences because we both
wanted the same thing. We began a search of the whole world to
find girls that threw off Aeryn’s aura,” Jeff started.
      “Of course, we needed more people. We found Amada in
Mexico. She was the best in her field. She knew more about
vampires than any other human did. Even their combined
knowledge was only half of what Amada knew. We recruited her
with the promise of getting to meet you. She found some gene in

your DNA that signifies the rebirth of a vampire. We arranged
for a move to America,” Mark picked up.
      “Where does he come in?” I gestured to the third male.
      “I knew you. Moreover, I wasn’t human. They wanted to be
absolutely certain you were Aeryn. They didn’t actually
approach me until after I left you,” he replied.
      “I did move around a few times.”
      “Yes. And it’s harder to follow people in America. They’re
all so paranoid,” Jeffery added.
      “They came to me about a year after I left, told me who and
what you really were, and I agreed to help them. The plan was to
relocate you, let you know them, and then manipulate you into
becoming Aeryn again. And now you have. And everyone is
afraid of you now,” the other elaborated.
      “Even you?”
      “No. I never was afraid of you. No, I’m not stronger than
you, yet that’s an invalid reason for me to hate or fear you. In
fact, I love you even more for it, if that makes any sense.”
      “You love me?” I asked, heart racing. Mark and Amada
looked at each other, touched their hearts, then looked at me.
      “I always have. But I’m not going to fight for you. You
have to come to me if you want me. Besides, you have a situation
right now. If I’m in the picture, it just complicates things. Now
is not a good time to make my move.” He held out a hand as if to
stop me from advancing.
      “So you’re leaving for awhile. How will I find you?”
      He shrugged. “You’ll find me if you want to. It’s not like
I’ll be hiding from you. You never hide from someone you love.”
      “I hate you,” I said quietly.
      The other three recoiled.
      “You always say such endearing things to me yet you
behave as if you feel nothing!”
      He shook his head slowly, sadly. “This is not the time to
discuss my affection constipation. And… I have to leave now.
You understand.”
      I sighed. “I understand.”
      Unable to bear the pain he was putting me through, he came
forward and touched my shoulder. “I’ll see you.”
      “Sure.” I felt cold inside. He was abandoning me again.

      From the window he was about to fly off from, he turned
his head to look back at me. “Don’t say that! I never abandoned
you. I told you I’d come back.”
      Just not permanently, I thought.
      Now he was angry. He slammed the window and walked up
to me. Tilting his head, he gazed down at me. “Stop putting that
wall up. There’s got to be room for me. Always. I’ll tell you
when I’m leaving for good. And that is not today. We’ll meet
      “Yeah, at my grave.” When I noticed how preposterous that
statement was, I began laughing. Everyone else laughed at the
same time as well.
      Then the person that never before touched me kissed me.
He dipped me low, forcing me back. He was powerful as he
parted my lips. I got a jolt from him as he held me. He snapped
back up and I almost fell. “One promise fulfilled.”
      “You never promised me that!” I remembered.
      “No, but I promised myself I would taste all of you
      “Jeff just did that earlier today!” Mark laughed.
      I blushed.
      “And I shall be better. But this is no time to tease or brag.
I’ll be seeing you.”
      “Bye.” I was happy now. After he left, I looked at the two
of my suitors and the scientist. Stretching, I said, “I want to go
to bed. Wait. Why do I sleep?”
      Together, they blinked, then looked at Amada. “I have no
idea. It might be because of all your power. One can never be
sure,” she answered.
      “Oh. Ok, then! Good night!” I beamed.

      Saturday was torture. Joey kept trying to cuddle but I
wasn’t feeling it. One time, he snuck a kiss when I was laughing.
“Joey!” I said harshly.
      “What’s the matter?”
      “I’m not a slut!”
      “I’m not trying to make you one,” he spoke honestly. “I
just figured since we were a couple we should act like one,” he
continued, embarrassed and dejected. The movie ended. He rose
and started walking down the stairs.

       “Joey, wait!”
       Slowly, he turned around and faced me. “What?” The way
he said it was so depressing.
       My heart broke into a million little pieces. “Oh, Joey, I’m
sorry. I haven’t been the best girlfriend and I know you deserve
better.” I took his hand. “From now on, I promise I won’t neglect
you.” I could feel his blood pumping through his body. What
would it be like to drink from him? Would that be how Jeff had
felt that night of the dance?
       “Really?” his eyes brightened as hope returned to him.
       I hugged him. Geez, he was sturdy! All of those muscles!
Not as nice as Mark or Jeff but then again, he was only human.
“Yes,” I vowed.
       “I’m glad you’re feeling better,” he said for the thousandth
       “Yeah. Come on, let’s go see another movie.”
       We bumped into Beverly and Sam in the hallway. “Allie!”
Sam hugged me.
       “Hey. Whatcha both doin' here?” I asked.
       “We’re not together, if that’s what you think.” Beverly
pushed her glasses up on her nose before continuing. “I came to
see that new sci-fi flick.”
       “And I saw that new vampire movie. When I came out and
saw Beverly, I figured you must be around.” Sam grinned.
       “Actually, I’m here with Joey,” I jerked my thumb at him.
       “Alone?” Sam’s eyebrows quirked.
       “Yeah,” I replied slowly. As things began to get awkward, I
suggested we all see a movie together. I ended up between Sam
and Joey. Fortunately, Joey was preoccupied, engaged in a
heated argument with Beverly about some new video game. Sam
leaned down so no one else would hear him as he talked to me.
“Why are you here with him?” he asked.
       “He’s my boyfriend now.” It felt weird saying it.
       “Oh.” I could feel the distaste in his voice. “Good for you.”
       “Sam!” I whined. “Please don’t hate me. It’s not exactly
what you think. I’m doing this more for him than myself. He’s a
fragile person, you know that. If I’d have turned him down, he
might’ve gone completely crazy. I don’t want to be the cause of

      “You’re right… So listen, you never did come to spend the
night.” His tone changed.
      Heat rose to my face. “What about it?”
      “Next weekend, you and me. My place is fantastic!”
      “What about Cris?”
      He frowned. “Well, she’s incapacitated right now, ain’t
she? Look, if you’re that worried about being alone with me,
bring Bev. She’s cool. Or I could have Mark there. He’s an
alright guy. Did you know he’s in town again?”
      Choking, I managed to shake my head. I finally blurted out,
“No, I had no idea. But how could two guys make me feel
comfortable? I’ll just bring Bev.”
      “Ok. Your aunt already said it was ok. I talked to her
yesterday but I wanted to tell you myself. She said you were sick
or something. And when you were better, you had to stay after
school or whatever. She said she’s going out of town as well.”
      “Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. How convenient.”
      “Yeah,” he chuckled. “Your sis is stayin' with her fiancé
and your bro is stayin' at my people’s house.”
      “So I can’t leave if I wanted to,” I realized. “Or Aunt
Jaime’ll have a fit.”
      “Pretty much.”
      “Well, ain’t you lucky,” I said dryly.
      “Hey, don’t treat me as if I’m a rapist. Just cuz I like you
and I’m a guy and I got you all alone in my house for a weekend
does not mean I’m going to force you. I would never hurt you,
kay?” He touched my cheek. Then he ruined the beauty of his
statement by adding, “Besides, if Joey over there finds out, he’d
kick my ass!”
      “Then just don’t let him find out,” slipped out before I
grasped the implications.
      His eyebrows raised but he smiled. “I thought wrong of
you, Allie. You are a bad girl.”
      No, I’m just a 14000-year-old vampire with all the power in
the world. Does that make me evil? “Watch the movie,” I told
him, pushing his head. Of course, I barely saw the movie. There
were so many victims, possible slaves, and servants. Aeryn was
      Since Sam and Bev were with us, Joey invited them to
dinner. Thank God he was nice! Wait, can I do that anymore?

Maybe not. I ordered a large meal, hoping to slake my hunger.
Wanting blood is as bad as being horny, I decided, bursting into
laughter. My friends looked at me, and I told a joke about
Catholic priests. So we all were laughing maniacally as the
waitress brought our food. She was very pretty, but neither guy
seemed to notice her.
      That quickly dissolved my laughter. “I need to use the
restroom,” I lied, leaving quickly. I went into a stall and
brainstormed. According to how Jeff and Mark reacted to me, I
concluded that my power was limitless. Of course, to compensate
for the energy used, I’d need to sleep a little extra and drink a lot
more blood. I became a shadow and made my way over, jumping
from table shadow to table shadow. Even though I could not see,
I could sense where everything was. Shadows were warm;
everywhere else seemed to be freezing. Instead of hearing
voices, I sensed vibrations. Joey was now talking. “It almost
seemed like she was cheating on me. She dodged most of my
kisses, always seemed preoccupied, and stuff. But I think she
just needed to get used to me being her boyfriend. She was still
thinking of me as a friend. I can’t wait ‘til Prom, though.”
      “Oh, yeah. We all know what happens on Prom night!” Sam
cracked up.
      “You’re sick!” Beverly declared.
      “Oh, my goodness! I had almost forgot about that!” Joey
      “Wait. First of all, how in hell could you forget what Prom
night is for? Secondly, are you planning on using it that way?”
Sam questioned.
      “I don’t know. I mean, I really like her but I’m not sure
she’d be up for that. She’s a good girl, you know.”
      Yeah, that part of my life was definitely over!
      “Man, you are such a goody-two-shoes! You’re not even
going to try?”
      “I’m kind of shy about that stuff.”
      “Do you want to?”
      “Oh, yes!” he blurted. “Every time I see her.”
      “But you won’t?”
      “I'm scared to. I wouldn’t know what to do.”
      “I could tell you if you want.”

      “Oh, yeah, you’re an expert on how to get women into bed,
huh?” Bev teased.
      Sam chuckled. “I haven’t been turned down yet.”
      I quickly returned to the restroom and grew back into Allie.
As I reached the table, Sam laughed again. “Hey girl, we were
just talking about you.”
      “Oh? Pray tell.” I took my seat.
      “Some little stuff. Like why the hell you like Cris!”
      “You want to know the truth?”
      “Lean forward,” I told him. He did and I whispered in his
ear, “Once I learned she was your sister, it was inevitable. I
became her friend so fast; the whole family loved me. It was all
for you.”
      When he sat back, he smiled. “Oh, you are so sweet. I was
wrong about you in so many ways.”
      Joey looked suspicious. “What? I want to know,” he
      “I felt sorry for her. If I wasn’t her friend, who would be?”
I lied.
      I really needed to get home. Blood would not stay off of my
mind. “I’m kinda tired. Would you mind taking me home, Joey?”
      “Bye, guys. It’s been fun.” I hugged Bev first. Joey went to
pay the bill as I was hugging Sam. I jumped when Sam grabbed
my ass. I punched him in the arm with human strength but he
only laughed. “You perv!”
      “See you next week, Allie,” he waved as I walked away
with Joey.
      Joey walked me to my door when we got to my condo.
“Thanks for coming with me today.”
      “Thank you for taking me.” I hugged him. Oh, his blood
smelled so delicious. I found myself kissing his neck. He
flinched and I snapped out of it. “I’m sorry.” I stepped back.
      He didn’t let me go. “No, that’s ok. Not what I expected
but ok. I want you to feel comfortable with me.”
      “Of course.” Again, I tried moving away but he still held

      A peculiar expression was on his face, a combination of
surprise, wonder, and desire. “Allie, there’s something we need
to talk about.”
      “Ok. Can it wait? I’m really tired.”
      “Yeah. Can I come over tomorrow?”
      “I’ll ask Aunt Jaime.”
      “Ok.” Before I registered what was happening, he was
kissing me. It was different from the ones he’d given me before.
I could sense his impatience.
      “Oh, Joey,” I murmured yet again as we broke apart. That
seemed to be his name now, OhJoey. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
      “Lunchtime will be fine.”
      “Alright. Bye, Allie.”
      “Bye.” I slipped up to my room, locking the door. Falling
back on my bed, I rubbed my cheek.
      Jeffery and Mark appeared. “Allie, do you understand what
you’re doing?” Jeffery asked.
      “What am I doing?” I asked dully.
      “You’ve inherited Aeryn’s tastes. Aeryn had thousands of
lovers, most of which she killed, but that is not important.” That
disturbed me a little bit. “Because of who you are, everyone is
meant to love you. They sense who you are, even if it’s only
subconsciously, and they want you. History will repeat itself;
there will be fights for you.”
      “So, you’re saying it’s part of my nature to cause
destruction?” I summed.
      “Yep,” Mark agreed. “It’s not fair, really. Jeff and I are
supposed to be your lovers, but your scouting for more.”
      “You can only pretend for so long. You should have known
that eventually I would get used to being with Joey. I never
really liked him but I enjoy being with him. Even though half the
time I want his blood,” I spoke.
      “It starts again. You want to experience everyone, right?”
Mark asked.
      “Pretty much.”
      “It is not our place to hold you back,” Jeff told me.
      “We only hope you will not forget us,” Mark added.

      “How can I forget you? I love you.” I held both of their
hands. “I love you very much; my children, my fathers, my
lovers. I will always love you.”
      Seemingly reassured, they moved in closer to hold me. “We
love you with all of our being!” they proclaimed together. Jeff
was crying, and I kissed him. I pressed his head to my chest,
kissing his hair. Then I turned to Mark and bit into his neck.
      “I have a question,” I said after I’d drunk from him. “What
does it feel like never to sleep?” I wondered.
      “Boring,” Mark replied. “Every moment of your life is
reality. Unless you took a hallucinogen.”
      “Have you?” My eyes narrowed and I wiped my mouth off.
      His eyes glittered. “What do you think, my love?”
      “I’ll say this, I am suspicious.”
      He laughed.

      “Why does he leave every single morning?” I whined.
      “He doesn’t love you as much as I do,” Mark decided.
      “Sure! Hey, Joey’s coming over for lunch.”
      “Yeah. I heard. Prob’ly to talk about sex.”
      “What?” I recoiled.
      ‘Oh, come on! Don’t play stupid. I saw what happened
yesterday. That dude wants to sleep with you as badly as I do,”
he scoffed.
      “That’s disquieting. Golly, is that all you men think
      “Humans, sadly, yes. Not me. After a couple of centuries, it
gets old. Same old thing each time. It fascinates me how much
humans enjoy it.”
      “Are you serious? The way you were harping about it with
      “It’s what leads up to it that’s exciting. The sex itself is
      I shook my head. “You are strange. But does that mean you
don’t enjoy it?”
      He looked over at me. “I haven’t enjoyed having sex in
about a hundred years. I enjoyed it with you because you are the
only woman I actually love. And you sure do look hella cute!
You get this adorable look on your face. I wish you could see it,”
he guffawed. “You’re just so helpless. You don’t see that in

people nowadays. You just…” his face wrinkled attractively as
he searched for the right word, “surrender completely. It’s the
only time I feel like you trust me.”
      “That’s really cool. But how did I end up with two guys
that don’t want sex? That really doesn’t make any sense.”
      He shrugged, folding his arms behind his head.
      “Huh. That really makes me wonder what you both want
from me.”
      “We want nothing from you. We want you. Don’t you
understand that yet? Wake up, Aeryn. All anyone ever wants is
you. You can fuck anyone you want but that means nothing.
That’s why you’re powerful, people don’t just want to bed you.”
      “That’s unfathomable!” I muttered. “Stop. I don’t care.”
      “I should prob’ly get going, eh? That horny lad’ll be along
soon,” he smiled.
      “Ugh! Get out. You are still pretty perverted for a guy who
doesn’t like sex.”
      He only raised his eyebrow. “Perhaps I should pop by
Sam’s place next week to see how you’re doing? It will be
interesting, I think.”
      “Quit implying shit!” I pushed him toward the window. He
was laughing really hard as he flew off. Not a moment too soon
had he left, for Joey knocked on my door the instant I shut my
window. I answered it. “Hey, Joe.”
      “Hey. Your aunt went to church already. To the basement?”
      “Um, you wanna change?” he asked.
      “Why?” I had on a wife beater, no bra, and shorts.
      “Just asking.” He started down the stairs.
      “Where are Malorie and Jake?”
      “Jake’s playing video games next door and your aunt
dragged Mal off to church.”
      I stopped on my descent to the basement. “So we’re here
      “Yeah. We’ve been here alone before, Allie.” He tugged on
my hand.
      “Not as a couple, though,” I reminded.
      “Well, your aunt still thinks I’m your friend.” He seemed
disgusted. “But I guess it’s easier that way. She doesn’t think I
have a penis.”

      I almost fell the rest of the way down the stairs. Then I
realized that his last statement had been a thought so relaxed.
“Whoo!” I laughed.
      “Are you ok?” he wondered.
      “Yeah. Just lost my footing.” We sat next to each other on
the couch. “Wanna watch TV?” I looked at him.
      No, he definitely didn’t want to watch TV. It had just
dawned on him that he was alone with his girlfriend. Quickly,
almost dumbly, he shook his head.
      “Ok, then.”
      The silence stretched on. I admired the tiled floor and light
green walls. I was so absorbed looking at the light; I didn’t see
Joey move closer. So when I felt his legs touching mine, it
startled me. “What are you thinking about?” he questioned.
      “Nothing, really. What about you?” I rested my head on my
      “Well, um, Prom night,” he mumbled.
      “What about it?”
      When he looked up sharply, I silently cursed myself for my
mistake. “Huh?”
      “Did you say Prom? I think that’s what you said,” I
amended myself.
      “Yeah. I didn’t realize until this week how, um, different
Prom is. Cuz everybody expects to, uh, you know, get, uh, laid,
or whatever,” his voice was getting softer with each word until
he completely trailed off, red as a ladybug.
      “Is that what you want?” I inquired softly.
      “What?” he almost shouted. He started wringing his hands
together. He wouldn’t look at me.
      “Joey, calm down,” I ordered. “It’s ok.”
      He seemed alright now. “Well, I’m looking to you for
boundaries. I’m inexperienced, you know that. I don’t want to go
too fast or too slow.”
      “Well, mostly, it depends on if you’re ready or not.”
      “Oh, but I am!” he blurted. “I read every book I could find.
I know the stuff; I’ve just never done it. I’ve always wanted you
to be my first.”
      Oy Vay! “I never knew that.”
      “I’m sorry. I must seem like just another guy to you.” He
began rising to his feet.

      “That’s not true, Joey.” I grabbed onto his hand. “You’re
not just some guy. You are a wonderful human being. You’ve
never hurt me. I doubt that you ever can. Please sit back down.”
      He did. “I just really want to be with you. I’m confused and
don’t know what to do around you I want to do so many things to
you, but none of them seem right.”
      “I’ll always tell you if I don’t like something. I always
have. Just chill out and let things happen naturally. Stop thinking
so much,” I smiled.
      “You’re right.” He sat back.
      I leaned over and pecked him right on the lips.
      “What was that for?”
      “For me being so difficult.”
      “Can you do it again?”
      “Just because.”
      Smiling again, I leaned over to kiss him. He held me
tightly, not letting go when I pulled back. “Joey, what are you
doing?” I asked.
      He lay me down and kissed me again. Why did it seem so
different from Mark and Jeff? Was it because he was human? I
didn’t think so. Being careful not to hurt him, I pushed him off
of me. “I’m sorry, Allie. It won’t happen again,” he apologized,
helping me sit up.
      “Yes, it will. If we’re still together, that is. You caught me
by surprise there. How about we make out on Prom night
instead? By then, I’m sure we’ll both feel more comfortable.”
      “Ok,” he agreed.
      “But if it happens before then, that’s ok, because when we
both are completely sure, it won’t matter.”
      “Um, how will I know?”
      “We’ll both know.”
      “How do you know so much?”
      “Well, I was friends with Cris…. Wanna play the game?” I
      “Sure.” We set it up and went at it. I sat in his lap and he
grinned. Then we concentrated on the game. It was a lot of fun,
just hanging out with him again.

     “Sam, you still awake?” I called out softly.

      No answer.
      I crept into his room. Already asleep, he was snoring
lightly. It was Friday night. Sam and I had stayed up until
midnight eating pizza and making fun of Beverly, who had fallen
asleep first. Then Sam wanted to sleep so he could catch his
Saturday Morning cartoons. He looked a lot like Mark, lying
there in his sweatpants; red hair as wild as it wanted to be. I
climbed onto his bed, getting as close as I could. Gently, I bit his
neck as I drank. His blood was rich and thick. I moaned,
savoring it. I forced myself to pull away after I’d drunk a little
less than a pint. Then I turned to leave.
      Sam reached out and pulled me back. Funny, as strong as I
was my body was still so light! I let out a small cry. “Um, what
are you doing?”
      “What were you doing? You prob’ly left a hickey on my
neck, girl! You want to do something with me, please, wake me
up! What are you creeping around for?”
      “I was scared to wake you. I know you like your cartoons.”
      He scoffed. “Cartoons are not as important as you. What is
it you want, huh?”
      “Oh, I’m ok now. Really.”
      “Liar.” He pressed my body against his mattress, sitting on
me. “You wanna make out or go all the way? Or do you just want
a kiss?”
      “Why don’t you find out?” Aeryn dared. Geez, this woman
was fearless!
      He leaned down and tried to kiss me. I turned my head, not
wanting him to taste his blood in my mouth. “What’s the
matter?” he wondered.
      “Neck and under tonight. I’ll kiss you tomorrow.”
      “Ok.” He kissed my neck, starting to nibble himself. His
warm body felt so good against mine. I wanted to feel all of his
skin. Aeryn loved it, feeling skin. She was a very hands-on
person. She wanted textures and tastes. Again, Sam was grabbing
my bottom. I could feel his excitement in my crotch. Oh, crap! I
thought to myself. “Don’t worry. I’ll only touch. I don’t want to
knock you up,” he assured me when I tensed. I didn’t bother
telling him it was impossible to impregnate me. He did a little
bit more, then lay down. “I’m tired. Bev’s gotta go home
tomorrow so we’ll do something then. Stay here for the night.”

       “In your bed? She’ll see!”
       “No. She won’t. I promise. My alarm clock’s set for 5:30.
Ain’t no way she’ll be up. Stay here tonight. I want you nearby.”
       He wrapped his arms around me. “You are so precious.” He
kissed my hair.
       “You just are. I enjoyed watching you grow up. And then
you come and change everything I ever thought about you.
Somehow, you transformed from the girl I liked into the girl I’d
dreamed of.”
       I stayed silent, listening to his heart, drunk on blood.
       “You even crept into my bed. I really thought I was
dreaming at first. Man, my serious girlfriends never even did
       “Go to sleep or you’ll sleep through your cartoons.” I
smiled against my hand.
       Kissing the back of my neck, he stayed quiet.

      He had disappeared. Painfully aware that Bev was in the
spare room next door, I quickly rose and walked to the restroom.
Still half asleep, it took me too long to realize that someone was
in there. Bad habit. I opened the door to a new sight. Sam had
just gotten out of the shower, all wet, apparently with his
morning erection, ready to wrap a towel around himself. His
body was full of confidence and pride. His eyes were gazing at
his length. Startled, he looked up to meet my gaze. He had a
dancer’s body, gently muscled, you could tell it was graceful and
lean. I expected him to blush, but then recalled he was very
different from my other friends. “Come to sneak a peak?” His
eyebrows quirked and he stepped forward.
      “Oh no! I’m not like that,” I protested.
      “Sure you’re not.” He sauntered up to me and held me
against his naked form.
      “Please let me go. Beverly will see.”
      “You’re so worried about that. I can’t wait until she
leaves.” He smiled infectiously.
      I found myself smiling. “You are so silly!” I laughed. “I
need the bathroom for a moment to freshen up. You need to get

      “What if I don’t want to?”
      “Then I won’t kiss you.” I leaned back.
      “Point taken.” He released me, retrieved his towel, and
wrapped it around himself. He passed me without incident except
to say, “There’s something red on your lip.”
      I covered my mouth and quickly shut the door. “Shit!” I
quickly and harshly scrubbed my teeth. When I went to kitchen,
Sam and Bev were laughing. “What’s funny?” I asked.
      “Nothing.” Sam straightened up. “Ok. Time to get you
      “Ok. I’ll go grab my stuff.” Bev ran off like a little girl.
      I sat at the bar. “What were you laughing about?”
      “I told you it was nothing,” he spoke, stiff as he opened the
      I sighed. When I read his mind, I was so shocked I could
only stare blandly. He turned and I felt the embarrassment as I
realized I had been looking at his posterior. He had followed my
gaze to his crotch then smiled. “You were checking me out
      “You are very presumptuous.” I got to my feet.
      “Well, I did catch you looking. Can’t deny it.”
      “Shut up!” I seeked refuge in the TV room.
      “I’ll be back in about 15 minutes,” Sam told me as he and
Bev left out the front door.
      “Should I come with you?” I offered.
      “No. Stay here. Wait for me.” Sam winked.
      I blushed at the implications. Why was I still here? My
heart sank into my stomach. Maybe I wanted to be alone with
him. Was it Aeryn or Allison? Realizing that it really didn’t
matter, I watched a few music videos. The images fascinated me.
Strong hands rested on my shoulders. I gazed up at Sam; so light,
full of himself, full of life. He jumped over the couch, cradling
me. His lips met mine hungrily. So this was human passion, I
found myself thinking. A shiver passed through him as his hand
touched my bare back. “This is really happening.”
      “Yes,” I replied.
      He kissed me again, drowning me in his emotions. My
senses consumed me. He seemed to know my responses and
imitated them. We became lost in each other, blending together.
His hands were mine, his flesh my flesh, his thoughts bared to

me. Contrary to what everything else portrayed about men, he
was thinking only of me, not some model or porno star. I
completely possessed him at that point. I dipped into his soul and
drank of it, becoming a different kind of vampire. In our
exploration of each other, we had fallen to the floor. I found
myself grateful that he had no coffee table to obstruct us.
Suddenly came a moment of realization so strange we separated.
      Sitting side by side on the couch, we caught our breath.
Well, he caught his breath while I returned to reality. He stared
at me, leaving his shirt on the carpeted floor, forgotten and
abandoned. Before he could open his mouth, I pleaded, “Don’t
      “Why not?”
      “I don’t think I could hear it. It would hurt me if you said
      “Then answer me this: What are you?”
      “What do you mean?” My heart sped up.
      “You’re not human. I could feel it.”
      “What are you, some character from a sci-fi movie?”
      “It’s one of those instances, like when you find out God is
real. There’s no explaining it, you just know all of a sudden.” He
gazed at the floor.
      “Then you know exactly what I am.”
      “You drunk my blood last night.” It was a statement.
      “What will you do?”
      “I am still your friend, Allison.” He moved closer and held
      “Then you are not human, either.” My tears ran down his
chest. For some reason, that made me imagine him under a
      He didn’t answer, only held me. He was certainly the
dearest man in the world. “Friends for as long as I live,” he
whispered, squeezing tightly.
      “Don’t tell Cris. She will not understand.”
      “I never tell her anything.”
      Neither do I, I realized. Perplexed when I examined the
past few months of my life, I could only sigh. Sam still hadn’t
released me. “Why won’t you let me go?”
      “I don’t want to,” he replied.

      I decided to drop it. “Being a vampire is almost like being
gay,” I thought aloud.
      “Really?” he laughed.
      “Yeah. Everyone hates you because of their preconceived
notions about it. But if they actually were one, they’d realize
how wrong they are. Seriously, I think they’re jealous of our
freedom. We don’t need to meet anyone’s standards, and that
pisses them off.”
      “What? You’re gay, too?”
      I bared my teeth at him. “That is not what I’m saying.”
      “Just asking, is all. I knew Mark was a vampire. Did you
know that? Hey, did he make you?”
      “Yeah. Look, I don’t want to tell you too much. You don’t
need all that extra stress in your life.” I shifted so I could see the
      “You’re right. Hungry? I’ll order pizza.” He stood.
      “Sure.” His skin looked so warm. I had loved touching it.
Someone had told me once that wanting flesh was a sin. But
since I could not die, flesh is all I had, right? Whatever, that rule
was for humans. (If you ask me, I think cannibalism should be at
the top of everyone’s list as an abomination. That’s just sick.
      “You ok?” Sam asked, holding my chin.
      He went into the kitchen and called the nearest delivery
place. Returning to my side, he pulled me up into his arms. “Now
I know what you are, I can’t keep away. This body is something
supernatural. To feel it…” he trailed off.
      I turned my head up to stare into his eyes. Such a green!
His resemblance to Mark was downright creepy. “Are you related
to Mark?” I can’t believe I’d never noticed this before. On the
other hand, perhaps I hadn’t wanted to notice.
      His head tilted at an odd angle. He scooted back and
breathed deeply. “Why do you ask?”
      “That would explain how he knows you. He prob’ly also
used you to find me as well.”
      “Find you?”
      “Never mind it.” I concentrated for a few moments. “At
least he’s not your father. That would be sick.”

      “Somehow, I don’t think it would change anything if he
was,” Sam began quietly. “Vampires don’t follow human rules.
Even so…” Oh, my goodness! He’d actually paused! “Who
cares? What goes on between you and your lovers is up to you
and between you and them.”
      “Wait. How do you know I’m with Mark?”
      Now he was smug. Leaning back, he folded his arms and
shrugged. “I can tell. Every time I talk to him, he asks about you
and Joey. He gets so worked up. And he was pissed he couldn’t
come this weekend.”
      “I hate you people. You all know too much.”
      “Hey, relax. We’ll all make sure Joey remains clueless.”
      “Up, pizza’s here!” He hopped to his feet and sauntered
over to the front door.
      If Mark wasn’t his father, then what was he? Unless… I felt
the blood drain from my face. I moaned. “Sam,” I said
      “What is it, Allie?”
      “Help.” I fell to the floor.
      He dropped the pizzas on the counter, jumped over it, and
lifted me. “Can you move?” he asked.
      “I’m gonna put you in my bed.” Once I was wrapped up in
his blankets, he picked up the phone. “I’m calling Mark.”
      “Why?” My heart raced. “No.”
      “What? But maybe he could help you.”
      “No. It’s because of him I’m like this.”
      He set the phone back in its cradle and sat by me. He stared
at me.
      A few moments of silence passed. Then I braved up and
asked, “Do you know that Paul is absolutely your father?”
      Perplexed, he didn’t answer for a few moments. “Why do
you ask me that?”
      “I think Mark is… more closely related to you than we
      “You think Mark’s my…”
      I stayed silent.
      “And what if he was?”
      I looked into his green eyes. “I don’t know.”

      “That doesn’t change the way I feel,” he declared.
      “Please don’t say it.”
      “Don’t worry. I won’t. Look, I want you to know I don’t
care if Mark’s my dad. You can’t have kids so…”
      “How do you know that?”
      “Didn’t you know? I can read your mind.”
      “Not really sure. No one else in my family can.”
      “God, this is becoming a soap opera!” I moaned.
      He laughed. “Let’s eat some pizza.”
      “Or would you rather drink my blood?” he wondered,
pausing at the door.
      Smirking, I tackled him to the floor. Rolling him over, I
held down his arms and bit his neck. He moaned as I drank. Ooh,
how delicious his blood was! It was type O, the best. But I
forced myself to pull away. I licked my lips. “You ok?”
      “That hurt a little. Like a paper cut. But I liked it. When
Mark does it, it’s just not arousing.”
      “Mark drinks your blood?” I chuckled.
      “Yeah. But you’re sexy when you do it.” Sam rested his
hands on my legs.
      “You are such a guy.” I rolled my eyes.
      “Yes, I am.” He sat up to kiss me.
      “No, your blood’s in my mouth,” I protested.
      “Do I care?” Holding my back, he leaned forward. His
tongue dipped into my mouth and his eyes closed. He pulled me
      “How do you like it?” I questioned as it ended.
      He shrugged. “It’s my blood. Maybe I’ll taste yours
sometime. I’m hungry so I’m gonna eat now. You can wait here
if you like.” He got to his feet.
      “On the floor?”
      “No,” he said in a low, serious voice.

                  Chapter Nine
      “Then where…” I trailed off and followed his gaze. “Oh, no
no no!” I shook my head.
      He looked sad for a moment. “Please? I’ll go as slow as
you want.”
      “Do you have any idea how many guys are vying for my
      “I have an idea. Fine, if you don’t feel like it, don’t worry
about it. I’ll still live.” He went down the hall to eat his pizza.
      Climbing to my feet, I went to the bathroom and gazed in
the mirror. I looked radically different. I looked like one of them.
You know, the beautiful people. I was shocked. Reaching my
hands up, I touched my face. It was so smooth. My fingertips
tingled as I felt all this in waves. My hand traveled down; first
my neck then arms. Just as soft. Seized by something bizarre, I
quickly shed my clothes. I could only stare for the longest time.
Absolutely golden, my skin was. Flawless. I was perfectly
symmetrical and perfectly a woman. Following my feelings, I
abandoned all thought and wondered only at my beauty as my
hands studied it. It didn’t strike me until later that I had never
cared to touch or explore myself in this way. To my surprise, my
body responded to my hands as if they belonged to another.
      I was gripping the sink when Sam found me. Rush after
rush of waves ran throughout me. I’d never known I could do
that to myself. The oddest thing was, I wasn’t ashamed in the
least. I stared at Sam, who took in the sight of me with the

hungriest of eyes. “Allie, did you just masturbate?” he asked
softly. “In my bathroom?”
      “I’m not Allie. I’m Aeryn,” I ruled. Then I grabbed him and
kissed him in a way I’d only kissed Mark.
      He absolutely melted in my arms. “Please,” he mumbled.
      I had no idea what he meant by that, but I walked back to
his bedroom, luring him along. Dutifully, he followed,
mesmerized. We reached his room and barely made it to the bed.
We didn’t bother to shut the door.

      “Did you have fun?” I asked Beverly.
      “Yeah. I’m surprised my mom let me stay over a guy’s
      “Yeah. But don’t tell Joey I was there. He’d be mad
      “Oh, of course. I understand. He’s really sensitive.” Bev
rolled her eyes.
      I watched them, amazed at how light they were. Then I
remembered we were in a restaurant and averted my gaze. “So,
how’s the game coming along?” I changed the subject.
      “I’ve got two levels to go,” she said happily.
      “That’s great. Maybe I’ll help you finish them.”
      “Sure!” she smiled. “Did you finish your Math? I need help
on that, too.” She smiled sheepishly.
      “You have to let me finish off your milkshake,” I reasoned.
      “Here ya go.”
      I gratefully slurped it down. Hm, what was that other taste?
I glanced at her, then realized it was her saliva I tasted. Funny,
I’d never noticed before. Must be because I’m a vamp. It was
really sweet. How strange, I always thought spit was disgusting.
“So, what day?” I inquired as I finished.
      “How about Wednesday? I have a soccer game tomorrow,
then a chess tournament,” she explained.
      “Ok. I’m busy tomorrow as well.”
      “What are you doing?” She leaned back.
      “Um, Joey’s planned this picnic at the park.”
      “Sounds romantic,” she teased.
      “Shut up!” I pushed her.
      As she laughed, something came to my attention. Her eyes
crinkled in this positively adorable way when she smiled.

“Speaking of romantic, what happened when I left? Did Sam try
      “Not anything out of the ordinary. We watched some
movies and music videos, ate pizza, stuff like that,” I lied.
      “I wish I could’ve stayed.”
      “Why?” I asked, disgusted.
      “It sounds like fun. I only had the game to keep me
company.” She sighed. “Besides, you and I don’t spend enough
time together,” she whined.
      “Fine. I’ll ask Aunt Jaime if she’ll let me spend the night
on Wednesday,” I relented.
      “Yay!” She hugged me. “Come on, I promised Mom I’d be
home to help Dad with the car.” She tugged me out to the bus
      It was funny. Her glasses were nerdy, but she was so cool.
That gave me an idea. “Hey, Beverly, when’s your birthday?
Next week, right?”
      “Thursday, yeah. Why? You can make it, can’t you? It’ll be
my sweet 16.” Sadness distorted her face.
      “No, I can make it. I just want you to set aside time. I have
somewhere I want to take you. It’ll take a few hours.”
      “Oh. Sure. Where is it?” she wanted to know.
      “It’s a surprise. You have to wait!” I told her.
      “Oh, no fair!” she pouted, plopping down on the bench.
      Sitting beside her, I put an arm around her. “You’ll love it.
Trust me.”
      “Ok.” She looked at me.
      She’d be so pretty without those damn glasses! I thought,
studying her.
      “You’re staring at me. What’s wrong?” Worry lined her
      “Nothing. You’re fine. What, I can’t look at you now?”
      “You kinda looked like you were gonna kiss me,” she
pointed out.
      “You wish, you perv!” I poked her side.
      She giggled.
      “Here comes the bus!” I was so thankful. Because I did
want to kiss her. “Shit!” I said under my breath as we boarded.
“It’s full, Bev. Let’s wait for the next one.” I suggested.

      “No way! I’m late enough as it is! We need the car for
      We ended up holding onto the rail. She stood in front of
me, chatting away as if it were ok to be standing as close as we
were. The bus lurched and she fell into me. So soft, I thought.
Our lips were touching. I jerked and leaned back. “Oh, my God!”
I forgot I couldn’t do that anymore. God didn’t approve of
      “We should have walked,” she said. But she didn’t wipe her
lips off. Instead, she gave me a curious look. She was trying not
to think of something. “It’s your stop,” she informed me.
      “Yeah. Uh, bye.” I fled. I didn’t relax until I had locked my
bedroom door. I let myself fall onto my bed.
      “How very peculiar. Why do you desire Beverly?” Jeffery
      I groaned. Why did he know everything about me? “Shut
up! It’s not me, it’s Aeryn.”
      “Oh, so Allie’s still there.”
      “I hope so.”
      “What if she’s not? Are you using her as an excuse? Maybe
Allie really does feel attracted to Bev,” he suggested.
      “That’s what freaks me out. What if these desires are really
Allie’s and Aeryn acts on them?” I posed.
      “It’s not wrong. It’s not evil. As long as you are not using
them or neglecting them, you are fine,” he reassured me.
      “You mean Sam and Joey, too.”
      Jeffery hugged me, lifting me into him. “I mean anyone.
Amada wants her time as well.”
      “I only have one body.”
      “So choose carefully who you give it to. There are those
who wouldn’t let you go.”
      “Will I be able to tell?” I whispered.
      “You are Aeryn,” he answered simply. “Now rest. You are
      “No. I want to stay awake with you. We’ll sleep the day
until Joey comes. I implore you to stay with me until then,” I
      Such a gentle smile came to his face. “As you want it. Shall
we fly?”
      “I’d love to.” I grinned.

      He pulled me up and off we went. He stayed close as I
practiced some aerial moves. Sometimes he gave advice on an
easier way to do something. What an excellent teacher he was. A
game began. First, I mimicked him. When I had the moves down,
we did them together, making beautiful patterns in the sky. I’d
never felt so content. We skimmed the water, played tag in the
trees, and streaked across the sky. Out of nowhere, he grabbed
me and kissed me. We spun slowly upward. I practically
dissolved. His kisses were so disarming. Love you, cherie. Mon
amour. His kisses moved down my neck and I went limp.
Laughing in his sexy, calming way, he kissed my hair. “Come,
cherie. Nous allons a ma maison, oui?”
      “Oui, mon pere.”
      So he carried me to his house. Into the basement we went.
There was his coffin, big enough for two. Gently, he laid me in
it. “Satin for you,” he told me.
      “Do you mean to keep me here?” I touched his face as he
came over me.
      “One day, ma cherie. Ma petite amie, j’adore tu.”
      “Je t’aime, aussi.” I hugged him tightly.
      “One day soon I’ll take you to Italy. I’ll put on a concert
just for you,” he promised.
      “Lovely thought, that is. I can’t wait.” Wow, I thought
when I looked into his eyes. They were hazel now. There was a
depth in them I could not comprehend. For hours, all I did was
stare at him, watching his unblinking eyes change colors.
Eventually, I asked him why they never stayed one color.
      “They change with my mood,” he responded as they went
back to baby blue.
      “Your mood changes that often?”
      “Yes. Why does that puzzle you?”
      “You just don’t seem like an emotional person, is all.”
      He smiled.
      “What does each color mean?”
      “Baby blue means I’m excited.”
      “So you’re excited now?”
      “Because you are with me.”

      “Purple is content. Prismatic blue represents my concern.
Grey is happy. Plain blue usually means I’m hungry. Or that I
desire something. Fluorescent green is mischievous. When there
are many colors in my eyes, I am usually enraptured or
overwhelmed. Azure means I’m bored. Silver is my infatuation.
Regular green is impatient. Hazel means concentration. When
I’m angry, they lose all color. When I’m frightened, they are a
dark brown. If I’m tired, a light brown gives it away. Dark blue
is distaste or indifference,” he informed me.
      I stayed quiet, studying his eyes. “What about when you’re
embarrassed or ashamed?”
      “And when you’re sad?”
      “Very dark green.”
      “Grey. Light grey.”
      “That’s really cool.” My fingers ran through his hair. “You
really are perfect, aren’t you?”
      “I would not say perfect. Most vampires hate me,” he
      “Why? How can they?”
      “Envy. They want me dead.”
      “Will I ever meet any of them?” I asked.
      “Of course. There just aren’t many here,” he explained.
      “Oh. Wow.” What would they be like? I had memorized
nearly all of the types of vampires, from the simplest to the
unbelievably complicated. Although, that didn’t mean I knew
their personalities. How cool it would be to meet them.
      “Will you sleep now? Or is there something else you wish
to discuss?”
      “As a matter of fact, yeah. What’s your original eye color?”
      “How beautiful,” I sighed.
      “Something wrong?” So soft his voice was, as he gently
caressed my face.
      “Last weekend, I did something strange.”
      “Other than bedding Sam?” he joked.
      “Yeah,” I said slowly. “I was looking in the mirror. I pretty
much fell in love with myself. Is that normal?”

      “That’s normal. But not for logmin or scaroth. That’s a
jenodi trait.”
      “How is that possible?”
      “Remember when Mark and I converted you? We shot those
needles from our mouths and they went into your skin?”
      “Yes. They must’ve had DNA from all the vampire species,
right?” I concluded.
      He nodded. “Provided by Amada.”
      “Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better.”
      “You are welcome.”
      I laughed. “You are so proper!”
      “What makes you so sure?” His eyes were light green.
      My heart did jumping jacks. “You’ve done nothing to
convince me otherwise.”
      All of a sudden, we were in a ballroom. I was in a long
white gown and he wore this handsome black tux. The jacket was
long and stopped at his knees. But his hair was wild. “The Punk
Prince welcomes you!” he shouted, clapping twice. A band of
ghouls lifted their instruments and began to play all of my
favorite classical songs. Jeffery seized me and I was swept up in
a wild dance. Now that I was no longer human, I could handle
more. He pushed my body to its limits. At one point, we were
dancing on the ceiling. Then we were in mid-air. Around us
danced other vampires and other creatures I couldn’t identify.
How crazy it all was. We were moving so fast the room was
blurring. And I absolutely loved it. Jeff released me as the
classical music became heavy metal. I danced solo for a bit.
      Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him stripping. Dropping
his jacket on the floor, he quickly shed his shirt and pants.
Rising up into the air, he began to spin rapidly. When he finally
stopped, he donned new attire. On his feet were these chunky
boots. The pants were black and low on his hips. They were
baggy and one could follow the little blond hairs from his belly
button down almost to their source. He wore a long, black leather
jacket with no sleeves or buttons. The matching black hat on his
head was cocked to the side and very much resembled the hats
worn in the 1930’s. He really looked like a punk. Dropping back
to the floor, he began to sing and dance. His voice was deep and
haunting, and his dancing was as downright sexual as it could get
without him grabbing his genitals.

      I watched him, entranced. I’d have never guessed he could
be so overtly sexual. He gestured for me to move closer. I did
and he ripped at the gown until it was of a gothic nature. Then he
held me close while he continued his songs. I laid my head on
his chest, basking in the attentions he shed on me. The other
vampires vocalized, and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever
heard. Jeffery dipped me so low we almost touched the floor.
Then he brought me up and spun me. As the last song ended, he
bit my neck.
      I jerked. “Was that a memory?” I wondered as I saw Jeff
above me. We were still in his coffin, in his basement.
      “Yes,” he replied.
      “You really did that? Boy, I was wrong about you!”
      He moved so we lay side by side. “Does it surprise you that
      “You always act so respectable and dignified. And you
wear suits constantly. And how were you so… uh…. Wild,
      “When I was converted, I was partially excited. Some of
that sexual energy stayed with me. That’s how I was able to
make love to you.”
      “But you were made by a dude!” I blurted.
      “Haven’t we already gone over this issue?”
      “Sorry. It’s only that the only guy I’ve ever seen you with
is Mark. And that doesn’t count.”
      “No, it doesn’t.”
      “What about now? Could you be romantic with Mark?” I
watched his eyes closely.
      They were hazel again. “This would please you?” he hinted.
      I shrugged. “I’m just wondering. That’s all,” I clearly
      His eyes were getting darker. “Mark and I? I never
considered it, honestly.”
      “Are you embarrassed?” I started laughing. “This is
      “Perhaps I should take you home,” he threatened playfully.
      “No, please no. I’ll stop, I will. Promise!” But I was still
getting weak.
      He chuckled. “I’ll show you. Thursday.”
      “Why Thursday?”

       “I have to convince Mark. It’ll take that long.”
       “Ok. Sounds like fun.” I beamed.
       He kissed me. “You are such fun,” he decided.
       “I hope so.” I snuggled into him.
       “Sleep now, cherie,” he urged.
       “Fine,” I relented. I wrapped my arms around him tightly
and went into a vampire sleep. Jeff woke me at 3:00 the next
       “Joey is waiting for you,” he said.
       I stretched. “Ok. See you tonight.”
       “Until then.”
       I kissed him good-bye and flew back to my house. It was a
rare sunny day. The brightness hurt my eyes and I crashed into
the wall of my house. “Ouch!” I wheezed, then clambered
through my window. Being silly, I put on my outfit dramatically,
as if I was some suave spy. Flipping over to my door, I posed
before I opened it. I hopped down the stairs like I had in
elementary school. I was sliding as I entered the kitchen. Joey
eyed me. “What are you doing, Allie?” he chuckled.
       “Just feeling energetic, is all.”
       “You’re in a skirt!” he exclaimed.
       “Won’t you be cold?”
       “That’s what your coat is for.” I pinched his cheek.
       He blushed with pleasure. “Of course. Ms. Dutch, we’re
leaving!” he answered, taking my hand and leading me out to his
car. Ever the gentleman, he held my door open for me. After he
got in and buckled up, he turned on the radio. “For once, I
actually hope it doesn’t rain,” he spoke.
       I smiled at him. “What did you pack?” I inquired.
       “Some of your favorite foods and games. I want you to
have fun.” Why was he thinking about swimming? “I also
brought a portable radio,” he added.
       “Cool.” Now he was thinking about fishing. WTH? I
       We parked then walked about half a mile to a good spot
right by a creek. He carried the picnic basket and I carried the
radio. Setting the basket down, he spread out the picnic blanket.
I sat on it and leaned back against the tree that was there. I
turned the radio to his favorite rock station and watched him.

Every few seconds, he was looking at me. I really wanted to
laugh. “You cold yet?” he wondered.
      “Not yet.” It was 59 degrees so I could get away with it.
      Sitting next to me, he crossed his legs. And stared at me.
“Allie,” he finally said.
      “Why are you wearing a skirt?”
      “I’ve worn them before!” I reminded him.
      “Yes, but not on dates. Besides the dances, I mean. Are you
wearing it for me?” His voice was low.
      “Maybe.” I held his hand.
      He glanced at me. If I weren’t a vamp, I would have missed
the look in his eyes. “Oh. That makes me feel special. Thank
you,” he grinned.
      Horny is more like it, I thought as I crammed a sandwich
into my mouth. It took a while to notice he wasn’t eating. “Joe,
are you not hungry?”
      “Why not?”
      “I just don’t think I can eat right now.”
      “Are you feeling ok? You’re not sick, are you?” I was
      “No. I’m fine.” He sighed.
      “Ok.” I finished eating, packed up the food, and returned to
my spot next to him. Laying my head on his shoulder, I held his
hand again. “This is nice, Joey,” I told him.
      “I’m glad of that.” His voice was strained.
      I studied him. He was tense. “Joey, what’s wrong? Did I
mess up?”
      “No! You’re wonderful. It’s just that,” he gulped, “I, uh…”
      “Say it,” I willed him.
      “This is driving me crazy! Seeing you in that skirt is
exciting me,” he blurted, looking surprised.
      That made me smile. “Joey, that’s normal.”
      “It’s still annoying and embarrassing.”
      “Oh, Joey!” I hugged him. “You are too much!”
      He squeezed me back tightly. His hands were alternately
forming a fist and stretching out. I wondered how messed up I
could get him. I scooted closer to him so my bare legs touched
his. He whimpered. Tilting my head back, I brought his down so

I could kiss him. I ordered him to open his mouth and entered my
tongue into it. That did it. His hand touched my leg. He
squeezed it and smoothed his hand over it. When I didn’t pull
away, his hand moved North. He hesitated when he reached the
bottom of my skirt. He was trembling. I pulled away. “Wow,
Allie!” he exclaimed, gazing at me.
      I held the hand that was on my leg, torturing him by
moving it into my lap. “Wow, what?” I played innocent.
      “You must be cold. Here, put my coat on.” He draped his
large coat over my shoulders.
      I pulled my feet next to my body so the coat completely
covered me. “Thank you.”
      “Sure.” He sounded absolutely miserable.
      Just then, I noticed Sam walking in our general direction.
“Sam!” I waved.
      Enthusiastically, he waved back, starting to run. “Hey, you
two. Mind if I join you?” he asked in such a friendly way.
      “Please!” Joey smiled, relieved.
      Sam plopped down next to me. “Where’s the rest of you?”
he joked.
      “Buried in this coat. I’m wearing a skirt, so Joey made sure
I stayed warm. Right, Joe?” I said brightly.
      “Yeah. Wouldn’t want her to be cold.” He affectionately
touched my ear.
      “There’s more than one way to keep a girl warm,” Sam
      “Sam!” I punched him. It was just enough so he could
glimpse what I was wearing.
      “Whoa! That skirt short enough, Allie? That’s definitely for
making out,” he said.
      “Shut up!” I rolled my eyes.
      “Sex outside is highly inappropriate, Sam,” Joey lectured.
      “Only if you get caught,” he amended.
      Giggling, I reached for a drink. What a mistake that was!
Sam yanked Joey’s coat off and kicked me. So they got an eyeful
of what was under my skirt. Joey let out a strange noise. I
jumped on Sam and hit him repeatedly. “You perv!” I shouted.
“How could you do that to me?”
      “Oh, come on. It was funny. Besides, I’m sure Joey liked it.
Didn’t you, Joe?” Sam asked.

      Blushing like crazy, Joey replied, “Hell, yeah!”
      That had all of us laughing like maniacs. “So he is a boy!”
I teased, getting off of Sam.
      Joey had never looked so alive to me. Huh, I guess Sam
was a lot of help. “I guess so,” he agreed. “I can’t believe I said
that!” He shook his head.
      “Want me to sit in your lap?” I offered.
      “Sure!” He held tightly to my hips.
      “Aw, no love for the single guy?” Sam pretended to pout.
      “No!” I ruled.
      “Joey?” he asked.
      “Ugh, man! Hell no!” Joey protested, weak with laughter.
      “You’re so crazy, Sam!” I declared.
      “What can I say?” He threw up his hands, winking at me.
      “Ya hungry? We’ve got plenty of food,” Joey graciously
      As he bent over, I kicked him. “Ha, now we’re even!” I
decided, slapping high-fives with Joey.
      “That’s cold. But you forgot, we saw your ass.” Sam had a
crazy look on his face.
      “No, we don’t wanna see it!” we pleaded.
      After we settled down a little bit, Sam invited us to his
house. “My car’s here.”
      “Then follow me. Where’d you park?”
      “Over there.” Joey pointed.
      “Two minutes,” Sam promised.
      “Ok.” We packed up as Sam went to get his car. “He is so
weird!” I told Joey as we buckled in.
      “Ain’t he? Hey, but are you ok? That was kind of rude how
he… exposed you like that.”
      “I’m fine. At least it wasn’t a big crowd.”
      “That would have sucked!” he argued.
      “There he is!” I pointed.
      “See him.” He shifted gears then shot off after Sam. There
was room in the driveway for both cars. We piled out and went
inside. “This is nice!” Joey complimented.
      “Thanks,” Sam closed and locked the door. “To the living
      “I have some games in the car,” Joey brought up.

      “Cool. Why don’t you bring em in? Lock the door when you
come back in. The living room is at the end of the hall,” Sam
      “Ok. Be right back.” He hurried out.
      Sam and I entered the living room and he sat on the couch.
“Why did you do it?” I inquired.
      “I wanted to see your ass,” he replied simply. “You sure do
look good in that skirt.”
      “Well, thanks. But watch it in front of him. He’ll find out
you like me if you’re not careful,” I warned him.
      When he got up, I thought he was going to the kitchen.
Instead, he stood behind me, bending me forward over the couch.
“Like if he sees me doing this?”
      “Sam! Let me go! He’ll be back any second!” I begged.
Despite the fact that I liked the way he was holding me, one hand
on my hip, the other near my neck.
      He pressed his body against mine and my excitement grew.
“I’ll be quick. You can hear him coming, too,” he reasoned.
      “What are you doing?” I panicked.
      He rolled me over and kissed me.
      I heard Joey’s footsteps in the hall. I grabbed hold of Sam
and threw him over my head. “Joey’s coming!” I whispered.
      He landed on his feet. “Whoa!”
      Joey came in. “Where should I put these?”
      “On the floor. What do we play first?” Sam snapped out of
      “Taboo!” I held it up as I sat down.
      “We’ve only got three people,” Sam pointed out.
      “So, we’ll substitute.”
      “Sounds good to me!” Joey shrugged.
      I was the alternate and they guessed the words. Halfway
through, they started goofing off and coming up with retarded
words. Finally, I was forced to give up and we played another
game, Guesstures. That didn’t get very far, either. I found a deck
of cards and suggested we play card games. We played Black
Jack, SlapJack, the all-time favorite I Declare War, and
inevitably poker. I had done pretty well at Black Jack and
SlapJack. Joey kicked our asses in I Declare War. Our poker
game was another story.
      “Sam, we are not playing strip poker!” I drilled into him.

      “We’re not playing for money, either,” he replied.
      “Why don’t we just use chips?” Joey wondered.
      “Don’t have any,” Sam frowned.
      “What if we don’t use anything? We’ll just keep playing
hands,” I suggested.
      “No. I want some type of currency,” Sam shook his head.
      “Why don’t we combine it with Truth or Dare? We all agree
on it, then the best hand is excluded,” Joey brought up.
      All together we smiled. “Nothing gross!” I added.
      “Darn!” Sam whined.
      “Ok. What’s the first truth or dare?” Joey asked.
      “We should switch from truth to dare each time,” I said.
      “Ok,” they agreed.
      “I’ll deal.” Sam picked up the deck.
      “Truth: Most embarrassing moments,” Joey started.
      “Good one.” Sam nodded, then dealt out the cards. “Hey,
I’ve got another idea. The truth or dare gets worse as we raise
each other.”
      “Oh, yeah!” Joey and I laughed.
      “Is everybody in?”
      “Anybody want to raise?”
      We al shook our heads. At the same time, we laid our cards
down. Joey had won this round. “Well, I’m pretty sure today was
more embarrassing than any other in my life. Can’t believe I fell
for that,” I said.
      “Let’s see. I’d have to say… fifth grade when a dog peed
on me. I had to go the whole day having people think I pissed
myself. That was embarrassing!” Sam scratched his arm.
      We laughed about that for a minute, then he dealt the next
hand. The dare was to behave like the opposite sex shaving. I
won that round. We had raised once, so we had to make it like a
commercial. Joey was the voice-over and Sam was having a
horrible time shaving legs that looked like a jungle. Eventually
the imaginary razor broke and he said sadly, “I should have went
with the wax.” His voice was so weird Joey and I couldn’t stop
laughing for a while. He also sang the Venus song.
      The next truth was law breaking. No one wanted to lose
that so it escalated to the point where we had to name every
illegal thing we’d done or thought about doing it. Staring at each

other, no one wanted to put their cards down. Everyone had
traded a few cards to the deck. Counting to three, we threw our
cards down and looked away. Joey braved up and evaluated our
cards. Somehow, we’d come out even. “There’s got to be some
mistake.” I was surprised.
       “You know what? There’s probably some cards mixed in
from another deck,” Joey summed.
       “So we don’t have to do this truth?” Sam wondered
       “We did agree on it,” I remembered.
       “Shit!” Sam mumbled.
       “You go first!” Joey and I said simultaneously.
       “You guys are so evil! How specific do I have to be?” His
eyes were glinting. Geez, he looked like Mark!
       “No names,” Joey ruled.
       “Cool. Ok. Let me start in order. Theft of store items,
including alcohol. Purchase of illegal items. Sale of illegal
       “Use?” I questioned.
       “No. Joyriding. Sex with a minor.” He gave me a quick
look to let me know I was the only one. “Speeding. You know,
all the usual stuff. Harboring a criminal.”
       “What?” Joey and I were incredulous.
       “It wasn’t that big of a thing. My cousin, Mark, had a little
trouble with immigration.”
       “Then he’s an illegal alien, not a criminal,” I pointed out.
       Oh, no! If my turn came, Joey would know I wasn’t a
virgin. He’d hate me. Unless I stayed really non-specific. “I have
minor theft and improper conduct with adults. Oh, and as of
today, indecent exposure.”
       Sam guffawed. “Oh. Joey boy. Have you done anything
       “Theft. Possession of illegal drugs,” What? I never knew
that! “Use of illegal drugs. And intent of illegal conduct with a
       “Aw!” Sam taunted. “He intends to sleep with you, Allie,
and before the legal age, too.”
       “Shut up!” I pushed him.
       Joey laughed.

      “So, we’re all a bunch of dirty thieves? I am surprised that
you haven’t tried any drugs, Allie,” Sam mused.
      “Unless you count second-hand smoke,” I muttered.
      “Wow, you’re a loser,” Sam said.
      I punched him this time. “Asshole!”
      “I’m thirsty. Who else is?” Joey jumped to his feet.
      “I think we all are.” I turned on the TV. He always had it
on this channel, I noticed. Did he even watch TV? I wondered. In
any case, I got to my feet, shed my shoes, and danced. For a
moment, Sam was going to join me. One look at Joey deterred
him. After Joey finished pouring the drinks, he brought them in
and set them on the floor. As he drank, he carefully examined my
body as I danced. Then, one of my favorite rock songs came on
and I jumped around wildly. Joey immediately got to his feet and
joined me. We screamed the words together as we banged our
      Sam leaned against the couch, sipping slowly as he watched
us. He was thinking of doing it again, making love to me. My
face reddened. He only smiled. Tired, I sat on the floor and
gulped down the juice. Joey lay on his belly, supporting his head
on his hands. “It’s almost time for ya’ll to go,” Sam mentioned, a
bit sadly.
      “Let’s do this again sometime,” Joey decided.
      “Yeah. Let’s.” Sam looked at me.
      “Well, I’ve got to get her home,” Joey groaned, getting to
his feet.
      “You’ll always be welcome here. Feel free to stop by any
time.” Why did Sam seem sinister all of a sudden? “Here, let me
get the games for you.” He packed everything up. “I work
Monday through Friday, 7-3. You’ve both got my number?”
      “I can look it up in the phone book,” Joey replied.
      “All right. See ya.” He walked us to the door.
      “Bye!” we said together.
      “At first I thought he was weird but he’s pretty cool,” Joey
told me as we drove off.
      “Same here. I really had fun today, Joe. Thank you.” I
reached for his hand.
      “I’m glad you did. I had fun, too. Can I call you
      “Nope. I’m gonna be at Bev’s. I’ll call you Friday.”

      “Ok… You chilly? I can turn on the heater.”
      “No thanks. I’m fine.”
      “Say hello to Bev for me?”
      There was a comfortable silence as we continued on our
way. He whipped into the driveway expertly. “Here we are. I’ll
walk you to the door.”
      We sat on the rail for a few minutes, watching each other.
“Maybe we’ll do something Friday.”
      “That would be great!” he responded happily. “You should
probably be getting inside. Your aunt’s very punctual.”
Reluctance leaked from him.
      I stepped forward and kissed him. He moved off of the rail
and held me close. “Good night,” I told him.
      “Good night,” he echoed.
      He didn’t take one step until I closed and locked the door.
How nice of him! It was almost ten. I slithered upstairs and
quickly locked the door to my room. Jeff and Mark stood as far
away from each other as possible. “What’s this? I thought you
were getting along.”
      “Mark’s reluctant about this whole thing,” Jeffery sighed.
      “Mark,” I began, taking his hands in mine. “You said
yourself Jeff wasn’t so bad. Why are you mad?”
      “It’s Jeff! I’m so used to being his adversary,” Mark
      “It doesn’t have to be that way. And if you don’t like it,
that’s ok,” I consoled him. “Look at Jeff. Don’t attach any
feeling to it. Just study him. Tell me you wouldn’t want him.”
      Mark stared at Jeff, who steadily stared back. I watched
them sizing each other up. Mark’s eyes changed. “Fine. What are
we doing?” he asked me.
      Overjoyed, I hugged him. “Whatever happens happens.
Start off with something small.”
      He was twitching again. “Ok. Leave.”
      “Thursday,” Jeff reminded before he kissed me and left.
      Mark tossed me on the bed. “You know something? You
haven’t changed a bit since I’ve known you,” he smirked.
      Returning the smile, I hugged him again. “I know.”
      His teeth went into me, and it was bliss. “I love you,

      “It’s not accurate to call me that anymore. Aeryn will
      “As you wish, my queen.”
      A tingle ran through me. Queen. I liked the idea of that.
“Hey, Mark, are you Sam’s dad?”
      He sat up. “Why do you ask?”
      “Just tell me.”
      “Then what are you?”
      “His grandfather, twice removed.”
      “So that’s why you don’t like Cris!”
      “I wouldn’t like her anyway.”
      “But you still flirted with her,” I pointed out. “Dude, that’s
      “So is this. We share blood, remember? So shut up already.
Man, you’re weird,” he chuckled.
      “Do they know?”
      “Only Sam does.”
      “Why him?”
      “He’s special. You know how cool he is. I’ve promised to
convert him.”
      “Wait. So does that make them partially vampire?”
      “The genes lie dormant. So no. But in Sam, they were
triggered. That’s why he can do some things. But he only has ¼
of each gene. I started talking to him when he was three. I liked
him so much I kept coming back.”
      “You did a wonderful job with him,” I commented.
      “When are you going to convert him?”
      “Any time now. Our deal was that he get out of the Dayner
house. He’s done that. But you came along so we’ve got to take
care of you first. He’s very understanding.
      “This is so weird,” I laughed.
      “Yeah, it is. Even I’m not used to it yet. But I told you we
didn’t follow scientific rules.”
      “You’re telling me! No wonder people go crazy. There’s no
      As I mulled over that, Mark felt me up. “Did you have fun
with him?” he questioned.

      “I did. You can really tell you two are related.”
      “Heh. Yeah. He talks about you a lot. That’s how we knew
to find you here. Some of the things he said about you made us
positive that you had to be Aeryn. And lately, he’s just so
excited about you.”
      “He knows my past?”
      “Some of it. I’ve been sharing it with him gradually. He
wants to know everything.”
      “Wow. He really is odd, isn’t he?”
      “Baby, we all are,” Mark smiled.
      “Yeah…. Did he know you kissed me that day on the
cruise? Is that why he went to the bathroom?”
      “Yeah. I told him I wanted to and he agreed because he
thought it was extremely funny.”
      “Wow. Boy, we’re crazy.”
      We both laughed. I curled into him and went to sleep.

      Wednesday was fun. Bev and I only got through half of her
math work. “We’ve got a whole other week to finish it. Let’s
start on the game,” Bev convinced me. She dragged me
downstairs to the den. We played for hours and finally beat it.
“Yes!” she cheered, jumping on me. “Thank you so much. I knew
you could do it.” her arms were like a vice around my neck.
      I laughed at her. “You’re welcome. What do we do now?” I
      She still hadn’t budged. “I dunno. Let’s go back to my
room,” she decided.
      “Ok.” Relief doesn’t even begin to describe it when she
finally got off of me. I trailed after her, trying not to check her
out. I sat on her bed. “Where am I sleeping?” I asked.
      “On the bed with me, like we always do. That won’t
change.” Off came her glasses so she could polish the lenses.
      Taken aback by her eyes, my mind went blank. “Why don’t
you have a boyfriend, Beverly?”
      Blushing, she sat next to me. Slowly, she put her glasses
back on. “Guys don’t like me and I don’t like them,” she finally
      “Because I already like someone.”
      “Then why aren’t you with them?”

      “It’s illegal.”
      “Tell me who it is. Please!”
      “Mr. Debusk.”
      “The law teacher?”
      “He’s an absolute god! And he’s the only male I’ve ever
      “Really? Wanna know a secret. I like him, too.”
      “Joey would be pissed if he found out. He already thinks
he’s a perv. And I heard he’s your doctor.”
      “Yeah, he is.” This was so funny!
      “You are so lucky. Does he ever make you wear a hospital
gown?” she asked.
      “No, you little weirdo!” I pushed her.
      She giggled. “But I know he and I will never happen. I
think he likes you.” She turned serious.
      “What do you mean?”
      “Everyone I know wants to hook up with you.”
      “Wow. Why do you think that is?”
      “There’s something about you. People just feel this
overwhelming need to be around you. Even me,” she grew quiet.
      “Does that mean you like me, too?” I was being very
careful not to startle her.
      “I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I do, but then I
remember that one, you’re a girl, two, you’re with Joey,” she
came clean.
      “Sometimes I feel like I like you, too. Then I remember
you’re my best friend.”
      “Hm.” Silence followed.
      “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.” I hopped up and took her hand.
      “You’re a strange girl, Allie,” she laughed.
      I kissed her. “I know.”
      She looked shocked for a few seconds, then smiled. We
totally raided the fridge, cooking up a bunch of goodies to take
upstairs. Her mom and dad walked in. After laughing at us, they
helped out. Somehow it turned into a food fight. What fun. There
were only three bathrooms, so Mr. Knox waited his turn to wash
off. Bev and I ate all the crap we’d made while watching old
movies. She fell asleep first. I tucked her in, turned off the light,
and went to sleep.

      The next day, we went for a walk. Bev needed to exercise a
lot because of her being on the soccer team. “Let’s stop by and
see Cris,” I suggested.
      “Good idea,” she replied. Breaking into a jog, she led the
way to the Dayner’s mansion. I rang the doorbell and Mrs.
Dayner answered. “Why, hello Allison. Hi Beverly. It’s nice to
see you,” she greeted.
      “Hello, Mrs. Dayner. We’re here to see Cris. Is she here?” I
      “Yes. She’s in her room. You came just in time. Her doctor
just left.” She stepped aside to let us in.
      “Is she ok?” Bev worried.
      “Yes. She and the baby are coming along fine. She’s just
extremely tired. That’s why she hasn’t been in school,” Mrs.
Dayner explained.
      “I see,” I murmured.
      “If you’d like, you girls can stay for dinner. I'm sure Cris
would love that. And everyone will be here for once,” Mrs.
Dayner explained.
      “We’d love to!” Bev and I smiled sweetly.
      “Alright. I’ll tell Sam to make room for two more.” She
disappeared through the dining room door.
      Bev and I ran upstairs to Cris’ room. Cautiously, I opened
the door. “Cris? You awake?” I whispered.
      “Allie! Come on in. Relax, I haven’t had the baby yet,” she
      We sat on her bed. “How have you been?” I asked.
      “Fine. Bored, but fine. They say that since I’m sedentary
the pregnancy just makes it worse. So I’m confined to my room
until the babe is born,” she responded.
      “You always were lazy,” I teased.
      She kicked me. “They also said I don’t have enough
calcium or iron. The doctor’s just ordered some pills for me to
help with that,” she elaborated.
      “We wouldn’t want you getting sick,” I sympathized.
      “Can they tell what it is yet?” Bev inquired eagerly.
      “No. It’s only been two months.”
      “Oh. This is so cool!” Beverly squealed. Such a girl she
was, in so many ways.

      “I want you guys to be in the hospital room with me. And
Allie, I want you to be godmother.” Cris squeezed my hand.
      “Me? Godmother? Are you sure? I’m not very good with
kids.” Wincing, I recalled the last time I babysat and I somehow
dropped the poor kid in the washer. He wasn’t hurt but no one
else would trust me with their kid after that.
      “I’ve thought very hard about this. You’re the person I trust
most. You’re one of the most moral people I know.”
      I couldn’t keep form chortling. Pretending I had been
choking, I urged her to go on.
      “Allie, I know you’ll do a great job. Besides, I’ll really
need your help, seeing that the father is in Italy and may never
find out he has a child,” she finished.
      “I’m honored, Cris. I really am. Thank you.” I hugged her.
She was so frail. She wasn’t one of those women cut out for
pregnancy. Common sense told me that if she didn’t have extra
care, she’d lose the baby. “You make sure to take it easy, ok?” I
told her tenderly.
      “When do we eat?” Beverly asked, bored already.
      “It’s Maury’s night to cook. Although the food’s really
good, it takes forever to make. He wants to be a gourmet chef
when he grows up.” Cris rolled her eyes.
      Beverly giggled.
      “Hey, Cris, where are my…” Sam burst in.
      We all stared at him.
      “Oh, I didn’t know it was you that would be eating all our
food,” his tone changed and he grinned.
      “Yes. I’m stalking you now,” I retorted.
      “Not like I mind,” he shot back.
      “Just don’t tell Joey. Cuz Joey doesn’t know. Joey doesn’t
know,” we girls all sang together.
      We all laughed. “You girls are crazy!” Sam shook his head.
      “What did you want?” Cris asked.
      “I can’t find my good boxers. I think I left them here.” He
came in.
      Suddenly I felt sick. Oh, heaven help me! I hoped so badly
my suspicions were only that and nothing more. Cris didn’t make
me feel any better when she replied, “They’re under the bed.”

      It couldn’t be true! What was wrong with this family? I
      “Allie, you look sick,” Beverly pointed out.
      “I need to go to the bathroom.” Without giving anyone a
chance to respond, I fled. Once in the bathroom, I sat on the
toilet, trying not to let my dizziness win over. Someone knocked.
“Someone’s in here!” I yelled.
      “Allie, it’s me. Open up. We need to sort this out.” It was
      I flung open the door. “There’s nothing to sort out. No
wonder you didn’t care if Mark was your father!” I was shaking,
      Stepping in, he closed the door. “Allie…” He held my arms.
      “It’s yours, isn’t it? That’s why she’s sick.” I glared at him.
      “It is,” he confessed.
      “When? When did this happen?”
      “Remember that day you walked into your room on the
cruise and I was on your bed? She was in the shower.”
      “You didn’t do it on my bed, did you?”
      “No.” He ran a hand through my hair.
      “How did this happen?”
      “It was her and Mark’s idea. She already wanted to. I told
Mark and he told me to go ahead. He said he wouldn’t make me a
vampire if I didn’t do it.”
      I broke away from him. “She’s your sister!” I could barely
      “Actually, no.”
      “What the hell? What is going on?” My voice was rising
      “This isn’t the time for it. Dinner is ready. Now pull
yourself together. We’ll talk about this later.”
      “Soon,” I made him promise.
      “Soon,” he promised, kissing my forehead.
      “What are you?” I questioned, looking into his eyes.
      He appeared sad suddenly. “You’ll find out soon enough.
Can you come over again this weekend?”
      “I’ll try. If I can’t get Aunt Jaime’s permission, I’ll come
by at night.”
      “Ok. Now let’s go to dinner, alright?” Wrapping his arm
around my shoulder, he led me out.

      Maury had prepared a feast. Even though I’d previously
been queasy, I consumed a rather large amount. Kind of funny,
since I didn’t need food anymore. Whatever. Anyway, I sat
between Cris and Beverly. The dinner was pretty nice. We talked
about the upcoming baby shower. After we finished, we all
watched a family movie, then Sam drove Bev and I home.
      When he and I were alone, he reached out and grabbed my
hand. “Allie, do you still like me?” he wondered.
      “Yes. I may be disgusted by what you’ve done, yet I still
desire your company.” He looked absolutely brilliant in the
moonlight. As rainy as this town was, the nights were clear and
      On a whim, he pulled over. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he
scrambled across the seat and mounted me. “I can’t wait any
longer. Aeryn, love me again.”
      “I can’t until I know what you are.” I turned my face away,
      “That’s too much to explain. I need more time to compile
the information.”
      “So, it’s complicated.”
      I sighed.
      “Look at me, Aeryn.”
      I wished I hadn’t. In his eyes, I saw Mark, but I also saw
something else. That curious thing enraptured me. I hugged him
again and held him close. “Oh, Sam. What’s become of my life?”
      “It’s yours no longer,” he told me. As I cried, he kissed my
eyes, moving his hands underneath me.
      “No, it isn’t,” I realized. I was lost in something and there
was no way out. Best to let me take over, a voice in my head
said. Startled, I realized Aeryn’s spirit was manifesting me in
more ways than I had known. Could I really let myself go and be
Aeryn? I’d have to decide sometime soon.

     “What is ailing you, Allison?” Jeffery wondered.
     “Nothing I understand. It’ll all clear up by the end of the
week. Where’s Mark?”
     “Right here.” Smiling, he came out of my closet.
     “That’s just weird,” I laughed.

      He shrugged, grinning madly. “What can I say? I’m
unusual. Now let’s get this over with.” He strutted up to Jeff.
      Jeff peered down at Mark curiously. “I’m very surprised
you wanted to do this.”
      “Shut up before I lose my nerve.” Mark blushed. “Wait a
minute. Why am I shorter you?”
      “You always were,” Jeff reminded him lightly.
      “Well, forget that!” He straightened up, and just like that,
he was tall as Jeff. “There we go.” Leaning forward, he kissed
      Jeffery’s hands moved to Mark’s shoulders and gently led
him back. Mark fell on the bed and Jeff crawled over him. “The
things we do for this girl,” Jeff laughed, biting Mark’s neck.
Mark’s back arched, and it amazed me. I’d never seen him like
that before. I guess this is what he would’ve done if I’d let him.
His teeth actually grew before he bit Jeff. They were absolutely
lost in each other. For a moment, I didn’t exist. A chill went
through me. Rapidly, I pulled them apart. Both surprised, they
looked at me. “Aeryn, what’s wrong?” they asked together.
      “You’d forgotten about me.”
      “How could we ever forget about you? You are our
universe.” Jeff’s hand caressed my hair and face.
      “Don’t be jealous,” Mark pleaded, moving closer. “We will
always love you.”
      “You would love each other more,” I feared.
      “I don’t think so, cherie. I would love Mark for different
reasons, so it’s not comparable,” Jeff assured me.
      “Are you sure?” I stared hard at them both.
      “Cherie, why would you even think that?” Jeffery laughed
softly, kissing me.
      “Silly girl,” Mark sighed, holding me. “Let’s make her feel
better, Jeff.”
      “Sounds like an excellent idea.” Jeff also wrapped his arms
around me.
      “What are you doing?” I asked.
      “A good old-fashioned vampire blood orgy,” Mark said
      They both smiled, both now having green eyes. “Yes.”
      “Stop it. That freaks me out.”

      They only laughed. Then they both bit me. I was overcome
with sensations as their hands ran over me. Total, complete bliss
washed over me as they drank. I leaned back against Mark,
whose hands explored my belly. Jeff was removing my shirt. It
was a button-up, so he slipped it right off my arms. He moved
his lips from my neck to my belly. My back arched just like
Mark’s had. Mark laughed as he brought his face over mine. Our
mouths met and my blood came back into me. I bit his tongue
and his blood flowed into me. I held Jeff’s head, trying to push
him away. He didn’t pay any attention and kept on. His hands
held onto my hips. “Cherie, cherie,” he murmured. Mark’s
tongue explored my mouth and his hand moved up my side and
under my bra. I almost hit him but then remembered that he’d
 done it before.
      Jeffery had moved on to my wrist. I thought I’d die, lying
there between those two. Jeff’s body covered mine and I held
him. Mark’s kiss grew almost frantic. He moved back to my
neck, biting me again. This continued on into the night. They bit
me again and again, all over my body. What true bliss!

      The phone was ringing. “Allison, it’s for you! It’s Joey!”
Malorie yelled.
      I sat up and looked at the clock. “Shit!” It was afternoon. “I
think you drank too much, guys,” I told Mark and Jeff.
      They only smiled at me innocently. “Oops!” Mark said.
      Rolling my eyes, I picked up the phone. “Hello?”
      “Hello? Allie?”
      “What happened?”
      “I overslept. Sorry.”
      “Oh. Well, do you still want to hang out?”
      “Sure. What do you have planned?” As I walked by the
mirror, I noticed I was naked. Glaring at Mark and Jeff, I quickly
dressed. They snickered quietly like a pair of drunken kids.
      “Rollerblading,” Joey said.
      “Sounds like fun.”
      “Ok. I’ll pick you up in five minutes.”
      “Alright. Bye.”
      “Have fun!” Mark said.
      “You two behave,” I told them, putting on my jacket.

      “I was never good at that,” Jeff laughed. Mark was sitting
between his legs, leaning back on him.
      “Neither was I for that matter,” Mark grinned. He was back
to his normal size. He was holding Jeff’s hands around his neck
like some little kid.
      “What the hell is with you two? Geez, you’re some freaks!”
I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Don’t enjoy each other’s company
too much.”
      “We await your return, Queen Aeryn,” they chorused.
      I closed my door and went downstairs to wait for Joey. He
pulled up two minutes later and I told Jake to tell Aunt Jaime I
was out rollerblading. “Does she know yet?” Joey asked me as
we drove off.
      “No. I am not going to tell her. She’d never let you near
our house again.”
      “It’s just a little weird. She trusts me and if we’re ever
alone there again…”
      “She doesn’t need to know. If she’s too much of a dumbass
to notice, I’m perfectly fine with that. Besides, if you really want
stuff to happen between us, it’ll be a damn lot easier without her
knowing. You know how she is. If she knew Malorie were
engaged, there’d be a massacre at the wedding, like that one
movie. Except Malorie wouldn’t end up coming out of a four-
year coma and seeking revenge. Aunt Jaime wouldn’t make that
mistake. She’d make sure she died.”
      Joey chortled. “That was an awesome movie. But I guess I
understand. We won’t tell her,” he relented.
      “Thank you.” I held his hand.
      “Um, are you ever gonna wear a skirt again? You looked
really cute the other day,” Joey wondered.
      “You saying I’m ugly the rest of the time?”
      “No. No! That’s not what I meant. You’re beautiful. I
always enjoy looking at you…. But I was thinking about what
Sam said and I realized something. It’s a lot easier to do stuff
with you when you wear a skirt. Cuz then I know for sure you
want something. But in any other outfit, I can’t always be sure if
that’s just all you had left to wear or if you really want me to

      “Well, thank you for the compliment. I’ll be sure to let you
know when I’m in that kind of mood. I’ll wear something really
nice on those days. Is that ok?”
      “Sure!” he smiled. “What does this outfit mean?”
      “It’s just something I threw on. Barely had time to find a
shirt. You wouldn’t have minded but I’m sure everyone else
      He cracked up. “You’re right about that!”
      We pulled on our rollerblades and started off. They were
playing some pretty cool music so I danced a little as I skated
around the rink. Joey was a faster skater than me but I could do
more tricks. We played a game of tag, pissing off the older
people who we skated too close to. Very funny. One girl flipped
over the wall and half of the people started laughing at her. Red
as Mark’s hair, she went inside. Her friends tried to convince her
to come back out but she was way too embarrassed. Joey
wouldn’t stop reenacting her flip over the wall and everyone
clapped for him.
      I finally dragged him away, much to his fans’ dismay. We
started spinning. It felt wonderful. We went into the building and
ordered salads. Then he drove me home. “Wait, let’s park
somewhere, Joe.” I touched his arm.
      “Ok.” He obeyed, pulling into a store parking lot.
      I moved closer and leaned against him. “That was a lot of
      “Yeah, it was. I love spending time with you.”
      “This was a good idea after all, us going together.”
      “I’m overjoyed to know you feel that way, Allie. I was
worried for a while.” He put his arm around me.
      “Oh, yeah, Bev and Sam say hi,” I remembered.
      “We’re invited to Sam’s next Saturday.”
      “Why’d you tell me to pull over?”
      “Just wanted some more time with you. Can you come over
      “Sure! What time?”
      “About ten. I’ll make you breakfast. Aunt Jaime has to
work and Malorie and Jake are going to her fiancé’s concert.”

     “So we’ll be there alone?” he realized.
     “What will we do?”
     “Cuddle and watch a few movies. Maybe wrestle.”
     “Sounds like fun,” he smiled at me.
     I kissed him. “I’ll wear a skirt.”
     “Ooh!” His eyes brightened. “I’ll bring over the new Cobra
game, too. We can play that if anyone shows up.”
     “Did you get that idea from Sam?”
     “Maybe.” His brown eyes were mischievous.
     Wow, he’d changed since last year! “Ok, take me home
     “Yes, ma’am.”
     “You know, you don’t always have to walk me to the door.”
     “But I want to,” he replied.
     “I always thought you were just being nice,” I mused.
     “No. I like being close to you as long as I can.”
     “Oh. Well, ok then.” Why was he always thinking about
nature? He was thinking about bears. What is with this guy?
“Want to stay for dinner? We’re having pork chops, mashed
potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, and apple crumble for
     “I’d love to!” He parked on the street, then followed me up
to my house.
     “Aunt Jaime? Joey wants to join us for dinner,” I yelled as
I opened the door.
     “Of course. Come on in, Joey.” I think Aunt Jaime had a
crush on Joey and that’s why he could come and go as he
pleased. “How are you?” she asked in her nicest voice.
     “I’m fine. And yourself?”
     “Just dandy!”
     Dandy? What a freak! “Oh, is it ok if he comes over
tomorrow? He wants to show me his newest game,” I begged.
     “Sure! He can stay as long as he wants.”
     Huh? “Are you sure?” The real question was “Are you
     “You’ll be lonely, Allie. Malorie and Jake will be gone 'til
Sunday at that concert and I have a date tomorrow night.” She
was beaming.

      My heart and stomach switched places. “With who?” I
      “I finally persuaded Mr. Debusk to take me out. I don’t
know where we’re going. He wants to surprise me.”
      Oh, how disgusting! “Joey, let’s go to the den while they
finish dinner.” I pulled him away from Aunt Jaime, who was
smiling at him like a lecher. I collapsed across the couch.
      Joey sat by me. “Why did that upset you?”
      “That your aunt is going out with Mr. Debusk.”
      “You said he likes me, right? What if he’s using her to get
to me?” I decided to fuck with him.
      His eyes widened. “That would be extremely sick!”
      I laughed internally. “He’ll prob’ly ask all these personal
questions about me. Then one day, she’ll ask him to baby-sit.
And we’ll be all alone.”
      “No! That pervert!” Joey held me tightly.
      “But wait. He’s my doctor. So he’s over here anyway. If he
wanted to do something sick, he’s got plenty of opportunity to do
      “Allie, don’t scare me like that. You had me ready to call
the cops!” He relaxed.
      “Sorry,” I giggled.
      “I’ll get you back for that!” he declared, tickling me. Wow,
I was still ticklish! I squirmed, trying to get away. He was pretty
strong, but then again, most psychopaths are. I called to Mal and
Jake to help, but they just glanced down at me from upstairs and
walked away. “Ha ha! You’re defenseless!”
      “No, not the feet! Please! Joey!” I screamed as he sat on me
and grabbed my feet. He wouldn’t release me for a few minutes.
When he finally did, I lay back and stared at the ceiling.
      He sat next to me, watching me. His hair was in his eyes
again. I reached up to brush it away and he held my hand. My
breath caught (yeah, I know, I don’t breath). The eyes that stared
back at me were deep. They felt like they were sucking me in. I
was losing myself in his eyes. “Allie?” he asked.
      I couldn’t move.
      “You ok?” he whispered.
      “Yeah. You’re so… beautiful,” I told him.
      “Me?” he grinned.

      “Well, thanks.” He laughed.
      I sat up and kissed him. Caught by surprise, he moved back.
Then he held me. Pressing my body against his, I moved my
tongue into his mouth. That heart of his beat hard and furiously
against my breasts. His lips weren’t as thick as Mark’s but they
felt just as wonderful. The power in his body was apparent. Yes,
a runner’s body. He was hard against me, similar to Jeff. And
there, between his legs, the only thing that mattered to men.
Filthy, vile creatures only to be controlled. I tilted his head back,
so I could sit on his lap. He was moaning softly, completely
gone. I let him go and moved to sit beside him. “They’re prob’ly
done with dinner now,” I said.
      “Oh, right. Dinner.” Obviously, the way he looked at me
said I was on the menu.
      I got to my feet and pulled him up. “Come on.”
      He made sure he sat next to me. Under the table, he had a
pretty damn good grip on my leg. If I were still human, I’m sure
he would have bruised it.
      Mal was out with her beau so it was just Aunt Jaime, Jake,
Joey, and I. Why did so many people have “J” names? Whatever.
The phone rang and Aunt Jaime answered it. About five minutes
later Jake finished his food. I quickly got up and cleared the
table. Joey dogged my steps, bumping into me whenever I
stopped. “Knock it off! Aunt Jaime’s right in the next room,” I
      “Ok. Let me get out of here. Walk me to the door?”
      “Fine.” I dried my hands and walked after him. As he stood
on the porch, he looked back. “Can I get a hug?”
      Rolling my eyes, I relented. He squeezed me tightly and if
we hadn’t been outside, I’m pretty sure he would have ripped my
clothes off. “Ok, let me go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I pried his
hands off.
      For an instant, he looked lost. It was a disturbing sight. He
recovered, said, “Good night,” and went to his car.
      Closing the door, I cursed myself. “What have I done?”
Exactly what you wanted to, Aeryn’s voice in my head. “You
witch. Now he’ll expect something tomorrow,” I said harshly. So
will you, she responded. Why are you still acting like a human?
she challenged. I realized I was still behaving like a human. “It’s

this house, the school. Having to pretend. Sorry I questioned
you, Aeryn.” I ran upstairs and locked the door. I changed into a
hoodie and a skirt.
      “Do you want me to come with you?” Mark wanted to
      “No. Stay here. I’ll see you on Sunday, ok?”
      I hugged and kissed Mark and Jeff, then jumped from my
window. Using the speed I’d acquired from Mark, I ran to Sam’s
house. I was wondering if I should knock on the door when he
walked up to me. “Where did you go?”
      “To take out the trash,” he answered, opening the door.
      I walked in and went to his room.
      He took his time coming in. Sitting on his bed, he regarded
me. “How’s Mark? I haven’t seen him for a few days.”
      “He’s fine. He’s prob’ly been at my house most of the
time…. So, what are you?”
      “I believe I can explain best,” a familiar Spanish accent
went with the voice.
      “Amada!” I hugged her.
      “Hello, Aeryn.”
      I smoothed her hair. “So you know what he is?”
      “Yes. He’s what’s called a container. A container is in no
way human. The ironic thing is, they hold they human DNA.
Even stranger, they posses the entire genetic codes for vampires,
werewolves, and witches. However, these genes are inactive so
most container live their lives out as humans.”
      “Werewolves and witches really exist?”
      “Of course they do.”
      “Where do containers come from?”
      “They are the spawn of a vampire and a malek. Or a
werewolf or witch. Any coupling of each of these supernatural
beings with a malek produces a container. Containers have the
potential of all four DNA types. This makes them highly
      “What about a container’s child?” I glanced at Sam.
      “Any child of a container has a 50% chance of being a
container themselves. And instead of four sets of DNA, there
will be five. This is the case of a human and container.”

      “So that’s why Mark wanted you to get Cris pregnant. I’m a
vampire and, I guess, barren now. Therefore, I can’t have your
child. The next person suitable for the job was Cris. She has a
few of Mark’s genes. Does she know what you are?” I thought
      “She knows I’m adopted,” Sam supplied.
      “Are you related to Mark, then?”
      “I am Mark,” he corrected.
      “What? How? Explain.” I turned back to Amada.
      “Sam is an experiment. He was cloned from Mark.
Although, the DNA of a container, one of Mark’s sons, was also
added. When a container mates with a witch, werewolf, or
vampire, the resulting child will then contain seven DNA sets,”
Amada explained.
      “So the supernatural DNA doubles? And since there’s only
one partial human, only one human set is there,” I sorted out.
      “You’re only half right. The supernatural DNA is added for
every container’s offspring. When the child of the first container
mates with one of preternatural roots, three more DNA sets are
added on.”
      “So basically, containers hold all the DNA of their
      “It would just go on and on then.”
      “Precisely. Yet containers are rare, for obvious reasons.
They would be more powerful, if activated, than any one of the
preternatural groups. Therefore, many are reluctant to breed with
those not of their kind.”
      “Wow! And I could never participate, could I?”
      “That’s not necessarily true. Every time vampires drink
from each other, they trade and fuse DNA. Vampires will pass on
the DNA of those they have drunk from.”
      “Humans, too?”
      “No. Human blood is purely food for vampires. Only
vampire blood can fuse with vampire blood.”
      “Ok. That makes sense,” I nodded.
      “That is why vampires are very selective when it comes to
blood partners.”
      “But Mark…he’d better not have any more kids!”

      “That would only be one way to pass your DNA to a
container. Because of recent developments in science, you could
clone yourself.”
      “Wow!” I stared at Sam. “Hold on. Does Sam have Mark’s
DNA once or twice?”
      “Twice,” they both replied.
      “This is amazing!”
      Amada smiled.
      “Amada, you truly are brilliant.”
      “Thank you, querida.”
      I leaned against Sam. “I’m sorry, Sam.”
      “Don’t apologize, Aeryn. No need. Would either of you like
a drink?” He stood.
      “I’ll help you,” I offered.
      “I should be leaving. I have much research to tend to,”
Amada declined Sam’s offer.
      “Why don’t you drop by Sunday? We’ll spend some time
together then,” I suggested.
      “Alright. See you then.” She hugged and kissed me, then
left through the front door.
      “So now you know everything about me,” Sam concluded.
      “Not really. Did you like me or was it Mark in you that
liked me?” I questioned him, leaning on the counter.
      “I may have Mark’s genes but they don’t dictate my life.
They were only activated a few months ago. I wanted you long
before then,” he answered me, stepping closer. He held my hips.
“My turn to ask a question. Why are you wearing a skirt? That’s
make out material.”
      I only looked at him and smiled. We’d do more than make
      Touching my legs, he ran his hands up under the skirt.
“Joey may not have the nerve to but I do.” He kissed me, laying
me back on the counter. His hands moved on me like my own had
that one day we first made love. “Can I taste your blood? Yi cazi
mai neshka?”
      “Zutor yi neshka. Drink my blood.” I bit my tongue and
kissed him. He seemed in ecstasy as he swallowed my blood. His
hands held tightly to my hips. “Like it?” I asked him, pulling

     “That’s the best damn thing I’ve ever tasted. Want to go to
my room or is the counter fine?”
     “Do you really need to ask?” I laughed.

                   Chapter Ten
      Out of breath, Joey was leaning over, hands on his knees.
“Came as fast as I could,” he spoke haltingly.
      “Why are you out of breath? You’re an athlete plus you
drove your car here.” I moved aside so he could come in.
      “Track hasn’t started yet and I haven’t been practicing. And
I rushed.”
      “Whatever. Come on into the kitchen. B-fast is almost
ready.” I turned on my heel and walked swiftly down the
      Joey shut the door and trotted after me. “Have Malorie and
Jake left yet?” he asked, sitting at the table.
      “No, Brad will be along in an hour or so to pick them up,” I
      “Damn!” he mumbled.
      “What was that? Did you just cuss?” I stared at him.
      “I just really don’t want us to be interrupted.”
      “Interrupted doing what?” I wanted to know. My hand went
to my hip.
      “Whatever we’re doing. I really don’t like them. They’re
      “Try living with them!”

         “I brought it.”
         “Brought what?” I squinted at him.
         “This.” He slid the game out of his pocket and put it on the
      As the eggs cooked, I examined the case. I nodded. “We
might actually play this today,” I told him, giving him an evil
      He looked down at the floor and laughed nervously. Boy,
she looks sexy in that, was what he was thinking.
      I turned back to the eggs, trying hard not to burst out
laughing. He was studying me, I could sense it. I ignored it,
putting butter and salt in the grits. I put a plate for him on the
table. “Want cheese?” I asked him.
      “Yeah,” the way he said it made him sound as if he were
high. If only I knew.
      “Ok. I’ll make your plate. Stay seated.”
      “I see you ain’t made none for us!” Malorie complained as
she dragged (or rolled) her fat ass into the kitchen. She was the
only fat person in town.
      “You ain’t nobody. Fix your own food or have Brad buy
you some,” I snapped.
      She stuck her nose in the air. “Your food is nasty, anyway.”
      “Then don’t ask for it!” I shot back.
      “Joey, I have no idea why you like her. She’s such a bitch!”
      “Maybe you bring it out in her,” he supplied. “She is
nothing but nice to me.” There he goes again, thinking about
nature. Two saber-toothed tigers fighting.
      Why? I asked the air silently. What relevance did that have
to anything at all? Moreover, if he wanted to be a mechanic, he
wouldn’t see many animals.
      Anyway, Malorie gave up on us and went to get dressed.
      “Ok. Here you go.” I fixed his plate and set it back in front
of him. Then I fixed mine and sat across from him.
      “Thank you.” One of those people who ate as if he would
die, he finished his food in about three minutes flat, then rose for
      “Joey, you can take your time. You’re not in prison,” I
      Smiling bashfully, he made sure to eat slower this time.
“This is way better than what I get at home!” he enthused.

      Secretly, I smiled. “Good, five minutes. Now the food
actually has time to digest!” I teased him, patting his belly.
      He chuckled. “You sure can cook.”
      “Thank you. Here, I’ll wash that.” I took his plate. He
followed me as I went to the sink. Did he understand the concept
of personal space? It seemed like he was trying to move into me.
I glared back at him. “What is it?”
      “I want to help,” he said softly, a strange look in his eyes.
      “Ok. Well, back up first.”
      “Don’t worry about it. Here, put the rest of the food in
containers,” I instructed.
      Everything was pretty peaceful until I heard Malorie and
Jake leave. Like some kind of freak, Joey ran down the hallway.
He came running back, stopping in the doorway. “They’re gone!”
      If I weren’t immortal, I would have feared for my life.
“Ok,” I said slowly.
      “Where should we go?”
      “The basement, of course. That’s where we usually go.”
      Practically pushing me down the stairs, he shut the
basement door. He sat on the couch and I put a movie in. “Here’s
a cover. Come on. Get under here with me.” He patted the space
next to him.
      Cautiously, I climbed under the thin blanket. Pulling me
against him, he sighed contentedly. He held me tightly, and I lay
my head by his. Oh, his blood! How quickly it pumped through
his veins. My teeth started to tingle. Before I thought about what
I was doing, I had bitten him. Sucking in a breath, he winced.
“Sorry,” I apologized, pulling away.
      “That hurt a little.”
      “You just look so tasty!” I whined, wanting to rip his throat
      “You do, too,” he replied. He stroked my leg, for once
looking me straight in the eye. Slowly, his face moved closer.
When we finally kissed, he seemed to have lost all inhibitions.
The tension left his body completely. Now he was thinking of a
stallion. I finally understood what these thoughts meant. They
were sexual to him. Whenever he was particularly aroused, he
thought of some fierce and strong animal to cover up his real

thoughts. It helped him control himself. However, right that
moment, I could feel his barrier breaking. Some of the stuff he
was thinking of surprised me. I’d never known he was that kind
of guy.
      I soon wore him out, and we lay on the couch, him behind
me, holding hands. Another movie was playing. “Allie, I really
enjoyed that. I can’t wait 'til we decide to go all the way,” he
whispered, kissing my ear.
      I squeezed his hand tightly. “I know, Joey,” I breathed.
      “I… think… I love you, Allison Mae Dutch.”
      That statement hit me like lightning. I got to my feet a little
too quickly. “What?” I asked, confused. This couldn’t be true.
For so many reasons, it couldn’t be true.
      “I said I love you,” he repeated.
      “No, don’t say it again! What’s wrong with you?” My
hands rose to my ears.
      “What’s wrong?”
      “Oh, Joey. Joey!” I couldn’t love him.
      “You don’t love me, do you?” he realized.
      “I’m so sorry, Joey, I really like you. I love spending time
with you. I love you, but not the same way.”
      His head rested in his hands. He was crying. “I ruined it,
didn’t I?”
      “Joey,” I started, speaking in a low voice, “if I had known
you felt that way, I would not have done the things I’ve done. By
agreeing to be your girlfriend, I was hurting you. I thought this
was just a fling or something. That’s not fair to you.” I knelt
down in front of him.
      “Will you ever love me?” he wanted to know. He looked up
at me with eyes full of tears, pain, and confusion.
      “I might. I’m so sorry,” I repeated, hugging him.
      Sobbing like a wretch, he held onto me tightly.
      “I never knew you were serious,” I murmured, smoothing
his hair down. I kissed his forehead over and over, apologizing
countless times.
      “I’ll wait for you, Allison,” he swore. “I will. I will wait.”
      I almost cried. His wait would be in vain. Still, I said, “Ok,
Joey. Ok.”

      We held onto each other for a long while, then I sat beside
him. “Want to play the game?” I questioned him gently.
      Soberly, he nodded. “Sure.”
      I set it up for him. “I’ll make us some tea, ok?”
      “Ok. That would be nice.”
      “Alright.” I went upstairs and put a pot of water on the
stove to boil. Then I let myself cry. “It’s not right. I guess I
thought being a vampire made life simpler. It doesn’t.” I shook
my head. “It makes it a thousand times harder. No matter what,
you can’t tell them the truth. They will always hurt for us, like I
hurt for you.”
      Mark and Jeff watched me. From whence they came, I did
not know. But they had shown up, and I so badly needed them.
“That is why I do not become one of them. I keep to my kind and
myself. The only reason I interact with them now is because of
you, Aeryn,” Jeffery told me.
      “Humans are destined for heartache. And we hasten that.
Because as sad as it seems, only certain people can become a
vampire or werewolf. The rest become zombies. Despite what
movies portray about us, we are very meticulous when changing
people. We convert those with the right traits, the right DNA,
and the right frame of mind. It makes me sick how humans talk
of us as if we do not think, as if we don’t feel. We know more
pain than they ever will. And that’s the very reason we have
more joy,” Mark spoke bitterly. As with every other time he was
angry, his face was fully red. With his hands on his hips and one
jutted out to the side, he was a picture perfect model.
      Certainly, he was a god.
      “I can’t wait to be free of them. Why can’t I leave now?” I
      “There is unfinished business here. Be patient. Wait,” Jeff
      “I will try. Make it worthwhile.”
      “Remember, you have eternity,” Mark said. “Think on
that.” Stepping forward, he embraced me.
      I sighed. Leaning my head back, I whispered, “Kiss me.”
      He did so in his usual, passionate way that aroused me.
Then he pulled away and he and Jeff disappeared right as Joey

      “Do you need something, Joe?” I hurriedly wiped my
      “Just missed you is all. It’s so awful being alone.” He
sounded haunted. “I don’t want to be alone, Allie.”
      “Neither do I.”
      The tea was done and we took it downstairs. We played the
game together, leaning against each other. For the longest time,
we sat in silence. Around 6:00 or so, we made dinner. He was
feeling better, I could tell, because he got out candles. “I’ve
always wanted to do this,” he gushed.
      “Do what?”
      “Have a meal by candlelight. It’s so romantic.”
      I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head. I watched him
with interest. “You are some guy!”
      He laughed. “I’ll get you to love me. Just wait!” he
declared. We sat down to eat and I studied him. Could I grow to
love him? Sadly, I knew I could not. I would only use him to feel
good about myself. To prove that I could have anyone I wanted
and dupe them and have them still want me. Because that was
Aeryn’s game.

      I feigned ill the next day so I would not have to attend
church. Amada came in through the window and lay next to me.
Her fingers ran through my hair. “How are you today, Aeryn?”
Her accent was absolutely wonderful to hear. It touched my ears
like a gentle kiss (from Jeffery, of course, his kisses are
      “Better now that you are here. There’s much I want to
discuss with you.”
      “Oh? I am pleased to be of service to you, mija,” she
      “I love your voice,” I told her, stroking her face.
      “I love yours, too.”
      “Ok. I want to know everything you know about vampires,
werewolves, and such. Pass your knowledge on to me.”
      “In order to do that, you need to visit my lab.”
      “Where is your lab?”
      “My things are in transportation right now.”
      “Where are they headed?”

      “Italy?” I sat up.
      “Si, senorita.”
      “What’s in Italy that’s so important?” I wondered.
      “Italy is where it all began.”
      “What began?”
      “The real vampires.”
      That statement shocked me and I was quiet for a while.
Then I asked, “Amada, how old are you?”
      “How did you get into all this?”
      “I’ve always been attracted to the occult. My sister was
changed when I was 12. I’ve been studying vampires ever since.
She was one of those rare vampires that kept in touch with her
family. She taught me many, many things.”
      “Where is she now?” I held her hand.
      “In Italy. She will be in our coven. She is a lehalo
      “Wait, wait, I know this one. The lehalo are strictly
nightwalkers. They are also shapeshifters.”
      “Good. But you left out that they can only transform into
something of the same… volume, so to speak.”
      “What’s her name?”
      “That’s beautiful.” I smiled at her, then got to my feet.
There was a question I had, but Allie was too embarrassed to let
me ask it. So I stayed silent and watched Amada.
      “You absolutely must let me prepare you for your Prom. I
have this beautiful Latin dress you can wear,” she spoke.
      “Oh. Thank you. You and Mark should come. I’ll buy his
ticket and I’ll have one of my friends buy yours.”
      “I don’t think they will pay for one they do not know,” she
replied sadly.
      “So I’ll give them the money myself. But I can’t buy both
tickets myself. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can come!” I
      “Alright, Aeryn.” She, too, stood. Her smile made me want
to kiss her.

      That made me think of what Jeff had told me before, that
she was of herself. But I wanted her to love me. I didn’t want to
live just being a vampire to her. In her eyes, I needed to be real.
So I quickly closed the distance between us. Looking into her
eyes, her deep, brown eyes, I wrapped my arms around her. Like
some desperate man I kissed her, hard and long. When I pulled
back, she stared at me. She had realized what my intentions
were. This kiss hadn’t been caring and friendly, it was initiative.
      “Aeryn, I had no idea you wanted me in that way.”
      “Well, I do,” I answered simply, my heart beating
furiously. At this rate, her and Mark would prob’ly get heart
attacks! I tried to slow it down, then realized that hers was
controlling mine now.
      “Come on. Let me show you my room.” She was in the
window now, holding out her hand to me. Her curly dark brown
hair waved gently in the wind. Instead of the usual rain, there
was a full-blown storm. Lightning ripped through the sky and the
thunder was so powerful it shook the houses. The rain was thick
and uncaring. Certainly a beautiful day. The sturdy trees were
subjected to the wind’s will
      An idea came to me. I could be the storm. As a matter of
fact, I was the storm of the vampire world. I would sweep
through and conquer everything and everyone. It would take
time, though. I didn’t even know the full extent of my powers. It
would be a joy to figure them out. Amada, Mark, Jeffery, and
Sam would help me in my quest. I had a lot of studying ahead of
      I let go of my train of thought and grabbed Amada’s hand.
Off we flew to Jeff’s house, using the storm as our cover. What I
hadn’t realized until about a month ago was that with vampires
that flew, our bodies needed to be air friendly. Our overall body
structure had changed, becoming similar to that of a bird.
Otherwise, we would not have been able to achieve flight. I had
always wondered why my body felt differently when I flew, then
one day I had an epiphany. Alternatively, perhaps it was purely
memory. Either way, I realized that we subconsciously altered
ourselves as if we were planes or birds once we lifted off of the
      It was a wonder people hadn’t seen vampires flying around
before! But then, there were many reasons we hadn’t been

spotted. In my case, the fact that it was storming helped out a
lot. Our speed factored in as well because we arrived there in
record time. There was a balcony on which we landed, that led
into Amada’s quarters. She had a canopy bed, large and majestic
with red comforters and pillows. A large chest stood in the far
corner, next to a wardrobe and a closet. A savvy red loveseat sat
near a large window. It startled me to see the large radio
opposite of an expensive computer. Jeff didn’t seem to be the
kind to purchase electrical equipment. What would he shop for
and where? I wondered.
       Amada glided over to the radio and turned it to a salsa
station. With a large grin on her face, she turned toward me.
“Don’t you love storms,” she sighed. “Let’s sit on the couch and
watch, yes?”
       “Is Jeff here right now?”
       “Probably. He’s recovering from last night.”
       I laughed. “I’ll have to ask him how his date went.”
       She chuckled as she took her seat.
       I sat next to her and we watched things fly past the
window; rocks, garbage cans, small animals stupid enough to
still be out in the open. Amada stroked my neck, then bit into it.
I shuddered with pleasure and held her close. I pulled our bodies
together. We were soaking wet, but it didn’t matter. Her large
breasts pressed hard against me. She certainly was voluptuous. I
lifted her head away and kissed her. She surrendered to me, as I
knew I would make everyone else surrender. She bit her tongue
so our blood could mix. I unbuttoned and removed her blouse. I,
Aeryn, wanted to see her, all of her. Pretty soon, we lay naked in
each other’s arms, drinking from each other and kissing gently,
softly, because we had time.
       Time. It had never gone from me so fast before in all my
life. There was only this glorious, well-endowed, soft Latina in
front of me, and myself. I spent a long while playing with her
hair after we’d both had our fill of blood; laying it over her
breasts and face, piling it high and letting it fall. She smelled
like strawberries and I absolutely loved it. Then, for the first
time in my life, I tasted of a woman and she of me. It was a
perfect moment I knew I’d always hold onto.

       “Happy birthday, Bev!” I exclaimed as I took my hands
from her eyes.
       “Why are we here?”
       “I’m getting you some contacts. You have the loveliest
eyes, and I always want to see them,” I explained. “Now go on.”
       “Oh, my God! Thank you so much!” She jumped on me and
hugged me.
       “Calm down, you haven’t got them yet. Go in and get your
eye exam. I’ll be waiting right here.”
       “Ok. Can I get color contacts?”
       “If you want. But get a pair of clear ones so I can see your
true color,” I told her.
       “Sure. Man, I love you!” She kissed my cheek before
following the optometrist.
       I smiled. “Ya hear that? She said she loves me,” I bragged.
       “There’s nothing like love between two women,” Mark
       I rolled my eyes. “I thought you’d be immune to that.”
       “I am. But seeing you with anybody else amazes me. I love
watching you. Like you and Amada. Beautiful. Makes me want
you even more.” He seemed ready to grab me and squeeze me to
       I stepped away to discourage him. “Even Joey?” I teased.
       “Everyone except for him. Please don’t bring him up.
Ever,” he scowled.
       “Did I ruin your mood? I’m so sorry,” I said sarcastically.
       “Ooh! Wait 'til we get to Sam’s place. I’m gonna tear you
       “Don’t do anything in front of Joey, ok? And I really don’t
want him to recognize you, either,” I reminded him.
       “Hey, relax. I’m a professional of disguises. Trust me a
little, ok?”
       “I do. Just not when you’re with me. Will you be able to
keep your hands off of me?” I asked him.
       He laughed. “I’ll do my best.”
       “What about you?” I looked at Sam.
       “Only when he’s looking. Any moment he leaves you alone,
I’ll be all over you.”
       “Guys! You are not helping.”

      “Don’t worry. Joey won’t have the slightest clue,” they
answered together, as if they were twins.
      “I know this is not a good idea,” I mumbled.
      “Hey, give us a little credit!” Mark said.
      “Hey, let’s go take some pics while we’re waiting on Bev,”
Mark suggested.
      “Cool idea,” I agreed. We found a photo booth and climbed
      “So you are gay,” Sam said.
      “What? No! Shut up about that before I smack you!” I
      “I’ll smack you right now!” He laid me over his lap and
enthusiastically swatted my derrière.
      I let out a cry as they laughed. “Let me up! Stop it!” I
      Sam spanked me a few more times then righted me. Mark
pulled me into his lap for some of the pictures. “Why don’t you
flash the cameras? Give us a really good pic,” Sam goaded.
      “No way! You’re out of your mind. What if someone
walking by sees?” I protested.
      “Sam, we can take pictures tomorrow,” Mark informed him.
      “Oh, come now, lass! Be a sport.” Mark kissed my ear. He
turned my head to kiss my lips.
      “Let me get in on the action,” Sam complained. He pulled
me away from Mark and kissed me.
      When I could get free, I jumped out of the booth. “Crimity,
guys! What is with you? We’re in the mall,” I scolded them.
      They came to my side immediately. “Hey, don’t even try to
start that shit! Have you forgotten who you are?” Sam challenged
      “I only scold you because I don’t want to draw attention to
myself more than necessary,” I corrected, snatching up the
      “Yeah, if you’re not careful, people you don’t even know
will try to kiss you,” Mark warned me.
      “Wow. More reason to try not to grab on me in public.” I
glared at Sam.

      He sighed. “Well, guess we’ll have to save all that for
      “Hey, Mark.” I had suddenly thought of something.
      “When will I meet your brothers? Do they act like you do?
You’ve only talked about them a few times.”
      “You’ll meet them in Italy. You’ll meet my parents, too.
They can’t wait to see you again,” Mark explained.
      “Oh? I knew them before? Well, I guess so.”
      “Yeah. Erik and Joey really miss you, too,” he added.
      “Um… Mark, did I ever… I mean, I don’t remember yet so
could you tell me if…” I was red.
      Mark reassured me by putting a hand on my shoulder.
“Aeryn, you had anyone you pleased. Even my brothers. I’m
pretty sure my mother was with you at one point as well. My
father, he was a traditionalist so he never had anyone but mother.
Not like he didn’t struggle, though. He actually did go to bed
with you once, and that seemed enough,” he told me calmly.
      “And you were still with me? You didn’t hate me? Why did
you stay?”
      “Because I love you.” He sounded so serious. “And I had
something they didn’t. Your heart. Your whole heart.”
      “But I was logmin, so you and I, or anyone for that matter,
couldn’t make love,” I realized.
      “True. But I didn’t care. We did other things. And why do
you think I harp on you about it now? I hadn’t been able to make
love to you for thousands of years! And now I can. I guess I
should thank those ingrates who murdered you.” He laughed,
then shook his head slowly. “That doesn’t matter. Although I’m
sure they’ll definitely try to bed you now. But Italy isn’t going
to be for a few years.”
      “I was born just in time then, huh?” Sam ruled.
      We all laughed. “Man, I just have so many questions!” I
breathed without breathing.
      “You won’t have answers to all of it. That would be
impossible,” Mark reasoned.
      “I know. But that won’t stop me from trying to get
answers.” I was very determined.
      “Knowledge can be very depressing,” Mark said suddenly
in a dark way.

      Sharply, I looked at him. “I know,” I replied soberly.
      Sam shuddered. “Stop talking like that. It’s depressing.”
      “It’s true,” Mark shrugged.
      “I know. But this is supposed to be a happy day. It’s Bev’s
b-day. And tomorrow, tomorrow’s going to be magical.”
      “Ah, it is. We’ll talk more about my family then.”
      “Good idea. What do we tell Joey?” I asked.
      “Tell him you need to go to Cris’ after her doctor’s
appointment. He’s got to work, right?” Sam decided.
      “Yeah. That’ll work,” I nodded.
      “Cool. Cuz we’ve got big plans tomorrow,” Mark grinned.
      “Inform me,” I ordered. “Are you finally converting Sam?”
      “We are,” Mark corrected.
      “Are we gonna do that whole mouth transfer thing?” I
      “Yeah.” His voice was husky. Behind his sunglasses, his
eyes narrowed.
      I smiled seductively. “What fun. Come on; let’s get back to
the eye doctor. I want to see what Bev’s picked out.”
      “Ok,” they said together.
      “We’ll need to come back in about two hours so they can
make sure she takes to the contacts,” I told them.
      “Cool,” Sam shrugged. “Anything for my bebe.”
      “Shut up!” I groaned.
      “Aw, what’s wrong, bebe?” He walked after me.
      “Stop calling me that!” I snapped.
      “Yeah, she doesn’t like being called baby,” Mark warned
      “Ooh, then what should I call you?” Sam asked in a low
      “Why ever did Aunt Jaime allow me to hang out with you?”
I chortled.
      “Because she trusts me. I’m nothing but well-behaved in
her presence.”
      “Oh, yeah. You’re so well-behaved when you need to be.” I
      “Only when I need to be.” He stepped in front of me. I
stopped, trying to predict what he would do. He only watched me
for a minute. Then his hand flung out and came to rest between
my legs.

      I was at a loss for a few seconds. Then I lost it. I pressed
my body against him and snaked it. “Think you can handle me?”
I whispered.
      “You always were vain,” Mark chuckled.
      Sam’s smile grew and he grabbed me around my waist. “I’d
like to find out,” he replied.
      “We’ll find out tomorrow.” I touched his chin and moved
away to sit down.
      Immediately, they sat on either side of me. “Can barely
wait. Sure we can’t do it tonight?” Sam questioned.
      “No, I’m staying the night at Bev’s,” I reminded.
      “Too bad.”
      “Shut up already.”
      I was going to smack him but Bev walked out just then.
What a change it was. Her smile was huge and she had a swagger
in her walk. “You look gorgeous! Now we need an outfit.” I went
to her.
      “Really? Awesome! Ooh, hurry and pay the doctor.” She
was practically jumping.
      “Make sure to come back in an hour or two to see how
she’s doing,” the doctor instructed us.
      “Yes, sir.” I paid, then took her hand. I led her to a
clothing store and we tried a load of different outfits. The guys
gave their opinion and I kept handing back clothes for her to try
on. I watched her as she changed, mesmerized by her movements.
“You have a wonderful figure. Show it off more often,” I sighed.
      “Really? Are you sure?” She looked back at me in
      “Trust me. You are beautiful.” Rising to my feet, I ran my
hands down her sides. “You even feel beautiful.”
      “Thank you,” she responded.
      “Welcome.” I returned to my seat.
      “Ok, I don’t get it. Are you attracted to me or not?” Facing
me, she put her hands on her hips. She was of a petite build.
Right now she was only half-dressed.
      I took in the sight of her muscular abs and small, perky
breasts. Such a soccer player. “Of course I’m attracted to you. I
just don’t want to be a distraction,” I explained softly.

      Seemingly choked up, she just stared at me for a while.
Then she sat next to me. “Can you break up with Joey?”
      Shaking my head, I replied, “You know the answer to that.
He has to break up with me. If I try to leave him, he’d go
completely insane. You know that.”
      “Why did you agree to go out with him in the first place?”
she asked angrily.
      I scoffed. “He would have gone crazy. Besides, there’s
something about me I don’t want him to find out. Something that
he’d never understand. I need to protect him from that. To
distract him, I agreed to be with him. I don’t want to do this
because I know I’m going to hurt him eventually. But it’s so
much better than…” I broke off.
      Laying her head on my shoulder, she held my hand. “If I
know him right, he’ll never dump you. It’s not fair! I want you.”
Bearing her soul to me, she was. I’d never heard her talk like
this about anyone.
      “You have me!” Grabbing her hand, I put it over my heart.
“In here, where it counts!”
      Nodding, she got to her feet. “I think this outfit’s a
winner.” Quickly, she put on her old clothes. “Let’s go.”
      “Want a kiss first?”
      “Won’t that be cheating?”
      “Do you really care?” I rolled my eyes.
      The wheels turned in her head. “Guess I have to grow up
sometime,” she decided. Leaning down, she kissed me gently. An
amateur kiss.
      I decided to melt her. Getting to my feet, I took her face in
my hands and made her feel my kiss all through her body. And
she did feel it, convulsing and digging her nails into my arms.
She was on tiptoe now. We pulled away slowly and grinned.
Holding onto her hand, I picked up the outfit she wanted and we
went to pay for it. Mark gave me a special smile as I pulled out
some of the money Jeff had given me on the cruise and paid for
the clothes.
      Next, we found a bathroom for her to change in. The guys
flattered her appropriately. It was time to return to the doctor.
She was doing just fine. We all piled into Sam’s car and went
back to Bev’s house. Cris was there, but in a wheelchair. She
really wasn’t doing so well. I hovered near Sam, trying to get

some information out of him. “Is it because it’s a you-know-
what?” I asked.
      “We’ll discuss that tomorrow, love. Now is kind of
compromising. You’re on the right track, though,” he answered.
In the kitchen, we were putting candles on Bev’s cake.
      I nodded. “You got it?”
      “Yeah.” He picked up the cake and we returned to the
dining room.
      Beverly was beaming. Positively radiant. Everyone sang the
birthday song, then gave her presents. I’d also bought her the
newest shooting game. “Come on, let’s go play it right now,” she
      All of us swiftly relocated to downstairs. Mrs. Abrams
brought down snacks for us then went to work. Mr. Abrams was
still working on the car. As we played the video game, we made
fun of Joey and doted over Cris. Mark had changed his
appearance so she didn’t recognize him. He was still a redhead,
but he was taller and thinner, with large eyes and nose. Still
handsome as hell, though. We called him Brian. Meanwhile, Bev
was kicking our asses on the game. She was extremely happy.
      Later on, Cris had to go home. I walked them out to their
car, helped get Cris into her seat, and folded her wheelchair. Sam
put it in the trunk as I was hugging Cris goodbye. I also hugged
him. “I’ll stop by again. Ma wants me to run an errand for her.
Wait for me, eh?” he asked softly.
      “Ok. See ya. Make sure Cris stays comfortable.”
      “Yes, Aeryn.” Smiling softly, he reached up with a cupped
hand to stroke my face. “Behave.”
      “I should be telling you that.” I smiled. “Go on. Get out of
here already.” I started back for the house.
      “Kay.” He waved then drove off.
      Making sure to close the door behind me, I made my way
back to the basement. There was a shadow in the hallway. My
body was on guard. What was this? Even though I could see very
well in the dark, I couldn’t tell what the shadow was. At once,
my heart sped up and I assumed a fighting pose. “Show
yourself,” I hissed.
      The shadow jumped, expanded, then collected. It became
solid. The air around me thickened. Any human would have
suffocated most likely. My body changed it’s shape, becoming

predatorial: longer, harder, sharper nails; shorter hair; my hands
and feet grew heavier and longer, my jaw elongated and my teeth
grew sharper, stronger; my bones became something else that
would enable me to bend in ways both graceful and unnatural. I
gave out a low, guttural growl. “Show yourself!” I repeated,
louder this time.
      Instead, the shadow flew at me. I slammed myself against
the wall and let it pass. Then I returned to the middle of the
hallway. Gathering myself, I launched myself at the black mass.
For a moment, I was trapped. The mass closed down on me,
crushing me. Letting out a yell, I stretched my limbs and broke
free. The mass rushed past me and out the back door. I ran after
it, moving as fast as Mark could. “Come on, don’t run away!” I
taunted it. “Get your crispy ass back here and fight me!”
      It halted instantly, and a really disturbing, creepy rasping
sound emanated from it. Guess I’d pissed it off. It was at least 20
feet up. Easily, I leaped at it and closed the distance. Wildly, I
threw punches and kicks at it, trying to determine its weakest
point. Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, it spoke to me. The
voice was sexless and lacked enough emotional capacity to
belong to a computer. “Foolish! To think you can defeat me this
way, Aeryn. Do you see not my form? I am like mist. Look, do
not be fooled.”
      Startled, I fell on my back. “What is your purpose?” I
      “You,” it replied simply.
      I felt cold in a way I never had. Rising to my feet, I
changed back into Allie. “I don’t understand.”
      “Will you ever? It’s up to you.” The mass settled in front of
      “Understand this!” I growled. I widened my mouth and
drew in as hard as I could. Slowly, the shadow came into me. It
didn’t scream or show any sign that it even knew what was
happening. When I finally swallowed the last of it (it tasted like
metal), I let out a mighty large burp. Holding my belly, I fell to
the ground. My body was pulsing with something. I’d never felt
like this. My body felt as if it were nauseous everywhere but my
stomach. The nausea was right under my skin. But my stomach
felt just fine. “Figures,” I whispered.

      Before I could pass out, Mark grabbed me. “Aeryn! Don’t
go out on me. Aeryn!” He smoothed his hand over my face. He
looked worried. “What happened?”
      “I don’t know. There’s no way to explain something like
that,” I whispered, staring at him. My lovely Mark. He’d changed
back into the Mark I recognized, but kept his height. “I love you
so much, Mark,” I sighed, drifting off.
      “Stay with me, Aery. Wake up. You’ve still got to keep Bev
company. I’ve convinced her to stay with the game and Sam.
What are we going to do with you, now?”
      “Don’t know, love.”
      “Come here.” He held his wrist over my lips. He had
scratched it open. I sucked at his wrist, treasuring the warm,
sweet blood trickling down my throat. It was like cappuccino for
vampires. Strength returned to me and I began to feel somewhat
normal again. “Yes. That’s it, lass.” He encouraged me, although
he seemed slightly titillated. This I didn’t understand. At first.
Once I could, I moved on to his neck. He gripped me tightly,
moaning with pleasure. “Aeryn, my life. My queen. Would that I
could take you to my place right now. I’d bathe you in blood.”
      I sucked harder, halting his chatter. His hair felt thick and
fine in my fingers. I absolutely loved his red hair. Pausing, I
rubbed my face in his hair. He was smiling when I sat back. “I’m
alright now,” I told him.
      “I know. Tomorrow, lass. Try to remember everything that
occurred. Should I have Jeffery and Amada stop by as well? So
we can all sort this out?” He looked so concerned for me.
      “Yes. Bring them, please. Perhaps they’ll understand what
it was.”
      He helped me up and walked me into Bev’s house. “Get on
downstairs,” he said.
      I gave him and Sam a hug goodbye. Then I went
downstairs. Bev had passed out in a beanbag chair. How adorable
she looked all curled up like that. I turned off the game and the
TV, then picked up Bev. I carried her upstairs and laid her on her
bed. She stirred, then awoke. “Allie?” she mumbled.
      “Hey. You fell asleep.” Prob’ly with Mark’s help.
      “Oh. Did you bring me up?” She sat up.
      “Yeah. You must be exhausted. Did you take your contacts

      “Uh huh.”
      “You sleepy?” I asked.
      She nodded.
      “Me, too.” Settling down next to her, I wrapped my arms
around her. Warm. My dream was interesting. I was dancing
alone at first. Big, slow circles and spirals. Out of nowhere, he
showed up. Turning and twisting me around and around. A
puppet I was to him. Bent to his will, I was in a sort of daze. “I
told you I’d dance with you eventually,” he spoke to me softly,
darkly, gently. Completely mesmerized, I stared up into his black
eyes. Inside of my head, I was screaming and yelling at him for
how he left me. But my lips wouldn’t move. Ignoring the pained
expression on my face, he dipped me. He let me go and now I
was falling. “Allison Mae, come out to play,” his voice echoed
all around me. Yes, that’s what he always called me. That’s the
phrase he used every time he came to visit. “Allison Mae, come
out to play.”
      For a long time, I’d thought he was the Devil. Eventually, I
realized that he was not of Earth. He’d never heard of Satan.
Before I smashed into the ground, he caught me. “Allison Mae.
My hearts, my soul. Your soul is mine. Your body belongs to
me,” he told me. We were instantly in what I assumed to be his
place. We were in a huge black room. The ceiling had to be over
100 feet tall. There were objects and furniture all around but
they were alien to me. What I assumed to be his bed looked like
a cross between a net and a hammock. The walls formed a square
around it, making it into a room without a fourth wall. The
ceiling was just as high in there. The bed looked like a giant
pillow. There were no comforters that I could see. Maybe he
didn’t need to be kept warm.
      Toward the bed he took me. Since everything was black, it
was hard to tell where the rest of the corners were or even where
some of the objects ended. Grey was the color of the bed, and the
bed was the only thing with a different color. My captor easily
hopped onto the bed with me. Finally, I could speak, “What do
you want with me? Don’t you have somewhere to be?” I
      “I chose you,” he replied simply. “And I don’t have
anywhere to go anymore.” Softly, he kissed both my ears.
“Without you, that is.”

      Some strange feeling went through me. He rubbed my
shoulders and belly in such a sensuous way. As he began to kiss
my lips, I woke up. Bev was bouncing on the bed next to me,
telling me to wake up. “Ok, ok. I’m up!” I grumbled.
      “I made you breakfast!” she beamed, handing me a plate.
      “Thanks.” I sat up.
      “Did you have a bad dream or something. You kept saying
‘yi neshka’ or something like that.”
      “Sort of.” I quickly ate. “What time is it?”
      “It’s 11:30.”
      “Joey’s gonna pick me up at 1:00. Is that ok? He’s got to
work later on,” I explained.
      “That’s cool. We’ve still got work to do on the car. What
do you want to do?” she wondered.
      “Let’s play your new game,” I decided.
      “Want to know something. you really look so much better
without those glasses.”
      “I feel better, too. Thank you so much!” She hugged me.
      “Alright. You’re welcome.” I changed into a different
      “Hurry up. I want to show you something!” she rushed me.
      “Ok. Ok.” I followed her to the basement.
      What she wanted to show me was her high score. Pretty
impressive. We played some rounds, then went to the backyard.
There was a chairswing that sat so it overlooked the park. We
held each other and talked about Prom. “There’s just one thing. I
don’t have a date.” Bev bit her lip.
      “Hm. Why don’t you bring Sam?”
      “Sam? He’s such a perv!”
      “If he tries anything, we’ll all beat him up.”
      Laughing, she laid her head on my shoulder. “Sam’s cool.
As long as he doesn’t try to have sex with me I’m ok.”
      “You waitin 'til marriage?” I asked her.
      “No. I’m never getting married,” she answered.
      “Why not?”
      “Cuz I don’t like guys and I never will. The only man I will
ever like is Mr. Debusk. There’s something special about that
man. You’re lucky to have him as a doctor. What’s it like being
alone with him?” she inquired.

      “Like a fairytale. I just sit and stare at him for hours,” I
      “You know, if there is something going on between you and
him, I won’t tell. Has anything happened?”
      “Bev, I…”
      “Has it? Come on! I’d let him do anything to me,” she
confided. “I know he’s a teacher but I can’t help fantasizing
about him. There was this one time during eighth bell where he
touched my shoulder and smiled. I just about died! He’s way too
gorgeous to be a teacher or a doctor. He should be a prince or a
model. No! He should be a god!” She was on her feet, doing a
weird little dance.
      “I’ve often had the same thoughts.”
      “Tell me. You have to tell me! Please? What’s he like?”
      “Well, I have an idea. Why don’t you stop by one day and
see for yourself?” I dared.
      “Really. You really mean it? He won’t mind?” Absolutely
geeked, she covered her mouth.
      “He won’t mind.” Besides, he owes me, I added silently.
      “Wow. You must be close, huh?”
      I shrugged.
      “You’re so lucky,” she sighed.
      “Sure,” I replied sarcastically.
      Giggling, she hugged me. “You’re so cool!”
      “Whatever. Ugh, I do not want to go to school Monday,” I
      “Neither do I.” Her happiness vanished.
      “We’re almost there. One more year after this.”
      “Yep. Where are you going to go?”
      “Italy. I’m not going to college.”
      “Why not?”
      “I won’t need it. There’s a plan for Italy. I won’t even have
to work.”
      “Lucky. Can I go with you?”
      “Prob’ly not. It’s going to be really dangerous. Besides,
you’d never be able to be a mechanic,” I warned.
      “Oh…. Things change, though. Maybe we’ll both change
our minds.”
      “Maybe.” Even though I said it, I knew I was lying.
Somehow, I knew she’d never have the capacity to be a vampire.

Or a donor, for that matter. It made me sad. That very moment, I
vowed to make this year and next count with her.
      Just then, Joey came out the back door. “Hey, Allie. Hi,
Beverly,” he greeted.
      “Hey,” we returned with.
      “Ready to go, Allie?” He gave me a hug.
      “Almost. Let me get my stuff.” We told Bev goodbye and
Joey drove to Sam’s house. Sam and Mark were in the backyard.
They told us to come on back. Since it was raining in his part of
the neighborhood, they were soaking wet. “What are you guys
doing?” I questioned, laughing.
      “Wrestling,” Sam responded. “How have you guys been?”
      “Fine,” both Joey and I said.
      “Want to wrestle?” Sam asked me.
      “No!” I scoffed.
      “Let’s go back inside,” Mark piped up.
      No sooner had we gone through the door than the rain
began to flood the backyard. Visibility dropped from 20 feet to
two inches in a matter of seconds. “Ooh, just in time,” I said.
      “Yeah,” Sam agreed.
      Everyone stood around watching the rain for a few minutes.
Then we migrated to the living room. “I’m gonna have to leave a
few minutes early if I want to get to work on time,” Joey
      “I’ll be ok.” Smiling at him, I squeezed his hand.
      “Let’s have some music!” Sam decided, turning on the TV.
He started dancing. “Allie, join me.”
      “No. I’m going to dance with my boyfriend, Joey,” I
refused. I’d have plenty of time to dance with Sam later.
      Mark’s eyes flickered for a second, then he grinned. Sam
danced over to him. “Come on. Let’s show these amateurs how
it’s done.” He yanked him up on his feet.
      Joey and I started laughing. But instead of dancing on each
other like we expected, they did a dance they must have
practiced for a while. They looked pretty cool. Me, I started
rolling my hips and that got Joey’s attention. Obediently, his
hands grabbed my hips and he did the dance he was supposed to
do. So all was well. He could anticipate my moves because he
had danced with me many times before. After four songs, Joey

grew tired. We all sat on the couch and Sam got us drinks.
“Anybody want alcohol?” he offered.
       “We’re all minors, Sam. Even you,” I reminded.
       “Ah, no fun,” he whined.
       I rolled my eyes.
       Sam returned with our drinks and plopped down beside me.
“So, whatever shall we do? How ‘bout a good old-fashioned
round of Spin the Bottle?” His eyes gleamed.
       “That will prob’ly be a lot of fun.” Mark smiled.
       “There’s only one girl, and she’s mine,” Joey warned.
       “Lighten up. It’s all in fun. We’re all friends, right? Let’s
do something a little crazy,” Sam coaxed him. Mark and I
jumped in, begging Joey to play.
       “Fine. But no touching her. Only I get to do that,” Joey
       “Yay!” I squeezed him. “Ok, everyone on the floor,” I
ordered. The floor, where Sam and I had almost made love once.
Until he found out what I was and I found out he was in love
with me.
       Sam brought out an empty wine bottle. Turning the volume
on the television down, he sat down across from me. “Who’s
       “You are,” Mark told him.
       It landed on me. Sam grinned. “Hey, easy buddy,” Joey
       “Sure. No hands,” Sam promised. Leaning forward, he
kissed me. Forcing my lips apart, he let his tongue enter. I
couldn’t hold back and kissed back passionately. I even moaned.
I’d bet that we were both imagining touching the other person’s
body. I actually forgot about Mark and Joey, even Jeff! I was
reaching for Sam’s face when Joey told him to back the fuck off.
Quick as lightning, we both sat back.
       “Joey, don’t be angry at him. He’s just a really good kisser,
is all. I’m still your girlfriend,” I reassured him. Reaching for
his hand, I gripped it tightly.
       “I’ll live,” he said.
       “Ok. Remember, you wanted to play.”
       “Take your turn,” he instructed.
       It landed on Mark. My stomach fluttered. Would I lose it
like I did with Sam? I moved toward him and kissed him. The

way he moved his lips made me want them on my neck. He didn’t
put his tongue in, though. He pulled back early. “I don’t know
you too well and I don’t want to upset Joey,” he defended
      Wow! So respectful.
      Now he spun the bottle. The end pointed at Sam, who just
grinned. “Oh, man!” Joey laughed.
      Sam grabbed Mark and pulled him close. He was kissing
Mark the same way he’d kissed me. That surprised me. I’d never
read anything from him to suggest he liked men as well as
women. Mark kissed back just as animatedly. His hands went to
Sam’s face and his eyes closed. They were practically making
out. Joey looked shocked as hell. I was relieved because now
Sam could say he kissed everybody like that. Slowly, Mark and
Sam pulled away. “Yeah, he is a good kisser,” Mark summed,
licking his lips.
      “Dude, that was weird!” Joey exclaimed.
      You’re telling me! Mark and Sam had never even crossed
my mind.
      “What can I say? I’m willing to try anything once,” Sam
      “If you ever land on me, don’t kiss me like that. I don’t
think I’d like your spit in my mouth.” Joey shuddered.
      “Ok.” Sam took his turn. Ironically, he had to kiss Joey. He
settled for a peck on the lips. Joey was blushing.
      “I’ve never kissed a guy before,” Joey said.
      “First time for everything,” Sam smiled.
      Joey got to kiss me. He was happy about that. He held me
close to him, running his hands under my shirt and onto my bare
lower back. Being loyal, I pushed my breasts against him.
Trusting me again, he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Finally,
after about a minute, he pulled away. When I spun, it landed on
him. So we kissed again, less intensely as before. Then he didn’t
want to play anymore because the bottle chose Mark. “Let’s do
something else, please.”
      “How bout a movie?” Mark spoke.
      “Which one?” Sam asked.
      “That new one with that redhead. With all the zombies and
stuff,” Joey rejoined with.
      “Good choice!” Sam complimented him.

      “I love that movie!” agreed Mark.
      Moving back onto the couch, we all prepared to watch the
movie. Sam was on the other side of Joey, who was next to me.
On my other side was Mark. Not a second after Joey disappeared
from sight for a bathroom break halfway through the movie did
Mark and Sam descend on me like vultures. Sam kissed the back
of my neck as Mark bit my tongue. He and I exchanged blood as
Sam held onto my bosom. Magically, they managed to situate
themselves in their respective places as Joey returned. Now I was
hot and bothered, and I had to wait. I was furious.
      Eventually, 3:00 came and Joey headed out. I gave him a
hearty hug good-bye. No sooner was he out the door than Sam
and Mark, the devilish pair, dragged me off to Sam’s bedroom.
“Amada and Jeff will arrive shortly. For now, let’s get to the
blood work. Who’s draining me?” Sam rubbed his hands
      “Aeryn, will you do the honors?” Mark wanted to know.
      “I’d love to.” I mounted Sam and tore into his neck like a
woman possessed. Sounds of ecstasy came from him as I drained
him. I began to feel full but still I drank.
      “All of it!” Mark urged.
      There was too much. I had to stop. “I can’t take anymore!”
I lay down next to Sam.
      “It’s ok, Aeryn. Most vamps can’t convert for a few years.
By themselves anyway. Just relax for a bit,” Mark soothed.
Highly interested, I watched as Mark bit into Sam and finished
draining his blood. Putting his arms underneath him, Mark lifted
him against his body. Sam’s breathing was labored but quick. He
was completely limp, except for that bulge in his pants. How
could he be hard at a time like this? I mean, he was pretty much
dying. The color left his face and his lips began to turn blue. I
wondered if that’s how I had looked. Lovingly, Mark laid him
down then faced me. “Ready?” he asked me.
      Taking a last look at Sam, I nodded. Mark held me and put
his lips against mine. My mouth opened and Sam’s blood spilled
into me. I wasn’t sure how we were doing it, but I knew what we
were doing. Digesting his blood and producing vampire blood to
replace it. After we finished that, we turned back to Sam. One by
one, we fed him blood from our wrists. Little by little, his body
regained its strength. I felt high as he sucked the blood from my

wrists. He moved his arm around my waist to pull me closer.
Biting my tongue, I let my blood flow into him. His heart started
beating after mine. I knew nothing but him in those moments. We
were one and the same. In one blinding moment, we were coming
together. I had to pull away. Now his eyes glowed brilliantly.
Mark’s face descended on his and he gave his blood. A few
minutes later, I realized Mark was no longer forcing his blood
into Sam. Sam was completely transformed now, so that meant
they were just kissing. WTF? I thought, confused. Of course that
didn’t prevent me from being aroused. Why was he kissing him
voluntarily, I wondered. Then it hit me. If you had a clone of
yourself, you’d want to kiss them, too. It was narcissism, the
common denominator for every vampire. An extreme,
overwhelming love for oneself. Interesting.
      However, I did wonder if they did this often. One thing I
did know, they’d be doing this a lot now. Sitting quietly, I just
watched them stroking and kissing each other, a lot like Amada
and I had. Then they both looked at me, and I was startled.
Closer than twins, they’d be. “Aeryn,” they said together, sitting
up. Their resemblance was uncanny. “Our beautiful Aeryn,” they
chorused, reaching for me. I let myself fall between them. They
kissed me, holding me tenderly. I bit into Mark, who bit into
Sam, who bit into me. Pure ecstasy. Our bond deepened as our
blood mingled and mixed. It was almost sickening how close our
blood was becoming. Pretty soon, there’d be no difference
between Mark’s blood and my own. And how strong would that
make us, and what about Sam? Jeffery had spoken of most
vampires being weaker than most humans thought. What did that
mean? What did it say about us? Letting go of my questions, I
buried myself in Mark and Sam.
      We prob’ly would have stayed like that the whole night if
Jeff and Amada hadn’t shown up. Jeffery carefully peeled us off
of each other. “I’m glad you all enjoy each other, but there is
much we need to discuss. Please, I believe you’ve had a strange
encounter, Aeryn. Tell us all that transpired,” he spoke. His
voice was so heavenly. His eyes were bright blue as he gazed at
me, in me, through me. I wanted to kiss his beautiful blond hair,
his lips, his chest, his belly, his-
      “Aeryn?” Amada touched my hand.

      I snapped out of it and recited the strange events of last
night. They listened in fascinated, shocked silence. I also told
them about my dream of him. “Wait a moment, you said you
swallowed this apparition?” Jeffery asked, his eyebrows
      “Yes,” I replied.
      “I found her lying in the backyard, sort of dazed. Sam
helped her back downstairs,” Mark informed.
      “Well, I can tell you this. Your dream was probably a
premonition,” Jeff assumed.
      “I’ve never heard of anything like that happening to
vampires,” Amada spoke about my encounter. Somehow, the way
she said that implied something I wouldn’t like.
      “What does it happen to?” I questioned.
      “That’s like stuff you hear in horror stories about aliens.
But then, no one’s ever swallowed what they were fighting.” She
seemed perplexed.
      “Is there something wrong with me?” I felt like crying.
      “My instruments are at my house. Shall we go?” Amada
looked at Jeff.
      “Yes, let’s go.” Jeff lifted me effortlessly.
      “Can we take the car?” Mark wondered.
      “Yeah, let’s do that,” Sam agreed.
      No one bothered to buckle up. Jeffery held me in his lap in
the backseat. Sam was driving. Mark was riding shotgun. Sitting
by the back window was Amada. She regarded Jeff and I with
what seemed like jealousy. Meanwhile, Jeffery was fondling me,
speaking to me in French, and kissing me repeatedly. “Your aunt
doesn’t know what she has in you,” he was saying. “Though
she’s enraptured by me, I’ve managed to mislead her. She
believes I’m homosexual. Quite entertaining, actually. She’s
stopped trying to get into bed with me, though, and I am very
      I chuckled. “Thank goodness. I felt queasy when she was
dating you,” I admitted.
      “This I know. Yet you are the only woman I will ever go to
bed with, evermore. Those of my human years do not count.” He
ran his hand down my arm.
      “You are so selfless.”

      At this, everyone laughed. When I asked why, Jeff replied,
“Only for you and those you respect. Everyone else can go to
hell!” He said this with such conviction, I recoiled. Downright
venomous! But then he smiled gently and kissed my nose.
      “There’s so much I don’t remember yet about you. Don’t
worry, I’ll remember everything soon enough,” I told him.
      His eyes darkened for the slightest instant. Then they
became silver. Moving slowly, as if afraid I’d disappear, he
kissed my forehead. “Ma cherie. Ma petite fille. Ma fille jolie
petite. J’adore tu tres beaucoup.”
      “Je t’aime aussi, mon pere.” I hugged him.
      That look was in his eyes again, where they were
multicolored. But this time, there was a lot of blue in them. I
shivered. How weird, I thought before his lips closed over mine.
Pulling back slowly, he just stared at me, same look in his eyes.
Like he wanted to do something crazy, like running off with me.
His thoughts weren’t very coherent, so I had no way of knowing
what he wanted. I shifted uneasily and in a way where I didn’t
have to look at him. He was confusing me almost as much as that
messed-up shadow had. Instead, I stared at Sam and Mark. I
hadn’t realized before that they touched an excessive amount.
Something told me they prob’ly hadn’t been wrestling in the
backyard earlier.
      How long had they been like that? I wondered.
      After what seemed like a year, we pulled up to Jeff’s home.
He carried me as if I needed to be in a wheelchair or something.
Amada led us up to her room. I was laid on her bed and she took
out her doctor’s equipment. Everything checked out and
everyone relaxed. They all lay on the bed with me. Silently, we
listened to the rain outside. For a long while, no one spoke. I
looked at all of them, studying them closely. They looked dead
because not one of them was breathing or even moving. I lay
back and closed my eyes, content. Connected. We all seemed to
be on some mental plane together. I had a strong sense of them
and it obliterated everything else. I didn’t even know where I
was. Only Jeff, Amada, Mark, and Sam existed. Swimming in
blackness. With them of course. They were, hm, what were they
doing? It felt like I was twisting into something or they were
twisting me. But it wasn’t unpleasant.

      Italy. Jeffery onstage. Me leaving Mark. Him crying and
begging. The faces of his brothers. Amada’s desire to meet me.
Sam’s distaste of being human. Mark holding Amada, trying to
kiss her. Me flying with Jeff. My fledglings killing me. Me
killing Mark. Amada in a little lab, looking through endless
samples of blood. What was our blood, anyway?
      I rose out of it as if I’d been underwater. “What was that?”
      “Our brains communing with one another. Our telepathy
grows stronger the more we combine our blood,” Amada
      “Right. Memories and feelings pass through our blood as
well,” I recalled.
      Everyone was sitting up now, save for me. “You are
correct,” Mark said.
      “I love you. All of you,” I gushed.
      “I love you,” they all replied, hugging me.

      As the weeks passed, I spent a lot of time out of my house.
Jeffery had put a sort of spell on Aunt Jamie, so she let me run
around as much as Malorie. He had her convinced I was going to
be dead within ten years. Beverly was doing well in her contacts
and her parents were grateful. Everyone got together so we could
figure out Prom. No student could concentrate on his or her
work. The weather was warming up and people were becoming
antsy. It wasn’t until April that Bev could visit my house on a
day when Jeffery was there. What a fun day that was. It was
Spring Break, Malorie was on vacation with Brad, Aunt Jaime
and Jake were visiting her mother, I was at home feigning sick.
She’d left Sam as my babysitter. Crazy woman, huh? He pretty
much seduced me every few hours.
      Anyway, Sam had gone off on a date with Mark and Jeffery
was talking to me about Italy. The doorbell rang. We went down
and there was Beverly at the door. “Hey, Allie. Can I come in?”
If her smile were any wider, it would have been the Grand
      “Yeah. How are you?” I greeted.
      “Fine. How are you Mr., uh Dr. Debusk?” She stepped in.
      “You can call me Francois, if you prefer.” Jeff bowed and
kissed her hand.
      She blushed. “Is that allowed?” she asked.

      “We are outside of school. Please, if I am ever
inappropriate, let me know,” Jeff instructed her.
      “Oh, it’s ok. I’ve always heard French people were
affectionate.” She was actually very brave about this whole
      “Ah, oui, mademoiselle!” he enthused.
      “We were just in my room, listening to the radio,” I said.
      “Can we watch TV? My favorite show is about to come on.”
      “Anything you wish, Beverly,” Jeff answered. “Would you
like something to snack on?”
      “Sure. If you don’t mind.” She was smiling.
      “He doesn’t mind. He cooks for me all the time,” I told her.
      “Yes, it’s true. I feel more like her servant than her
doctor,” Jeffery laughed.
      Beverly giggled. “Thank you very much,” she told him.
      “It is how you Americans say, no problem.” He went to the
      Bev and I entered the living room. I picked up the remote
and asked her what channel to turn to. “243… Man, he is
gorgeous! Does he always wear suits?” she interrogated me.
      “Yes,” I replied, rolling my eyes.
      “How sophisticated. He seems like a perfect gentleman.
There aren’t a lot of those.”
      “No, there aren’t.”
      “I really wish he wasn’t one of our teachers,” she sighed.
      I grinned. “I think every girl has that same wish,” I
      “You’re right. They drool over him as much as I do,” she
      “They’d kill me if they knew he was my doctor!” I
      “Yeah, they would.”
      Jeffery came in then, with a turkey and cheese sandwich
and some weird French dessert. “Here you are,” he announced.
He set the tray down on her lap. There was a hot cup of tea next
to the plate.
      “Oh, wow! Thank you.” She glanced up at his face.
      “You are very welcome,” he smiled graciously then sat next
to me.

      There was a red rose on the other side of the plate. When
she saw it, she looked at Jeff. “What’s this for?”
      “I heard you fancied me. I find it irresistible to pay court.
What can I say, I’m a romantic. It’s not inappropriate, I hope.”
He was playing this very well.
      “I’m flattered. You’d probably get in trouble for this but I
don’t care,” Bev spoke determinedly.
      “Why is that?” he wondered.
      “May I be candid? You both have to swear not to tell.”
      She was gutsy. Where did this courage come from? “Go
ahead. It’s safe here,” I urged her.
      Jeff stared steadily at her. “Go on, Beverly,” he
      “Francois, I like you. Definitely more than I should. And I
don’t care anymore if you’re a teacher. You’re way too cool,”
she spilled.
      I watched Jeffery. His eyebrows rose. “You are not the first
to tell me this. I don’t know how many students gave me a
valentine this year. But I will let you in on a little secret,” he
said in his sexy voice. Did he even know how he drove people
crazy whenever he spoke? Leaning forward, he motioned for her
to do the same. “I’m not a real teacher.”
      Bev was shocked when she realized what that meant. “Then
what are you?”
      “I’m an agent from France. There’s someone at your school
I need to keep an eye on.”
      “I don’t believe you,” she decided.
      “Beverly, I trust you because Allison trusts you. Allison is
helping me. Here, look at this.” He gave her a badge.
      This guy prepared for everything! I almost laughed.
      “You’re dead serious,” Beverly realized.
      “He’s telling the truth. I was shocked when I found out,” I
      “Why’d he tell you?”
      “Because I know the person very well. I’m his closest
      “Who is it?”
      “A close relative of Sam’s.”
      Jeffery gave me a look that said, “Good thinking.”

      “So you’re not a real teacher?” she addressed him.
      “No,” he replied.
      “Then it’s ok for me to like you?” That’s all she cared
about, apparently.
      “Of course, cherie,” he laughed.
      “How old are you?”
      Usually, Bev was pretty bright. But right now, she was
blinded by infatuation and Jeff and I were giving her telepathic
nudges. So she’d believe anything we told her about Jeff. “You
know something? You’re hot!” she blurted out.
      “You’re very bold, you know that?” he shot back.
      “Normally, you’d never know it. But I decided I was going
to be straightforward with people. I have to be if I’m going to be
running my own business.”
      “Admirable,” Jeff whispered in amazement. I could see he
was warming up to her. He genuinely liked her.
      “Thanks.” She grew silent and wolfed down her food.
      “Would you mind if I took the seat next to you?”
      “No. Go ahead.”
      He moved next to her and they talked about “automobiles”
as he called them. He was impressed at how much she knew. She
was impressed that he was really listening to her. “Will you be at
the Prom, Francois?” she finally asked.
      “Will you dance?”
      “It depends. If you desire, I will dance with you now,” he
      “Have you danced with Allie?”
      “Yes. But I want to dance with you right now.” He got to
his feet.
      “Do you mind, Allie?” She turned to me.
      “Hell no! He is an awesome dancer. Go ahead. You’ll love
it. Let me get the music.” I went upstairs to get the radio. Some
strange excitement seized me. I’d never seen him dance with
anyone else. I played a CD Mark had made for us to dance to.
Jeff grabbed her hand and her waist and began leading her in a
waltz. She was loving it. The whole time, a huge smile was
plastered to her face. After the waltz, they did the polka. Never
before had Beverly been so swept away as she was now. I sat on

the couch watching and laughing. Finally, some salsa and Tango
songs played. Jeffery spun her and dipped her low, moving her as
he had moved me. Bewildered, she let out little shrieks of
surprise. Jeffery was patient, teaching her the more complicated
       By the end of the last song, her smile had disappeared. He
had dipped her in a very provocative and intimate way, and she
was feeling it. He hadn’t released her yet. She stared up at him
with lust in her eyes. His eyes, why, they were green. If I could
still breathe, I would have held my breath then. Slowly, he
brought her back up. She seemed drunk. I wondered if I looked
that way when I was that close to him. Most likely, I did. Aeryn,
what do I do? He asked me in my head. Let her decide, I thought
to him. So he stood there, one hand on her skinny little leg, the
other around her tiny waist. She was breathing heavily.
       For a moment, I thought she was going to push him away.
Her arms rose up but they locked around his neck. His head
lowered toward hers. Eagerly, she rose up on tiptoe and kissed
him. What a strange moment that was. I never knew Bev could
do anything like that. I was proud of her. She was her own
woman now. She held the kiss for a few minutes, then pulled
away. “You let me kiss you,” she stated.
       “So I did.” Jeff leaned down and kissed her again. That
surprised me.
       I coughed.
       Jeff blinked, then stepped back. “Don’t get too involved.
I’ll have to leave soon,” he said.
       Bev sat on the couch. “That sucks,” she groaned. “I’m
going to get some water.”
       “Ok,” Jeff and I acknowledged her statement.
       As soon as she was out of the room, I glared at Jeff. “What
was that?” I demanded.
       “I was caught up in the moment. She kissed me the way you
do. I can’t resist the way you kiss me.”
       “She learned from me. I’m the only one who’s kissed her.”
       “That explains it. Did I upset you, Aeryn?”
       “No, you’re fine. I was just worried you were smitten with
       “I am smitten,” he contradicted me.
       “What?” My heart sped up.

       “I’m smitten with you.” He crossed the room.
       “Oh, Jeff.” I sighed with no breath.
       He kissed my lips softly and I tasted a hint of Beverly on
him. A twinge of jealousy went through me. Jeff only laughed at
me. “I love you, Aeryn,” he whispered confidentially.
       I smiled, feeling silly. He’d never love Beverly just like I’d
never love Joey. When Beverly came back, we decided to play
her video game. Well, she and I played; Jeffery watched. Bev
was a bit distracted. She kept glancing at Jeff. What a day that
was! We finally gave up on the game. I lied and said I had
homework. Therefore, I willingly left them to their own devices.
Sam was back by now. “How did your date go?” I teased him.
       “It wasn’t a date,” he corrected me.
       “Sure it wasn’t.” Patting him on the back, I started upstairs.
       “You are such a rascal!” Quickly, he followed me.
       “Am I?” I flashed him a devilish look.
       “What is Jeff doing with Beverly in the basement? Are you
leaving them alone on purpose?” he changed the subject.
       “Yes. Bev’s got a major crush on him,” I sneered. “Poor
       “You are something else, Aeryn.”
       “I know, Sam…. So, how is Cris doing? Will she be able to
come to Prom?” I grilled him.
       “She’ll be there. Charles has offered to be her date.”
       “Cool.” I sat at my desk.
       “I have a question for you. Are you jealous of Mark and I?”
He closed my door and locked it.
       Puzzled by this, I answered, “A little. You just seem so in
tune, so lost in each other. Why’d you lock the door?”
       “We all get lost in each other. I locked it for privacy. Let
them think you’re resting.”
       “Privacy for what?”
       “Look, Jeff’s cool and all but I want you to myself
sometimes. He’s so overwhelming, you know?” Sam perched on
the end of my bed. His red hair was in soft waves. He’d pierced
both his ears and had big diamond earrings in them.
       “Jeff does tend to exude a powerful presence,” I nodded.
       “No wonder everyone loves the guy. When I first saw him,
I couldn’t stop staring at him. Mark of course hadn’t warned

      “I’m not surprised.” I thought of how cold Jeff’s skin was.
Pure statue, he was, all hard and cold. Even his penis had been
cold. “His birthday’s next month, you know.”
      “Is it?”
      “Now, do we celebrate his birthday or do we celebrate the
day he became a vampire? We didn’t have that problem with
Mark,” I grew serious.
      “Mark’s b-day was fun.”
      “It sure was.” Reminiscing, we sat in silence. That day had
been sensational. We hadn’t been sure if Mark would even know
it was his birthday, but we went ahead and bought a cake. We set
up at Sam’s place while Jeff took Mark somewhere. He was
definitely surprised when he showed up. He hadn’t had a
birthday party in half a century. Ironically, that was how long
Aeryn had been dead. Small world, huh? Anyway, we all danced
and played tag. That was really funny because we were shoving
each other halfway across the yard. Someone accidentally hit a
tree and broke it. To anyone who asked, it was lightning that did
      “Well, Prom is almost here,” Sam drew me out of my
      “I can’t wait!”
      “Why? You gonna sleep with Joey?” he taunted.
      “Ugh! Hell no!” I shuddered at the thought. “Not without
killing him afterward.”
      “You gonna sleep with me?”
      “No,” I snapped.
      “Why not?”
      “I’m sick of sleeping with you.”
      “No. I’m only joking, Sam.”
      He frowned. “That hurt my feelings.”
      “Grow up!” I shot back.
      “Mark was right. You are a bitch.”
      “Ain’t I?” I smiled.
      Getting to his feet, he kissed my cheek. “Can I say it now?
Everyone else gets to tell you but me,” he pouted.
      “Fine. Say it,” I relented.
      “Aeryn, I love you.”
      “Love you,” I replied.

       His smile was almost comical. “Really?”
       He hugged me tightly. I squeezed him back, loving how his
muscles felt underneath my fingers. “Let’s go hunting. Get some
fresh blood in us. Also, it’ll be practice for Italy. Their blood
bank is overworked.”
       “Ok.” I took his hand and we ran outside. How wonderful it
was to run, feeling the earth under my feet for mere milliseconds
at a time. Hunting with Sam was extremely fun.

       “Hurry. I need to do your hair,” Amada said impatiently.
“Sit down. Allie will get your shoes for you, ok?”
       Grumbling, Beverly sat down and let Amada curl her hair.
Her dress was light gray, like her eyes. Amada and I wore twin
dresses. Hers was purple with white flowers and mine was red
with pink flowers. Amada’s hair was twisted at the top and the
rest hung down in soft curls. Two locks ran down the side of her
face. My hair was flipped and I had a bang in front. We both
wore big hoop earrings. Bev was wearing diamonds in her ears
and around her neck. I was wearing a gorgeous beaded bracelet
Mark had bought for me.
       After Beverly’s hair was curled, we put on our black
stilettos, checked our makeup, grabbed our purses, then rushed
out to the limo Joey had rented. Sam, Mark, and him could only
gape at us for the first few minutes. Then they began showering
praise on us as we headed for Cris’ house. She was still in a
wheelchair but she could walk some. Her dress was peach and
she wore her hair in a fancy ponytail. Around her neck were huge
pearls. There were matching earrings in her ears. Charles helped
her into the limo. All of the guys looked so regal and handsome
in their suits. On we drove to Town Hall. Most of our other
friends were already there. Giddy with excitement, we all walked
inside next to our dates. Well, Cris rolled in.
       The whole place was breathtaking. The theme was a
summer night. They’d done an excellent job. There was a swing
band playing. Charles was careful with Cris, who was showing
by now. Joey and I had fun imitating the dances of the 1920’s.
Mark and Amada swept across the floor like experts. Sam
behaved respectfully toward Beverly and she was ecstatic. I
spied Jeff in a corner watching us as if he were some proud

father. It was a wonderful start to Prom night. “You sure are
beautiful tonight, Allison,” Joey breathed as we slow-danced.
      “Thank you again. You look very handsome,” I
      “Thanks,” he smiled. A few songs later, he said, “Um, I
sort of promised Kathy a dance. She doesn’t have a date. You
don’t mind, do you?”
      “Not at all. Have fun. You are such a sweet guy.” I kissed
his cheek, then turned him loose.
      “What a noble and chivalrous thing to do,” that familiar
French-accented voice spoke from behind me.
      I faced Jeff. “Will you be noble and chivalrous and grant
me a dance?” I asked him.
      “Of course, ma cherie. I’d love to.” Kissing my hand, he
spun me, then drew me in close. I fell in love with him all over
again. I barely heard them announce Jenna Hart and Max Ergold
as the King and Queen. For their dance, they dimmed the lights. I
laid my head on Jeff’s chest as we spun slowly. We were in a
dream all our own. Jeff sighed and lifted my chin with his hand.
“Cherie, I cannot hold back,” he told me. His eyes were silverish
      “Neither can I,” I confessed. Reaching a hand up, I touched
his face. Before I could register anything, he was kissing me. We
held onto each other tightly, kissing as if the world were ending
tomorrow. I melted against him, feeling drunk. That’s when the
lights came on. The room went silent. Though I knew everyone
could see us now, for the life of me I could not pull away. Dread
filled me. This could not be happening right now, I thought.


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