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					                            Longhorn Alumni Band Board of Directors Meeting
                                      May 14, 2001       6 p.m.

The Board of Directors for Longhorn Alumni Band, Inc. met at 6 p.m., May 14, 2001, at the home of
Donna Beth McCormick. This was the first meeting for the year with the following members present:
Christine Carter, President
Bill Kaigler
David Carter
Heidi Bryant
Donna Beth McCormick, Secretary
Allan Adelman, President, LHAB
John Fleming, President Elect, LHAB
Karissa & Lucas Horton, Co-Treasurers, LHAB

Absent: Jeanne Yuttri

The meeting was called to order by Christine Carter, President.

The minutes of the January meeting were presented and the word guaranteed was corrected in the minutes.
Motion was made by Bill Kaigler, seconded by David Carter to approve the minutes.

The LHAB budget was presented. Questions were raised about the large amount of printing costs. The
Blast and directory will be available on line and members are encouraged to sign up there to save mailing
and printing costs. There are still unresolved problems as to why the directory had so many glitches and is
not satisfactory. John Fleming will address this with Austex and our $6,000 bill for directory publication.

Allan Adelman gave the LHAB President’s report. 26 LHAB members from Austin and Houston met in
Brenham this past weekend to participate in a parade. It was a hugh success - we went through the parade
twice - riding, of course. Scholarship distribution this year was $27, 750 with presentations at the LHB
Banquet. LHAB sponsored a fajita bash at the Band Hall with 35 non-returning members in attendance,
two of which joined LHAB in Brenham.

LHAB has had a contract with Pflugerville High School for instruments. Christine Carter will contact the
new band director to finalize arrangements.

Liability Insurance: the status of our liability insurance is unclear. David Carter will follow up on this.

The duties of the LHAB Officers and the Board of Directors will be completed by Band Day. A template
of duties for each officer will be constructed by Allan Adelman and Bill Kaigler. Christine Carter will
design the Board of Directors duties.

Appreciation plaques for the outgoing Board of Directors members and Past Presidents have been
purchased and brought up to date.

Bill Kaigler and David Carter will represent the LHAB Board on the Nominating Committee for LHAB.

Items discussed and to be on the agenda for future meetings:
          The subject of recognition of non-LHAB Members contributing to the scholarhip fund. a)
outsiders should have recognition for scholarship contribution; b) if LHAB members play for pay, that is a
different situation.
          Payment of Dues and Registration Fee. Separate these in different categories, payable at a
designation time for membership dues, i.e., January; registration fees at the time of Band Day. We do not
want to be short of cash during most of the year because these fees are together. Discussion of one fee for
all - whether two from the same household are members or not.
Next meeting date: Monday, August 13, 2001, 6 p.m. Donna Beth McCormick’s, 5703 Shoalwood.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Beth McCormick

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