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F A C U L T Y / S TA F F N E W S PA P E R           VOLUME 28, NUMBER 20 • JUNE 2, 2003                                  THE GEORGIA INSTITUTE          OF   TECHNOLOGY

Building on a culture                                                                   Board of Regents approves
of entrepreneurship                                                                     tuition increase
                                                                                        Michael Hagearty                            $209 per semester, beginning in the
                                                                                        Institute Communications                    fall. Out-of-state residents will pay an
Elizabeth Campell                           community.
                                                                                        and Public Affairs                          additional $987 per semester.
Institute Communications                        For years the College’s faculty has
                                                                                                                                        More than one-third of the
and Public Affairs                          specialized in entrepreneurship, but

                                                                                                eflecting the state’s substantial   University System’s students are
                                            about three years ago, students in
                                                                                                budgetary shortfalls, the Board     enrolled in the research universities.

       uke Pinkerton came to Georgia        the Georgia Tech Entrepreneur Club
                                                                                                of Regents of the University        For eligible students, the increase will
       Tech for his MBA from the            launched the first Georgia Tech
                                                                                        System of Georgia voted last month          be covered by the HOPE scholarship.
       University of Michigan with a        Business Plan Competition and invit-
                                                                                        to increase tuition rates at each of            In a letter sent to both students
patent in his suitcase. In April as         ed would-be entrepreneurs from
                                                                                        the 34 institutions it oversees.            and parents, President Wayne Clough
team leader of Torex International,         across the campus to participate.
                                                                                           But representatives from the             pointed to Tech’s reputation for both
Pinkerton and his fellow MBA stu-               Each year the entrants to the
                                                                                        administrative and academic bodies          its academic rigor and its price in the
dents with a strong mix of engineer-        Georgia Tech Business Plan
                                                                                        emphasized the relative cost of these       educational market.
ing and non-engineering backgrounds         Competition have gotten stronger,
                                                                                        degrees were still well below peer              “Georgia Tech not only continues
won $250,000 and placed third at            and more teams are invited to partici-
                                                                                        institutions, both within the region as     to be ranked as one of the best pub-
the Carrot Capital Competition in           pate in national competitions. This
                                                                                        well as across the country.                 lic universities in the nation,” he said,
New York. The venture capital firm          year two teams — Advanced Audio
                                                                                           Students who attend the System’s         “but also one of the best educational
organizes the competition, which            and Torex International — won at
                                                                                        four research universities — Georgia        values to be found in higher educa-
seeks viable business plans in which        major national business plan compe-
                                                                                        Tech, the University of Georgia,            tion.
to invest.                                  titions with substantial cash awards.
                                                                                        Georgia State University and the                “Maintaining such high quality,
   Torex licensed the technology that           Many of the most competitive
                                                                                        Medical College of Georgia — will see       however, is not without cost,
Pinkerton helped to develop while at        teams start in the New Venture
                                                                                        the greatest increase. For in-state res-
Michigan, and Pinkerton is named on         Creation course taught in the fall by
                                                                                        idents, this amounts to an additional            Tuition continued, page 2
the patent. The technology is a rein-       Professor Pat Dickson, who coaches
forcement fiber for concrete. Beams         several teams as well. In the course
constructed with the Torex fiber            composed of half MBA and half-non
exhibit up to five times the strength       management graduate students,
of beams constructed with existing
reinforcement materials. Not only
                                            Dickson encourages the students to
                                            form teams with a mix of majors.
                                                                                                                                          Campus candids
does the technology have immediate              “I tell my students that cross-disci-
market relevance, but it is also envi-      plinary teams tend to do better,” said
ronmentally friendly, made of scrap         Dickson. “It’s important to have that
material from the tire industry. These      mix of perspectives and strengths.”
two features were key to the Carrot
Capital competition judges deciding         Expanding competition
to invest in this business.                 Taking a different path, Advanced
                                                                                             President Wayne
   “We learned something each time          Audio, a team composed of all MBA                Clough and Ford Motor
we competed,” said Pinkerton. “We           students, two of which have master’s             Company board mem-
ended up revising the plan based on         degrees in engineering from Georgia              ber Edsel Ford II chat
each competition’s judges feedback.         Tech, excelled at the national aca-              before the Ford
Some of the best feedback we got,           demic-based Venture Challenge, host-             Environmental Science
however, was the negative feedback.         ed annually by San Diego State                   and Technology
This information really helped us           College. Advanced Audio won the                  Building dedication on
refine the plan and hone in on the          grand prize of $15,000 and an addi-              May 16. With 287,000
best strategy.”                             tional $1,000 for the Golden Phone               square feet, the Ford
                                                                                             building is the largest
   At the Georgia Tech Business Plan        Award for the best sales pitch over
                                                                                             academic building at
competition, Torex placed third and         the phone. The technology is the first           Tech. It will contain
received $2,500 in funding. Because         all-digital microphone for hearing               classrooms and
the judges felt the venture had such        aids, providing enhanced sensitivity             research facilities for
strong investment potential, they also      and improved power consumption                   the Schools of
awarded them a $45,000 package of           over today’s microphones.                        Chemical Engineering,
legal, financial accounting, and graph-         “Many of the teams at these com-             Civil and
ic design services, which allowed           petitions are driven by a single vision-         Environmental
Torex to improve its plan in time for       ary individual,” says Trace Hawkins,             Engineering, and Earth
the Carrot Capital competition. The         vice president of marketing,                     and Atmospheric
                                                                                             Sciences as well as the
                                                                                                                                                                         photo by Nicole Cappello

extra investment clearly paid off.          Advanced Audio and Georgia Tech
                                                                                             disciplines of environ-
                                            MBA student. “Our team is driven by
                                                                                             mental biology and
Increasing entrepreneurial activity         a single vision, but four distinct and           chemistry. It will also
The DuPree College of Management is         equally competent individuals.”                  hold space for the
building a culture of entrepreneurship          In addition to winning Venture               Advanced Technology
not only for its MBA and undergradu-        Challenge, the Advanced Audio team               Development Center.
ate students, but also for the entire
Georgia Tech campus and the Atlanta          Business Plan continued, page 2

                                                       w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u
2   June 2, 2003

                                          Saluting a hero
 “QUOTE-                                                                                                                                       Retired Marine Corps General Ray
                                                                                                                                               Davis — who graduated with a

                                                                                                                                               degree in chemical engineering from
                                                                                                                                               Georgia Tech in 1938 — stands
                                                                                                                                               before a plaque at Wardlaw Center
                                                                                                                                               honoring him as Tech’s only living
                                                                                                                                               recipient of the Congressional Medal
“A lot of small TV stations
                                                                                                                                               of Honor. President Harry Truman
don’t put out that kind of
                                                                                                                                               presented the nation’s highest mili-
power. And would the public
                                                                                                                                               tary honor to Davis in 1952 for his
pay for the cost of installing
                                                                                                                                               actions in the Korean War two years
the strips if only a small frac-
                                                                                                                                               earlier. Despite facing an over-

                                                                                                                    photo by Nicole Cappello
tion of the public drives these
                                                                                                                                               whelming enemy force, Davis led his
kinds of cars?”
                                                                                                                                               battalion into an attack to save a
—Robert Michelson, a princi-
                                                                                                                                               rifle company and two marine regi-
pal research scientist in GTRI,
                                                                                                                                               ments from capture. He retired in
commenting on a proposal by
                                                                                                                                               1972 as the Marine Corps’ second-
a national transportation con-
                                                                                                                                               highest ranking officer.
sultant, who advocates a sys-
tem of “power points” laid
beneath the surface of roads
that can be used to recharge
the batteries of electric vehi-
cles while in motion. To oper-
ate at highway speeds, a car
would have to absorb seven
                                     A plan to control campus mosquito population
or eight kilowatts from each         Michael Hagearty                             In Georgia Tech’s Department of                                 Relatively speaking, the West Nile
power strip.                         Institute Communications                  Facilities, the Office of Environmental                         virus affects few people, and the
(New Scientist)                      and Public Affairs                        Health and Safety has contracted an                             chance that any one person is going
                                                                               outside company to help control the                             to become ill from a mosquito bite is

                                           rom spring through fall, warm       insect’s population on campus. The                              low. Most people who become infect-
“It’s a particularly good story            weather and rain provide ideal      program started in April and con-                               ed with West Nile virus will have
for this kind of experiment                conditions for mosquitoes. Rain     cludes in November. The process                                 either no symptoms or only mild
because it’s already playing         keeps water in places where mosqui-       calls for a dual application: sprayings                         ones.
with the notion of where our         toes like to breed.                       for adult mosquitoes will occur twice                              In 2002, the U.S. Centers for
real existence is.”                     An increasing number of mosqui-        a month, while a separate treatment                             Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
—Janet Murray, a professor in        toes in the United States have been       for larvae will be applied once a                               said the state of Georgia confirmed
the School of Literature,            found to carry the West Nile virus,       month. The company will also place                              44 cases of the illness, resulting in
Communication and Culture,           which they contract by biting infected    traps around campus as a means of                               seven deaths.
on the blending of narrative         birds. The disease can cause illness      monitoring effectiveness of the plan,
and interactivity as it relates      and, in some cases, death.                adjusting the schedule as necessary.
to the video game release of
“Enter the Matrix.”
(San Jose Mercury News)

                                     Tuition, cont’d from page 1               not to raise tuition, our tuition rates                         universities have seen their state
                                                                               would still be significantly below the                          appropriations reduced as other
                                                                               average for both groups of students.”                           needs compete for limited dollars.”
                                     especially during times of serious           University System of Georgia                                    Meredith also said he wants to
                                     budget cuts.”                             Chancellor Thomas Meredith echoed                               continue increasing academic quality
                                        Clough went on to explain Tech’s       this sentiment. “The tuition rates                              in the System, evidenced by its posi-
                                     methodology for benchmarking.             approved by the Board will help us                              tion as only one of three state sys-
                                     Three years ago, the Board of             maintain quality educational pro-                               tems with two or more universities
                                     Regents approved a list of 20 peer        grams in the face of high demand for                            ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s
                                     institutions — seven private institu-     our services. But despite these nec-                            annual listing of the nation’s top 20
       THE                           tions and 13 public universities — for    essary increases, in-state undergradu-                          public universities. Currently, Georgia
WHISTLE                              the Institute to compare its tuition
                                     against. In the most recent study, the
                                                                               ate tuition in Georgia’s public col-
                                                                               leges and universities still remains
                                                                                                                                               Tech ranks ninth, and the University
                                                                                                                                               of Georgia is ranked 18th.
                                     average in-state tuition among Tech’s     low when compared against our
Editor: Michael Hagearty             peer institutions is $11,992; the aver-   regional and national peers.”
Published by Institute               age out-of-state tuition is $18,663. At      Georgia ranks 12th among the 15
Communications and Public Affairs.   Tech, those costs will be $4,076 and      states of the Southern Regional
Publication is weekly throughout     $16,002, respectively.                    Education Board in tuition and fees                             For more information...
the academic year and biweekly          “Georgia Tech currently ranks          at four-year colleges and universities.
throughout the summer.                                                                                                                         Bursar’s Office
                                     20th among our 21 peer institutions          “The situation facing Georgia is
The Whistle can be accessed          in terms of annual tuition for our        not unlike that facing public higher
electronically through the Georgia   undergraduate in-state students and       education across the country,”
Tech web page, or directly at                                                                                                                  Office of Financial Aid              17th for out-of-state students,”          Meredith said. “As state budgets have
                                     Clough said. “Even if our peers chose     been squeezed, public colleges and
E-mail Whistle submissions to,
or fax to Michael at 404-894-7214
at least 10 days prior to desired
publication date. For more
information, call 404-894-8324.
                                     Business Plan, cont’d from page 1             Next year, Dickson anticipates                              at Georgia Tech, and Dickson is final-
                                                                               expanding the business plan compe-                              izing plans to host one of the region-
                                                                               tition by hosting two major competi-                            al semi-finals of a competition organ-
Institute Communications             placed fourth at the New Venture          tions at DuPree’s new home in                                   ized by the University of North
and Public Affairs                   Championship hosted by the                Technology Square. Next year the                                Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Wardlaw Center
177 North Avenue                     University of Oregon and second in        Georgia Bowl, usually held at the
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0181          the Georgia Tech competition.             University of Georgia, will take place
Georgia Tech is a unit of the
University System of Georgia.

                                                                    w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u
                                                                                                                                                      June 2, 2003

Study examines Georgia’s shrinking high-tech sector
Nancy Fullbright                      Georgia’s high-tech jobs total             Georgia’s specialty is in
                                                                                                                     IN BRIEF:
Economic Development                  has declined in every subse-            knowledge-intensive high-tech
Institute                             quent quarter.”                         services rather than manufac-
                                          Still, despite losing high-tech     turing, according to Youtie.
                                                                                                                          Professor named to Johns

        ccording to a new             jobs overall at a rate faster than      “High-tech services in Georgia
        Georgia Tech study, the       the nation, several sectors with-       are often overlooked despite               Hopkins Society of Scholars
        economic downturn has         in the technology industry saw          outperforming high-tech manu-         Appiah Amirtharajah, a professor in the School
cost Georgia its national lead in     employment gains. Jobs in engi-         facturing in employment scale         of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is one
high-tech job growth. Analysis        neering and architectural servic-       and average wages.”                   of the newest electees to The Johns Hopkins
of federal and state employ-          es (5 percent), research and               Overall, Georgia’s high-tech       University Society of Scholars. Amirtharajah and
ment data shows that over the         testing services (12 percent)           industries paid very well com-        14 other esteemed scientists, clinicians and
past two years, Georgia has lost      and drug manufacturing (8 per-          pared to the average private          social scientists were honored during the soci-
high-tech employment more rap-        cent) grew in Georgia between           sector firm. Average weekly           ety’s 34th induction ceremony on May 21 and
idly than the national average –      2000 and 2002.                          wages for employees in Georgia        again at the University’s commencement cere-
a total of 21,000 jobs between            “Georgia has special capabili-      high-tech establishments in           mony on May 22. This year’s inductees will
the end of 2000 and the end of        ties in these areas,” notes Jan         2001 were $1,192, compared            bring the total number of society members to
2002.                                 Youtie, a researcher in Tech’s          to $684 for all private-sector        430.
    High-tech jobs are important      Economic Development                    employees. That has magnified             The Society of Scholars was created on the
economically because of their         Institute who co-authored the           the economic impact of the job        recommendation of then-university president
generally high wages. As recent-      study with Shapira and Public           losses, Shapira notes.                Milton S. Eisenhower and approved by the uni-
ly as 2001, a study by the            Policy Doctoral Student Jue                “These are much higher             versity board of trustees in 1967. The first of its
industry organization American        Wang.                                   wage jobs, so it’s nice when          kind in the nation, the society inducts former
Electronics Association (AEA)             The study indicates that            they go up. But when they go          postdoctoral fellows and junior or visiting facul-
had ranked Georgia ahead of all       Georgia’s competitive advantage         down it takes a disproportion-        ty at Johns Hopkins who have gained marked
other states in growth of this        lies in research- and service-          ately greater amount of money         distinction in their fields of physical, biological,
industry sector.                      related technology sectors. In          out of local economies,” he           medical, social or engineering sciences or in the
    “Georgia did well in adding       particular, three service indus-        says.                                 humanities.
high-tech jobs in the boom            tries make up more than 70                 Unlike past employment loss-           Amirtharajah is among a small group of envi-
years of the 1990s,” says             percent of Georgia’s high-tech          es where jobs moved overseas,         ronmental engineers and practitioners in the
researcher Philip Shapira, a pro-     sector: telecommunications              the recent high-tech losses in        field of potable water treatment and supply.
fessor in Tech’s School of            services, computer and data             Georgia appear mostly unrelat-        Using innovative physical and chemical tech-
Public Policy. “But, following a      processing services and engi-           ed to low-wage foreign competi-       nologies, his work has improved the health of
peak at the end of 2000,              neering services.                       tion, says Shapira.                   people throughout the world to provide safe,
                                                                                                                    reliable, and affordable water supplies.

                                                                                                                        Newest Regent has Tech ties
                                                                                                                    Last month, Governor Sonny Perdue made two
                                                                                                                    appointments to the Board of Regents of the
                                                                                                                    University System of Georgia, one of whom has
                                                                                                                    strong ties to Georgia Tech. William Mansfield
                                                                                                                    Jennings Jr., a 1956 industrial engineering grad-
                                                                                                                    uate and emeritus member of the Georgia Tech

Working out at Georgia State: an FAQ                                                                                Advisory Board, will be the new representative
                                                                                                                    for the First Congressional District.
                                                                                                                        A native of Hawkinsville, Ga., Jennings is
With the Campus Recreation Center out of commission for the summer, alternate workout facilities are available
                                                                                                                    chairman and CEO of ComSouth Corporation,
at Georgia State University for Tech students and registered members. The following is a list of frequently asked   president and CEO of ComSouth
questions for those who might use the GSU facilities.                                                               Telecommunications and chairman of SunMark
                                                                                                                    Community Bank.
 What is the dress code in the exercise room              Can I sign up for fitness classes or sport                    The governor also named Patrick Pittard of
 and free weights area?                                   clinics?                                                  Lakemont, Ga., to represent the Ninth
 Shirt with sleeves, no cutoffs or tank tops. No          Yes. Fitness classes are free of charge and are           Congressional District.
 jeans, shorts or pants with zippers or rivets.           first-come, first-serve. GSU student prices apply             “I want to thank these two distinguished indi-
 Athletic shoes required; no dress shoes or open          to Tech students, and GSU member prices apply             viduals for their willingness to serve the stu-
 toe.                                                     to Tech faculty and staff for sport clinics.              dents enrolled in Georgia’s public universities
                                                                                                                    and colleges,” said Perdue. “The Board of
 How can I listen to the televisions and/or               Can I bring a guest?                                      Regents is a unified and devoted organization
 radio in front of the cardio equipment?                  Yes. You can bring up to three guests. The fee is         that has contributed to the momentum of high-
 You must bring your own headphones or you                $5 per guest per visit. The guests must remain            er education in this state. I am confident that
 can rent some at the equipment issue desk.               with you in the building.                                 Mansfield Jennings and Pat Pittard will bring
                                                                                                                    valuable insight, ideas and dedication to this
 Where can I put my stuff?                                Anything else I need to know?                             board.“
 • Put your stuff in one of the cubby holes in            Just remember to rack your weights when you                   The governor appoints members to the
 front of the televisions;                                are done. Also, no food is allowed inside the             Board, who each serve seven years. The Board
 • Rent a free day locker in the exercise room by         turnstiles. To see a complete list of policies            is comprised of 18 members; one from each of
 trading your BuzzCard for a key;                         and a summer schedule, visit                              the state’s congressional districts and five
 • Bring a lock and use a daily locker for free in                                   appointed at large. The Board oversees 34 edu-
 the locker room.                                            GSU shuttle information is posted at:                  cational institutions: four research universities,
                                                 Pick-             two regional universities, 13 state universities,
 Can I rent equipment?                                    up/drop-off locations are at the Student Center           two state colleges, and 13 two-year colleges.
 Yes. You can rent equipment at the equipment             and the Coliseum Parking Lot.
 issue desk at regular GSU student prices. Just              For membership questions, visit the
 provide a BuzzCard and pay for the rental. You           Membership Office, temporarily located in room
 will get your BuzzCard back when you return the          160 of the new Health Services Building, or call
 equipment.                                               894-1616.

                                                   w w w . w h i s t l e . g a t e c h . e d u

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